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EDITORS Jason Broha, Marie Crespo, Corinne Bergeron, & Terry Kenney

WRITERS & CONTRIBUTORS Jason Apodaca, Corinne Bergeron, Jason Broha, Billy Chandler, Robert Chandler, Marie Crespo, Joshua Cole, Melton Delatte, Lori Garza, Phil M. Gauthreaux, Scott Gautreau, Candace Griffin, Brian Hamilton, Darrell Hawkes, Charles Hornsby, Terry Kenney, Rodney Landry, Warren Landry, Steve Malik, Mary Ellen Montgomery, Raymond Neck, Connie Paxton, James Pino, Paul Plauche, James R. Taylor Jr., Carla Thompson, Gary Truxillo, Nathon Williams




would be the understatement of the (new) year to say we’re excited to have 2020 behind us and ring in 2021. Besides

the obvious reasons, one occasion to be excited for in the year ahead is celebrating Turner Industries’ 60-year anniversary. In the company’s earliest days as Nichols Construction—when Bert had just a dedicated work crew and a few pieces of equipment

to his name—the secret weapon for catapulting the company to become the industry leader it is today was Bert’s innovative vision. By combining an always-expanding portfolio of client-driven solutions with a portfolio of cutting edge, proprietary technology, Bert created an unparalleled business advantage. In this issue, and throughout the year, we pay homage to Bert’s endeavors and the legacy of industrial innovation that Turner employees continue to live by today.



Scott Greci

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2 WINTER 2021






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Sue Turner 1927 - 2020

On December 27, 2020, Suzanne Pauline Wilbert Turner peacefully passed away. Suzanne, or Mrs. Sue as she was widely known, was the devoted wife of Turner Industries’ late founder Bert Turner, a loving mother, grandmother, and great grandmother and the matriarch of the extended Turner Industries family. Mrs. Sue had a lifelong passion for giving back and was an avid supporter of the arts and education. Executive Chairman Roland Toups remarked, “She was brilliant in all aspects... Mrs. Sue brought a sense of decorum, class and smarts everywhere she went.”

4 WINTER 2021


Safety First


“In spite of the many challenges of 2020, Turner Industries employees proved once again they can respond, persevere and overcome regardless of the situation. Congratulations to all Turner Industries employees for posting outstanding safety results across all business sectors in 2020. This level of performance, in very difficult times, has further strengthened our safety foundation and will propel us toward even greater success in 2021.” - Turner Vice President of Safety and Health Mike Phelps

National Safety Excellence Winner Turner Industries is proud to have received the 2019 National Safety Excellence award from Associated Builders & Contractors (ABC). The ABC National Safety Excellence Awards recognize companies that exhibit a continued commitment to jobsite safety and whose safety performance and programs are judged to be exemplary by the ABC National Safety and Health Committee. Awards are based on data submitted via STEP applications, essay questions and video interviews with company presidents/CEOs/ principals about their corporate safety culture. Award categories are based on a company’s total work hours per calendar year and placement within the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS codes).

Contractor Safety Achievement Awards Turner Industries received nineteen 2019 Contractor Safety Achievement Awards from American Fuel and Petrochemical Manufacturers (AFPM). The AFPM Safety Awards recognize AFPM member company sites and their contractors that have attained above-average safety performance in the domestic refining and petrochemical industries.

Congratulations to these Outstanding Jobsites! Turner Industries Group, LLC

• Westlake Chemical Corporation, Longview, TX

• Phillips 66, Belle Chasse, LA

• Dow Louisiana Operations, Plaquemine, LA

• ExxonMobil Chemicals, Baton Rouge, LA

• Marathon Petroleum Corporation, Garyville, LA

• Occidental Chemical Corporation, LaPorte, TX

• Westlake Chemical Corporation, Plaquemine, LA

• Occidental Chemical Corporation, Pasadena, TX

• Formosa Plastics Corporation, Point Comfort, TX

• Occidental Chemical Corporation PVC, Deer Park, TX

• Hunt Refining Company, Sandersville, AL

• Occidental Chemical Corporation VCM, Deer Park, TX

• Westlake Chemical Corporation, Geismar, LA

• Westlake Chemical Corporation, North, Lake Charles, LA

• Westlake Chemical Corporation, Westlake, LA

• Westlake Chemical Corporation, South, Lake Charles, LA • CITGO Petroleum Corporation, Lake Charles, LA

Turner Industrial Maintenance Company, LLC

• Phillips 66, Lake Charles, LA

• Marathon Petroleum Corporation, Catlettsburg, KY WINTER 2021 5

Safety First

Three Years OSHA Recordable Free Convent, Louisiana - Turner employees at OXY have worked three years and 340,000 hours OSHA recordable free.

Two Years and Six Million Hours OSHA Recordable Free Lake Charles, La. – Turner employees at Sasol recently celebrated two years and six million hours OSHA recordable free.

“At one time during this OSHA recordable-free run, that we are still going strong on, we had over 2,000 employees on site—many of whom were working extended hours. This milestone is a testament to the hard work our front-line supervisors and workers in the field put in every day and night. Records and milestones are great, but there’s no accomplishment greater than people going home to their families safe every day,” said Turner Site Manager John H. Watkins.

26 Years and One Million Hours OSHA Recordable Free Orange, Texas – Turner employees at Honeywell Performance Materials and Technologies have worked twenty-six years and over one million hours OSHA recordable free. “This is a landmark milestone for the site and more importantly, the Turner team. I am very proud to be a part of their success,” said Project Manager Alan King.





