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The Main Attraction: Our New Pasadena, Texas Personnel and Training Center



Jason Broha, Marie Crespo, Corinne Bergeron, & Terry Kenney


Jason Apodaca, Elizabeth Beckham Corinne Bergeron, Jason Broha, Robby Chandler, Marie Crespo, Bryan Gerace, Derryl Gaspard, Lori Garza, Phil Gauthreaux, Steven Hasty, Michelle Hardy, Edward Hymel, Howard Kelly, Terry Kenney, Patrick Lee, Caleb Lovell, Edward Newman, Paul Perkins, Carla Thompson, Kevin Williams, Kyle Williams

The Cover: How It’s Made Our unique cover for this Spring 2022 issue started from a very basic idea of positioning the new facility as a “roadside attraction”— something beyond a simple facility—a place you had to see. From there, sketches were made with the idea that eventually it would become a realistic, 3D image superimposed over the facility. The concept to what you see on the cover is briefly visualized through the images below.


Jason Broha


(Left)Initial Sketches that were merged to create the sign; (Above) Flat, one-color mockup on magazine layout above facility; (Top Right) Flat, full color design and (Bottom Right) 3D Rendering with lighting.

Scott Greci

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T U R N E R I N D U S T R I E S Company Magazine

Turner Industries Honored as #1 Top-Performing U.S. Construction Company by ABC Turner Industries was ranked number one on Associated Builders and Contractors’ 2022 Top Performers list, which ranks its commercial and industrial contractor members that build long-lasting, high-quality construction projects, based on work hours. for their commitment to corporate responsibility “The concept of Top Performer is something in quality, safety, talent management—including that we try and model in everything that we inclusion, diversity, and equity—education and do. This recognition from ABC is validation community relations; those that won national that our hard work is paying off. It is a true Excellence in Construction, Safety Excellence, honor to be on this list amongst first-class peers as we all work toward the same goal— and Inclusion, Diversity and Equity Excellence awards; and those that hold designations awarded creating meaningful careers while supporting to diverse companies to help procure work from the industries that make modern life as we government and private entities. know it possible,” said Turner Industries CEO “Turner Industries invests in and attributes Stephen Toups. its successes to its people, and its value As an ABC Top Performer, Turner Industries proposition gives their employees purpose, demonstrated world-class safety performance by delivers quality to their clients and achieving Gold in ABC’s STEP Safety Management strengthens their bottom line,” said Michael System, which makes the top-performing contractors more than six times safer than the Bellaman, president and chief executive U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics industry average, officer of ABC. “Congratulations to Turner according to ABC’s Safety Performance Report. for raising the bar in developing people, winning work and delivering that work safely, The listings highlight contractors that have earned ABC’s Accredited Quality Contractor credential ethically and profitably.”

To view the 2022 Top Performers lists please visit: abc.org/2022topperformers


The Latest & Greatest Safety Updates From Around the Company

Turner Industries’ Digital Safety Kiosk™ Introduced The Turner Industries Safety Kiosk, recently introduced at several sites, has been designed to ensure that our supervisors and crew members always have access to the most recent safety information, checklists, and procedures. The kiosk will be piloted at select locations with the goal to expand to many other job sites in the near future. Consisting of a permanently mounted iPad and printer, the kiosk allows direct access to Turner Policies, Procedures, and forms for our supervision and frontline employees. After the forms or checklists are selected, they can be printed to be distributed and shared in the field. Site supervision is encouraged to review the applicable procedures at toolbox meetings and have them available for review by work crews. If you are interested in learning more about the kiosks, contact Construction Safety and Health Director Derryl Gaspard at dgaspard@turner-industries.com, or Regional Safety and Health Manager Darrel King at dking@turner-industries.com.

STOP WORK AUTHORITY – When in Doubt, Talk it Out!

Mechanical Team Takes a Time Out to Find Correct Valve Baton Rouge, La. – After pulling a relief valve in air-supplied acid suits on an elevated deck at Honeywell Performance Materials, the Turner Specialty Services crew was tasked with pulling another valve in the same sequence but on a higher deck. When the crew ascended to the deck, they noticed multiple relief valves tagged to be pulled. They were directed to pull one on the easternmost tower, but the provided work scope directed them to pull one on the western tower. This team of mechanics exercised their STOP WORK Authority to discuss and review the job scope and verify which relief valve to pull. Had they pulled the original relief valve as directed, catastrophic failure could have occurred.

Pictured from left to right are Hector Sanchez, Cameron Hughes, Spencer Courtney, Jaylen James, Cedric Sago, Sean Jones, and Eldridge Robinson

4 SPRING 2022

“The teams’ dedication to our safety culture and their belief in our STOP WORK Authority program has taken us closer to achieving “Goal Zero.” A heartfelt thank you to Spencer Courtney and his team for a job well done,” said Turner Safety Manager Patrick Lee. T U R N E R I N D U S T R I E S Company Magazine


STOP WORK AUTHORITY – When in Doubt, Talk it Out!

Scaffold Group Pauses Project Due To Inclement Weather Alvin, Texas – This past February, Turner’s nested scaffold crew at Ascend was asked to build a multi-tier scaffold in the pipe alley of the environmental controls and utilities unit to protect the unit from an incoming cold front with freezing temperatures. Tarps were hung over the scaffolding to avoid a repeat of the aftermath of the 2021 historic Texas freeze.

