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EDITORS Jason Broha, Marie Crespo, Corinne Bergeron, & Terry Kenney

This month’s cover story, highlighting the Maintenance


and Turnaround Division, was long overdue and also one

David Arreola, Corinne Bergeron, Troy Bergeron, Dwight Braud, Jason Broha, Robert Chandler, Charles Courtney, Marie Crespo, Chris Delaughter, Roy Ellis, Darrell Ferguson, Clayton French, Phil M. Gauthreaux, Lori Graza, Michelle Hardy, Mack Hayes, Len Howell, Clayton Jumonville, Terry Kenney, Rodney Landry, Christopher Lossett, Andy McCracken, Andy McKinney, Colby Plaia, Amber Poche, David Raney, Chris Sciambra, Gregory Thibodeaux, Carla Thompson, Jimmy Watkins

of the more difficult stories to produce. The challenge? How to properly tell the story of such a large division with a historic past, a growing national footprint and a value proposition that is unique to clients and competitors alike. To top it all off, thousands of our coworkers, each and every day, add a new chapter to the division’s story. We’re grateful for the opportunity to help tell it.




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Safety First


Four Years and 1.25 Million Hours OSHA Recordable Free Geismar, La. – Turner employees at Shell in Geismar, Louisiana have worked four years and 1.25 million hours OSHA recordable free.

Five Years OSHA Recordable Free

Four Years OSHA Recordable Free

Norco, Louisiana – Turner employees at Shell Norco have worked five years OSHA recordable free.

LaPorte, Texas – Turner employees at Kuraray POVAL Bayport have worked four years and 413,129 hours OSHA recordable free.

Safety Flag Competition at Ascend Materials Cantonment, Florida – Employees at Ascend Materials in Cantonment, Florida participate in a monthly safety flag competition. The competition allows employees to design a “safety flag” that represents the month’s safety standings. Frank Gore, a Turner Specialty Services Inspections & NDE group employee, won the competition for the month of March. His flag was flown onsite during the following month. 4 SPRING 2021


Safety First Safety Celebration at Marathon Garyville, Louisiana – Turner employees at Marathon recently held an event celebrating first quarter “stop work” and “good catches.” Last year, Turner’s onsite management team got together to figure out how to increase safety involvement, awareness, and participation. “We decided to implement an incentive plan. We supplied stop-work and good-catch cards to our frontline supervisors. When employees used their stop work authority or reported an unsafe condition, they filled out and submitted the card, which also put their name in a prize pool,” explained Site Safety Manager Mike Puma. “I am glad to report that the participation in the program has been incredible. At the end of the first quarter we had nearly 40 names in the pool, 17 significant stop works, and nine substantial good catches,” said Site Superintendent Clayton French. “Not only are the employees enjoying the program and prizes, the goal of ensuring a safe work environment for everyone has been achieved. We hope to maintain our momentum and look forward to the second quarter celebration,” said Site Manager Chris Delaughter.

One Year OSHA Recordable Free Port Allen, La. – Turner Pipe Fabrication in Port Allen have worked one-year OSHA recordable free.

“Great job, team. I applaud each one of you on this great milestone,” said Pipe Fabrication Safety Manager Gary Major.

Safety Shout-out to Chris Chirino Chris Chirino, Turner Industries employee at the Phillips 66 Alliance Refinery, recognized and stopped a potential unsafe condition while he and his crew were performing work on an exchanger. Chris noticed and called attention to materials present for a task that were not specified for the job. Instead of taking the materials that were provided and proceeding with work, Chris decided to double check the equipment specifications for himself. He noticed that the exchanger gasket provided to him was the correct material and fit but was the wrong style and thickness. By taking the time to verify, Chris was able to stop what could have been a serious incident once the exchanger was put back in service. “Most of us never challenge what is in front of us and if it looks right, then it must be right—right? Guys like Chris are the future of our industry, and situations like this remind us all how important the “stop work” idea truly can be,” said Execution Superintendent Dylan Lambert. “Though Chris only has a couple years’ experience in the industry, his actions and attention to detail in this matter are that of an experienced craftsman. Thank you, Chris, for your dedication to our culture of safety at Turner Industries. With your mindset and actions, we can certainly reach our goal of nobody getting hurt,” said Site Manager David Gulotta. SPRING 2021 5

Safety First

Corporate Safety Excellence Awards 2020

In 2020, Turner Industries’ employees worked in elevated hazardous health conditions while still retaining a stellar safety record.  This could have only been accomplished through the drive and commitment put forth by each Turner team member. Their efforts are honored by Turner Industries’ executive leadership team through recognition via the Corporate Safety Excellence Awards. Site performances across the company are rigorously evaluated and awarded accordingly. Awards are based on the following criteria: incident performance statistics, safety process implementation, metrics/leading edge indicators, employee involvement and engagement, and employee development processes. The top performing site or facility within each operational division receives the President’s Safety Award. 6 SPRING 2021


Safety First

Below are the 2020 Corporate Safety Excellence Award recipients President’s Safety Excellence Awards

Corporate Safety Excellence

Overall Top Corporate Performers

Regional & Business Unit Top Performers

Hunt Refining Heidelberg, Mississippi (Maintenance)

IVXP Decatur, Alabama (Maintenance)

Rubicon/Huntsman Geismar, Louisiana (Maintenance) ExxonMobil Polypropylene Growth Project Baton Rouge, Louisiana (Construction) Baton Rouge Equipment Operations Baton Rouge, Louisiana (Equipment) Port Allen Coatings Facility Port Allen, Louisiana (Fabrication)

