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Turner Industries Receives Two Safety Awards for OXEA 2019 BuOH Spring Turnaround

Bits & Bytes: Turner’s IT Training Team Proves That People Drive Technology


EDITORS Jason Broha, Marie Crespo and Corinne Bergeron



ver the past couple of decades, countless companies, organi-

zations and even countries have


been crafting and working towards

Dawn Ackley, Jason Apodaca, Corinne Bergeron, Gary Blacketter, Durel Braud, Jason Broha, Jana Browning, Mike Bryant, Robert Chandler, Carson Chaisson, Marie Crespo, Brian Daigle, Kaci Forman, David Franks, Lori Garza, Scott Gauthreau, Bryan Gerace, Jonathan Guidry, David Guitreau, Terry Kenney, Rodney Landry, Jason Mabile, Andy McKinney, Jesse Morain, Ray Neck, Connie Paxton, Emily Phelps, Danny Price, Sean Reynolds, Lydale Roberts, Amy Rouse, Joel Rushing, Sean Stanford, Carla Thompson, Stephen Toups, Jimmy Watkins, Lance Wiebeck

their own unique ‘2020 Visions.’ For


all the effort and foresight poured into these plans, no one (yet) can predict the future, making even the best strategies no more than a series of educated guesses and experiments. Could the late Bert S. Turner, in the early 1960s, in his small office near the Mississippi River, have envisioned that today his company would employ 23,000+ people at industrial job sites and facilities across the country? We’d venture to say that his vision was better than most. With the new year upon us, we examine the safe, smart solutions our departments and operating divisions have waiting for us. Visions will come and go, but client


success will always be in focus at Turner Industries.

Scott Greci, Guru Design, LLC Enjoy.






2 WINTER 2020


Jason Broha, Marie Crespo & Corinne Bergeron

On the Cover: Turner Industries Safety and Training Manager Trevor Clardy.


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Safety First


Voluntary Protection Program Taft, La. – In November, 2019, Turner Industries at OxyChem in Taft, Louisiana received an OSHA Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) Star recertification, as did the OxyChem facility itself. Turner Site Manager Jay Courtney said “Thank you to the entire OxyChem site for your preparation efforts for the recent OSHA/ VPP STAR recertification audit. The continued efforts by everyone show what working together can accomplish. We are so happy to share this celebration with you.” Many of our worksites at Turner Industries are part of OSHA’s Voluntary Protection Program (VPP). The VPP promotes effective worksite-based safety and health. In the VPP, management, labor and OSHA establish cooperative relationships at workplaces that implement a comprehensive safety and health management system. Approval into the VPP is OSHA’s official recognition of the outstanding efforts of employers and employees who have achieved exemplary occupational safety and health. Turner Industries is proud to have many sites recognized as OSHA VPP Stars. Below is a complete list of VPP Star certified sites. The OSHA VPP Star certification comes in three levels depending on OSHA Incident rates (OIR) and days away/ restricted/ transferred (DART). Out of over 8 million job sites in the United States, only about 2,000 qualify as an OSHA VPP Star site.

Star of Excellence (More than 90% below industry standard for both OIR and DART) OxyChem – Convent, Louisiana OxyChem – Deer Park, Texas Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) OxyChem – Deer Park, Texas Vinyl Chloride Monomer (VCM) OxyChem – LaPorte, Texas OxyChem – Pasadena, Texas Phillips 66 – Belle Chasse, Louisiana Syngenta – St. Gabriel, Louisiana

Super Star (More than 75% below industry standard for both OIR and DART) Rubicon – Geismar, Louisiana

Star (More than 50% below industry standard for both OIR and DART) Ascend Performance Materials – Chocolate Bayou, Texas Marathon – Garyville, Louisiana OxyChem – Taft, Louisiana 4 WINTER 2020


Safety First

Nine Years OSHA Recordable Free Sandersville, Ms. – Turner employees at Hunt have worked nine years OSHA recordable free. “We have a close group that works very well together and looks out for each other. Thank you for a job well done,” said Job Site Leader Wade Russell.

One Year and 170,000 Hours OSHA Recordable Free St. Gabriel, La. – Turner employees at the Olin Chlor Alkali facility recently celebrated one year and 170,000 hours worked OSHA recordable free. The achievement was celebrated with a luncheon.

Two Years and over 1.3 Million Hours OSHA Recordable Free Plaquemine, La. – Turner employees at the Olin Chlor Alkali facility recently celebrated two years and over 1.3 million hours worked OSHA recordable free. This includes a Spring 2018 Turnaround. The achievement was celebrated with a luncheon.

One Million Hours OSHA Recordable Free Convent, La. – Turner employees at Shell have worked one million hours OSHA recordable free. “This is an outstanding achievement,” said Project Manager David Ducote.

Six Years and 341,710 Hours OSHA Recordable Free Pasadena, Texas – Turner employees at INEOS Phenol have worked six years and 341,710 hours OSHA recordable free. The achievement was celebrated with a luncheon.

WINTER 2020 5

Safety First

Turner Industries Receives Two Safety Awards for OXEA 2019 BuOH Spring Turnaround

Houston, Texas – Engineering News-Record awarded Turner Industries a 2019 Excellence in Safety Award of Merit for the OXEA 2019 BuOH Spring Turnaround. This national award program honors the best and safest construction projects and the companies that designed and built them.

New Orleans, La. – Greater New Orleans Business Roundtable awarded Turner Industries the CICE award for Outstanding Safety Best Practices for OXEA Chemical 2019 BuOH Spring Turnaround. This award honors those who follow sound management principles demonstrating a commitment to safety and the application of project best practices.

Three Years and 320,548 Hours OSHA Recordable Free McIntosh, Alabama – Turner Employees at Olin recently celebrated three years and 320,548 hours OSHA recordable free. The achievement was celebrated with a luncheon.

Pesticide/Herbicide Certification Class Baton Rouge, La. – Turner Industries’ safety department held a pesticide/herbicide certification class at Turner’s personnel facility. The class, which was instructed by Rick Bayhi of Vegetation Management Consultants, hosted Turner employees across all regions who needed personal pesticide/herbicide certification for their job duties. To begin the class, Turner welcomed the Director of the State of Louisiana Department of Agriculture, Harry Shexneyder, who shared important tips on the subject with students. The day following the class, students were required to take a certification test at the Louisiana State Department of Agriculture in order gain their certification. If you or someone at your site needs pesticide/herbicide certification, please contact Corporate Industrial Hygiene Supervisor Bret Malcom 225-214-2730. 6 WINTER 2020


Safety First

1 Year and 172,953 hours OSHA Recordable Free Mobile, Alabama – Turner employees at the Shell Mobile facility recently celebrated 1 year and 172,954 hours worked OSHA recordable free. A luncheon was held to celebrate this milestone.

Don’t Drive Distracted! Distracted driving is any activity that diverts attention from driving, including talking or texting on your phone, eating and drinking, talking to people in your vehicle, fiddling with the stereo, entertainment or navigation system—anything that takes your attention away from the task of safe driving. Texting is the most alarming distraction. Sending or reading a text takes your eyes off the road for 5 seconds. At 55 mph, that's like driving the length of an entire football field with your eyes closed. You cannot drive safely unless the task of driving has your full attention. Any non-driving activity you engage in is a potential distraction and increases your risk of crashing.

