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O I H S FA “Haunt” Photography by Jessica Castro pg. 36

“Sweetness & Delight” Photography by Laura Coughlan pg. 46

“Student” Photography by Lea Sophie pg. 56

“Turn High Class of 2013” Photography by Lea Sophie pg. 66

“Foreign Exchange Student” Photography by Jennifer Alder pg. 74




Emy Lou Jessica Castro

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Photography & Styling by Jessica Castro Hair Stylist & Makeup by Jennifer C Nieman Madeline Hill @ Factor Model Management Atlanta

Letter It’s time for the season of Fashion: leather jackets, tights under shortie shorts, rocking the awesome things that are boots and a whole slew of new oversized sweaters that I shall be purchasing to wear pretty much on an everyday basis. Fall doesn’t only mean fashion (I mean it is the most IMPORTANT thing about fall but…) it also means SCHOOL! For some reason, when I think of the start of a new school year, I always think of Saved by the Bell. I always imagined that the opening sequence is exactly how my school day would start off, followed by me and my 5 besties getting into trouble and learning life lessons, of course.

Needless to say, it was nothing like that. I didn’t even have an alarm to let out a roar; I had a mom who turned on the lights and snatched the covers off of me. This is our student issue! Packed to the brim with editorials shot by some great contributors, the always great articles and fashion focus and killer ads! We also thought we would help you out, and we found everything you will need for the school year in our “Student Essentials” in this issue’s “Say Word.” Seriously, you need pencils that have quotes from the ultimate Queen Bee, Regina George, as well as personalized notebooks and calling cards to hand out to new hotties whom you want first dibs on.

This issue is also full of some serious GIRL POWER!

The editorials were shot by some amazingly talented babes! Articles were written by some top notch girlies (and former interns Yara Beydoun & Nadine Zebib). Our “Model Behavior” this issue features emerging model Jameela Elfaki coming to us out of the UK and, last but not least, our “An Ode to..” is a dedication to the student babe to end all student babes--Fucking Hermione Granger!

So throw this issue in your book bag, and read it between classes (Yes, you can even read it to pass the time in that 3 hour lecture class that you have if you download the digital copy.). Be sure to tell us thank you for all the fun treats you are going to buy for the school year, and take selfies of yourself in your uniforms if you have to wear one. I kind of secretly wish I went to private school, so I could have a real reason to wear a plaid schoolgirl skirt and knee highs. Guess I’ll just have to settle by re­living my high school days through my interns. If you will excuse me, I’m off to find the perfect jacket with a crest to force one of them to wear…. Happy fall!! Editor­ In­ Chief & Founder Mechelle McAdoo

Jennifer Alder “Class Social Butterfly” leather boots

Emy Lou “Class shy girl” Barbour style jacket

Jesi Fox “Class Theatre Nerd” a vegan leather jacket and scarves!

Laura Coughlan “Class daydreamer” anything & everything vinyl!

Jessica Castro “Class Shrink” brown leather boots!

Lea Sophie “Class Nobody” knee-high Boots, and scarves

Mechelle McAdoo Editor In Chief I wish I was known as the “Class Bad Girl” it would have given me even more of a reason to dress up like Katie Holmes in “Disturbing Behaviour” ... and I could have picked up on smoking in the bathroom.

Minette Soleil Creative Director I wish I was known as the class odd-ball. I was always dressed pretty crazy. I think insteadI went mostly unnoticed

Cassandra Peters Contributing Editor Even though I’m not really sure what I was actually known for in highschool, I hope I wasnt known for anything. I wouldn’t want a reputation based on decisions I made as a teenager!

Thomas Vaughn Artistic Director I wish i were known as the “class clown” because i certainly looked like one in high school!

Nadine Zebib Contributing Editor I wish I had tried to do more sports in high school, but instead I was known as the girl who drank too much coffee and still practically napped her way through graduation.

Yara Beydoun Contributing Editor I wish I was known as most likely to break out into dance. Despite my white girl moves, I’d like to think I’ve got the soul of Foxxy Cleopatra (with the afro of course.)

