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EDITORS Jason Broha, Marie Crespo and Corinne Bergeron

WRITERS & CONTRIBUTORS Jason Apodaca, Ronald Barber, Corinne Bergeron, Gary Blacketter, Dan Burke, Jason Broha, Tammy Briscoe, Sherman Brown, Jana Browning, Maria Cardona, Robert Chandler, Trevor Clardy, Charles Courtney, Marie Crespo, Ticky Delatte, Abrina Dennis, Ricky Diggs, David Ducote, Randal Dupuy, Danny Eddings, Kristy Elias, Bryan Gerace, Mack Hayes, Justin Horton, Terry Kenney, Rodney Landry, Andy McKinney, David McCallister, Stephanie McCarley, Neal McCleary, Jason McManus, Laura Meche, Mary Ellen Montgomery, Raymond Neck, Harold Oglesby, Connie Paxton, Emily Phelps, Ray Reamey, Robert Richard, James Roberts, Amy Rouse, Jake Savoy, Carla Thompson, Jimmy Watkins, Shane Wilkinson




hink about the last home project you tackled. Maybe the AC unexpectedly

went out or you finally decided to repaint the living room. Hopefully you were able to plan and prep for the work and safely finished in a decent amount of time. Now, take that project, amp up the stakes by

1,000% and you’ll get an idea of what our turnaround crews deal with day in and day out. In a best-case scenario, a team begins planning months or years in advance on the repair or replacement to be performed at the client’s site. Because time-down equals revenue-loss when a client’s unit is down, time is of the essence. This means work must be performed safely in a compressed amount of time, usually around


the clock. In this issue you’ll get insight into what it takes to plan and

Jason Broha

execute successful shutdowns, turnarounds and outages and hear


first-hand from our employees on what it’s like to be on the front line.

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Safety First


Turner Employees Recognized for Outstanding Work at Ascend Performance Materials Pensacola, Fl. – Three Turner employees at Ascend Performance Materials have been recognized with a safety award for their outstanding work during an unplanned event. Insulators Angel Ramos, John Moran and Francisco Montero, part of Turner’s onsite SIPA (Scaffolding, Insulation, Painting and Abatement) group were called out one weekend to remove insulation in preparation for the event, which was to start the following Monday morning. The crew arrived onsite immediately after being called out and began working. Nylon Plant Shift Supervisor Patricia Baggett describes what happened that day: “I was genuinely surprised at how fast the crew arrived. Angel was very thorough with the pre-job walkthrough, marking every piece that needed removing, and discussing job safety: i.e. AB identification, low pipes, etc. He made certain to point out hazards that I myself may have overlooked, such as uneven walking surfaces and hot piping. He was genuinely concerned for my safety and it showed.” 4 SUMMER 2019

“The job was completed in an impressive amount of time. Angel called me for the final walkthrough to close out the permit. We went to the roof, and I was again impressed by how clean the crew had left the area. They even cleaned up old insulation and some other trash that had been left over from previous work. He walked every step of the piping and equipment to be assured that we both agreed that the job had been completed correctly and that the area was left in a safe condition. During the final walkthrough, he reminded me of the same hazards as before when we approached the uneven roof surface, hot piping that we were walking by, and the slip hazards that existed from standing water in a low area. Angel demonstrated professional leadership qualities and pride of ownership. I feel that his attitude towards safety and the actions of this team should be rewarded for a job well done.” On May 29th, the site held a safety celebration luncheon where Angel Ramos, John Moran and Francisco Montero were recognized for their accomplishments. TURNER INDUSTRIES Company Magazine

Safety First


Jesup, Ga., Fernadina and Yulee, Fl. – Turner Specialty Services’ environmental group employees at Rayonier Advanced Materials across three sites and two states have worked incident and recordable free for one year, working over 30,000 hours. Site Manager Bill Clary and Project Manager Barry Smith said, “We work as a team for our safety. Everyone participates. We also work by the notion that a boss drives, but a leader leads.” During the most recent quarterly review, the accomplishment was celebrated with a luncheon attended by employees from all sites along with management from both Rayonier and Turner. “You guys have a racecar back there,” said Rayonier Environmental Manager Brian Mooney, referring to Turner’s ability to adapt and adjust to their evolving needs.

Six Years Recordable Free ARKEMA

Clear Lake, Texas – Turner employees at Arkema have worked six years recordable free. The achievement was celebrated with a welldeserved lunch.

VPP Recertification OXYCHEM

Convent, Louisiana – Turner Industries at OxyChem in Convent earned its fifth consecutive OSHA VPP Star certification in May of 2019.

Pictured is the Turner VPP Committee at OxyChem in Convent: Eddie Thibodeaux, Kayla Daigle, Miles Cortez, and Committee Chairman Leland Steele.

Ascend Safety Day in Texas Chocolate Bayou, Texas – Each year Ascend holds a Safety Day at their Chocolate Bayou facility. Throughout the day, site personnel and contractors participate in games and demonstrations relating to safety. There is also a parade, in which Turner employees decorated a cart with the theme “Hazards Don’t Take Vacation.” Turner organized several games with prizes and had lots of giveaways. In one of the games, a person is trying to perform a task while wearing “drunk goggles,” making the person feel impaired. This was an example of the hazards of performing work activities while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Turner also had a station demonstrating—with the use of shaving cream—how easily chemicals can spread when not cleaned correctly. SUMMER 2019 5

Safety First

12 Years Recordable Free HEXION

Deer Park, Texas – Turner employees at Hexion have worked 12 years recordable free. The achievement was celebrated May 29th with a luncheon.

Crew of the Week at Shell Norco Norco, La. – A crew of Turner employees made up from RGHT and ALKY unit foremen at Shell was Pictured above are crew members: RGHT Foreman Donald Forbes, Safety Manager Trey Daigle, ALKY Foreman Jorge Rodrigues, RGHT Foreman Stephen Terran Jr., ALKY Foreman Morgan Goldberg, ALKY Foreman Antonio Gonzales Jr. along with Shell Safety Lead Wil Ursin.

recognized as “Crew of the Week” April 22nd during the site’s recent RCCU turnaround.

