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Library Department Transition The RULES: 1) Be safe. 2) Keep it in order! Books on carts, in boxes, etc., always in call number order.

To Do / Timeline

Items to be completed BEFORE May 27

Work Date

Completion Date

Identify what items can be stored long-term in the Intermediate School, what items will be moved to the JH and PS libraries, and what equipment items will move to other locations with staff. Items to be moved will be ranked by need: we will identify items essential to curricular units and items in high demand by students & staff, and process the most important items first. Steps to completion: ● April: Andy at GV working on identifying duplicates ● April: Deb identified staff checkouts & high-circ items ● May: practice-run of steps for processing items for new location Identify and measure all shelving & furniture to be moved, and create a floor plan for the PS and the JH libraries. Maintenance/custodial staff would start to shift PS shelving a little at a time to make room for the items to be brought over in June. Is this needed in JH? Maybe Discard old AV equipment and other outdated items to make room in the JH and PS libraries.


PO to Renaissance Learning to consolidate / update Accelerated Reader for PK-5. Identify a long-term storage area in the IS for large items (a puppet theater, unused AV equipment, some PS Library furniture) (possibly maintenance room in basement) Finish a complete inventory of the Primary School library


Administration communicates the library transition timeline to staff, including the closing of the library facilities in June and a possible late opening in September, so that teachers can plan the best use of their library-based projects. Run a “practice batch” of 100 items through our process to identify problems with our plans. Order materials needed: boxes, barcodes, labels, genre / AR / other stickers and color code materials. ● labels to print out ● boxes and packing tape requested

May 19

● ●

AR labels for PS (no longer produced!!!) Highsmith / Demco: color tape for categories in PS, genre stickers? bookends to use on carts

Gather Sharpies & index cards, book pockets, book repair items(do we already have enough in-district?) Every library has a book repair kit we could all bring. I have a lot of these items. Circulation Ends for all students K-6 on Friday, May 13.

May 13

All libraries, K-12, close on Thursday, May 26 Teachers would borrow whatever items they need for the month of June before the end of May 26. We would like some release time in April or May so that we have firm plans in place for June. Identify / hire box movers; schedule moving of big items that we will need in June: ● longest shelf section in IS to PS Pull first 500 books to be processed. (Bio? or other low-circ area?)

Items for May 31-end of year All library staff, including 3 librarians, 4 TA's, and one library aide (Jeanne Enright or whoever is subbing for her) would work from May 31 until the end of the school year on evaluating, processing, and packing the Intermediate School collection for moving. Coverage would be need to be provided for scheduled classes in the Primary School from May 27 to the end of June.

May 31: --staff meeting May 31-June 4

Work Date

Completion Date

--Tasks: ● --set up work areas: meeting space, computer stations, packing & box-making space, processing space. ● one group pulls next 1000 books to process. Start with FIC on long shelf so it can be moved over to PS. ● one group starts physical processing of books: strip tags, worn covers, repairs. Put books in call-number order on cart. Marie & Deb review JH books; A-M and Dawn review PS books for any local needs (special call numbers, category tags, etc.) Post-it with call number corrections. ? Deb S ● last group starts digital processing as soon as book is physically ready--do global changes in batches of 100200 at a time? ● When all processes done, books packed in call # order in boxes. Goal of some boxes ready by Friday. June 4, afternoon: Dawn and Deb S. check on PS and JH shelving / returns. June 7-9 Processing / cataloging / packing. June 10: start unpacking / reshelving in JH and PS. ½ staff in JH, ½ in PS. Unload boxes onto carts; shelve items in. June 13-16 Processing / cataloging / packing. June 17: unpacking / reshelving in JH and PS. ½ staff in JH, ½ in PS. Unload boxes onto carts; shelve items in. June 20-22: Processing / cataloging / packing. June 23 & 24: back in own buildings for shelving / packing desks, files, personal items. Timeframe unknown: order new stamps / barcode labels with new school names on them. Plan for a transition to Follett Destiny automation.