Ode to is one of our favourite segments here at Turn. We see playing dress up as a daily activity. What better inspiration than our favourite movies, books, tv shows and musicians? This issue, we wanted to take you behind the scenes and show you what one of these dress up secions looks like. We talked with photographer Emy Lou about her work on set with stylist Bianca Nicole, hair and makup artist Tamara Tott, and model Lizzie Ackerley. They flawlessly captured the essance of the most stylish wizard we can think of, Hermionie Granger.

TURN) What was it like shooting the “An Ode to Hermione Granger” for the student issue? Was it easy for you to capture the greatness that is Hermione G? Emy Lou) It was a really great excuse to watch all of the Harry Potter films again and see how Hermione develops and grows throughout the films. I have always loved her character in the films, so I really enjoyed capturing a side of her in my photography. I was also really lucky to have a brilliant model who loved the Harry Potter films too and had a similar look to Hermione Granger! T) Weirdest thing that happened on set? EL) The model I had booked was cancelled by the agency 20 minutes before the call time, so I spent an hour on the phone calling everyone I knew to find a replacement! Luckily, we got our wonderful model you see in the photos, but it was quite late in the day, so we somehow managed to fit all of the looks into a couple of hours instead of a full day!

T) Had you worked with this team you put together before, or was this everyone’s first time coming together for a shoot? EL) I have worked with the hair/MUA once before but not with the stylist or model. They were all great to work with, and I would work with them all again. T) From the photographer’s perspective, what do you need from your team to have a successful shoot? EL) I need a dedicated team who are as excited about the shoot as I am. I like to have lots of input from my team so that my ideas can be developed into something really fantastic. T) What was the music played to get you through the shoot? We know we create playlists daily for the office, so on set, you must have had a song or two that got everyone going. EL) I usually have music playing, but we were taking photos in the countryside and didn’t have any way to play music. So, it was quite focused on the shoot and just chatting with each other instead.




Berties Closet­ You just got a new tablet to start off your school season, it cost you about 3 paychecks, and you will be damned if it gets scratched. Keep it clean, scratch free and cute in one of these adorable cases from Bertie’s Closet. We are just showing you 2 of the cute patterns that they offer, but there are so many more to choose from! Full tablet cases start at $29.99, and while you are there, pick up one for your laptop too.


One Star Leather­ OneStarLeatherGoods. Inspired on a walk around campus? Maybe just want to write down your assignments, so you actually remember to do them later? The Field Notes Notebook by One Star Leather is perfect to jot down a quick note in style. The Park Sloper holds a notebook (included), a pen (not included), and space for you to put in a few cards, most likely your school ID and a transit pass or two. Entirely handmade using top quality raw materials, The Park Sloper (pictured) is priced at $125




Well, shut your faces because lots of people do. Thanks to the fly crew over at The Carbon Crusader, long gone are the days of people saying they didn’t take your pencils. With awesome sayings and lots of cute quotes from your fave movies (“You’re Like, Really Pretty” ­Regina George), there is no reason that you won’t want to just keep ordering pencils like crazy! Prices start at $8 for a 6 pack, if you are more into pens, prices start at $9 for one customized pen!

Bookbags are essential when you are a student. No one is saying you have to rock a cartoon character or go as grown up as walking around with a briefcase, but you need something to keep your things in for day to day work. This canvas backpack from Lee Loong Studio looks great and can fit your average size laptop, a book or two and all of your little bits and pieces that you throw in your bag but probably don’t need. Prices start at $59 for this handmade, made to order bag!

The Carbon Crusader­ Art of Leather by Lee Loong Studio­ We know what you are LoongStudio thinking, “Who still uses pencils?!”










Felt App­

Felt App ­

Letter Love Designs­

Her Fashion Box­

Sometimes, everything you need is on your iPad. When you are rushing to class early in the AM (You missed about 2 trains due to you sleeping in later because of your Netflix marathon last night.), you risk dropping it, and then, there goes your life. Unless you are balling out of control, you should get a case for it. This perfect sized one from FeltApp on Etsy holds not only your Ipad but your phone, small notebook and that early morning free paper you get on the way to school (If you live in Chicago, it’s probably the RedEye.). Snatch it up for just $38.50

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Need to write a note to your roommates to tell them to do dishes? Want to give your number to a hottie in your last lecture but want to keep it classy? With Letter Love Designs, both things are so possible! Make your own personalized stationery, including cards, notepads, envelopes and notebooks!! Items range from $18 ­$30!