As the work started, the weather quickly changed, with gusting wind and rain. The crew recognized the weather condition as one of the discussed STJ triggers. Knowing that all Turner employees have the right to stop unsafe work at any time, the crew stopped the job until the weather conditions improved. While this temporarily paused the job, the crew was able to complete the job later that same day under safe conditions.

During the job’s collaborative Hazard Recognition

“Stopping a job doesn’t mean that a job won’t be done at all; taking a step back to pause or delay work under of motion, gravity, and chemicals to be present within adverse conditions is the best route to take to complete the steps of this job. Inclement weather was listed as work safely,” said Turner Safety Tech Christi Baker.

Program discussion, the crew identified the energies

a “Stop the Job” (STJ) trigger due to the concern of “Big thanks to all involved for being empowered to Stop forecasted rain and strong winds ahead of the cold the Job and keep each other safe!” said Rogelio Estrada,

SIPA Site Manager at Ascend.

front moving into the area.

Pictured left to right are Turner employees: Eddie Matamoros, Edwin Alvarado, Jesus Vaquera, Alexandre Estrada, Daniel Torres, Seth Van Houten, Colby Johnson, and Jose Alvarado.

One Year and 5.5 Million Hours Recordable Free Turner Industries’ Scaffolding, Insulation, Painting and Abatement (SIPA) Group has worked, group-wide, one year and over 5.5 million hours OSHA recordable free. This safety milestone includes all SIPA work completed in the following regions: • Baton Rouge, LA

• Decatur, AL

• Beaumont, TX

• Lake Charles, LA

• Pensacola, FL

• Corpus Christi, TX

• El Dorado, AR

• Freeport, TX

• Houston, TX SPRING 2022 5


Five Years Recordable Free at Dow Chemical Beaumont, Texas – Turner employees at the Dow Chemical complex in Beaumont, Texas have worked five years OSHA recordable free.

Two Years Recordable Free at OQ Chemicals Bay City, Texas – Turner employees at OQ Chemicals in Bay City, Texas have worked two years OSHA recordable free.

Turner SIPA Employees Complete Job Safely During Flare Project at Shell Norco Norco, La – Turner’s SIPA (scaffolding, insulation, painting, and abatement) Group recently worked incident and injury free while installing and removing scaffolding, insulation, and paint on the WOEF Flare Project at Shell Norco. Scaffold employees worked 4,375 hours OSHA recordable free, installing and dismantling 20,500 pieces of scaffold material, which was handled 225,000 times with ZERO dropped objects. Painting and insulation employees worked 1,900 hours OSHA recordable free. Painters blasted and coated 1,250 linear feet of piping, and the insulation group had 900 linear feet of insulation stripped and reinstalled and 1,050 linear feet of metal stripped and reinstalled incident free.

6 SPRING 2022

T U R N E R I N D U S T R I E S Company Magazine



Safety Excellence Awards


The Corporate Safety Excellence program represents the top safety awards presented by our company. Site performance is reviewed by an evaluation team and submitted to the Executive Safety Committee for final approval. Awards are based on the following criteria: Incident Performance Statistics, Safety Process Implementation, Metrics/Leading Edge Indicators, Employee Involvement and Engagement, and Employee Development Processes.

President’s Safety Excellence Awards

Overall Top Corporate Performers Eco Services Baton Rouge, Louisiana (Maintenance)

Lake Charles Equipment Operations Baton Rouge, Louisiana (Equipment)

Sasol Lake Charles, Louisiana (Maintenance)

Port Allen Coatings Facility Port Allen, Louisiana (Fabrication)

ExxonMobil Polypropylene Growth Project Baton Rouge, Louisiana (Construction)


Corporate Safety Excellence – Regional & Business Unit Top Performers Shell Refining Convent, Louisiana

Olin Freeport, Texas

SIPA Corpus Christi Operations Corpus Christi, Texas

Marathon Galveston Bay, Texas

TSS–NDE at Dow Plaquemine, Louisiana

SWS/TSG at Dow Plaquemine, Louisiana

OxyChem Ingleside, Texas

TSS Environmental at Honeywell Baton Rouge & Geismar, Louisiana

Hunt Southland Refining Heidelberg, Mississippi

ExxonMobil Beaumont, Texas

TSS Mechanical at CF Industries Donaldsonville, Louisiana SPRING 2022 7


What It Takes to Get the Job Done Right

Turner Industries Answers the Call from One of the Largest Chemical Plants in the Country – Eastman Chemical Kingsport Kingsport, Tn. – Eastman Chemical’s facility in Kingsport is the company’s flagship site and is also one of the largest chemical plants in the United States. In February, Turner Industries was given the opportunity to respond to an unplanned event at the facility. Turner was contracted by Eastman to provide support to their on-site maintenance team along with the cleanup of insulation materials following the rupture of a critical, high-pressure steam line in the facility. Turner Industries and Turner Specialty Services mobilized approximately 80 people within 48 hours of receiving the call from Eastman, providing abatement and mechanical maintenance services at the site. The project was successfully completed on schedule, under budget,

and recordable free.