Safety First

13 Years OSHA Recordable Free Deer Park, Texas – Turner employees at Hexion have worked thirteen years OSHA Recordable Free.

“An accomplishment like this does not come easy. With the daily challenges we face day to day along with working through the current pandemic, it takes commitment from people, strong leadership, and ownership for this goal to be obtained. Thanks to all of our employees for their hard work and commitment to work safely day in and day out for themselves, their co-workers, and their families— we are proud and honored to work with such a fine group of people here at Hexion, Deer Park,” said Turner Safety Manager Brian Hamilton.

Two Years and 1.25 Million Hours OSHA Recordable Free Plaquemine, La. – The Turner maintenance team at Westlake have worked two years and 1.25 million hours OSHA recordable free.

WINTER 2021 7

Safety First Stop Work Authority in Action Texas City,Texas – Pictured is Rope Access Manager Aaron

Urdiales receiving a safety award from BP Maintenance Engineer and Project Manager Brian Robicheaux for exercising his right to stop unsafe work. Aaron and his crew were involved in offloading an exchanger that was sent to BP from another contractor. The Turner crane and rigging group sent out a 75-ton crane based on the weight they were given for the exchanger. When they began to lift the exchanger, they realized on the crane chart that the weight of the exchanger was not the weight they were given since the load reached 75% lifting capacity. The job was stopped, and the exchanger was indeed heavier than what it was stamped to be based on a scale weight reading that was taken. The correct crane was brought out the next day, and the exchanger was successfully offloaded. This was a perfect example of stop work authority. Thanks to Aaron and his crew for doing the right thing.

Five Years OSHA Recordable Free Houston, Texas – Turner employees at Sasol, under the leadership of Site Manager Jesse Hinojosa, recently celebrated five years and 242,517 hours OSHA recordable free.



8 WINTER 2021


Safety First

GCGV EPC - 2 CREW OF THE WEEK The Gulf Coast Growth Ventures (GCGV) is a joint venture between ExxonMobil and SABIC to build a multi-billiondollar plastics manufacturing facility in San Patricio County, Texas. Turner Industries is currently working on the MEG unit and has since the beginning of the project in March of 2019. As part of the on-site safety program, a “Crew of the Week” initiative was put in place and will continue until the completion of the project. The program was created to recognize and show appreciation to crews doing their jobs at an outstanding level of safety. Crews are chosen based on well-written JSAs, submitting “Tell Me” cards (one of Turner’s safety intervention programs that works through employees requesting and authoring peer-to-peer intervention), while completing high-profile jobs with no incidents. The Crew of the Week is announced at each weekly safety meeting. The crew recognized receives preferred parking for the week, a free lunch, photo recognition, and a flag flies in honor of the crew at their print shack.

Congratulations to all these outstanding crews which have been recognized as Crew of the Week! A few examples of recognized crews are located to the right.

For a complete Crew of the Week listing along with additional information, please visit: WINTER 2021 9

Projects & Services


Turner Industries Expands Relationship with Marathon Petroleum On October 5, 2020, Turner Industries was awarded the mechanical maintenance contract at Marathon Petroleum Corporation’s refinery in El Paso, Texas. With the contract signed, the Turner team had less than a month to transition 68 full-time employees for a November 3rd go-live date. “The Marathon El Paso Refinery transition was a success, but not without its challenges, especially with the presence of a severe COVID-19 outbreak in the region,” said Project Manager Gary Truxillo. A Turner transition team was assembled, including representatives from all of Turner’s corporate resources: operations, safety, benefits, information technology, project controls, billing and finance, FASS, QA/QC, procurement, and business development. All team meetings were virtual including the Town Hall meet and greet with the new employees—which was held in both English and Spanish. “The transition was made possible thanks to the great performance of each team member taking ownership of their role and assignment. Given the current pandemic situation, the collaboration between Turner’s Baton Rouge and Houston offices was remarkable,” Gary concluded. “I want to say thank you for all the work that Turner did to make this transition from our previous contractor go very smoothly,” said Marathon Petroleum Maintenance Supervisor Oscar Reyes. “From first meeting the new employees through today, things have been handled efficiently, with no interruption of the work that is performed here daily. I am looking forward to working with Turner for many years to come in a safe and productive manner.” 10 WINTER 2021


Projects & Services

It’s the End of the Workday Do You Know Where Your Tools Are? Maximize Your Tool Management with MobilOps® Tool Tracker Software

What is MobilOps® Tool Tracker Software? Tool Tracker is a turnkey software package that manages facilities’ tool rooms. It tracks and instantly catalogs who checks tools and consumables out and in, by using wireless barcode scanners.

What You’ll Save

(based on audit findings) Savings on lost tools: 25 - 50% saved in tool and consumable loss. Savings on checkout times: 50 - 60% saved in non-productive tool checkout time.