Sometimes we all just need a little random pick me up during the school year. We remember how it was cramming for a final, constantly refreshing a page looking for a grade update, or putting together the final touches on a big project. It can be kind of intense! That’s why we love Her Fashion Box. Picture a perfect present just for you arriving at your home just when you need it. For around $40 a month, you get 3 fashion accessories, 4 deluxe samples of great products and their magazine all catered to you and your style. They have also started their Her Fashion Boxette, a mini pick me up for around $25 a month. Sign up today for your monthly presents!


Gemma - 17 - Acting Student - Australian export

Effie - 21/2 - Toddler Fashion Icon - Instagram: @effie_grace


Dillion - 23 - Fly Chicago Resident

Alexandra - 22 - Recent Grad -

Shot By


Aleks - 18 - Artist

Robert - 18 - Photographer

For me, fall is all about fun uses of color and countless layers. I love cute printed long-sleeves to peak out from the bunched arms of chunky sweaters. I’m into piling on cutesy jewelry and sliping into ankle boots with socks pulled up to my thighs. A cozy shaw or cardigan finishes off any fall look. Take a peak at some of my cool weather obsessions!

Clockwise from top left 1. From the Same Cloth Boot $ 74.99 ( 2. Celia Birtwell long sleeve t-shirts $19.95 ( 3. Bohemian Dreamer cropped shrug by Mountain Girl Clothing $68 ( 4. Porcelain animal necklaces by Mogo & Co $30( 5. No. 2 Pencil Socks $12 (

In the Fall I am all about tights, shorts, wedges and the cutest, shortest dresses I can find! I stay warm by strutting my stuff in the fashion ridden streets of Chicago by throwing on a cutebeanie or maybe a thrift store find chunky cardigan. I thought I’d give you my fall favs, so that you canmake them staples in your wardrobe in this cozy season!

Clockwise from top left 1. House of Holland Suspender Tights $ 34 ( 2. Idlewild Wedges $158 ( 3. Chunky ladder knit dress by Zoe $151.88 ( 4. French Quarter Dress $81.99 ( 5. Cheeky Mint Shorts by MINK PINK $79 from (

Hermionie Granger

Photography by Emy Lou Styling by Bianca Nicole Hair and makeup by Tamara Tott With Lizzie Ackerley

When you think of the average student, you think of overpriced books, unnecessary homework and-- for some reason--rulers. When we think of the average student, we think of spells, awesome cloaks and a classroom in a castle with staircases that move (Try shootin’ the shit on those bad boys between classes!). This is why we were all the more the prepared to do an ode to Miss Hermione Granger. She was sassy, smart, had a great head of hair and all of a sudden turned mega hottie around movie 3. We were always rooting for her to get a little snog sesh going with Ron from the get-go, and she was definitely the reason why we all wished we had that awesome beaded purse to keep our necessities. You know, necessities--the cell phone, lipstick, keys, bottles of wine and, of course, the always needed pop-up tent with pretty lights for those nights where you just don’t want to stay inside.

We are enchanted



Nottingham, UK Freelance Age: 19 Height: 5,7’’ Eye: Brown Bust: 34 Waist: 26 Hips: 35 Dress size: 8 Shoe: 7.5




The room was chilly from the freshly resurfaced ice. Red and white filled nearly every crevice of the room. There are 20,066 seats in the Joe Louis Arena, and most all were empty except for the 200 or so directly around me. This was no ordinary day at the Joe. Instead of Red Wings Jerseys, the men were in suits and ties. The women traded in their foam fingers for heels and dresses. We all patiently waited as a bride walked out onto the ice, onto the makeshift aisle of Redwings colored rugs. Vows were exchanged, and finally, a kiss -- sealed with the sound of the buzzer from a goal being scored. And the crowd went wild. Heather Burger and Max Larson got married at Joe Louis Arena in Detroit on September 6th, 2013. “As soon as we knew it was possible to have a wedding there, we knew we wanted it,” Heather said, explaining that they have always been sports fans, and even shared a pizza while watching the Wing’s game as their first official date. Their save-the-date cards were even made to look like sporting event tickets.

