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SENIOR EDITOR Tobie Craig EDITORS Jason Broha, Marie Crespo JUNIOR EDITOR Corinne Bergeron WRITERS Tobie Craig, Jason Broha, Marie Crespo, Corinne Bergeron CONTRIBUTORS Earl Allen, Jamey Aucoin, Paula Babin, Elizabeth Beckham, Gary Blacketter, Dwight Braud, Sherman Brown, Russell Carter, Jay Courtney, John Fenner, Candace Griffin, Megan Guillot, Michelle Hardy, John Josserand, Rodney Landry, John Lindsey, Max Marx, Mindy Mahoney, Mary Ellen Montgomery, Raymond Neck, Connie Paxton, Karen Powers, Dawn Ramoin, Scott Tanley, Carla Thompson, Gary Truxillo, Wayne Tyson, Mike Welborn




ere we are again. Faster than you can shake the sand out of your bathing

suit, Summer has come and gone and

Fall is at our doorstep. If there’s one thing that could possibly make the summer months seem like they’re dragging, it’s the anticipation of a new college football season. With nearly 19,000 employees working on any given day, we would bet there’s a fan for every team out there. In this issue, our employee spotlight focuses on some of these fans. From a house divided to a past pro-player and everything in between, we hope you’ll enjoy reading about your coworkers’ passion for the game and what the game means to them personally.


When a team runs out on the field for kickoff, they’re hoping that with the

GRAPHIC DESIGNER Scott Greci, Mindworx Marketing

can be said for the Turner teams. Whether it’s hauling 60 million pounds

right combination of teamwork and skill they can pull off a W. The same

of steel or safely completing a three week project in two weeks, our








employees’ collaboration and expertise always adds up to project success.


Jason Broha & Marie Crespo

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2 FALL 2017


Safety First THREE YEARS RECORDABLE FREE La Porte,Texas – Turner employees at the Kuraray site have accomplished three years and 100,000 workhours OSHA recordable free. “There is no greater pride than to sit here and think back on all that we have accomplished these past three years, and there is no doubt in my mind that we are going to continue to strive to do even better every day. This could not be achieved without the commitment of our outstanding group of employees and their commitment to working safely and looking out for others,” said Rafael Vazquez, Turner site superintendent.







327,622 FOUR YEARS RECORDABLE FREE Baton Rouge, La. – Turner employees at NovelAire Technologies have been an integral part in helping NovelAire supply innovative indoor air quality solutions to hundreds of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) serving the residential, commercial and industrial markets of the heating, ventilation and air conditioning industry. They recently celebrated four years and 327,622 recordable free hours worked on site.

FIVE YEARS AND 2.8 MILLION WORKHOURS OSHA RECORDABLE FREE Lake Charles, La. – Turner employees at Westlake Chemical & Polymers have achieved five years with zero OSHA recordable injuries. During this time, the Turner team at Westlake worked over 2.8 million safe workhours. Thank you to all employees for your hard and safe work.

TWO YEARS RECORDABLE FREE Decatur, Al. – Turner employees recently reached their two-year recordable free milestone at the Indorama Ventures Xylenes & PTA (IVXP) site. Turner employs an average of 125 people at the site and have worked 610,000 hours during this timeframe. Pictured: IVXP's Plant Manager, Russ Wilson, congratulating Turner Site Manager Bradley Evans and surrounding Turner site leadership for their efforts to remain injury free at their site.

4 FALL 2017


Safety First

Turner Industries Honored with Excellence in Safety Award and Best Project Award from Engineering News-Record Baton Rouge, La. – Engineering News-Record (ENR) Texas and Louisiana has announced the winners of the 2017 Best Project competition and Turner Industries was honored with an Excellence in Safety Award, and a Best Project Award in the Energy/Industrial category for the Dow “Crack More Ethane” (CME) expansion and turnaround in Plaquemine, Louisiana. The CME project was a landmark capacity expansion coupled with a large maintenance turnaround in the same process area, completed in November of 2016. This was the largest and most complex endeavor of its kind at Dow Chemical. “Turner was tasked to build a complex expansion of a hydrocarbons Stephen Toups, Turner executive vice president; Charles O’Connor, Dow project director; Roland Toups, Turner chairman and CEO and Rodney Landry, Turner operations manager.

unit. Turner met the challenge and with unfailing resolve built for Dow a healthy future in Louisiana and in the global hydrocarbons businesses. Safety first and pounds second! Turner proved the road to pounds can be walked safely and retain excellent quality,” said Charles O’Connor, Dow project director.

“Teamwork and open lines of communication were truly the key to the success of this project. We are honored to have been recognized by ENR for our work, and thankful to Dow for the opportunity to be a part of this incredible project.” Dwight Braud, Turner executive vice president; Charles O’Connor, Dow project director; Billy Guitreau, Turner COO and Robert Chandler, Turner sr. vice president.

Rodney Landry, Operations Manager, Turner Industries

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1,400' 50-80 TONS 4 HOURS Garyville, La. – After weeks of planning and preparation, Turner Industries performed a major pipeline repositioning job for Marathon Petroleum. Over the years—through expansion and routine operations—pipelines tend to shift from their original positions, making periodic corrections a necessity. Historically, repositioning pipelines can be a costly and tedious endeavor. Traditional methods call for a complete shutdown of the line. This includes clearing and purging of product, prepping pipe for opening, cutting and dismantling into sections, and then repositioning the line in sections to be welded and/or flanged back together. However, through brainstorming and group discussions, the idea to lift the entire pipeline in one vertical lift and reposition it with one horizontal shift was born. The lift required a 24”, 1,400 foot long diesel line to be repositioned 12” back to its

6 FALL 2017


original coordinates. Marathon and Turner put together a team capable of shifting the pipeline in one piece by strategically placed cranes ranging from 50 – 80 tons capacity. The pipeline had several risers and bends and extended from the diesel tank, through the tank farm, across River Road and onto the river dock loading arm, making the lift quite complicated. After performing weight and load calculations, Turner planners and supervision developed a lifting and shifting plan. On June 9th, Marathon operations and supervision, Turner’s crane and rigging group, tank crew, zone 6 maintenance team, and quality control, along with safety representatives from both parties, executed the task to perfection. The cost avoidance on a project like this has been estimated to be in the millions of dollars. Instead of two to three weeks of downtime, the shift was completed in

only four hours. Areas around the project were minimally affected as no hot work permits had to be issued, possible environmental exposures were avoided and most importantly, potential safety hazards were eliminated. “The leadership teams of Marathon and Turner are no doubt the best in the business, but the real superstars on a project like this are the men and women who safely executed the job, operating cranes and pulling wrenches,” said Richard Bercegeay, Turner supervisor. “The relationship between Marathon and Turner is what drives this culture of camaraderie and teamwork. The support and trust from the Marathon employees, is the key to allowing our employees to share their experience and creativity, in performing unique tasks such as this one,” said Gary Truxillo, Turner project manager.