“Our relationship with Eastman is new and is hopefully growing into a strong partnership with Turner Industries. It was critical that we responded quickly and safely to the Kingsport site and our team was able to do just that. This is just another example of why our team at Turner is the best in the business.” – VP of Eastern Region Caleb Lovell. 8 SPRING 2022







ONE MONTH T U R N E R I N D U S T R I E S Company Magazine


Turner Team in Mobile Safely Completes High-Pressure Job Saraland, Ala. – In mid-March, when our client noticed a leaking liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) line, Shell Maintenance Manager Steve Davis gave a call to the Turner team or as he refers to them — the “Mobile Site Tier 1 Team.” The job required the removal and replacement of approximately 60 feet of piping ranging in diameter from 4" to 6". Under the direction of Shell’s site operations and maintenance team, Turner completed the removal and replacement, including 27 field welds in three shifts.

“What is paramount to me is Turner’s relentless focus on how to complete work like this safely and with the right barriers in place. I know that can be even more important when managing the inherent feeling of pressure during an unplanned off-hours job. Turner’s partnership with Mobile is a huge part of our success, running safely and reliably. My thanks to you and to your team for that leadership and partnership,” said Shell Mobile General Manager Wes Mock. “I am very proud of our Turner Team here at the Mobile site. We all work together safely, with integrity, perseverance, and dedication day in and day out,” said Turner Site Manager Roy Ellis.

Shell Mobile Refinery Transitioned to New Owner - Vertex Energy On April 1, 2022, the sale of the Shell Mobile refinery to Vertex Energy was completed. Houston-based Vertex Energy is an energy transition company focused on the production and distribution of conventional and alternative fuels. Turner will maintain its current on-site presence.

“Our primary goals throughout this transition period will be focused on maintaining the site’s legacy of safe and reliable operations while continuing to serve as a supplier of fuel in our community. As such, our plan for conventional products (gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel) will not change. We do have planned upgrades for future production of renewable fuels, which will be in addition to existing conventional production with no foreseeable diminutive impact on conventional products,” said Vertex Energy Site Contracts and Procurement Manager Barry Blackledge. “The Mobile team has always been regarded as one of Turner’s best, but the investments in the community and the site that are planned with the Vertex transition have generated an excitement that is electric. In my opinion, Vertex has captured the essence of the world’s energy transition with the continued supply of the conventional energy products, while developing the processes and technology to move in a more renewable direction,” said Turner Alliance Manager Jonathan Guidry. SPRING 2022 9


Turner Industries Successfully Completes Project at Dow’s Lone Star Manufacturing Facility Dow Lone Star Project – Dow Houston HUB Deer Park Facility Deer Park, Texas – Turner Industries successfully completed its first capital project at the Dow Lone Star Chemical Manufacturing Facility. The project utilized Turner’s small capital projects group and crane & rigging group to provide pipe fabrication and installation, equipment setting and miscellaneous civil foundations. The project was completed safely and resulted in increased process efficiencies at the Lone Star manufacturing facility.

“The team greatly appreciated Turner’s safety dedication, culture and positive impact on the field crews. Our construction management team also truly enjoyed the relationships we created with Bobby Pollard, Jim Wilson and their field crews.” – Dow Chemical Company Construction Manager Federico “Rico” Gutierrez 10 S P R I N G 2 0 2 2

Pictured above are Pipe Fabrication Frontline Supervisor Craig Zabcik, Site Supervisor Bobby Pollard, and Site Safety Manager Jasmin Gaona




5 Months


Small Capital Projects Group, Crane & Rigging Group




Jim Wilson, Supervisor Bobby Pollard, Superintendent Pedro Morin, Site QC Jasmin Gaona, Site Safety Manager T U R N E R I N D U S T R I E S Company Magazine


Exchanger Crew Makes Job Safer, Faster, and More Reliable Norco, La. – A couple of years ago, Shell and Turner Industries partnered to develop a proactive cleaning process for exchangers at Shell’s Norco site. Today the “Exchanger Crew” is a nested Turner crew created with the purpose of improving efficiency and production while also providing opportunities for exchanger equipment integrity inspections.

“The Exchanger Crew started with routine planned exchangers but now are utilized and called on when the hard-to-do and high-profile work is needed. The crew has proven time and again that they deliver exceptional results. The positive attitudes, combined with quality work, makes it a pleasure to work with this team,” said Shell Refining West Production Specialist Lyle Bourgeois. Before setting up the Exchanger Crew, it often took three weeks to move an exchanger through the maintenance process. By allowing a team to solely focus on this activity, the crew can identify common bottlenecks and optimize the workflow. This allows the site to maintain more exchangers for the same cost. The crew’s process is safer, faster, and more reliable.

“There is a reason this crew is requested to execute critical work. The group leads the pack in safety, quality, and production here at the Norco site,” said Turner Maintenance Superintendent Dylan Lambert. “Turner Frontline Leader John Sziber knows our site, knows how to motivate his crew and is committed to getting the job done safely,” said Bourgeois. “This is a fantastic example of a valued contractor partner that is part of our team approach to work.”

Pictured are Foreman John Sziber, Timothy Sziber, Jamie Arceneaux, Joshua Locicero, Dustin King, Landon Granger, and Michael Trapen.