Aside from hockey games; the arena is used for concerts and only ever sees about one wedding a year. I have never been a sports fan, so needless to say, I’d never been to a wedding at The Joe, although I have lived in Detroit my entire life. I didn’t know exactly what to expect. After getting to the appropriate floor, I walked around the dimmed arena to the entryway. It was an unfamiliar setting for me, but I could hear the faint sound of violins, clearly coming from inside the arena. A woman who worked in the arena ushered me to where the other guests were seated. I could see now that the violins came from a live string trio, seated on the ice next to the wedding party. I took my seat and promptly waited until the string trio began to play “Don’t Stop Believin’ ” which signaled the beginning of the ceremony. The wedding party filed in, followed by the flower girl, and finally, when the string trio signaled us with “Everlong,” Heather walked down the aisle, escorted by her father. But the night was not entirely sports filled. I was surprised to find that their wedding seemed to have a large underlying Detroit pride theme. Their food, which they called a Tour l’Detroit, was a buffet from some of Detroit’s best: Mexican Village (Fajitas, Seafood Chimichangas, Nachos, and Hand rolled tamales); Hamtramck (Stuffed Cabbage, Polish Kielbasa & cheese Pierogies, city chicken, and Polish beetroot salad); Corktown (bangers and mash, corn beef and swiss slider, braised beef and cabbage pie, as well as an ireland farm-to-table cheese display); and Greektown (lamb gyros, hummus, tabbouleh, and spinach pies).

The reception was also held in the Joe, in a room used for special events, The Olympia Club, filled, of course, with Red Wings memorabilia all over the walls. The ceremony, which was beautiful and subdued by the string trio, was a clashing and wonderful contrast to the reception, which had the feel of a late 80s rock concert. The DJ announced the wedding party, and they all entered with a flourish until, finally, the bride and groom entered with the energy of an opening act. The toasts truly made the night one to remember. Best man Bryan Kinnell recalled the first time he met Heather, when Max brought her with him to a bonfire. He toasted warmly to “many more bonfires.” Maid of Honor Erin Bernhardt recalled being forced against her will to go to Heather’s birthday party back during a time when “there really was music on MTV.” She ended with the heartfelt reminder that the two would always get in trouble sticking up for each other. “My bridesmaids look completely stunning in their dresses, so I need them as far away from me as possible,” Heather said, and although her bridesmaids did all look stunning in their simple black dresses each with its own unique neckline, Heather stood apart in her beautiful Ivory Lazaro dress with a tousled organza skirt. At each setting was a card where Heather and Max thanked their guests, encouraged them to “eat till you’re stuffed” and “drink till you’re drunk” and a note that said in lieu of wedding favors, they decided to make a donation to the Wounded Warrior Project, a program that strives to aid and honor injured service members. Not only did the guests get to celebrate the union of a couple for the rest of their lives, but the night was filled with enough sports and Detroit pride for the addicts and enough energy to light the entire city. Heather and Max put a twist on a typical wedding and turned it into one that guests will surely be talking about for years to come.

After all the notes are deleted from your computer, your dorm is packed up with boxes to head back home, the fridge is empty, and you have as much money as you could get by selling your old books to incoming freshman; it’s time to graduate. You are ready to walk across that stage, wave to your parents, and grab that $110,000+ piece of paper. You have totes made it right? Through the lectures, the parties, the late night cram sessions and the extra weight you picked up, you made it! You are done, fin, dunzo, it’s a wrap! Soooooooo....What fucking next? Sure you have a plan, and you have it all up here (Tap your temple.). It’s all figured out, right? Of course it isn’t; at least, for 80% of college grads it isn’t. You have been cozied up in the 4 years of awesomeness, and you have no freaking clue what to do next. Lucky you for picking up this issue because we are going to give you a few pieces of advice. Just a few suggestions to get you from point A to point D (We didn’t want to use B.) without going completely insane.