OXYCHEM – TAFT, LA Taft, La. – In just fifteen days, Turner Industries, using multiple divisions, completed an unscheduled repair at OxyChem. The repairs included removing and replacing steel, piping and associated equipment. Turner’s Equipment Division set up a 400 ton Liebherr crane and together with our specialized welding services group, and onsite maintenance resources, removed associated piping and steel in preparation for removal of the tank. Once the tank was removed, it was blasted by Turner’s Specialty Services group and prepared for transport to Montz, Louisiana, for assessment and repairs. Once the equipment was properly removed and the area cleared, measurements were pulled on existing piping to verify drawings for fabrication. A total of 80 new pipe spools were fabricated by Turner’s Pipe Fabrication Division, both onsite and at our fabrication facility in Port Allen, Louisiana. While spools were being fabricated and hydro tested, Turner installed the steel and support structure for the repaired tank. The work was performed in tight quarters with almost daily rainshowers. The job was completed with no health environmental, safety or security (HESS) issues. “This has been one of the greatest team efforts I’ve ever been associated with in my 30 plus years in this business,” said Turner's Stephanie McCarley, project manager, pipe fabrication. It was initially estimated that the project would take up to twenty-eight days to complete. Turner’s ability to quickly gather and provide necessary resources in the form of equipment, experienced personnel and pipe fabrication capabilities made it possible for OxyChem to have the unit up and running in only fifteen days.

“I would like to thank all divisions of Turner. Every division responded saying they were available if needed. I would especially like to thank our crane and rigging group, our specialized welding

services, Turner Specialty Services’ NDE and blasting groups, the Port Allen fabrication shop, and our maintenance crews. When a team works together as one, you can accomplish anything,” said Jay Courtney, site manager, Turner Industries .

“On behalf of OxyChem, I would like to express our sincerest gratitude for the outstanding support provided to us by the entire Turner organization in the recent emergency repairs at our Taft site. Turner made available all of the necessary resources needed and also delivered with exceptional performance in safety, quality of work/craftsmanship and timeliness. Because of your excellent support and performance, we were able to get the operating unit back online without injury and in a time much shorter than most would have ever believed possible. The care, concern and team work provided by Turner to OxyChem is what made this possible and I want to say thank you and a job well done,”said Louis C. Palmer, plant manager, OxyChem - Taft Operations.

BY THE NUMBERS: Pipe Spools Fabricated 80 No Rework Needed


Nickel 200 with 326 Welds


Carbon Steel with 79 Welds


15 2 1

Stainless Steel with 1 Weld

Tons of Large Steel Small Tanks Large Tank & Associated Equipment

Pictured are OxyChem leadership, along with members of the Turner project team.

FALL 2017 7 07


Specialized Transportation Group Hauls s 60 Million Pounds of Steel

Baton Rouge, La. –Over the past ten months, Turner's specialized transportation group has successfully provided services for two major industrial projects. During this period, transportation crews have moved over 60 million pounds of steel in the form of pipe modules and pressure vessels. Vessels and modules were moved on our Goldhofer PST/SL-E transporters. One of the pipe modules was 175' in length and required a self-propelled modular transporter with 180' of trailer deck. Other modules were 40' in width and 50' tall. All transports were completed with no incidents or injuries to our crews.

“Talk about logistics! Each project required over 600 hours dedicated to the engineering and logistics plan, including permit approval from the US Army Corps of Engineers. Additionally, the La DOTD required review of the soil and paving to accommodate tire loadings. Over 13 agencies were involved for the Specialized Heavy Transport project over state roadways. On top of all this, barge and dock analysis were performed by our engineering staff for the loading of the pipe modules onto barges.” Gary Blacketter, Turner Manager of Specialized Transportation and Rigging.

8 FALL 2017


SPECIALTY WELDING S E R V I C E S SERVICES • FCC & Coker Modifications • Alloy Welding & Related Services • Ammonia, Methanol & Hydrogen Reformer Furnance Tubing • Ethylene Heaters • Pressure Vessel Fabrication & Modifications • Revamp & Upgrade of Piping • ASME Code Stamps • Code Certified Welders & Procedures • 24-Hour Emergency Service


(225) 214-2673 WEB TEL

FALL 2017 9


(RIGHT) Turner Industries’ Russell Carter, Brandon Joslin and Savana Joslin, participated in a social media organized effort to feed 1500 people in addition to donating water and household necessities for distribution to those needing essentials.



urricane Harvey brought back strong memories for many of our Baton Rouge employees. Having experienced the devastation from the Flood of 2016 last August, our Baton Rouge employees were eager to return the support received from our Turner family in Texas. In that spirit, a cleaning station with two stand-up showers, two hot water heaters, two washing machines, and dryers were installed in an empty Sea Can by employees from Turner’s Baton Rouge Equipment Yard. The cleaning station along with pallets of water, ice chests filled with ice and supplies for sandwiches, box fans, dehumidifiers, gallons of mold spray, shop vacuums, one-gallon sprayers, generators, and gas cans were then delivered to Houston and Beaumont by two tractor trailers. As they’ve done many times before, Turner employees across the Gulf South, rallied together to provide support for their co-workers and their communities. In Corpus Christi, employees set up a cooking station at Ingleside Fire Department along with first responders, police departments and local citizens and provided food for 500 people. In Houston, employees set up a tent and cooked jambalaya for 1,500 people in an effort put together through social media. Donations of household necessities and cases of water were accepted at the event allowing many to pick up needed items. The League City Fire Department and the Houston Police department took part in supporting the event. Employees in affected areas were sent a Hurricane Survey via email and/or text using Turner’s Blackboard Connect system. This effective communication system enabled Turner to make sure employees were accounted for, and survey responses allowed the matching of needs to available resources (See page 11). “We know the recovery process will be long and this is just the beginning, but we are committed to providing support where we can to members of our Turner family, our clients and other affected neighbors,” said Thomas Turner, vice chairman and president.