15 Months and 600,000 Hours OSHA Recordable Free

Four Years OSHA Recordable Free

Geismar, La. – Turner employees at the Nutrien facility have worked

Domino, Texas – Turner Specialty Services’

fifteen months and 600,000 hours OSHA recordable free.

environmental group at Graphic Packaging

This was a combined effort by employees from Turner’s Maintenance

has achieved a four-year OSHA recordable


Division, Capital Projects Group, Turner Specialty Services (TSS) and Specialized Welding Services. In addition to daily maintenance and TSS loading responsibilities, there was a 72-day NH3 turnaround along with several small outages and two unit-commission shutdowns successfully completed.


free worksite, working over 140,000 hours. Site Manager Paul Triplet and Project Manager Junior Walker said, “We work as a team and support each other here. Everyone goes home safe at the end of the day.”

Summer Safety Tip Staying hydrated isn’t just about what you drink. Summer friendly foods like watermelon, peaches and cucumbers all boast a high water content. 6 SUMMER 2019


Safety First

Two Years OSHA Recordable Free REPUBLIC SERVICES

Sorrento, La. – Turner Specialty Services’ environmental group at Republic Services has achieved a two-year incident and recordable free worksite, working over 40,000 hours. “Safety is something that happens between your ears, not something you hold in your hands. At this site, we take personal responsibility for our safety, as well as for the safety of our co-workers,” said Site Managers JR Meeks, Barry Smith and Project Manager Chad Miller.

Three Years OSHA Recordable and Incident Free LANXESS

El Dorado, Ark. – Turner Industries’ SIPA group at LANXESS has worked three years OSHA recordable free with over 120,000 hours. “Our success is based on that safety comes first. Everyone is expected to participate in the safety and health program,” said SIPA Manager Ray Smith.

Positive Safety Recognition at Shell Saraland Saraland, Ala. – Each quarter, Turner employees at Shell Mobile gather for an “All Hands Meeting,” where they celebrate project milestones and safety accomplishments. The meeting is a time for fellowship and an opportunity to recognize each and every person who played a part in the recent achievements. “We pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence. It is important for us to gather and celebrate our work and our colleagues. We also use this time to highlight specific ‘Stop Work Authority’ events and ‘Good Catches,’ as well as enjoying lunch together,” said Turner Site Manager David McCallister. SUMMER 2019 7

Projects & Services


Turner Specialty Services’ Industrial Group Grows Texas Presence


urner Specialty Services’ (TSS) industrial group, our

“The future looks bright in the Houston area. The team and

full-services industrial cleaning company, has recently

I look forward to meeting the industrial cleaning needs of

expanded its capabilities to better serve clients in the

current and prospective clients,” said Turner Operations

greater Houston area. A newly formed local team is in

Manager Paul Perkins.

place, dedicated to improving processes and producing a better overall experience for clients using our hydroblasting, vacuum, and ultra high pressure (UHP) applications. Current maintenance clients are seeing reduced overall

For more information about this service please contact Paul Perkins at pperkins1@turner-industries.com or (979) 824-6511 or Jimmy Watkins at jwatkins@turner-industries.com or (225) 214-2494.

costs by taking advantage of these offerings. General overhead costs like supervision, safety, planning and timekeeping can be shared, eliminating redundancies to produce documented cost savings. Chemical cleaning, extraction services, catalyst services, tank cleaning and bolt torqueing may also be procured as before and will continue to develop locally as the market grows. Paul Perkins, operations manager for the TSS industrial group in the greater Houston area, is responsible for managing the industrial cleaning business line. He and his team bring a wide range of knowledge and an average of 20 years of experience to the TSS industrial group. From vacuum work to hands-free, automated hydroblasting, the team’s experience includes managing large turnarounds as well as accomplishing day to day client maintenance needs. 8 SUMMER 2019

Pictured center is TSS Operations Manager Paul Perkins flanked by his team of supervisors from left to right: Jesus Jaime, Eligio Ramos, Nacho Vasquez and Troy Burge.


Projects & Services Turner Industries Completes Massive Scale Pipe Fabrication Project Turner Industries’ Port Allen pipe fabrication facility recently completed a 2,751-spool project for Bechtel and Shell Pennsylvania Chemicals. While this is by no means an extraordinary spool count for a pipe fabrication project, the content of the spools certainly is. 152 of the spools ranged in diameter from 52 inches (OD) through 120 inches (OD) and collectively weighed 1,617 tons. The largest spool was 120 inches (OD) and weighed 197,000 lbs. The longest spool was 80 inches (OD) and 127 linear feet long. Also required on the project was a 5-piece mitered elbow completely fabricated by the shop from 114" diameter pipe. Most of the spools were delivered to the client by truck, but 14 of the spools were so large they had to be shipped to their final destination by barges. The almost two-year long project was a collaborative effort between Turner’s fabrication facility, coatings facility, modular yard, and the equipment division. Under the leadership of Fabrication Shop Superintendent Patrick Thibodeaux, and Turner Modular Yard Superintendent Robert “Red” Fogleman, a specialty fabrication bay was set up at

PROJECT QUICK FACTS Number of Spools Fabricated: 2,751 Largest Spool: 197,000 lbs.

& 120" in Diameter Longest Spool: 127 Linear Feet OSHA Recordables: ZERO

the modular yard to fit and weld large laterals, wyes and oversized spools. Scaffolding was put in place to allow for safe accessibility. A large tent was installed at the coatings yard to accommodate the coating of large spools. Turner’s


Transportation Group, under the leadership of Manager Gary Blacketter and Project Manager John Adams, provided the necessary Goldhofer transporters required to move the large pieces from the fabrication facility to the modular yard for NDE and stress testing, then to the painting facility for coating, and ultimately back to the modular yard for barge loading. Because the Mississippi River levels have been unusually high, barge travel proved to be exceptionally challenging. However, the first barge arrived safely in Pennsylvania after a month-long delay and the second barge is en route. As with all work performed by Turner Industries, safety always comes first, and this large project was completed recordable free. “This project provided Turner another unique opportunity to broaden our horizons and prove we have the capabilities to provide first-class products and services, no matter what challenges the job brings,” said Project Manager Stephanie McCarley. SUMMER 2019 9

Projects & Services

Specialized Transportation Group Turner’s Specialized Transportation Group had a busy month of May 2019. Division Manager Gary Blacketter stated that several major transportation projects across multiple states were completed. Below is a highlight


Goldhofer Engineer: Mark Kenney

Project Manager: John Adams

Goldhofer Supervisor/ Technicians: Seth Babineaux & James Teel

Projects Engineer: Christopher Jared Benoit Permits and Logistics: Walker Landry

Goldhofer Technician: Melvin Sibley Heavy Haul Teamsters: Clint Templet, Darrin Landry, Mike Bohlman & Brian Bettingfeld

of some of those projects.

