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SETTING THE PACE with Turner Tablet

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Jason Broha, Marie Crespo, Corinne Bergeron, & Terry Kenney


Jason Apodaca, Ryan Beeson, Corinne Bergeron, Jason Broha, Sherman Brown, Mike Bryant, Jana Browning, Marie Crespo, Shawn Crochet, Roy Ellis, Lori Garza, Andre Gautreaux,Phil Gauthreaux, Bryan Gerace, Michelle Hardy, Terry Kenney, Caleb Lovell, Steve Malik, Neal McCleary, Jason McManus, Angela Pitman, Lydale Roberts, Carla Thompson, Alicia Trevino, Nathon Williams

EDITORS’ LETTER While it may feel like digital tablets, including the iPad®, have been around forever, in the grand scheme of things it has barely been the blink of an eye. Below is a short history on the paper to pixels transition 105 AD Paper, pretty much as we know it today, is invented in China by Cai Lun. 1450 AD Johannes Gutenberg creates a printing press that uses metal print blocks, allowing for mass production of printed content. 1890s – 1950s Melvil Dewey creates the vertical filing cabinet, which later exploded in popularity with the invention of the Xerox machine by Chester Carlson, which hit the market in 1958.


1997 The Palm Pilot debuts, making digital tablets affordable and popular.


2010 The first-generation iPad® is introduced, ushering in a revolution of mobile work-enablement, including Turner’s tablet applications.

Jason Broha Scott Greci


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2 FALL 2021


Safety First


Turner Specialty Services Shines Across Olin Alliance Sites Turner Specialty Services’ Inspections & NDE along with the Rope Access Group have worked over 625,000 hours OSHA recordable free. Additionally – the Freeport Rope Access Group has saved the client over $1 million since February of 2021.

Olin Plaquemine, Louisiana

6 Years Without a Recordable

Olin Freeport, Texas

4 Years Without a Recordable

Olin St. Gabriel, Louisiana

6 Years Without a Recordable

Olin Charleston, Tennessee

4 Years Without a Recordable

Scaffolding Group Awarded “Beaumont’s Best” Award Corpus Christi, Texas – Turner scaffolding employees, part of Turner’s SIPA (scaffolding, insulation, painting, and abatement) group, were recently awarded “Beaumont’s Best” EPC-1 crew of the week award at the Gulf Coast Growth Venture (GCGV) project. This is the first issuance of the award, named in honor of Jeremy “Beaumont” Moore, a longtime Turner construction supervisor who sadly passed away recently. “Beaumont” set the highest health and safety expectations for his teams and truly “walked the walk” in the pursuit of excellence. 4 FALL 2021

Pictured left to right are: Turner SIPA Superintendent Alfredo Osornio, Wood Project Manager Darren Raymond, Turner SIPA Field Supervisor James Diaz, GCGV EPC-1 Construction Manager Dan Thompson, Turner SIPA Front-line Supervisor Kirk Urbina and Wood Construction Manager Jay Wilkinson.


Safety First

Shell Chemical Crew of the Month Mobile, Alabama – The July Crew of the Month at the Shell Mobile site was a maintenance crew consisting of Rodney (Pee-Wee) Hale, Clifford Hogensen, Donald Hyde II and Steven Doherty. “This Crew is on top of their game utilizing our safety cultures, supporting our Client with quality craftsmanship and with the commitment of doing things right,” said Maintenance and Turnaround Manager Roy Ellis.

Charlotte Wolfe “Brings Her Game”

Pictured are Manuel Madrigal and Darryl Monroe.

Stop Work Authority in Action One day in August, Turner scaffolder Manuel Madrigal identified several issues with another contractor’s scaffolds. Manuel along with SIPA (scaffolding, insulation, painting, and abatement) quality control employee Darryl Monroe deemed the scaffolds unsafe for use and the “ready to use” scaffold tags were pulled. Documentation of the findings was captured through photos and Olin’s contractor administrators were notified. Manuel and Darryl met with leadership from the contractor who owned the scaffolds, and they went over every deficiency so the findings could be addressed accordingly. Olin Contract Administrator Mario Medeles recognized Manuel and Darryl for this stop work authority and said, “Not only were the appropriate steps taken when removing the ‘ready to use’ inserts from the scaffolds, but the follow up with the contractor could not have gone any better. Great coaching technique utilized by Turner even though it was not their equipment. Thanks to Manuel and Darryl and the Turner team for quickly identifying and addressing this issue.”

