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his issue’s editors’ letter started out the same way they all do — inked


out thoughts jotted down on

EDITORS Jason Broha, Marie Crespo

paper. Soon after, the ideas were transferred to a computer where the words joined the rest of this

JUNIOR EDITOR Corinne Bergeron

issue’s content for editing, layout, design and production. It’s almost

WRITERS Tobie Craig, Jason Broha,

impossible today to imagine that

Marie Crespo, Corinne Bergeron

this publication could be created

CONTRIBUTORS Tami Burtram, Durel Braud,

without the help of digital

Sherman Brown, Russell Carter, Charles Courtney, Lori Covington, Justin Chriss, Dawn Csaszar, Kent

cameras, desktop computers and

Dartez, Trae Dupre, Kristy Elias, Mike Fuller, Charles

layout software — in other words,

Gilbert, David Guitreau, Lori Garza, Scott Gautreau,

technology. The same could be said for all aspects of modern

Bryan Gerace, Candace Griffin, Brad Hughes, Allen King, Max Marx, Trina Meekins, Lillian Helms, Eric

living. Technology has slipped seamlessly into our daily work

Hyde, John Josserand, Kevin Landry, John Lindsey,

and play.

Mindy Mahoney, Mary Ellen Montgomery, Raymond Neck, Wayne Odom, Connie Paxton, Paul Plauche, Danny Price, Michael Stafford, Sean Stanford, Carla Thompson, Wayne Tyson, Jimmy Watkins, Brian Williams


While the core of our company will always be humans ‘turning the wrench’, Turner’s decades-long relationship with technology will continue growing, allowing us to work safer and smarter.


Our summer cover story highlights Turner’s latest tech efforts, where we’ve been and what we’ve just started experimenting with. It also puts into focus our people, who bring to life and GRAPHIC DESIGNER Jenny Browne



keep the digital machine up and running. As Steve Jobs sagely said almost a quarter century ago, “Technology is nothing. What’s important is that you have faith in people, that they’re basically good and smart, and if you give them tools, they’ll do wonderful things with them.”

Jason Broha & Marie Crespo

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The Latest and Greatest Safety Updates from Around the Company

SIX TURNER INDUSTRIES SITES RECEIVE OSHA REGION VI VPP STAR OF EXCELLENCE AWARD Baton Rouge, La. – During the 2017 Region VI Voluntary Protection Program Participants Association’s (VPPPA) annual meeting in Little Rock, Arkansas, six Turner sites were recognized with the VPP Star of Excellence Award: TURNER INDUSTRIES – Syngenta Crop Protection St. Gabriel, Louisiana TURNER INDUSTRIES – Phillips66 Belle Chasse, Louisiana TURNER INDUSTRIAL MAINTENANCE – Huntsman Rubicon Geismar, Louisiana TURNER INDUSTRIES – ExxonMobil Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Pictured is Justin Chriss, site safety manager at Syngenta Crop Protection with his site’s VPP Star of Excellence Award. This is the third consecutive year Turner at Syngenta has received this award.

TURNER INDUSTRIES – Marathon Garyville, Louisiana TURNER INDUSTRIES – Occidental Chemical Taft, Louisiana




La. – Turner employees at the Entergy NISCO site




years OSHA recordable-free. This goal was achieved by having a great client/contractor relationship along with the support of the NISCO unit owners. Employees at the site are encouraged to use the “Stop Work” program and truly are their Lake Charles, La. – The Safety Council of Southwest Louisi-

brothers’ and sisters’ keepers.

ana, the Southwest Louisiana Construction User's Council (SLCUC), and the Lake Area Industry Alliance, a coalition of contractors and industry representatives, recently hosted


the Southwest Louisiana's Contractor Safety Awards pro-

Galena Park, Tex-

gram to recognize safety excellence participating contrac-

as – Once a year,

tors have achieved through diligence and dedication for the

Shell employees

safety of their employees and clients. At the event, Turner

along with con-

was presented with two awards: the 2016 Gold Award –

tractors have a

General Contractor, Greater than 500,000 workhours and

safety day cel-

the 2016 Best in Class – General Contractor, Greater than

ebration with

500,000 workhours. “The safety achievement that we are

food, fun and

so proud of only represents how we are measured as a


company. The real achievement is sending our personnel

2017 safety day

home to their families safely every day,” said Anthony

was celebrated

Granata, Turner project manager.

