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Training your team With mental health related issues now responsible for the largest category of occupational ill health. Management teams are encountering unprecedented levels of absence and presenteeism. Ensuring that your teams are able to respond appropriately to these demands is critical. Rightsteps offers bespoke training packages targeted at managers. Courses are designed to specifically increase awareness of issues relating to mental health. A combination of education in relation to the most common conditions, with proactive solutions and guidance on managing individuals suffering from conditions within the workplace. The combined approach of supporting managers with your organisation to build awareness of mental health issues in the workplace and develop the necessary skills, ensures confidence is gained in indentifying and responding to staff facing these issues. Resulting in managers being better skilled at making referrals into the Rightsteps programme (where appropriate), whilst quickly and effectively supporting their staff members when issues arise. This approach reduces the chances of presenteeism and assists in minimising the negative impacts that potential absenteeism can have on both your organisation and the individual concerned.

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Management Training

Rightsteps Wellbeing is delivered by Turning Point, one of the UK’s largest health and social care organisations, with a proven track record in providing therapy tono.those with social landlord Turning Point is aservices registered charity, 234887, a registered and a company limited by guarantee no. 793558 (England & Wales). Registered Office: Standon House, 21 Mansell Street, London E1 8AA mental health problems.

Rightsteps offers bespoke management training packages, a combination of education, proactive solutions and guidance on managing individuals suffering from the most commons forms of mental health conditions.

Training Programme Outline Tailored session content ensures that managers within your organisation are adequately trained in managing employees struggling with mental health issues. Support which when provided effectively is proven to support individuals struggling with these conditions to maintain attendance and increase performance in the workplace.

These sessions will help managers within your organisation develop the skills and knowledge relating to these conditions and assist in a greater understanding of:

The sessions and their content are developed in conjunction with your own HR or Training Departments to meet the specific requirements of your organisation, but include core specific training that is aimed at increasing the awareness of managers to the most common forms of mental health issues in the workplace which include:

„„ How to recognise and respond to signs and symptoms in the workplace.

„„ Stress „„ Anxiety „„ Depression

„„ The effects on businesses and individuals these common problems present.

Training Options „„

Option 1 – ½ Day 3 hours sessions for up to 15 delegates


Option 2 – Full Day 2 x 3 hour sessions for up to 15 delegates

„„ Legal responsibilities in relation to health and wellbeing in the workplace. „„ The support available from HR / Occupational Health departments. „„ The Rightsteps Wellbeing programme and how it supports them to manage an individual with mental health problems on an ongoing basis. In addition to developing the skills of managers so that they are able build the confidence to identify issues, approach staff sensitively and appropriately. The sessions will provide an opportunity for managers to talk through their own situations and experiences. This enables them to better understand the integral part they have to play in promoting and supporting positive health and the wellbeing of employees in the work place.

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Rightsteps Wellbeing Management Training  

Management Training

Rightsteps Wellbeing Management Training  

Management Training