Texas City, Texas – Charlotte Wolfe is an alkylation unit PPE specialist for Turner working at the Marathon Galveston Bay Refinery (GBR). Charlotte has been a part of the Turner Team since 2015 and has been an integral part in day-to-day activities at GBR. When a medical emergency recently occurred in the Alkylation unit, Charlotte heard the emergency broadcast over the radio and immediately jumped into action preparing unit required PPE for all responding emergency personnel. In addition to setting up the responding personnel for success, she refused entry to the unit for anyone not associated with the medical team. Thanks to Charlotte’s actions, emergency responders were able to get to the injured employee without delay and risk of chemical exposure. Following this awesome display of teamwork between contractor and client, Marathon conducted an exhaustive safety audit of the refinery safety practices, and Charlotte was recognized with a “Bring Your Game” coin by the Marathon Safety Department for perfect audit results.

Crew of the Week at Sasol Westlake, Louisiana – Turner would like to congratulate Mrs. Marie “Toni” Barron and her Sasol Site Services janitors with recognition as “Crew of the Week” in August. Special thanks for all their hard work and dedication. FALL 2021 5

Safety First

Turner Industries Receives Gold 2021 ABC STEP Award Founded in 1989 as a safety benchmarking and improvement tool, STEP has evolved into a world-class safety management system that dramatically improves safety performance among participants regardless of company size or type of work. Participating ABC member firms measure their safety processes and policies on 25 key components through a detailed questionnaire with the goal of implementing or enhancing safety programs that reduce jobsite incidents. Pictured are Turner representatives in Corpus Christ accepting their award from the Texas Coastal bend Chapter.

Successful Stop Work at Shell Deer Park Deer Park, Texas – Turner’s Walking Working Surface (WWS) Team was recently tasked with replacing a broken staircase of a structure. Once the staircase was removed, they found additional problems which were not initially identified due to obstructions. Once the craft workers identified problems, they immediately stopped work and reported it to supervision and awaited further instructions. The supervisor recognized the problem and had the area barricaded off and contacted Shell’s team lead, as well as a drafter to start a plan of action for repairs. This was a great Stop Work Authority by our WWS team that potentially prevented a catastrophic accident.

Safe and Sound Week 2021 The week of August 9 - 15 was OSHA Safe + Sound Week, a nationwide event held each August recognizing the successes of workplace health and safety programs and offering information and ideas on how to keep America’s workers safe. As in years prior, Turner Industries is a proud participant. This year, the focus was on hand safety. A PowerPoint presentation for each day of the week with a specific hand safety topic has been provided to sites which they will use during their daily toolbox meetings. Pictured are Turner employees at AdvanSix in Hopewell during Safe and Sound Week.

6 FALL 2021


Safety First

Innophos Receives Gold Award for Safe Railcar Loading Once again, the Innophos facility in Geismar, Louisiana has received the Canadian National Railway (CN) Safe Handling Award for their safe loading performance in 2020. CN monitors non-accidental releases (NARs) on railcars carrying dangerous goods/hazardous materials to determine eligibility. Last year, Innophos shipped 1,211 qualifying shipments and had zero NARs, qualifying us for the highestlevel award, the Gold Award. “This award is 100% attributed to our Turner loading personnel. They routinely follow our railcar loading procedures and take pride in their work, and this is the formula for their exemplary safety record year after year. We appreciate their dedication and accept this award on their behalf,” said Innophos Production Manager Jim Guidry. Launched in 1992, CN’s Safe Handling Award is presented to customers who load freight cars with dangerous goods and meet strict standards for the safe handling and shipment of regulated products. The winners must meet established criteria, according to the total number of shipments of dangerous goods for all facilities. The Safe Handling Award is an integral part of the Responsible Care Program.

Pictured are Turner Railcar Loaders Kendrick Chenevert and Jared Abram.

Two Million OSHA Recordable Free Work Hours and Counting at Olin Freeport Turner Industries has been a nested contractor at Olin, Freeport, Texas site, since 2016. Within the site’s property lines there are three different Olin plant locations: Oyster Creek, Plant A and Plant B. At these three locations Olin manufactures Chlorine, Vinyl, Bleach and Epoxy. In addition to our nested maintenance contractor role, Turner has completed a successful Turnaround at the Plant B-1500 Tri-color Unit and provided a variety of associated services including SIPA soft crafts (scaffolding, insulation, paint abatement, inspections), rope access, industrial cleaning, crane and rigging, disinfecting services, and recently added janitorial services. A culmination of those work efforts was realized in May of this year when Turner employees at the Olin Freeport site reached 2 million (and counting) OSHA recordable free work hours. This milestone, achieved collectively by all Turner services, was accomplished during the Covid-19 pandemic and Texas’ historic freeze. On June 30, 2021 a luncheon to celebrate the milestone was held. Attendees included Turner and Olin site employees, Turner and Olin executive management, and Olin support staff from Turner’s Freeport Regional office. The event logistics included planning two back-to-back events so that all 500 Turner employees could attend.