Supervisor & Dispatcher: Timothy Staggs



From: Port Allen, Louisiana To: Geismar, Louisiana

From: The Port of Galveston, Texas To: Navasota, Texas

This haul consisted of 12 Vessels and 3 Skid Modules. The transport route ended up being over 150 miles due to bridge and height restrictions. Total transportation weight: 2,230,000 lbs.

An eighteen-axle line Goldhofer Transporter moved two component pieces of a counterblow hammer over a 160-mile route through the back roads of southern Texas. Heaviest combined weight: 454,000 lbs.



From: Port Allen, Louisiana To: Fayetteville, North Carolina

From: Port of Catoosa, Oklahoma To: Port Allen, Louisiana

Twelve Pipe Rack Modules were transported from Turner’s Modular Fabrication Yard in Port Allen, Louisiana to Fayetteville, North Carolina, a hauling route of 1,460 miles. Due to highway restrictions part of the move had to occur during the night in the state of Alabama. Total hauling weight: 1,164,000 lbs.

This project included the barging and unloading of a Regenerator Head Section from the Port of Catoosa in Tulsa, Oklahoma to Turner’s Modular Yard. Due to flooding of the Arkansas and the Mississippi Rivers, the barge operation was delayed on numerous occasions by the US Army Corps of Engineers. Total weight: 360,000 lbs.

10 SUMMER 2019


Projects & Services

Ribbon-Cutting Celebration Turner Industries recently completed the construction of a new 4,200-square-foot office at our modular fabrication yard in Port Allen, Louisiana. The new office will serve as the administrative headquarters as well as the modular yard staff’s office and meeting hub. The building will also house workspaces for clients overseeing their modular projects. “The new administration building will allow us to host current and potential clients in a much more professional manner for meetings and presentations. It signifies our sustained commitment to producing a quality service and will prepare us for anticipated growth in the module business,” said Turner Industries Project Manager Eric Stampley. On June 19th, Turner invited clients and community partners for an open house to take a look at the new building and to tour the rest of the facility.

About the 415 Module Fabrication Yard The 415 Module Fabrication Yard, established in 1998, is set on 35 acres of land in Port Allen, Louisiana and provides access to the Mississippi river and major roadways. In addition to the new administrative building the facility contains a 24,000 square foot assembly building, a 6,250 square foot warehouse storage building and a roll-on, roll-off dock with 55' wide ramp that can accommodate an 80' X 300' barge. This facility has the capability to fabricate pipe rack, process, and subsea modules, ranging in size from small process skids to large pipe rack and process modules. SUMMER 2019 11

shutdowns, turnarounds & outages

How Turner Industries Safely and Successfully Keeps Our Clients Up and Running.


urnarounds are a challenging necessity and reoccurring reality of operations for clients and contractors alike. Turnaround preparedness requires a complex web of planning, scheduling and hiring to ensure the proper repair, maintenance, or replacement of equipment at a client’s facility while maximizing safety and minimizing downtime. Assets and productivity are on the line—as well as millions in client revenue.

In addition to the extensive planning needed, executing a turnaround requires finding innovative solutions to meet turnaround challenges. At Turner Industries, we work diligently to assist our clients with their needs. Our “One Solution for Your Success” motto turns into quantifiable results when we hit the jobsite. Our turnaround teams are designed to be scalable to any

“Our recipe for success is to follow the proven formula we have developed. We have learned how to approach and set up events before we even get on site,” says Sr. Vice President of Maintenance and Turnarounds Robert Chandler.

project size or complexity. When not performed by a nested maintenance crew, the Turnaround Services Group, assisted by the Specialized Welding Services (SWS), Turner Specialty Services, our Equipment Division and SIPA (scaffolding, insulation, painting and abatement) group can perform complete turnkey events, eliminating the need for multiple contractors. Not only does

Turner faces these challenges head on with our proven blend of safety and efficiency, and we do everything we can to make sure our clients are as prepared as possible.

consolidation lower the cost of ownership, it streamlines the

As a whole, Turner Industries averages more than 200 turnarounds per year, with more than 15 million turnaround hours completed in just the past five years. Our Turnaround Services Group (TSG) alone averages over 125 turnarounds a year. We have the workforce, safety record and experience to handle any turnaround, no matter the obstacles.

“We not only have the resources, but we have the expertise,”

• Turnkey Turnaround Services • Specialty Welding • Bolt Torqueing Services • Cranes and Rigging 12 SUMMER 2019

process by using a single point of contact and one invoice for all services. says Vice President of Maintenance and Turnarounds Rodney Landry. “Our managers have undergone extensive specialized training to ensure proper event management and execution, and our turnaround teams perform more turnarounds than any other contractor in the business.”

• Bundle Extraction • Catalyst Services • Chemical Cleaning • SIPA Services

• Project Controls • Automated Hydroblasting & Vacuum Truck Services TURNER INDUSTRIES Company Magazine

shutdowns, turnarounds & outages Featured on our cover are three employees who have made successful careers working in the turnaround group at Turner. While taking the cover photo, we had the opportunity to ask them a few questions. Here is what they had to say:

Justin Horton – Turnaround Project Manager TGS/SWS Years with Turner: 12

As a project manager, what is the most important part of completing a successful event? The people, hands down. We handpick our employees and they are some of the best skilled crafts you can find in the industry. I’m proud to call them my co-workers and feel comfortable taking on any turnaround at any site knowing that we have the capabilities and knowledge to pull off a successful event. How do you keep your team motivated and engaged during a turnaround? I believe a hands-on approach is best. Being out in the field, talking to the employees and getting to know them on a personal level. Giving credit where credit is due and recognizing employees who go above and beyond is important, and if someone is underperforming, we try to understand why and figure out a way make them successful instead of just terminating someone. We make sure our employees have the tools and equipment to do their job safely and effectively. Nothing is more frustrating than trying to do a job and not having the right equipment to do it. What technologies or innovation in the last five years have helped execute a turnaround? Computer technology has come a long way in helping to manage turnarounds. From real-time updating in the P6 schedule to 3D model reviews. Planning packages have also come a long way over the years. We can now access all the information we need with the touch of a button instead of spending hours manually sifting through documents.