What You Get • Web-based software accessible from any internet browser. • Centrally hosted and backed-up data. You instantly have access to the latest updates with the peace of mind your data is covered. • Scanners to avoid manual keying of information. • Ability to print your own barcodes. • Reporting to show:

o Tool checkout history

o Who tools are assigned to

o Consumables usage by employee

o Tool usage by employee

Tracking Implemented at Three Sites Recently, Turner Industries installed this digital tool track system to optimize tool spend and manage consumables at three Marathon Petroleum sites. The MobilOps® Tool Tracking system was installed in tool rooms across the Marathon Petroleum Company’s Garyville, Louisiana site, El Paso, and GBR Texas City, Texas sites—reducing tool checkout times by approximately 50% for the craftspeople. Employees simply have their badges scanned and check out scanned tools. The system records the transaction and the employee is on their way. “The simplicity of its use is one of the major features of the system,” says Turner’s Garyville Site Manager Chris Delaughter. “If it’s a pain to use, people won’t use it. Now I have global visibility into all tool and consumable consumption and whereabouts without having to understand handwriting on clipboards or piece together spreadsheets.” WINTER 2021 11

Projects & Services

Turner Industries Grows Footprint at Shell Deer Park After recently being awarded Shell Deer Park Refinery’s soft craft work, Turner Industries added the SIPA group (scaffolding, insulation, painting and abatement) employees to the site. Growing Turner’s on-site footprint and the increased work scope allow on-site Turner employees the opportunity to develop new skills and access new career paths. The successful transition can be accredited to great teamwork and support from all disciplines at the site and across the company. The SIPA awarded work took place in several phases, as requested by the client, in order to avoid any disruption in service to this large refinery and chemical complex. Turner seamlessly completed resourcing a competent team that is now focused on steady daily operations and dismantling remaining standing scaffolds.

“One Solution” Promise in Action With all nested mechanical, SIPA, heavy equipment operators, soft craft support and mechanical rope access work consolidated under one centralized management at the site, Turner can communicate effectively across all needed site disciplines to ensure Turner’s “One Solution” approach—providing cost savings and efficiency for our client. In addition, this consolidated maintenance agreement allows for better cross training of craft personnel, resulting in additional savings to Shell, employee buy-in to personnel safety performance, and reduction of incidents. “The success of our group is based on establishing consistent, sustainable goals and pulling together as one team, to overcome all obstacles. On behalf of our site leadership, we would like to thank everyone for pulling together to make this transition possible,” said Turner SIPA Site Superintendent Raul Luna.

12 WINTER 2021


Projects & Services

Introducing the Turner Scaffold Tracking Application Scaffold Tracking Made Simple Heavy industrial work is complex. So Turner Industries is using the power of mobile technology to make scaffold tracking simple. With the Turner Scaffold Tracking Application, you can: • Request new material • Locate every scaffold on your site • Track real-time costs

Brought to you by Turner’s SIPA group (scaffolding, insulations, painting and abatement), the scaffold tracking app is one simple solution with FOUR EASY STEPS: 1. SCAN a barcode tag to capture the scaffold’s location and start building. 2. INPUT a scaffold’s pieces, the work order, and other relevant data. 3. PROCESS the data in Turner’s ERP system for automated billing. 4. ANALYZE the data via interactive dashboards.


• Paper Tickets • Manual Data Entry • Complex Billing • Uncertainty

Turner’s Scaffold Tracking Application Scaffold Tracking Made Simple.

Contact us for a demo today: WINTER 2021 13

Projects & Services Honeywell UOP 2020 Fall Outage Turner Specialty Services recently completed an outage with Honeywell UOP in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The Honeywell UOP 2020 Fall Outage was the first time UOP and Turner worked together to complete a turnaround. The outage was required to be completed in five days. A total of 2,040 hours was worked with a peak headcount of 34 employees. Although the event took place over a short amount of time, Turner was able to showcase its capabilities in a safe and timely manner. A few of the factors for Turner’s success included the ability to provide UOP with detailed data packages, weld reports, NDE & inspection services, and the Turner team’s communication with client representatives. Turner Site Manager Joshua Cole led the charge for this event alongside Turnaround Manager Billy Chandler. The scope included mechanical work and pipefitting /welding. A total of 22 welds, including repairs, were completed with a 100% weld acceptance rate. Turner also provided a selection of its standardized practices such as detailed packaging, weld reports, and NDE services. The outage was completed on time with zero OSHA recordables. In addition to the completed outage, Turner Specialty Services has recently been named head maintenance contractor for the site.

Pictured from left to right are Honeywell UOP Maintenance Manager Kevin Ayer, Honeywell UOP Safety Manager Brad Jones, and Turner Industries Site Manager Josh Cole

“Turner has been a pleasure to work with here at UOP BTR. They came through for us we when were in a bind and needed a crane operator to complete a critical task on one of our projects during the turnaround. I am looking forward to working with Josh Cole and his team more in the future.” – Joshua A. Wilkinson, CEP Project Manager – Honeywell UOP Baton Rouge “Turner’s performance during the turnaround was on point with great attention to detail. Josh and his team performed exceptionally well.” – Bard Jones, HSE Leader – Honeywell UOP Baton Rouge



Total Work Hours Expended: 2,040

Site Manager: Josh Cole

Duration: 5 Days

Turnaround Manager: Billy Chandler

Services Included: Mechanical work, pipefitting / welding, NDE & inspection

Maintenance/Turnaround Supervisor: Matt Drinkwater

Weld Acceptance Rate: 100%

Safety Supervisor: Brody Inzinna

Number of Recordables: Zero

QC Manager: Jim Best

Turner Industries Awarded First VAMAC Campaign at Dow Sabine Operations Turner employees are currently working their first VAMAC campaign at Dow Chemical’s Sabine River Operations in Orange, Texas. VAMAC is an ethylene acrylic elastomer used across the globe for automotive powertrains and other applications that require heat and chemical resistance, as well as those that demand specific rubber-like qualities. It is manufactured in a pelletized form at Dow Sabine. Fifty-two Turner employees are staffing the assembly packaging line in multiple shifts 24 hours a day, seven days per week, until the yield weight—41,459,680 lbs.—is reached. Supersack bags will be filled with pellets, put on pallets, and loaded onto trucks for distribution. “This is our first VAMAC campaign at Dow Sabine Operations. We appreciate this new opportunity, and look forward to safely completing the campaign and many more!” said Turner Site Manager Reese Forse. 14 WINTER 2021