May, 10th.

04 / SUMMER2017






Lake Charles, La. – Turner Industries employees recently completed seven years

Sulphur, La. – Turner Industries

and over four million workhours OSHA

employees at Grace recently

Geismar, La. – Turner Industrial Main-

recordable-free at Phillips66.

celebrated three years and 700,000

tenance employees recently celebrated

workhours OSHA recordable-free with

2.5 years and 780,000 safe workhours

a luncheon held on April 26th.

without any injuries at the Honeywell


“We know that this would not have been possible without all the hard work

site under the leadership of site manager Stacy “Bo” Howard.

and commitment of each and every one

Bo shared that this was only pos-

of our Turner employees working to-

sible with the concentration and daily

gether as a team with our valued cli-

effort of every Turner employee on site,

ent, Grace. This has not happened on

along with the team effort and support

one person’s watch, but is a result of

of Honeywell management.

many years of culture change. We look forward to continually improving our Norco, La. – Turner employees at

safety record as we embark on our jour-

Shell Norco received the 2016 Con-

ney ahead,” said James Couch, Turner

tractor Safety Excellence Award. The

project manager.

team at Norco also recently achieved one year and one million workhours recordable-free.



Pasadena, Texas – Turner employees at the Houston fabrication shop enjoyed an employee appreciation lunch June 14th for working 18 months and 500,000 workhours OSHA recordable-free.

Convent, La. – Turner employees at Shell Convent celebrated one year and one million workhours recordable-free. “Turner Specialty Services, including the specialty welding services group, and Turner crane and rigging, as well as the client, all pulled together to meet the challenge of safe work. We continue working relentlessly to maintain our culture of safe work at the speed of GOAL ZERO. I would like to personally thank everyone for his or her ongoing support and all around teamwork. This type of work ethic has allowed Turner and Motiva to reach this incredible milestone,” David Ducote, Turner site manager.




SHELL – DEER PARK, FOUR YEARS & FOUR MILLION WORKHOURS OSHA RECORDABLE-FREE Deer Park, Texas – Turner employees at Shell recently completed four years and four million workhours OSHA recordable-free. Mike Stirrat, Turner site manager said: “It is with great pleasure that I share with you some really exciting news. I am very happy to say that our entire workforce at Shell Deer Park has achieved four years and approximately four million workhours OSHA recordable-free. As we all know, an accomplishment like this does not come easy and I want to thank each and every one involved in obtaining this milestone. It takes commitment, strong leadership and ownership in order for this goal to be obtained. I am very proud and honored to work with such a fine group of people here at Shell Deer Park who continually set the standard for Turner Industries and the Shell alliance. Again, I would like to thank all of our employees who make the commitment to work safely day in and day out for themselves, their co-workers and their families for their hard work.”



Longview, Texas – Turner’s maintenance and construction presence is certainly notable in East Texas. The Westlake Chemical site in Longview has employed over 140 Turner employees daily since starting work in 2009. Recently, The Safety Council of East Texas recognized their outstanding performance for no lost time, zero incident rate and incident improvement rate during 2016. The site also won the highly competitive and coveted “Safety Excellence through Training Award”

Port Allen, La. – Turner maintenance em-

again in 2016. This added to their previous wins in 2013 and 2014 and a noteworthy men-

ployees at Shell/Criterion, one of six sites

tion as a finalist in 2015.

within the Turner/Shell alliance, recently achieved a milestone of seven years with-


out an OSHA recordable incident. This accomplishment is a result of a commitment to Turner’s Life Critical

Baton Rouge, La. – Turner Specialty Ser-

Safety Rules and Shell’s 12 Lifesaving

vices’ (TSS) Inspection and NDE Group has

Rules, along with the effort, discipline

achieved six years and six million workhours

and responsibility invested by all at

recordable-free while averaging over 500 em-

the site. Site Superintendent, Larry

ployees working.