Abrina Dennis – Turnaround Cost Manager TSG/SWS Years with Turner: 5

What is the most challenging aspect of your job? Forecasting costs and staying on budget can be challenging due to the complex budget structures associated with turnarounds, but we pair our experience with advanced software solutions ensuring accurate cost tracking and budget reporting during all events. What do you enjoy most about turnaround work? I enjoy the challenge and excitement of working at different sites and learning the various cost systems within each site.

Jake Savoy – Safety Manager TSG/SWS Years with Turner: 10

Because of the changing nature of turnarounds, how do you ensure a consistent first-class safety record? I am proud to say that we have one of the best safety records in the industry. Even with the challenges of moving from site to site, we have a strong safety culture that follows our team wherever we go. Management support is vital, and we have it. Their support allows us to implement new tools and technology available to make our worksites safer by working towards hands-free methods and elevating our PPE standards. What advice would you give others looking for a career in heavy industry? Our industry provides a wide variety of career opportunities without necessarily having to take on the burden of increasing higher education costs. I have a Professional Aviation Degree that has no direct effect on my position, but it did help me develop skills of organizing which I use when directing our safety group. As long as you are willing to put forth the effort, there is no better time than now to secure a successful and rewarding career in the industrial construction industry.

SUMMER 2019 13

shutdowns, turnarounds & outages

OXEA 2019 BuOH Spring Turnaround


ucked away 60 miles southeast of Houston in the sprawling town of Bay City lays OXEA Chemical Facility, a family-oriented facility with strong values and principles of safety and quality. For their 2019 BuOH Spring Turnaround, OXEA was looking for contractors with similar values and goals. Originally set up to be a multi-contractor event, Turner Industries, “One Solution” approach proved to be a more efficient, cost-effective way to perform the event. The scope included work on towers, drums, vessels, exchangers, pipes and valves. Even with a ten percent scope increase during discovery work, Turner completed the turnaround on schedule with zero OSHA recordables. The turnaround was led by Turner’s Turnaround Services Group and supported by:

• Turner Specialty Services (TSS), which provided catalyst services, hydroblasting, vacuum trucks, bundle extraction and drone service. • Turner’s SIPA group, which provided scaffolding, insulation and painting services.

• Turner Specialized Welding Services, which provided alloy welders and pipe fitters. • Turner’s Pasadena Pipe Fabrication Facility, which assisted with pipe fabrication. • Turner’s Crane and Rigging Group which provided all cranes from 100 Tons down to the 6 Ton carry-deck.

“The success of this event is rooted in Turner’s ability to pull different groups together and provide a seamless event for the client. We would like to thank OXEA’s management team: Fred Gaytan, Lauren Willard, Butch Sneath and Lynette Lowrance, for giving us the opportunity to show what we can do and making us part of your family. You truly made us feel like one of your own. You have a great team and I wish you all the best as OXEA continues to grow,” said Turner Project Manager Justin Horton. “I was apprehensive about using only one contractor for this turnaround because of the complexity; however, because of the experienced resources Turner Industries was able to provide, the results were very positive. There is no doubt that we selected the right company. I hope to continue our business partnership with Turner Industries in the future,” said OXEA Bay City and Bishop Site Director Fred Gaytan. “Turner Industries performed even better than we had hoped. They definitely are a strong company and are led by solid leaders – their pride for their company shines in their work,” said OXEA Maintenance and Reliability Manager Lauren Willard.

14 SUMMER 2019



shutdowns, turnarounds & outages


2019 Who Dat Crackin’ Turnaround


he Shell Norco Manufacturing Complex (NMC) recently wrapped up one of the largest and most complex turnarounds in the history of Shell Norco—the culmination of two years of planning. As one of the main contractors, Turner was tasked with adding 500 employees to complete the event. Led by the turnaround services group, Turner’s scope included work on units across the refinery, performing work on piping, exchangers, reactors, valves, electrical and instrumentation. As with many events of this size, the turnaround group faced challenges during the event such as discovery work, scope changes, and inclement weather conditions. However, the group was able to overcome and adapt to all issues

while staying on schedule and completing the event safely thanks to the dedication and leadership of Arthur Blount, Ronnie Gongre and Jamie Roberts. The turnaround was completed incident-free and according to schedule on May 21st, and Turner was awarded 92 “Crackin’ It” awards by the Shell team for execution excellence and 3 “Coopertition” awards for Turner’s outstanding cooperation with other contractors. Special thanks to the Shell leadership team. Without the assistance and dedication of this


team, Turner would not have been able to reach our goals for this event. We look forward to a continued partnership and many more successful turnarounds at Shell Norco. “The ownership and flexibility by Turner management and craft personnel was outstanding, both during the planning phase of the event, as well as execution. The Shell Norco family would like to thank Turner for their contributions to the success of the 2019 Who Dat Crackin’ Turnaround. Norco is a better and more profitable plant from the work you completed,” said Norco MNC General Manager Brett Woltjen.

T UR N A ROUND P E R S ONNE L TURNAROUND MANAGER Jamie Roberts EXECUTION LEADS Arthur Blount Ronnie Gongre SUPERINTENDENTS Ryan Pichoff/Chris Sorrels Justin Kyzar/Justin Gongre QA/QC MANAGERS Scott Fields Leonard Jenkins SAFETY MANAGERS Henry Daigle III Matthew Hebert COST TEAM Gentry Cole/Abrina Dennis

Pictured left to right are Shell Norco MNC General Manager Brett Woltjen, Turner employees Arthur Blount, Jamie Roberts, and Ronnie Gongre, and Shell Regional Vice President Rhoman Hardy.

TSS SUPERINTENDENTS Elliot McQuillan Tilden Boudreaux SUMMER 2019 15

shutdowns, turnarounds & outages

Shell Geismar AO3 & K4 Turnarounds Turner Industries recently completed two simultaneous events at the Shell Chemical Facility in Geismar, Louisiana. Turner planned and executed both events, which included work on 97 exchangers, 208 valves and 9 reactors.

