Tuross Head Visitor Guide

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Tuross Head Visitors Guide

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The 2016/17 Tuross Head Visitor Guide Brought to you by www.turosshead.org

Where every day is a postcard

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The 2016/17 Tuross Head Visitor Guide Brought to you by www.turosshead.org

Tuross is your holiday centre From Tuross Head you can set off on day trips north or south or relax and enjoy the majestic Tuross Head coastline, pristine lakes, and our stunning beaches.

To the north is: •

Bingie Bingie Point and and Mullumburrah Point - 15 minutes

with a loop via Congo to Moruya - 15 minutes

the bustling Saturday Moruya Markets, and Tuesday SAGE Farmers Market - 15 minutes •

the stunning Broulee Island walk - 30 minutes

and further afield is Mogo Zoo - 40 minutes

the township of Batemans Bay if children need Putt Putt, Malls or corporate fast food - 50 minutes •

To the south is: •

Bodalla - 15 minutes

Narooma to Dalmeny Coastal cycleway - 30 minutes

Be sure to explore Narooma with its azure Wagonga Inlet, Mill Bay walkway , golf course and cemetery with stunning views - 30 minutes

Further south is Mystery Bay - 40 minutes

The historic town of Central Tilba is a must see - 45 minutes

a day trip to Bermagui and explore of Cobargo is within easy reach - 60 minutes

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The 2016/17 Tuross Head Visitor Guide Brought to you by www.turosshead.org

Cycle our lake and ocean foreshore

The Top 10 of Tuross

Tuross has 5.5km of wide, family friendly, shared cycleway that takes you by all of our best kept secrets

The fishing is amazing

Tuross Lake oysters

Tuross Lake is one of the top three fishing havens in NSW. Most locals practice catch and release to preserve breeding stock but don't hesitate to take home a good feed when fish is on the menu.

There is great surfing to be had in Tuross and nearby Potato Point, Bingie and Congo

Our are world renowned for their quality the large number of middens on the Tuross peninsular proves the original Aboriginal settlers were just as passionate about them as we are!

Kayaking on Tuross Lake

Come On In

Come and meet our many chefs

With an incredible waterway to explore that is family safe there are days of paddling that await you. Be sure to also explore the upper areas of the Tuross River around the Tuross Bridge.

Take a beach stroll

Enjoy great food Go for a stroll along some of the most pristine beaches in the world. And most of the time they are empty

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The 2016/17 Tuross Head Visitor Guide Brought to you by www.turosshead.org

Tuross is a bird haven

Rediscover the holidays of old where days merged into each other Tuross Head is a picturesque coastal village surrounded by water with two stunning lakes, Tuross Lake and Coila Lake, with the stunning Tasman Sea on its shore. The peninsula is dotted with Norfolk Island Pines standing tall, lining six pristine beaches.

Spend some time with the locals as we are surrounded by National Park

Discover our history

Water features heavily in the Tuross Head lifestyle – swimming, surfing, boating and fishing are popular activities. The waterways of Tuross Head are protected by the Batemans Marine Park to ensure that recreational fishing can be enjoyed by generations to come. Kayakers love exploring the pristine waters of Tuross Lake and surfers find a favourite in One Tree Point, Plantation or Stonseys. Family safe walking and cycling are a must do when visiting Tuross. The 5.5kms of shared pathway hugs the lake shoreline and ocean coastline so be sure to bring your bicycles. One end of the Bingie Dreaming Track leaves from Tuross Head. This coastal walk follows part of the dreaming track used by the Brinja-Yuin people and rewards walkers with some great vantage points for whale watching and spectacular views of beaches, islands and headlands. .

Did you know that Mel Gibson’s Grandmother was a famous Australian opera singer born in Tuross Head in 1875

Share our pride

Winding around a hillside, Tuross Head’s golf course boasts amazing views of Coila Lake and the coast as well as an interesting and challenging game. After a round of golf, relax and unwind at the country club with the friendly locals. With fresh seafood on their doorstops it's easy to see why the cafes and restaurants of Tuross Head offer excellent south coast produce including the famous Tuross oysters. There’s a strong appreciation for fresh seafood here and it’s easy to find oysters and good fish and chips. Tuross Head has a wide range of value accommodation including holiday parks, selfcontained options and classic coastal holiday houses to suit most budgets. If you would like additional information on Tuross Head, it’s cafes, accommodation, sites and activities visit the extensive Tuross Head Community website at www.turosshead.org Even if you only have a spare twenty minutes to drive in from the Princes Highway and do the Tuross Scenic Drive loop around the headlands and lakefront you will appreciate the beauty of this quiet village surrounded by lakes and the sea.