Olin Freeport, Texas (Maintenance) Arkema Beaumont, Texas (Maintenance) OxyChem Ingleside Corpus Christi, Texas (Maintenance) OxyChem LaPorte, Texas (Maintenance) ExxonMobil Baton Rouge, Louisiana (Specialized Welding Services) SIPA Operations Decatur, Alabama (Scaffolding, Insulation, Painting, Abatement) Nutrien Augusta, Georgia (Turner Specialty Services - Mechanical) Rayonier Jessup, Georgia (Turner Specialty Services - Environmental) Westlake South Westlake, Louisiana (Turner Specialty Services - NDE)

SPRING 2021 7

Safety First

Leading the Way at Shell Saraland, Alabama – Turner employees have worked two and a half years and over 250,000 hours without an OSHA recordable at Shell Saraland. But the employees on site are not only working safely, they are committed to continuously improving all aspects of work. “Not only are we working safely, we were the first contractor to introduce and use hands-free tools. We are the only contractor that is on the hands-free steering team, which is currently developing all on-site hands-free procedures. We also led the way creating in-depth safe work plans consisting of P&ID and map drawings for future and existing work. I am very proud to lead this exceptional team of Turner employees,” said Turner Site Manager Roy Ellis. Site Safety Manager Chris White was recently nominated for the prestigious Shell CEO’s HSSE & SP Awards. The awards recognize and award outstanding efforts, at an individual or team level, and celebrate the success of those who inspire with their amazing achievements and the set the future for Shell’s HSSE & SP performance. This year’s award categories were aligned with Shell’s focus on care, continuity and cash, the safety refresh and the climate ambition. “Chris White was nominated for two reasons: 1) He partnered with Shell to develop and implement our site’s Operational Excellence Values, and 2) He facilitated quality discussions with his Turner team. His influential voice helped carry us forward towards incorporating our Contract partners into the site’s “family feel” resulting in a holistic cultural re-grounding on how each of us perform at work. Our site achieved 483 days of Goal Zero success leveraging human performance and learner mindset principles in part due to his efforts. A special thanks is in order for his hard work and devotion to our site’s safety culture and success story,” said Shell General Manager Karen Miller. “My Shell Mobile family is committed to do no harm. We demonstrate personal safety, process safety, and environmental leadership at all levels throughout our caring culture. It is a great feeling for me to see my wife and kids in the evening. I have done my job when no one gets hurt. And just maybe, just maybe, I have impacted someone’s life enough to make a change. Staying safe is a must—but Goal Zero is a lifestyle,” said Turner Safety Manager Chris White. 8 SPRING 2021


Safety First


By the Numbers What an unbelievable year — a global pandemic, an economic downturn, and numerous hurricanes. Throughout these and countless other day-to-day challenges, Turner Industries employees proved once again that diligence, hard work, and a spirit of perseverance can overcome all obstacles. TRIR
















SPRING 2021 9

Projects & Services


Indorama Restoration Project Work to rebuild and restore the Indorama Ventures Olefins facility in Lake Charles, Louisiana began in August of 2020 and is still ongoing today. In addition to the elevated hazardous conditions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the project has endured two major hurricanes and an ice storm/hard freeze. Turner Industries plays a major role in this sitewide event, providing maintenance and turnaround services, specialized welding services, crane and rigging services and multiple specialty services. Phase I of the restoration project is 95% complete. Phase II, known as the PHA/MOC and capital project, will get underway this spring. “With an array of challenges the Turner team has once again stepped up to the challenge. We are proving that we can and will meet our client’s needs on this project,” said Turner Industries Project Manager Cory Fredieu.

The project is scheduled to be completed summer 2021.

10 SPRING 2021


Projects & Services PROJECT QUICK FACTS Peak Headcount


OSHA Recordables


Turner Industries Expands Services, Adds 140 Employees at Indorama Facilities Turner Industries recently entered a new multiyear partnership with Indorama Ventures Oxides

Hours Worked (as of 3/31/21)


at their Port Neches and Dayton, Texas Facilities. Turner previously provided maintenance services for both sites from 2010 through 2017 and has maintained a supplemental workforce presence


• Maintenance and Turnarounds • Specialized Welding Services (SWS)

at Port Neches. Under the new agreement, Turner will provide all nested general mechanical, civil, scaffolding, insulation, paint, abatement, and warehousing services. Turner will also provide on-call services such as NDE, hydro-blasting, bolt torquing and extraction services. These sites now play a key part of Turner’s growing

• Electrical and Instrumentation (SWS)

Beaumont-area portfolio. The maintenance

• Crane and Rigging

and Mike Brawley (Indorama Port Neches).

• Drone Inspections

Turner Operations Manager Colby Plaia said, “I

• SIPA (Scaffolding, Insulation, Painting, and Abatement) • Turner Specialty Services (TSS) Hydro-Blasting and Bundle Extraction

team is led by Project Manager Reese Forse and Superintendents Scott Resch (Indorama Dayton)

would like to take this opportunity to welcome aboard our new employees. We are glad to have you as a part of the Turner family. Turner is proud of this long-standing client relationship, and after completing a successful transition, we look forward to providing one solution for Indorama’s success at their Port Neches and Dayton facilities.”

SPRING 2021 11

Projects & Services Methanex G-2 Turnaround After the completion of a major mechanical turnaround in 2019, Methanex Corporation once again chose Turner Industries as the main contractor to perform repairs and maintenance at its Geismar, Louisiana plant. Navigating COVID-19 restrictions and a major winter storm added challenges to the project, but Turner proved once more that we can adapt to difficult conditions while performing safe and quality work. “Once again, Turner Industries served as a key partner in executing a safe and successful turnaround at our Geismar site,” said Brad Apking, Interim Plant Manager at Methanex Geismar. Per protocol, all personnel were required to be tested for COVID-19 within a 72-hour window prior to coming on site. Turner teamed up with Core Occupational Medicine to accomplish this task, with testing taking place at their facilities the entire weekend before the turnaround. Turner also provided a team that performed daily cleaning activities during the event to ensure a safe and disinfected work environment. During the project the use of masks and social distancing was enforced throughout the day, including in common areas and rest spots. Services performed by Turner Industries, supported by Turner Specialty Services, included bolt torquing work, pipe welding, and drone inspections. Turner’s work on the project exceeded 90,000 workhours, of which 36,000 were direct turnaround hours. Peak project headcount reached 300 workers. The turnaround was completed on time and under budget despite inclement weather that impacted work schedules. In keeping with supporting the local community as was done with the last turnaround, Methanex pledged $500 per safe day worked to The Capital Area United Way “United We Feed” Program. Turner pledged an additional $250 per day towards the program. The completed work raised over $20,000 for the program which provides fresh food access to those in need in the local community.




