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ONE SOLUTION approach maximizes the benefits of modular fabrication.



Jason Broha, Marie Crespo, Corinne Bergeron, & Terry Kenney


Joseph Ard, Jason Apodaca, David Arreola, Jared Benoit, Corinne Bergeron, Mark Brittain, Jason Broha, Jana Browning, Dan Burke, Carson Chaisson, Jeff Clement, Marie Crespo, David Dorn, David Ducote, Red Fogleman, Bryan Gerace, Dustin Gordon, Carlos Guidry, Jace Guidry, Michelle Hardy, Mack Hayes, Robin Hood, Edward Hymel, Terry Kenney, Rodney Landry, Caleb Lovell, Glenn Massey, Stephanie McCarley, Neal McCleary, Andy McKinney, Mike Phelps, Colby Plaia, Karen Powers, Brett Templet, Carla Thompson, Juliana Van Tonder, Connie Paxton, John Richard, Tim Roussel, Scott Tanley, Kyle Williams, Jimmy Watkins


EDITORS’ LETTER If you’ve ever visited San Antonio, Texas and taken a River Walk tour, you have probably heard the story of the Hilton Palacio del Rio. Built for the 1968 World’s Fair, the hotel’s tight construction timeline required an innovative solution. As the core first four floors were built, all the guest rooms were being constructed and completed, down to the artwork, as modular units some seven miles away from the hotel’s site. We’ve come a long way from modular hotel rooms. Today, industrial process units that are hundreds of feet high and weigh thousands of tons can be assembled offsite, transported to their location, connected to adjoining units and start operating. This issue’s cover story puts the spotlight on Turner’s modular fabrication capabilities and the people who work on putting all the pieces together.

Jason Broha



Scott Greci

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2 SUMMER 2021






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Safety First 17 Months OSHA Recordable Free Beaumont, Texas – Turner’s SIPA group at OCI in Nederland, Texas has worked 17 months and over 15,000 hours OSHA recordable free. This includes maintenance and one major turnaround.


Two Years OSHA Recordable Free

Pasadena, Texas – Turner employees at the Pasadena pipe fabrication shop have worked two years OSHA recordable free.

One Year OSHA Recordable Free Plaquemine, La. – Turner employees at Dow have worked one year OSHA recordable free.

Two Years Recordable Free

Plaquemine, La. – Turner employees at IFF have worked two years OSHA recordable free.

1.5 Million Hours OSHA Recordable Free Carville, La. – Turner employees at TOTAL Petrochemicals have worked 1.5 million hours OSHA recordable free.

4 SUMMER 2021


Safety First 11 Million Hours and 18 Years OSHA Recordable Free St. Charles, La. – Turner Specialty Services, Inspections & NDE Group has worked 11 million hours OSHA recordable free. Pictured are inspection employees at Dow St. Charles Operations, who have worked 18 years and one million hours OSHA recordable free.

Eight Years OSHA Recordable Free

Five Years OSHA Recordable Free

Tuscaloosa, Ala. – Turner railcar operations employees at Hunt Refining have worked eight years OSHA recordable free.

Port Allen, La. – Turner employees at Placid Refining have worked five years OSHA recordable free.

Eight Years OSHA Recordable Free

Ten Years OSHA Recordable Free

La Porte, Texas – Turner’s SIPA yard employees have worked eight years recordable free.

Sandersville, Miss. – Turner maintenance employees at Hunt refining have worked ten years OSHA recordable free.

14 Years OSHA Recordable Free Deer Park, Texas – Turner employees at Hexion have worked 14 years and over 1.1 million hours OSHA recordable free.

SUMMER 2021 5

Safety First 33 Months OSHA Recordable Free Five Years OSHA Recordable Free

Saraland, Ala. –Turner employees at Shell have worked 33 months OSHA recordable free.

Sandersville, Miss. – Turner railcar operations employees at Hunt Refining have worked five years OSHA recordable free.

Two Years OSHA Recordable Free Augusta, Ga. – Turner employees at Nutrien have worked two years OSHA recordable free.

Catch of the Month Gregory, Texas – Spotter Michael Followell noticed a coworker about to walk behind an operating forklift in a congested area without contacting the operator, Robert Esfahani. Michael stopped the forklift from backing up. While a frontline supervisor on the other side was telling the forklift operator to back up, the operator held his position following the instruction from his spotter and avoided an incident. Michael and Robert were each awarded a $250 gift card for their catch of the month.

EPC1 Vision Wheel Leadership Award Gregory, Texas – Turner Frontline Supervisor Craig Campbell received the EPC1 Vison Wheel Leadership Award for the month of March 2021. This award is given out monthly at the Gulf Coast Growth Venture (GCGV) project by Wood and GCGV. Craig was selected as EPC1’s Leader of the month recognizing his behaviors, care for people, and commitment to delivering NO HURTS every day. 6 SUMMER 2021

Pictured are Wood Site Project Manager Darren Raymond, ExxonMobil GCGV Senior Project Manager Joe Carey, Turner Spotter/Rigger Michael Followell, Turner Forklift Operator Robert Esfahani, and ExxonMobil Global Projects Company GCGV Infrastructure and Site Prep. Jake Perry.


Safety First

Stop Work Week 2021

At Turner Industries, every employee has the authority to stop work if they deem a situation as potentially unsafe. May 17 - 21 was designated Stop Work Week at Turner. During this week, sites focused on the stop work process and potential triggers. Each day, topics and examples were presented of when and how employees can—and should—use their authority to stop work.

Pictured (center) is tagline contest winner Chase Rayburn, along with site leadership and coworkers at Occidental Chemical in Geismar, Louisiana.

Tagline Contest – What a Response! To make the week more interactive and to increase the engagement of our employees, the corporate health & safety department held a tagline contest. They invited employees to create a tagline to our Stop Work Program—a few words that help relay or strengthen the concept or message—the idea being to create a memorable phrase that will sum up or reinforce the meaning of something. The contest turned out to be a huge success and received an amazing 747 entries! While there were many great entries from all across the company, the winning tagline was submitted by Chase Rayburn, who submitted the tagline: “When in doubt, talk it out”—which is exactly what we want our employees to do. Congratulations Chase! Chase is from Baton Rouge, Louisiana and has been with Turner Industries at OxyChem for five years working in the warehouse.

“I chose to participate because it’s not something we are asked to do every day and it was a fun way to get more involved in the Stop Work Program. The tagline came about because a lot of times—in both life and work—we tend to over complicate things. So, I wanted something simple that everyone can relate to.” Chase received a $100 gift card, lunch for his crew, and hats for all co-workers on site.