QUOTES FROM THE CELEBRATION “Consider the magnitude of two million hours of safe work. That is the equivalent of one person working 961 years without getting hurt. It means that 480 Turner people went home every day for 2 years as good as when they came to work. It is hard to imagine, but yet, you did it, one day at a time. You have my gratitude and my respect. Thank you.” – Al Cagle: Olin Maintenance Director

“The accomplishment of this team to reach 2-Million OSHA free work hours is something I am personally very proud to be a part of. I see firsthand the hard work that this team puts in daily so it’s no surprise to me that they have achieved such a milestone. The Turner Team at Olin Texas Operations truly embodies the “T.C.B” mentality. “T.C.B” stands for “Taking Care of Business” and this group has accomplished this goal by taking care of business each and every day!” – Ryan Beeson: Turner Site Manager Olin Freeport FALL 2021 7

Projects & Services


On-site Fabrication Services Generate Major Cost Savings to Olin Freeport Freeport, Texas – Three years ago, Olin’s Epoxy-2 Work Area Coordinator, Brent Digby, set out to reduce Olin’s costs by performing pipe fabrication services with the Turner maintenance resources assigned to his area. The concept worked and to date, has delivered hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings and even greater value in synergies created. A group of nine Turner employees service all the Olin Epoxy business unit’s fabrication and welding needs, as well as meet the demands of small outages and pit stops, all with a very high success rate. This Olin / Turner partnership has implemented a strong and efficient work process that has allowed the team to achieve high productivity while maintaining an impeccable safety record (zero injuries and zero incidents).

PLANNING The sketching crew, Ben Decker and Ryan Marshall, keep a close working relationship with the area engineers and technical advisors. They ensure the pipe spool drawings are complete and accurate.

FABRICATION Esli Hernandez, Piedad Villafana, Jose Reyes, Michael Jaster, and Larry Rodriguez are among the best in the business when it comes to fabrication. This team works hand in hand with sketching crew and QAQC to ensure all work is performed accurately and meets all quality standards.

QA/QC Quality control is handled by Russell Kennedy. He works closely with the welders, pipe fitters, sketchers, and the team’s Olin coordinator. Russell’s attention to detail and drive to stay ahead of jobs has resulted in zero downtime due to quality control.


Pictured is Turner onsite fabrication team.

Paint needs are met by Turner’s offsite paint shop and led by Ramon Salinas. Ramon’s promptness to provide accurate quotes and execution of jobs has shown that Turner’s paint department is an essential part of the fabrication process.

“This on-site team has shown repeatedly that the plant’s needs are met faster and more cost efficiently than what any of the surrounding vendors can provide.” - Brent Digby, Epoxy 2 Work Activity Coordinator 8 FALL 2021


Projects & Services

40-Ton Vessel Completed at Decatur Fabrication Facility Decatur, Ala. – Turner Industries recently completed an 80,000 lbs. chrome-moly pressure vessel. During the fabrication process, this unique vessel required constant 350-degree Fahrenheit heat treating and 570-degree Fahrenheit dehydrogenation after each weld.

“Our team here in Decatur has done it again! Mike Bryant and his team, led by Kevin Cooper, recently fabricated a very complicated chrome-moly vessel requiring constant heat treat throughout the process. What’s even more impressive is that they did it under a very demanding timeline as the vessel was required for a turnaround’s critical path. Successes like this are only achievable by having great teams, and we have the best!” - Vice President of Operations Caleb Lovell

V E S S E L Q U I C K FA C T S • ASME Code Section VIII Div. 1 Code Certified • Designed for 600 PSI pressure and 900°F Temperature

• 1-1/2" thick Chrome Moly Steel • Specially Made Material to Meet Tight Chemistry Requirements of API RP 934E

• Material 100% UT Scanned Prior to Fabrication • 80,000 lbs. Shipping Weight • 0% Rejections Rate on Welds

• 13 Feet Diameter & 35 Feet Tall

Successful Turnaround at Kaneka Turner Industries recently completed a six-day turnaround at Kaneka, Deer Park, Texas. The work performed on the CPVC reactor included the grind-out and replacement of a damaged titanium nozzle liner while also identifying and repairing corroded and cracked welds inside the titaniumcladded vessel.

PROJECT Q U I C K FAC T S • 6 Days • 1,200 Hours Worked

• Zero OSHA


PERSONNEL • 8 Specialized Welders • 4 Specialty Services Inspectors

• 5 Specialty Services

Hydroblasting Technicians

“This was a successful event, and the client was very pleased with our performance,” said Turner Site Manager Tim Murphy. FALL 2021 9

Projects & Services

Rope Access Services Saves Client Time and Money

Pictured left to right are TSS Technician Adam Benefield; TSS Technician Dow Copeland; TSS 510 Inspector Darrell Matthews; TSS Area Manager Kenny Smithey; SIPA Supervisor Tim McCall; and Site Manager Jason McManus.