The Tuross Head ANZAC Day dawn service attracts thousands every year Page 5

The 2016/17 Tuross Head Visitor Guide Brought to you by www.turosshead.org

Your Tuross Head Local Information Guide For those on holiday we hope you enjoy your stay and for those who have arrived new to the village to live then Welcome :)

The Tuross Website: To hopefully make your stay more enjoyable we invite you to explore our Tuross Head website.at http://www.turosshead.org

The Tuross newsletter: As the village grows and as demands on our time increase it is becoming more and more difficult for most residents to keep up to date with changes in the village. Since 1980 a free village news letter has been compiled that seeks to bring the community together with news, photos and articles of Tuross Head The “Beagle” is a free on-line newspaper for Eurobodalla and for the Tuross Head Community with the latest news, What’s On, Arts, Food, Politics, Community and Comment. Visit www.beagleweekly.com.au

The website provides a one-stop-shop to visitor and resident alike offering as much info as possible that is Tuross Head related... On it you will find - a monthly newsletter - a page for each social or sporting group - 11000 photos from 1924 till now - Tuross maps for kayaking, walking and fishing - loads of Tuross history

Tuross Head Business Directory The Tuross Head website also is the home of the local Tuross Head Business Owners Association and you can find all of our businesses on line with hyperlinks to their websites at http://www.turosshead.org/Pages/BusinessDirectory.htm An up to date list of our local businesses owners Association members can also be found on the Information page of www.turosshead.org Please shop locally when you can—it helps our community to survive and prosper.

Tuross Head on Face Book Many of those who love Tuross also follow the more general day to day news via Face Book. The Tuross Head Facebook page has a very wide readership and deals with more general news such as weather warnings, the sharing of recent photos from social events, sharing picturesque of sunrises and sunsets as well as promoting any upcoming events in the town. With over 3500 followers the Tuross Head Facebook page is also a fast way to disseminate local SES and Bushfire warnings For those who wish to be more informed of what is happening in Tuross we invite you to “Friend” the Tuross Head Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/tuross.head

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The 2016/17 Tuross Head Visitor Guide Brought to you by www.turosshead.org

To settle into Tuross Head here are a few links to info that might help

Tuross Head History: For many years now the history of Tuross has been kept by various residents around the village.

Our Tuross Beaches:

Mostly in the form of memories and old photos.

We have five stunning beaches along a pristine shoreline. Each beach has its own unique qualities and beauty. To help familiarise you with their names and the cautions of each you can find an informative webpage at http://www.turosshead.org/Pages/Beaches.htm

A lot of this history has now been captured and is stored and presented on our website at: http://www.turosshead.org/Pages/History.htm Be sure to explore the photos section of the website as there are many scanned documents in the archives. Learn the history of the old boatsheds and the stories of the more historic buildings and personalities in the town.

Tuross Head Photos: Where to Eat: Tuross Head boasts a great diversity of restaurants and cafes. From excellent takeaway fish and chips to pizza, Chinese Vietnamese and a la carte there is a wide selection for every taste and budget. Our Eating Out webpage provides links to their webpages, opening times and on-line menus - enjoy !!

The best way to learn the history of the town is to visit our Photo Album that has over 8500 photos spanning from 1924 to the present. Included in the photo albums are wonderful family collections, albums of various groups, fascinating aerials photos from 1944 onwards and photos from each of the annual Tuross Head annual photo competitions. http://www.turosshead.org/Pages/photos.htm


You can also view the latest panoramas of the Rivermouth, Main Beach, Coila Beach and Tuross Boatramp here http://www.turosshead.org/Pages/TurossPanoramas.htm

Dogs in Tuross Head:

Tuross Head Videos:

We are very fortunate here in Tuross to have incredible beaches to share with our dogs. Dogs are also more than welcome on our shared cycleways. The freedom we have is based on trust of not abusing the rules of responsibility. Please be responsible with your dog so we can retain our hard won privileges To ensure you know where you can take your dog for their exercise and your enjoyment please visit the webpage we have that covers Dogs in Tuross Head http://www.turosshead.org/Pages/Dogs.htm

Tuross Head Social and Sporting Groups: The town has a wide diversity of groups, from sporting to social and you are more than welcome to join in—the best way to discover each of the groups in Tuross is to visit the Tuross Group Directory and spend some time looking over the various webpages of each until you find a group or interest that might suit you.

Movies of Tuross, in and around the village are always great to look at. Tuross Head is fortunate to have a great archive of some special movies that truly do show the values and enjoyment visitors have had in coming to Tuross since the 1920’s Be sure to look at Hector McWilliams's 1924 classic ”Beautiful Tuross” on our videos webpage: http://www.turosshead.org/Pages/Videos.htm

Tuross Head as a function centre: More and more people are discovering that Tuross is a perfect place for family reunions, weddings and get togethers. The town has a wide range of accommodation, eating options and venues for wedding ceremonies and for parties The Plantation Point Gardens are a draw card for weddings and our Kyla Hall is perfect as a catered venue if that suits your needs To learn more of what Tuross can offer please visit: http://www.turosshead.org/Pages/GetMarriedInTuross.htm

You can find the Tuross Group Directory at the following link: http://www.turosshead.org/Pages/Groups.htm Page 7