Recent Stop Work Example Electrician Richard Conner was recently recognized for his outstanding utilization of his “Stop Work Authority” at Sasol in Westlake, Louisiana. Richard came across a mechanical job that was underway, removing a reducing spool from a sump pump. He quickly recognized that the employees working on the pump probably weren’t aware that a cutover job had recently been performed and that the pump was actually being fed power from a different building than the one they were locked out on. He spoke up and explained the situation to operations, and the work was stopped. SUMMER 2021 7

Projects & Services


Partners in Excellence

Located along the Mississippi River in Geismar, Louisiana is Rubicon, a joint venture chemicals facility between Huntsman and Lanxess. As the nested contractor, Turner Industries has built a successful relationship with Rubicon over the past 12 years. Turner has performed over 70 turnarounds on site in addition to daily maintenance and construction. On April 7th, 2021, the site hosted a celebration in recognition of the outstanding safety, maintenance, and turnaround performance over the past year. The event was attended by employees, on-site contractors, and executive leadership from Rubicon and Turner.

“Over the past year, despite many challenges, including the COVID-19 pandemic, we have successfully completed business-critical maintenance and turnarounds in every unit across the site, with a focus on safety, quality, and efficient execution. This can only be achieved with outstanding teamwork, trust and the belief that we succeed as ‘One Family’ in all that we do,” said Rubicon Plant Manager and Director of American Operations Mark Dearman. Since the inception of the contract, Turner employees have worked over 8.5 million hours and recently celebrated two years and 1.5 million hours worked OSHA recordable free. The site is VPP certified and the winner of Turner’s 2020 President’s Safety Excellence Award. Last year, Turner Site Manager Harold Oglesby was recognized by Huntsman with a Horizon Award for his commitment to excellence as a safety leader.

8 SUMMER 2021


Projects & Services

Shell Geismar AOID-1 and Syngas Turnaround In April of 2021, Turner Industries completed two turnarounds (the AOID-1 and Syngas) at the Shell Geismar facility. The AOID-1 event was originally scheduled to take place in 2020 but was delayed due to COVID-19. Turner was involved in all aspects of these two events including planning, prefabrication, and execution. An additional 370 employees were brought onsite contributing to Turner working over 85,000 hours around the clock throughout the 23-day execution window. At the peak of the AOID-1 outage, there were over 500 Turner employees onsite. These events are both great examples of Turner’s ONE SOLUTION approach, with various departments and divisions providing several services including industrial cleaning, crane and rigging, and bundle extraction, in addition to being the primary piping/mechanical contractor. Turner’s Port Allen fabrication shop also played a role, performing added prefab services.

“We faced our fair share of challenges, including severe weather and the AOID-1 being postponed in 2020 due to COVID-19. Thanks to the hard work from all Turner personnel involved, including support from nested maintenance employees within the site and from other Shell sites, months of detailed planning and preparation, and outstanding support from Shell leadership and staff, we overcame these challenges and had two successful events,” said Turner Site Manager Andy McKinney.

PROJECT QUICK FACTS DURATION: 23 Days PEAK WORKFORCE: 500+ HOURS WORKED: 85,000 JOB PACKAGES: 700+ WELDS COMPLETED: 2,109 WELD REPAIRS: ZERO WAIT, WHAT?!: Due to site storm drains and tanks being filled with rainwater because of heavy rain, the water from hydroblasting work had to be contained and prevented from hitting the ground to avoid flooding.


• Turnaround Planning and Execution • Pipe Fabrication • Crane and Rigging Services • Specialized Welding Services • Hydro-Blasting (TSS) • COVID-19 Deep Cleaning Services (TSS) • Bundle Extraction (TSS) SUMMER 2021 9

Projects & Services


Turner Industries Establishes New Maintenance Relationship with Eastman Chemical Company at Two Gulf Coast Sites A new customer relationship has been formed with Eastman Chemical Company in the recent award and transition of maintenance services to Turner Industries at their Pace, Florida and St. Gabriel, Louisiana manufacturing facilities (formerly operating as Taminco US LLC). Combined, these two amine production facilities currently employ sixty-eight full-time Turner employees in the consolidated delivery model of hard-craft mechanical and soft-craft (SIPA) maintenance services. The site teams are led by Lyle Johnson (Site Manager – St. Gabriel) and Jason McManus (Site Manager – Pace). Tim Roussel (St. Gabriel) and Richard Medina (Pace) will serve as Regional Operations Managers.

“The Turner team is excited with this new award and looks forward to a long and successful partnership with Eastman Chemical, delivering our full range of industry-leading service solutions,” said Regional Operations Manager Tim Roussel.

Turner Employees at Eastman - Pace, Florida.

Turner Employees at Eastman - St. Gabriel, Louisiana.

Turner Industries Adds SIPA Services at Dow

Turner Industries is growing its footprint at Dow in Plaquemine, Louisiana by adding a new SIPA (scaffolding, insulation, painting, and abatement) team.

“In April of 2021, we put together a twenty-person crew to begin erecting scaffold for RBI-based inspection in the LHC3 Unit. This team, led by Howard Kelly, has already overcome many challenges in their short time onsite and raised the bar for quality in their craft. We are excited about the great work this team is accomplishing and are looking forward to seeing this group grow at our site. Welcome SIPA Team to our Turner Family at Dow in Plaquemine,” said Turner Site Manager Edward Hymel.

SUMMER 2021 11

Projects & Services


On Wednesday, May 5, 2021, Turner

Industries employees at Shell Deer Park, as well as Shell representatives, came together to celebrate a variety of accomplishments. Through the theme “Thriving Together – Success Through Adversity,” the event recognized Turner’s Construction and Maintenance Divisions at Shell Deer Park achieving 1,300,000 OSHA recordable-free workhours over the past year. The Pictured are Turner Industries Vice President of Operations and Business Development Scott Tanley and Senior Vice President of Construction Carlos Guidry.

hours were successfully achieved during the COVID-19 pandemic and the 2021 historic Texas freeze in February.

“It was great being able to celebrate the achievement of such a remarkable milestone. One that is not easily achievable in normal circumstances, but then to throw a pandemic in the mix and many other external factors that were part of our daily lives really creates a risk to our safety culture and the way we care and protect people on a daily basis. Turner was able to work through that adversity to not only deliver work in the field safely but above all showed care for people,” said Shell Construction Manager Matthew S. Provenzano. "It is an honor to be a part of the Turner team and witness the high-performing results this team has been able to consistently deliver. Thank you to all the Turner site/project leadership and frontline workforce for a staying diligent. To achieve this level of success, it takes having a great team and partner, and we are so thankful to have the support of the Shell organization. We look forward to celebrating many more milestones together,” said Vice President of Business Development Scott Tanley.