Mustin and Site Supervisor, Randy

“The dedication that our employees have

Meche, along with the entire Turner

made to safety and upholding the Turner

workforce are to be commended for their

values has made this accomplishment possible,” said Ryan Espey, TSS safety manager.

milestone accomplishment.

06 / SUMMER2017



What it Takes to Get the Job Done Right.

OUT WITH THE OLD, LAY DOWN THE NEW Turner replaces outdated piping system and completes outage ahead of schedule


igging up and replacing piping that has not seen the light of day since Lyndon B. Johnson was president? All part of the job scope for our capital projects group in Beaumont, Texas. The civil team there recently completed a two-phase project at a local paper mill. Phase one involved replacing 1,590 linear feet of 48” piping to replace the site’s existing RCP acid sewer system. Originally installed in 1966, the majority of piping was buried 30 feet underground. The replacement phase also included installing new catch basins, an 18’ deep mixing box and two manholes.

Phase two of the project, a planned outage to tie-in the piping system, just wrapped up. Turner worked 21,929 hours, with 20 employees and no injuries. The client planned 14 days in the scheduled outage work to complete all the pipe tie-in work, and Turner completed the tie-ins in 9 days. A secret to this project’s success? Daily tool box safety meetings, where Ed Walker, Turner civil superintendent met with the group to discuss the day’s planned activities, potential job hazards and focusing everyone on the most important goal: safely providing a quality product.



urner Industries is pleased to

reliability upon our business. As our

this new master service provider initiative is

announce the newly formed

decision analysis progressed, it became

expected to improve resourcing and give us

Turner/Olin alliance. As Olin’s

clear that the cultural, technical, and

leverage between sites to ensure competitive

master service provider, Turner will

business characteristics of Turner

service,” said Steve Ledoux, Louisiana opera-

be responsible for the majority of the

Industries and Olin are very well-

tions site leader, Olin.

maintenance, turnaround, inspection

aligned. We chose to team with Turner

“Throughout the proposal process and

and NDE, SIPA, fabrication support and

Industries and we have now successfully

during the first six months of our alliance

small capital work at five Olin sites

completed the ‘implementation’ and

partnership with Olin, many, many people

across the south.

‘integration’ phases of our relationship

within our company have worked hard to

The alliance was formed in October,

at five of our Gulf Coast plants. We

make this new relationship a success. Every

2016 and is in the final stages of

are now focused upon optimization

division and every support group within our

transition. Turner’s ability to offer

at those plants.” Said Randy Pound,

company played a part in making the Turn-

turnkey solutions, resource leveling,

Olin’s global director of maintenance

er/Olin alliance a reality. As Turner’s alliance

and a stellar safety record along with

and reliability.

manager, I would like to extend my thanks

the latest industrial technologies led

“We selected Turner Industries to

to the award of the five-year contract.

provide the majority of maintenance

“We included several key factors in

and specialty craft services at five of

our decision analysis due to the scope,

our chemical manufacturing plants in

complexity, and critical impact of asset

the U.S. Gulf Coast area. Implementing

to the entire Turner team for this exceptional effort,” said Trae Dupre. With the five sites, Turner welcomes 600 new employees onboard.



