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Healthy Brownies In Lisbon Falls

Pictured Left to Right: Dr. Heidi Toews (CMMC Pediatrics) Hannah Card, Alexis Foley, Jessica Laberge (Co-Leader), Delila McKinney, Kaylie Foley, and Sage McKellick

What’s a healthy Brownie? It is one of many members of Girl Scouts of Maine Brownie Troop 2080 who toured Central Maine Pediatrics in Lewiston, ME on Friday, September


18, 2015. The girls visited this medical office in part to earn their “My Best Self Badge” and to better their chances of becoming health conscious adults. The girls got to know their




Topsham, Topsham Fair Mall. • 725-5009 Bath, Shaw’s Shopping Center. • 389-4326

of requirements that together work to better the girls’ ability to keep themselves healthy and happy. New exercises and coping mechanisms were taught, giving the girls quick methods to deal with discomforts, again bettering girls’ individual

comfort levels. When young girls know how to comfort themselves, they have less stress in their lives, and are in a better position to make others feel comfortable. Girl Scouts of Maine provides services and support to over 16,000

girl and adult members statewide and builds girls of courage, confidence, and character who make the world a better place. For information on Girl Scouts or to volunteer, call 1-888-922-4763 or visit www.girlscoutsofmaine. org. n

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Little Caesars

own bodies, how to eat and play in healthy ways, how their bodies work, how to respond to an ailment, and how to convey information to medical personnel. All of this was required in order to earn their badge. The badge itself, is a combination

Pictured Left to Right Front: Alexyss Baird, Alexis Foley, Sage McKellick, Delila McKinney, Hannah Card, Kaylie Foley. Back Row: Heidi Baird (Co-Leader), Dr. Heidi Toews (CMMC Pediatrics), Jessica Laberge (Co-Leader)

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November 2015

The Greater Lisbon Ledger

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14 Year Old Bags Her First Moose

Kenney Graduates

Sadie Waterman, 14 years old from Sabattus and a freshman at Oak Hill High School, shot a 700 lbs., 11-point bull moose on Monday, October 12th at Nesowadnehunk Lake Wilderness Camp (in Zone 4). Sadie also bagged a deer and a turkey this season. Sadie is the daughter of Jim and Jennifer Waterman of Sabattus.

Maine Department of Corrections Graduate Brianna Kenney of Lisbon, ME Graduation held on 9-25-15 at Windham’s Correction Center. Photo by Dorothy J. Smith Brianna Kenney age 24 her achievements and wish from Lisbon graduated her a safe and happy career. from the Maine Department Brianna is the daughter of Corrections. Her Grand- of Richard and Lolita Kenparents are very proud of ny of Durham. n

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The Greater

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(207) 407-4301

Maine’s largest direct mail community publication company serving nearly 250,000 homes and “It’s All Good” News!

Directly mailed each month to the great towns of Bowdoin, Durham, Lisbon, Lisbon Falls, Litchfield, Pownal, Sabattus, and Wales

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November 2015

The Greater Lisbon Ledger

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Beautiful Bloom

Rivals & Friends

Tina Boulette of Wales grew this beautiful sunflower in her yard this past summer. She recycled it into a birdfeeder.

Oak Hill football player Lee Mower poses for a picture with Lisbon Greyhound Tyler Halls. Rivals on the field, friends off the field.


Is proud to welcome Kim to our family of dental professionals Kim brings with her 28 years of experience and looks forward to seeing all of her current and new patients at her new location

Kim Sylvester

She is an asset to this team!


TWO RIVERS MEDICAL CENTER 4 Bisbee Street, Lisbon • 353-8676

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568 Lisbon St., Lisbon Falls • 353-6840

November 2015

The Greater Lisbon Ledger

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50th Year as Rehabbers Brings Heartaches and Blessings Carleen Cote The winter months bring a respite from the busy spring through fall seasons, but we still must care for the wildlife that were not ready to be released in the fall and those that arrived during the winter, injured or diseased. After every snowstorm, snow plowing and snow-blowing paths to all the pens are a priority, as well as shoveling out and cleaning the pens, knocking ice out of water dishes, and hauling food from pen to pen on a sled, not to mention acrobatic maneuvers to stay upright on patches of ice! Then, as winter releases its icy grip and the days warm and lengthen, it is time to release the wildlife that have spent the winter in warm shelters, getting fat but restless to be out in fields and forest, looking for mates. This past April, an animal control officer arrived with a raccoon in a Havea-heart trap that had given birth to two babies and reached us in time to give birth to a third! Usually I don’t keep the mothers and babies together as the mothers are likely to kill their babies because of the stress of captivity. I was pleased to discover, cautiously watching her, that she proved to be a devoted mother, nourishing her

young and giving them a good start. Baby season kicks off in April when the young begin to arrive in droves. This year, the Center seemed to be a revolving door – a live baby came in the front door, a dead one went out the back door! We had to euthanize many baby raccoons to end their suffering from the extremely contagious and deadly parvo virus. We fought the virus with gallon upon gallon of bleach, yet we lost over one hundred babies. Some of the fawns also had health issues. Despite all of my husband Donald’s efforts to save them, they died as well. The same with many young foxes. It was a year from hell. Though we never forget the losses, we continue on for the successes and the babies yet to come. We subscribe to the saying, “Count your blessings,” for we have many! Our volunteers: Amy, who has helped us almost on a daily basis for 12 years; Debbie, who has spent her three days off from work to help us over the past three years, stopping by every night on her way home to help with chores; Brenda, who returned for her second year, driving from Lewiston one day a week, to scrub dirty totes and pet carriers; Joni, who drives from Manchester one day a week to tackle anything that needs cleaning, from food and water dishes to the plastic swim-

Carleen displays the Spirit of America “Citizens of the Year” awarded this year to the Cotes by the town of Readfield for their volunteerism. They were also honored at a surprise reception held in China, organized by long-time volunteer Amy Messier.