Projects & Services Turner Industries Delivers One Solution During Annual Outages in Texas An array of Turner Industries’ divisions and service groups worked seamlessly together during this year’s annual outages at Dow Chemical and Arkema in Beaumont, Texas. The outages were a true “One Solution” effort from Turner providing maintenance, specialized welding, crane and rigging, NDE, inspection, and specialty services to the clients. Both projects were completed on time with zero OSHA recordables.

Turner Industries turnaround crew at Dow.


Arkema Annual Outage

The scope of the Dow project was to merge the new MNB (MonoNitrobenzene) unit with the existing Aniline unit.

The scope of the Arkema project was to perform a complete plant outage and two capital projects consisting of five large vessel replacements.

Duration: 14 Days

Duration: 30 Days

Hours Worked: 13,367

Hours Worked: 26,971

OSHA Recordables: ZERO

OSHA Recordables: ZERO

First Aids: ZERO

Dropped Objects: ZERO

Dropped Objects: ZERO

Post Start Up Leaks: ZERO

Weld Repairs: ZERO

Services Provided: Maintenance, Specialized Welding Services, Crane and Rigging, Specialty Services, NDE and Inspection.

Services Provided: Maintenance, Specialized Welding Services, Crane and Rigging, NDE And Inspection, Bundle Extraction, and Bolt Torquing

“I would like to take the time and thank Turner for all your help during the September Turnaround. Turner did a great job as a team helping us execute this outage and meet our goals. Once again, thank you, and I am looking forward to working together again,” said Arkema Turnaround Superintendent Mark Gonzales. WINTER 2021 15

Y e s T E R D A Y In 1961, a young engineer named Bert Turner bought Nichols Construction Company out of bankruptcy. The company specialized in industrial construction, heavy equipment, hauling, rigging and equipment rental. Bert and his team began playing a role in the growing industrial corridor taking shape along the Mississippi River in south Louisiana. It didn’t take Bert long to realize that the industrial construction industry is a series of peaks and valleys. To counter this, he began to take steps to ensure a steady stream of revenue, embarking on industrial contract maintenance and other services that fulfilled the needs at his construction clients’ recently built facilities. In 1968, he hired Roland Toups who currently serves as Executive Chairman.


During the 70’s, Mr. Turner began to acquire companies and add additional service offerings like scaffolding, as well as continually expanding the equipment fleet and investing in bigger cranes. These moves provided the company with opportunities to manage and control most of the elements that make up construction, maintenance and turnaround work.


1980’s 1970’s In the 90’s, industrial specialty services, such as NDE and inspection services, specialized welding, and environmental remediation were added to meet client demand. To continue furthering the company’s competitive advantage, Turner’s IT department began developing proprietary programs to better track and manage frontline work.

At the turn of the 21st century, the early companies consolidated into one entity—Turner Industries Group—with four main business lines: Construction; Maintenance & Turnarounds; Pipe and Module Fabrication; and Equipment and Specialty Services.

Turner entered the 80’s formalizing his growing fabrication service, starting International Piping Systems and introducing a pipe bending process that revolutionized the pipe fabrication business in the United States. In 1988 the company cut the ribbon on Turner’s Texas office—officially becoming a part of the Houston Ship Channel and the golden triangle—and participated in many of the large industrial construction projects being built in the Gulf South at the time.


WINTER 2021 17

T O D AY For the past six decades, Turner Industries has grown to become one of the largest heavy industrial contractors in the United States, continuously expanding service offerings, opening new locations, and growing our client list. A main focus at Turner today is digitizing the wealth of data generated by our employees and at our clients’ jobsites to make data-driven decisions that reduce costs, save time and improve safety metrics. Our ever-evolving DECIDE WITH DATA® software and services portfolio offers a digital “toolbox” that can solve critical client productivity, reliability and safety issues.

Our MAINTENANCE DIVISION is consistently ranked as the one of the top industrial maintenance providers in the U.S., and with the use of proprietary software solutions like MAPS® and Turner Tablet™ we can measure and track efficiency and productivity and make real-time progress report from the field using hand-held devices.




The CONSTRUCTION DIVISION has played a part in building many of the United States’ largest industrial facilities over the last 60 years. The division utilizes a state-of-the-art project controls system which includes a real-time dashboard to ensure project excellence. Turner Industries is ranked the #1 contractor in Texas and Louisiana by Engineering News-Record.


Even though the demand for skilled craftspeople continues to increase, more owners are looking for options to reduce the scope of work on their project sites. Modular process units, subsea units, and pipe racks have become innovative solutions to this challenge. With facilities in Texas, Louisiana and Alabama, Turner Industries continues to expand its capabilities to meet growing client demand for modular fabrication.

Added to meet expanding client demand throughout the last sixty years, TURNER SPECIALTY SERVICES (TSS) provides a variety of specialty service offerings including Environmental, Industrial, and Non-Destructive Examination. Most recently, TSS has introduced robotics, drones, and assembled a large rope access team capable of performing both NDE and mechanical rope access services.