25 Days

Project Manager

QA/QC Managers

Eric Lemoine

Peak Headcount

Turnaround Managers

Jim Best (Days) Rodney Laughlin (Nights)


Workhours Including Pre-Turnaround Work


Direct Turnaround Hours


12 SPRING 2021

Trampus McLaughlin (Days) James Fowler (Nights] Project Controls Team

Carmen Mesa Luke Rettig

TSS Bolt Torque Superintendent

Larry Comeaux TSS Catalyst Superintendent

Bobby Johnson TURNER INDUSTRIES Company Magazine

Projects & Services Turner Industries Grows Relationship with Flint Hills Resources Five years ago, Turner Industries began a relationship with Flint Hill Resources (FHR) as a construction contractor on their West Domestic Crude Expansion project. Today, what started as a $4 million project has grown into a $250 million relationship.” “I am proud to say we are still inside the gates working,” said Turner Vice President David Arreola. “Over the past five years, we have grown our service offering to Flint Hills to include small cap work, SIPA (scaffolding, insulation, painting, and abatement), equipment, and specialty services including specialized welding.” Since the relationship began in 2017 approximately 3.5 million workhours have been expended without an OSHA-recordable incident.

SIPA Group Completes Largest Turnaround to Date Total Duration

Work Hours

26 Weeks


Peak TA time

SIPA Site Lead

4 Weeks

Recordables: 0

Incidents: 0

Raymond Garcia SIPA Safety Lead

Laverne Garcia

Frontline Supervision

Robert Santillan (Insulation)

Eleazar Gonzalez (Painting and Abatement)

David Salinas (Scaffolding)

In October of 2020, Turner Industries’ SIPA (scaffolding, insulation, painting, and abatement) group began work for the scheduled January, 2021 turnaround on the ALKY and FCCU units. Pre-turnaround work consisted of insulating the new reactor to replace the current one in the FCCU along with scaffolding and lead abatement services to prepare for piping removal and install. The scaffolding team was tasked with one engineered scaffold measuring 40'L x 25'W x 145'H along with two other engineered scaffolds for shoring that were all completed according to the specs designed and applauded by the client. The actual turnaround started on January 14, 2021 and was completed on February 24, 2021. Post-turnaround activities extended through the month of March. During the peak of the event, Turner had 215 employees split amongst days and nights to support the mechanical contractor and Flint Hills Resources. “This was our largest turnaround to date for the SIPA group at Flint Hills Resources. Through our constant commitment to excellence as well as our continued focus on client relations, we are growing to be a constant presence in the Flint Hills Refinery in Corpus Christi,” said Corpus Christi SIPA Regional Manager Hayden Moore. SPRING 2021 13

Projects & Services THE 2021 GULF SOUTH FREEZE On February 14, 2021, temperatures across the state of Texas fell to below freezing, including in the Houston area and South Texas regions. The below-freezing temperatures remained for the next several days with all 254 counties in the state being affected. During that time four million Texans were without electricity and approximately 12 million were under a “boil water” advisory. Being a major crisis, the freeze caused shutdowns to occur at refineries and chemical plants in Sabine, Beaumont, Houston, Freeport, Seadrift and in Corpus Christi—essentially the entire Texas Gulf Coast. The crisis, due to the perfect storm of prolonged power outages in the region and extended freezing temperatures, caused many of the facilities to shut down unexpectedly. Turner Industries received the first call for client assistance on February 16 and received additional client calls for assistance over the next week. In total, Turner Industries responded with personnel to 25 facilities. Eighteen of these were current maintenance sites in which our existing maintenance teams worked alongside additional personnel. Seven of the facilities were new client sites that had not previously engaged Turner. Mack Hayes, Senior Vice President, Maintenance and Turnarounds, noted, “To compound the situation, our employees who were returning to work also had their own challenges at home. Most of them were also without power and/or water, but their response was outstanding.” In addition to Turner’s local workforce, Turner craft and multi-craft employees were mobilized from Louisiana and other Texas offices. “Turner was able to accommodate all current client needs by adding 875 craft personnel, including new hires and existing Turner employees from other Turner offices. Basically, we quickly transitioned from a routine maintenance operation into turnaround mode,” said Hayes. The success of this monumental effort was made possible by these key factors: Turner’s local leadership and their respective client relationships, support and resources from Turner leadership in other regions, and our frontline employees responding when called on and rising to the challenge. Hayes concluded by saying, “Efforts like this require direct, in-depth communication and our company’s use of Microsoft Teams played a big part in making this happen. Turner’s wide range of capabilities from specialized welding services, equipment, specialty services, soft craft services (SIPA Group), to safety, personnel, IT and timekeepers all worked to be the ONE SOLUTION provider for our client!”