ming pools used for the coons’ enjoyment; Jeff, from Gardiner, who began volunteering this year two afternoons a week to take on whatever needs doing: mowing, raking, scrubbing equipment, picking up and delivering wildlife to other rehabbers, etc.; Ruth, from Albion, also in her first year, who arrives two mornings a week to help with the scrubbing of animal dishes and any tasks that need doing before the snow flies; and, last but not least, Bob, who has mowed our lawns since 2007. These wonderful volunteers never complain, no matter how big or dirty the job is. A big plus is they all love and enjoy the animals. We are also blessed with the doctors and staff at Windsor Veterinary Clinic who provide care to all the ani-

mals we bring to them. A thank you also, to all the readers of this column and others who have made donations on behalf of the animals at the Center, and to Lea, who has edited

and prepared Critter Chatter from my handwritten pages since 1996. As our 50th anniversary year of rehabbing comes to a close, we also give thanks that, despite our ages, our

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good health has allowed us to continue caring for Maine’s wildlife in need of human intervention. PS: I am pleased to report that the mother raccoon and her three babies mentioned earlier in the article all survived the parvo virus and were released in September. In fact, all the wildlife ready for release are now back in their natural environment – they were, after all, born to be wild. Note: Carleen and Donald Cote operate the Duck Pond Wildlife Care Center on Rt. 3 in Vassalboro, Maine, a non-profit facility, supported entirely by the Cotes’ own resources and outside donations. Call the Cotes at 445-4326 or write them at 1787 N. Belfast Ave., Vassalboro, ME 04989. n

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November 2015

The Greater Lisbon Ledger

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Hermits to the Woods

V. Paul Reynolds In re-reading The Maine Woods by Henry David Thoreau, I got to thinking about hermits. They fascinate me. Let's face it.There is not a Maine outdoorsman worth his salt who hasn't at least entertained a fantasy about pulling the societal plug and really getting off the grid. It's one thing to lose yourself in the woods for a week with nothing but a knife, some matches, and a compass; it's quite another to disappear for 27 years like Christopher Knight, the Hermit of North Pond. You have to really enjoy your own company to pull off a stunt like that. Knight, who has been both reviled and "legendized," didn't really measure up to the Daniel Boone image, however. He stole from others to survive. But at least he created no burden to the taxpayer - at least not until he was processed by the state judicial system. Now take Henry David Thoreau. The legendary Massachusetts hermit of Walden Pond took to the Maine woods, it would seem, for some of the same reasons that tugged at the Hermit of North Pond. Thoreau sought solitude and isolation. Thoreau became a famous naturalist-philoso-

pher; Knight wound up in jail, and, not only is he not a philosopher, he's not sure why he bolted from society in the first place. Thoreau showed up on my radar when I was a college student probing for the meaning of life. Liberal professors convinced me that, when it came to American thinkers, Henry David walked on water. Fifty years later, I am not so awed by the Hermit of Walden Pond, even if he is the darling of the environmental movement and those bent on civil disobedience. His writing does impress, as well as his knowledge of plants, but he would not have been my choice as a canoe companion for an extended foray into the Maine woods. To be blunt, Thoreau seems to me to have been a foppish, elitist snob, and, in all probability, a bigot. Here is his reaction to having witnessed his Indian guide slay a moose for the hide and the fresh meat: “This afternoon’s experience suggested to me how base or coarse are the motives which commonly carry men into the wilderness. The explorers and lumberers generally are all hirelings paid so much a day for their labor, and as such they have no more love for wild nature than wood-sawyers have for forests.� Can't you just see his smug expression and aristocratic nose tipped in the air? There were other examples in his writings of a man who did not consider his Indian guide to be his

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Henry David Thoreau

equal. Critics suggest that Thoreau was philosophically inconsistent, "a man fond of paradox." Indeed! In the essay "Henry David Thoreau, Philosopher" Roderick Nash writes: "Thoreau left Concord in 1846 for the first of three trips to northern Maine. His expectations were high because he hoped to find genuine, primeval America. But contact with real wilderness in Maine af-

fected him far differently than had the idea of wilderness in Concord. Instead of coming out of the woods with a deepened appreciation of the wilds, Thoreau felt a greater respect for civilization..." Nash was being polite. For Thoreau, the bug-infested fir thickets and tangled alder runs along the East Branch were not quite the same as his so-called wilderness near Walden Pond. n

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November 2015

The Greater Lisbon Ledger

Page 6 Sept. 23Theresia A. French, 38 of 1968 Lisbon St., Lewiston summoned on Lisbon St. by Officer Shawn Kelly for Operating with a Suspended Registration at 2155 hrs. Sept. 24 Scottie S. Bragdon, 27 of 76 Pinewoods Rd., Lisbon arrested on Ferry Rd. by Officer Shawn Kelly for Operating Under the Influence and Failing to Notify Police of a Motor Vehicle Accident at 2107 hrs. Sept. 26 Ayesha Dawson, 24 of 307 Church St.,

Lisbon Police Department Arrest Log Brunswick summoned on Main St. by Sergeant Ryan McGee for Furnishing Liquor to a Minor at 0030 hrs. Sept. 26 Nicholas A. Rogers, 19 of 38 Free St., Lisbon Falls summoned on Main St. by Sergeant Ryan McGee for Minor Consuming Liquor at 0030 hrs. Sept. 26 Larry Wadsworth Sr., 65 of 215 East Rd., Wales summoned on Lisbon St. by Officer Glenn Darby for Operating while License Suspended

or Revoked at 1430 hrs.

Sept. 28 Christine Fortin, 58 of Lisbon St., Lewiston summoned on Lisbon St. by Officer Richard St. Amant for Theft of Services at 0810 hrs. Sept. 29 Jonathan T. Barbay, 32 of 10 Earle St., Lisbon summoned by Animal Control Officer Jeffrey Cooper for (3) three counts of Keeping an Unlicensed Dog, (2) two counts of Failure to Provide Rabies Vaccination and Keeping a Dangerous Dog at 1030 hrs.