Our TOTAL TANK SOLUTION GROUP incorporates decades of experience with the latest technology to offer clients a seamless tank cleaning, inspection, and repair experience.

Our TURNAROUND GROUP performs more turnarounds than any other contractor. Managers undergo specialized, in-house training and utilize the latest scheduling, reporting, and real-time costtracking software to ensure proper event management and execution. 18 WINTER 2021


The newly formed SIPA GROUP bundles scaffolding, insulations, painting and abatement for client convenience. The group is taking scaffold tracking to the next level with the newly released scaffold tracking application. The application makes complex heavy industrial work simple using the power of mobile technology.

Our EQUIPMENT, RIGGING & SPECIALIZED TRANSPORTATION DIVISION continues to be a pacesetter in innovation, staying at the forefront of technological advances. Using the latest equipment, they partner with vendors to implement innovative solutions that meet client needs.

TURNER TABLET™ applications is Turner Industries’

PIPE FABRICATION & BENDING As one of the Nation’s largest and most experienced pipe fabricators, Turner Industries offers turnkey solutions that provide a one-stop-shop for fabrication and bending. We pioneered induction bending in the United States, and our shop floor digital-process initiatives continue to set the standard for our industry.

flagship innovation project. It aims to reduce the administrative burden on frontline supervision by digitizing their work processes using intrinsically safe tablets. Taking traditional paper-based tasks such as JSAs, forms, and timesheets to a digital platform allows us to automate workflow, improve safety, and increase productivity. The Turner Tablet eliminates the latency associated with data entry, making realtime analytics possible.

MOBILOPS® takes clients from legacy paper-based tasks to a digitized centralized database for plant processes. MobilOps generates the information needed to make data-driven decisions that save time and reduce costs. Whether you need to prevent equipment failure, ensure OSHA compliance or migrate troves of data, MobilOps offers solutions for business challenges.

Turner Industries will continue moving the world forward by providing innovative services and solutions to the companies that produce the fuel, energy, and materials essential to modern life. We’re just scratching the surface of the benefits that artificial intelligence, augmented reality, 3D scanning and other new technologies can provide. Whatever the future holds, you can be sure that the Turner team will lead the charge to fulfill our timeless promise—providing one solution for our clients’ success

WINTER 2021 19

Pipe Fabrication Flips the Switch on Newly Installed, Low Energy LED Lights Welding and bending pipe at Turner Industries’ Port Allen, Louisiana pipe fabrication operations has gotten a little brighter, literally, with the installation of new low-energy light fixtures throughout the campus’ various buildings. Completed last fall, the transition to 344 new overhead LED fixtures from the original High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) fixtures provides multiple benefits including decreased facility maintenance and increased visibility. Another benefit is a 30% reduction in energy usage–the equivalent to removing 870 tons of CO2 from the atmosphere annually.

The Lights Shine Bright in Texas The fabrication division’s low-energy transition continues some 400 miles northwest of Port Allen in Paris, Texas where 500+ existing lights are getting the LED upgrade. The project is currently underway and is planned for completion in Spring 2021.


QUICK FACTS: Total Light:

344 Fixtures Total


Wattage of Original Lights:


Range of New LED Wattage:

130W – 320W Reduction in Energy Use:


Equivalent CO2 Reduction:

870 Tons Annually

20 WINTER 2021


Bits and Bytes


A 2020 ‘Vision’ – Turner Industries Brings Home Another Constructech Award For the 7th time in a decade, Turner Industries’ Information Technology department is the recipient of a Constructech Vision Award. The 2020 award is in recognition for the development of Turner’s Scaffold Tracking Application. This proprietary solution provides real-time data from the field as scaffolds are built, using a mobile application that automatically generates reports, including billing transactions. Supervisors can perform crucial safety audits and the app uses GPS to give clients, via a custom dashboard, a complete up-to-date location of every scaffold on their site. The Constructech Vision Awards honor construction companies that have realized the advantages of where construction and technology converge and how they can successfully apply it to their everyday businesses. Turner Industries received a silver Vision Award in the general industrial contractor category. To learn more about the scaffold tracking app see page 13 of this magazine.

Five Tips to Keep You Cyber-Safe in 2021 1. Protect Your Passwords – You should create strong passwords that are not easily guessed and never reuse the same password on multiple sites. We recommend using a password manager application to help manage this. Many services today also offer a form of multi-factor authentication (like submitting a password AND receiving a text message with a one-time passcode to enter the site), but it is often not on by default. We recommend enabling this service on as many web sites/ services as possible.

2. Social Media Privacy – Social media companies are constantly introducing new features that are often enabled without your knowledge. Make your social media profiles as private or public as you want, but we recommend reviewing the privacy settings at least once a year.

3. Keep Your Devices Up to Date – Most devices and applications offer automatic updates that include security patches. We recommend enabling this feature to ensure you have the latest updates installed to keep you safe.

4. Backup Your Data – There are numerous legitimate cloud services that charge a small monthly fee to back up your data on your digital devices. Take advantage of this offering in case something happens to your devices.

5. Watch Your Email Carefully – You know better than most if something does not look right in your inbox. If you have doubts, be safe and do not open the attachment or click on the link in an email. Use an alternative means (call or text) to reach out to the person to ask if they sent the message.