Improve Safety and Reduce Cost with Turner Specialty Services’ Rope Access Service


ope access is one of the saf-

Rest assured, Michael Stafford,

Access Technicians) certified rope ac-

est and most cost effective

Turner Specialty Services’ rope access

cess technicians, five certified level

ways of performing NDE

manager is not afraid of heights. His

III’s and three certified API’s, we are

services at heights. Turner

past experiences involved inspecting

sure to meet your clients’ rope access

Specialty Services continues to set the

equipment as high as 582 feet off the

needs. Utilizing all basic and advanced

bar high when it comes to safety, and

ground—that’s over 120 feet higher

NDE methods such as Guided Wave,

rope access puts personnel at less risk

than the top of the Louisiana State Cap-

Phased Array, Pulse Eddy Current, and

than conventional methods reducing

itol building. Being able to perform jobs

Real Time Radiography, we can detect

accident exposure.

at these heights without cranes or scaf-

multiple damage mechanisms quickly

Staying within API standards, Turn-

folding can result in major cost savings.

and safely.

er’s rope access group has the capability

This addition to our specialty services

“With over $5 million of advanced

to perform internal and external API

increases Turner’s value to the client

NDE equipment available to them, our

inspections in conjunction with insu-

in a very competitive market reflecting

rope access technicians are ready to

lation removal and installation. What

our company motto, “One Solution for

serve our clients every need. In addi-

sets Turner apart from other rope ac-

Your Success.” “Rope access services

tion to inspection work, our rope access

cess contractors is Turner carries an “R”

can save our clients upwards of 45%

group also performs many mechanical

stamp, and with rope certified fitters

to 60% compared to other working at

work activities including bolt torqueing,

and welders from our Specialized Weld-

height options,” said Michael.

Lokring installation, insulation instal-

ing Services group, we can perform any pressure vessel repair immediately.

08 / SUMMER2017

Turner’s rope access management

lation and removal, and welding,” said

has over 30 years of industry experi-

Danny Price, vice president of Turner

ence. With 28 SPRAT (Society of Rope

Specialty Services.



he benefits of using automated

physically possible for humans. Machines

Services’ historical cost savings associat-

cleaning equipment goes beyond

can manipulate hardware in ways that peo-

ed with automated equipment utilization is

the instant gratification of consistent

ple cannot. Machines are also capable of

estimated to be between 8 to 12 percent

and thorough cleaning. Removing the em-

handling high-pressure water at higher vol-

per job when cleaning exchanger tubes.

ployee from the direct line of hazardous

umes, outperforming human capabilities.

However, the biggest savings comes in the

exposure of high-pressure water reduces

Examples include: Rotating Hose Devices,

form of reduction of hazardous exposure of

potential injuries. It also reduces the like-

Flex Lance/Hose Feeders and 3-D Tank

high-pressure water.

lihood of failing inspection due to human

Cleaning Heads.

Turner Specialty Services’ automated

error, eliminating the double-work that

Gains are also found in extended run

equipment is of the highest specification

has plagued jobs with extra downtime in

times and greater heat transfer for the

from a technical, quality, health and safety

the past.

process equipment cleaned by automated


In many scenarios, an application spe-

means. The more completely the fouling is

For more information, contact Jimmy

cific machine can deliver high-pressure

removed from a surface, the longer it takes

Watkins at jwatkins@turner-industries.com

water to locations not ergonomically or

new fouling to accumulate. Turner Specialty

or (225) 214-2494.


Pipe, Tank and Vessel Cleaning • Exchanger Shellside/Tubeside Cleaning Automation Shotgun Tools

FS^Nd_b =_W^ 4bSNehͶ

TURNER INDUSTRIES Company Magazine Technology starts to add up at Turner with the purchase of ‘advanced desktop calculators.’




The ‘Bert Report’ is created. A reporting program written in Clipper. Jobsites would dial-in to a central computer that generated job cost information reports from the accumulated data.



Email becomes standard companywide.


Cell phones start spreading across the company (Motorola StarTAC).

Introduction of WinTAKE® and WinTEAMS ®. Proprietary estimating software created for the industrial marketplace.


Craig Delisle, manager of data processing, builds a custom computer with a proprietary mainframe. This computer was used to help run the company until 1994.