10 FALL 2017

We sincerely hope and pray that your people and facilities are recovering quickly from Hurricane Harvey. Our initial concern, like yours, was for our own employees and their families affected by the storm. Now that recovery efforts are underway, we wanted you to know that our primary focus businesswise will be servicing you, our industrial clients. Our resources will be used first and foremost to assist in your operational efforts. This is no change from our mission established at Turner over 50 years ago. If we can help the remainder of the civilian disaster recovery effort with any spare capability available, we will do what we can. At times like this, we all feel the extreme urgency to work together. Please do not hesitate to call for any assistance we can give. Sincerely,

Roland M. Toups Chairman & CEO






urner Industries employees work at over 400 facilities across the Gulf South and beyond, most of which are

owned by our clients. As an employer, it is important to be able to reach them wherever they might be. In 2014, Turner upgraded from our previous mass notification system to a new and improved application, Blackboard Connect™. Blackboard Connect is a powerful notification platform which allows us to send urgent messages in addition to routine


Examples of message types available


information to our sites and employees as needed. Blackboard Connect messages fall into three categories: Emergency, Outreach, and Basic Surveying with Outreach being the most common usage. Messages can be sent via phone call, email, and/or SMS text messaging. Each communication mode allows for customization of the message content released and the time and date of the delivery. Turner routinely uses Blackboard Connect for outreach and surveying purposes. Examples are staffing jobs,

Example of response results

Example of employee survey

communicating with employee/students in craft training programs, dispersing benefits open enrollment information, and stopwork/return-to-work status for specific sites. Blackboard Connect allows us to customize contact lists, which gives us the ability to message unique contact groups using multiple communication modes. Our contact groups can be based on any searchable field in our enterprise software personnel database as well as other data sources used within our company. We can send urgent information to specific people when necessary, and this reliable, scalable system allows us to send mass messages in groups of 20,000 or more, instantly. A recent example of the need to use targeted, mass messaging on a large scale was Turner’s first emergency message sent to employees located in the areas affected by Hurricane Harvey. This message included the link to a survey used to determine employees’ specific needs and current conditions following the natural disaster and was part of the initial phase of Turner’s relief effort. Follow-up mass messages were sent to all survey respondents to connect them with recovery resources available in their area. The success of this effort raised awareness of the many communication opportunities possible using Blackboard Connect.

This reliable, scalable system allows us to quickly send mass messages in groups of 20,000 or more. FALL 2017 11

2017 Gulf Coast Industry Forum Pasadena, Texas –Turner Industries was a proud sponsor of the eighth annual Gulf Coast Industry Forum (GCIF), an Economic Alliance Houston Port Region event, held in September at the Pasadena, Texas Convention Center. Over 1,200 people registered to attend the two-day conference which focused on economic development issues and opportunities facing the region over the next few years. This year’s event included a well-attended networking reception, hosted by Turner, at the San Jacinto College Maritime Technology & Training Center. Attendees enjoyed live music, food and cocktails, and viewed a fire boat demonstration which took place in the Houston Ship Channel outside the Maritime Training Center. Charged with bringing industry, government, community stakeholders and industry representatives together to discuss issues affecting the Houston port region the GCIF featured keynote speakers and moderated panel discussions on international trade, shipping and logistics, regulatory issues and economic trends

Executive Vice President, Stephen Toups, introduces Heather Remley, Senior Vice President, Petrochemicals North America at BASF.

Secretary of Energy, Rick Perry, addresses the forum’s attendees.

“Over 1,200 people registered to attend the two-day conference which focused on the economic development issues facing the region over the next few years.” affecting the region. Highlights included remarks by US Senator Ted Cruz; US Secretary of Energy Rick Perry; Texas Railroad Commissioner Ryan Sitton as well as Dow Vice President of Gulf Coast Operations Earl Shipp; US Congressmen Randy Webber and Pete Olsen; American Chemistry Council President Cal Dooley and BASF Sr. Vice President for Petrochemicals Heather Remley, among others. As a member of the Economic Alliance, Turner actively participates in and supports the initiatives of the Alliance to drive economic growth in the Houston Port Region. Our employees are engaged in those initiatives; help shape the program of work to make this region more attractive and more beneficial for industry, personnel and companies who support it. Turner Executive Vice President, Stephen Toups serves on the Alliance Board of Directors and Russell Carter, Turner business development representative, is actively engaged in the Business Growth, Economic Development, Public Policy, Workforce Development, and Gulf Coast Industry Forum Committee.

12 FALL 2017

Fire boat demonstration at the Turner Industries networking event.

Attendees at the Turner networking event were also able to experience a barge simulator.


VOICE OF LEADERSHIP Meet Turner Industries’ 2017 Leadership Graduates


ontinuing Turner’s commitment to enhance leadership excellence and


maintain a culture of leadership development, another set of Voice of Leadership (VOL) classes was completed company wide.

Participating in the eleven week in-house training were high potential

employees representing all four divisions: maintenance, construction, equipment and pipe fabrication. The objectives of the class are three-fold: focusing on effective communication (written and oral), problem solving and leadership skills.


The class teaches leadership principles utilizing John C. Maxwell’s Leadership 101 – What Every Leader Needs to Know. In addition, participants analyze workplace case study situations developed from actual Turner job experiences. Through written reports and oral presentations, participants address relevant issues with multiple players including employees, company LAKE CHARLES AREA GRADUATES

management and client management.