Looking ahead: Possible summer work: ● Finish processing / moving / reshelving anything not finished in June. ● Prepare purchase orders for fall 2011. We cannot do this before the end of the year because we won’t know until then what books we’ll need. For example: a book may be needed both fifth and sixth grade kids--if the district owns only one copy, we’ll have to order a duplicate for September. Such titles will be identified in June.

● ●

AR lists studentof updates There areand a number library tasks we ordinarily complete in June in anticipation of the new year that will have to wait for September this year--placing purchase orders, updating student patron records to reflect new grades and homerooms, inventories, updating Accelerated Reader records, and so on. In addition, all the patron records for the IS staff will have to be added to the systems in their new buildings. We request that the library TA’s be permitted to work on the September and October conference days to catch up on tasks ordinarily completed before school opening.

Questions / Problems: ● ● ● ● ●

● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●

Books checked out to IS staff for June. How / when do we handle processing? What is a reasonable number of books for them to have? Is there going to be a summer school in the PS this year? Schedule a time for book checkouts for them. Can Andy identify books that are NOT duplicates? i.e., a working list of items owned only in the IS. Do we need to have Tech move / setup another station for Dolphin handhelds, or can one station accommodate them? Do we bother with stupid evil Panther handheld? What hours will staff work...7:15 to 2:30, or 8:15 to 3:30? Would like to all have same hours and have same lunch, but may need to have time at the end of the day for Dawn or A-M to check in at the PS since library classes will continue in our absence. Deb S. hours are 7:153:15 I would also like to check in the JH a couple times during these weeks for mail, remind students to return items, etc. Arrange for large trash barrel Can we bring down bookcarts from HS to use in IS? Need to keep carts in PS and JH for re-shelving. Dolly / handcarts to move boxes? Will boxes be assembled, or do we have to do it? Are we moving any file cabinets? volunteers...? Will it be worth it? Shelf-reading? JH has a nice ladder?

Thoughts & Ideas ● 20-30 books / box: 280 to 450 boxes to be moved. Can’t get better idea of numbers until we see duplicate list & finish evaluation. ● Don’t stop processing to ask Deb or A-M about a book; tag it with a post-it and wait til they have time to evaluate a bunch of books at once. ● Nothing leaves IS until it is shelf-ready for new location

● ● ● ●

Can’t have perfect day-to-day schedule: computer issues, bad weather, staff absences. Plus...we’ve never done this before, so first few days will be spent figuring out the workflow process. When boxes are moved to new location, they should be put on tables, in number order left to right, NOT in stacks. unpacking boxes should be done straight to cart, not stacked on floor or piled on tables. Library staff will be packing and unpacking 100’s of boxes and can’t pick up and move that many in just a few weeks--much higher chance of muscle strains, repetitive task injuries, etc. Put a book pocket on the outside of each box. Use a sharpie / index card to label box number, (1,2,3..) and first call number in box. Don’t bother with a range; last number in box will be just before first number in NEXT box.) Label “JH” or “PS.” Red for PS, Blue for JH.

Advice from Moving Your Library: Getting the Collection from Here to There / by Steven Carl Fortriede ● “As a rule of thumb, a move interfiling two collections takes about five times as long as a straight shelf to shelf move using the same number of people. Each additional collection interfiled lengthens the move but by a smaller increment. You can shorten the total time by increasing the number of interfilers and interfiling stations.” (Well...if he says it takes 2-3 days to pack / move / unpack / reshelve 10,000 books, it should take us 10-15 days to interfile 10,000 items.) ● Children’s books are more difficult to pack and move because they vary in size so much more than adult books. ● “I prefer to handle processing tasks as a project separated in time from the book move. Ideally any book by book tasks take place prior to the move.” (Well...that would be nice, but we can’t do it.) Great Plan Ladies! I have add some. Debbie S.


Library Department Transition To Do / Timeline

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