Turner hires its first CIO, Patrick Thompson and invests in the IBM AS400 B60 (running JD Edwards). Patrick said “The IBM AS400 was the largest box in the state of Louisiana at the time. Turner was always ahead of the game when it came to implementing the best technology.”



DECIDE WITH DATA® software and services – the umbrella under which all Turner’s software services are offered is trademarked.



Awarded U.S. Senate Productivity Award for WinPCS®, our proprietary project tracking software.

CraftTrax® is introduced. A proprietary labor requisition and tracking database, holding over 200,000 records allowing jobsites and recruiters to communicate electronically, speeding up the hiring process for craft workers.

MAPS®, a proprietary software addressing productivity issues in the field is introduced. This software goes on to be internationally recognized as a major contributor to business in 2015.

Turner’s Unmanned Aerial Vehicle group (drones) takes to the skies.

First personal computer (PC) bought and first mobile phone is installed – a car phone.

WeldTracker® software created, a software that provides quality control information for welding related activity to determine efficiency and progress.



Telex machines allow Turner to send ‘textbased messages’ to clients.

Domain name www.turner-industries.com is registered.

1991 First network installed.



Desktop computers begin popping up on employees’ desks across the company.

First company laptop makes its debut – the “Luggable.”

JD Edwards gives way to EnterpriseOne, the next generation of business tools, enhancing business processes and productivity.


Turner’s first mainframe, IBM System/360, nicknamed ‘Big Bertha,’ takes over manual exercises such as payroll.

Turner develops Take, which later evolves to WinTake® an estimating tool to complete pipe takeoffs.


The company’s pipe budget reporting (PBR) is transferred to a digital format and runs on the mainframe.

2013 TRAM® Solutions is created, a proprietary suite of software and services that helps mitigate financial risks in turnaround planning.

2005 Turner Industries’ intranet, TurnerCentral, goes live.

Turner develops Quickplan™, an industrial planning tool, providing a framework for planners and project controls to accurately document detailed objectives which must be accomplished for a project to be complete.

Turner acquires MobilOps™, a mobile enabled operator rounds and readings solution that synchronizes with dynamic policies and procedures.


2011 Foreman’s Progress™ tablet, a portable digital progress tracking tool, makes its way into the field, allowing our project controls team to update clients on project execution progress within hours rather than days.

011 11



eep in a lab, somewhere just south of Houston, mad scientists are crafting the future of Turner’s tech tools dedicated to client success. Okay, so maybe it’s not a lab but our Pasadena, Texas office, and while not

mad scientists, John Lindsey’s Integrated Solutions Group has worked like mad over the past decade building a software suite of service offerings that uses technology to solve a variety of client concerns. “We compare our offerings to a Swiss army knife” says John Lindsey, general manager of Turner’s Integrated Solutions Group. “they’re a unique collection that when put together form an indispensable set of tools to accelerate client safety, compliance and competitiveness.” Safety is our utmost concern, so by developing applications and best practices that help both Turner and our clients do more disciplined maintenance, we are capable of reducing injuries. Smarter Work = Safer Work!

Compliance and Control of Work technology is what allows our clients to get passing grades when OSHA comes calling. Our technology means straight A’s and no delays. Whether it’s document control or permits in the field, our technology helps our clients keep it in the fairway achieving compliance in the most cost efficient manner.

In a typical plant, a 10% reduction in maintenance costs with improved reliability has the same benefit as an equivalent amount of plant capacity increase while consuming zero capital investment dollars out of the client’s CAPEX budget. Our certified techno-geek staff combining software technologists with career-seasoned former plant operations and maintenance veterans leverage our technology solutions and best practices to bring all the benefits of Predictive Maintenance to the client’s facilities.