These tips were brought to you by Turner Industries’ Cybersecurity Team WINTER 2021 21



Taking Care of Business

Meet Freeport Superintendent Bobby Pollard With twenty years of industry experience, Bobby Pollard joined Turner Industries in 2017 as Superintendent at our Freeport, Texas facility. The Freeport facility opened about the same time Bobby came on board, in 2016. The full-service facility serves as the base of operations for turnkey projects, turnarounds, fabrication, NDE, and SIPA (scaffolding, insulation, painting and abatement) services performed in the area. The seven-acre facility includes three fabrication and alloy bays totaling 14,400 square feet. As superintendent, Bobby has great confidence in the future of the Freeport facility. “With a continued focus on developing new opportunities in the market, I envision the fabrication shop growing three times its current size,” Bobby said Bobby. “Our turnkey capabilities (fabrication, inspection, painting, installation, etc.) coupled with our ability to respond to emergency needs, positions us for growth in the region with new customers and provides a significant value-add for our existing customers. Our motto is: ‘taking care of business.’”


Bobby embraces family values and strives to incorporate them into his work life with his Turner family. “I care about our people first and foremost,” he says, “I want to help them grow within the Turner organization.”

A Little Bit About Bobby Bobby is an avid fisherman. He learned everything about being on the water from his dad and now passes along this knowledge to his son Trey (13). The highlights of Bobby’s life are his wonderful marriage to his wife Tonya, spending time with family and salmon-fishing in Alaska. Bobby jokingly says he is planning to write a book one day entitled “The Day a Fishing Legend Was Born.”

Freeport Operations Facility Specifications • Founded in 2016 • 7 Acres of Full-Service Regional Facility • Turnkey Projects and Turnaround Capabilities - Fab, Paint, NDE, Install, Scaffold, and Insulation

22 WINTER 2021

• 3 Fabrication Bays & Alloy Bay Totaling 14,400 SQ. FT. • Indoor and Outdoor Coating • Fabrication of Carbon Steel, Monell, Duplex, Alloy 20, Iron, Structural Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminum

• Climate Control Bay • Capacity: 500 Spools Per Month • ASME Stamps "S", "U" and "R" • Blasting and Painting Capabilities


Turner Industries’ 2020 Voice of Leadership Graduates Despite a pandemic and several hurricanes, Turner Industries is proud to graduate another set of leadership classes from Freeport, Corpus Christi, Beaumont, and Houston, Texas. This twelve-week program continues Turner’s commitment to increase leadership excellence while maintaining a culture of leadership development. In addition to enhancing leadership capabilities, course-led objectives include improving communication and problem-solving skills. These 2020 graduates represent key leadership and help ensure continued growth and success within the Turner organization. “Voice of Leadership is a wonderful opportunity for us to invest in the new wave of leadership for all regions. Congratulations to our 2020 graduates for their hard work and dedication. We look forward to another group of leaders in 2021 as we embrace our culture of continuous improvement.” – VOL Instructors

Congratulations to our Fall Class of 2020 for their hard work, dedication and giving back to their future. FREEPORT, TEXAS Instructor: Phil Gauthreaux; Mentors: Mike Campos, Ben Martinez, Paul Perkins, Ryan Beeson, Chris Sciambra Graduates: Chad Pharis, Manuel Madrigal, Paige Kee, Tim Trevino, Dan Carr, Bobby Pollard, John Alaniz, Kayla Viehland, Myriam Acevedo, Ron Wicker

CORPUS CHRISTI, TEXAS Instructor: David Arreola Mentors: Hayden Moore, Danny White Graduates: Robert Pequeno, David Velasco, Joe Tilves, John Breeden, Raymond Garcia, Mike Rodriguez. David Roddy

HOUSTON, TEXAS Instructor: Mack Hayes; Mentors: Mike Stirrat, David Jones, Ronald Barber, Keith Myers, Greg Stephens, Jim Taylor Graduates: Jonathon Aguilar, Joseph Brantley, Dylan Daigle, Oscar Gallardo, Jesse Hinojosa, Stephen Lamb, Leonel Lopez, Raul Luna, Rene Mendez, Kevin Morgan, Jessica Ross, Armando Sandoval, Chris Taylor, Victor Villarreal

BEAUMONT, TEXAS Instructors: Phil Gauthreaux and Colby Plaia Mentors: Jason Apodaca, Jace Guidry, David McBroom, Reese Forse, Alan King, Ed Walker and Adam Brittain Graduates: Scott Resch, Jason Smith, David Zavala, Jim Zamora, Jarrett Mitchell, Jared Morales, Edgardo Zavala, Jim Langston, Chris Melancon and Jim Wilson WINTER 2021 23

Workforce Development


Turner Industries Receives National and Regional Recognition for Workforce Development Efforts Turner Industries recently received the top national award for its efforts in workforce development. The Construction Users’ Roundtable (CURT) award is given annually to the best workforce development program in the nation. Contractors and industry associations submit extensive applications for a particular program that they feel would be of interest to the awards committee. This year, Turner submitted the program “Maximizing Louisiana’s Incumbent Worker Training Program to Expand Workforce Development Outreach at Turner Industries Group, LLC,” which won Turner this prestigious distinction. Since the inception of the CURT awards program in 2008, Turner Industries has won the award four times and received one honorable mention. To put this into perspective, this accomplishment is extraordinary since companies are not eligible to apply the year after winning the award. Additionally, Turner Industries received several awards from the Greater Baton Rouge Industry Alliance (GBRIA). Turner representatives were part of a small group that was invited to attend the event in person to accept their awards. Turner President Stephen Toups provided valuable insight and knowledge as part of a panel discussion leading up to the awards presentation.