VOL Alumni Reunion


his year, the first VOL reunion was held in Baton Rouge, where alumni got together and enjoyed a morning touring Tiger Stadium. The Alumni's tour was guided by Ronnie Haliburton, former LSU and Denver Broncos player and current senior athletic director of operations and facility enhancements. “What a celebration! It was a thrill to see so many of our outstanding leaders gathered together to commemorate the hard work and dedication that has proved to benefit so many, including Turner. Our graduates once again experienced that strong camaraderie, and enjoyed a tour of the LSU stadium. Having our executives attend the event shows their dedication to our future leaders. The highlight of the morning had to be going through the tunnel and on to the field. Thanks to Michelle Hardy and her staff for putting everything together. It was perfect. Of course, it was originally Helene Breaux, and now Paula Babin who provide us with the foundation of our success. ‘The Voice of Leadership’ is certainly one of the most gratifying program we offer our future leaders.” - Dwight Braud, executive vice president, Maintenance and Turnarounds.

FALL 2017 13


Turner Industries’ 2017- 2018 United Way Campaign is Officially Underway – Can We Count You In?


nited Way has always been Turner’s major philanthropic

United Way is continuously improving education, financial

focus because the programs they offer serve the largest

stability, and health for communities. The focus is to identify and

number of people in the most places where our employees

resolve pressing community issues and to make measurable changes

live and work. Today, United Way works with 2.8 million volunteers

in communities through partnerships with schools, government

and 9.8 million donors, providing individuals an opportunity to

agencies, businesses, voluntary and neighborhood associations,

make a difference in communities around the world. United Way programs help volunteers find ways to contribute their time and talents toward community-improvement efforts, support service programs and advocate for public policy changes. There are 1,200 local United Way offices throughout the country bringing together charitable organizations to fundraise and support communities.

the faith community, and others. They go beyond temporary fixes to create lasting change in communities around the world. In 2016, Turner Industries and its employees pledged over $1.8 million to over 200 United Way agencies nationwide. There was a total participation of 78% companywide. As we run this year’s campaign, we thank our employees for past contributions and hope you know how important the contributions are to those in need.

Stephen Toups Named Capital Area United Way Outstanding Board Member


n July 25, 2017 Executive Vice President, Stephen Toups, was honored with the Outstanding Board Member Award from Capital Area United Way (CAUW). This

award is presented to a board member who has devoted their time and talents to improve CAUW and ensure the organization has the resources necessary to make a lasting impact on our local community. “Stevie has been a champion for our fight for the health, education and basic needs of every person in every community,” said George Bell, CAUW President and CEO. “His leadership and passion for the community have been vital to our success over the last year, and we are grateful to him for his service.”

14 FALL 2017



Q&A What made you decide to join Turner Industries? When I was on the owners side (Marathon Petroleum), I had the pleasure of engaging with Turner on several projects. Those successful interactions, coupled with the strategic vision, culture and integrity of the company were factors when deciding to return to the industrial sector from the professional services environment.

What past experiences do you bring with you that will be beneficial to Turner Industries?

Meet Scott Tanley Vice President of Fabrication Sales With 25 years of industry experience, Aaron “Scott” Tanley, has proved to be a valuable addition to the Turner family. Scott joined Turner a year ago and has recently taken over the role of vice president of pipe fabrication sales. His past career experience includes engineering, procurement, construction, and maintenance and turnaround project management. Prior to joining Turner, Scott served as director of operations at Stress Engineering and Construction (Stress Engineering Services, Inc.). In addition to establishing and leading new/existing business division operations, Scott has been involved in leading construction and specialty projects for the oil and gas, petrochemical,

offshore, power generation and pulp and paper industries, both in the US and international market sectors. Born in North Carolina, Scott followed his career from the Southeast coast to the Midwest. He moved to Houston in the early 1990s and that's where he found home. He is married to his wife of 21 years, Rebecca, and together they have three sons: Blane (18), Zachary (11) and Hudson (4). “Scott is a great addition to our leadership team. Scott’s integrity, energy, and experience fit with our team extremely well. We look for great things to happen to Turner Industries based on his sales leadership and mentorship,” said Warren Landry, executive vice president, Turner Pipe Fabrication.

Having the career diversity, from being a pipefitter/welder to professional services for leading projects and division operations, provides a unique view of business and markets. I hope to leverage past EPC/industrial services and owneroperator experiences to enhance business opportunities and strategies within the Pipe Fabrication Division while equally supporting all areas within the Turner family.

What is your vision for the future as it relates to your new position? One of my main goals is to support existing business strategies while deploying new growth strategies that support the direction and business drivers of Turner Industries. Successfully develop strong strategic business relationships while maintaining focus and attention to our existing customer base. Through offering sound advice derived from experience, one can provide common alignment with customers and teams. These types of relationships are the foundation for building long-term partnerships which is the ultimate goal.

FALL 2017 15

Turner Tailgaters



t Turner Industries, we all wear hard hats with the classic nine-box green logo. In that sense, we’re all proud teammates on the Turner team – each of us committed to common goals of safe work performed in timely and efficient ways in order to drive our clients’ success. It’s not a big leap to say college football mirrors tough working conditions in some circumstances. Former LSU Coach Paul Dietzel once said, “You can learn more character on the two yard line than anywhere else in life.” Some say college football stirs the soul perhaps more than any other American sport. Below, you will find Turner employees, who, during the work week, play and root for the Turner team, but on Saturday, become fueled with a different fervor. Spoiler alert - we know there are many, many other college football teams, in addition to the ones our employees highlight in this issue.

We salute ALL the teams our employees support.

Carson Chaisson

Project Controls

Years with Turner: 3 Favorite College Football Team? McNeese Cowboys, where I played center 2008-2012. I met a lot of wonderful people while at McNeese State. It’s a great time when we all get back together for a tailgate!

What is your favorite game/play memory when you were a part of the Cowboys? My favorite game was during my freshman season when we played against Appalachian State in Boone, North Carolina. We were underdogs and expected to get pummeled as they had just won their 3rd consecutive national championship the season before. The reason the game sticks out to me the most is because it was my first road trip with the team, my first time on a plane and it was the first time that I got to play as a Cowboy! We were welcomed with fantastic weather that weekend (70° F in early September) and I believe that helped us to play our best game and we came away with a huge victory, 40-35.

Who is your team’s biggest rival this season? The good thing about our conference (Southland Conference) is that many of the schools are within close proximity to each other, which lends itself to many of the games being “rivalry” games. But, in my opinion, the biggest rival this season is Southeastern. That was a game we lost my senior season and it still stings!

