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SENIOR STUDIO 7joined students together in their final semester to

undertake a community design-build studio. The first for them, the first for UTA... Under the instruction of Brent Brown, the students engaged wih residents of a declining neighborhood to design a single-family house.

Understanding the historical, cultural & social context within was vital to developing thoughtful design. Through intensive and indepth research into the neighborgood, and group

collaboration, the studio sought to offer a solution for the revitalization effort in this neighborhood, while adjusting to the realities of team effort, interdependence, client interaction, and productivity.

Potential Lots / Projects

SPRING project Located 3 miles from downtown Dallas, the Bertrand neighborhood is nested within a bigger area, Frazier, 1,128 acres of 126 blocks and a total developable area of 814 acres. Frazier represents the face of urban decline in South Dallas.

4306 Ber trand St . condition: vacant location: a flood zone, near unmaintained creek

4523 Imperial St . condition: abandoned location: the center of neighborhood, easily visible from Scyene, a major road that cuts through Bertrand

3608 York St . condition: vacant, laden with large trees

2 requests in the community: 1. houses raised atleast 18” above the ground to avoid flood damage, also for security purposes. 2. elderly/handicap friendly

4306 Bertrand St.

How do you combine the need for a raised house and handicap accessibiliy in a design?

Ramp study_01

slope =1:12 Ramp study_02 In this model, the house raises incrementally through ramps leading from one room to the next. The differing levels of the rooms naturally create separation among spaces without the use of walls, allowing a free flowing interior space.

8’4” 100’

Within in a 50’ x 100’ lot, considering the ramp would have to be atleast the length of the entire lot, and space is already limited, would it be practical to use a ramp to reach a second story?

index of ideas

4306 Bertrand St

The house Handicapped dwelling unit for up to 6 people.

opened up

last row for


emphasizes separation between public/ private areas.


utilities/storage bathroom kitchen living space porch


private courtyard

Porch Study One of our community discussions was the undesirable trend in the growing prominence of garage doors and diminishing porches. Following a study of porch typologies and concepts, a generous porch was developed that created a strong threshold into the indoor and outdoor zones of the house while unifying the front facade and carport.

The Lot Laden with large trees, the first decision was to leave them undisturbed, considerating their natural and environmental value. The design These shifts in the modular rooms of the house left room for outdoor pockets, distinct zones, etc

“tree tree tree“ - mister rogers

PORCH ZONES: porch entry house entry viewing platform circulation nature seating/swinging/socializing fire pit?

3608 York St .

PORCH FUNCTIONS: viewing seating barbecuing transition [vertical and horizontal] shade breeze framing marketing socializing

sun charts rain harvesting roof

Second Floor

First Floor

3608 York St .

option for one story plan

before: an abandoned, substandard duplex.

4523 Imperial St .


With the help of 70+ student volunteers, r3 studio was able to achieve a major renovation project during a week’s time. In partnership with Frazier Revitalization Inc., they began working on the property, turning it into a metaphor for a beacon of light.

after: an inspirational gathering center for the community.

4523 Imperial St .


The house is recladded with a durable plastic material called polygal.

insulation a sustainable material that doesn’t mold and lasts a life time. Generously donated by Icyene for Life.

SUMMER project UTA Outreach Studio


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Scyene Rd


An inspiration to the neighborhood and students, the house now provides an office for a summer class in junction with a nonprofit organization founded by Brent Brown called the buildingcommunityWORKSHOP, where anyone is welcome to visit and voice their thoughts and concerns about the neighborhood.



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invitation for community residents, and other AmeriCorps members to visit


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