L/A FIGHTING SPIRIT HOME GAME SCHEDULE November January • Friday November 6th 7:00pm vs. Maine Wild • Saturday November 7th 7:00pm vs. New England Stars • Friday November 13th 7:00pm vs. Cape Cod Islanders Veteran’s Night • Saturday November 14th 7:00pm vs. New England Stars Military Night • Sunday November 22nd 2:00pm vs. East Coast Minutemen


• Saturday December 5th 7:00pm vs. Cape Cod Islanders • Sunday December 13th 2:00pm vs. Northeast Generals Teddy Bear Toss

• Saturday January 16th 7:00pm vs. Maine Wild Hockey Day in L/A


• Sunday February 14th 2:00pm vs. East Coast Minutemen Sweetheart Night • Thursday February 18th 7:00pm vs. North East Generals • Saturday February 20th 7:00pm vs. Maine Wild • Sunday February 28th 2:00pm vs. Northeast Generals


• Sunday March 6th 2:00pm vs. East Coast Minutemen

List L ist of Sp Special pecial Game Nig Nights: ghts: Veteran's V etteran's ' Ni Night ght ht - N November ovember b 1 13th 3th 3t h Military Night - November 14th Teddy Bear Toss - December 13th Hockey Day in L/A - January 16th Sweetheart Night - February 14th

Oct. 1 Peter A. Donovan, 27 of 15 Hudon Rd., Lisbon arrested at his residence by Sergeant Ryan McGee for Domestic Violence Assault at 0613 hrs. Oct. 2 Aaron J. Rhodes, 18 of 19 Granite St., Auburn summoned on Lisbon St. by Detective William Tapley for Possession of Marijuana at 2320 hrs. Oct. 3 Alan C. Indermuehle, 59 of 1153 Main St., Lewiston summoned on Webster Rd. by Officer Richard St. Amant for Operating without being duly licensed at 0944 hrs. Oct. 7 Christine Fortin, 59 of 1905 Lisbon St., Lewiston summoned on Lisbon St. by Officer Richard St. Amant for Negotiating a Worthless Instrument at 1300 hrs. Oct. 7 S h a nia M. Cetina, 19 of 146 Rideout Ave., Lewiston summoned on Pinewoods Rd. by K9 Officer Jason St. Pierre for Operating while License Suspended or Revoked at 2130 hrs. Oct. 7 Leanne N. Vaillancourt, 37 of 54 Cotton Rd., Lisbon summoned on Cotton Rd. by Officer Richard St. Amant for Assault at 1450 hrs.


Oct. 14 Mary E. Draper, 68 of 1225 Main St., Bowdoin summoned on Main St. by Animal Control Officer Jeffrey Cooper for Allowing Dog to be at Large at 1300 hrs. Oct. 19 John Legrow, 27 of 6 Union St., Lisbon Falls arrested at his residence by Officer Shawn Kelly for an Arrest Warrant issued by Sagadahoc County Sheriff’s Office for Failure to Pay Fines and Fees at 2140 hrs. Oct. 20 James S. Estabrook, 49 of PO Box 213, Litchfield summoned on Ridge Rd. by Officer Glenn Darby for Failure to Register Vehicle at 1639 hrs. Oct. 22 Jason R. Berube, 35 of 14 Acadia St., Lewiston arrested on Lisbon St. by Officer Richard St. Amant for an Arrest Warrant issued by the 8th District Court for Failure to Appear at 0730 hrs. Oct. 22 Daniel P. Witham, 33 of 64 Elm St., Auburn arrested on Gartley

St. by Officer Richard St. Amant for Criminal Trespass at 0935 hrs. Oct. 22 Erik M. Chapman, 19 of 24 Town & Country Dr., Lisbon summoned on Lisbon St. by Sergeant Ryan McGee for Operating while License Suspended or Revoked at 1701 hrs. Oct. 23 Michel Steckino, 21 of 65 Pine Ridge Rd., Sabattus arrested on King Rd. by Detective William Tapley for Theft by Receiving Stolen Property at 2030 hrs. Oct. 24 Joseph M. Couture, 32 of 345 Scribner Blvd., Lewiston arrested on Lisbon St. by Sergeant Ryan McGee for an Arrest Warrant issued by the Cumberland County District Court for Failure to Appear for Theft charges at 1740 hrs. Oct. 24 Natasha L. Harmon, 26 of 13 Charity St., Lisbon arrested on Frosthill Ave. by Sergeant Ryan McGee for an Arrest Warrant issued by Kennebec County District Court for Unpaid Fines and Fees for an Operating after Suspension charge at 1927 hrs. n

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Oct. 9 John P. Katula, 40 of 233 Ridge Rd., Litchfield summoned on Ridge Rd. by Officer Glenn Darby for Theft by Unauthorized Taking or Transfer at 0930 hrs.


Locations in Bridgton 647-3611 and Brunswick 373-1987

Welcome Angela Roy, R.D.H We are thrilled to announce a new addition to the team. Angela Roy, R.D.H brings with her many years of experience. Adding an additional hygienist is part of our goal to provide more options for our patients, who may have work, family and school oligations to try and schedule their dental appointments around.

SCHEDULE BY CALLING 782-5308 • 471 Sabattus Street, Lewiston

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November 2015

On the Road in Lisbon Falls

The Greater Lisbon Ledger

Page 7

Thanksgiving Dinner Thanksgiving Dinner will be held at the Litchfield Sportsmen’s Club, on Thanksgiving Day, November 26th. Doors open at 11:30am, meal is at 1pm. There is no charge for dinner, however attendees are asked to bring a side dish or dessert, if possible. Turkey, potatoes, gravy and beverages are provided. The remainder of the

meal is made up of side dishes and desserts provided by the attendees. 2015 marks the 6th year that Thanksgiving Dinner has been served at the LSC. Singles, people without family locally, and entire families who don’t have enough room in their home have attended in the past. Everyone is welcomed to dinner and every year new

friendships are made. You do not need to RSVP and there is no sign up for food. Just show up with your favorite Thanksgiving dish/dessert with you. If we wind up with 42 green bean casseroles then we’ll laugh and eat them. No one goes hungry and we all have a great time. Following dinner will

be a music jam – so musicians bring your voices and instruments. For those of you who don’t sing, just sit back and enjoy the music and have another piece of pie. The Litchfield Sportsmen’s Club is located on the Hallowell Road in Litchfield. Handicapped accessible and plenty of free parking. n

The Ladies of Lisbon Family Dental Care in Lisbon check out the latest issue of the Greater Lisbon Ledger. Stop by and see them at 568 Lisbon Road in Lisbon Falls.

Local Aircrewman Recognized

Mark Morrow, Sales Manager at Crafts Cars in Lisbon Falls, takes a break in front of one of the many vehicles in stock at the dealership. Check out their selection of quality used vehicles at 711 Lisbon Street.

Naval Aircrewman 3rd Class Morgan Reeves, from Lisbon, receives a certificate of achievement from Capt. Keith Henry, commanding officer Naval Air Facility Misawa, for scoring an outstanding on the physical readiness test (PRT). The PRT is administered twice a year to maintain certain physical fitness standards in the U.S. Navy, and those who excel on the test are formally recognized. Submitted by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Samuel Weldin.