All work was completed on schedule and recordable free.

The two events lasted twenty-two days and required an additional 365 employees on site, including twenty-five heavy equipment operators. Turner mobilized twenty cranes to complete the work, which included nine critical


lifts. A portion of these events was completed by the newly added onsite

Duration: 22 DAYS

capital projects group.

Hours Worked: 65,072

“I would like to thank Turner Leadership for the execution and safety performance during the AO3 and K4 Turnarounds. From a safety perspective

Additional Employees on Site: 365

y’all knocked it out the park with Goal Zero Performance in even the smallest

Field Welds: 425

of categories. We completed thousands of tasks and not one item was dropped or fell from above grade. To achieve that you have to get all the

Cranes: 20

little things right and that starts with our site leadership. I sat through

OSHA Recordables: ZERO

some of the expectation meetings with our foremen pre-turnaround and they were engaged and focused on getting the small things right. I knew we

Dropped Objects: ZERO

could have a successful event and our field foremen delivered,” said Shell

Project Personnel: 000

Chemical Safety Specialist Brooks Moran. 16 SUMMER 2019


shutdowns, turnarounds & outages

11 Years, 81 Turnarounds and 2.45 Million Hours Geismar, La. – Turner Industries has had a presence at Huntsman’s Rubicon site in Geismar, Louisiana since 2008. In that eleven-year span, the onsite turnaround group has worked 2.45 million hours and performed eighty-one turnaround events.

“Turner’s employees are safety-focused, allowing us to achieve turnaround success time and time again. The accomplishments that Rubicon and Turner have achieved together over the past eleven years are a testament to Turner’s safe planning and execution practices during turnarounds,” said Rubicon Turnaround Manager Kenneth Russell.

BASF Turnarounds Update - On Time & Under Budget In January of 2019, Turner Industries signed the contract to execute turnarounds at the BASF facility in Geismar, Louisiana. To date, under the leadership of Project Manager Mel Rabalais, Turner has executed four different mechanical events, with the Ethylene Oxide event being the largest one so far.

As a company, Turner has worked over 54,000 hours at BASF with no OSHA recordables and completed 785 pipe welds with an acceptance rate of 99.62%. Start-ups have been leak-free, on time and under budget. We are now in the planning stages for the CIN-TAR event, which is scheduled to take place during the second quarter of 2020.

SUMMER 2019 17

Workforce Development


Cody Dupont Named Regional Winner in Welding New Orleans, La. – Cody Dupont, a Turner Industrial Maintenance employee working at NOVA Chemicals Olefins, recently participated in the South-Central Pipe Trades welding competition. Competitors from Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi gathered in New Orleans to test their skills in pipefitting, plumbing, HVAC and welding. Participants in the welding competition were tested on various welding processes, welding positions and oxy-acetylene cutting skills. There were three places awarded for each state, with an overall winner for each category. Winners were chosen by a panel of judges from local unions throughout the region. Cody not only won first place in welding for Louisiana but was also named as the overall regional winner.

18 SUMMER 2019


Workforce Development

Turner Supports Multiple Skilled Craft Competitions Baton Rouge, La. – Turner Industries hosted the FFA Area IV Welding Contest held at the Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc. (ABC) Baton Rouge campus. Employees from Turner’s QC Department and Workforce Development team administered, judged, and scored the competition as well as provided prizes. Twenty-two, two-person teams from sixteen area high schools competed in structural welding competitions.

Baton Rouge, La. – Turner Industries participated in the ABC Pelican High School Craft Competition at the Baton Rouge campus. Turner provided breakfast, door prizes and assisted in serving lunch to competitors during the competition. St. Rose, La. – Turner also participated in the ABC Bayou High School Craft Competition at the St. Rose campus. Turner supported the competition by providing door prizes and scoring written exams during the competition.

“Ready for Industry” Boot Camps Pasadena,Texas – Turner Industries, along with other industry representatives, sponsored two new Associated Builders and Contractors and the Construction and Maintenance Education Foundation (ABC/CMEF)’s “Ready for Industry” Boot Camps. One boot camp was geared towards veterans and another towards high school graduates from career and technical education. The boot camps introduced participants to industrial job opportunities and provided an overview of the requirements necessary to begin a career in the industry. Turner representatives supported the events educating the participants on the expectations of industrial jobs as well as pathways to the industry. The goal at the end of the three-day event was for CMEF contributors to offer jobs to participants. Two weeks after the first event, Jena Segura, an Army Veteran, South Texas native, and boot camp participant was hired by Turner Industries as a Pipefitter Helper Level 2. SUMMER 2019 19

Workforce Development

Turner Hosts Educational Pipe Fabrication Tours Port Allen, La. – Turner Industries hosted a pipe fabrication tour for St. Amant High School students who are candidates for the Propel Program. The Propel Program is a nonprofit program provided by ABC which trains interested, graduating high school students in levels 1 and 2 for pipefitting or electrical skills. Touring Turner’s facility allowed students the opportunity to explore and experience the different crafts.

Pasadena,Texas – Turner Industries’ Pipe Fabrication Division hosted a pipe fabrication tour for students enrolled at Alvin Community College. The tour, led by Turner Vice President Brian Daigle, provided students the opportunity to experience the pipe fabrication process and better understand the roles and responsibilities essential to completing a job.

Coastal Bend Community College Job Fair Beeville, Texas – Turner Industries Workforce Development Coordinator Jesse Ramirez participated in a job fair at Coastal Bend Community College. The job fair, sponsored by the Texas Workforce Commission, aimed to assist Construction Management graduates looking for employment opportunities in the industry. 

20 SUMMER 2019


Workforce Development

ABC/CMEF Graduation LaPorte, Texas – Associated Builders and Contractors and the Construction and Maintenance Education Foundation (ABC/CMEF) held a graduation at the Sylvan Beach Pavilion for their graduating students. Turner Industries, a sponsor for the event, had 30 employees complete their craft training programs through ABC/ CMEF for 2019. Coursework included: boilermaker, crane operations, electrical, instrumentation, millwright, pipefitting, welding and CSST. Turner had the largest number of graduates participating in the ceremony.