Historic Insulation Job – COMPLETED SAFELY In May of 2021, Turner Industries successfully completed a first-of-its-kind insulation job at Olin in Freeport, Texas. The scope of work consisted of insulating a live high-temperature steam heater line in an operating unit. Historically, insulators on site have not completed high-temperature live work exceeding 500 degrees Fahrenheit, and this heater line’s temperature varied between 700-1000 degrees Fahrenheit. To cool down the pipe would have required Olin to shut down a portion of the unit to complete the job, something that needed to be avoided. Olin and Turner worked together to develop a plan that allowed the insulation to be added while making sure the job was executed properly with safety at the forefront of every action. With the use of aluminized suits, a cool down station, and a work/rest schedule established, the job was completed exactly as the team planned. Scaffold modifications to accommodate the plan had to be completed by Turner scaffold builders while also wearing the aluminized suits. “A huge thank you to the Turner scaffold and insulation teams for taking the time to set up the job properly. By working together, we were able to safely complete a job that has never been completed onsite,” said Turner Industries Safety Manager Dustin Gordon. 12 SUMMER 2021


Projects & Services

Kuraray Eval Spring 2021 Turnaround In 2021, Turner was selected to execute the Spring Kuraray Eval Turnaround in Pasadena, Texas. This was the second time Turner was tasked to perform this event, the first time being back in 2018. This year’s turnaround included the added scope of planning 442 work packages and scheduling for the event, but it also included the challenges of recovering from the worst winter storm and freeze event in Southeast Texas in recent history. Once again, Turner stepped up to the challenges and completed this turnaround—not only recordable free but ahead of schedule and under budget. The planning effort began in June 2020, with a group of three Turner planners, eventually growing to five planners. Document control and constructibility reviews ensured all work packages were completed in January of 2021. Pre-outage onsite pipe fabrication began in December of 2020, with 1,902 shop welds being completed prior to the event start date on April 12th. Turner mobilized a peak headcount of 285 employees between mechanical and SIPA (scaffolding, insulation, painting, and abatement) employees, along with employees from the crane and rigging group. The work was scheduled for two 12-hour shifts per day for 25 days. Turner also has the nested maintenance and SIPA contract with Kuraray, and all nested employees worked as part of the turnaround team, proving Turner’s philosophy of ONE SOLUTION works for our customers.




Turnaround Manager: David Sigler


Maintenance Manager: James Gray


Maintenance Frontline Supervisor: David Ramirez Crane and Rigging Superintendent: Jimmy Millings


• Pipe Fabrication • Mechanical • Piping • Electrical and Instrumentation • SIPA Work Packages

Planners: Ivan Bourgeois, Jonathan O’dette, Jose Valencia Nightshift Superintendent: Tim Stimage SIPA Superintendent: Robert Garcia Safety Manager: Colby Kyser Project Controls: Alexandra Garza SUMMER 2021 13

Projects & Services

Success During Second-Quarter Outage at Occidental Chemical Turner Industries recently completed another successful turnaround at Occidental Chemical (OxyChem) in Geismar, Louisiana. This second-quarter MCI EDC outage was completed incident free in a high-quality manner. The outage lasted 39 days and was plagued with several days of weather delays—but all work was completed safely. If there is one site that truly exemplifies our efforts to provide clients with a ONE SOLUTION approach to services, it is OxyChem. The recent turnaround was no exception. The event was completed utilizing the onsite Turner Maintenance crew, the Turnaround Services Group including SWS, Turner Specialty Services (hydroblast/vacuum, catalyst, inspection, bolt torquing), SIPA (scaffolding, insulation, painting and abatement), and Crane and Rigging services. “I can always count on Turner to provide quality resources when I need them. They do great work and work through issues with us as they come up. We appreciate their continuous support from all levels of their organization,” said OxyChem Organics Maintenance Manager Nome Cruz.




39 Days

Tim Roussel


Walter Dewitt







Eric Daigle (Days)

Dustin Salmon (Nights)

ADDITIONAL WORK Coming out of the event, the site experienced a failure of the river-water-discharge piping, and the turnaround group was called back to the site to assist with the replacement of 3,500 feet of 10" and 12" piping. The piping ran under several roadways and the main tracks of the rail system nearby. With the combined efforts of the turnaround group, Turner Specialty Services (industrial, inspections, and environmental) and the crane and rigging group working day and night, all the piping was replaced, and the project was completed incident free in just four days.

KEY PERSONNEL SUPERINTENDENTS (Days): Jordan Madere & Justin Cromholt

SUPERINTENDENTS (Nights): Kenny Brown & David Perk



Projects & Services

TSS Work Completed Ahead of Schedule and Under Budget Turner Specialty Services (TSS) supported the Specialized Welding Services (SWS) group during the recent PrOH turnaround at OQ (formerly known as OXEA) in Bay City, Texas. TSS’ hydroblasting group completed work on several exchangers, towers, and drums, and the vacuum-truck group supported all operations on site. “In addition to our day-to-day work on site, we are grateful for the relationships we have built with the OQ management team and the opportunity to be a part of their turnaround events,” said TSS Vice President Jimmy Watkins. “TSS came in and provided another successful turnaround. Superintendent Troy Burge, being new to the OQ site, came in and immediately became part of the team providing support wherever he could and willing to adapt to any changes in the schedule,” said OQ Chemicals Turnaround Coordinator Butch Sneath.

Work was completed two days ahead of schedule and 30% under budget with zero OSHA recordables. KEY PERSONNEL TSS SUPERINTENDENT: Troy Burge TSS PROJECT MANAGERS: Daniel Olinde, Gerald Munoz

SUMMER 2021 15


you’ve been working in heavy industry during the last couple of decades, you’ve probably noticed an increase in demand for modular fabrication. It is a safe, effective way to build new industrial facilities. But how exactly does it work, and why the growing interest?

At Turner Industries, our teams can fabricate and assemble a variety of structures offsite at our modular fabrication yards, then transport and install them at client sites. We build the structures in pieces known as modules. Think of the modules as LEGO® bricks—but instead of tiny bricks, we’re building pieces that can be hundreds of feet tall and weigh thousands of tons. So, what are the benefits of modular fabrication? From reduced onsite traffic to increased productivity, the client benefits are plentiful. We can construct the pieces offsite to the level of quality that every client expects. It also saves time, money, administrative headaches—the elements that win-win situations are built on. Given the benefits and the growing demand, modular fabrication offers great growth opportunities for our clients. Like other Turner services, we’re ahead of the modular fabrication game while other industrial contractors are playing catchup. With five facilities across the Gulf South, we’ve been offering a one-stop modular fabrication solution for over 20 years. In this cover story we’ll put the pieces together and see what it takes to make modular fabrication possible. From our technical capabilities and associated services, to our employees and locations, modular fabrication is the sum of many excellent moving parts. 16 SUMMER 2021


How Turner Industries’ ONE SOLUTION approach maximizes the benefits of modular fabrication. Modular fabrication is not new to Turner Industries. We have been in the modular fabrication business for the past twenty years, which has allowed us to build an extensive portfolio packed with experience and expertise.