The Greater Lisbon Ledger

Page 8

Raider Pride

Trunk or Treat

November 2015

The Oak Hill Raider field hockey team gets pumped up before a recent game this fall. At press time the lady Raiders just won the first round in their bid to states. Photo by David Maher.

Michael Harper from Sabattus dressed as “Jason” guards the candy at the Annual Trunk or Treat held at the Carrie Ricker School in Litchfield.

Twins Brenna and Garrett Ashton stand in front of the Monster SUV at the Annual Trunk or Treat held at the Carrie Ricker School in Litchfield.


The Oak Hill Raider girls soccer team also has a pre-game ritual to prepare for their games. At press time they were preparing for their first playoff game in recent years. Photo by David Maher.

It takes two


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November 2015

The Greater Lisbon Ledger

Daniel A Curran, Sabattus L/CPL Marine Rifleman - Vietnam War To our Dad/Pepere, you have seen so much in your life as a veteran and we are thankful for all those every day things you teach us and the time we spend with you. Love, all your family.

Robert Slattery - Sweden, ME

Timothy J. Fogg

Served in the United States Army from 1983 - 1987 guarding the border between east and west Germany. I am proud of him and the sacrifices he made to protect our country!

CW02 USMC 1993-2013 Thank You for Your Service. Semper Fi

Page 9

Randy smith SGT MAJOR Randy and I served together - 69th Signal Corps - 30 years plus served.

Bobby Richard Sr.

SGT Robert Locklin

Edward L. Roy

Leo R. Asselin

Louis Bourgoin

United States Navy

Army Ranger

Cpl. U.S. Army - Korea


SP-4 Specialist 4th Class


“Now go cut some wood.”

12th Calvary Vietnam 1967-1968

Our family “Hero” - A friend to all he meets.

Died In Vietnam June 2, 1969 - 19 yrs. old

RIP Dad B. Thanks you for your service - Love your family

Thank you for your service! We love you! Your family

Robert (Bob) Bartlett

Robert C. French

Robert H. White

Alfred E. Cavanagh

Scott Rodrique

Donald S. Williams

Spe. 1st Class - Army (WWII)


Sgt. U.S. Marines

Corporal in the Army Air Corp



Thank you Lord for Daddy coming home safely.

Thank you for serving Daddy. Love Vickie and Family

Ernest C. True

So proud of you. Love and miss you dad.

Sweetest man I know. Love your wife Kathy French

Killed in Action - Chey-Lie Vietnam, December 1965

We honor you for your service and the fine gentleman that you are.

Joey C. Billings Sr.

Lloyd Billings

Keith J. Daniels

Colin Plummer Hurd

Robert W. Wentworth Sr.

Gary Curtis

Army Specialist

Army Specialist

PFC Army

1st Lieutenant

1st Seargent

Seaman 1st Class

My brother served this country and gave the ultimate sacrifice in Vietnam on May 9,1970. I love and miss him so much! Some day we will meet again.Sis

Thank you for your 20 years of service Dad.

Graduated from Waterville High School, died in Vietnam in 1967.

Thank you for your service. We are so proud of you!

Your service to your country will not be forgotten. Love and miss you.

“Thank you son, for all you have done for your country.” Love Mom

Daniel Joseph Paradis

Richard W. Rioux

John E. Boynton

Nick Nason

Debra C. Couture

Gregory Couture

82nd Airborne

PFC Army

Specialist #4

United States Marine Corps

Capt. USN 1987-2012

LT, USN 1971-1993

I Love Dan very much and I am very proud of him.

Thank you for your service. Love your wife.

Thank you for your service

Thank you for your service

Thanks for your years of service to our country! It is very much appreciated

Thank you for your strength and dedication to this counrty, Love you.

November 2015

The Greater Lisbon Ledger

Page 10

Local Business Donates to Animal Shelter

DAR Member Recognized for 40 Years Service

Thanks to the Staff at the Maine Department of Probation and Parole in Lewiston, on September 20th the Greater Androscoggin Humane Society was presented with a donation of pet food, treats, cleaning and office supplies after taking part in the Shelter’s Annual Dash for Dogs 5K and Strutt your Mutt Dog Walk. The donation is a result of a donation drive held by the employees in the Department. The Greater Androscoggin Humane Society provides a safe haven for over 4,500 sick, homeless and abused animals in the greater Androscoggin area per year. The primary support for the Shelter comes from fundraising events and donations of concerned citizens. The Society is located at 55 Strawberry Avenue in Lewiston. If you are interested in learning more about volunteering at the shelter or adopting an animal call 783-2311 or visit the website at You can also join them on www.facebook/GAHumane.

Jayne Bickford of Lisbon Falls was recently presented with a certificate for forty years of service to the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution. She was Regent of the Burnt Meadow Chapter of DAR for two terms, 1988-1992 and 19982004. Violet Gerber, Regent of the Mary Dillingham-Burnt Meadow Chapter of DAR, presented her with the certificate. The accompanying photo, taken by Corley Byras, shows Jayne Bickford on the left and Violet Gerber on the right.

Denny Breau to Perform at November La Rencontre

Sabattus Running Club Group Runs Open

Denny Breau will provide the musical program for this month’s La Rencontre at L/A’s Franco Center, 46 Cedar Street in Lewiston. La Rencontre (the gathering) is scheduled for Thursday, November 12, starting at 11:30

a.m. The cost of the meal and both programs is $8 per person. Season Passes for all of 2016 are available. The perevent price will go up to $10 in January. Guests can buy 12 La Rencontre events for just $100) The doors open at 10 a.m. Guests may contact the Center office for reservations at 783.1585; leave a message or call during office hours, Monday thru Friday from 12 noon to 4 p.m. E-mail reservations may be sent to La Rencontre is in no way restricted to French-speakers or even those of Franco descent. All are welcome

Basement, Apartment, Attic, Garage

to attend this fun monthly meal and event, as long as spots remain open. The meal will be oven roasted turkey, mashed potato with gravy, stuffing, squash, peas, and pumpkin pie for dessert! As part of the “Healthy Gathering” series, Dr. Asia Mubashir from St. Mary’s Center for Rheumatology will be present to talk briefly about arthritis and other rheumatic diseases. There will be a question and answer session after her talk. The musical entertainment and door prizes will follow. The magnificent Franco Center is handicap accessible and is located on the corner of Cedar and Oxford Streets in the “Little Canada” section of Lewiston, just across the bridge from New Auburn. n