This past Spring, Turner Industries transitioned to site contractor at the Eastman facility in Pace, Florida. Today there are 33 Turner employees on-site providing a variety of services including scaffolding, painting, insulation, grounds keeping, environmental, civil work and inspections. Recently the team was challenged with providing a thorough inspection of one of the site’s large columns. In years past scaffolding was part of this column’s inspection, but the Turner Specialty Service (TSS) inspection group brought a new solution to Eastman management – one that incorporates TSS rope access inspection services.

The Old Way In the past, the site’s normal process to inspect the column was to build a scaffold that encompasses the

six-foot diameter and 100-ft.-tall tower. Along with the dimension requirements, the scaffold would have to be built to accommodate 500 inspection points along the column that require access. This enormous scaffold requires over 1000 scaffold components along with an eight-day duration to construct and six-days disassemble. Because of obstacles from the scaffolding hindering the ability to access some of the 500 inspection points, the inspections duration had to be doubled which added additional project costs.

efficient method. Turner’s certified rope access inspectors completed the entire process in six days, saving our customer valuable time while eliminating the hazards of erecting such an immense scaffold. By using rope access the team mitigated hundreds of potential hazards, thoroughly inspected the column and at project’s end saved the client $40,000.

Proving once again that Turner is ONE SOLUTION for our client’s success.

Key Personnel

Turner’s Rope Access Solution

Jason McMannus, Site Manager

The TSS Inspection team, led by Mike Stafford, recommended utilizing their rope access group to inspect the column and the Eastman Management Team agreed that this alternative was the safest and most

Mike Stafford, TSS Rope Access Manager

Kenny Smithy, TSS Operations Manager

Richard Medina, Turner Operations Manager

Growing Our Footprint – Janitorial Services at Olin Freeport

This past August the Turner Industries team at Olin’s Chlor-Alkali facility in Freeport, TX increased their footprint by taking over all janitorial services on site. This new business increased site headcount by 26 employees who provide janitorial services to over 80 offices and buildings across the entire facility. The transition of this service to Turner has been seamless and is another testament that the Turner team at Olin, Freeport TX can provide one solution for our client’s success. 10 FALL 2021


Projects & Services

Innovative Designs Create Safer Working Environment In the refining industry, catalysts are used to convert heavy oil into valuable, distillable products. At the Shell Mobile site, catalysts are loaded into several different vessels approximately every two weeks. In this case, the granular catalysts come in “super sacks,” each sack weighing approximately 2,500 lbs. Super sacks are traditionally unloaded by lifting the sacks by their straps and then pulling a tether underneath the sack to untie the chute. However, after an unloading incident with a catalyst super sack in 2017, where one of the straps failed, a process to research other lifting solutions available on the market to safely unload catalyst super sacks was initiated.

Turner Planner Steven Gleason with the drawing for his invention.

Finding no current solutions on the market, Turner Industries Planner Steve Gleason pulled out his pen and paper and designed a double fail-safe device known at the Shell Mobile site as the “super sack holder,” which was approved and engineered by Shell. Up until now, the super sack holder was the tool used for loading vessels safely, but recently, the catalyst sack design changed and the tether which was used to untie the sack was removed. Now, the only way to open the sacks required a person to get under the sack and untie the chute—an unsafe action.

Steven with the finished super sack holder, fabricated and approved by Shell.

When the site encountered the new sack design, all unloading was suspended until another safe solution was designed. With the approval and direction of Shell Maintenance Manager Steve Davis, Shell HSSE Manager Carl Kelly and Turner Site Manager Roy Ellis, Steve Gleason once again began to brainstorm to make the safety hazards associated with the catalyst unloading ALARP (As Low As Reasonably Practicable). His new idea was a “super sack holding stand” which could be bolted to flanges of different sizes. It also features a hatch door for safe access to the super sack unloading chute and funnel.

Super sack holder in action.

Again, Shell approved the design and had the device engineered and put into place. The two devices have proved not only to be critical assets to the site but have been called works of “safety art” and nicknamed Shell Mobile’s safety Picassos. On September 15th, 2021, the Turner team at the Shell Mobile site celebrated three consecutive years recordable free, due in part to dedicated and innovative employees like Steve.

Steven with his second invention – the super sack holder stand, also fabricated and approved by Shell.

FALL 2021 11

Projects & Services

Answering the Call at Syngenta The headline in the local newspaper read “Louisiana

Syngenta management determined that 90 additional

Deep Freeze sends Baton Rouge to Lowest Feb. 16

employees would be required to address the Flood event.

Temperature in 112 years.” The Syngenta facility in St.