“With five locations, Turner can meet the increasing demand of modular fabrication for all industries while streamlining workflows, controlling project costs, and most importantly, providing a safe work environment,” said Turner Sr. Vice President of Construction Carlos Guidry. From small process skids to large pipe racks and subsea modules, Turner has built and shipped them all. With access to major interstates and deep water, we service upstream, midstream, and downstream clients across the U.S. and abroad. We also serve the LNG, nuclear, and food and beverage industries. Structural and piping components, electrical and instrumentation, insulation and painting, steam or electrical tracing, fire proofing, factory acceptance testing, planning and project controls, barge and truck loading, and transport services—we can handle it all.

THE NEW KID ON THE BLOCK Turner Industries recently acquired a New Iberia Facility from Dynamic Energy Services in New Iberia, Louisiana. The addition of this facility and key personnel expands Turner Industries’ capacity and creates one of the industry’s most capable large-scale module fabrication yards. The facility is the cornerstone of Turner’s new Gulf of Mexico Operations, which will strengthen and diversify the company’s current service offerings for opportunities with both new and existing clients. The site’s direct access to deep water and major interstates means modules can be efficiently shipped across the country and offshore.

“I am very excited to be a part of this new chapter for Turner Industries. Adding the New Iberia yard capabilities to Turner’s already significant module portfolio will open new doors for us. It affords us the opportunity to support our clients’ needs on a much larger scale. Modules up to 6,000 tons can be fabricated and shipped out directly to the Gulf of Mexico,” said Gulf of Mexico Operations Sr. Vice President John Richard. SUMMER 2021 17

Our extensive list of service offerings makes us your ONE SOLUTION for modular fabrication. At Turner Industries we can fabricate, assemble, transport, and install.

P I P E FA B R I C AT I O N Engineered pipe spools are a critical component of industrial modules. As the largest privately owned pipe fabricator in the country, Turner Industries offers turnkey solutions that provide a one-stop shop for pipe fabrication needs. We’ve grown by meeting client demand while constantly emphasizing innovation. Our full range of semi-automatic and manual pipe fabrication capabilities include welding, bending, coating and everything in between. • • • • • •

Five Facilities ASME/NBIC Stamps “U”, “S” & “R” Nuclear Stamps “NS”, “NA”, “NPT” Cold and Induction Bending up to 54" OD Fusion Bond Epoxy Thermal Spray

ST E E L , V E SS E L , CU STO M & S P EC I A LT Y FA B RI C AT I O N Our multi-service facility in Decatur, Alabama allows us to service modular fabrication projects with pressure-vessel and structural steel fabrication. With state-of-the-art cutting technology we can cut flat and curved material and speed up the processing of vessels and steel beams. Whether you need silo, drum, pressure vessel, column, or jacketed vessel fabrication of any alloy—we’ve got you covered.

D E C AT U R FA C I L I T Y Q U I C K FA C T S ASME Code Vessel Fabrication (CS, SS, Ni & Cr alloys, Ti, Al) • ASME/NBIC Stamps “U”, “S” & “R”

o ASME Section VIII Division 1

o NBIC “R” Repairs/Alterations

o CWS, API-510, API-653, CWB

o Alloy Fabrication

o Polishing to 4 Ra

o Shop Fabricated API Tanks

18 SUMMER 2021


A S S E M B LY With over 200 acres of assembly space, including 200,000 SQ. FT. of covered fabrication space in five strategic locations with access to interstates, major waterways, and deep water, Turner can assemble modules up to 6,000 tons. Our modular fabrication crews can handle structural, mechanical, piping, insulation, hydro-testing, painting, fire-proofing, and complete electrical and instrumentation work. Extensive laydown areas and climate-controlled storage simplifies material management, and onsite quality-control personnel ensures product excellence.

T R A N S P O RTAT I O N Turner Industries has long been recognized as a leader in equipment, rigging and specialized transportation. Our extensive fleet of trucks, hydraulic semi-trailers, and self-propelled modular transporters (SPMTs) can handle large and complex hauling jobs. Heavy-haul specialists determine precise weight and center-of-gravity calculations to facilitate transport, rigging design, and setting of the modules. Experienced planners complete logistic survey routings, and skilled operators make sure modules arrive safely and timely at their destination.

I N S TA L L AT I O N With a 100% success rate of dimensional control for single-weld hook-up, self-propelled modular transporters (SPMTs) are used to set modules at grade, and SPMTs in conjunction with hydraulic lift systems and/ or large cranes are used to set elevated modules on both welded and bolted steel frames.

SUMMER 2021 19

RECENT MODULAR WORK Rubicon Turner Industries is currently working a multiphase expansion at the Huntsman/Rubicon site in Geismar, Louisiana. The Geismar plant mostly produces methylene diphenyl diisocyanate (MDI). MDI is used in polyurethane manufacturing for products such as pharmaceuticals, plastics, shoes, furniture, and insulation. Subcontracted through Burns and McDonnell, Turner’s general scope of work is to construct and set 84 modules that will make up two separate units, while also making the necessary pipe rack revisions to tie in existing systems to the newly constructed units.

“This job was set up to be a success from the beginning. From our modular yard fabricating the modules, to the Construction Division installing them and everything in between, it has been a team effort all around. Turner’s construction, maintenance, fabrication, and transportation division and, of course, Rubicon and Burns and McDonnell, have all worked together seamlessly. It is a pleasure to work alongside all these great people,” said Turner Site Manager Brett Templet.

ExxonMobil PPG As the general construction contractor, Turner Industries realized early in the constructibility process that the ExxonMobil Polypropylene Growth Project in Baton Rouge, Louisiana was well suited to utilize our local module fabrication facility in Port Allen for parts of the project—saving the owner time and money, as well as ensuring safe execution of the work. Coordination with the project engineering company, Worley, started early in the design stage. A total of six pipe rack modules consisting of 215 tons of steel, 689 spools totaling over 13,500 linear feet, and 2,305 linear feet of cable tray were fabricated. Turner commissioned the help of our crane and rigging group to transport the modules on self-propelled modular transporters (SPMTs) via barge to the site and set them. Once offloaded from the barge, five modules were driven straight to their location and lowered on pedestals, while the final module was lifted into place.

“From construction to installation, the Turner team worked closely between the two sites to safely construct and deliver the pipe rack modules on schedule. This was a team effort from start to finish that resulted in bringing significant value to the field execution of the PPG project,” said Turner PC Manager Kevin B. Landry. 20 SUMMER 2021



Meet some of the people who put the pieces together.