S P R I N G 2 0 2 2 11


Honeywell Baton Rouge Facility Awarded Advanced Materials Plant of the Year by Honeywell International Baton Rouge, La. – Honeywell International Incorporated has recognized The Honeywell facility in Baton Rouge, Louisiana as the corporation’s “Advanced Materials (AM) Plant of the Year.” This prestigious award is only given to one Honeywell (AM) facility per year. Honeywell Baton Rouge last received the award in 1995. Turner Industries currently performs a wide variety of services at the facility including maintenance, packaging, filter press cleaning, SIPA services, grounds-keeping, environmental, turnarounds, crane & rigging, and capital projects. In 2021, Turner Specialty Services’ (TSS) on-site packaging group was recognized for having the highest packaging rate in Honeywell Baton Rouge history. Honeywell Baton Rouge also received an award from the American Chemistry Council for being recordable free, incident free, fatality free, and restrictive case free for 2020.

“Turner Industries is successful at Honeywell Baton Rouge because of our people. They’re always ready to answer the call, provide a solution and safely execute the work. This team takes pride and ownership of the equipment we maintain and the things that we build. There is no question that the Turner team at Honeywell is a special group of men and women who strive to exceed the expectations of our valued client.” – Turner Site Manager Robby Chandler “Robby and his team have accomplished great success in the terms of safety and productivity, and have provided cost saving of over $2.6 MM to the client in 2021. I have all the faith that with the on-site leadership and talent in place, we are on track to have successes like this continue for years to come.” – Turner Vice President Jimmy Watkins

12 S P R I N G 2 0 2 2

T U R N E R I N D U S T R I E S Company Magazine


What’s Happening at Dow Louisiana Operations

Turner Industries Grows Footprint

Plaquemine, La. – Turner’s “One Solution for Your Success” approach is evident at Dow Louisiana Operations (LAO) as we continue to grow our footprint with the most recent addition of a nested SIPA (scaffolding, insulation, painting, and abatement) group.

“After a successful scaffolding trial period, Turner’s SIPA group was brought onsite and asked to erect scaffolding in the heart of the facility. The requested work was estimated and designed on site using scaffold designer software to ensure weight restrictions on the stairwell would be maintained and work could begin in relatively short order. The group, led by General Foreman Colburne Lockett, maintains top-tier safety and quality,” said Turner Site Manager Howard E. Kelly

Pictured is the CUI/RBI Scaffold crew and Client Scaffold Coordinator Julian Thomas

LEVEL UP: Up-and-Coming Leaders at Dow LAO In addition to added services on site, Turner leaders at LAO are on the rise. Meet three of our employees who have recently “leveled up” at the site.

Colburne Lockett - LHC2/LHC3 SIPA General Foreman Colburne joined the site a year ago as part of the SIPA Group’s scaffolding trial in LHC3. Colburne and his crew of fifteen maintained solid performance through the trial and, in part due to his leadership, have earned the opportunity to more than triple the size of our scaffolding footprint at LAO. Colburne has since been promoted to general foreman, and he and his crews continue to perform at a high level.

Kevin Lillis - LHC2 General Foreman Kevin came to the Dow LAO team as a boilermaker eight years ago. He excelled in his craft with particular expertise in furnace repair. He was later moved into a supervisor role where he continued to be a leader in safety and quality performance. Most recently, Kevin has been promoted to general foreman in our LHC2 unit where he continues to thrive and has added excellence in craftsmanship and leadership development to his growing list of abilities.

James Latino – LHC3 Foreman James came to the Dow LAO team as a laborer seven years ago. His work ethic quickly afforded him the opportunity to become a part of the mechanical furnace team in the LHC3 unit where he earned the opportunity to be crew leadman. James continued to strive for top performance and earned the opportunity a year ago to level up. He currently serves as foreman in his unit and is a valuable member of the LHC3 team at LAO. S P R I N G 2 0 2 2 13


Marathon Catlettsburg 2021 Fall Turnaround Catlettsburg, Ky. – Last year, Turner Industries (along with several other contractors) was tasked with providing a workforce for the 2021 Fall Turnaround at the Marathon Catlettsburg Refinery. Turner was asked to provide 460 employees, which was approximately 40% of the total workforce required for the event. At the time, COVID restrictions were still in place, an increase of new work was under construction, and there was a personnel shortage in the area, making staffing the event a unique challenge. After exploring all avenues of obtaining a local workforce, Marathon gave Turner Site Manager Kenneth Irwin the green light to locate workers from other areas and bring them on board. Kenneth contacted Caleb Lovell and Kyle Williams from Turner’s Decatur, Alabama office, who were able to quickly provide labor assistance and mobilize manpower from Turner’s Turnaround Services Group.

“Within one week we were able to pull 24 boilermakers and supervisors from Alabama and Louisiana. We completed the Turnaround safely and on schedule because of our ability to utilize all our groups and services. It is an awesome feeling knowing we can meet our client’s needs even during exceptional times,” said Turner Site Manager Kenneth Irwin.

Turner Industries Receives Inaugural Marathon Site Safety Award Marathon has always encouraged contractor participation in their Behavioral Based Safety (BBS) program. To recognize the efforts put forth by active participants, Marathon’s Catlettsburg Refinery introduced a monthly BBS Audit Award based on the quality of safety observations from each contractor. The program was implemented in January of 2022 and Turner Industries was the first recipient of the award. The award was presented by Plant Manager Jay Richert during the monthly refinery leadership team meeting. The award will be presented each month and displayed in the lobby of the Marathon maintenance building.