Below are the 2020 awards received at the event. 1. Award of Excellence – General Construction and Maintenance – Division III (10 Million plus hours). Turner Industries Group (TIG) 2. Award of Excellence – Specialty Trades – Division II (2.2 Million – 7 Million hours). Turner Specialty Services (TSS) 3. Best of Division – Division II – Turner Specialty Services (TSS) Turner Industries Group has won the Award of Excellence every year since this award program began in 2007 and is the only company with this distinction. We also began applying separately for TSS in 2015, and we have been given the Excellence Award for TSS as well as TIG every year.

“In general terms, workforce development defines our efforts to show the appeal of careers in industrial maintenance and construction in order to recruit more and better talent to the industry. Once we have that talent, we must provide incentive to stick with the industry through training, incentives, career paths and personnel growth. Simply put, workforce development works to find and keep the best talent for our industry, and we are proud to be recognized for our efforts,” said Turner Industries Training Manager Raymond Neck.

GBRIA Award – Pictured left to right are Ray Neck, Brooke Roussel, Bryan Gerace, Elizabeth Beckham, Catherine Glueck, and Wayne Tyson

24 WINTER 2021

CURT Award – Pictured left to right are Elizabeth Beckham, Bryan Gerace, Catherine Glueck, Wayne Tyson, Brooke Roussel, Stephen Toups, and Ray Neck


Workforce Development

Houston Area Manager Ronald Barber represented Turner Industries at the awards presentation.

Industrial Craft Competition at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo In 2020, the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo (HLSR) held its first industrial craft competition. Pasadena Career and Technical High School—one of many schools supported by Turner Industries—won best overall skid and best presentation for the barbeque skid they built. Turner Industries acted as the craft mentor for the project, an effort led by Area Manager Randy Carroll. Due to COVID restrictions and shutdowns, the HLSR was unable to judge the competition during the actual rodeo so judging was completed in the beginning of November. Safety, quality, and presentation were a few of the categories judged during the competition. The barbeque skid will be donated to a local Fire Department.

Below are the results from the HLSR project: Best Overall Skid: Pasadena ISD – Dr. Kirk Lewis Career Technical High School Best Presentation: Pasadena ISD – Dr. Kirk Lewis Career Technical High School Best Overall Quality: Cy-Fair ISD – Cypress Ridge High School Best Overall Safety: Goose Creek ISD – Stuart Career Tech High School

Congratulations to all winners!

Best overall skid pictured above WINTER 2021 25

TEAM Turner



Beaumont, Texas – During this time of year, blood supplies can be low. In an effort to help, Turner employees from our Beaumont facility participated in the ‘Be a Deer’ LifeSaving Blood Drive supporting their local LifeShare Blood Center. Beaumont’s quarterly blood drives continue to grow, helping to save lives. Houston, Texas – Turner Industries’ Houston Operations hosted its 43rd blood drive. Turner employees at our Houston facility have saved approximately 2,787 lives through their donations to the local blood centers.

Pictured above: Gus Castillo

Freeport, Texas – Turner employees from our Freeport facility participated in a blood drive supporting their local LifeShare Blood Center.

The Salvation Army Red Kettle Campaign Beaumont, Texas – Turner Industries’ business development representative Jason Apodaca served alongside fellow rotary members in ringing the bell for The Salvation Army Red Kettle Campaign. The Red Kettle Campaign aims to “rescue Christmas” for the less fortunate in their community. Turner Industries holds the Industrial Chair for Rotary Beaumont.

26 WINTER 2021


Team Turner Warrior’s Refuge Renovation West Columbia, Texas – Turner employees at Ascend, Chocolate Bayou were invited by Ascend Leadership to participate in the renovation of Warrior’s Refuge. The project, funded by the Ascend Care Foundation, included a full renovation of the facility kitchen. Turner and Ascend employees began the renovations in September and completed the project in early December. Turner Site Manager at Ascend, George Walder, and his employees worked 500 hours completing this project. Warrior’s Refuge is a non-profit homeless shelter for veterans that provides counseling and resource training in West Columbia, Texas.

George Walder and Freeport TEAM Turner members.

George Walder and Turner Ascend employees.

The Blue Santa Program Freeport, Texas – The Police Department of the City of Freeport sponsors “The Blue Santa Program,” offering families in need an opportunity to shop for Christmas presents at a discounted rate at their Blue Santa Toy Store. In order to qualify for the program, families were asked to complete an application. Once accepted, there were two ways to shop at the Blue Santa Toy Store; an applicant could volunteer at the toy store to earn credits towards the purchase of toys or they were able to purchase toys at a 20% discount off the retail amount. Turner Employees from the Freeport, Texas region donated 480 Christmas stockings to the Blue Santa Program. In addition to Christmas stockings, there was a need for Christmas baskets for the elderly and Christmas meals for two families. Turner employees provided 11 Christmas Baskets filled with essential items for the elderly and two family Christmas Day meals, plus a gift card for groceries. Pictured below are Freeport police officers, Blue Santa families and Turner employees holding the stockings donated by Turner’s Freeport employees.

Turner Industries Shows Support to Local First Responders Beaumont, Texas – Turner Industries provided lunch and dinner for a full 24-hour shift at Fire Station #4. WINTER 2021 27

Team Turner

The Season of Giving During the holidays, TEAM Turner members across the country took part in sharing the joy of Christmas with their communities. Here are a few examples of our employees’ generosity. Thank you all for donating your time and resources.