Galena Park Independent School District’s Signing Day Galena Park, Texas – Turner Industries’ Workforce Development group, along with our Houston Pipe Fabrication Division, participated in the first “Signing Day” at Galena Park Independent School District (ISD). The event recognized the graduating students for their accomplishments and for being hired for jobs in the industry. Turner is honored to be able to employ many of the graduates. The event was attended by Turner management and Business Development representatives, Galena Park ISD faculty and staff, graduates, family, friends, and industry partners. 

Turner Industries Assists Local High Schools Paris, Texas – Turner Industries partnered with three local high schools for the second consecutive year, helping students with their welding and fabrication classes. Turner Welding Instructor David Vanderburg supports the high school programs, visiting periodically throughout the school year to provide assistance with weld training. With open Tacker positions available, students had the opportunity to be interviewed and hired by Turner as qualified Tackers. Once hired, they were able to continue their weld training through Turner’s welding program to achieve certifications in other weld processes including GMAW, FCAW, SMAW, and SAW. A total of eighteen students passed the required GTAW Tackers test required for employment at Turner’s facility. SUMMER 2019 21

Workforce Development Turner Employees Support New College Program and STEM Coalition Hammond, La. – Turner Industries Director of Quality Services Ray Reamey and Corporate QA Manager Laura Meche visited Southeastern Louisiana University’s campus to observe, participate, and network with students in the Engineering Technology program. Southeastern has recently developed a program focused on industrial technologies within inspections, welding technology and quality management. Turner representatives were given the opportunity to meet

22 SUMMER 2019

organizers of the Northshore Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Coalition and participate in their inaugural meeting. The STEM Coalition brings together industrial, educational, and elected representatives from across Louisiana in support of the STEM Ecosystems Initiative which seeks to nurture effective science, technology, engineering and math learning opportunities for young adults.


GUIDANCE RESOURCES Everyday stresses, work-life balance and anxieties affect all of us at one point or another. Employees who participate in our health plan program have access to Guidance Resources, an employee assistance program (EAP) designed to support Turner Industries’ employees work-life balance. The program is able to provide assistance and counseling on many topics including family matters, relationships, grief and loss, depression and substance abuse. This program also offers assistance with financial and legal matters, event planning, elder care and relocations.

Confidential Emotional Support Our highly trained clinicians will listen to your concerns and help you or your family members with any issues, including: • Anxiety, Depression, Stress • Grief, Loss and Life Adjustments • Relationship/Marital Conflicts

Financial Resources Our financial experts can assist with a wide range of issues. Talk to us about: • Retirement Planning, Taxes • Relocation, Mortgages, Insurance • Budgeting, Debt, Bankruptcy and More

Online Support

Work-Life Solutions Our specialists provide qualified referrals and resources for just about anything on your to-do list, such as: • Finding Child and Elder Care • Hiring Movers or Home Repair Contractors • Planning Events, Locating Pet Care

GuidanceResources® Online is your 24/7 link to vital information, tools and support. Log on for: • Articles, Podcasts, Videos, Slideshows • On-demand Trainings • “Ask the Expert” Personal Responses to Your Questions

Legal Guidance Talk to our attorneys for practical assistance with your most pressing legal issues, including: • Divorce, Adoption, Family Law, Wills, Trusts and More Need representation? Get a free 30-minute consultation and a 25% reduction in fees.

Guidance Resources is provided by ComPsych, a well-respected national EAP vendor. Contact them at (866) 897-4132 or www.guidanceresources.com, WEB ID: TURNEREAP

Combination of Technology and Care Is Making Turner Industries’ Nurse Navigator Partnership Program a Proven Success This past April at the Houston Business Coalition on Health Conference, Turner Director of Corporate Benefits Dan Burke presented alongside Poindexter COO Taylor Godbey and Memorial Hermann Health System Director of Population Health and Wellness Emily Hightower. Their presentation “Case Study: Turner Industries’ Analytics-Powered Nurse Navigation Care Model” explained how Turner Industries’ pioneering Nurse Navigation program successfully tailors actions to the member’s individual health in a way that best fits his / her lifestyle and cultural considerations through the power of predictive analytics and predictive modeling. Poindexter’s advanced health analytics platform makes it easier for Turner’s Nurse Navigators (provided by partners such as Memorial Hermann) to target the right individuals and chronic conditions with the right plan and prevention steps to improve health outcomes short and long-term.

Below are just a few of the quantifiable results seen through Turner’s Nurse Navigator Program in 2018 71% Decrease of In-Patient Admittance 9% Increase in Preventative Visits 14% Decrease in Visits to the ER SUMMER 2019 23

TEAM Turner




Race to Restock the Food Bank in South Louisiana Turner Industries’ 2019 “Race to Restock the Food Bank” yielded the largest amount of food ever collected—121,349 lbs. Of this, 119,341 lbs. were delivered in three sea cans to the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank, making this the largest donation ever made by Turner Industries and its employees. On Friday, May 10th, members of TEAM Turner™, Turner Industries’ employee-directed volunteer organization, unloaded the third and final sea can. The food drive—which is set up as a competition between jobsites and offices—took place over the course of a month and involved 45 volunteers and the generous donations by employees from 34 of Turner’s jobsites and offices. Over 2,000 lbs. of food were also delivered to Second Harvest Food Bank in New Orleans. Together, the donations will serve 34 parishes in South Louisiana where our employees live and work. “The food drive is a testament of our commitment to the communities in which we live and work. We would like to take this 24 SUMMER 2019

opportunity to thank all our employees for their generous donations, it was a tremendous undertaking, but we did it! We would also like to thank our clients and vendors for assisting us in this endeavor,” said Turner Industries Race to Restock the Food Bank Project Leader Kristy Elias. “At Turner Industries, we are fortunate to have the support of senior management when it comes to TEAM Turner and the efforts we put forth in our communities. We are largely successful because of their continued support,” said Turner Maintenance Manager and Food Bank Project Leader Sherman Brown. This year’s TEAM Turner Spirit Award in honor of Randy Rebowe was given to Terry Smiley for going above and beyond to ensure the success of the project. “He was the first one on the scene in the morning and last to leave in the afternoon. During the day he ran our forklift, staged pallets and pitched in anywhere we needed him. At the end of the day he made sure that everything was picked up, safe and secure,” said Turner Food Bank Project Leader Renee Jenkins. TURNER INDUSTRIES Company Magazine

TEAM Turner™






OxyChem – Convent 1ST PLACE 3,156 lbs.