“Marathon was an early adopter of behaviorbased safety programs, as was Turner. Over the years we have aligned our efforts which has had an exponential positive effect on safety performance. We are proud to be the first contractor recipient of this award,” said Project Manager Gary Truxillo. Pictured are Kenneth Irwin and Jay Richert

14 S P R I N G 2 0 2 2

T U R N E R I N D U S T R I E S Company Magazine


S P R I N G 2 0 2 2 15

Welcome to Our

New Personnel & Training Center

Turner Industries has always been on the leading edge of workforce development. We invest heavily in the time and resources necessary to attract and retain a competent workforce. By making major commitments to both industry-wide and in-house innovations and initiatives, we ensure our ability to provide our clients with skilled crafts and management necessary for their success. In early 2022, we turned on the lights at our latest state-ofthe- art personnel and training center built for the Houston area. Built to better serve our Houston-area clients and employees, this 33,093 square-foot state-of-the-art building is a “one stop shop” for job candidates, allowing them to interview, complete medical testing and orientation as well as site-specific safety and craft training—shortening the “time to field” from days to hours.

16 S P R I N G 2 0 2 2

T U R N E R I N D U S T R I E S Company Magazine

FACILITY QUICK FACTS 33,093 Square Feet 185 Computers

“We are very excited to have opened this facility; this is our largest personnel and training center to date. Our goal is always to service both our clients and employees to the best of our ability, and this facility enables us to do just that. We can now get our employees trained, certified and ready for the job site faster than ever before. For the clients, this means employees are processed, trained and ready to go to work faster. Workers can also receive additional training to drive efficiencies on site. For the employees it means that we can now make it easier for them to either start their careers or to receive additional training to advance their careers.” Turner Industries CEO Stephen Toups

Multi-Purpose Meeting Room Capacity: 105 “To serve our clients well and be an industry leader, Turner knows it is in the “people business” and that our employees are our most valuable asset. Responding to growth in the Houston area and expansion across Texas, the company made a major investment in its most valuable resource with a state-of-the-art personnel and training center in Pasadena. Improving human performance factors starts at the time of hiring. The new building has been designed to make the hiring and onboarding process faster and easier for our employees. With streamlined computer processing in spacious and comfortable surroundings, everything was considered to make it a better experience for applicants and longterm employees alike. With all functions of personnel, employee relations, medical and fitness testing, workforce development, and safety training under one roof, the facility is truly a personnel Superstore.”


Paperless Processing, In-House Medical Department, NCCER and Craft Testing, InHouse Safety Council 500 kw On-Site Generator

Conference Room Fully Equipped for Virtual Meetings

Sr. Vice President & Regional Manager John M. Golashesky

S P R I N G 2 0 2 2 17


Recruiting and processing start before an individual steps foot onto Turner’s campus. Turner Industries’ recruiters utilize CraftTrax® software, a proprietary database and program that serves a variety of functions, to pull reports of potential candidates as well as all major third-party job boards. Recruiters cold-call and conduct in-person interviews to vet prospective employees, check NCCER certifications, and assign them to prequalifying craft tests if necessary. Once a prospective employee satisfies all necessary criteria, recruiters initiate the hiring process. CraftTrax provides the processing queue system for the personnel team. When a new hire moves through the building they are digitally ‘moved’ to different queues in CraftTrax for that portion of their process, in real time. At this facility, Turner Industries can process a minimum of 150 people every day. Turner is an E-Verify employer. As an employee processes, Turner verifies an employee’s I-9, United States work authorization, and background screening consent forms for accuracy. This ensures compliance with Federal regulations in real time.



Once an employee finishes their process paperwork, they are queued to the personnel medical team. Medical conducts drug and alcohol screening in-house, including the collection of thirdparty drug screens such as DISA, Vector, and NASAP. Turner is certified to collect all widely used drug screening methods such as urine, hair follicle, and oral fluid. The company is a zero-tolerance employer for drug and alcohol abuse. Turner partners with Core Medical to conduct physicals and respirator fit-testing in-house with four respirator fit-testing machines. Core conducts any site-required fit-for-duty exams, returnto-work exams, and is on-hand to address first aid needs for employees at Turner’s Pasadena, Texas campus.



This 3,500-square-foot space is a hands-on lab for all types of crafts taught by subject-matter experts. To receive NCCER’s “Performance Verified” certificate, our employees must demonstrate skills in a controlled environment in front of qualified performance evaluators. If our employees complete both the written and performance assessments, NCCER awards them with the “Certified Plus” certification. These certifications help develop our workforce and provide them with opportunities to advance their careers.

18 S P R I N G 2 0 2 2

T U R N E R I N D U S T R I E S Company Magazine


When the employee completes the medical portion of processing, they are queued to Turner’s Safety Council room to complete the final steps. Turner Industries is proud to have the Health and Safety Council (HASC) in-house at this facility. HASC provides employees computer-based testing including the Basic Plus Refresher course and site-specific training, complete with the ability to print HASC cards. Turner personnel employees in the Safety Testing Center administer Turner’s Safety and Health Orientation, which provides baseline training on the subject matter under OSHA 1910 annual training requirements. They also finalize employees’ site requirements before dispatching them to work. Once all necessary drug screening, background screening, and HASC training is complete, employees are given a referral to go to work and closed out in CraftTrax. Depending on site requirements, it is possible for an employee to process through and report to a job site to begin work on the same day. TRAINING LAB

ROPE ACCESS TRAINING Recently, Turner Industries’ Mechanical Rope Access Group demonstrated the benefits of Mechanical Rope Access, to a perspective client in the new facility. The Rope Access technicians performed a variety of tasks, utilizing their proprietary training module to present all relevant applications and benefits to the select audience. The demonstration showcased the daily activities of our mechanical rope access technicians along with processes and procedures, job plans, audit forms, and equipment inspection forms, as well as our digitized job safety analysis forms utilizing a Turner Tablet™.