Who is currently your favorite football player? Aaron Rodgers - Green Bay Packers

How do you think teamwork applies to your job? Teamwork is integral for us every day because we all utilize one another as a resource and recognize strengths and abilities of everyone to help make the job run as smoothly as possible. I believe everyone here understands that it’s not a one person show and that it takes all of us working together to achieve our goals of being the best in safety, quality, and production.

16 FALL 2017


Tina Jackson

Johnny Ortiz

Years with Turner: 1.5

Years with Turner: 11

Favorite College Football Team? University of Houston (UH) is

Favorite College Football Team? Texas A&M. My childhood

my favorite. I went to UH and grew up as a child in the community

friend and school mate , Quentin Coryatt, was recruited by the Aggies

Employee Relations Specialist

Site Manager

around the university. It is in my blood. My father graduated in ‘76

in 1988, and was the #2 draft pick overall in the NFL (Colts) and my

and I have followed UH football since then.

oldest son attended Texas A&M.

Who is your team’s biggest rival this season? I am not sure

What is your favorite game/play memory? My favorite game

they're a rival, but it’s always nice to beat Rice.

was in November of 2012, when A&M played against #1 Alabama.

What is your favorite game/ play memory? I really remember

Aggies were #12 and upset them in Tuscaloosa in front of their home

being younger and going to the game with my Dad. That was always fun.

What is the best part of college football season? Keeping up with how the team does. UH has had some great seasons and I

crowd with 101,821 in attendance. Johnny Manziel AKA “Johnny Football” bobbled the ball at the 15 yard line, recovered and threw for the winning touchdown.

Who is your team’s biggest rival this season? Without a doubt,

would love to see it continue.

LSU! We’re still looking for a W against them.

What are some advantages teamwork adds to the work environment? Employee Relations is very collaborative; we

John Christopher (28), Giovanni Abraham (22) and Ivan Alexis (17).

Who do you enjoy attending football games with? My 3 sons:

cannot do what we do without partnering with operations. For

How does teamwork play a role on your site? Teamwork

every question we ask we need operational support to successfully

means everything on my site. I believe that before you become a

obtain the information. Every investigation is a team effort.

team, you have to become family. Family isn’t just defined by last name or by blood, to me, it is defined by commitment. Teamwork is always showing support and never giving up on each other. Also very important, there has to be trust among your team. At my site, we are family and a team.

FALL 2017 17

Turner Tailgaters


Craig Davis

S.I.P.A Superintendent Years with Turner: 1 Favorite College Football Team? Southern University A&M College, where I played 1985-1988. I was a two-year All-American and All SWAC tight end. It was an honor to have played for a university with such great history and culture. I was also a part of the very first developmental squad in the National Football League with the San Diego Chargers. I played both Tight-End and H-back professionally.

What is your favorite game/play memory? My senior year at Southern University against Alabama State. My entire family, neighborhood and childhood friends came to watch me play and as faith would have it, I caught 11 passes for 109 yards.

Who is your team’s biggest rival this season? Our biggest rival every season is Grambling University. Both teams meet every year in New Orleans for the Bayou Classic.

Who is your favorite football coach of all time? Having played football most of my younger days, I was blessed and fortunate enough to have so many great coaches invest their time in me. I can honestly say, I can’t put one above the other; but I would like to take an opportunity to mention Coach Alfred Levy of Fortier High School, Coach Otis Washington of Southern University, and Coach Derrick Price, my position coach at Southern University. Coach Price taught me one of the most important lessons in life; to always make sound choices. And last but not least, Coach Marino H. “The Godfather” Casem of Southern University.

Have your past team experiences influenced your work ethic? My past team experiences not only influenced, but also formed my work

g n i t a Tailg

ethic. I tackle each day as if I were playing in a championship game.

18 FALL 2017


A House Divided Michael Brown Cost Manager

Years with Turner: 7 Favorite College Football Team? Alabama Crimson Tide. My family is from the small town of LaGrange, Georgia. My dad, Ralls Brown, who worked for Turner Industries for over 30 years, had a love for Bear Bryant and Alabama as a child. I guess you can say that a boy’s love for his dad and wanting to be like his dad is what made me a die-hard Bama fan. Alabama football has a special place in my heart. Who is your team’s biggest rival this season? I must go with Auburn, with LSU being a close second of course!

What is your definition of teamwork? A group of people who come together in a selfless way to accomplish a common goal. There can’t be any hidden agendas or selfish motives in true teamwork.

What is your favorite game day memory with your wife? I’d say my favorite memory is just going back and forth on game day with friendly smack talk. If Bama wins, she typically gives me the cold shoulder after the game. She does get the last laugh during baseball season though.

Tell us about your engagement picture. Who’s idea was that? It was Tana’s idea 100%, but I thought it was a great one. We wanted to show that we are a house divided but we know how to have fun with it! ENGAGEMENT PHOTO

Tana Compton Brown Business Systems Analyst Years with Turner: 6 Favorite College Football Team? Growing up in South Louisiana it’s hard to not be an LSU fan. I can remember many Saturdays watching football or baseball with my dad & grandpa. I suppose my love for LSU started with them, LSU isn’t just a football team for us, it means getting to spend time with family.

Who is your team’s biggest rival this season? Alabama! What is your favorite game day memory with your husband? There aren’t too many good memories being on my side of the table when LSU has played Alabama, but I’m anticipating Nick Saban’s retirement any year now!

How often does your job require teamwork? My job is primarily based on teamwork.


Being a BSA, we serve as a connection between JDE System Users and the development team. We work with different department users to learn their business processes and determine how JDE can be utilized to meet their needs

What is game day like at your house? When LSU and Bama games are at the same time we often joke about who will get the most TV time. No matter what, game day is always fun with the potential for an Alabama upset and an LSU win. All-in-all we both respect each other’s teams and know that the rivalry is all in good spirit.

We understand that the groom’s cake at your wedding was something very special. Tell us about it. The cake resembled the Alabama logo on the outside, but the inside it was PURPLE & GOLD! During the cake cutting, the venue played the Bama fight song and when we cut the cake to reveal the big surprise they put the LSU fight song on. It was a great way to celebrate our rivalry at the wedding and to always remember that while Bama may be the front runner now, LSU will always rule the house!