The variety of needed crafts included pipefitters, welders,

Gabriel, Louisiana was heavily affected during this freeze.

electricians, scaffold builders, and boilermakers, along

Through collaboration with plant management, Turner’s

with foreman and supervisors. Turner’s SWS and

Specialized Welding Services (SWS) group was able to

SIPA groups came through again, along with Turner’s

meet the immediate needs to supply an additional

personnel office recruiting team. This was a massive

20 pipefitters and welders. It was later determined

effort by Turner groups in a short amount of time to get

that there would also be a need for an additional 16

all needed labor on-site and working.

insulators, and Turner’s Scaffolding, Insulation, Painting and Abatement (SIPA) group was able to supply that labor. The Turner team worked around the clock for five weeks getting the site repairs completed.

The additional workforce was utilized for five-and-a-half weeks to complete all the necessary repairs allowing the site to get back to normal operations. During this time Syngenta and Turner management also identified

Then, in mid-May of this year, the headline in the paper

needed surface water drainage improvements across

read “A Foot of Rain Causes Flash Flood Emergency

the plant. The TSS Environmental group was engaged

in Louisiana.” During this torrential rain event the

to answer this call and quickly addressed the needs,

Syngenta St. Gabriel site encountered widespread

cleaning out existing drainage ditches and raising

damage including three feet of water in one of the

one plant road elevation by a foot to keep water from

plant’s units. This created an emergency response that

entering the plant. The Environmental group was also

was immediately addressed by Turner site management

responsible for quickly performing flood remediation

as well as Turner’s sister service groups. Turner and

services of multiple control rooms and office buildings.

F R O M T H E C L I E N T : “Our Syngenta St. Gabriel site, like many other manufacturing businesses

in our region, has unfortunately experienced a difficult year so far in 2021 as related to natural peril events. The deep freeze event in February and the flooding event in May put our site to the test. Turner has been instrumental in supporting our recovery activities so that we could return to operation as safely and quickly as possible by providing the necessary resources and supervision across many different crafts. These efforts certainly contributed to a successful return to operation in each case.” – Logan Stelly, Syngenta Maintenance Manager

Pictured left to right are Soft Skills Supervisor Percy Williams; Site Manager Earl Allen; Site Superintendent John Piper Jr.; Project Manager Sherman Brown; and Maintenance Supervisor Levy Walker III.

12 FALL 2021


Celebrating Fifteen Years at Shell Deer Park In September of 2006, Turner Industries became the nested maintenance contractor at Shell in Deer Park, Texas. This year, forty-one employees are celebrating fifteen years of service with the company, many having been on site for much longer.

Congratulations to all and thank you for your loyalty and hard work!

Manuel Acevedo

Jesus Arredondo

Mario Banda

Pedro Chapa

Charlie Corley

Tommy Denison

Ronnie Elledge

George Fierro

Jose Garcia

Feliciano Garza

Jose Gomez

Jose Benavides Gonzales

Leonel Gonzalez

Luis Gonzalez

Arturo Gutierrez

Eric Gutierrez

Norris Harris Jr.

Roberto Hinojosa

Stephen Hughey

Lloyd Joubert

Joey Kendrick

Billy Lee

Jesse Lopez

Humberto Lujano

Bill Luman

Jesse Maldonado

Hervey Martinez

George Montgomery

Fernando Mora

David Ortiz

Eusebio Pineda

Frank Quashie

Armando Ramirez

Francisco Rea

Jorge Rodriguez

Cenobio Rosas Jr.

Matthew Soto

Enrique Trevino

Juan Vazquez

Giberto Zapata

NO T PIC T URED: Jerome Tarpey FALL 2021 13


Industrial Technology Created with Industrial People in Mind


lot of talk in heavy industry over the last decade has been focused on unleashing new technologies to revolutionize how work is performed and documented in the

field. Drones, mobile devices, sensors, and the like have all been deployed at facilities across

the world in an effort to increase safety and save time and resources. The latest tech to gain traction isn’t quite as buzzworthy as drones flying overhead, but it’s just as transformative—digitizing workflows. Imagine reducing the burden of administrative work by digitizing and automating paper-based forms and tasks. At Turner Industries, we recognized that the transition to digitalization isn’t on its way—it’s here. And as we’ve done for the past six decades, we’re harnessing our innovative spirit to create client-driven solutions.