Jeff Clement, Site Manager, Gulf of Mexico Operations – New Iberia, Louisiana “As the site manager, I am extremely excited to be a part of Turner’s new Gulf of Mexico Operations. With Turner’s reputation in the heavy industrial sector and the acquisition of this facility, the sky is the limit. Turner is now positioned to compete for mid- to large-scale modular projects. Along with other business units within Turner, this facility is a one-stop shop. There are many skilled workers in this area, and with large LNG projects gaining traction and very near future proposals for green energy projects, the New Iberia facility will be attractive to a variety of potential clients.”

Juliana Van Tonder, Structural Helper and Beam Line Operator – Decatur, Alabama “I currently work as a beam line operator while I am also learning how to fit and weld. During a recent module project, I was responsible for things like cleaning the steel as it came in, running steel through the beam line, laying steel for fabrication and more. I enjoy the people I work with and feel like I have opportunities to advance as I continue to learn and expand my horizons.”

Robert “Red” Fogleman, Construction Manager, Modular Yard - Port Allen, Louisiana “I have been with Turner for almost thirty years and I have always said that the best part of my job is the employees we have working here. I have been blessed with some of the most talented, hardworking craftspeople out there. Being able to see their day-to-day accomplishments is very rewarding.”

David Arreola, Vice President Corpus Christ Operations - Corpus Christi, Texas “Modular fabrication has been a part of the South Texas region for over 12 years. We see the industry moving heavily in that direction, and we’re ready to take on our next endeavor! “

Stephanie McCarley, Project Manager, Pipe Fabrication – Port Allen, Louisiana “I manage pipe fabrication projects from engineering through fabrication and delivery to our clients. The main goal is to provide our client with a pipe fabrication product which meet their project goals of quality, safety, cost, and on-time delivery. We often are contracted to assemble, coat, and test pipe spools for modules. This requires a tremendous amount of coordination between the customer, our fabrication process, and the modular assembly group. My role is to make sure the fabrication process meets the assembly needs to keep the process efficient.”

Joseph Ard, Ironworker, Modular Yard - Port Allen, Louisiana “The most rewarding part of my job is knowing that my efforts play an important role in the result of a larger project. It is awesome to see them shipped out by barges knowing I was a part of making that happen.”

Robin Hood, Welder/Quality Control, Modular Yard - Port Allen, Louisiana “I have been a part of many modular projects, the most memorable being a job we completed for Sasol. It was a large job with lots of steel and pipe and in the end all the modules fit up perfectly.”

Christopher “Jared” Benoit Project Manager, Equipment Yard – Baton Rouge, Louisiana “From the estimating phase of a project to the final delivery of the modules, I work closely with our modular group to plan the transportation logistics for the modules they build to be delivered to the customer as efficiently and safely as possible.” SUMMER 2021 21

Strategic Locations to Best Serve Our Clients Modular Fabrication Locations from Corpus Christi, Texas to Decatur, Alabama comprise over two million square feet of fabrication, clean room, climate-controlled painting space, and laydown yards. Paris, Texas

Decatur, Alabama

Year Established: 1998

Year Established: 2007

• Six Production Bays

• 28 Acres

• One Nuclear Bay and Warehouse

• 60,000 SQ. FT. Under Crane Hook

• 420,000 SQ. FT. Manufacturing Capacity

• Custom, Steel & Specialty Fabrication Capabilities

• Induction & Cold Bending • Climate-Controlled Blasting & Painting

• Industry-Leading Cutting and Fabrication Technology

Corpus Christi, Texas Year Established: 2009 • 50 Acres

Port Allen, Louisiana

• 30,000 SQ. FT. Fabrication Bay

Year Established: 1983

• Modular Fabrication Assembly Building

• 35 Acres • 24,000 SQ. FT. Assembly Building

• Pipe Fabrication Production Bay

• 6,250 SQ. FT. Warehouse Storage Building

New Iberia, Louisiana

• Roll-On, Roll-Off Dock with Barge Access

Year Established: 2021 • 95-Acre Stabilized Fabrication Yard • 420' Primary Dock Capable of Accommodating 100' X 400' Barge • 12' Water Depth to Open Water • 6,000 Ton Loadout Capability • Total of ~90,000 SQ. FT. of Indoor Fabrication Space • 30,000 SQ. FT. of Indoor Storage Facilities

22 SUMMER 2021


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Amy Kling Settles in to Her New Role as Turner Industries Chief Information Officer Turner Industries CIO Amy Kling

On June 1, 2021, Amy Kling stepped into a new role—22 years in the making—becoming the newest Chief Information Officer of Turner Industries. Beginning her Turner career as an accounting intern in 1998, Amy continued working at the company while receiving her ISDS degree from Louisiana State University. After graduating, she accepted a full-time position with the company’s IT department. Since then, she has worked in a variety of department roles, most recently as director of business systems. Today she oversees a department critical to the future success of the company— creating, managing, and updating the company’s DECIDE WITH DATA® software and services portfolio, a digital “toolbox” that can solve productivity, reliability, and safety challenges.

THREE QUESTIONS AND A QUOTE: What’s a memorable project from your last two decades at Turner? The update of JD Edwards World to EnterpriseOne (E1), the newest generation of Oracle’s business tools. This companywide upgrade was a huge undertaking preceded by months of planning and testing to ensure a smooth launch.

What are you most excited about regarding your new role? I’ve always enjoyed working with our operations team to understand their day-to-day roles, their challenges, and what we can do to make a difference to keep our employees safe while also streamlining and improving their work processes. Technology—especially in our industry—is a very exciting arena to work in, it is ever changing and so are our needs related to it. It has become such an integral and vital part of what we do at Turner and we have a great team that is always ready and up for a challenge. So, I am most excited about our team working closely with operations to deliver safe, secure, and innovative enterprise solutions that help make us and our clients more successful.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re away from work? Spending time outdoors with my husband Ben and our three children, Brooklyn (15), Addison (12), and Colton (11).

Favorite Quote: “Tomorrow is another day.” Sounds simple but it reminds me that we don’t have to live in the past. Whatever mistakes or setbacks have happened, you get the next day, and the rest of your life, to learn and continue to make yourself a better person.