Breathe. Everything is going to be okay. You are done; you graduated. You get to leave and be considered a more awesome person in society because you have an expensive piece of paper. Now, you are all “Where am I going to live?”; “Where am I going to work?”; “How am I going to make money?”; and “How will I survive!!!!!?” RELAX! You aren’t supposed to have it all figured out right now; you just graduated. Don’t be so hard on yourself.

All you need to do right now is unpack and cuddle with your teddy bears in your childhood bedroom while you start to figure it out. The more pressure you put on yourself, the crazier you are going to go. You don’t want to start raiding your mommy’s medicine cabinet for “calm me down pills” just yet. You will need them much later.

Fix up your resume We aren’t talking about using some crappy template in some program on your computer. You need to take some real initiative. This piece of paper (or PDF because it is 2013) is going to be your first entry into the job market. People will see this before they see you, and it could either make them want to get to know more about you or they could trash it and the thought of you even stepping foot in their workplace. Your new Alma Mater should have had something along the lines of a career services department where you can go after you graduate to get help with your resume and leads on prospective jobs. So call them and set up an appointment with someone. Yes, you have to actually get your ass off the couch and move it to another location. Your mom, wallet and ass will thank you later.

Find a job Any job, like if you need to walk someone’s cat for 30 bucks, take it. Of course, we want you to get a job in your respective field, but you also need to apply for things outside of it, just to make ends meet for a while. High­frigging­five to you if you apply for and get a job that you went to

school for right after you graduate--you are very lucky and should be crying pageant girl tears of happiness. For the rest of you, start to hit the pavement and apply your buns off. Use that swanky new resume, put on that job interview outfit your parents got for you, and toss on a smile. Don’t be surprised if you aren’t offered 60K right out the gate; settle for the minimum wage now so you can pop bottles in the future.

Pick a place to live Your mom’s basement, a friend’s couch, your brother’s spare room/closet, or maybe you have enough saved to get your very own 3x5 studio; wherever, just put some roots down. Maybe you are the type to backpack around and sleep from couch to couch, but when you first graduate, it helps to have a semi­permanent place to call home. You are going to need somewhere to shower and sleep plus, it’s always nice to cry into a drink in the privacy of your own home instead of at a bar where they cut you off. It also helps during your job search because if you don’t have a place, putting “Wherever the world takes me, USA” in the address portion doesn’t make you look as cool as you think it does.

Start saving So let’s say you found a job (Awesome!) and you have a place to live (Kudos!). Now, you gotta start saving (No, I don’t wanna). Like, it’s a MUST that you get really amazing financial habits RIGHT NOW. You have to pay bills, you need to eat, you can go out and party, but throw some money into a savings account (Check back to “The Love Issue” for a little more in-depth advice.). You could lose the job (hope not) or they could raise your rent (Surprise!) or just whatever. It’s good to have extra cash set aside for when you get into a bind, so you won’t be as bad off as you think you are. Money is one of the worst things in the world to worry about; it sucks to not have any and no one likes to hear you complain about it.

Find yourself I don’t know a lot of people in our generation who knew who they were when they graduated college, Hell, I don’t know many people who know who they are now. The fun part about growing up and getting out of a college environment is finding out who you are outside of your student ID number. You don’t need to travel to Uzbekifuck to do so; the cafe around the corner works just fine. Just start finding out what you like and not giving two craps what other people think about it. Like to go out and party? Do it, and shake it as much as you want. Like to stay in and read? Awesome, visit local bookstores to stock up on books you have never heard of. Like cats? Purrfect (couldn’t help it)! Throw cat parties in your apartment. Whatever it is, life is always a lot better when you find your own happiness (and yes, we are fully aware we sound like a self­help book right now but whatever). After that final lecture ends and the books are put away, you may feel a twinge of fear, you might think that this is either the end of your life or it’s just getting started. All in all, it is not that big a deal. You are now welcomed into the league of twenty-somethings who owe the government hundreds of thousands of dollars and are pretty proud of it! Follow our advice, and you just might make it through it. If you can’t handle it, there is always grad school.