GCGV EPC-1 Grand Safety Champion Award Portland, Texas – Turner employees at the GCGV EPC-1 project received the Grand Safety Champion Award for the month of October, 2019. The award was presented to Turner for entering the most hazard identification cards and audits for the month.

Using a cellphone while driving creates enormous potential for deaths and injuries on U.S. roads. In 2017 alone, 3,166 people were killed in motor vehicle crashes involving distracted drivers. • 14% of fatal crashes involve cellphones.

Safe Driving Tips • Turn your phone off when in the car. • Turn your phone on silent and put it in a place where you will not be tempted to use it. • Pull over and stop if you must use your cellular device. • There are apps you can download to prevent the use of your cellphone while driving.

PLEASE DON’T TEXT AND DRIVE Pictured left to right are Exxon Project Manager Sean Egan, Wood Group Project Manager Jay Wilkinson, and members for the Turner Team Dennis Hall, Aaron Young, Carlos Castaneda, Jim Martinez, and Thomas Culp.

Source: nhtsa.gov

WINTER 2020 7

Projects & Services


2019 Distilling Big Block Turnaround Shell Deer Park Refinery – Deer Park, Texas


urner Industries’ Specialized Welding Services (SWS) piping a large amount of capital project work covering the SGP,

a stellar effort and won the Shell Battle Ready Award for their safe and efficient work, blinding and setting up the first crude furnace for demolition.

VF4 and DU2 units. However, multiple delays in offsite piping

Furnace module builds, capital project pre-turnaround work,

deliverables pushed the schedule into the sterile period for

and onsite pipe fabrication which began in fall 2018 continued

turnaround work. Through innovative management decisions

throughout the 2019 turnaround, enabling SWS to build a strong

and increased manpower, SWS was able to regain the lost ground

team and keep an excellent safety culture. Two crude furnace

and pull the work back out of the sterile period.

modules, each weighing in at 250 tons, were successfully installed

and structural crews mobilized in August 2018 to perform

In September 2019, the first phases of the Distilling Big Block

along with over 900 piping spools and 2,300 welds performed.

Turnaround (a multi-unit shutdown) began with the SWS group

Special thanks to the Shell leadership team consisting of

as the main mechanical contractor working on multiple large

Daniel Brogden, Rusty Reed, Kevin McClain, Ismael Jimenez,

capital piping projects and crude furnace rebuilds.

Steve Dipchan, Kevin Davis, Mike Bishop, Harley Simmons,

The work spanned the VF4, HDU2, DU2, and VF3 process

Tony Smith, Gregorio Cortez, Tony Salazar, Roy Wilson, Mike

units and also included offsite logistic work. SWS provided

Cave, Todd Houston and Wes Carambat. We look forward to

skilled pipe fitters, boilermakers, welders and supervision to

maintaining this partnership with Shell and to having many

successfully complete the event. The furnace crews turned in

more successful turnarounds at Deer Park.

8 WINTER 2020


Projects & Services

2019 Distilling Big Block Turnaround PROJECT QUICK FACTS


TURNAROUND PERSONNEL TURNAROUND MANAGER: Kyle Jackson SUPERINTENDENTS: Arthur Blount/Timmy Naquin (DAYS); Kenny Brown/Greg Blase (NIGHTS) GENERAL FOREMAN: Peyton Greene/Toby Naquin (DAYS); Justin Kyzar/Tracy Reynolds (NIGHTS) QA/QC MANAGERS: Triston Tassin (DAYS); James Daniell (NIGHTS) SAFETY MANAGERS: Don Jannise (DAYS); Robert Mareno (NIGHTS) COST TEAM: Stephen Bone/Josh Cole

2019 2-Dat Crackin’ Turnaround The Shell Norco Manufacturing Complex (NMC) recently completed a multi-block event which included turnarounds in both their GO-1 South and Coke Processing Units. In addition to traditional turnaround maintenance work, there were 21 capital projects that were integrated across the event. Overall, 650,000 exposure hours were executed with zero OSHA related injuries. Turner Industries worked over 95,000 safe hours while providing main mechanical, vacuum truck, hydro blasting, and line mole services throughout the event and preformed work on over 100 exchangers and executed 11 small capital projects. “The Shell NMC family would like to thank Turner for its contributions to the success of the 2019 2-Dat Crackin’ Turnaround. Throughout the event, Turner management and crafts demonstrated a high level of ownership along with a strong commitment to execute work in a safe and quality manner. Norco is a safer and more profitable facility as a result of your outstanding contributions,” said NMC General Manager Brett Woltjen. Turner Industries was awarded 47 “Crackin’ It” awards by the Shell NMC for execution excellence.

PROJECT QUICK FACTS Hours Worked: 95,000 Exchangers Worked on: 100 Capital Projects: 11 Welds Completed: 2,209 with a 0.0023 Rejection Rate Pictured left to right are NMC General Manager Brett Woltjen, Turner project Manager Daniel Olinde, Turner Turnaround Manager Jamie Roberts, Turner Superintendent Elliot McQuillan, and Shell Vice President Rhoman Hardy.

OSHA Recordables: ZERO WINTER 2020 9

Projects & Services

Sasol Mega Project Progress


onstruction of a world-scale petrochemical complex in Louisiana, the Sasol Mega Project, LCCP – Lake Charles Chemicals Project, is nearly complete. When the final unit is commissioned in 2020, this project will roughly triple the company's chemical production capacity in the U.S. Turner Industries has played a significant role in construction and commissioning since the project began in 2014. Turner’s general scope has been to install all structural steel, mechanical equipment (static and rotating), and piping components, constructing and commissioning 25 units either within the confines of the existing Sasol Facility Ziegler Alcohols Group (ZAG) or on the grounds of the new expansion, Utilities, Offsites & Infrastructure (UO&I). We are working on the remaining three units (Ziegler, ETO & Guerbet), and wrapped up hydro testing in Ziegler and ETO at the end of October, with the final unit, Guerbet, set to finish in early 2020. Turner was instrumental in achieving the first steam in Unit 053 Boiler Area on schedule which was a major milestone for Sasol. Turner has also been the go-to in all functions pertaining to the start-up of Sasol’s Ethane Cracker. Although not originally tasked with constructing the Cracker, we 10 WINTER 2020

were asked to assist in completing the construction as well as commissioning the flagship unit for the massive expansion. Peak Turner manpower across the project has been approximately 3,000 employees. Perhaps more impressive, our average manpower during 2017, 2018 and 2019 has held steady at over 1,500 employees. Our personnel department has done an excellent job recruiting and hiring employees for this project. Staffing a job of this size and duration is a monumental challenge. Although we experienced an unprecedented amount of attrition, we have been able to continuously supply our client with adequate manpower to support the very aggressive milestones over the course of the past four years. As of November 2019, construction crews have worked approximately 11,826,094 hours with roughly 450,000 hours left to go. Nearly every Turner division and service has been used throughout the course of the project. Our Construction Division handled the bulk of the steel, mechanical and piping installation. Turner Specialty Services (TSS) Specialized Welding Services stepped in and played a major role assisting in the construction completion and startup of several units. The TSS Scaffolding,