The Sabattus Rec Club Running Program will continue to hold its free, open Group Runs on Wednesday nights throughout the year. These are social, supportive runs that encourage runners, joggers, and walkers of all ages and abilities to get out and exercise. The group meets in the Mixer’s parking lot at the Sabattus Mini Mall and the runs begin at 6 p.m. each week, barring severe or inclement weather. Participants are free to choose their own routes, distance, and pace, but most are done within 30-45 minutes. A few minutes of stretch-

Improvised Landscapes by Robin Brooks

CLEANOUTS Serving all of Southern and Central Maine

Locally Owned & Operated Fully insured


ing and socializing usually follow. There is no cost or official membership required. Anyone wishing to join in is welcome, but should dress accordingly in the fall and winter months -- reflective gear, lights, and layers

are all suggested. For more info, please check out the Sabattus Rec Club Running Program Facebook page, email, or go to and click on the running tab. n


Great Falls


24 Hour Central Station Monitoring Service Free Estimates

Burglar • Fire • Temperature • Medical Closed Circuit TV • Access Control System 783-7110 • 1-800-540-7110 •

I Can Help!

Over 20 years experience treating soft tissue injury and pain

Excellent References



Over 35,000 treatments! “Specializing in Pain Relief”



263 Water St. Gardiner 512-4679

• Marine • Hardware • Electrical • Lawn & Garden • Fasteners • Plumbing • Automotive • Paint

483 Richmond Road, Litcheld • 268-9181

637 Minot Avenue Auburn

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Licensed Massage Therapist

778-4990 236 Broadway Farmington


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1-800-734-6880 •

November 2015

The Greater Lisbon Ledger

Post to Honor WWII Veterans

Aspired Amputees Support Group

Page 11

Monthly meetings, 2nd Weds of month. Winthrop Town Office, 17 Highland Ave., Winthrop, Me. FMI call Ann @377 5787 or Beth @458 2729. n

Beaver Park Christmas Wreath Workshops

We are continuing the Beaver Park tradition of wreath making. Boughs will be cut from the park for you to make your own wreath to decorate your home. Decorating supplies such as, bows, pine cones, etc, will be available as well. Cost for the class is $15, class size is limited, so

sign up early! Verla will hold four workshops; November 20 & 23, 6-9pm and December 1 & 4 6-9pm. Classes are held in the lodge at Beaver Park, 37 Cotton Rd., Lisbon. For more information please call Lisbon Parks & Recreation at 353-2289.. n


Celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the end of WWII, William R. Bold American Legion Post #181, Litchfield will honor area WWII Veterans at 1000 on November 11th, 2015 at Post #181, 235 Plains Road, Litchfield, ME. WWII veterans picturedl left to right, are Malcolm Harvey, Nunzio Biondello and Bill Quackenbush.

Send us your favorite winter recipes so we can share them with all our readers!

Holy Trinity Christmas Craft Fair Holy Trinity Parish at 67 Frost Hill Avenue in Lisbon Falls will hold its annual Christmas Craft Fair on Saturday, November 21st, 2015 from 9 am to 3 pm. Area crafters will provide their merchandise and the Parish will provide unique craft items from parishioners, a bake and Solvak food sale, various raffles of merchandise donated by local merchants, red berries,


Mail to: Reader Recipes PO Box 214, Turner, ME 04282-0214

A Product of

a 50/50 and the Church raffle is $300 and rocker recliner chair donated by Superfurniture Store. The kitchen will offer breakfast sandwiches, hotdogs, American chopsuey, beans and hotdogs, lobster rolls and apple crisp with ice cream. Admission is free. Committee members pictured are Katie Carville and Jane Rivard. n

Scam Alert Bulletin Board

If you’re the type of person who likes to plan ahead then you’ll already be looking into travel plans for the upcoming holiday season. For anyone who will need to book a hotel for their trip be on the lookout for fraudulent online travel sites. This scam works by sending you to a website that looks like a legitimate hotel with significantly low rates. They will ask for your credit card number to reserve the room, however no room actual-

Outdoor Unit

ly exists. Tip: call the hotel directly and verify room rates and booking policies. Be a fraud fighter! If you can spot a scam, you can stop a scam. Contact local law enforcement or the AARP Fraud Watch Network org/fraudwatchnetwork or 1-877-9083360 to report a scam or for more information on scam and fraud prevention. Social Media Post Link: p2ZEti-lsG. 

Indoor Wall Unit


Turner Publishing invites our readers children to send in their “Letters to Santa” to be published in their local Turner Publishing paper. All letters will be published for all our readers to enjoy. There is no charge for having the letters published and they will be run exactly as they are submitted, misspellings and all. “Letters to Santa” is a great keepsake for parents, grandparents and the children themselves. Mail your letters to: “Letters to Santa” PO Box 214, Turner, ME 04282. Letters will not be returned but may be picked up at the Turner Publishing office in Turner. All entries must be received by November 23, 2015.

So get your children to write a letter to Santa (which will be forwarded to the North Pole...) to share with all your friends and family.

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November 2015

The Greater Lisbon Ledger

Chapter Meeting

Merrymeeting NARFE Chapter 1796 Meeting, 11:15 a.m. at Fairground Café, Topsham Fair Mall. Speaker will be Stuart

Reynolds, who will talk about ‘Living Off the Grid.’ All retired and active federal employees are invited. Lunch and business

meeting follow. Call 3539649 for reservation or email n

Lisbon Junior Athletic League Annual Meeting The annual meeting of the Lisbon Junior Athletic League is scheduled for Nov 15 at 8:30 AM at the MTM. Open

Board positions are available. If interested please attend. additional information is available by calling 353-6749 n

Christmas Fair Annual Litchfield Plains Baptist Church Christmas Fair. Saturday, November 28, 2015 from 9:00am to 2:00pm. Featuring handcrafted

items, homemade preserves and baked good. Serving muffins, coffee cake and coffee for early shoppers and home cooked soup, chowder and sandwiches for the lunch time crowd. n