SUMMER 2021 23

Get Fit Challenge After a chaotic 2020, we all needed a new goal to focus on in the new year. Turner’s Benefits Department helped many of our employees begin the new year on the right foot by organizing a “Get Fit Challenge,” a three-month program designed for our employees to incorporate regular exercise into their daily routines. The challenge was to exercise for at least 30 minutes per day, three times per week. Eligible exercises included walking, running, cycling, weight training, yoga, aerobics and many more. Employees who averaged 90 minutes of exercise per week during challenge received a $100 incentive reward. Participants who logged the most minutes received an additional $1,000, $750, and $500 for first, second, and third place respectively. The top three participants were: Safety Supervisor Gustavo Castillo, Assistant Accounting Supervisor April Thebault, and Rigging Designer Jamey Aucoin.

Congratulations to these employees for their commitment to their personal health!

How Did They Do It? Gustavo Castillo M E T H O D To stay active during the get fit challenge I walked, ran, cycled, and practiced yoga. I exercised early in the morning, at 3 AM, and sometimes also in the afternoon. C H A L L E N G E S With many of the local gyms being closed due to COVID, I had to choose an alternative cardio routine and decided to start walking my neighborhood instead. Many days I experienced rain, ice, snow and slippery surfaces while exercising. My German Shepherd Kalyx came on my walks with me keeping me motivated.



April Thebault M E T H O D For the past several years I have been working with my doctor to obtain optimum levels in my bloodwork via vitamins. Since then I have had more energy, allowing me to exercise more. Throughout the challenge I chose to walk and cycle for exercise. I have lost 17 pounds and feel great! C H A L L E N G E S My biggest challenge was finding the time to exercise while caring for my mother following her knee surgery. I was forced to change my exercise routine so that I could be close to her. I switched from walking to cycling on a stationary bike.

Jamey Aucoin M E T H O D I exercised using the P90X Program Doubles Routine (1hr – 2-1/2 hrs. daily), I was also walking two to three miles, three to five days a week and cycling using an indoor bicycle 2-3 hours a day. I also incorporated a low carb diet into my lifestyle. C H A L L E N G E S About eight weeks into the challenge, I went on vacation to the island of St. Maarten. I didn’t want to stop the daily exercise and get off track, so I brought my laptop with me and did my daily workouts while we were there. BEFORE

24 SUMMER 2021





SIPA Manager – Freeport, TX

Mike Campos

Mike Campos began his career with Turner four years ago as a safety manager for the inspections group and part of the maintenance team at Olin in Freeport, Texas. After only six months, Mike was promoted to inspection manager and today holds the title of SIPA manager (scaffolding, insulation, painting, and abatement) for Turner’s Freeport Operation. One of Mike’s first tasks as SIPA manager was to implement the use of Turner’s proprietary scaffold application – The Scaffold Tracking Application™—onsite. The application makes scaffold tracking simple by eliminating paper tickets, manual data entry, and complex billing and replacing it with one easy-to-use tablet application. “It really changes the way we are able to provide scaffolding services to clients,” said Mike.

Mike Campos + Family

This year’s historic Texas freeze posed a few challenges, and unexpected related work required Mike to process over seventy additional employees in just four days. “It was a challenge for sure, but it was also a great learning experience for me. We were all hands-on until all seventy employees were processed, and we were able to provide the quality service our clients have come to expect from us.” When not at work, Mike, his wife Sacha, and their two children Maddison (9) and Mason (6) travel to Maddison’s softball tournaments or watch Mason work on his black belt in Karate.

What do you find most satisfying about your job? The most satisfying part of my job is the team atmosphere we created. When I first started in this role, there were many goals set for me to meet. The only way to achieve these goals was to really dig in and get involved in every aspect of our day-to-day operations and really work as a team, which we have done.

What advice would you give to people that want to work at Turner? Hard work and dedication will take you further than you could ever imagine.

Any good advice you have received and kept with you? If you’re not making mistakes you’re not trying hard enough. So don’t be afraid to make mistakes and grow from them.

What are three highlights of your life? 1. Getting married. 2. Becoming a father. 3. Creating memories with my family. SUMMER 2021 25

Workforce Development


BCPC Career Signing Day Brazoria County, Texas – Turner Industries participated in the Brazoria County Petrochemical Council’s (BCPC) Career Signing Day. The event, sponsored by BCPC’s workforce development committee, was held in support of graduating high school students of Brazoria County and surrounding areas who were selected as new hires to various industry partners, and Turner was excited to welcome three new hires. Pictured are Turner’s OLIN Site Manager Ryan Beason and Turner’s Operations Manager in Freeport Paul Perkins along with three students hired to work for Turner: David Chavez, Brazoswood High School; Gabriel Martinez, Angleton High School; and Cristian Virrueta, Brazosport High School.

Beaumont Independent School District’s Top Graduate Luncheon Beaumont, Texas – Turner Industries partnered with Beaumont Independent School District (BISD) in support of their annual graduation luncheon this year. The luncheon recognizes seniors graduating top of their class from Beaumont United High School, West Brook High School, and Early College High School. Each student was provided a backpack from Turner filled with office supplies, earbuds, first aid kits, etc., congratulating them for their hard work!

Turner Industries Hosts ABC’s Southeast Texas Chapter Inaugural Membership Drive Beaumont, Texas – Turner Industries Operations Manager and ABC Committee Chairman Colby Plaia hosted this year’s ABC Southeast Texas Chapter’s Inaugural Membership Drive introducing the chapter’s new Emerging Leader’s Group.

“In a continuous effort to empower the next generation of leaders in an ever-evolving industry, ABC Southeast Texas Chapter’s Emerging Leaders Group promotes professional growth through training, community service, and outreach opportunities while creating an inviting environment for like-minded construction professionals,” says Colby Plaia. Pictured from left to right are Golden Pass LNG RTO Project Superintendent Wayne Havard; Golden Pass LNG Community Affairs Advisor Mary Ann Reid; Office of the Speaker of the Texas House and Chief of Staff/Director of District Operations Zach Johnson; and Turner Industries Beaumont Operations Manager Colby Plaia.

26 SUMMER 2021

Colby is also serving a two-year term on the Board of Directors as Secretary/Treasurer for the Executive Committee and serves on the Board of Trustees for the ABC Southeast Texas Construction Training Center. TURNER INDUSTRIES Company Magazine

Workforce Development

Turner Industries Partners with East St. John High School Reserve, La. – Turner Industries has partnered with East St. John high school in support of industry training for their high school students. Through the partnership, Turner facilitates nighttime training opportunities for students through Associated Builders and Contractor’s (ABC) New Orleans/Bayou Chapter. Pictured from left to right are East St. John Welding Instructor Courtney Branch; East St. John Assistant Principal J. Vincent Brown; Workforce Development Coordinator Bryan Gerace; Vice President of Campus Operations ABC New Orleans/Bayou Chapter Chris Weber.