Rope Access Training/Qualification Platform NCCER Rigging Hands-On Qualification NCCER Boilermaker Hands-On Assessment Training NCCER Pipefitter Hands-On Assessment Training NCCER Industrial Mechanic Hands-On Training Turner Competent Scaffold Builder/User Hands-On Training Fall Protection Training Platform Turner Power-Tool User Training Core Competency Training

NCCER To complement the craft training lab, the new Turner personnel office houses a National Center for Construction Education & Research (NCCER) computer testing center. Turner’s workforce development group will be able to facilitate NCCER assessments, module testing, and online training. This testing center makes it easier to support site needs for testing and training. The computers can also be used for employees to complete Turner and NCCER upgrade training programs. PASADENA, TEXAS

S P R I N G 2 0 2 2 19



FORCE REPORT ™ – The Newest Module in the Turner Tablet™ Application Suite Turner Industries has added a new module to its quickly expanding Turner Tablet™ application suite. Force Report™ is your solution to capturing a site’s daily resource count fast and efficiently eliminating the time-consuming process of manually compiling a force report. Due to streamlined reporting, human error is drastically reduced compared to a manual process. This module allows Turner’s front-line supervisors the ability to provide critical project data to the decision makers in real-time increasing project safety and efficiencies.

BENEFITS • Real time resources count based on job number, craft, or timesheet group • Fast and efficient • Eliminates manual force reporting that is timeconsuming and data that is prone to human error • Immediate analytics on your site’s resources whether that’s concerning craft count (attendance), timesheet group, or area

If you are interested in deploying Force Report at your site, please contact: techconnect@turner-industries.com 20 S P R I N G 2 0 2 2

T U R N E R I N D U S T R I E S Company Magazine


Jordan Madere

Time with Turner: 14 Years Current Title: Specialized Welding

Group Superintendent

Meet Jordan Madere! Jordan has been with Turner Industries for nearly 14 years. His Turner story began with him working as a pipefitter/helper on the major expansion project at Marathon in Garyville, Louisiana. Jordan has since joined Turner’s Specialty Welding Services group (SWS), where he started as pipefitter and worked his way up to his current position of superintendent. “After completing my first project with Turner, I knew it was the right fit for me. The amount of professionalism displayed by both the hands and supervision was unprecedented in comparison to other contractors I had worked with in the past. I knew that if I was going to further my career in this industry, it would be with Turner.”

A Quick Q & A with Jordan What do you find most satisfying about your job? Job satisfaction to me comes in the simplest forms. From relaying my expectations to the crews in the morning safety meeting to watching the job progress on a timely schedule, and completing the project with zero injuries, ahead of schedule and with a quality of workmanship second to none.

What advice would you give to people that aspire to work at Turner? The best advice I can give would be to always put your best foot forward. The opportunities to grow within the company are endless if you’re willing to put in the work.

Tell us about your favorite moment during your tenure with Turner and why you remember it. One of my favorite moments would have to be the completion of the Oxy Geismar river water emergency job in June of 2021.The amount of support we had from within the company to complete the job on such short notice was truly needed. Teamwork allowed the job to be completed safely and successfully. The client was pleased and continues to speak of the way we were able to complete this major task.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work? Simply put, my wife and my 2-year-old daughter are my world. I enjoy spending time with them in the outdoors fishing, hunting, and cooking out.

What is the best advice you have received? The best advice I have ever received is to “never stop learning and strive for excellence every day.” S P R I N G 2 0 2 2 21


Recruiting, Training & Retaining Our Most Important Asset–People

Turner Industries Assists ABC Pelican in Hosting Annual Area IV Louisiana FFA Welding Competition Baton Rouge, La. – Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) Pelican Chapter and Turner Industries hosted the annual Area IV Louisiana FFA Welding Competition on March 24. The event returned to the Training Center of ABC Pelican after having taken the year off due to Covid-19. Members of the QA/QC department of Turner Industries were on hand to serve as judges for the competition, while members of Turner’s Workforce Development team assisted with safety and scoring. Turner also awarded welding grinders to the first-place winners. A total of 14 area high schools attended with 48 students competing in structural welding.