Lisbon United Methodist Church Christmas Fair

Lisbon United Methodist Church will hold its annual Christmas Fair on Sat., Nov. 14th from 9:00a.m. 2:00 p.m. Exciting changes have been made! New this year – A Silent Auction! Check out (and bid on) the awesome gifts donated by local businesses and professional teams such as the Portland Red Claws. Save money with a visit to the Christmas Treasure room filled with gently used Christmas decorations. It will be hard to resist the Bake Shop filled with baked goods: pies, cookies, breads and other delicious homemade goodies. Candyland will feature an assortment of homemade fudge-by-the-pound. Discover the many creative gift items that will be available for the gift-giving season. Santa’s Workshop will offer many new crafts, handmade goods and decorations for inside and outside the home. Decorate

your home for Thanksgiving and/or Christmas with holiday greens, wreaths and centerpieces. Take some time for lunch - from 11:00AM – 1:00PM, the LUMC kitchen will be serving its tasty beef stew and bread, plus gingerbread topped with whipped cream for dessert. Don’t like beef stew? New option: Hot dogs! Too tired to cook after shopping? Take home an order of the Maine “Saturday Special”: Baked beans and bread rolls! The church supports the U.S. Marines-sponsored “Toys for Tots” program as one of its missions. If you would like to participate, bring a new, unwrapped gift of your choice and deposit it in the “Toys for Tots” bin. Lisbon UMC is located at 14 School St. in Lisbon Falls, next to the MTM Center. n

Mary Dillingham-Burnt Meadow DAR Meeting

The Mary DillinghamBurnt Meadow Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution will meet at 11:00 a.m. Satur-

day November 14 at the Sabattus American Legion, 40 Island Road, Sabattus, Maine. The speaker will be Willie Danforth. Bring

a bag lunch. Prospective members are welcome to attend. n

Church News North Pownal United Methodist Church Worship Service is Sunday at 9am led by Pastor Ray St. Pierre. Sunday School for children and adults begins at 10:30am. Pastor St. Pierre's hours are Wednesday from 8 am to noon and by appointment only in the afternoon. Thursday's by appointment only. The church phone number is (207) 688-4938.

Durham Craft Fair

Please come and support the 5th annual Durham Community School PTA craft fair, held on November 14th from 9am to 2pm in the Durham Community School gymnasium. There will be over 35 local crafters and homemade soups and baked goods. For more information please contact Laurel Gervais at or call 522-1919. n

The church's website is www.northpownalumc. org for more information. The website also contains Pastor St. Pierre's email link. Weekly Sermon's are on the website. Food Pantry hours are Wednesday 9:30am to 11:30am (please note our new extended hours).

Also announced are the following one time events in November: Sunday November 15, New Wine in Worship 9:00am. Sunday November 22, Vicki O'Brian in Worship 9:00am. n


Saving Yesterday for Tomorrow

The November meeting of the Pejepscot Genealogical Society (PGS) will be held in the Morrell Meeting Room of the Curtis Memorial Library, Brunswick, Maine on Sunday, November 8, 2015 at 2 pm. Our guest speaker will be Peggy O’Kane, Digital & Special Collections Coordinator of the Maine State Library and she will be presenting “Digital Maine: Saving Yesterday for Tomorrow”. Many of us are blessed with an abundant documentary history. Identifying ways and means to share it with the world, while also preserving it, can be a challenge. Digital Maine is one opportunity to address these challenges. Peggy O’Kane has been

a professional librarian for 35 years. Although she is from away, she plunged into Maine living with both feet by moving from San Francisco to Houlton in October 1993. Peggy has been with the State Library since 2008. She is responsible for social media, collections, and research services. Join us on November 8, as we learn more about how to preserve and share our family histories! Everyone is invited to join to the group beginning with a brief social period before and after the speaker. A business meeting will follow. For more information contact John Webster, PGS President at (207) 8335430. n

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224 Lisbon Road, Lisbon Locally Owned & Operated


Join Our Team!

Turner Publishing, Inc. is searching for a Billing and Collections Coordinator The successful candidate will be an expert in Quick �ooks, pro�icient in Excel and have a working knowledge of of�ice e�uipment. �ome job duties will include:

•Accounts payable •Accounts receivable •Monthly billing process •Collections •Oversee payroll process

We are looking for someone with the ability to multi-task effectively, who is comfortable in a small of�ice atmosphere. Interested candidates may email a resume to Jodi Cornelio at or call 225-2076. EOE


Quality Collision Repair Since 1963 Used Cars • Towing Service


140 Main St., Lisbon Falls, Maine

November 2015


The Greater Lisbon Ledger


Page 13


Plan and grow your business with monthly Tips on various subjects such as Taxes, Human Resources, and Marketing.

Religious Accomodation in the Workplace Submitted by Rebecca Webber The key to avoiding conflicts in this area, and preventing litigation, is discussing the requested accommodation with the employee making the request and trying to sort out possible solutions as well as understanding what the actual conflict is. Not only are employees less likely to turn to litigation as a solution if they feel heard, but the law in the area of religious accommodation requests is much like the law when facing a request for an accommodation for a disability. Investigators at the Commission and judges in the courts will be looking first to see if the employer sat down and discussed the request, the basis for it, and how it might be handled. Unlike accommodation requests in the disability area, requests for accommodation in the area of religion may be rejected if there is “more than de minimis cost.” That is, if the cost is much more than minimal, the employer probably does not have to provide the requested accommodation. The question is whether the

accommodation would impose an “undue hardship” and more than minimal cost falls into that category. Knowing where that limit lies, however, is pretty tricky and there is no clear guidance, meaning that the conservative approach to avoiding litigation is to try to work something out if possible and to have plenty of conversation about it (documenting each effort to come up with a solution). Keeping that overarching approach in mind, below are some examples to illustrate how to handle issues in this area: A supervisor comes to upper management and says that some of the employees are fasting for a holiday and they are concerned that the employees may become weak or dizzy, thereby creating a safety issue. How do you respond? If the supervisor actually observes a physical problem or slow down in production it is ok to step in and address the work place behavior. Making assumptions about fasting or prohibiting it is problematic, however. These concerns often arise because

a supervisor knows that an employee practices a certain religion that can include fasting (as several religions do) and the supervisor’s concern is generated by knowing what religious views the employee has. In contrast, that same supervisor isn’t usually going to every employee and asking each if they had a good breakfast, are on a fad diet, or engaging in some other diet that could also make an employee weak or dizzy. The bottom line is to avoid assumptions based on knowledge of an employee’s religion and focus on work conduct and performance. This article is not legal advice but should be considered as general guidance in the area of employment and corporate law. Rebecca Webber is an employment attorney. You can contact us at 784-3200 (telephone). Skelton, Taintor & Abbott is a full service law firm providing legal services to individuals, companies, and municipalities throughout Maine. It has been in operation since its founding in 1853.