What’s ISG tinkering with for the future? “We are making decisions using data, and if you’re not, you should be! Turner now has the capability to lead you into the Big Data age and we have a seat on the bus for you. What are you waiting for? Call us so you don’t get left behind.” –JOHN JOSSERAND


The Future of Inspections is Looking Up


hile there is no doubt people are essential to

the heavy industrial workplace,

UAV INSPECTION BENEFITS: Safer – Inspecting with drones is far safer than sending people out to do

there are many advantages to

it, especially when heights and possibly weakened structures are involved.

be gained by removing them

Faster – Aerial Inspections with drones are typically carried out in fewer hours or days than previous

from performing hazardous

methods and can be requested, planned and performed in a much shorter turnaround time than

tasks such as inspecting above

conventional inspection methods.

ground-level or working in confined spaces. Imagine not

Cost-Effective – Time is money. Some inspections typically require days or weeks to conduct and can

having to shut down the piece

call on multiple crafts, depending on the job. Drone technology provides a cost-effective solution.

of equipment you are inspect-

With the use of UAVs, Turner offers clients solutions that are cost-effective, high quality and well

ing and easily being able to

documented. In addition to flare-tip, enclosed space, pipeline and rooftop inspections, topography

make those inspections at a

and 3-D mapping, Turner’s UAVs have gas-leak monitoring and detection capabilities.

safe distance from operating equipment. By using Turner’s Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), commonly referred to as drones, you can achieve this and reduce your OSHA exposure while increasing profits.

The UAV cameras in Turner’s fleet produce

This sensitivity provides accurate tempera-

clear, high-resolution pictures with image quali-

ture measurements ideal for analytics and te-

ty of 4K high-definition video at up to 30 frames

lemetry available in 2X and 4X digital-zoom still

per second (fps) and 12-megapixel still photos.

photos in both JPEG and TIFF formats.

Infrared camera capabilities enable Turner’s

Turner’s remote control pilot licensed operators

UAVs to detect cold spots and hot spots up to

comply with all Federal Aviation Administration

550 degrees Celsius (1,022 degrees Fahrenheit)

regulations for commercial operation.

and provide high-sensitivity (50 mK) infrared scanning at 336/30 fps and MP4 video.

12 / SUMMER2017


THE FOREMAN’S PROGRESS™ TECHNOLOGY Project updates as they happen? Now that’s progress.


apturing and reporting

What the team first discovered is that technology usage in

on project progress in

industrial settings is limited and progress was most often given

the field is crucial for long

via paper which led to slow data entry, loss of data and less

term success in industrial

accurate reporting. Days or weeks could pass before project

construction and main-

progress was reported, leaving project managers little or no

tenance. The quicker you

time to proactively react.

can report on project prog-

The solution? The “Foreman’s Progress” tablet, a unique

ress information, the faster

initiative that utilizes smart tablets, computers and hand-

you identify risks, mitigate

held devices to a level that was once thought unreachable

bottlenecks, cut costs and

in the field. In industrial facilities the network connectivity is

most importantly, keep clients satisfied. At Turner, our corporate project controls and information technology teams have taken that thinking and challenged

low, the foremen are busy and conditions can be harsh. Development of Foreman’s Progress involved identifying a class of capable smart devices and marrying them with the right type of proprietary software. The goal was to efficiently capture project progress as it happened in the field. Researching and testing dozens of different devices and several different user interfaces, the Turner team eventually

themselves to change how

succeeded in developing a tool that is easy to use and reliable in its ability to gather progress

technology is used to cap-

from the end user while they are working in real-time. This empowers field project engineers

ture progress directly from

to deliver clients a project status report far faster and with greater accuracy than ever before.

the field.

With Turner and Foreman’s Progress, our clients benefit from excellence in project execution they cannot get anywhere else. Project updates as they happen? Yes, we do that.





Meet your new NDE crew urner Specialty Services’ Inspections & NDE group is a leader in providing high quality inspection and

testing services along the Gulf Coast and throughout the United States. Our expertise includes personnel and equipment to perform inspections on all types of petrochemical, refining, pulp/paper and power plant equipment. The staff today includes more than 500 full time engineers, technicians and certified inspectors, trained in various disciplines with certifications from the American Society of Nondestructive Testing (ASNT), American Petroleum Institute (API) and American Welding Society (AWS). In addition to this impressive lineup is a ‘crew’ of robots and technology making inspections more efficient and accurate than ever before.