Honeywell – Geismar 7,622 lbs.

Port Allen Pipe Fab 3,261 lbs.

Olin Chlor Alkali – St Gabriel

Westlake – Plaquemine 4,956 lbs.

Shell – Norco 976 lbs.

Westlake – Geismar

CF Industries – Donaldsonville 3,226 lbs.

Shintech – Plaquemine 899 lbs.

2ND PLACE 1,270 lbs. 3RD PLACE 790 lbs.

Large site first place winner Port Allen Pipe Fabrication Facility representatives dropping off their food at the collection site behind Turner's main office. TEAM Turner Spirit Award winner Terry Smiley, flanked by Food Bank Project Leaders Sherman Brown and Renee Jenkins.

Medium site first place winner Honeywell Geismar representatives making their donation drop-off during the competition.


Small site first place winner OxyChem in Convent representatives delivering their food collection at the main office.


SUMMER 2019 25

TEAM Turner™

2019 FOOD DRIVES Record-Breaking Food Drive in Pasadena, Texas The Pasadena office food drive wrapped up as the most successful to date. 47,699 lbs. of food and drinks—more than double the amount of last year's drive— were delivered to the Pasadena Community Ministries Food Pantry, which serves families in Pasadena, Deer Park and La Porte, Texas. This year's drive yielded an abundance of water, so it was decided to donate four pallets of water to Habitat for Humanity.  In turn, Habitat for Humanity is helping the food pantry to store some of the food collected by Turner Industries and our employees because the food drive collected more food than the food pantry itself could store! This year, in addition to the Turner office complex in Pasadena, nineteen sites in the Houston area participated in the event, the largest number ever.


26 SUMMER 2019


47,699 lbs.

During the event, a raffle was held yielding $5,627, which was used to purchase food for the pantry. “Our employees have certainly raised the bar with the food drive donations received this year. What started in 2014 with 700 pounds has grown into a substantial event that truly makes a difference in our communities. The 2019 food drive with 47,699 pounds is a true testament of our employees’ generosity, giving back to those less fortunate. A great effort by all. I am truly proud of our TEAM Turner,” said Vice President Mack Hayes. We would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one who helped, donated food, and volunteered their time to this great cause. What an amazing effort!






TEAM Turnerâ„¢


TEAM Turner™

United Way’s Day of Caring Appreciation Luncheon for Turner Employees at Olin Freeport, Texas – A luncheon was held at the Olin jobsite in appreciation of Turner employees and their hard work. The luncheon also celebrated the formation of an official TEAM Turner on site. Employees gathered and enjoyed pastalaya—a traditional Louisiana dish which many Texas employees had never tasted before—prepared by Turner’s own pastalaya master chef, Vice President Rodney Landry.

Beaumont, Texas – TEAM Turner partnered with ExxonMobil during United Way of Beaumont’s 2019 Day of Caring, constructing modular flooring and walls for homes being rebuilt after Hurricane Harvey. Materials and equipment were provided by IConnect, a non-profit organization providing disaster relief assistance. In all, more than 200 volunteers from 28 businesses and organizations came together to strengthen the Beaumont community and improve lives by assisting with home repairs in Hurricane Harvey-damaged homes.

Relay for Life – Pensacola, Florida Pensacola, Fl. – Turner Industries joined Ascend Performance Materials and participated in the 2019 Relay for Life, a fundraising event benefiting the American Cancer Society. During the event, participating teams camp out overnight and take turns walking or running around a track or path at a local high school, park, or fairground. The Pensacola event took place at Community Maritime Park. Events are up to 24 hours long, and because cancer never sleeps, each team is asked to have at least one participant on the track at all times. Between laps, you can check out other teams’ tents for games and activities, and help support the cause by purchasing raffle tickets or food. The 2019 Pensacola Relay for Life raised $64,731.78.


Turner Industries Blood Drives Beaumont, Texas – The Beaumont office held another successful blood drive where employees donated 18 units of blood to the Lifeshare blood center. Pasadena, Texas – The Pasadena office held its 40th blood drive, where employees donated 26 units. Since 2002, employees from and around the Pasadena office have donated 881 units of blood saving approximately 2,643 lives!



TEAM Turner™ 2019 Dragon Boat Race Lake Charles, La. – For the seventh consecutive year, Turner Industries participated in CHRISTUS Ochsner Southwestern Louisiana Foundation’s annual Dragon Boat Race fundraiser at the Lake Charles Civic Center Seawall. There were 30 teams that competed in the race and a total of $145,000 raised through the event which benefits the Children’s Miracle Network (CMN). The funds raised will help provide critical life-saving equipment for infants treated in the CHRISTUS Ochsner Lake Area Hospital Labor and Delivery and NICU as well as help to fund CHRISTUS Ochsner St. Patrick Hospital CMN commitments. Pictured above with TEAM Turner are twins Logan and Mason Crommelin who were born at 23 weeks and survived thanks to the life-saving equipment that CMN purchased for the NEO-NIC Unit at CHRISTUS Ochsner St. Patrick Hospital. They are now seven years old.

Turner Team Wins “People’s Choice” Award at BBQ Cook-Off Marshall, Texas – Turner SIPA (scaffolding, insulation, painting and abatement) employees participated in the second annual “Cookin’ at the Creek BBQ Cook-Off,” benefiting United Way of Longview. The event was held at the Bear Creek Smokehouse and raised $22,260. The Turner team, consisting of Turner SIPA employees along with employees from Performance Contractors, Eastman Chemical Company and Joyce Crane, took home the “People’s Choice” award with their finger-licking good BBQ.

Pictured above left to right are: Jason Baker, Performance Contractors; Matt Welch, Eastman Chemical Company; Ray Smith, Turner Industries; Gary Rae, Turner Industries; Byron Rawls, Eastman Chemical Company and Ethen Rae, Joyce Crane.