Christmas Toy Drives Lake Charles, La. – Turner Industries’ Lake Charles Operations assisted with The Salvation Army’s Angel Tree and Marine Corps Reserve’s Toys for Tots initiative this year. Turner employees donated brand-new toys to help ensure that children in their community were not forgotten this Christmas season. (LEFT) Pictured left to right is Turner Business Development Gregory Thibodeaux, Vice President Kirt Chaisson, Executive Assistant Mary Ellen Montgomery, and Salvation Army Lt. LeAnna Marion

28 WINTER 2021

Salvation Army

‘Sock It to Me’ Drive

Corpus Christi, Texas – Turner employees from our Corpus Christi office participated in Salvation Army’s Ring the Bell initiative this year. The funds raised through the Salvation Army Bell Ringer initiative make a year-round impact in the community through social services assistance, homeless shelters, disaster relief, children’s programs, rehabilitation services, anti-human trafficking, and more. Turner employees also helped with donations to the Salvation Army’s food pantry.

Baton Rouge, La. – Socks are the most requested and least donated article of clothing in homeless shelters. In an effort to help make this item available for those in need, Team Turner members participated in Baton Rouge Parents Magazine’s 16th Annual ‘Sock It to Me’ drive to collect socks to be donated to local homeless shelters and nonprofit organizations. A total of 978 pairs of socks were collected.


Team Turner Holiday Sock and Toy Drive Pasadena, Texas – Employees in the Pasadena area shared the joy of Christmas by holding a sock drive for Retama Manor Nursing Home. They also participated in the Deer Park Volunteer Fire Department’s annual Toy Drive which benefited local communities.

‘Life of a Single Mom’ Christmas Baton Rouge, La. – Team Turner members created gift bags to donate to this year’s Life of a Single Mom Christmas celebration. Members stuffed 300+ gift bags with clothes, candies, candles, jewelry, etc. to gift to the single mothers.

Some Other Place Toy Drive Freeport and Beaumont, Texas – Turner employees at our Freeport and Beaumont facilities supported the nonprofit organization, ‘Some Other Place,’ with their Christmas Toy Drive. The generous donations made by our employees provided Christmas gifts to 25 children, ages 3 - 12 years old.

WINTER 2021 29

News & Notes Turner Industries Receives Honorable Mention by CURT Turner Industries was recognized with an honorable mention award regarding project excellence by the Construction Users Roundtable (CURT) for the Flint Hills U21 Heater Replacement Module Project.

Pictured are members of the Turner Industries Project Team from the Flint Hills U21 Heater Replacement Module Project

Turner Helps Shape Advanced Industrial Instrumentation Control Technician Training Curriculum Baton Rouge, La. – River Parishes Community College (RPCC) has been awarded a grant of $247,000 by the National Science Foundation in support of Advanced Industrial Instrumentation Control Technician Training. The grant will focus on emerging Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) and 4.0 technologies curriculum development, including research on Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) tablets, while integrating core STEM

academic modules addressing the needs of our diverse rural student population. RPCC has established a Business and Industry Leadership Team (BILT) which will provide support for curriculum review, competency evaluation, and design of new course structure. The team is made up of industry technology and thought leaders, including MobilOps General Manager Paul Plauche.

Turner Industries at Shell Deer Park Show Support on Veterans Day

Pictured from left to right are: Turner Executive Vice President Mark Brittain, Vice President John Golashesky, President Stevie Toups, and Vice President Scott Tanley


Deer Park, Texas –Turner’s Construction Division on the Shell CCU Reliability Improvement Project participated in celebrating Veterans Day.

Freeport, Texas – Denise Barrera, a nested Turner painter within the Olin EP&I/Epoxy maintenance in Plant B, was recently recognized by our client for her outstanding work. Here is what Work Activity Coordinator (WAC) - Epoxy Intermediates, B-1904, Chris M. Cole had to say: “I want to take the time to recognize Denise for her hard work here at EPI-3. We strive to keep her busy with daily maintenance work, whether it be touching up safety showers, re-painting the lines in our parking lot, or painting a new piece of pipe. No matter the size of the job or 30 WINTER 2021

One-Year Celebration Bay City, Texas – Turner Industries recently celebrated its one-year maintenance contract at OQ Chemicals (formerly known as OXEA). Turner Vice President Phil Gauthreaux and Operations Manager Paul Perkins joined Site Manager Eric O’Neal and employees for a celebration.

uncontrollable conditions such as weather, Denise always finishes the job completely and to satisfaction. Denise has never complained or said that she cannot complete the work; she always finds a way to stay positive and focused to the job at hand. She has very little carry over work from week to week and is a joy to work with daily. Please join me in extending this sincere gratitude of thanks and appreciation to her. We as a Maintenance organization could not be more pleased with her performance. Keep up the great work Denise; it is not going unrecognized.”

Pictured in Denise Barrera with Turner Site Manager-Plant B Dustin Gordon (Left) and Olin WAC-Epoxy Intermediates Chris Cole (Right)


About Us T

urner Industries provides a single solution in heavy industrial construction, maintenance, turnaround, pipe and module fabrication, equipment, rigging and specialized transportation, and associated specialty services. With $3.1B in 2019 revenue, Engineering News-Record Sourcebook ranks Turner as the nation's top maintenance contractor in petroleum, and one of the top contractors in Texas and Louisiana. The company, headquartered in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, employs 20,000+ and works across the United States.



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