Insulation, Painting & Abatement (SIPA) group has handled all scaffolding needs in the Ziegler, ETO and Guerbet Units as well as much of the touch-up painting in the “ZAG” units, insulation in the Cracker and abatement in locations across the site. Other TSS groups have provided torquing/ tensioning bolts, installation of tower internals, hydro excavation, vacuum truck work, and bundle extraction. Turner Specialty Services’ NDE crews have handled the Turner related NDE requirements for the past several years, performing RT, PT, MT, HT, and UT across the site—no small task considering we’ve made an excess of 103,000 welds. The TSS Environmental group was engaged when needed, responding expeditiously each time to ensure personnel safety. The modular group prepared and delivered over 85 modules across the site for interconnecting pipe racks, and the Pipe Fab Division fabricated over 3,800 spools for ETO & Guerbet. Turner’s crane and rigging group came through time and again providing rigs and transportation of large pieces of equipment across the site, always being proactive and often working on Sundays to alleviate congestion which would impede progress. TURNER INDUSTRIES Company Magazine

Projects & Services SASOL MEGA PROJECT QUICK FACTS & INFORMATION Welds Completed: 103,446 with a 4" avg. diameter – this is equal to the length of 300+ football fields! Tons of Steel Erected: 33,866 – that’s enough iron to build 4 Eiffel Towers. Linear Feet of Pipe Installed: 1,423,547 – that is equal to 270 miles—the distance from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, to Houston, Texas! Hours Worked: 11,826,094 - equal to 492,754 days or 1,350 years which is more than 5 times longer than the United States has been recognized as an independent country!

“All of Turner’s different divisions and services have worked as a team to achieve a monumental mission. This teamwork has allowed us to be very successful with our safety, quality and productivity which has further ingrained our position with Sasol, one of our premier clients in the Lake Charles Area. Anticipated duration to complete the “ZAG” Units was forecast at nearly 24 months, and as it stands now, construction should wrap up in just under 20 months. What a tremendous effort from a team of dedicated employees!” – Turner Industries Executive Vice President – Construction Mark Brittain WINTER 2020 11

Projects & Services Turner Industries Completes Chiller Piping Project at Shintech Turner Industries’ Freeport, Texas team recently completed their first capital project at Shintech—a chiller piping project. The project consisted of connecting a cooling tower to the chillers with 18" pipe spools. A crew of seven completed the project in time for Thanksgiving without any incidents. “Turner Industries, led by Superintendent Jim Wilson, finished the chiller piping project ahead of schedule and without quality issues or safety incident,” said Shintech Construction Pictured left to right are Makoto Suzuki, Shintech; Paul Perkins, Turner; Taiga Akatsuka, Shintech; Amy Rouse, Turner; and Yudai Engineer Taiga Akatsuka. Suzuki, Shintech. “We are grateful for the opportunity to work with Shintech and look forward to building our relationship,” said Turner Project Manager Alan King.

PROJECT QUICK FACTS Installation of 18" piping spools connecting cooling towers to chillers 890 Work Hours 7 Welders 3 Pipefitters Foreman: Hugo Ramirez Superintendent: James Wilson ZERO Safety Incidents

Welcome Aboard! Bay City, Texas – Turner Industries is happy to welcome sixty-five new employees at the OXEA Bay City Manufacturing Site. As of Monday, November 4, 2019, Turner has the privilege of being the new maintenance contractor on site. “The same collaborative approach that made the spring Bay City turnaround a great success was utilized to seamlessly transition the maintenance workforce at the Bay City site to Turner. We are excited about the future of the OXEA/Turner partnership!, ” said Phil M. Gauthreaux, Vice President of Maintenance and Turnarounds – Beaumont Freeport Region. Welcome aboard; we are happy you are now a part of our team!

12 WINTER 2020


Projects & Services

Turner Completes EOEG-3 Turnaround at Shell Geismar


cting as the main mechanical contractor, Turner

Turner partnered with Shell Geismar’s turnaround

Industries completed the EOEG-3 turnaround

staff early in the planning phase for this event. The

in October at Shell’s Geismar Chemical Facility

team focused on optimizing the plan to meet a

site. This event marked the third time in 2019 that

stretch target. While there were some challenges

Turner provided turnaround services and Turner’s Equipment Division supplied the project’s heavy equipment. During the event, Turner recorded 38,000 work hours with zero OSHA recordables, zero first aids, zero dropped objects, and zero

during the execution from discovery items external being in an improved position for a reliable postturnaround run strategy. On top of the project work, the value added from this event were significant

The turnaround work that Turner performed

to the Geismar site including maintenance repairs,

included planning, pipe prefabrication (551 welds),

plant changes, and catalyst changes.

and project execution which involved 81 piping

Turner Turnaround Manager Matthew Bueche sums

jobs, 66 RV’s, 47 control valves, 56 exchangers, and

up the successful project by stating “In the world of

2 reactors. The event lasted 20 maintenance days,

turnarounds, no matter how large or small the event,

148 non-nested resources for the project. Turner mobilized 14 cranes to complete the work as well as 17 crane operators who provided around-the-clock support. Turner’s Equipment Division provided rigging and lifting support and hauled two plate/

Total Event Hours: 92,000+

to Turner’s scope, Turner’s delivery resulted in Shell

weld repairs.

and during that time we on-boarded an additional


Turner Work Hours: 38,000 Duration: 20 Days OSHA Recordables: ZERO

the work density, pace and magnitude of activities in a compressed timeframe present challenges which require attention to detail when managing the event.

First Aids: ZERO

Leadership matters, and frontline leadership is where success starts. Our team did a great job of

frame exchangers to Houston and back, for extensive

capitalizing on efficiencies in the execution window.

repair. Early challenges were overcome by utilizing

This resulted in keeping non-critical work items on

nested resources from the other sites within the

schedule and allowed Shell’s operations team to start

Turner-Shell alliance.

pre-op activities well ahead of start-up.”

Dropped Objects: ZERO Weld Repairs: ZERO WINTER 2020 13

Projects & Services

Shell Norco GHT Revamp Project Turner Industries’ Specialized Welding Services (SWS) group completed the Tier 3 GHT Revamp project at the Shell Norco Refinery Complex in December 2019. The objective of the project was to repurpose Shell’s GHT in order to be compliant with new Tier III regulations issued by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in 2014. The requirement sets new emissions standards and lowers the sulfur content of gasoline. The Norco GHT was an idle asset for many years. A large portion of Turner’s project scope was to return this resource back into service by fabricating and installing new facilities as well as refurbishing existing equipment. Turner began onboarding direct crafts in July 2018 to start the demo / repair phase of the project. New pipe installations began in January 2019 and were 100% complete by November 22, 2019. At the peak of project, manpower onsite exceeded 165 people. Upon completion, total man-hours used to execute the project exceeded 225,000. The commissioning phase took place in early December, and the start-up took place on December 18, 2019. Throughout the project, Turner stayed ahead of schedule, below budget, and executed the work safely–with zero OSHA recordables for the duration of project.


24,576 Linear Feet Pipe Demolished 202 Tons Steel Installed 32,791 Linear Feet Pipe Installed

2,662 Bolt-Ups Completed 11 Repaired / Repurposed Pressure Vessels 58 New Pieces of Equipment Set in Place

4,100+ Welds Completed

The total installed value of the completed regeneration project is approximately $146.4 million. 14 WINTER 2020


Projects & Services Texas Pipe Fabrication Facilities Celebrate Anniversaries In 2019, Turner Industries’ pipe fabrication facilities in Pasadena and Corpus Christi, Texas, both celebrated anniversaries.