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It might sound odd, but money is not the root of great motivation. We all share a desire to get better and better at something that matters. Whether you're a great artist, athlete, software developer, or sales professional, you need room to grow. The best way to tap into intrinsic motivation, according to author Daniel Pink, is to take the issue of money off the table and put the focus on the work itself: "The more prominent salary, perks, and benefits are in someone's work life, the more they can inhibit creativity and unravel performance." - Courtesy of Personal Selling Power,

Year-End Business Tax Planning

As usual, the Section 179 “expensing” deduction is set for a drastic reduction. And, as usual, business owners probably can make year-end plans for equipment purchases with the expectation that a higher deduction amount for 2015 will be enacted. Typically, purchases of business equipment are depreciated over several years, so the amount you spend can be deducted gradually from business income. However, the tax code allows some purchases to be deducted in full right away. Example: Brett Benson spends $20,000 on equipment for his manufacturing company this year. Brett can expense (deduct) that $20,000 to get an immediate tax benefit, rather than spread the tax savings over several years. Generally, an immediate tax savings is more valuable than a future tax savings. By the numbers For the expensing deduction, two numbers are critical. One is the maximum amount you’re allowed to deduct. The other is the phaseout amount: the

amount of equipment you can purchase before losing the expensing benefit. The phaseout provision essentially restricts this tax break to small and mid-sized companies because giant firms buy so much equipment that they lose the ability to expense any equipment outlays. The tax code currently calls for the expensing deduction to be capped at $25,000, with a dollar-for-dollar phaseout beginning at $200,000. Thus, if your company buys $210,000 worth of equipment, the excess $10,000 reduces the expensing limit from $25,000 to $15,000. In truth, those $25,000 and $200,000 numbers are not realistic today. Congress has repeatedly passed tax laws with higher limits: In recent years, expensing up to $500,000 worth of equipment has been permitted, with a phaseout starting at $2 million of annual purchases. All signs point to a repeat performance for 2015. Both Houses of Congress already have indicated willingness to extend some expired tax breaks, in-

cluding the $500,000 and $2 million limits for expensing business purchases. Therefore, you should go ahead with purchases of equipment that truly will help your company become more productive, even if this year’s total tops $25,000. New and used equipment will qualify. Make sure to have equipment placed in service by year end, in order to get a deduction for 2015. Similarly, the “bonus depreciation” tax break has expired but likely will be restored for 2015, judging by Congressional activity. Under this provision, which applies only to new equipment, purchasers can take a 50% first year depreciation deduction, followed by depreciating the balance of the purchase price over several years. Both expensing and bonus depreciation tax breaks reduce the cost of capital and increase cash flow for small companies, so you should consider their impact when planning equipment purchases. - Courtesy of Austin Associates, PA, CPAs

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The Greater Lisbon Ledger

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November 2015

Barcelona: A Banquet for the Senses

Miro mosaic – Las Ramblas. Courtesy of Dreamstime. com/Juan Moyano. By Victor Block enclosed by Roman walls. The maze of twisted Here and there are remindstreets is hemmed in by ers of that time. medieval Gothic buildings Barcelona also has a along with hints of the Ro- collection of world-class man Empire that once held museums, including those sway there. Nearby, a vir- dedicated to two of the tual outdoor museum of greatest artists of all time. fanciful, multi-hued struc- Pablo Picasso began to tures rewards the imagi- acquire his skills when he nation of passers-by. The moved there as a youngster only color of interest to with his family. The Picasother visitors to the city is so Museum displays his the tone of tan they hope to paintings, drawings, etchget from the sun. ings and engravings. If any place offers a Joan Miro was born in banquet for the senses, it Barcelona, and the muis Barcelona, Spain. Its seum devoted to him holds location overlooking the the largest public collecMediterranean Sea, beguil- tion of his art. Even people ing mixture of ancient and who don’t stop by there are modern architecture and introduced to a work by colorful street life would Miro, although they may satisfy the claims to fame not know it. A brightly colof most urban centers. In ored abstract mosaic by the Barcelona, they’re just for artist that is set in the pavestarters. ment of the popular street How many municipali- called Las Ramblas goes ties can boast of beaches unnoticed by many people within city limits? Barce- strolling down that avenue. lona has a 2.5-mile stretch Actually, “the Rambles” of inviting sand along the consists of five streets laid Mediterranean. Each sec- end-to-end. More market tion has a different char- than motor vehicle thoracter. Some attract the vol- oughfare, it’s lined with leyball and bikini crowd; cafes, flower stalls, bird others appeal to a more shops and vendors selling sedate clientele. a variety of other goods. The city’s Gothic neighLocated just off Las borhood is one of several Ramblas is a building – intriguing areas that beck- one among many – that on visitors, and that have was designed by the remained largely as they world-renowned architect were centuries ago. Dur- whose work is the primary ing the fourth century AD, attraction that draws many when present-day Barcelo- visitors to Barcelona. The na was part of the Roman Palau Guell, an elaborate Empire, this quarter was house constructed for a

Gothic neighborhood. Photo courtesy of Dreamstime. com/Pere Sanz. wealthy industrialist in the have continued to follow late 19th century, was de- his dramatic vision. signed by Antoni Gaudi, A very different archiwhose fanciful creations tectural treasure welcomes explored the interplay be- visitors to El Poble Espatween architecture and nyo (the Spanish Village), nature. They’re distinctive an open-air museum that for swirling turrets, undu- offers an introduction to lating roof lines and other the country’s cultures and imaginative shapes in a architectural heritage. whimsical variety of bright Strolling along windcolors. ing streets and squares Examples of Gaudi’s occupied by outdoor caplayful imagination also fes provides immersion come alive at the Casa in the atmosphere of a Batllo. That building’s Spanish town – but one wavy stone and glass fa- which brings together 117 çade is decorated with outstanding architectural fragments of colored glass. gems from throughout the The arched roof, irregular country. They range from oval windows and sculpted a copy of an entrance gate stone adornments suggest into an 11th century town that Gaudi’s goal was to to a 15th century house in avoid straight lines com- La Mancha that is adorned pletely. Skeletal-shaped by balconies from which columns have prompted residents once watched locals to nickname the bull fights. building casa dels ossos Adding to the realistic (house of bones). setting are restaurants and Among Gaudi-designed cafes that offer fare rangmonuments sprinkled ing from traditional tapas throughout the city like jewels, one stands above all others in its inspiration and magnitude. If ever there was a work in progress, it is the Sagrada Familia (Holy Family) Cathedral, his most celebrated masterpiece whose construction began in 1882. The goal now is to have it completed by 2026, the 100th anniversary of Gaudi’s death. Construction of the massive cathedral has progressed under direction of several architects, who