Shell Deer Park The Shell Deer Park site was hit especially hard by the February 2021 freeze. Following the freeze, Turner headcount on site was reduced to a low mark of 51 employees. Over the next several days, Shell began calling employees back to work, and Turner successfully manned 628 spots on site by February 28. The site reached a peak headcount of 660 on March 11. The Turner scaffolding group erected 1,104 scaffolds in under two months to support the recovery. Throughout this freeze recovery effort, Turner worked a total of 208,997 hours—90,443 of which were overtime. 14 SPRING 2021


Projects & Services “I am so proud of all the Turner groups across the site for working together. SIPA, construction, capital, maintenance, and non-routine all worked together as one team outside of their assigned groups and typical crafts,” said Turner Capital and Non-Routine Manager Donny Greer. “The freeze was just part of a very challenging year for the entire Deer Park site. But despite the challenges of the pandemic, a major SIPA rollover, the site reached one-year OSHA recordable free during the freeze recovery. We are so appreciative of the entire Turner workforce for pulling together over the past twelve months to help achieve this milestone,” said Turner Site Manager Chris Sciambra. “Workforce availability was a struggle as all areas of the facility were hit hard by the freeze. Turner employees’ flawless dedication to safety and willingness to work in areas outside their comfort zones made it possible to complete tasks quickly and efficiently without sacrificing safety or quality,” said Shell Field Construction Coordinator Kevin Davis.

Turnaround Group Responds Quickly Vice President of Maintenance and Turnarounds Rodney Landry received the first freeze-related call on Sunday night, February 21, 2021 at 8pm. “The next day we had mobilized 625 Specialized Welding Services (SWS) and SIPA (scaffolding, insulation, painting and abatement) employees to seven different sites in Texas. Four of these sites were customers we had never worked for before.” During the days and weeks following the freeze, a total of 447 SWS and 230 SIPA employees worked 355,000 hours. “The turnaround group did a tremendous job during these extreme weather conditions. Special thanks to Phil M. Gauthreaux, Casey Dugas, Randal Dupuy, Paul Perkins, Kelly Cortez, and David Campos, who were instrumental in coordinating and making this effort a success,” said Robert Chandler.

Louisiana Also Felt the Freeze The state of Louisiana was also hit hard, and the Maintenance and Turnaround Division worked around the clock to provide emergency support and repairs to multiple clients during and after the freeze. Turner utilized a combination of nested maintenance resources, SWS and our rope access crews to respond to client requests across various sites. Most work was performed on a 2-shift daily schedule, and support durations ranged from 2-4 weeks depending on freeze repair damage. The work was critical to allow plants to return to normal operations and we were glad to be able to assist our customers in this time of need. SPRING 2021 15

How Turner Industries’ Maintenance and Turnaround Division’s ONE SOLUTION approach help clients save money and maximize production

MAINTENANCE — one of the four primary divisions at Turner — is interwoven with every other unit at Turner. It positively influences a wide range of our company’s services. When a maintenance contract is signed, many other divisions can be and are leveraged. It always takes a team to achieve success, and Turner’s Maintenance and Turnaround Division and associated Specialty Services is a key player in maintaining our clients’ momentum. It all began decades ago through Turner Industries’ founder, the late Bert Turner’s, vision of creating a “One Solution” approach for clients across the country.


16 SPRING 2021

Dwight Braud,

Mack Hayes,

Executive Vice President

Senior Vice President

Senior Vice President

Maintenance & Turnarounds & Turner Specialty Services

Maintenance & Turnarounds

Maintenance & Turnarounds




Troy Bergeron,


Decades in the Making The origin of the maintenance division, like most other Turner services, grew out of a desire to innovate — to meet clients’ evolving needs for routine maintenance work and move the company forward. Amid the cyclical ebbs and flows of industrial construction in the 1960s, Bert Turner realized his organization could not survive on construction alone. He also recognized that clients in Louisiana and the Gulf South needed more than just a construction partner. In 1970, he founded National Maintenance to provide a fuller array of services at up-and-running client facilities. The group’s work started with maintenance and small capital work for Dow, Esso, Allied and Wyandotte. Slowly but surely, the maintenance division grew and left its imprint in the heavy industrial sector. Key early projects included a maintenance contract at Cities Services in Lake Charles in 1977. Bert Turner also used the formation of the maintenance division to bring on key leadership to the company. This leadership was instrumental in labor negotiations in the 1970s that paved the way for more open shop work in the Gulf South industrial sector, which led to an increase of job opportunities. As a result, Turner developed innovative programs to train the influx of new crew members. The broader worker base helped increase Turner’s service portfolio, in turn growing Turner’s client base. Over the following decades Bert and his team continued adding services as client needs arose, by strategically implementing new companies. In 2005 the early companies consolidated into one entity —Turner Industries Group. Coupled with the pioneering vision of the original leadership and the utilization of all of Turner services, Executive Vice President Dwight Braud has played an integral role in the foresight of growing the company by leading with maintenance, which has aided in Turner being the industry leader it is today. What started as a vision that has been carried out with a commitment to excellence, Turner now has hundreds of maintenance contracts across the United States. As validated by Engineering News-Record, Turner is the largest maintenance contractor in the United States.

Fast Facts About Turner Industries 3 9,312,077 Hours Worked in 2020

0.21 Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR)

91% RecordableFree Worksites

75% InjuryFree Worksites

Clayton Jumonville,

Robert Chandler,

David Guitreau,

Senior Vice President

Senior Vice President

Senior Vice President

Maintenance & Turnarounds

Maintenance & Turnarounds & Specialized Welding Services



Maintenance & Turnarounds & Turner Specialty Services BATON ROUGE, LOUISIANA SPRING 2021 17

Creating Value through Partnership and Innovation Our value proposition is simple — lowering clients’ cost of ownership by providing one solution for their success. This is accomplished by safely providing more services than any other industrial contractor, thus allowing for reduced redundancies, resource leveling, total utilization of resources, and enhanced work processes & technology. In addition to contract and predictive maintenance,