SUMMER 2019 29

News & Notes Turner Industries Moves Up in National Rankings Turner Industries jumped one spot to number 30 on Engineering News-Record’s 2019 Top 400 Contractors List. The national rankings are based on 2018 revenue. Turner Industries is the only Louisiana-based company to make it into the top 50. Engineering News-Record is an American weekly magazine that provides news, analysis, data and opinion for the construction industry. Turner Industries was also ranked #1 on Associated Builders and Contractors 2019 Top Performers list. To be eligible, Turner demonstrated world-class safety performance by implementing ABC’s STEP safety management system, which makes the topperforming contractors up to 680 percent safer than the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics industry average, according to the ABC 2019 Safety Performance Report. The Top Performers were ranked by size based on the number of hours worked in 2017.

18-Month Anniversary and Employee Appreciation Lunch Augusta, Ga. – In January of 2018, Turner entered into an agreement with Nutrien to provide maintenance services at their Augusta Georgia facility. To celebrate this 18-month work anniversary and to thank the 237 employees who joined Turner Industries last year, Turner held an employee appreciation lunch. “On behalf of Turner Industries, we would like to thank Nutrien for the opportunity to work with you. We look forward to a long partnership. We would also like to thank our employees for coming on board, and for a great 18 months. We are proud to have you be a part of our Turner family,” said Turner Project Manager Neal McCleary and TSS Vice President Mike Welborn.

30 SUMMER 2019


News & Notes Turner Industries Presents Check to United Way of Southwest Louisiana Sulphur, La. – Turner Industries presented the United Way of Southwest Louisiana with a check donation of $243,455, representing the pledged donations Turner’s employees in the Southwest Louisiana area made during Turner's 2018-2019 United Way campaign. Their generous donations, along with Turner’s corporate contribution, help support agencies which provide educational, economic mobility, health, and basic needs assistance to community members.

Pictured left to right are Turner Vice President Kirt Chaisson, Turner Executive Vice President David Franks, Turner HR Director Ben Bourgeois; and United Way of Southwest Louisiana Director of Resource Development Becky Ainsworth.

Texas Chemical Council and Association of Chemical Industry of Texas Awards Banquet Houston, Texas – Turner Industries was a sponsor of the Texas Chemical Council and Association of Chemical Industry of Texas Awards Banquet. Congratulations to our client award recipients! SUMMER 2019 31

News & Notes ABC Golf Tournament Freeport, Texas – Turner Industries was a sponsor of Associated Builders and Contractors’ golf tournament where Turner provided BBQ.

Rubicon Invitational Golf Tournament Baton Rouge, La. – Turner Industries sponsored and participated in Rubicon’s Invitational Golf Tournament benefiting the Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center. Turner provided teams, food and beverages for the tournament.

Crawfish King Cook-Off Baton Rouge, La. – Turner Industries participated in the Crawfish King Cook- Off competition benefitting Junior Achievement and the Big Buddy Program. The 80’s themed event took place in down town Baton Rouge during Live After Five.

Texas City/ La Marque Industrial Trade Show Texas City, Texas – Turner Industries participated in the Texas City/La Marque Industrial Trade Show. The trade show, hosted by the Texas City/La Marque Chamber of Commerce, was held at the Charles T. Doyle Convention Center and was attended by over 500 industry professionals from facilities across the Texas City region. 32 SUMMER 2019


News & Notes Ascend Performance Materials’ First Annual Easter Egg Hunt Pensacola, Florida – Turner Industries at Ascend Performance Materials hosted their first annual Easter egg hunt at the Blue Angel Recreation park. Employees and family members enjoyed a fun filled day hunting Easter eggs and participating in a variety of activities.

Association of Chemical Industry of Texas Golden Triangle Crawfish Boil Houston,Texas – Turner Industries was a proud sponsor of the Association of Chemical Industry of Texas (ACIT) Golden Triangle Crawfish Boil. The event provided a



building and networking opportunity for Turner employees and other industry representatives.

Afton Chemical Kick Off Meeting Port Arthur, Texas – Turner Industries has been awarded the Nested Services Annual Contract at Afton Chemical in Port Arthur, Texas. To kick off the project, Turner hosted a team building luncheon, followed by a project meeting.

Voice of Leadership Graduates its 2019 Classes The 2019 Voice of Leadership classes (VOL) have been completed continuing Turner’s commitment to enhance leadership excellence and maintain a culture of leadership development. Participating in the ten-week, in-house training taught by Turner’s senior leadership, are employees who are nominated by management from across the company and selected from a vetted process based upon their merit and potential to grow as leaders. The objectives of the program are to improve leadership capabilities as well as enhance communication and problem-solving skills utilizing John C. Maxwell’s Leadership 101 – What Every Leader Needs to Know. Participants analyze workplace case study situations developed from actual Turner job experiences and through written reports and oral presentations they address the relevant issues pertaining to employees, company management and client management. SUMMER 2019 33

News & Notes

Golden Triangle Minority Business Council’s 23rd Annual Golf Tournament Beaumont,Texas – Turner Industries was a proud sponsor and supporter of the Golden Triangle Minority Business Council’s 23rd Annual Golf Tournament. The tournament was held at the Beaumont Country Club and provided a great team building opportunity for participants.

LAMP Golf Tournaments 4th Annual Lip Ripping Round Up Bass Tournament Mobile, Ala. – Turner Industries hosted their 4th Annual Lip Ripping Round Up Bass Tournament with 38 participating anglers. The anglers fished for multiple prizes. The competitors consisted of teams from Turner, Shell, American Environmental, United Rentals, and HyTorque. As the anglers returned to the boat launch for lunch, they were treated to BBQ catered by The Hot Spot. The day was filled with fun, camaraderie, and excitement. The top 3 winning teams and total weights are as follows:

Lake Charles and Baton Rouge, La. – Turner Industries participated in both 2019 LAMP Golf Tournaments. The tournaments are the largest fund-raisers for LAMP, the Political Action Committee for Louisiana’s Chemical Industry Association (LCIA). In addition to raising funds for LCIA’s political action committee, it is an excellent opportunity for the leaders of our industry, contractors and vendors to interact and build relationships.

1st Place & Lunker Brent Pugh & Barry McLain 14 lbs. 9 oz.

2nd Place Matthew Taylor & Zachary Eubanks 6 lbs. 8 oz.

3rd Place Phillip Ritchie & Caleb Lambert 6 lbs. 2 oz.

34 SUMMER 2019


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