ROVVER 125 The Rovver 125 is one of the most portable, versatile and waterproof remote visual steerable robotic 6-wheel drive crawlers, perfect for damp and submerged areas. It is suited for many applications including internal tank/vessel inspections. Rovver comes with a high sensitivity camera (10x Optical/4X Zoom) and shadowless LED lamps maximizing image detail and viewing distance.

ACCUTRAK 3-AXIS SCANNER The Accuscan is the workhorse of advanced, automated steerable, ultrasonic crawlers. This fully encoded AUT 3-axis scanner can scan at

Making Employee Onboarding Transparent ur


try’s hiring

process is the very definition of complexity. Every single client site we deploy employees to has its own unique hiring rules and requirements. To meet tomorrow’s labor demands, as our client and site list continues growing, Turner’s IT group has completely rethought CraftTrax, our proprietary hiring and labor requisition system. The new version radically modernizes how we deliver and track skilled labor to our client sites. The new system integrates multiple information inputs, allowing for real-time tracking of every on-boarding component – starting with the application, to the employee’s first day at work and everything in-between. This innovative hiring process enables transparency available to personnel offices and onsite personnel. With CraftTrax, Turner has set a new bar when it comes to deliver skilled labor to clients.

up to 30” per second. It performs A, B, and C ultrasonic scans to detect corrosion on 2” pipe to flat services. It can also be used for automated phased array or TOFD weld inspection using 2-axis scanning and can be equipped with our laser mapper to map and size external corrosion. 13

Next Generation Procedure Management Turner Industries’ Integrated Solutions Group is changing procedure management as we know it with the highly versatile MobilOps® solution.


obert Shaw is an operations lead at Phillips66 (P66) in Sweeny, Texas. The Sweeny refinery is one of the largest in the P66 family. Shaw says: "P66 Refining has been using MobilOps™ since 2011 at various sites. Here at Sweeny, we have over 2,000 operating procedures in MobilOps. The system has helped us overcome a lot of manual processes. All operators in the plant use the system to retrieve critical procedures for everyday use. The MobilOps team is great to work with and we have a high level of support from them if we ever need to call."

Did you have any previous conceptions of tech-enabled health/safety/environmental programs? We had used various safety systems throughout the company and they were all adopted with various levels of success. The ISG programs have been good because they are willing to make changes to MobilOps to meet our specific needs. It has been great since we make suggestions to the ISG group that we feel will make the software suite better, and they gradually add that functionality into the latest software release. It’s such a refreshing approach from a technology group. They are more like a technology partner. Were there any specific pain points/challenges that your team

How did you come across/meet the In-

was encountering?

tegrated Solutions Group (ISG) team?

Keeping up with procedures is an extensive process. It involves several

MobilOps was selected by our corporate

people from various departments. If you don't keep up with the process,

group for all P66 refineries. I was exposed

it can create extra work to maintain our level of quality. MobilOps reduces

to it when I moved to Sweeny from the

that effort by far. It allows us to manage, review, publish and distribute our

Philadelphia area. I quickly learned that

procedures so they are ready for use in the field, not sitting on someone’s

the MobilOps solution was quite an

desk waiting to be reviewed. It has allowed us to update and edit our

improvement over using Microsoft Word

procedures with confidence knowing that we will be prepared for any

or a document management solution to

compliance review that comes our way.

manage procedures. What ISG modules/services did your team utilize? What was it that first piqued your interests about what ISG offered?

We utilize the procedure editor, the procedure management tool, the workflow, and the assigned work dashboard.

The system was selected because we could not effectively manage our procedures with

How did the modules/services help the team succeed?

typical word-processing solutions. P66 has

Our annual reviews and certifications have become much easier to man-

a strict safety standard and the corporate

age. We also now have one place to find and update all our procedures.

guidelines were being used differently at

Also, on a number of occasions we have used the global-change process

P66 locations. MobilOps provides a com-

to change hundreds of the same procedures in multiple locations with

bination of flexible workflow with a highly

one update. It's a great time savings.

customizable interface that was mapped to P66’s procedure guideline policies.