Our combined service offerings under


specialized welding services, turnaround

When a client signs an Alliance Agreement,

one contract allows Turner to deliver

they get volume-based advantages

the best value to our customers for

and value-driven consistencies such

execution, project management and

nested or short term in/out support

as people, technology, equipment, you

controls, scaffolding services, and an

services. This consolidated offering

array of specialty services.

name it. It positions clients to better

combined with a strategic partnership

capitalize on the utilization of knowledge,

optimizes the total value of the

When partnering with Turner, we can

maintenance services agreement.

enlist pipe fabrication, construction, equipment, and related specialty services for a seamless solution. The more services we offer, the greater we reduce the overhead and administrative burden for our clients. “Although each of Turner’s services are toptier on a standalone basis, the ability to consolidate our collective services allows

“It’s a great feeling when we develop a

practices, and overall resources from one site to another to help meet the demands of their most challenging needs.

relationship of trust with our customers

“We have several documented cost savings

and become an integrated partner in

programs that, if you look at the dollar

the maintenance process. Teamwork

figures on them, are eye opening,” said

that drives sustainable improvement

Dwight Braud. “We’re having more

equals success,” said Senior Vice

success every day showing owners we

President Troy Bergeron

can save them money. One way we can

clients the greatest opportunity to lower

One of the driving forces behind the

do that is by reducing redundancies,

their total cost of ownership,” said Senior

recent maintenance division growth is

which occur every time an owner adds

Vice President Clayton Jumonville.

our ability to form Alliance Agreements.

a contractor.”

Our Approach No matter the project we undertake, we’re always focused on continuous improvement. That means when we execute a job, we don’t just clock in and clock out. We identify what is and isn’t working, and we figure out how to fix it. Our approach relies on four key pillars: • Strategic Partnership Alignment

• Implementation of Best Practices

• Consolidation of Contract Services

• Innovation and Technology

18 SPRING 2021

Rodney Landry,

David Arreola,

Kirt Chaisson,

Vice President

Vice President

Vice President

Maintenance & Turnarounds & Specialized Welding Services

Maintenance & Turnarounds

Maintenance & Turnarounds





Digital-First Maintenance It would not be Turner Industries if we didn’t use industry leading technology and innovation to push our maintenance division forward. Here are just a few examples of our innovative resources available to deliver the best maintenance solution for our clients.

MobilOps® - Industrial 4.0 Software to Digitize Your Plant

• Turner Tablet™ Applications: Our front-line leadership software creates a paperless environment which automates workflow, improves safety, increases productivity, and lowers overhead costs. • KPI Dashboards: Real-time digital dashboards accessible via web and mobile devices that provide client insight into Turner’s onsite operations. • MAPS® The Maintenance Applied Productivity System allows Turner to address efficiency and productivity in the field by tracking non-productive time, allowing for quick corrective action. • Robotics/Drones: We use Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), also known as drones, along with robotic crawlers to perform highrisk inspections. • Rope Access: Inspections/NDE & multi-craft work • Standalone Innovation: A mix of programming and alternative work methods with access dependent on a Turner service contract.

In addition to the tablet applications, Turner Industries offers another suite of tools that puts data to work, this time directly for our clients: MobilOps®. Consisting of twelve operational modules, MobilOps is Turner’s suite of proprietary software designed to manage clients’ process safety management (PSM) and regulatory compliance as well as improve reliability. It migrates paper processes and legacy data to the digital realm, making analytics, report and decision making more accessible than ever before. MobilOps is versatile enough to be customized to fit the client’s requirements. Need to identify operational risks with multiple evaluation matrices? MobilOps can do that. Need to track equipment in real time? Yep, that too. Need to document rounds and readings in real-time, capture institutional knowledge, or reassign work? Check, check and check.

When Crisis Strikes While most people think of maintenance as routine work, this is not always the case. Unfortunately, heavy industry is not immune to events like natural disasters and mechanical failures. However, our experience and commitment to the industry enables us to respond to the emergency needs of clients. “During the unprecedented winter weather that recently struck the South, one of our clients had immediate repair needs at multiple facilities to remain in production. We were able to mobilize approximately 600 personnel across five different facilities, starting the day after they contacted us and over the following 10 days,” said Senior Vice President Robert Chandler.

Phil Gauthreaux,

Caleb Lovell,

Vice President Maintenance & Turnarounds

Vice President Maintenance & Turnarounds



Joe Zeppuhar,

Vice President Maintenance & Turnarounds Special Projects

SPRING 2021 19

Powered by People It goes without saying that none of this would be possible without a quality workforce, and our greatest asset is our people. With varying degrees of experience, our employees are safe, reliable, competent, efficient, and willing to serve.

Don’t just take our word for it — take theirs. Turner Industries recently took over the maintenance contract here in El Paso and I have to say this was by far one of the smoothest transitions I have ever been a part of. Everyone at Turner has been extremely patient and accommodating. We know there are still some things to work through and learn, but we are excited to be a part of the solution as we join this team. Lalo Chavira, Site Manager, Marathon – El Paso, Texas

I have been a scaffolding supervisor for 12 years. Three years ago, I rolled over from CBI/ Shaw when Turner was awarded the existing maintenance contract here at OXY. Turner provides me with opportunities to grow but also holds me accountable for my performance and decisions. One reason I have stayed with Turner is because of our safety culture. The focus is always making sure our employees go home the same way they entered the gates that morning. Andy Richardson, SIPA Superintendent, OXY Sites – Houston, Texas

I was originally hired by Turner as an installer (insulation) about a year ago. I have recently been promoted to insulation frontline supervisor thanks to Turner Site Superintendent Dustin Gordon and the growth opportunities Turner has provided me with. I work with a great crew and look forward to coming to work every day. Joanna E. Ruiz Garcia, Insulation Frontline Supervisor Olin – Freeport, Texas