The Pasadena fabrication facility celebrated 15 years of fabrication success. The shop opened in 2004 as a result of a five-year agreement with the Dow Chemical Company to provide pipe spools associated with emergency and routine maintenance work at its Gulf Coast sites.

Pictured is Vice President Brian Daigle (far right) along with Apol Fonseca, Jose Regino, Matias Aleman, Scot King, Marshall Sullivan, Ronaldo Valdez, and Rodolfo Elizando—all employees who have been working at the Pasadena shop since it opened. Missing from the photo are Truc Thai Le and Luis Rodriguez.

The Corpus Christi fabrication shop opened in 2009. The 30,000-square-foot pipe and modular fabrication facility was designed to better serve our clients in the south Texas area. At the time of opening, Turner invested $6 million in the facility and employed more than 100 people.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of our employees at our fabrication facilities. The work required to run a profitable business year after year does not go unnoticed. We appreciate your hard work and support,” said Vice President of Pipe Fabrication Brian Daigle.” Pictured is Vice President Brian Daigle (far right) along with Johnny Sanchez, Gilbert Sifuentes, and Roy Flores—employees who have been working at the Corpus Christi shop since it opened.

WINTER 2020 15





began 2019 with a “cautiously optimistic” outlook as to what the year could be, and with the dedication and perseverance of our valued employees, we are so very fortunate to have had another great year at Turner Industries. As we move into 2020, the type of work we perform is much the same as the type of work we did in the beginning – heavy industrial construction, maintenance, turnarounds, fabrication and the like. But the way in which we do that work today looks a little different with new technologies and added services bringing efficiencies in safety and productivity to our industry not thought possible that last day of December 1961 when the company began. Today at Turner, we are working on transforming paper processes into digital workflows able to provide new insights into safety, personnel and site reliability. Our unmanned aerial vehicles take to the sky, and robots enter confined spaces not only to perform inspections, but sometimes to accomplish tasks in days or hours that previously took weeks or months. Our modular transporters are moving columns, modules and vessels, some as big as 200 feet long and weighing 100 tons, across the country. Our skilled operators drive these motorized articulating pieces of equipment by remote control. All these new technologies provide tangible results and cost savings for our clients.

A Message from our President

None of this could be possible without our workforce. At Turner, we will continue to invest heavily in the time and resources necessary to attract, train and retain the competent workforce required to use these innovative new tools. We will continue our leadership training to elevate and attract the caliber of management we need to provide one solution for our clients’ success. And we will continue with the things that have made our company stable and successful for nearly 60 years – our culture of safety, our integrity and our team working together like never before. I look forward to the year ahead with all of you and wish your families and loved ones a safe and prosperous new year.

- Stephen ‘Stevie’ M. Toups



In 2019, Turner Industries employees worked more hours, in more locations, than ever before in our company’s history while maintaining a first-class safety record. As we move into 2020, we are continuing to update our systems and processes to ensure that our employees have immediate and full access to our Health, Safety and Environmental Programs. Our Safety Management System has migrated to a platform that will include robust mobile applications for injury and illness management as well as input of assessments conducted in the workplace. The Turner Tablet will provide electronic JSAs.

In 2019, Turner Industries successfully rebid several large-scale, multi-site contracts. The Maintenance Division enters 2020 continuing to provide clients the comprehensive list of services they need at a competitive price while delivering long-term cost savings.

We pledge not to become complacent but to always strive to improve and innovate. In 2020, the division is introducing a new project manager dashboard providing instant at-a-glance visibility into all aspects of Turner’s performance at the individual site level. By making data available in real time and presenting analytics in a user-friendly format, the dashboard arms our managers with the information necessary to make day-to-day decisions and improve our clients’ success.

DISASTER-PROOF DATA With the company’s considerable growth over the past decade, processing capacity and data storage requirements have grown exponentially. To sustain data integrity and security, our information technology department partnered with Sirius Computer Solutions in upgrading our production and backup data centers. Our servers were migrated from a traditional architecture to a hyperconverged infrastructure. In laymen’s terms, it means we have the ability to seamlessly switch between data centers without downtime, disaster-proofing our data and preparing for future growth. WINTER 2020 17



The slab has been poured for a new personnel facility at our

Turner Specialty Services’ inspection group’s new technologies take human senses to new levels.


office complex in Pasadena, Texas. This will be Turner’s third one-stop-shop hiring facility designed to make the hiring process as easy as possible for our new employees while at the same time getting them to the job sites more quickly. The facility is scheduled to open in the fourth quarter of 2020.



Our Pipe Fabrication Division is stepping up their estimating game with a new version of WinTake®, our proprietary estimating software application. WinTake® now uses a cloud-based behavioral analytics platform to identify trends, giving estimators the ability to set strategic goals and estimate more quickly and precisely than ever. The Division is also implementing an electronic “Time Entry” module (part of Turner Tablet application) designed to provide a more accurate estimate of cost and time for proposals.

OPTICAL GAS IMAGING – Delivers the optimum solution for the detection of methane and other hydrocarbon gases. ACOUSTIC EMISSION TESTING (AE) – Uses

sound to detect defects of tanks and vessels allowing for early detection before serious damage can occur.


and quantify corrosion in inaccessible areas such as behind pipe supports, under pipe clamps, under vessel supports, and tank floor critical zones while in service.


PUTTING THE PIECES TOGETHER Our modular fabrication group kicked off 2020 in their new digs, a 4,200-square-foot office, part of the modular fabrication yard in Port Allen, Louisiana. With the recent pivot towards modularization on heavy industrial construction projects, this group is gearing up for their biggest year ever.



THE FUTURE OF FABRICATION TECHNOLOGY LOOKS SHARP The future has landed at our fabrication facility in Decatur, Alabama with the recent investment of two state-of-the-art machines. The latest in cutting technology for specialty fabrication, the Messer Titan III has the ability to cut flat and curved material from 26 gauge to 2" plate thickness and provides precise machine motion accuracy. The Titan III cuts production time in half, saving clients time and money. Another member of the latest structural fabrication technology, the beamline machine greatly speeds up the processing of steel beams providing an exponentially faster product turnaround and substantial cost savings. 18 WINTER 2020






Our expanding robotics fleet is making confined space entry a thing of the past. With remote visual inspection and ultrasonic thickness capabilities, the robotic services not only provide significant cost savings but also improve quality and safety.

AUTOMATED HYDRO BLASTING Turner Specialty Services’ industrial group is taking a “hands-off” approach to industrial cleaning, from vacuum truck services to automated hydro blasting. This hands-free, automated equipment is the gold standard from a technical, health, and safety perspective. Using this technology, the group will focus on growing their Texas market in 2020.

SOFT CRAFT SOLUTIONS FOR HARD PROBLEMS This year, Turner Industries introduces smart scaffolding—GPStagged scaffolding, along with a mobile application that provides our clients with a real-time dashboard of on-site scaffolding inventory. The Scaffold Tracking Mobility Project also provides an automated cost code structure, allows for mobile data entry associated with inventory, and integrates with our ERP system to facilitate automated billing.