he 50s brought us sexy rock n’ roll with hits like Little Richard’s “Tutti Frutti” and Elvis Presley’s hip thrusts. The 60s was the decade of British invasion—I’m speaking, of course, about David Bowie, The Rolling Stones and The Beatles! The 70s was a like a tidal wave of hard rock as bands like Alice Cooper, AC/DC and Led Zeppelin were taking over the scene. . But let’s not forget disco, since groups like the Jackson 5 and Blondie led us into the 80s; while progressive rock and metal were taking form, pop was only beginning to take over. There was Madonna, Whitney Houston and, the king, Michael Jackson. The 90s brought pop sensations like Britney Spears, the Spice Girls and NSYNC. Yet, hip hop and rap had never before been as prominent as when artists like 2Pac and Notorious B.I.G hit the scene.

es, I know, there are lots of influential artists I left out, but you get the point, no? America’s music has evolved in so many ways. Each decade had plenty of popular genres, but a few in each decade stand out. So what exactly influences this evolution? And where are we headed in the coming decade? It should come as no surprise that our changing culture has had so much influence on the type of music we like to listen to. As a melting pot of different ethnicities, America has lots of flavor in its culture and music. Something sweet here, a little spice over there and why not something sour to experiment with? Too much? Yeah, America tends to do that. But with music, what resulted was an explosion of different art forms and sounds, which have all influenced one another in some way. Modern pop music has roots that can be traced back to African American blues and the growth of gospel in the 1920s. Even early rock n’ roll developed out of country, blues and R&B. After all, we’ve always had a thing for music with some soul. Now, we are seeing much more of that soul in electronic, dance and techno music. Not only have DJs such as J-Dilla or Flying Lotus brought the funk, but mainstream rap and hip hop artists are also hopping on the trend. Remember Kanye West’s rendition of Daft Punk’s “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger?” And recently rapper A$AP Rocky collaborated with the dubstep DJ Skrillex in his single “Wild for the Night” (odd combo much?)

EDM has become a force in the mainstream as artists and groups of modern pop, such as Rihanna, Katy Perry, Ke$ha and 1 Direc tion, are now also labeled as part of the electropop genre. In a sense,pop music is getting much more technical in that a synthesizer has become one of the main instruments. In the rock culture, one of the main driving forces has always been the sense of rebelling against the system, man. Whether it was Jimi Hendrix giving sanctuary to those opposing the Vietnam War, or Rage against the Machine telling off the government, or even punk bands just being punks, rock has always been there for the young adults looking for an excuse to get together and jam. In the past three years of this decade, it’s been all about indie rock. The “I heard that band before they were cool” hipster phrase was probably coined due to the surge of music we now have access to because of the internet. It’s no wonder indie bands and artists, such as Arcade Fire, Florence and the Machine and Death Cab for Cutie, have been able to maintain their popularity despite their not-conforming-to-mainstream ideals.

Even the garage rock and post punk bands of the early 2000s, such as The Strokes and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, have come back to join the indie rock movement. Both of these bands in particular have been experimenting with electronic sounds like their modern pop counterparts. Although indie pop/ electronica is not yet in the mainstream, the trend of artists from all types of genres using synthpop or electronic sounds in their music suggests there is chance. Of course, these are only a few “flavors” in our music melting pot, but this is a story about modern popular music. The music we will think of when we look back at our teen and 20-something years. And the music that has been leading us towards future sounds and trends in our culture. For now and for quite much more, technologic music is where it’s at.

sweater-Boston Proper, leggings-French connection, necklace-Egyptian market place

on Zoe: dress-Bebop missy dress, sweater-Willi Snith heavy net sweater, boots-Neo Lite vintage cowboy boots On Diane: dress-LVB Closet sophisticated slit dress, sweater-Eddie Bauer cashmere bolero, boots-Born