E X EC U T I V E LEA DER SH IP - TS S Danny Price,

Jimmy Watkins,

Vice President Turner Specialty Services – NDE & Inspection BATON ROUGE, LA

Vice President Turner Specialty Services – Industrial BATON ROUGE, LA

Thad Foreman,

Kelly Cortez,

Vice President Turner Specialty Services – Environmental BATON ROUGE, LA

Vice President Turner Industries – SIPA BATON ROUGE, LA

20 SPRING 2021

I had a 10-year career in retail as an executive and was laid off in 2017 as consumer preferences shifted to online shopping. I was devastated because I loved that job but knew enough to know the rebound wasn’t coming so I pivoted into something different, and Turner was the first company to give me a shot! The leadership of the company has been very supportive of me and my career and I think that speaks volumes. Upward mobility is important to me and we have plenty of room for professional growth. I have truly enjoyed my time here and look forward to the future. Elizabeth Clay, Project Controls Administrator, OXY – LaPorte, Texas

Being a contractor, you know that change is constant, and as part of the administrative team I am responsible to lead the staff as well as the client through any changes. The amount of support we received from everyone at Turner during the recent takeover was remarkable. Barbie Prieto, Timekeeper, Marathon – El Paso, Texas

I started working for Turner as a member of the lawn crew at Shell Convent. I recently transferred to Shell Geismar where I am working as a helper while also taking welding classes at ABC. The fact that I can work and go to school at the same time is a huge help and I am excited about my career in heavy industry. Austyn Hollomon, Helper, Shell – Geismar, Louisiana

I have worked for Turner for 28 years and the company has allowed me the opportunity to grow. During my time here, I have attended ABC classes, safety classes at Louisiana State University along with CPR and first aid classes at the Safety Alliance Council, which all helped me achieve my goal of becoming a safety manager. I was also given the opportunity to attend Turner’s internal leadership program “Voice of Leadership” which is a wonderful opportunity to excel. I’m a family man and Turner makes me feel just like family. Lloyd Cobb, Safety Manager, ExxonMobil – Baton Rouge, Louisiana


Our ONE SOLUTION Approach in Action

Maintenance–one of the four primary divisions at Turner–is interwoven with ever other unit at the company.

Projects & Services

Turner Specialty Services Expands Fleet to Meet Growing Demand for Industrial Cleaning Turner Specialty Services (TSS) recently invested in ten hydroblasting pumps and multiple automated hydroblasting pieces of equipment to upgrade and enhance the existing fleet. The pumps and automated equipment have a variety of applications including tank cleaning, pipe cleaning, heat exchanger tube/shellside cleaning, and surface cleaning. “With pressures ranging from 10,000 PSI to 40,000 PSI and capabilities of producing 10 GPM to 90 GPM, this will further strengthen our position to meet client demands for industrial cleaning in a growing number of areas,” said Turner Specialty Services Vice President Jimmy Watkins. Automation equipment is extremely beneficial in minimizing risk and is expanding to more and more cleaning applications year after year. The equipment will be utilized on sites throughout the Gulf South with concentration on our growing Texas market. TSS mechanical group offers a wide range of services including hydro blasting, vacuum services, water cutting, chemical cleaning, bundle extraction, catalyst, and bolt torquing services.

22 SPRING 2021


Projects & Services

Specialized Transportation Group Gets Crane Cleared for Takeoff Turner Industries’ specialized transportation group was contracted to assist in the relocation of a 1600mt crawler crane at the new Nashville International Airport terminal. Performed at night, the operation relocated the crane a half-mile utilizing Turner’s Goldhofer PST/SL-E 8 trailers from the tarmac, around the airport, to its new location. Using the self-propelled trailers allowed the contractor to keep the crane partially assembled during transport, minimizing the disassembly and re-assembly operation to just five days.

Westlake Plaquemine Turnaround Turner Industries recently finished a VCM unit turnaround at Westlake in Plaquemine, Louisiana. The thirty-five-day event was completed accident-free, on time, and on budget. During the event, Turner provided services from the Maintenance and Turnaround Division, Turner Specialty Services, the crane and rigging group, Specialized Welding Services (SWS), and the SIPA group (scaffolding, insulation, painting, and abatement).



Event Budget

Despite having to overcome winter

$ 11,000,000

James Pino

weather, including an ice storm, as well as

Hours Worked

Site Maintenance Manager

“I want to express my gratitude to all teams who participated in this turnaround.

routine day-to-day challenges, it was a very successful event,” said Westlake Turnaround Coordinator Tommy Simoneaux. “This event is a true testament that when the owner and contractor team up together great things can be accomplished,” said SWS manager Casey Dugas.

110,000 Duration

35 Days Peak Headcount


Project Manager

Josh Andre Casey Dugas SWS Project Manager

Timmy Naquin SWS Superintendent (day)

Eric Daigle SWS Superintendent (night)

Special thanks to Westlake Plant Manager Doug Knittig and Westlake Turnaround Coordinator Tommy Simoneaux.

Bits and Bytes


Quickplan™ Update - Version 3.0 When it came time to update Quickplan™, one of Turner Industries’ propriety software applications, Product Owner David Raney knew the development team had a big opportunity ahead of them. “Quickplan gives our employees and customers the ability to distill large, complex projects into small, consumable plans,” says David. “This is made possible by an interface that allows the user to easily select from over 5000 variables, making the work plan as precise as possible.” The latest update, version 3.0, has been rethought and redesigned from start to finish. In version 3.0, functionality has been added throughout the application. Site managers now have the ability to manage both planners and the plans simultaneously. Improvements for use at the site level also include the ability to view and edit the Planning Premise within the app. Users will no longer have to navigate away from the plan screen to double check site settings or factors when planning. This ability, to stay within the app for multiple functions, increases efficiency and ease of use. For power users, the plan screen view and set up has been upgraded to allow planners to

“Efficiency is the name of the game when it comes to project planning, and future Quickplan™ plans involve expanding efficiencies up to the manager and corporate level...”