FALL 2017 19

Blast from the Past Circa 1976: Four Turner employees once played together on the LSU football team. Pictured here preparing to face o against Tulane University are Gary Blacketter, Butch Knight, John Adams and Kent Broha.


MISSION TO TRANSITION: JD Edwards EnterpriseOne UPDATE FROM MISSION CONTROL We are currently in the final stages of the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne® (E1) Mission to Transition project. The transition team of developers, business systems analysts, CSS consultants, power users, and trainers have worked hard for well over a year on developing and testing E1. At this point in the process, new development is ending, and it is time for the everyday user to learn about and plan for their part in the transition.

How will I learn to use E1? Following User Acceptance Testing (UAT) which occurred in July, the current phase of the transition is heavily based in training users to use the system properly. In order to obtain a log on, all users are required to complete Common Foundations online courses to learn navigation and basic usage of the system. The Common Foundations courses are available to all current JD

When will “Go Live” happen? Several rounds of intensive testing of E1 have occurred, and each session has provided us with new developments and requirements that are needed. To make the “Go Live” experience more solid, it was decided to move the date to October 30th. This extra month will ensure development is complete and processes are working seamlessly before everything goes into action. This extra time also will allow users more time to prepare themselves better to use the system.

Edwards users through Turner eLearning. We are also offering an instructor-led version of the course for those who want additional hands-on introduction to E1. In addition to Common Foundations courses, Power Users in each area are training other users on their specific roles within the system. A combination of instructor-led courses, demos, webinars, and online trainings are being offered based on each department’s specific needs. The instructor-led trainings will occur in several locations and is slated for September and October. Once “Go Live” occurs, we want users to have continuous access to training resources. Therefore, E1 training will be open and available for users to enroll themselves in through Turner eLearning. In-application support will also be available within E1 and can be accessed through the “Help” button in each module of E1.

FALL 2017 21

Workforce Development Why We Train


n early 2015 Houston’s Construction into supervision roles. The first year the Maintenance Education Foundation program was offered, Turner employees (CMEF) craft training committee dominate the training classes. Fast forward to 2017, where three decided to review a new program Turner employees recently graduated for collaborative craft training. The committee chose Turner Industries’ Carla from the program’s Industrial Thompson, workforce development Maintenance Mechanic curriculum. One of the employees, Eslam Abbas, is manager, to serve as the program’s committee chairperson. Carla started by currently a Boilermaker supervisor at convincing San Jacinto College to invest Enterprise. Carla first met Elam in 2015 in the necessary equipment needed to run at a craft training presentation. At the the program. The next step was looking graduation ceremony Eslam’s daughter, for people interested in attending the Pictured with Eslam is his six-year-old daughter Layla. Layla, sat with her dad on the front row. craft training sessions. The call went out “Seeing the pride on her face made my day,” said Carla. “Occasionally we need a reminder about moving not just to helpers, but for all employees who would benefit from forward with our careers and the positive impact it can have on possessing dual credentials. Turner site manager Joe Ron Waldrop agreed, stressing the importance of fostering employee growth. After our families.” Eslam strives to make a difference every day at his a review of the program by Turner’s Houston management, they jobsite and with his family, and his completed training is just the decided the program would be a fit for employees working their way latest step on his life journey.

Math & Science Literacy Night at Woodlawn Middle School Baton Rouge, La. - Turner Industries was given the opportunity to share a piece of our Equipment, Rigging, and Specialized Transportation Division with Woodlawn Middle School’s students during their Math and Science Literacy Night. Jamey Aucoin, from the Turner rigging department, put together a booth where he demonstrated the use of mathematics throughout his daily activities. His daughter Mandy Nickens, a science teacher at Woodlawn Middle School, requested Jamey take part in the program this year knowing his enjoyment of math and the integral role it plays throughout his daily job duties. During the event, Jamey displayed a sample lift plan, a crane loading chart and a sling load calculation sheet. He also discussed; the use of mechanical advantage when using multiple sheaves, or pulleys, and parts of line to pick up relatively large weights with minimal force and the proper usage of ground bearing pressure calculations; the process of checking the crane capacity versus the total load being lifted, ensuring the crane is large enough for the job. He also handed out Turner prizes to those who participated in his activities. “It ended up being a

22 FALL 2017

fun night and I was very pleased with the interest shown by the students. The principal thanked me and there was even talk about maybe doing it next year,” said Jamey.



2017 GBRIA Workforce Development Awards Banquet Baton Rouge, La. – Turner Industries Group and Turner Specialty Services once again received the Excellence Awards for their categories at the 2017 GBRIA Workforce Development (WFD) Awards. Additionally, Turner Specialty Services was awarded the “Best in Class” award for Division II medium sized contractors. Turner Industries Group has received the Excellence award for General Construction Division III every year since 2007. No other contractor has that distinction. Turner Specialty Services has received the Excellence award for specialty contractor for each of the years that we have applied since 2014. Workforce development is a total company effort. In addition to the workforce development staff, almost everyone in the company does their part. Our staff maintains relationships with high schools, technical colleges, communities and training organization. They create an environment where craft training is accessible to all through ABC, technical colleges and grant programs. They assure an attainable path to craft certifications through internal processes, NCCER, NCCCO and other certifying organizations. Job sites assist by encouraging after-hours training at ABC and allowing employees to attend various training classes offered through grants during working hours. They provide excess consumables that can be used at our

Turner Training Manager Raymond Neck Jr. with the TSS “Best in Class” award for Division II medium sized contractors, and GBRIA Contractor Workforce Development Committee Vice Chair, Ron Landry.