ABC FFA District Craft Competition Westlake, La. – Associated Builders and Contractors Inc. (ABC) Pelican Chapter hosted its annual craft competition for local high school students competing in the categories of electrical, small engine and welding. Turner Industries QC Manager and AWS Section 142 Chairman Tac Edwards and his team judged the welding portion of the program. The competition criteria included base metal prep, weld penetration, overall appearance, and bead uniformity. Turner Personnel Manager Kent Dartez also attended to support Tac and his group and support students inquiring about future hiring opportunities. 22 S P R I N G 2 0 2 2

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VOW22 Career and Resource Fair Freeport, Texas – VOW22 has established a Veteran career and resource fair this year to assist Veterans in the community. Turner Industries Training Manager Kayla Viehland and Turner Safety Manager Ben Martinez supported this event and shared information regarding employment opportunities with Turner Industries. Pictured are Turner Industries employees Kayla Viehland and Ben Martinez

Discover Your Direction Corpus Christi, Texas –Turner Industries Coordinator of Public Affairs and Community Relations Lori Garza attended the Region Two Education Service Center sponsored event, “Discover Your Direction.” The goal of the event is to give students industry information prior to making their endorsements for the upcoming school year. Lori gave a presentation on the Expectations of a Construction Helper to high school students who attended the event.

2022 National Craft Championships San Antonio, Texas – Turner Industries recently participated in the 2022 National Craft Championships (NCC). Over 175 craft professionals from across the country competed in the event. This year’s NCC once again featured the nation’s best carpenters, electricians, pipefitters, plumbers, welders and other construction craft professionals vying for top honors in 15 competitions with skills on display across 12 crafts.

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Workforce Development Coordinator Darrien Batiste Tours Western Texas Region High Schools, Shares Industry Insight Beaumont, Texas – Workforce Development Coordinator Darrien Batiste has begun touring the Western region sharing industry knowledge and insight with students from our sponsored high schools. Darrien was recently invited to visit with students from Beaumont United High School and West Brook High School at the Taylor Career and Technology Center. The center serves high school students, grades 10-12 and offers a variety of programs to help prepare students for successful careers. During his visit at the center Darrien presented about STOP WORK authority as well as the realities of working in the industrial construction industry from a safety standpoint and from an entry-level standpoint. Pictured is Darrien Batiste with students currently enrolled in welding classes at Taylor Career and Technology center.

ABC Build Your Future Day Gonzales, La. – Turner Industries workforce development representatives supported ABC Bayou Chapter and ABC Pelican Chapter’s 2022 Build Your Future Day at Lamar Dixon Expo Center. High school students from across Louisiana were invited to attend and learn from industry professionals about the career opportunities available in the construction industry. Students also had the opportunity to participate in hands-on demonstrations alongside industry professionals.

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2022 Women in Industry Conference Galveston, Texas – The region’s nine community colleges, partnering as the Community College Petrochemical Initiative (CCPI), invited women across the Gulf Coast to explore career opportunities in the petrochemical and construction trade industries during the 2022 Women in Industry Conference at the Moody Gardens Convention Center. Attendees were given the opportunity to listen to and meet women who have found success in heavy industry—including seven women from Turner industries: Workforce Development Manager Carla Thompson, Human Resources Manager Jill Hill, Learning and Development Manager Elisabeth Beckham, Training Manager Layla Viehland, Marketing and Event Coordinator Terry Kenney, and Coordinators of Public Affairs and Community Relations Lori Garza and Karen Smith.

SkillsUSA Welding Competition Houston, Texas – Turner Industries supported SkillsUSA Welding Competition hosted at Houston Community College. Turner Workforce Development Coordinator Darrien Batiste served as a judge for the welding sculpture competition. SkillsUSA is a partnership of students, teachers and industry partners working together to ensure America has a skilled workforce. The organization serves more than 333,527 students and instructors annually. Students who participated in the competition presented their sculptures along with a binder containing information about their project. A mock interview was also part of the student’s overall score where they were judged in the areas of eye contact, body language, confidence, and knowledge of project. The competition served as a great opportunity for the judges to share knowledge and advice with these future construction workers. Pictured are participating students from Wisdom High School, Houston ISD

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National Read Across America Day Corpus Christi, Texas – Turner Coordinator of Public Affairs and Community Relations Lori Garza was invited to Sam Houston Elementary in Corpus Christi by United Way of Coastal Bend in support of National Read Across America Day. The National Education Association Read Across America is a reading motivation and awareness program that calls for every child in every community to celebrate reading on the school day closest to March 2, the birthday of beloved children’s author Dr. Seuss.

VOW22 Hike Lake Jackson, Texas – Team Turner members participated, for the fifth consecutive year, in the VOW22 Veteran Suicide Prevention Hike. VOW22 seeks to prevent veteran suicide through community awareness, camaraderie, interaction, and communication with veterans. Pictured from left to right are Turner employees Ryan Beeson, Joanna Ruiz, Ross Whitworth and Alex Rubalcaba

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“Battle for the Paddle” Benefiting United Way® of Southwest Louisiana Lake Charles, La. – Turner Industries provided a cooking team, the “Mean Green Cookin’ Machine” for United Way® of Southwest Louisiana’s 1st Annual Battle for the Paddle cooking competition held at the Lake Charles Civic Center Amphitheater. Turner’s team won People’s Choice Pastalaya. Pictured are Turner team members Gregory Thibodeaux, Bubby Boudreaux, Kristen Major and Karen Smith.

Touch a Truck Baton Rouge, La. – TEAM Turner members served food in the “Grub Zone” at Junior League of Baton Rouge’s “Touch a Truck” event in March. “Touch a Truck” is a family-friendly fundraising event put on by Junior League, where main attractions include a scavenger hunt, a petting zoo, and hands-on experience with big trucks, heavy equipment, and emergency vehicles.