TAKING OUR SERVICES TO NEW HEIGHTS Looking to reduce those ‘sky-high’ maintenance scaffolding costs? Look no further than Turner Specialty Services’ rope access group. Using ropes and harnesses, rope access techs reach work areas hundreds of feet in the air by climbing up or down from a set point. Within its first year of operation, it has provided documented cost savings to clients already—to the tune of $5.8 million dollars.



TACKLING 2020 HEAD ON The turnaround group finished 2019 having performed more turnarounds for more clients than ever before. Not resting on their laurels, the group is starting 2020 with one of the biggest turnarounds of the year—a $74 million-dollar event at Huntsman in Port Neches, Texas.



The Equipment Division rolls into the new year commissioning their latest addition—a 600-ton hydro crane. But that isn’t their only new investment. The division is also sporting two new 155-ton cranes, one new 240-ton crane, five new tractors and a brand new 7,875-square-foot maintenance and repair facility in Louisiana.


BUILDING BIG ON A SOLID FOUNDATION As the new year begins, the Construction Division is wrapping up activities on the Sasol Mega Project in Lake Charles, Louisiana while at the same time ramping up activities on two new projects: The Gulf Coast Growth Venture project in Portland, just outside Corpus Christi, Texas and the ExxonMobil Polyolefins PPG project in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Planning and estimating for Shell’s Project Lotus—a $1.2 billion expansion at the Geismar manufacturing facility in Louisiana to build a world-scale monoethylene glycol (MEG) plant— is well underway with front-end and early work scheduled to start in the second quarter of 2020. WINTER 2020 19

J.W. “Billy” Guitreau

Thank You for 46 Years of Leadership


their goals. By hiring, training and motivating talented managers,

we pay tribute to him and the mark he made on the industry and

heights in innovation and customer satisfaction, offering the most

on Turner Industries.

comprehensive slate of heavy industrial services of any contractor

In the late 1960’s Guitreau was working as contract maintenance

in the business.

manager for Plant Services when he met our founder, the late

Today, Turner Industries holds maintenance contracts with

you’ve worked in the Gulf South refining or chemical industry during the past 50 years, chances are you’ve heard of J.W. “Billy” Guitreau. As he embarks on a new chapter in his life,

Bert S. Turner. As they represented their respective companies in negotiations with national labor unions in Washington, D.C., the two men developed a mutual respect and a rapport with each other. During this time, Guitreau played an instrumental role in developing a document that would significantly impact union maintenance work in Louisiana for many years. At the time it was known as the

union and open shop contractors so that they could accomplish he has led Turner’s Maintenance and Turnaround Division to new

major producers and performs work all over North America. The maintenance business led to the company’s expansion that started in Lake Charles, with a contract at Cities Services (now CITGO) in 1978, where Turner still performs work today. Another example of

played an instrumental “ Guitreau role in developing a document

“Orange Book Agreement,” because of the only color of paper available late one night to make copies of the agreement. Negotiations eventually led to the General Presidents

Turner’s maintenance innovation has been the multi-site alliances that began in the late 1990’s that has led to work at sites across

that would significantly impact the Gulf Coast, including Norco, Convent, union maintenance work in and Geismar, Louisiana; Mobile, Alabama; and Louisiana for many years. Deer Park, Texas.

Project Maintenance Agreement. “The Orange Book Agreement worked well in this area for many years,” said Guitreau. “There’s no question it saved jobs for a lot of people.” Guitreau was not considering changing jobs at the time, but Bert Turner was intent on having Guitreau come to work for him. Turner eventually persuaded him to take a position as vice president in

Ever expanding, the Maintenance and Turnaround Division under Guitreau’s leadership today accounts for a large portion of Turner Industries’ revenue. This division is consistently ranked the number one maintenance provider in Petroleum by Engineering NewsRecord Sourcebook. The heart of maintenance never stops beating. Turner Industries

charge of maintenance and turnarounds for one of Turner’s unionized

has risen to the top of its industry by making each work hour as

companies, National Maintenance. Guitreau says once he took that

productive as possible. That speaks to the depth of the organization,

job, he never looked back and has always maintained “Turner is the

its leaders, and the men and women behind the job committed to

best company anyone could work for.”

delivering the best results to our clients.

While Bert Turner always recognized the importance of having

As he begins this next chapter in his life, we salute Billy Guitreau

maintenance contracts, Guitreau was always able to support the

for leading that charge for so many years. We wish him good health,

company’s clients in balancing their labor strategies with a mix of

happiness and all the blessings he so richly deserves in his retirement.

20 WINTER 2020


Workforce Development


2019 BUILD YOUR FUTURE To celebrate Careers in Construction month, Turner Industries participated in several Build Your Future events put on by Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc. (ABC), across the Gulf South.

Gonzales, Louisiana – ABC’s Pelican and Bayou chapters hosted a joint event this year at the Lamar Dixon Expo Center. The event featured over 40 vendors and was attended by over 1,000 students from 60 area high schools across Louisiana. During the event Turner organized a competition in which students were tasked with determining the length, radius, and diameter of PVC pipe. They were given materials such as tape measures and calculators. Points were given for correct answers and students with the most points were given a Turner Industries hat.

Corpus Christi, Texas – Turner Industries employees participated in the Texas Workforce Solutions “You Choose! Career Expo” held for Corpus Christi region middle and high school students on September 25th. 2,500 students from 30 local school districts attended the event. The day was focused on the future workforce and showing students options to consider for their future careers.

Pasadena, Texas – Representatives from Turner Industries attended the 2019 ABC/ CMEF Construction Careers Exposition held at the Pasadena Convention Center. This annual event is put together by the ABC/CMEF Construction Career Youth Committee (CCYC) for high school students in Career and Technical Education in the Houston/Ship Channel region. In order for schools to be eligible to send students to the event, instructors must prove they teach students NCCER modules. This past school year, sponsored schools in the region submitted 29,150 modules for processing by CMEF and also to be submitted to the NCCER National Registry. The event was attended by 23 local high schools and 42 partner companies volunteered with handson events and information booths. There were 210 volunteers and 387 high school CTE students in attendance.

WINTER 2020 21

Workforce Development

2019 BUILD YOUR FUTURE (Continued) Lake Charles, Louisiana – Representatives from Turner Industries attended a Build Your Future Event at the West Cal Arena. Over 500 students from 39 high schools across Southwest Louisiana attended the event. Turner Industries also had a booth where Director of Workforce Development Ray Neck, Workforce Development Coordinator Bryan Gerace, Training Development Manager Glen Massey, and Personnel Manager Kent Dartez talked to the students about how to get a career in the construction industry started. The booth also featured an activity where students were tasked with measuring different pieces of pipe. Turner Industries also made sure to encourage school staff members and administrators to support students’ goals of working in the construction industry and the importance of the industry.

Galveston, Texas – Representatives from Turner Industries attended a Build Your Future event at Galveston College. Workforce Development Manager, Carla Thompson was given the opportunity to be a speaker for this event. The event hosted 85 students from construction trade classes at Galveston College and an additional 35 students from Ball High School who are dual enrolled in welding and electrical trades. The event focused on pathways into the industrial construction industry.