customize their table and view a larger data set, giving them a more holistic view of the plan. The user experience, or UX, in the plan screen has also been refined. Planners now have the ability to add and delete rows and headers with ease, allowing the user to stay in a row and add all relevant information. These features, which allow a user to more easily stay on task, creates a smoother work process. “Efficiency is the name of the game when it comes to project planning, and future Quickplan™ plans involve expanding efficiencies up to the manager and corporate level,” says Andy McCracken, vice president of project controls. He and his team envision a single platform where managers can pre-plan work and assign plans across their project team. The team also has its sights set on expanding the platform to other business units — “wherever the tool can be used to estimate work faster, easier, and more consistently.” The development team: Brian Sermons, Nathan Murphy, Madeline M. Fuson, Rose Greaud, and Gopa Tota. Project Controls personnel that provided business insight to the development team: Mark Podnar, John Pizzolato, Sean Stewart, Lane Ballard, Todd Brignac, Rhonda Kiser, Keith Dupont, and Megan Woods.

24 SPRING 2021




Project Controls Supervisor/Analyst

Anna Hernandez

Anna Hernandez has been with Turner Industries for seven years. She began her career with Turner in 2014 as a field clerk, managing time and ordering material and equipment. During Anna’s tenure with Turner she has also held the positions of fire-watch/helper and document control clerk. As a document control clerk Anna learned important skills such as how to build bid and QC packages and utilize Turner’s proprietary weld-tracking system. Each role throughout Anna’s time with Turner helped prepare her for her most recent position - Project Anna Hernandez + Family Controls Supervisor at TPC in Port Neches, Texas. Commenting on her time at Turner, including her current position, Anna says, “Turner has given me the opportunity to solve situations that require identifying the problem and finding a solution that surpasses all expectations by using in-depth knowledge. Turner has provided me with the skills, knowledge and experience to grow within the company. My overall goal is to fulfill Turner’s mission in an industry that is rapidly growing.” While working full-time and raising a family, Anna put herself through school. She earned an Associate’s degree in 2019, a Bachelor’s degree in 2020 and is currently working to obtain a Masters in Financial Management. When not at work, Anna enjoys spending time with her three children Leila (12), Enedina (15), and Aaron (17) traveling and exercising. “I am passionate about taking family trips that are spontaneous, fun, and adventurous.”

What do you find most satisfying about your job? I find my job satisfying because it provides me with opportunities to help deliver amazing projects as an integral part of a multi-discipline team. I enjoy informing, monitoring, analyzing, and bringing awareness to management so that control can be exercised. I believe that project controls is the heart of the project team. Most importantly, what satisfies me the most about my job is having a boss who supports my growth and motivates me with opportunities for advancement.

What advice would you give to people that want to work at Turner? Never be afraid to ask for help and guidance. Every experience is preparing you for something greater.

Three highlights of your life: 1. Graduating with an Associates in General Studies (5/2019) and a Bachelors in Industrial Technology (12/2020) 2. Being promoted to Project Cost Control Supervisor 3. The purchase of my own home

Any good advice you have received and kept with you? Be honest. Operate with integrity and only take an action that you’re willing to let your boss know about. Hard work doesn’t go unnoticed. SPRING 2021 25

TEAM Turner



The Spirit of the Turner Championship Belt Freeport, Texas – The Freeport leadership team recently unveiled a championship belt to be used for recognition of individuals or work teams that exemplify the true spirit of Turner. “The belt represents ‘buy in’ to what we do and why we do it,” states Paul Perkins, Operations Manager for Freeport. Ben Martinez, Safety Lead at Olin Freeport, was recognized as the first recipient of “The Championship Belt.” Ben lives in Brazoria County and is passionate about growing Turner in the region. He is always first to volunteer for TEAM Turner initiatives that help the community. Inside the plant, Ben has been instrumental in expanding Turner’s service offerings by working hand in hand with each new crew that comes on site to ensure their safety and success. “Ben is always there ready to assist with any task that needs to be completed,” says Turner’s Olin Site Manager, Ryan Beeson; Ben is always “Taking Care of Business.”

Read Across America Day Corpus Christi, Texas – Turner Coordinator of Public Affairs and Community Relations Lori Garza participated in Read Across America Day virtually this year with San Pedro’s Elementary School. Read Across America Day celebrates the importance of literacy and provides a positive outlook on reading for children across the country.

26 SPRING 2021


Team Turner VOW22 Hike Freeport, Texas – For the third consecutive year, Team Turner members in Freeport, have supported the Vow22 Hike. VOW22 is a non-profit organization with a mission to prevent veteran suicide through community awareness, camaraderie, interaction, and communication with veterans. Turner Team contributed by handing out snacks and water to the participating hikers.

Front Yard Bikes Baton Rouge, La. – TEAM Turner members each year sponsor the jackets awarded to the young men and women who have completed the Three Step Badge Program at Front Yard Bikes. Front Yard Bikes is a community bike shop that focuses on teaching participants of all ages how to fix and maintain bikes. The program also teaches and develops skills in mathematics, physics and mechanics, while promoting inclusivity, mentorship, recreation and academic achievement offering youth in the community a safe, free after-school program.

Pictured from left to right are Turner employees Ben Martinez, Kayla Viehland, Ryan Beeson, Courtney Lawrence Rose, Justin Rose, Ace Rose and Dan Carr

SPRING 2021 27

Workforce Development


Carla Thompson Recognized at ABC’s 2021 Inaugural Celebration as 2020 Phillip Maddox ABC/CMEF Volunteer of the Year Houston, Texas – Associated Builders and Contractors of Greater Houston (ABC) recognized Turner Workforce Development Manager Carla Thompson as the 2020 Phillip Maddox ABC/CMEF Volunteer of the Year at the annual 2021 Inaugural Celebration. Thompson has participated in the Construction Careers Youth Committee student career development events, CTE Advisory Committee meetings, the annual Construction Careers Exposition, Girls Construction Camp, and High School NCCER Accreditation Audit Team. She has served as a presenter at the CMEF Workforce Breakfast, the CMEF Instructor Professional Development Series, and the Ready for Industry Boot Camp classes. She has also facilitated the opportunity for high school field trips to the Turner Industries Pipefitting Fabrication Site in Pasadena.