TURNER INDUSTRIES SUPPORTS LOCAL HIGH SCHOOLS AND COLLEGES IN CORPUS CHRISTI REGION Ingleside ISD’s Career and Technical Education Program Corpus Christi, Texas – This year, Turner began a partnership with Ingleside High School’s Career and Technical Education program. Turner supported the school district by providing donations to their welding program, serving on advisory committees, and offering job interviews to students. Turner Site Manager Gino Giardini recently made the first hire from the school district, Cody Faust. Cody will be the first Ingleside High School graduate to be onboarded to the Exxon maintenance project in Ingleside as a craft helper. Cody has taken dual credit welding classes, received high school credit for his career & technical education program and is working on a technical certificate with Del Mar College. Pictured are Turner Site Manager Gino Giardini and Turner Helper Cody Faust

Turner Vice President David Arreola Assists Del Mar College Corpus Christi, Texas – Turner Vice President David Arreola serves on the Welding Advisory Committee at Del Mar College, which provides recruitment opportunities for graduating students. During a school tour this spring, David was given the opportunity to observe students working and scout for potential new hires for Turner. Upon graduation, a tacker position was offered to Del Mar College graduate Genevieve Ochoa. SUMMER 2021 27

Workforce Development

Turner Industries Supports Local STEM Event with Drone Display Gonzales, La. – Turner Industries and BASF partnered to support this year’s aviation STEM event with a drone display. Both Turner and BASF had their drone pilots present, providing an educational, informative, and fun experience for participating students. A live drone demonstration was held at the Louisiana Regional Airport during the event by industry drone pilots, giving students an opportunity to see an aerial vehicle in action!

Turner Industries Provides Material Donations to Local High School Corpus Christi, Texas – Material donations were made by Turner to Veterans High School’s Welding Program this year. The materials donated were utilized in local high school welding competitions.

Turner Industries and Kaneka partner in hosting an “Owner-Contractor Student Training Event” Pasadena, Texas – Turner Industries and Kaneka partnered in hosting an “Owner-Contractor Student Training Event” held at The LyondellBasell Center for Petrochemical, Energy & Technology (CPET) at the San Jacinto College-Central Campus. Participating CPET students joined experts from Kaneka and Turner in activities that highlighted the daily interactions that take place between owner companies and contractor companies on a jobsite. Activities included a job safety analysis and “stop work” and “pulling a permit” scenarios. The presentations were held in the college’s classrooms, labs, and glycol unit onsite. Presentations on pathways to industry were also conducted during the event and were given by Kaneka Maintenance Manager David Rice, Turner Industries Area Manager David Jones, and Turner Industries Workforce Development Manager Carla Thompson. The event was considered a success and there are plans to duplicate it next spring! 28 SUMMER 2021


Workforce Development

Turner Industries Participates in Beaumont ISD Early College High School (ECHS) Mock Interview Event

Workforce Development Representatives Hold Fundamentals of Crew Leadership Course Baton Rouge, La. – Workforce Development representatives recently hosted a “Fundamentals of Crew Leadership” course at Turner’s Personnel facility. The course

Beaumont, Texas – Beaumont Independent

educates participants

School District’s Early College High School

on leadership skills,

hosted a mock interview event for their


twelfth-grade students providing them with

schedule a job, jobsite

the opportunity to present their resume and

safety, and more.

practice interviewing with multiple industry

The course was led by

partners in preparation for future career

Turner Training and

opportunities. Students had the chance to visit

Development Manager

with representatives from Turner Industries,

Glenn Massey, Field

Lamar Institute of Technology (LIT), Goodyear,

Safety Trainer Kevin

Workforce Solutions Southeast Texas, BASF,

Marks, and Personnel

Junior Achievement, and Beaumont ISD.

Manager Kent Dartez.




Voice of Leadership Pasadena, Texas – Continuing Turner’s commitment to enhance leadership excellence and maintain a culture of leadership development, another class of Voice of Leadership (VOL) recently graduated. The course, led by Senior Vice President Mack Hayes, focuses on effective communication (written and oral), problem solving and leadership skills. Congratulations to all our new Leadership Graduates!

Pictured are the graduates along with mentors Ronald Barber, David Jones, Keith Myers, Jim Taylor, Greg Stephens, and Mike Stirrat.


Israel Lostaunau

Jason Allen

Mario Pedraza

Freddy Anguiano

Denis Santos

Luis DeLira

Zachary Tullier

Vincent Gabriel

Carlos Vasquez

Andre Gautreaux

Louis Webb

Joey Hamlin

Eric Wissner

Logan Horelka

Eddie Zamora

SUMMER 2021 29

TEAM Turner



The Build a Bed Project Decatur, Ala. – Turner Industries employees supported this year’s Build a Bed project – a partnership between Ascend Performance Materials’ Ascend Cares Foundation and Turner Industries. The project aims to assist lower income families in need by building bunk beds for the local nonprofit Sleep in Heavenly Peace. A total of 150 beds were built and distributed during this year’s project. The Ascend Cares Foundation is led by Ascend employees and supports local families in their time of need, provides inspiring opportunities for community engagement and facilitates community leadership.

Junior Achievement of Brazoria County Golf Tournament 2021 Brazoria County, Texas – Turner Industries supported Junior Achievement of Brazoria County this year by participating in their “Who’s Who” Golf Classic. The tournament raises funds in support of their local Junior Achievement program. The mission of Junior Achievement is “to inspire and prepare young people to succeed in a global economy.” Pictured from left to right are Turner Industries’ Amy Rouse, Alek J Rubalcaba, Paige Kee, Tammy Jones, Paul Perkins, Chris Sciambra, Chris Loosemore, Brandon Joslin, Ryan Beeson, and Phil Gauthreaux.

Turner Industries Takes Home First Place in the 2021 Crawfish King Cook-Off Baton Rouge, La. – Turner Industries representatives participated in this year’s Crawfish King Cook-off benefiting Junior Achievement of Greater Baton Rouge and the Big Buddy Program. Turner’s cook-off team, The Stir Crazies, took home first place and the title of 2021 Crawfish King! 30 SUMMER 2021


Team Turner

Cajun Classic 2021 Golf Tournament Beaumont, Texas – Turner Industries supported Baptist Hospitals of Southeast Texas Foundation’s Cajun Classic Golf Tournament this year. Participants enjoyed golf, lunch from local vendors, contests, and prizes in support of the foundation.

Turner Industries’ Houston Operations Holds 44th Blood Drive Houston, Texas – Turner employees came together in support of their local hospitals in need by holding their 44th Blood Drive. A total of 949 units have been given to date since this office location’s first blood drive in 2002, saving approximately 2,823 lives. Thank you for your continued support!

Turner Industries Provides Support to Pasadena’s Community Safety Fair and Hurricane Workshop Pasadena, Texas – Turner employees Gus Castillo and Jesus Porras supported this year’s Community Safety Fair and Hurricane Workshop, held at the Pasadena Convention Center. During the event they handed out checklists, pens, and flashlights to workshop participants in preparation for hurricane season.