Imagine reducing the burden of administrative work by digitizing and automating paper-based forms and tasks. Our intuitive and comprehensive Turner Tablet Applications allow our employees to capture critical information and identify risks, which helps us deliver the safest and most effective industrial solutions for our clients. By digitizing paperbased tasks such as JSAs and timesheets and eliminating the latency associated with data entry, our tablet applications allow us to automate workflow, improve safety, and increase time on tools. Productivity, adaptability, collaboration, efficiency—it all increases with Turner Tablet applications. And it isn’t just a bunch of cool tools that gives us a competitive edge. It’s setting the pace for the future of work in our industry. TURNER INDUSTRIES Company Magazine

Setting the PACE with Turner Tablet Applications™ Turner Tablet Applications reduce the burden of administrative work by digitizing and automating paper-based forms and tasks. Using intrinsically safe tablets, our intuitive and comprehensive programs allow our employees to automate workflow, improve safety, and increase productivity which helps us deliver the safest and most effective industrial solutions for our clients.

Here is How we Set the PACE P roductivity – Lets crews focus less on finding forms and more on completing tasks. Adaptability – Can be customized to the needs of the jobsite. Collaboration – As a partner in your success, we’re always available to solve any challenges at your site. Efficiency – Digitizing forms saves time by eliminating data entry redundancy.

Job Safety Analysis (JSA) Digital forms to identify jobsite risks in real time. FEATURES • Interactive template with live feedback through linked forms. • Risk ranking determined by active JSAs. • JSA Audit Capabilities via web portal. • Intuitively guides teams through JSA work process.

Turner Scaffold Tracking App Location tracking program to make data-driven scaffolding decisions. FEATURES • GPS location for standing scaffolds. • Data entry is completed on the tablet and is tied to that scaffold/location. • Mobile app integrates with Turner’s ERP. • Automated billing. • Automated and standardized KPI calculations. FALL 2021 15

Timesheets Takes time entry to the field. FEATURES • Crew info extracted from Turner ERP system and assigned to timesheets. • Full digital data entry in field by Turner front-line leaders. • Timesheet data assembled into one flat file for easy upload. • Timesheets web portal available for non-tablet users.

Foreman’s Progress Progress tracker to assess a project’s scope of work. FEATURES • Front-line supervision can progress work activities by percent or quantity. • Data can be entered simultaneously by multiple users and downloaded into one schedule update file. • Cost codes associated with progressed work are transmitted to the tablet timesheet.

Forms Take any paper form used at your site and digitize it. FEATURES • Hundreds of digitized forms preloaded for use. Any site-specific form can be easily digitized and uploaded for use. • Surface issues and insights fast with real-time reports run from form data. • Intuitive forms drive users to unique input, increasing input efficiencies and user engagement.

16 FALL 2021


Our ever-evolving DECIDE WITH DATA® software and services portfolio offers a digital “toolbox” that can solve critical client productivity, reliability, and safety issues. • Remote Safety Risk Assessment • Knowledge Capture • Electronic Audits By digitizing and automating administrative work and capturing critical data in real time, our crews deliver industrial solutions in a safe, productive, and efficient manner.

Setting the Pace at Shell Deer Park An early adapter of Turner’s Tablet applications, our employees at Shell Deer Park are setting the pace transitioning to digitalization where it matters most—in the field. Tablets in Use: 154 Applications being utilized: JSAs, timesheets, PCS progress sessions, tracking delays, scaffold tracking, safety audits, and other daily forms needed for job activities.

Q & A with Andre Gautreaux, Project Controls / Project Manager, Houston Maintenance & Turnaround Division Who is using the tablets? Mainly front-line supervisors and the safety department. When are the tablets used? Constantly! The safety department performs audits on the tablets throughout the day at the jobsite. Various craft groups use it throughout the day for creating JSAs, updating progress of the work, and completing timesheets each shift. Have any benefits been realized since the tablets were implemented? The benefits are many, here is a quick summary: Safety: Using the tablets for timesheets, JSAs, and safety audits means our supervisors can spend more time in the field with their employees to ensure safe work practices are being followed. The more time we can be with our craft employees, the better safety performance we have seen across the site.

Real-Time Insights: Our supervisors have real time access to all work on site from their office. Supervisors can select any job which is currently in progress on the tablet to virtually audit and then follow-up in person. Productivity: The tablets have increased employee productivity. There is no need to spend time traveling across the site to deliver paperwork multiple times a day; now everything is virtual and mobile. Scaffolding: the scaffold tracking app gives us the GPS locations of each standing scaffold. This enhances our tracking and accountability with our client. Dashboards: Lastly, all data from Turner tablet is integrated with PowerBI which enables real-time dashboards that are used to drive continuous improvement.