THANK YOU for 10 Years Greater Lisbon Falls Area! Customer Appreciation Day November 7th, 2015 - 11:00-4:00pm 583 Lisbon St., Lisbon Falls


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Sagrada Familia. Courtesy of

dishes to diet-busting multi-course meals. After feasting on the architectural and other riches of Barcelona, what better way to end a day than to chow down on cuisine representative of the area of Spain where it is located, as well as that of the entire country. If you go: For more information about a visit to

Barcelona, log onto Victor Block is an awardwinning travel journalist who lives in Washington, D.C., and spends summers in Rangeley, Maine. He is a guidebook author who has traveled to more than 70 countries. His articles appear in newspapers around the country, and on travel websites. n

Add a taste of authentic Maine humor to your next banquet, luncheon, conference, convention or company get together. Contact humorist and best-selling Maine author John McDonald




y h p a r g o t o h P

November 2015

The Greater Lisbon Ledger

Page 15

Chicken Soup on an Autumn Night Out Jodi Cornelio

Live Long, Live Well Jodi R. Cornelio, AS, BA, MBA Nutritionist, Personal Trainer and Motivational Speaker

I recently attended the Androscoggin Home Health and Hospice Autumn Night Out Gala. I was seated at a table with a group of friends, some I knew and some I just

met that night. I was impressed by the conversation around healthy eating choices as we discussed ways to make homemade chicken soup, thus so appropriate on a cool autumn night. The thing that tickled me the most is that we all used organic chicken and vegetables. All locally grown garden fresh vegetables and organically raised chicken. It is nice to see that more and more people are planting gardens and enjoying the canning season. Yes it is time consuming growing

a garden but the rewards are plentiful. One of the best Christmas gifts I get is from my friend’s mom who lets me fill up a box of can goods from her cellar. We have a name for every vegetable and it all starts with “Mammy,” Mammy Beans, Mammy pickles, Mammy carrots and so on…. When I make my chicken soups it has TLC from Mammy all year round. Hopefully if you’re not a gardener you have a local source to get vegetables to take you through the winter that have not been

tainted with pesticides. The food that we eat can be tricky if you are trying to stay healthy. Sometimes it is hard to know what has been chemically treated and what kind of pesticides are being used in our foods. And what is GMO? GMO is genetically modified organism. From Wikipedia, GMO is: a genetically modified organism, also known as a transgenic organism, is any organism whose genetic material has been altered using genetic engineering techniques (i.e. genetically engineered

organism). en.wikipedia. org. So how do we know which foods have GMO? We don’t really unless they are labeled as such. In grocery stores and in health food stores many packaged items may say no GMO so there is help out there. Really, to be on the safe side buying meats and vegetables from local farmers is a good option as you can always ask them if they use pesticides or any GMO’s. Many farmers have grass fed beef that they market and also raise or-

ganic chicken and pork. Deer and moose season is upon us, so if you are from a hunting family, you can’t get any more organic then that if you are lucky enough to land your prey. And if you are vegetarian, vegetable soups with brown rice and beans is a good alternative to chicken soup and provides a good source of protein and nutrients. It’s heartwarming the things you learn on an autumn night out! Love Long, Live Well. n

SeniorsPlus Elects New Board Members

SeniorsPlus, the designated Western Maine agency on aging, has appointed four new board members: R.J. Gagnon, Dennis B. Gray, Annette Nadeau, and Patricia Vampatella. The announcement was made at

the organization’s annual meeting in Lewiston on Monday, September 28. A resident of Lewiston, Gagnon is the Finance Director for the Pine Tree Society. Gray recently retired as the Executive Director of the United

With all of these options and more, we’re bound to have the best program to suit your needs. Please call me to help with your nancing goals.

Way of Oxford County and is a resident of Norway. The owner and CFO of Bedard, Nadeau returns to the board after a hiatus and is a resident of Sabattus. Also returning to the board is New Gloucester resident Vam-

patella, who holds a PhD and has worked in nursing and higher-education administration. Established in 1972, SeniorsPlus is the Western Maine designated Agency on Aging covering Franklin, Oxford

and Androscoggin counties. The overall program goal of SeniorsPlus, which is headquartered in Lewiston, is to assist older adults and adults with disabilities in Franklin, Oxford and Androscoggin counties to remain safely

at home for as long as possible. The mission of SeniorsPlus is to enrich the lives of seniors and adults with disabilities. SeniorsPlus believes in supporting the independence, dignity and quality of life of those we serve. n

• Conventional, FHA, VA, USDA RD & State Housing Loans • Owner Occupied, Second Homes & Investment Properties • Fixed & Adjustable Rate Mortgages • Conforming & Jumbo Loan Amounts • 1-4 Family Units Debbie Bodwell, NMLS#280336

Vice President 181 Center Street Auburn, ME 04210 Ofce: 207-777-1551 / Fax: 207-777-1933 Email: /DebbieBodwell NMLS ID # 1760, ME Supervised Lender License No. SLM2537; Equal Housing Opportunity

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November 2015

The Greater Lisbon Ledger

Page 16

BRUNSWICK .com Maine’s Preferred Ford Dealership!



1,000 UNDER INVOICE Own a NEW vehicle for less than paying for used!


* 36 month Lease. All payments are with $2000 cash or trade allowance due at signing plus first payment. **Plus sales tax. Must qualify for applicable rebates.























5500 **





***$3,000 down or trade equity.











4900 **






















10,925 **









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The Greater Lisbon Ledger November 2015  
The Greater Lisbon Ledger November 2015