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Straighten your posture and take a deep, relaxing breath. It’s time to introduce the Finnish body conditioning experts and their marvelous methods. By Jenni Juntunen Photos Mervi Ahlroth

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Through difficulties to victory


arja Putkisto has become an internationally renowned exercise professional even though she was born with a hip problem. The position of her hip was corrected at an early age, but still certain movements remained difficult no matter how much she tried. »During my childhood ballet lessons I realised I was in the wrong position due to my shortened and tense muscles. I felt I needed to stretch to be able to move freely.» In the 1980's at the Finnish National Opera, when Putkisto was teaching professional performers, she created the deep-stretching method, Method Putkisto, to correct the imbalances of her body. »The aerobics craze was booming, the way we worked was entirely different from the rest of the industry. It felt we lived a different time, but we just kept on slowing down our breathing. The results were inspiring. Performers' alignments improved, pains disappeared and moving became easier.» Now, over 20 years later Putkisto lives in London, teaches her three body conditioning methods and trains instructors at the Method Putkisto Institute. In addition to Method Putkisto, she has developed several programmes such as MP 3D Natural Face Clinic. Practicing Method Putkisto requires concentration. The aim is to stretch short muscles and learn how to activate the deep postural muscles before the superficial muscles that move the body. It's all about doing less, not blood, sweat and tears type of training. Putkisto sees the methods as a lifestyle and thousands of people have found it helpful. Putkisto tells the story of physical therapist Arto Ahtola who got to play American football on a professional level in Austria with the help of Method Putkisto. While taking the instructor training, Ahtola gave up heavy weights and build a new balance for his body. »Arto says that without Method Putkisto training he would be injured or still carry on dreaming to become a footballer.»

Method Putkisto › Method Putkisto is a deep stretching and deep strengthening exercise method that improves the overall balance of your body and increases your awareness of your own body. › There are some 70 active Method Putkisto instructors in Finland and approximately 20 in the UK. › Try this when flying: Method Putkisto central line pressure: calms you down and balances your body. Place your fingertips on the inner parts of your eyebrows, close your eyes and focus your thoughts on the inner corners of your eyes, behind the frontal bone. Release and repeat the pressure a couple of times. Breathe lightly and relax your eyes, jaw and shoulders. › www.methodputkisto.com


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Marja Putkisto's most memorable exercise-related memory: »I can vividly remember my childhood ballet classes with their fantastic Russian ballet feeling. Kari Karnakoski was an old-school ballet teacher and accompanist Mrs Hankipohja smoked like a chimney behind her piano.»

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Blue Wings 5 2011 on Method_Putkisto

Blue Wings 5_2011_on_Method_Putkisto  

Blue Wings 5 2011 on Method_Putkisto