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The Challenge To successfully launch RestStop, a new way to refresh yourself, by: 1.

Directly appealing to advertisers by offering them RestStop’s captured audience


Creatively increasing our target audiences’ awareness and interest of RestStop’s facilities


Obtaining innovative insights from our target that help us determine what layout, products, and theme would be the most effective and sought out


Encouraging usage of RestStop’s facilites, by having our target see RestStop as their preferred comfort station

Situation Analysis Strengths: • Innovative idea • Providing full-service • Locations with high population density • Diverse forms of advertising • Capitalizing on a captured audience for advertising metrics

Opportunities: • Niche market – few competition from full-service providers • High market need • High exposure due to high traffic area • Large potential partner pool

Weaknesses: • Expensive rent and high cost for technology setup • Lacks investor support • Need to gain advertisers • Potential consumer loss due to the entrance fee • Limited customer capacity

Threats: • Direct competition from public and private bathrooms • Indirect competition from public and private advertising space • Possible negative attitude of consumers toward dense advertising environment

Target Market • Young adult tourists, ages 18-35. What takes to you other cities? (check your top two reasons)


100.0% 90.0% 80.0% 70.0% 60.0% 50.0% 40.0% 30.0% 20.0% 10.0% 0.0%

Segmentation of Markets • Segments – Affluent Socialites – Aspiring Professionals – Stable Professional Contemporaries – University Scholastics • Common Characteristics – Young adults, 18-35 – More affluent then the average population, with varying degrees of discretionary income – Frequent travelers – Culture “buffs” – Raised on technology

Segment Profiles Affluent Socialites •Big-city, affluent “yuppies,” with plenty of discretionary income •Well-educated and highly-cultured •Fashionable, trendy lifestyles •High interest in pop-culture and early adaptors of new technologies •Frequent travelers, domestically and internationally

Segment Profiles Aspiring Professionals • Upper-middle class, collegeeducated, white-collar professionals •Maintain fast-track jobs that allow for a prosperous, leisurely, and comfortable lifestyle •Possess a “work-hard/play-hard” mentality and enjoy city-quality amenities and nightlife •Traveling frequently for business and pleasure

Segment Profiles Stable Professional Contemporaries •Big-city metro singles/couples, who are slightly less affluent •Embarking on a successful career •Live active, on-the-go, comfortable lifestyles •Spend discretionary income on the latest fashion/electronics and on traveling

Segment Profiles University Scholastics •

Single, young adults, who are current college students or recent grads

•Entry-level jobs and often still supplemented by parents • Exuberant consumers living stylish, trendy, footloose lifestyles • Frequently participate/attend recreational activities •High traveling rates, visiting cities in the U.S. and abroad

Potential Locations • New York City –Times Square • stats to follow

• Philadelphia – Center City • most overpopulated cities in US • 29 million tourists a year

• Boston – Faneuil Hall • historic tourist spot • 12 million yearly visitors in Boston

• Portland – Pearl District • young, professional “hotspot” • In dire need for public restrooms

• Las Vegas – The Strip • 37.4 million tourists in 2008 • 31% of visitors to Las Vegas walked while on their trip

Times Square: "Crossroads of the World" Location: Broadway and 7th Avenue, from West 42nd Street to West 47th Street

Annual Tourist Traffic: 37.6 million travelers in 2008 Demographics: 45% is female and 55% is male 50% is 18-35 years old

Daily Traffic: 365,000 pedestrians; 300,000 subway fares; 75,000 bus passengers; stalled traffic; vendors; 39 Broadway theatres letting out; 1,279 people an hour forced to walk in the street

Times Square Large percentages of people are engaging in stationary activities such as socializing, reading maps, taking pictures, and waiting.

A healthy public space usually has at least 60% woman participating in stationary activity.

However Times Square’s lack of amenities and infrastructure for pedestrians make stationary activity uncomfortable.

This breakdown suggests that much of Times Square is not a very comfortable place to spend time.