Texas City, Texas – Dan Carr, Turner site safety manager for the Olin-Freeport job site, visited Texas City ISD in October and gave a “Build Your Future” presentation to NCCER Electrical students at the Texas City ISD Industrial Trades Center. Texas City ISD is one of the high schools that Turner Industries sponsors under the ABC/CMEF Construction Career Youth Committee. Dan also spent time in the electrical lab and talked about safety required for students’ chosen career pathways.

22 WINTER 2020


Workforce Development

Turner Industries Shines at GBRIA Workforce Development Awards Baton Rouge, La. – The Greater Baton Rouge Industry Alliance (GBRIA) recently held its annual Workforce Development Awards Banquet at the Marriot Hotel. This event, which has traditionally been contractor-focused, has recently expanded to include awards for local high schools and post-secondary institutions. As a contractor, Turner is given the opportunity to nominate the high schools we sponsor and the Post-Secondary institutions we regularly work with. For each category, awards are given for (from highest to lowest): Excellence, Merit, and Recognition. Nominated by Turner and recognized with an Award of Excellence were St. Amant High School, East Ascension High School, Baton Rouge Community College, and LSU Digital and Continuing Education. Recognized with an Award of Merit were St. James High School, Dutchtown High School, ABC Pelican Chapter and Alliance Safety Council. Additionally, Mandy Delaune, Turner’s FFA coordinator and welding instructor at St. Amant High School was awarded the HS Craft Workforce Champion Award. Contractors are nominated by the clients we work for. Turner Industries Group (TIG) and Turner Specialty Services (TSS) received nominations from several of our clients. Contractor awards were awarded based on several criteria which include, but are not limited to: diversity, high school partnerships, community relationships, job fair attendance, participation (and chairing) local and national workforce committees, career paths, and training current employees (in-house, through vendors, or via grants). TIG and TSS were both recognized with Awards of Excellence. TIG received the Award of Excellence for Division III General Construction and Maintenance Division. Turner is the only contractor that has received this award every year since inception

(2007). TSS received the Award of Excellence for Division II Technical Support and has received this award every year since 2014. In addition to the Awards of Excellence, GBRIA also recognizes the Best in Category for each division. Turner Specialty Services won Best in Category for Division II TSS and Turner Industries Group won Best in category for Division III. “Our success is a testament to the commitment that management has in developing the future workforce and training and uplifting our current workforce. Thanks to all of you who have made your own individual commitments to assuring we can recruit and keep our workforce of the future,” said Director of Workforce Development Raymond Neck.

Accepting one of the awards on behalf of Turner Industries was Turner Learning & Development Manager Elizabeth Beckham. Here pictured with Chief Operating Officer of Cornerstone Chemical Co. and GBRIA Board of Directors Chair Tom Yura.

Aligning Education and Employer Needs “Committed to building the workforce of tomorrow…” is part of the tag line for Louisiana’s Community and Technical Colleges System (LCTCS). Turner Industries has, by necessity, always been on the leading edge of workforce development in Louisiana. Turner Industries President Stephen Toups has been a noteworthy supporter and a leader in making the LCTCS commitment a reality since he joined the Board of Supervisors in 2008. As part of the LCTCS board’s strategic planning session in November, Toups, who is the current LCTCS board chairman, invited the board members and other educational leaders to tour the Turner Industries pipe fabrication facility in Port Allen, Louisiana. “Collaborating with local business to create relevant, timely programs that address the needs of Louisiana employers…” is the means by which LCTCS gets the workforce of tomorrow trained. State businesses can communicate their workforce needs to the LCTCS and together build customized training programs that result in capable and skilled employees to fill existing jobs. Increasing the skilled craft workforce has always been a goal of Turner Industries. Toups has worked tirelessly for years helping align Community and Technical College with the real needs of employers. Turner’s pipe fab facility has long been an example of how workforce development can provide opportunity for entry level workers with basic skills and certifications from technical colleges in pipe fitting and welding. Upon gaining employment, they can further their careers by improving their skills on the job. They can also participate in after-work programs to upgrade their skills and increase their pay. WINTER 2020 23

Workforce Development 2019 CMEF/ HBR Workforce Development Awards Houston, Texas – Turner Industries received five awards at the Workforce Development Awards this past September for their contributions to workforce development in the Houston region. John Golashesky, Sr. Vice President for the Houston Region, received a top award for his leadership role. Jill Hill, HR Manager for the Houston Fabrication division, received a WOW – Women of Workforce award for her contributions to ABC/CMEF. Carla Thompson, Workforce Development Manager for the Houston region, received the WOW award along with the ABC/CMEF Above and Beyond award. Turner Industries also received a 2019 Industry Impact Award for the company’s contributions to workforce development.

Hammons Employment Leadership Program Falfurrias, Texas – Hammons Employment Leadership Programs, Inc. (HELP) requested that Turner Industries participate in their multiple facility tour. This tour was a part of HELP’s Window on the World (WOW) Program. Turner Industries’ Fabrication Division was a stop for students from Falfurrias High School. Johnny Sanchez, Turner Industries Fabrication Superintendent, led the tour of the Fabrication Division, and Jesse Ramirez, Turner Industries Workforce Development Coordinator, was the tour organizer. The mission of HELP is to provide employment and educational opportunities and services to at-risk, disabled, middle and high school students through programs aimed towards dropout prevention, developing vocational skills, counseling, career mentoring and intervention services. This nonprofit organization has taken 4,500 students to over 100 work sites. Brooks County ISD has 80.3% of their population designated as economically disadvantaged and 59.7% of the students are considered high risk for dropping out of school. HELP aims to provide these students with the knowledge of career opportunities to encourage them to stay in school.

ABC Pelican Annual Craft Competition ABC Pelican recently hosted their annual craft competition on December 6, 2019. Turner employees competed in areas of millwright, pipefitting, and welding. Turner

Turner employees also competed in a cook-off at the craft competition. Employees cooked both gumbo and pastalaya for hungry competitors, ABC staff, and guests.

employees placed in both millwright and welding. Listed below are Turner’s award recipients and their locations.





Austin Pardue, Westlake - Geismar, LA


Lionel Beckett, Marathon - Garyville, LA


Gavin Oldham, Shell - Norco, LA 24 WINTER 2020

Trey Hebert, Oxy - Convent, LA


Tristan Acosta, Oxy - Geismar, LA

Pictured, along with Workforce Development Manager Bryan Gerace, are Austin Pardue, Trey Hebert, and Tristan Acosta who will now go on to represent Turner at the National Craft Championships in March 2020 in Nashville, Tennessee!


Bits and Bytes


Turner’s IT Training Team Proves That People Drive Technology Whether it’s Ford or Ferrari, neither can compete without a competent driver. The Chevrolet Monte Carlo No. 8 was an amazing race car, but it was nothing without Dale Earnhardt, Jr. No matter how great the technology, without a talented operator, the vehicle will never reach its full potential. Turner Industries’ decades-long investment in technology includes utilizing first-class software, many of which are created and coded in-house. To ensure our employees’ efforts are maximized when working with these programs, Turner counts on our IT training team. This group dedicates their energy and expertise to make sure our employees are confident taking the wheel, driving our clients to success. Our IT training team teaches and supports both Turner’s custom applications and third-party products. In 2019, they conducted 215 instructor-led classes across the country including our corporate, regional, and personnel offices and job sites. In an effort to expand 24/7/365 training communication to Turner employees, the training team and Sharepoint development team have created the IT Knowledge Base: an interactive hub for everything training. The Knowledge Base includes everything from manuals and video tutorials to best practices and weekly news. Employees who wish to access the Knowledge Base can visit: https://turnerind.sharepoint.com/sites/ITKnowledgeBase

If you are interested in taking instructor-led software classes, please consult with your supervisor.