Turner Industries Assists Eagle Scout with Community Project Beaumont, Texas – Turner Industries supported West Brook High School student, Michael Drago, in working towards his eagle scout rank. Eagle scout is the highest advancement rank in Boy Scouts of America, which requires earning 21 merit badges, being active in the troop for at least six months as a Life Scout, as well as service in a leadership position, planning and carrying out an Eagle Service Project helpful to the community, attending a Scoutmaster conference and passing a board review. Michael’s Eagle Project consisted of renovating the playground and ball pit at the Salvation Army Boys and Girls Club Park. Turner Industries helped him complete this project by providing the materials and equipment and installation of mulch into the playground area. S P R I N G 2 0 2 2 27

NEWS & NOTES Turner Industries Holds Live Rope Access Demo for Client at New Personnel and Training Center Pasadena, Texas – Turner Industries’ Mechanical Rope Access Group demonstrated the benefits of Mechanical Rope Access to a prospective client in our new state-of-the-art Personnel and Training Center. The Rope Access technicians performed a variety of tasks, utilizing their proprietary training module to present all relevant applications and benefits to the select audience. The demonstration showcased the daily activities of our mechanical rope access technicians along with processes and procedures, job plans, audit forms, equipment inspection forms, as well as our digitized job safety analysis forms utilizing a Turner Tablet. The team also provided a very detailed explanation of the types of personal safety equipment, ropes and other pieces of hardware that are necessary for the job task(s). For instance, the difference between ropes utilized for hot work activities vs. ropes utilized in a harsh chemical environment.

Turner Industries Operations Manager Paul Perkins Elected to Serve on ABC Texas Gulf Coast Board of Directors Freeport, Texas – Turner Operations Manager Paul Perkins III was elected to serve on ABC Texas Gulf Coast Board of Directors this year. The chapter’s primary function is to provide education and training for local contractors and to defend and promote the open shop construction industry.

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Turner Industries Learning and Development Manager Elizabeth Beckham Elected to Serve as Vice-Chair of Local Workforce Development Board-21 in EBR Parish Baton Rouge, La. – Turner Industries Workforce Development Manager Elizabeth Beckham was selected to serve as the Vice-Chair of the Local Workforce Development Board-21 in East Baton Rouge (EBR) Parish. The Local Workforce Development Board (LWBD) represents a wide variety of individuals, businesses, and organizations throughout the local area. The EBR Parish Workforce Development Board comprises 23 members appointed by the CEO (mayor-president) of East Baton Rouge Parish. The board consists of private sector and public sector members. The board assists Employ BR, Local Workforce Development Area (LWDA) 21, in developing programs and services within East Baton Rouge Parish.

2022 Texas Energy Museum Blowout Beaumont, Texas – Turner Industries was proud to take part in the 2022 Texas Energy Museum Blowout. The Blowout raises funds for the Texas Energy Museum’s exhibitions and educational programs on the history and science of Texas oil. The event featured 14th United States Secretary of Energy and 47th Governor of Texas Rick Perry as the keynote speaker. Pictured are Turner Industries representatives along with United Way Board Chair Michael Perez and Porsche Perez, ABC Texas Board Member Jennifer Pate, Deputy District Director for Congressman Randy Weber, Blake Hopper.

Turner Industries Supports Brazosport ISD Education Foundation Fundraiser Freeport, Texas – Turner Industries employees and their guests from Olin attended the Brazosport ISD Education Foundation Fundraiser—Throwback Prom Armadillo Nights. The Brazosport ISD Education Foundation was created to support a variety of programs for both students and staff personnel in their school district. S P R I N G 2 0 2 2 29

2021-2022 Campaign Results United Way® has always been Turner Industries’ Major philanthropic focus because it serves the largest number of people in the most areas where our employees live and work. From the pandemic to natural disasters, more people than ever need the support services that United Way provides—including many of our own employees.

We are proud to report that for the 2021-22 campaign, employee pledges along with corporate donations totaled $1,736,278.

Thank you to all Turner employees for your generosity —together we all made a difference.

United Way® Campaign Ambassadors The success of Turner’s United Way® campaign has always relied heavily on the fact that the corporate campaign team is able to have face-to-face interactions with our employees. When COVID-19 restrictions put a halt on outside visitors to active job sites, a “Campaign Ambassador Program” was quickly created and piloted at Olin in Freeport, Texas. This program—expanded for the 2021-22 campaign—trains our on-site employees to tell the Turner-United Way story and deliver pertinent information. At the piloted Olin facility, with over 350 Turner employees onsite, the team of ambassadors presented to their coworkers during toolbox meetings across the complex. This resulted in record-breaking participation at site levels.

“Leadership is influence, and this team did an outstanding job of influencing our Olin site employees to do what Turner does, lead in United Way giving.” – Turner Site Manager at Olin Ryan Beeson. 30 S P R I N G 2 0 2 2

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urner Industries provides a single solution in heavy industrial construction, maintenance, turnaround, pipe and module fabrication, equipment, rigging and specialized transportation, and associated specialty services. With $2.36B in 2021 revenue, Engineering News-Record Sourcebook ranks Turner as the nation's top maintenance contractor in petroleum, and one of the top contractors in Texas and Louisiana. The company, headquartered in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, employs 20,000+ and works across the United States.




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