On Zoe: pants-H&M checkered pencil pant, top-Michele Stars glitter cowl top, blazer-Enjoy young mustard yellow soft blazer, boots-Aldo cognac knee high boots On Diane: dress-UK Style French Connection, bootsYves Sain Laurent boots

jacket-French Connection shirt-GAP form tee, skirt: Forever 21, boots-Ralph Lauren location: Trolley Museum of New

sweater-Ellen Tracy, pants-Uniqlo, scarf-Rasley extra long spotted scarf, bag-Brown vintage Tall Weijj satchel location: Bard College Campus

dress-LVB Closet khaki/ impala leather combo dress jacket-Twelve By Twelve, boots-Ralph Lauren, book bag-Kelly Moore Chapel Convertible Backpack

High School Musical (2006): Who is in it: Just about every Disney star who ever lived like “the future always shirtless” Zac Efron, the “not so well known by his acting but his hair” Corbin Bleu, and the “OMG that picture of me naked in my room was private!” Vanessa Hudgens--along with a few others who don’t really need to be mentioned because...well, no one still knows who they are. What happens in first period: Let’s get something straight right off the bat. This is a musical. There are a ton of random musical performances throughout the movie that both don’t make sense and aren’t very good. Vanessa meets Zac at some random ski party, and they fall in love-and OMG, guess what? She ends up moving to his town and goes to his school! You see, she is a nerdy type and he is an all­American jock, so there is no way in HELL that they can date. What happens in last period: To hell with the rules! Not only do they end up dating, they end up breaking the mold for everyone in the school to date who they love, no matter what after school committee they are on. What should have happened: Vanessa’s mom in the movie pulls her out of that school and sends her away to some sort of nerdy girls only boarding school. Zac finds out, get his jock homies to help break her out, and they run away together. Cut to 10 years later, they live on a hippie commune where Zac writes poetry about bees and Vanessa makes 100% vegan sweatshirts that she sells at a farmers market.

We all have a love for our movies. There is a special memory attached to them; maybe a movie has a favorite actor or two in it, or maybe there is just something about it that draws you to it that you can’t explain. Then, there are those other movies, the ones where you left the theatre thinking, “It was good, but I wish it ended differently.” That’s where we come in. Due to this being the “Student Issue,” we decided to take a few of our favorite movies where high school plays a major character and put a new twist on the film. Maybe our ideas will make it to the “alternate ending” selection of the anniversary editions.

Scream (1996): Who is in it: 90’s horror goddess Neve Campbell, a perky boobed Courtney Cox, a still creepy David Arquette and Drew Barrymore (who has a bob that was probably casted separately) What happens when the bell rings: There is a guy who is just killing off a bunch of teenagers for no reason, other than the fact that they are all annoying teenagers. He makes creepy phone calls and then proceeds to ask questions (like some stalker telemarketer) and then BAM! dead. After the bell rings: So, of course there is a little teenage love making (some V cards get taken) then all is revealed turns out, it was Neve’s boyfriend committing all the murders and she was all apart of some truly messed up mommy problems (the BF’s dad and her mom had an affair and were banging away) Neve ends up shooting the BF right through the head and the sun comes up and the whole ordeal is on of the evening news. What should have happened: After Neve loses the V card to her murderous boyfriend, she decides that it is a horrible idea and figures out that she is gay. Also, Drew Barrymore doesn’t die She becomes Neve’s girlfriend and we can all enjoy them in a “Wild Things” moment involving the pool and tight 90’s crop tops.

Grease (1978): Who is in it: John Travolta, Olivia Newton John and a bunch of other people that no one else really cared about. What happens in homeroom: Sandy (played by Miss Newton­John) moves to town in the summer and falls in love with school ladies man and bad boy Danny (played by young hottie Travolta). They get all romantic in the summer, and when school starts, she ends up staying in town and going to his school. The Pink Ladies ask her in song who is this boy she’s obsessed with and it ends up being Danny! Well. Everyone is shocked, and they can’t believe he would be with such a sweet square of a chick! Also, Rizzo (head Pink Lady) thinks she is knocked up and has the best song in the movie (“There Are Worse Things I Could Do”) EVERYONE in the world knows in his or her heart that this is the best song in the movie. What goes down after school: Well, after one cray­cray sleepover, the girls are on Sandy’s side. They help her slut herself up, and then Danny decides that he is all over that hot leather skin tight pants ass. Plus, Rizzo finds out that she isn’t pregnant and continues on in life making more mistakes and bad decisions while just wishing for the best. What should have happened: After her bad girl makeover, she Sandy goes with Danny on a robbing spree across the state. They are known as the “Teenage Terrible Twosome.” There are lots of songs about running away from home and dancing with guns. Oh, and lots of leather pants...lots and lots of leather pants.