The 2016/17 Tuross Head Visitor Guide Brought to you by www.turosshead.org

Things to Do around Tuross The following are a set of links to our Tuross Head website of things a visitor might enjoy doing or knowing about in the Village

Ea ng Out Tuross boasts a great diversity of cafes. A full list is supplied at the following link offering a web page of each Cafe in the village with more info such as opening mes and menus if available - enjoy !! h p://www.turosshead.org/Pages/Ea ngOut.htm

Fishing If you don't have one already Fishing licences are available at the Tuross Service Sta on and at Tuross Boatshed and Café Some great links such as Tuross Lake maps to help you enjoy your fishing opportuni es can be found at the following Tuross website Fishing page: h p://www.turosshead.org/Pages/Fishing.htm

Kayaking On Coila Lake at Tuross Head (flatwater) Paddle any distance, or up to 18.5km to circumnavigate the lake and under the highway bridge into Coila Creek at the northern end. Stay near the sheltered shores on windy days as it can get quite choppy. An easy shallow launch opposite the Tuross Sport and Recrea on Centre off Hector McWilliam Drive where you will find parking and a BBQ/picnic area with playground and toilets. Length: Up to 18.5km On Tuross Lake (flatwater) Plenty of paddling op ons, especially for beginner/novice paddlers, on this generous lake with its protected places sca8ered with estuaries and islands. You are likely to see a wide variety of birdlife, kangaroos and even emus. Take a map with you for longer routes or exploring. Launch into shallow water near the boat ramp on Nelson Parade, or hire kayaks and canoes from the Tuross boatsheds on Nelson Parade and launch from there. An 18km round trip could take you north from the boat ramp, around Horse Island, then west up the estuary to and around Borang Lake, returning on the southern side of Horse Island. From the same launch spot up the river to Comerang is approximately 25km. A pleasant two hour paddle takes you around the south side of Horse Island then the east and west side of Cambathin Island, across to Deuaumba Island past the old bridge, returning to the launch point via the main channel. Waterside cafés and restaurants with landing spots near the Tuross boatsheds, picnic tables, playground and toilets nearby. Length: Up to 25km

Explore the town You might enjoy a wander around the town discovering some of our points of interest and history For more informa on and links to some great background reading visit the following link: h p://www.turosshead.org/Pages/ThingsToDo.htm

Walking in and around Tuross Head There are a wealth of walks available in the village area. One of our great treasures is the cycleway that now allows you to explore from one end of the village to the other. There are beach walks that are perfect and different every me you take one and now the Community is star ng to open up its Reserves with such treats as Chatham Park. ....and please remember that there the cycleway are wheelchairs and walking frames friendly and that there is a beach-chair available for loan for those who would like to spend me on the beach For more info on walks in and around Tuross visit: h p://www.turosshead.org/Pages/TurossWalking.htm

Whale Watching Whale watching season runs from September to November annually. During their southern migra on whales are moving slowly, they are o@en with calves and seem to travel closer to the coastline. Scan the waters and you are likely to be rewarded with a sigh ng with whales o@en venturing in so close you can hear their breath as they exhale. h p://www.turosshead.org/Pages/Whales.htm

Weather and Tides: A lot of what you might want to do is planned around weather so we have a good single place that brings you all you need to plan ahead that includes, Bureau of Met - radar, Bureau of Met general weather, WeatherZone: General forecast, Tides in Tuross Lake and Tides at the Beach h p://www.turosshead.org/Pages/ThingsToDo.htm

Things to Do Further afield Bodalla—our sister town is just 15 minutes down the highway offering great cafes, galleries, a wonderful old pub and the gateway to the rural valleys behind The Moruya Market, a vibrant country market, is situated in a beau ful seDng beside the Moruya River. The markets are held every Saturday morning at Riverside Park. There are over 130 stalls offering locally grown produce, handmade arts and cra@s, natural candles, jewelry, clothing, bric-a-brac and a great variety of foods. An excellent farmers market is held at the same loca on at 3pm on Tuesdays

There is a wealth of informa on about Kayaking in Tuross including maps available at the following link: h p://www.turosshead.org/Pages/Kayaking%20in%20Turosss.htm

Splash about Experience the water. With five beaches and The Entrance, Tuross Head offers a broad range of swimming loca ons for all levels of competence. For those not familiar with the Tuross Beaches visit the following link for more info: h p://www.turosshead.org/Pages/Beaches.htm

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The 2016/17 Tuross Head Visitor Guide Brought to you by www.turosshead.org

The Tuross Town Map One of our local residents has very kindly provided to our community an accurate town map to use You could either print off this page which sees the village separated into two or click on the following link to go to the original document. http://turosshead.org/Documents/Tuross%20Street%20Map.pdf

Thank you to Henry for his gift of this wonderful map For those interested in other maps of the village please visit our Tuross Head Map page http://turosshead.org/Pages/Maps.htm

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The 2016/17 Tuross Head Visitor Guide Brought to you by www.turosshead.org