Ready to Set a New PACE at your jobsite? Contact us at for more information. FALL 2021 17

Damage from Hurricane Ida in Grand Isle, Louisiana

Hurricane Ida Relief Efforts When Hurricane Ida made landfall in Grand Isle, Louisiana on August 29, 2021, it was the second-most damaging and intense hurricane to hit the state of Louisiana, behind Hurricane Katrina in 2005. With over 10,000 employees and numerous clients located in Ida’s path, Turner Industries quickly assembled its Hurricane Response Team and set up shop at the Equipment Division’s yard in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. On August 31, a company-wide survey was sent out to employees and over the next week, the relief team spoke to nearly ONE THOUSAND employees who indicated in the survey that they had to evacuate, had major damage to their home, or needed immediate assistance. The hurricane response team located at the Mason Yard included: Denise Blouin, Hu Brennan, Micah Schlatre, Erin Smith, Joseph DeGaetani, Rose Greaud, Marina Richard, Benjamin Genre, Megan Day, Chelsea Smith, Michelle Hardy, Karen Smith, and Kristen Major. During the following weeks, the Equipment Division, Turner Specialty Services, along with employees from many other divisions and departments, performed repairs on 200 employee and client homes. 18 FALL 2021


The business development team also went into

Gonzales, Louisiana to provide meals to those

disaster response mode, cooking and serving

in need. TEAM members also made peanut

nearly TEN THOUSAND meals for employees,

butter and jelly sandwiches which were brought

clients, and community members, at eleven

out to sites for employees to take home to their

different locations around southeast Louisiana.

children and other family members whom we

The core food assistance team included: Shane

could not feed on site.

Wilkinson, Jana Browning, Lydale Roberts, Cherie

While recovery and rebuilding is still underway

March, Mindy Mahoney, Curtis Chastain, Bubby Boudreaux, Greg Thibodeaux, and Kent Broha.

in the hardest hit areas, the people of Louisiana will overcome this tragedy like they have others

TEAM Turner™ partnered with the Capital Area

in the past - supporting one another and working

United Way and Mike Anderson’s restaurant in

safely together.

Workforce Development


Build Your Future with a Career in Construction Houston, Texas – Turner Industries workforce development representatives Darrien Batiste and Carla Thompson have begun “Build Your Future” presentations with high school seniors in the Houston, Texas area. The “Build Your Future” initiative was founded by the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) to support interest in construction careers among high school students. Turner’s first presentation was with Pasadena ISD’s Career and Technical High School. Students were presented with information on industry career paths, onboarding requirements, and how to apply for jobs. Turner works with nine independent school districts in the Houston region under Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc.’s (ABC) Construction Career Youth Committee.

Turner Industries Makes Donation to Louisiana School for Agricultural Sciences Baton Rouge, La. – Turner Industries supported the Louisiana School for Agricultural Sciences’ (LASAS) by donating materials to the school’s welding program. The donation included welding gloves, face shields, safety glasses, and several hundred pounds of welding rods. 20 FALL 2021


Workforce Development

Job Fair Participation Leads to Finding Qualified Candidates Lake Charles, La. – Due to the storms in 2020, a great deal of local talent is still displaced in the Lake Charles region. To assist the community with knowledge of available job opportunities, the Louisiana Workforce Commission recently held a job fair at the Lake Charles Civic Center. Turner Industries workforce development team members Kent Dartez and Glenn Massey supported the event where they discovered over 50 candidates for current and upcoming outages.

Metropolis, Illinois – Turner Specialty Services at the Honeywell in Metropolis, Illinois is gearing up to hire for an upcoming project in the beginning of the new year. To get ahead of the game in terms of hiring, Turner Industries representatives attended a local job fair where they were able to speak with potential applicants and share information about the future job opportunities. Pictured from left to right are QC Manager Andy Young, Site Manager Richard Cubbedge, and Office Manager Angela Pitman.

Turner Pipe Fabrication Welcomes High School Students for Facility Tour Port Allen, La. – Turner Industries hosted East Ascension High School students for a tour of our pipe fabrication facilities. East Ascension is one of Turner’s program partner schools for which we provide material donations and sponsor students for training during high school and following graduation. Turner Vice President Len Howell led the tour, speaking to the attending students and instructors about pipe fabrication, the industry and most importantly, site safety.

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Trainer / Applicant Analyst:


Alicia Trevino

Alicia Trevino has been with Turner Industries for eight years. Her Turner story begins with her accepting a job as Houston-area safety council coordinator while also finishing up her bachelor’s degree in accounting. “To be honest, I knew I didn’t want to work in the accounting field, but I was too far into the program to switch majors. Right before graduation Darren Smith, my boss at the time, noticed the opening for the training team at the Pasadena, Texas office and thought it would be something I might like. I got the position and it was like the flip of a switch. I knew this was the career for me. I eventually got my Masters in Instructional Design and finished that degree in 2019.”

What makes Turner different from other places you’ve worked? The sense of community. I have never worked for a company that is so involved in their community and actively willing to help others.

What is your role at Turner today, and what are your primary responsibilities? I am currently a Trainer / Application Analyst. A major part of what our team does is provide training classes and support on Microsoft products as well as Turner’s custom applications for those who use the products. Our team also develops and maintains the online training hosted on our new Turner Training Academy.