The Breakfast Club (1985): Who is in it: Everyone who made you wish you were 16 in the 80’s Molly Ringwald, Judd Nelson, Ally Sheedy, Emilio Estevez and a few others What happens in the hallways: How could you not know?! But, just in case, we will tell you anyway. Five kids from different cliques in the school have to go to Saturday detention for various reasons. They are told to write an essay on “who they think they are” from their crazy/weird school principal. They make fun of each other, they pick at each other’s quirks and eating habits, and they generally just want to get through detention and get back to being awesome kids of the 80s and go to the mall or arcade probably. What happens when detention is over: They find out more about each other than they thought they would. They realize they have more in common than they think, even if they are from different cliques. Some of them even fall in love and find out more about themselves than anything. There is also a creepy exchange of varsity letters and a diamond earring, and let’s not forget….the frozen fist pump on the football field. What should have happened: Are you kidding!! This movie is PERFECT. It should not be tampered with in any way, and if someone decides to do a remake, we will be the first people at the theatre with scissors ready to cut the film.


glasses-Chanel, shoelaces (worn as bowtie)-vintage necklace, ring- HARDWEAR Repurposed and Uncommon Jewelry, shirt- vintage

Cheerleader turtleneck-vintage, uniform-stylist’s own, hairbow-vintage, earrings and broach set-Casablanca Vintage

Band Geek

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tube top-Casablanca Vintage, bracelet-Casablanca Vintage, gold cuff-vintage, necklace-Tell Me How You Really Feel by Jessy Baum, hoop earrings- Cappel’s


bandeau bra-American Apparel, lace jacket-vintage, leather collar-Awesome Time Shoe and Leather, baby head necklace-Psyber Psociety, rosary-Casablanca Vintage, black chain necklace-Marc by Marc Jacobs, silver chain necklace-Brush Factory, rings- Marc by Marc Jacobs,HARDWEAR Repurposed and Uncommon Jewelry, Forever 21, vintage, pentagram necklace-Aquarius Star, cross necklace- vintage


blouse-American Apparel, sweater vest-Casablanca Vintage, necklace/tie-vintage, earrings-vintage


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ARTICLES Cover See “Haunt” Table of Contents pg. 6 See “Haunt” and “Sweetness & Delight” “Letter from the Editor” pg. 9 See “Haunt” FEATURES “Behind the Scenes of a Turn “Ode to...” Shoot pg. 10 See ‘Ode To...’” “Say Word” pg. 14 Berties Closet­ ( One Star Leather­ ( The Carbon Crusader­( Art of Leather by Lee Loong Studio­( Felt App­( Her Fashion Box­ ( “Shot By” pg. 18 Photography by The Chic Road ( “Ode To... Hermionie Granger” pg. 26 Photography: Emy Lou ( Styling: Bianca Nicole ( Hair and makeup: Tamara Tott ( Model: Lizzie Ackerley ( “Editors Picks” pg. 24 Mod Cloth ( Uniqlo by Celia Birtwell ( Mountain Girl Clothing ( Mogo & Co ( Fred Flare ( House of Holland ( Anthropologie ( Zoe ( Hello Holiday ( MINK PINK ( Model Behaviour pg. 30 Jameela 1 ­Photographer: Rozzalind Williams Jameela 2 ­Photographer: Deborah Selwood / MUA: MuAnna Jameela 3 ­Photographer Natalie Reading Jameela 4&5 ­Photographer: Xanthe Hutchinson

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Issue #10  

The Student Issue (Fall 2013)

Issue #10  

The Student Issue (Fall 2013)