Workforce development is a total company effort. In addition to the workforce development staff, almost everyone in the company does their part. high school craft programs and allow employees to attend job fairs with the WFD staff. They send experienced craftspeople to assist in high school classes and provide subject matter experts to help develop NCCER curriculum and improve the content of the NCCER assessments Recruiters are also a key part of any successful WFD program. Those who attend training, do so to enhance their prospects toward a better career path and our recruiters assure that we finish successful training programs by finding the right spots for our graduates. They adeptly coordinate the open positions and available talent to find the best fit for both the company and individuals. The Information Technology department contributes by providing us the tools needed to run a successful program. CraftTrax, our proprietary online/real-time labor requisitioning system has been a game changer in our workforce development efforts. Our applicant tracking system, Applicant Pro, gives us access to a new generation of technically savvy millennials. Most importantly, our company’s leadership allows us to find and create all the tools we need to be the most successful workforce development organization in industrial construction and maintenance.

Turner Workforce Development Coordinator Bryan Gerace with the TSS Excellence Award, and GBRIA Contractor Workforce Development Committee Vice Chair, Ron Landry.

Turner Workforce Development Manager Wayne Tyson with the TIG Excellence Award, and GBRIA Contractor Workforce Development Committee Vice Chair, Ron Landry.

FALL 2017 23

Nurse Navigator



ealthcare can be a complicated business these days, and there is no one who feels the pressure more than a person with health concerns seeking answers. The Nurse Navigator program, a part of Turner Industries’ “Steps for Healthy Living,” wellness program, provides employees with an opportunity to improve their health while keeping personal health information 100 percent confidential. The program pairs Turner Industries with health care professionals across our geographic footprint and has become an important part of helping employees “navigate” their way to quality care in a timely fashion. For those living with a chronic health condition, it can be a challenge, but it is one that can be faced with the right information and support. A Nurse Navigator has access to up-to-date medical and health information. The nurse can help patients better understand their condition, medications, test results and even help them understand when to report symptoms to their doctor. This program has produced tremendous results in all locations, including the identification of several urgent medical problems by the Nurse Navigator and an overall lowering of employees’ health risk. Employees receive a $50 incentive payment upon joining the program.

The nurse navigator can help patients better understand their condition, medications, test results and even help them understand when to report symptoms to their doctor.

24 FALL 2017

Baton Rouge, LA Tonya Young Baton Rouge General Medical Center (225) 763-4530 Angela Hawkins Baton Rouge Clinic

Lake Charles, LA Kathy Haas CHRISTUS St. Patrick Hospital (337) 431-7987

Beaumont, TX Angie Erhard CHRISTUS St. Elizabeth Hospital (409) 899- 8292

Pasadena, TX Joanne Nguyen Memorial Hermann Health System 832-591-9387

Corpus Christi, TX Johanna Mettlach CHRISTUS Spohn Medical Center 361-739-5274

Paris, TX Betty Higdon Paris Medical Center



TESTIMONIALS BRET MALCOLM Corporate Industrial Hygiene Supervisor, Bret Malcom has taken advantage of The Nurse Navigator program from the moment it became available at the corporate office in 2015. His original motivation to participate in the program was the need for basic health management assistance such as the regulation of his blood pressure, medications and overall health guidance. In 2016, during a trip to Disney World with his family, Bret walked a total 15,000 steps in one day causing him to feel abnormally fatigued and strange. He consulted his nurse navigator Tonya, and she suggested he consult his cardiologist immediately seeing how elevated his blood pressure was. His cardiologist ordered an immediate angiogram which showed a 90 percent blockage in his “widow maker” artery. Bret immediately had surgery for the placement of a stent in his heart saving it from any damage. “Had Tonya not shown her concern about my high blood pressure and guided me to visit my cardiologist I would not have been so prompt to scheduling a visit with him and catching the blockage before it was too late,” said Bret.

GILBERT SIFUENTES Gilbert Sifuentes has been a Turner employee for eight years and currently works in Turner’s QC department at the Pipe Fabrication Facility in Corpus Christi, Texas. Gilbert first decided to join The Nurse Navigator program in July of 2016 because the regulation of his diabetes and blood pressure medications had become an unending battle. Johanna Mettlach, Gilbert’s nurse navigator, was able to recommend a plan of action for Gilbert which included methods of medication regulation, an activity and diet plan, as well as regularly visiting his physician. Over the course of a year he lost a total of 26 pounds, following Johanna and his physician’s recommendations. “I feel happier and healthier,” says Gilbert. He makes an effort to visit Johanna monthly where they review his blood pressure and sugar levels, etc. and compare them to those from the previous months. Based on these results, they discuss the changes that must be made to further improve Gilbert’s health. “She does not beat around the bush with me. She tells me exactly what’s going on with my health and how I will get better,” said Gilbert.

FALL 2017 25

TEAM Turner



“Cruisin’ for a Cure” Car Show St. Gabriel, La. – Turner Industries employees participated in organizing the tenth annual “Cruisin’ for a Cure” car show held at Syngenta. The car show raises funds for the American Cancer Society. There were a total of 68 registered cars, trucks, and bikes that chose to support and be a part of this year’s event. Dessert sales, raffle drawings, and auctions were held throughout the year benefitting the Relay for Life Chapter of the American Cancer Society. The one day event raised $14,745, contributing to the record-breaking $44,100 total donation made by the Syngenta Relay for Life Team (consisting of Turner and Syngenta employees) to the American Cancer Society this year!

Engineering Softball Classic

Tour de Paris

Baton Rouge, La. – On July 22, Turner employees participated in the “Engineering Softball Classic” benefiting St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Turner entered two teams to compete in the tournament, both teams advancing to the playoffs. The event raised a total of $25,000 with all proceeds benefiting St. Jude.

Paris, Texas – The 33rd annual Tour de Paris Bicycle Rally took place on July 15. TEAM Turner members managed a spot on the 80 mile route to provide a resting area for the 1,100 bicyclists that participated in the event. One cyclist who stopped had traveled all the way from Puerto Rico to be a part of this annual event.

“Un-stuffing” the Bus Baton Rouge, La. – In preparation for the school year, TEAM Turner members participated in the "un-stuffing” of buses filled with donated "stuff the bus" school supply items. Close to 1,000 backpacks were packed and boxed up, and given out to students in need.

26 FALL 2017



Back to School Drive Lake Charles, La. – In conjunction with United Way of Southwest Louisiana, Turner recently held a back to school drive. Employees at Sasol, both from the Mega Project and General Services, along with employees from Turner’s administrative office on Swisco Road, collected supplies and packed backpacks for children in need.