Why was Turner the right fit for you? The sense of camaraderie – it’s amazing. Even coworkers who are not in my department, I have built some very strong friendships with them over the years.

What do you find most satisfying about your job? The creative part of what we do is my absolute favorite. I love when we get a new project that allows us to build new trainings from scratch like how the lesson should flow and even what icons to use. 22 FALL 2021

Talk to us about the Turner Tablet Applications, what would you like people to know?

thought the hard hat was just a cute joke because we work in the construction industry. But it is more than that. It is about being smart. You can’t achieve your goals if you don’t have the right equipment.

Top 3 Life Highlights (so far): Graduating with my master’s degree in Instructional Design, Having our Dream wedding in Niagara Falls, and becoming a mom.

This has been such a fun project to support. It has helped evolve paper processes into something new by turning them digital. When we host a training session for Turner Tablet Applications, I always hear from the users about how much time it has saved them on-site which is always a huge plus!

What do you enjoy doing outside of work? My family is my number one priority. My husband Jose and I have a two-year-old son, Yamir, so we spend most of our free time chasing a toddler around. We also love video games and board games. If we have a free weekend, we try to have our family over for dinner and boardgame nights.

What is the best advice you have ever received? Break the glass ceiling, but don’t forget your hard hat. When I first was told that I TURNER INDUSTRIES Company Magazine

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Supporting Kids in Texas Freeport, Texas – Turner employees came together to support their local schools by donating book bags, folders, and other school supplies for incoming students. With the school supply drive’s fundraising efforts, partnerships with local businesses, and a highly skilled shopping team, TEAM Turner was able to donate $41,000 worth of supplies!

Turner Industries Participates in WBRZ’s 13th Annual “Stuff the Bus” School Supply Drive Port Allen, La. – Turner employees came together to support WBRZ’s 13th annual “Stuff the Bus” Campaign again this year! “Stuff the Bus” aims to ensure school-aged children and their teachers have the supplies they need for the upcoming fall semester.

Engineering Softball Classic Baton Rouge, La. – Turner employees participated in an Engineering Softball Classic benefiting St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Employees formed participating teams and all funds raised through the tournament were donated to St. Jude.

2021 Stuff the Backpacks Baton Rouge, La. – Team Turner also partnered with The Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank’s Backpack Program and the WBRZ “Stuff the Bus” school supply drive to help fill the void for children who are at risk of missing meals when they are not in school.

Baton Rouge General’s Pink Pumpkin Patch Baton Rouge, La. – To kick off Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Team Turner members helped assemble the Baton Rouge General’s Pop-Up Pink Pumpkin Patch this year. Turner employees helped position hay and unloaded and put pumpkins in the patch. FALL 2021 23

News & Notes Greater Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce Trade Show Port Arthur, Texas – Turner Industries took part in the Greater Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce’s annual trade show. Turner representatives from multiple office locations attended the event where they showcased Turner’s service offerings with attendees. The trade show was a success with a total of 800 individuals in attendance. Pictured from left to right are Indorama Warehouse/Supply Manager Chad Aycock, Indorama Contract Administrator Kirk Hallmark, Indorama Sourcing Specialist Kaitlin Laurent, Indorama Site Director Kim Hoyt, and Turner Industries Business Development Jason Apodaca, Trina Meekins, Jace Guidry and David Templeton.

Turner Industries Hosts ABC Mixer at Corpus Christi Regional Facility Corpus Christi, Texas – Turner Industries’ Corpus Christi Region supported Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc. (ABC) Texas Coastal Bend Chapter by offering to host one of their monthly mixers. The event welcomed Turner employees, clients, and industry partners to mingle and learn more about Turner’s service offerings.

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News & Notes Steve Malik Elected to Serve on the Volunteers of America Board of Directors Baton Rouge, La. – Steve Malik, part of Turner’s Information Technology group, has been elected to serve a three-year term (2021-2024) on the Volunteers of America Board of Directors in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Pictured second from right is Steve Malik along with the newly elected Board.

Texas Energy Museum’s 2021 Blowout Fundraising Event

Turner Management Team Cleans Up on Site

Beaumont, Texas - Each year, The Texas Energy Museum hosts an event which raises funds for the Museum's exhibitions and educational programs on the history and science of Texas oil. Turner Industries had the honor of attending this year’s event, helping contribute to future success of the museum.

Deer Park, Texas – The Turner management team at Shell recently donated their time to pick up trash around the facility. “The site treats us like family, so we treat the site like our home,” said Turner Site Manager Chris Sciambra.

Pictured left to right are Jordan Free, Donny Greer, Andrea Salazar, Chris Sciambra, Cesar Garcia, and Paul Milne.

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