“As an ITC member, Ms. Thompson has fully supported the craft training program courses at the CMEF sponsored colleges and as well as at CMEF. She has been influential in leading her employer to sponsor 17 high schools and has facilitated much needed donations such as welding supplies and material, power tools, PPE, etc. Additionally, she has made herself available to serve on four area Independent School District CTE Advisory Committees and supports the regional Skills USA District 8 Competition. We are very appreciative for Ms. Thompson’s efforts, and are pleased to present her with this distinguished award,” said Executive Director at ABC’s educational affiliate, Construction and Maintenance Education Foundation (CMEF) Michael Richter.

Turner Industries Assists with ABC Training Courses Baton Rouge, La. – Turner Industries employees supported an Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc. (ABC) Pelican Advanced Millwright Course. This course was part of the training opportunities offered through the Incumbent Worker Training Program, a grant program established by the Louisiana Workforce Commission. The Advanced Millwright Course along with a Precision Maintenance Course are part of a collective effort to offer free hands-on training to our existing millwrights. Turner has worked with ABC in offering NCCER Upgrade Training free of charge. Upgrade Training assists individuals with more difficult NCCER Assessment questions. Employees have seen a dramatic improvement in their test scores because of Upgrade Training. 28 SPRING 2021


News & Notes Stephen Toups Elected NCCER 2021 Board of Trustees’ Chairman Alachua, Fla. — Turner Industries’ President Stephen Toups has been elected to serve as the National Center for Construction Education and Resource’s (NCCER) 2021 board of trustees’ chairman. NCCER’s board of trustees consists of representatives from contractors, owners and partner associations. All trustees are recognized for their expertise in construction or construction-related issues. Stephen is the first to serve a two-year term in this position. NCCER’s mission is to build a safe, productive, and sustainable workforce of craft professionals.

McNeese State University First Choice Campaign Lake Charles, La. – Turner Industries recently made the final installment of a $300,000 contribution to the McNeese State University First Choice campaign to provide necessary resources to sustain growth in high demand academic areas that support the economic expansion and quality of life in Southwest Louisiana. Turner Industries is one of several local industry partners and contractors that are investing in McNeese and the future of this region through the First Choice Campaign that is dedicated to academic needs and priorities.

Freeport United Way Ambassadors 2020-2021 Freeport, Texas – With 350+ Turner employees onsite at Olin in Freeport and an ongoing pandemic, conventional presentation methods were not an option when it came to this year’s United Way Campaign. This year Turner management appointed recent Freeport Voice of Leadership graduates to act as United Way ambassadors. Instead of one large United Way Campaign presentation with all employees onsite, the ambassadors presented to fellow employees during toolbox meetings across the complex, coinciding with coronavirus regulations. This year’s method resulted in record-breaking participation levels at this site. “Leadership is influence, and this team did an outstanding job of influencing our Olin site employees to do what Turner does, lead in United Way giving.” – Ryan Beeson, Site Manager.

Freeport - United Way Ambassadors Pictured from left are McNeese President Dr. Daryl Burckel; Turner Industries Business Development Manager Gregory P. Thibodeaux; and McNeese Vice President for University Advancement and Dean of the College of Business Dr. Wade Rousse.

Myriam Acevedo Courtney Lawrence Rose Paige Kee Kayla Viehland

Dan Carr Ross Whitworth Ben Martinez Chris Sciambra SPRING 2021 29

It All Starts With Us With social distance protocols at jobsites across the country, Turner Industries’ 2020-2021 United Way Campaign looked a little different this past year. The campaign—whose success usually relies on face-to-face interactions with employees—was presented a major obstacle when the pandemic prevented most of those meetings from happening. Thankfully, with the use of technology, employees heard from co-workers and executives via heartfelt video messages. While there were increased obstacles running the company-wide campaign, it was as important as ever to make it happen. From the pandemic to natural disasters, more people than ever are in need of the support services that United Way provides—including many of our own employees. Turner is proud to report that for the 2020-21 campaign, employee pledges along with corporate donations totaled $1,837,520.36. “This was a year like no other, but as always, Turner employees made a difference in their communities. It was amazing to see everyone come together while, of course, keeping six feet apart,” said Turner Industries Campaign Manager Michelle Hardy.

Pledges & Donations Totaled $1,837,520.36 30 SPRING 2021


About Us T

urner Industries provides a single solution in heavy industrial construction, maintenance, turnaround, pipe and module fabrication, equipment, rigging and specialized transportation, and associated specialty services. With $2.36B in 2020 revenue, Engineering News-Record Sourcebook ranks Turner as the nation's top maintenance contractor in petroleum, and one of the top contractors in Texas and Louisiana. The company, headquartered in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, employs 20,000+ and works across the United States.



Houston Corpus Christi Point Comfort Paris Beaumont Freeport

LOUISIANA Baton Rouge Geismar Lake Charles Monroe

Port Allen New Orleans LaPlace


Decatur Mobile

Corporate Office


Division/Regional Office



ROLAND M. TOUPS Executive Chairman





Chief Operating Officer

Chief Financial Officer



(800) 288-6503

SPRING 2021 31

P.O. Box 2750 Baton Rouge, LA 70821


Profile for Turner Industries

Turner Industries Company Magazine Spring 2021  

Turner Industries Company Magazine Spring 2021  

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