Pictured left to right are: Tangela Broussard, April Arabie, Kayla Bartlett and Tonya Cole, Turner employees at Sasol.

Pictured left to right are: Suzanne Mallet, Gregory Thibodeaux, Greg Dorman and Mary Ellen Montgomery from the Swisco office.

Red, Rock, & Blue Softball and Kickball Tournament Baton Rouge, La. – On July 29, TEAM Turner members took part in the annual Red, Rock and Blue Softball and Kickball Tournament. The tournament lasted three days and benefitted Louisiana Military Charities. This was TEAM Turner’s fourth year participating in the tournament. The event raised a total of $62,000 for Louisiana Military Charities.

TEAM Turner Member Drive Baton Rouge, La. – Turner employees gathered in the lobby of the corporate office Tuesday afternoon on September 12 to enjoy a bag of popcorn and hear about the upcoming TEAM Turner volunteer opportunities. Board members handed out push cards which listed the various volunteer opportunities and how to register for the events.

If you would like to join TEAM Turner please email FALL 2017 27

News & Notes Turner Industries’ Latest Safety Certified Professional Baton Rouge, La. – Jake Savoy of Turner Specialty Services began his career with Turner in 2006. He later became a safety technician and presently serves as a divisional safety manager. In August, Jake successfully passed his BCSP (Board of Certified Safety Professionals) exam making him a Certified Safety Professional. Congratulations to Jake for his hard work and dedication towards furthering his career in safety management.

Turner Industries Honored as Business of the Year San Antonio, Texas – Turner Industries recently received the Business of the Year Image Award from The Career & Technical Association of Texas / Association for Career & Technical Education. Turner was recognized as an entity that has contributed to the success and promotion of career and technical education (CTE), thereby positively impacting the image of CTE. Turner sends David Venderburg, a top Accepting for Turner Industries were company welding instructor into area schools Michelle Hardy, business support & near their Paris, Texas pipe fabrication facility marketing from Turner's corporate office in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and Charles to provide onsite welding instruction for the Gilbert, QA/QC manager of Turner’s Pipe manufacturing classes. Turner also funds the Fabrication Division, Paris, Texas. training and their instructor, teaches the type of welding that supports their industry and the local community. Many students are hired right out of high school. The program is a great cost savings to students and provides the right skills for the right job.

Supporting our Marines

Turner Industries Honored with Gold Constructech Vision Award Carol Stream, Il. – Every year, Constructech magazine awards construction teams that have leveraged technology to overcome modern day job site challenges. Each winning company was selected on its ability to implement new solutions that address issues in productivity, maintenance, efficiency, security, data sharing, and so much more. Companies are honored in their category, which includes residential construction, commercial, and heavy construction businesses, professionals in all trades, architectural and engineering, corporate owners, facility management, government agencies, and land developers. Turner received a Gold Vision Awards for its tool tracking application, which allows for accurate accounting of tools on job sites. “The work these companies and their providers have accomplished demonstrates what can be achieved with the use of technology,” says Peggy Smedley, editorial director of Constructech magazine and president of Specialty Publishing Media. “The success of these projects sets the stage for the future of the construction industry.” “This year’s winners are proving innovation is alive in the construction industry,” says Laura Black, editor, Constructech magazine. “They are demonstrating how technology can help in a competitive market.”

Lake Charles, La. – April Arabie, Turner Industries’ coordinator on the Sasol Mega Project, recently collected items to send to Marines in Afghanistan. In honor of the 4th of July, Turner employees rallied together to send care packages to our soldiers that are fighting for our freedom. Thank you to all of those who assisted April in collecting the items and to Tangela Broussard and Toni Barron who assisted in spreading the word. This has become an ongoing effort to make sure that our Marines have some of their basic needs met by supporters from home. The men and women fighting overseas rely on the efforts of groups like this and their families to send items they want or need. “As a mother of a soon to be Marine, this touches my heart that so many were willing to step up and help,” said April

28 FALL 2017

Accepting the award on behalf of Turner Industries was John Lindsey, general manager of Turner’s Integrated Solutions Group.


News & Notes Rebuilding Together Hopewell, Va. – In a joint effort with AdvanSix, Turner employees teamed up with Rebuilding Together – Richmond, to demo concrete steps and build a wheelchair ramp for a homeowner in need. Thank you to all employees for giving back to your community.

Equipment Division Cooks for Flooded Site

Pictured left to right are: Fred Efird, AdvanSix contractor manager; Charlie Kline, Turner site manager; Ernie Claiborne, Turner civil supervisor; Steve Lucas, Turner civil foreman; Lee Washington, Turner carpenter helper and Nick Cuchara, Turner iron worker.

Cooking for a Cause Findlay, Ohio - Turner industries participated in Marathon’s annual United Way Golf Tournament, cooking and serving food to players.

Beaumont, Texas – Big thanks to Mike Morain and his group for cooking and serving jambalaya at the Arkema site. This entire site was flooded with water from Hurricane Harvey. Employees have been working long hours to help get the plant back up and running.

Turner Industries Attends Maintenance and Reliability Symposium Galveston, Texas – Turner Industries Integrated Solutions group recently attended the Houston Chapter Society for Maintenance and Reliability Professionals’ (HCSMRP) 11th Annual Maintenance & Reliability Symposium. The Society for Maintenance and Reliability Professionals (SMRP) is an international organization of over 3,000 members worldwide. SMRP was formed in 1992 and has become the premier global resource for education and knowledge transfer for Maintenance and Reliability Professionals. HCSMRP was formed in 2004 and has continued to grow with affiliated members from across the Gulf Coast region. HCSMRP holds quarterly luncheon Pictured are Turner Employees meetings in the Houston Bill Bispeck and John Josserand. area featuring speakers covering a diverse range of educational topics for Maintenance and Reliability professionals.

FALL 2017 29

Annual Enrollment 2018

November 6 - 17, 2017 is the window in which you may make changes to your benefit plans for 2018.


Employees who are smoke-free must answer the smoking question during the annual enrollment period to receive the non-smoker medical rate*. The question is located online at *Medical plan participants must re-qualify each year for the non-smoker rate. Be sure to complete the enrollment by November 17th.


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