Source: PPS (Project for Public Spaces)

Times Square - Group Activity Average group size 2.8 people socializing [24%] resting, waiting [21%] looking at info/map [8%] talking on cell phone [8%] window shopping [7%] taking pictures [7%] buying from vendor [5%] waiting for bus [4%] eating [2%] watching performance [2%]

Source: PPS (Project for Public Spaces)

Times Square: What NY tourists desire the most? RestStop’s Answer: Rest Lobby

Toilet and Vending Machine Map/Information Kiosk

Advertising Vending Machine Meeting Space Restroom Attendants Absolutely Vending Machine Source: PPS (Project for Public Spaces)

• Open 24/7 • Multi-purposeful • Related to the city that it is in • Lighting design

Advertising within RestStop • Catered to each unique location • New York City: – Current Broadway plays: Wicked, Jersey Boys – Local restaurants & shops: Becco, Macy’s, Hershey’s – Events & tourist attractions: Walkin’Broadway Tour, Madam Tussauds Wax Museum

• Depending on what time of day it is advertising rotates • In between daily segments: – City news and weather, Music videos, etc.

The Layout • Split into men and women sides with a communal lobby area • Vending machines: – In Men’s and Women’s RR – Lobby

Advertising Space - Bathroom

In restroom area: • Ads turned mirrors above sinks • Inside the stalls: music according to Ads on sink mirrors

Advertising Space – Lobby

LCD interactive screens where patrons can choose what type of event, restaurant, or shop they need info for

Products to be sold P&G Consumer packaged goods: Always, Aussie, Boss, Charmin, Clairol, Cover girl, Crest, Duracell, Gillette, Luvs, Max Factor, Olay, Old Spice, Oral-B, Pampers, Pepto-Bismol, Puffs, Scope, Secret ,Tampax ,Tide To-Go, Vicks, Zest Johnson & Johnson Consumer packaged good and Medicines: Clean & clear, Purpose, Roc, Neutrogena, Aveeno, Lubriderm, Bandaid, Bengay, Caladryl, Purell, Neosporin, Cortaid, Listerine, Rembrandt, Stayfree, Monistat, Carefree, e.p.t, K-Y, O.B., Tylenol, Sudafed, Mylanta, Zyrtec, Motrin, Imodium, Pepcid, Nicorette, Benadryl, Rolaids, Dolormin, Lactaid, Visine, Baby care products Coke-Cola beverages: Coke, Diet Coke, Mr. Pibb, Fanta, Sprite, Dasani, Full Throttle, Powerade, Odwalla Food Items: General Mills: Nature Valley Granola bars and Trail Mix, Gardettos, Foot-by-the-Foot; Nestle, Hershey’s, Lay’s, Kashi, Wrigley, Dentyne, Power Bar, Nabisco, David (Sunflower Seeds), Planters, Kellog's, Nutrigrain Other Toiletries and items: Trojan Condoms, Airborne, Banana Boat Sunscreen, Carmax chap stick, Scuni hair products, Halls cough drops, umbrella, weather gear, Duracell batteries

How Our Target Market Uses Vending Machines • Tech-savvy generation interested in convenience • Diversify products to increase spending • Show the highest levels of usage at approx. 5 times per month • More interested in healthier products: fresh fruit, energy bars and vitamins • 69% aged 18-24 stated they prefer to buy from machines with new or different food • Having several payment options (cash, debit, credit) for added convenience will increase purchases • Mobile payment systems are compelling

Campaign Ideas & Creatives per Target • Affluent Professionals: Big Spenders/Early Adopters – Catch them while on the airplane to these cities: • 30sec spots on the in flight TV • Position as the latest technologicalentertainment to know about

• Aspiring Cosmopolitans: Enjoys city quality amenities – Find then at museums, galleries, and shows • Branded water bottles • City signage

Stable, Professional Contemporaries

Budget travel/Free time online – Subways and Online: • Seats made into toilets: “Need a clean place to sit?” • Incorporate RestStop into Travel blogs & city tourism websites

Collegiate Scholastics Connected with friends/high tech use/latest goings on • Social Networks • City Signage

Media Schedule & Budget • Timing – when RestStop is fully operational, then advertising will roll out at the same time • Budget -

Metrics and Evaluation Average time in restroom > 2 minutes – Based on time and stalls, 8 people will be in restroom every 2 minutes • 240/hr,2880 between 11:00am – 11:00pm • 120/hr,1440 between 11:00pm – 11:00am – X2 because of men and women

30 sec ad every 8 min = 8/hr – 768 impressions every 12 hrs between busier times – 384 impressions every 12 hrs between calmer times

Sell ad space for flat rate of $8,000/weekday, $12,000/weekends

Conclusions & Recommendations • After successful launch of Times Square, NY: – Reassess the strengths and weaknesses of location, products, advertising partners, target market advertising, … – Alter accordingly – Rollout launch phase in the suggested cities

RestStop Final Presentation - Account Planning  

RestStop Final Presentation - Account Planning Fall 2009