Pictured is IT Training Manager Kaci Forman along with her team members Marina Richard, Patrick Bouy, Candace Griffin, and Ben Genre. Not pictured is Alicia Trevino who works out of the Pasadena office.

WINTER 2020 25


At Turner Industries, we proudly employ Veterans of the United States Armed Forces. On Veterans Day 2019, Turner employees—company wide—honored our veterans for their commitment, their courage, and their sacrifices—remembering that freedom is not free. Louisiana Secretary of Veterans Affairs Colonel Joey Strickland visited the main office in Baton Rouge and surprised Turner Industries with an official statement of recognition from Governor John Bel Edwards acknowledging our dedication to honoring Louisiana Veterans and their service to our country. Below are a few photos from around the company from Veterans Day 2019. With gratitude and respect – we thank you.

26 WINTER 2020


TEAM Turner



InItLive Makes Volunteering with TEAM Turner Easier At Turner Industries we believe that volunteering is an important

done, any members that have the InItLive mobile application can

aspect of being a Turner employee. TEAM Turner helps make a

view the details and contact the event manager to sign up for the

difference in the communities where our employees live and work.

event. Within the InItLive volunteer profile we have also included

Now, it is easier than ever to volunteer. Whether you are already a

ways for volunteers to give the TEAM Turner board members valuable

member or wanting to get involved, there has never been a better

feedback as to what kind of volunteer events are important to them.

time than now to participate and make a difference. In December, 2019, we sat down with Manager of Enterprise Solutions and TEAM Turner Board Chair Steve Malik to ask him a few questions about the new platform, and this is what he had to say: What is InItLive? – InitLive is an event staff scheduling and communication platform built to keep organizers and teams informed and connected. The system will allow TEAM Turner event organizers to plan, recruit, schedule and communicate event information to current and potential volunteers through an easy to use app. InItLive has a user-friendly web-based portal that

When will InItLive be available? – We have slowly started to use InItLive for certain events with the goal of using it fully within the Baton Rouge region January 1st. We will roll out in other areas soon after. Where is InItLive being used? – We are starting within the Baton Rouge region in order to train appropriate TEAM Turner members how to use the system. Once that is done, the goal is to use InItLive wherever there is an organized TEAM Turner Board. How do I sign up? – Whether you are a current TEAM Turner member or are wanting to join, you will need to sign up with InItLive. Employees will be notified once the system is available in their respective areas.

allows the event managers to quickly enter all the event information then, with the click of a button, Go Live with the event. Once this is

For more information on InItLive contact Steve Malik 225-214-2198

WINTER 2020 27

TEAM Turner™ 25th Annual Girls Haven Gumbo Cook-Off Beaumont, Texas – Turner Industries was a proud participant in the 25th Girls Haven Gumbo Cookoff. The fundraising event benefits Girls Haven, an

2019 Walk to End Alzheimers Beaumont, Texas – Team Turner was privileged to take part in 2019 Beaumont Walk to End Alzheimers. Team Turner participants: Ginger Apodaca, Jason Apodaca, Amy Young, Tony Young, Tyler Young, Phil Gauthreaux, Cole Gauthreaux, Macy McBroom, Leslie, Marcus, Gonzalo Alvarez, Christopher Alvarez, Gio Alvarez, Blanca Alverez, Arlette Alverez, Colleen Stone, and Hanna Stark.

organization which places girls 12 to 17 years of age in a shelter due to various family issues. All food was prepared on site and bought by patrons. Turner took home first place again this year in the poultry category for selling the most gumbo. Thank you to Turner site manager Shannon Trahan for sharing his family’s recipe for this event. It was quite the hit!

2019 PetroChem Pre-game Activities for McNeese State University Homecoming Game Lake Charles, Louisiana – Team Turner members participated in the 2019 PetroChem pre-game activities for the McNeese State University homecoming game by preparing and serving chili. This was Turner’s 16th year participating. Joining Lake Charles area members this year were members from the Houston area as the McNeese Cowboys took on the Houston Baptist Huskies. Approximately 500 bowls of chili were served to football fans from both teams.

11th Annual Ubi Caritas Date Night Auction “A Night with The Stars” Beaumont, Texas – Turner Industries participated in Ubi Caritas’ annual charity auction. Ubi Caritas via its Partnership of Caring programs is providing an accessible option for many to receive affordable primary health care and education. The auction serves as the largest fundraiser and supports the efforts in helping the medically under served and uninsured in Southeast Texas, along with dental care and several other programs that empower mothers and youth in local communities. A total of $115,000 was raised at this year’s auction. 28 WINTER 2020


TEAM Turner™

CHRISTMAS EFFORTS During the holidays, TEAM Turner members across the country took part in the season of giving. Here are a few examples of our employees’ generosity. Thank you all for donating your time and resources.






Turner’s parade float celebrated its 20th year of operation in Paris, Texas and was awarded 1st place in the industry division for the 3rd year!

WINTER 2020 29

TEAM Turner™ Coastal Bend Food Drive

Pasadena Office Hosts Blood Drive

Portland, Texas – Turner employees at the GCGV EPC 1 project collected over four hundred pounds of food for the coastal bend food drive.

Pasadena, Texas – In December of 2019, Turner’s Pasadena office hosted its 41st blood drive. Thank you to all Turner employees who participated in making this drive a success year after year!

Pictured from left to right are Turner Employees Holly Brandt, Amanda Ruiz and Jim Martinez.

McKinley High School Senior Project Baton Rouge, Louisiana – Turner Specialty Services (TSS) was given an opportunity to give back to the community by partnering with McKinley Senior High School and beautifying their student common area. Spearheading the project was McKinley High School Senior Marlea Corey, who as her senior exit project, along with three other students, had chosen to beautify her school. With the help of Principal Dr. Esrom Pitre they demonstrated how businesses and communities can work together and produce a positive outcome. Marlea contacted Turner Senior Vice President Robert Chandler and Senior Operations Manager Jimmy Watkins, who were happy to help her make this project come to life. TSS helped transform an outdated and dilapidated area into a beautiful, spatial, multipurpose courtyard that will benefit the students for many years to come. The project took four days to complete, beginning with the removal of an old deck and working to produce what is now a completely functional and safe space. Marlea worked hard and was hands on while assisting Turner Site Superintendent Chris Delaughter and TSS Project Manager Quinn Leblanc with everything from unloading trucks to drilling new decking materials. Students got an opportunity to learn a few very important life skills and saw first hand the impact of being active and lending a helping hand on volunteer projects. 30 WINTER 2020


MENTAL HEALTH FIRST AID Just as CPR can guide someone with no medical experience in assisting a friend, family member, co-worker or even strangers with a physical crisis, Mental Health First Aid helps you assist someone experiencing a mental health crisis such as suicidal ideation or substance abuse issues. In both situations the goal is to help support the victim until appropriate professional help is identified.

Mental Health First Aid Follows Three Basic Steps: 1. Recognize the signs and symptoms of mental health problems. 2 . Intervene to provide initial help. 3 . Guide the person to appropriate professional help.