Pictured from left to right are Turner Safety Supervisor Gus Castillo and Safety Technician Jesus Porras

Flood Relief Efforts In late May, parts of Louisiana flooded once again, affecting many of our employees, clients, neighbors, and friends. As always—those who could, helped. Turner employees worked around the clock, providing water and supplies to rescue efforts, as well as performing actual rescues with their personal boats and ATVs. In Bayou Pigeon, which was devastated due to a break of the aqua dam in the Bayou Sorrel area, Turner partnered with Shintech, hauling pallets with flood kit supplies, which were handed out to local residents along with food at the Bayou Pigeon Fire Station. SUMMER 2021 31

News & Notes Methanex G2 Turnaround’s Safe Days Campaign Benefiting Capital Area United Way Geismar, La. – During all scheduled turnarounds at Methanex, the company holds a “Safe Days” fundraising event, benefiting a local organization. For the G2 turnaround, Methanex chose to partner with Capital Area United Way’s “United We Feed” program to combat food scarcity in Ascension Parish. For each safe day worked Turner pledged to match Methanex’s donation by fifty percent. Together the two entities raised a total of $25,000 for the 33 safe days worked during the turnaround, which was completed OSHA recordable free.

GBRIA Contractor Safety Excellence Award Baton Rouge, La. – Turner Industrial Maintenance, LLC was awarded a Contractor Safety Excellence Award by Greater Baton Rouge Industry Alliance (GBRIA) for work completed at Rubicon and Nutrien. Accepting the award on behalf of Turner were Rubicon Site Manager Harold Oglesby, Project Manager Neal McCleary, and Nutrien Site Manager Clint Seals.

Freeport’s Championship Belt Receives its Second Recipient Freeport, Texas – On May 12, 2021 there was a peaceful transfer of power within the Turner team in Freeport, Texas. Ben Martinez, Turner site safety lead, handed over the coveted championship belt, used to recognize individuals or work teams that exemplify the spirit of Turner, to another very deserving recipient, Robert Gutierrez. Robert is a Turner supervisor who oversees the central services group at the Olin Freeport, Texas facility. Robert plays a key role in Turner’s continued success at this site, and he is always looking for innovative ways to reduce cost for both Turner and our client. He is always going above and beyond to help anyone and everyone at the site. As the second recipient of the belt, we feel that Robert without a doubt represents what it means to be a true champion! 32 SUMMER 2021

Pictured are Championship Belt recipient, Robert Gutierrez and Turner Industries President Stephen M. Toups.


News & Notes Turner Industries at Nutrien Awarded United Way Energizer Award Augusta, Georgia – Despite the many challenges presented in 2020, with employees working from home and multiple shift changes, the Turner employees at Nutrien in Augusta, Georgia still managed to complete a very successful United Way campaign. Turner Industries at Nutrien was presented with The United Way Energizer Award this year for having an increase of 164% in site participation. United Way Resource Development Manager Destini Warner presented Turner with the 2020 Energizer Award along with two Campaign Champion awards.

Pictured from left to right are United Way Resource Development Manager Destini Warner and the Turner site committee members Steve Ethridge, Ladale Lowe, Danny Peet, L J Mullinax and Jason Tarlton.

Hope Lodge Donation Houston, Texas – Hope Lodge, an American Cancer Society program, provides free lodging to cancer patients and their caregivers. To help the new Houston facility open safely for their immunosuppressed guests, Turner Industries donated various PPE supplies including face masks, hand sanitizer, and custom social distance markers.

Pictured are Turner Marketing Director Jason Broha and ACS Director of Regional Corporate Relations Alison Fralick.

Turner Industries’ Beaumont Office Hosts Memorial Day Celebration

Beaumont, Texas – Turner Industries hosted a Memorial Day BBQ Celebration for employees, clients and their families to honor those who have fallen fighting for our freedom. Turner welcomed guests from Exxon, Arkema, Texas Petro Chemicals, Dow, the President of the Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce Pat Avery, Mayor of Beaumont Becky Ames, and 2021 Mayoral Candidate of Beaumont Roy West. SUMMER 2021 33

TAKE AIM AT CANCER! When it comes to cancer, early detection leads to more treatment options and vastly better health outcomes. Turner Industries is working in partnership with Taking Aim at Cancer in Louisiana (TACL), to develop new cancer screening goals for our employees. These goals apply to our employees outside of the state of Louisiana as well. Our goals include reaching the national benchmarks for breast and colorectal cancer screening within three years and to reach an 80% screening rate within five years.

DID YOU KNOW? • In 2020 half of the 20 most severe medical claims on the company health plan had a cancer diagnosis. • Breast and Colorectal cancers are the most prevalent in the Turner population. • A mammogram can detect cancer before a lump is felt. Annual screening is recommended for women age 40 and above. • Colorectal cancer screenings are recommended for men and women beginning at age 45. Screening does not necessarily mean a colonoscopy. There are less invasive methods for screening that you can discuss with your primary care physician to determine the best course of action. • Preventive screenings are covered 100% by the company health plan.

W H AT I S T U R N E R D O I N G ? • Partnering with healthcare providers at the local level to conduct community outreach and on-site screening events where possible. • Providing incentives to prioritize cancer screenings within our Nurse Navigator workplace well-being program. • Training navigators in screening guidelines and patient engagement techniques.

We plan to regularly share reference materials with our employees from leaders in the field such as the American Cancer Society, CEOs vs. Cancer and TACL along with consistent messaging about screenings and our progress toward our goals.

W H AT C A N YO U D O ? • Use a primary care physician (PCP) or establish one if you have not done so. Start with an annual physical exam to set a baseline. The ongoing relationship between a PCP and a patient leads to disease prevention and better health outcomes. • Talk with your PCP to determine what screenings you may need. • Know your family’s medical history so that your PCP understands what risk factors are present. • Put together a list of any questions you may have for the PCP regarding cancer screenings.

Screenings increase the chances of detecting certain cancers early, when they are most likely to be cured. Take the time to get the preventive care you need for yourself and for your loved ones.

For more information please visit

34 SUMMER 2021


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urner Industries provides a single solution in heavy industrial construction, maintenance, turnaround, pipe and module fabrication, equipment, rigging and specialized transportation, and associated specialty services. With $2.36B in 2020 revenue, Engineering News-Record Sourcebook ranks Turner as the nation's top maintenance contractor in petroleum, and one of the top contractors in Texas and Louisiana. The company, headquartered in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, employs 20,000+ and works across the United States.



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Turner Industries Company Magazine Summer 2021  

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