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LOCAL GAMES CO-ORDINATOR (LGC) INFORMATION PACK Created June 2010 (c) Copyright Turn Up and Play

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What is Turn Up and Play? Turn Up and Play (TUAP) is a sporting event organising business that has a most innovative mission - to make it possible to play team sports even if you are not part of a team or a club. We are the pioneers of “pickup sport” in the UK and Ireland. Turn Up and Play provide access to fully organised team sports for players who do not currently take part in team sports for a variety of different reasons including the commitment involved in joining a club or local team, or because they have a small social network due to locality, a lack of interest from friends to get involved in sport, or because of work, family or other commitments. TUAP as an organisation aim to put the fun back into team sports by arranging venues, referees and equipment and inviting individuals – as opposed to teams – to take part in our games. We will run a selection of games across the country, involving different sports, and advertise these on our website. Players can pick their locality, pick their preferred sport and often their preferred playing position, book their place online and then simply “turn up and play”. TUAP is an alternative to other more mundane forms of exercise including jogging or the gym and offers the chance to participants to get involved in team sports in a fun environment, meet new people, try new sports, get fit and stay healthy. Participants will not be active members of any club which will ensure that games are played amongst players of a similar ability, ensuring a degree of competitiveness. Games will be recreational to avoid risk of injury to any participating player and we fully believe that taking part in team sports is the best way to get exercise in an exciting way as nothing beats the buzz of the game.

What is the role of the Local Games Coordinator? Central to the delivery of the TUAP events across Ireland and the UK are the appointment of Local Games Coordinators (LGCs) who will be based in main towns and cities. LGCs will be provided with the opportunity to run a certain number of TUAP events each week in their locality and will have access to the website to enable them to list new and current events, monitor the number of interested participants online, gauge the popularity of certain sports and receive marketing material and support as required. LGCs are self employed and operate as franchisees in their own area. Typically LGCs will be people who have a vibrant interest in sport and are interested in working their own hours and earning their own money.

Strictly Private and Confidential – Not for Publication

How will the LGCs be appointed and paid? The LGCs will be appointed directly by TUAP after an application form is received and an initial assessment. We welcome people who are seeking to make a change and take control of their earning power but we need individuals with a healthy interest in sport and dedication to making Turn Up and Play a success. LGCs will operate exclusively as independent franchisees in their own area. LGCs will be provided with marketing support, special access to our website information database, ongoing training and equipment to make TUAP a success in their area. Moreover LGCs keep all of the profits they generate from each game they run.

How much money can LGCs earn? As an LGC you are in charge of your own destiny and you work your own hours to suit. You can commit to running several games per week and treating this venture like a full time career or it can provide you with a very lucrative second income as games will normally be organised for outside regular working hours and at weekends. LGCs can run as many games as they wish each week and because LGCs can keep all the profits from the games they run, the sky is the limit as far as potential income. Consider this scenario: 

1 organised soccer game – 11 a side 

That means that 22 players pay £5 each 

Each player pays £5 to play

This equals £110 (22 x £5)

Take away pitch hire of say, £25 (£110 minus £25)

 Profit for the LGC is £90 from one game

If an LGC runs three games per week in his area, say one during the week and two at weekends, he can earn £270 per week (£90 x 3 games). If an LGC runs five games per week in his area, he can earn £450 per week (£90 x 5 games) I’m sure you get the picture – LGCs are in charge of their own earning ability with Turn Up and Play. We simply provide LGCs with the assistance to get started and ongoing support to make Turn Up and Play a real success in their particular area.

Strictly Private and Confidential – Not for Publication

OK, sounds great but how do we get the players to come out and play? We believe that Turn Up and Play is a unique leisure business and offers a more exciting alternative to more mundane forms of exercise such as jogging or the gym. Typically when people stop playing active team sports for whatever reason they do not go back and we believe that nothing replaces the buzz of actually playing games. LGCs will source venues, decide on the best sports to play in their area and advertise proposed games on the Turn Up and Play website. LGCs can access marketing materials such as flyers, posters and banners via the LGC Zone on the website and these can be used to advertise the games in the local community. A minimum number of players must book online for a game before the LGC can actually confirm a venue booking – this avoids a scenario where a venue is booked beforehand and nobody turns up, leaving the LGC embarrassed and out of pocket. By acquiring a minimum number of interested players in advance of any proposed game the LGC can then be confident that there is enough interest locally to book the venue and host the game. Players themselves will be able to watch the progress of the games being proposed by checking the website where they can watch how many places have been booked and how many remain. If the players themselves are keen to get the game going they will tell their friends and colleagues to get involved – this places a part of the responsibility for making the game possible in the hands of the players themselves and helps to alleviate the responsibility on the LGCs to “make it happen”. Turn Up and Play will actively support LGCs every step of the way with access to marketing materials on the website, a discussion board where LGCs can interact with other LGCs to find out what is working for them, and we will also run regular training courses for our LGCs on relevant topics such as Marketing Strategy, Promotion and Event Management.

Strictly Private and Confidential – Not for Publication

If this is a franchise how much does the LGC pay Turn Up and Play? We are confident that we are offering LGCs the best and most cost effective franchise available. We do not take a percentage of your earnings like other franchises but rather we ask our LGCs to pay a small Franchise Fee of £1,250 to get started and a flat rate monthly management fee of £125 which covers brand use, ongoing training and support, full access to LGC Zone on website, and access to insurance cover for players. The management fee also helps us cover the cost of improving and marketing the website, helping to promote all our LGC games and giving LGCs a real online presence.

What is included in the Initial Franchise Fee? The Franchise Fee of £1,250 covers all our initial costs to get you started as an LGC. You will receive all the equipment to get you started including: 

1 Soccer Ball, 1 Rugby Ball, 1 Gaelic Football, 1 Basketball and Pump 

Bibs (15 Red and 15 Green) with Turn Up and Play logo 

 

2 Polo Shirts and a Fleece with Turn Up and Play logo

Exclusive rights to brand use in your territory for five years 

Whistle, Notepad and Play Book

Advice on Public Liability Cover for LGCs

Access to LGC Zone on website which includes GameTracker, and marketing materials including Press Releases, Marketing Plan, Leaflets, Flyers and Banners 

Initial Training and ongoing Advice Sessions online

Strictly Private and Confidential – Not for Publication

So to summarise the role of the LGCs ... 

Decide on what sports would be popular in your area

Source potential venues and find out the cost of hiring pitches

Advertise your game(s) on the Turn Up and Play website and request minimum players

Download the marketing materials you need from the Turn Up and Play website and advertise these locally in leisure centres, shops, community centres and anywhere you think relevant

Email any interested parties

Keep an eye on your bookings via the website

Once you have the minimum number of players, go ahead and book your venue

Host the game itself, take the payments from the players on the day and pay the venue costs

Count the cash and repeat the process!


It is possible for LGCs to run as many events per week as they wish

This could amount to in excess of £300 per week for less than ten hours work

The sky is the limit in terms of potential income

What other job allows you to run your own business, work your own hours, earn as much as you want, keep fit, organise recreational games, participate in sports, meet new people? We believe Turn Up and Play is innovate, unique and groundbreaking.

Strictly Private and Confidential – Not for Publication

BE PART OF IT! If you want to apply to become a Local Games Coordinator please visit the Careers page on our website and complete the LGC Application Form

If successful in your Application we will forward you a Franchise Agreement via email and you will need to sign and complete this in full before sending it back to us in the post

After that you should be ready to go!


LGC Information Pack  
LGC Information Pack  

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