What to Do • Find a private setting where you will not be overheard or interrupted. Arrange things so there are no barriers (such as a desk) between you and the person. • Keep your comments brief and simple so you do not get the person off track. • Ask questions which show your interest and encourage the person to keep talking. For example, “What happened next?” or “What was that like?” • Give verbal and non-verbal messages of caring and support. Facial expressions and body posture go a long way toward showing your compassion. • Let people know that it is ok to cry. Handing over a box of tissues in a matter-of-fact way can help show that tears are normal and appropriate.

What Not to Do • Don’t be distressed by differences in the way people respond. Some may react calmly while others may have a strong emotional response. • Do not jump to conclusions. Emotions are rarely simple. Unless you see signs of actual danger, simply accept the feelings as that person’s natural response at the moment. • Don’t offer unsolicited advice or turn the conversation into a forum for your own experiences. • Do not say anything that tries to minimize the person’s pain such as “It could be a lot worse.” After you have talked to someone who is hurting, you may feel as if you have absorbed some of that person’s pain. Take care of yourself by talking with a friend, taking a walk or doing whatever helps restore your own spirits. For more resources visit www.guidanceresources.com (Turner Industries’ WEB ID is TURNEREAP)

WINTER 2020 31

News & Notes Corpus Christi Holds First VOL Training Corpus Christi, Texas – The Corpus Christi region recently completed their first Voice of Leadership (VOL) training.

Congratulations to our participants on a job well done! Employees participating in the class were: Hayden Moore - Construction Division Stephen Parris - Construction/Maintenance Division Javier Cruz - Soft Crafts Group Rolando Salinas - OxyChem

Beaumont Chamber of Commerce 116th Annual Dinner Beaumont, Texas – Representatives from Turner Industries were honored to attend The Greater Beaumont Chamber of Commerce’s Annual Meeting as a new chamber member. The Greater Beaumont Chamber of Commerce’s Annual Meeting is held every fall to celebrate the past year, share a glimpse into the new year, recognize the outgoing and incoming board chairs and the 2019 Spindletop Award Recipient. This year’s keynote speaker was Lieutenant General Gwen Bingham, Army Assistant Chief of Staff, Installation Management at the Pentagon.

Michael Ballesteros - OxyChem Joshua Weaver - Pipe Fabrication Division Johnny Sanchez - Pipe Fabrication Division Lori Garza - Pipe Fabrication Division

Pictured left to right are Beaumont City Council At-Large Randy Feldshau, Beaumont City Council Ward 2 Mike Getz, Beaumont City Council At-Large W.L. Pate and Turner Industries Business Development Jason Apodaca

Texas Petrochemical United Way Gumbo Cook-Off Port Neches, Texas – Turner Industries participated in the Texas Petrochemical (TPC) United Way gumbo cook-off. The cook-off, which was Halloween themed, offered a fun team-building opportunity for TPC employees and contractors and a creative way to fund-raise for United Way.

32 WINTER 2020


News & Notes Texas Chemical Council & Association of Chemical Industry of Texas 2019 Annual Industry Luncheon League City, Texas – Turner Industries attended the Texas Chemical Council & Association of Chemical Industry of Texas 2019 Annual Industry Luncheon held at the South Shore Harbor Resort. The event held an award presentation for recipients of the 2019 Texas Chemical Council Outstanding Service Awards and also featured Texas State Senator, Larry Taylor as the keynote speaker.

Congratulations to the 2019 Texas Chemical Council Outstanding Service Award Recipients • Outreach Community Committee – Jennifer Walsh, Covestro • Air Conservation Committee – Thuy Mai, DuPont • Tax Committee – Michael Ford, Corteva Agriscience • Water & Waste Committee – Sherman Hampton, ExxonMobil • Occupational Safety Committee – Beck Keaster, LyondellBasell • EHS Committee – Nancy Ross, LyondellBasell

Pictured from left to right are Turner Business Development Jason Apodaca, Bryan McMillian, Terry Kenney, Kathy O’Banion and Christal Robnett; Turner Workforce Development Manager Carla Thompson and Kieth DuPont; President of Texas Chemical Council Hector Rivero

Turner Industries Sponsors S&B Golf Tournament

2019 United Way Golf Tournament

Houston, Texas – Turner Industries was a proud sponsor of the S&B Engineers and Constructors Golf Tournament held at Wildcat Golf Course.

Pensacola, Florida – Turner Industries and Ascend Performance Materials sponsored the 2019 United Way Golf Tournament. The tournament invited contractors and suppliers to come together for a worthy cause which raised over $13,000 for United Way.

Pictured from left to right are Turner Site Manager, Jason McManus; Ascend Management, Joe Harris; Ascend Management, Al Faulkner and Turner Operations Manager, Charles Courtney

WINTER 2020 33

News & Notes Brazoria County Fair Turner-Olin Tailgate Angleton,Texas – Turner and Olin employees were invited to attend a tailgate before the Brazoria County Fair. Around 500 employees attended the tailgate where they enjoyed a hospitality tent which included food, beverages and a prize drawing. Employees were given free admission into the fair and the first 125 employees to enter the fair were given 250 carnival tickets. The Brazoria County Fair provides educational opportunities and scholarships to the youth of Brazoria County. The fair lasts 9 days and has been held every October since 1910.

Warrior’s Weekend Live Auction Contribution Port Allen, Louisiana – Pictured are Turner Machinist Andrew Deranger and Turner Lead Man Alric Delahoussaye with a custom fabricated barbeque pit made in support of the Warrior’s Weekend fundraiser held in Jasper, Texas in October, 2019. The barbeque pit brought in $3,500 during the live auction at the event. This year marked the 13th Warrior’s Weekend, which brought in over 600 combat wounded veterans to a water therapy weekend, as well as helping veterans with other needs. To date, the Warrior’s Weekend has helped over 7,500 combat wounded veterans.

Going Above and Beyond Pictured is Chan Chambers – Turner’s new training coordinator at Dow LAO in Plaquemine, Louisiana. Chan has been a part of the Turner family for almost 10 years. He began his career with Turner as a helper almost ten years ago and has held the positions of boilermaker, then foreman, and now training coordinator. But Chan is more than just a training coordinator. Chan is also recruiter, supervisor, safety coordinator, and even chef for team-building activities. Operations Manager Charles Courtney had this to say about Chan: “When he started in his new role, Chan jumped in feet first. He’s revamped our NCCER training program, implemented a system to easily track our records, given new life to our indoctrination process, and even reached out to area high schools to set up meetings with principals and guidance counselors to make an impact on local youth looking to move into our industry. He’s made appearances at local school “career days” and set up “recruiting missions” at job fairs to help locate new team members. He’s given countless hours of his own time to help make our team here a success. A big thanks goes out to Chan Chambers for going above and beyond!” 34 WINTER 2020


About Us T

urner Industries provides a single solution in heavy industrial construction, maintenance, turnaround, pipe and module fabrication, equipment, rigging and specialized transportation, and associated specialty services. With $2.7B in 2018 revenue, Engineering News-Record Sourcebook ranks Turner as the nation's top maintenance contractor in petroleum, and one of the top contractors in Texas and Louisiana. The company, headquartered in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, employs 23,000+ and works across the United States.



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