14 / SUMMER2017




Behind every successful team, there is a support team, a “pit crew” if you like. People that make sure things are running the way they should. A crew that make others shine. At Turner Industries we are proud to say that we have some of the best pit crews in the world. Our operation support team make sure our digital engines run smoothly, that our equipment is state-of-the-art and that our technology is second to none.

Information Technology pit crew in action.

OPERATIONS SUPPORT 2016 QUICK FACTS Help Desk Team Members: 14 employees across the Gulf South Number of Computer Users: 2,900 Help Desk Answer Speed: 5 Seconds! That is 40 seconds faster than the national average for a comparable-sized help desk.

Work Orders closed: 22,705 Help Desk Calls: 17,864 Remote Control Sessions Held: 10,060 Work Orders Emailed: 9,990 Customer Satisfaction: 98% (Based on post-help surveys)




OUT Passwords


length + random words = tougher to hack

Common, one-word passwords can be hacked in the time it took to read this section!


TheSilverBarracudaSwimsDown catch@trainToday1985 1getexcitedgetloud0

password123 Apple BradPitt

Including numbers and special characters in the passphrase makes it stronger.

No personal info like family or pet names


! See https://howsecureismypassword.net


Employee Profile



enrick Nixon has been with Turner Industries for a total of 16 years. He began

Completing a successful job

his career with Turner in 2001 under Industrial Services as an account man-

on time, safely, and under bud-

ager. Kenrick was then promoted to operations manager and later to project

get is what Kenrick finds most

manager. His career then migrated to Turner Specialty Services’ environmental

satisfying about his job. He also

group where he is currently one of three remediation project managers over the Louisiana

enjoys having the opportunity to

and Texas areas. He currently manages five jobsites, traveling to the Texas locations every

work hands-on with customers

other week. Turner’s environmental group offers 12 services: acid tar fluidization, asbestos/

throughout the duration of a proj-

lead abatement, beneficial reuse, civil remediation, decontamination/demolition, dredging,

ect. “Turner has helped me to im-

equipment, landfill construction and management, solidification/stabilization, tank cleaning,

prove my skills and explore new

waste volume reduction/dewatering and water treatment—dewatering being the service

opportunities. They also gave me

most frequently performed. The dewatering process is the removal of water from solid ma-

challenges which have enhanced

terial or soil by particle size classification, filtration, centrifugation, or similar solid-liquid

and further developed my overall

separation processes.

skill level.”

16 / SUMMER2017

TURNER INDUSTRIES Company Magazine One of the most memorable moments in his career was receiving an award for leading the Exxon team, who

Q What would you like your fellow employees to know about you? A I am a very supportive person, and I will always

worked more than one million work-

lend a helping hand when needed. I am a person

hours without a recordable injury in the

who believes in doing things properly the first time.

Industrial Services group. He is proud

I always put safety first no matter the size of the job

to have been granted the President’s

or the demand for expedient turnaround.

award several times for having one of the safest job sites in the company as

Q What is your motto or personal mantra?

well as being awarded 1st place for the

A Never live on the IF factor, always prepare

GBRIA (Greater Baton Rouge Industry

for WHEN.

Alliance) Contractors Safety Excellence Award. He has been married to the love of his life, Regina for 28 years and has two children and two grandchildren.

Q What is your favorite way to spend 20 dollars? A A trip to Dick’s sporting goods or Edwin Watts for golf accessories.

He enjoys playing golf, spending time with his family and attending sporting events. Kenrick considers his greatest accomplishments to be finding the

Q What advice would you give to people who

Never live on the IF factor, always prepare for WHEN. – KENRICK T. NIXON, SR. Project Manager

aspire to work at Turner? A Turner is a company that will help you achieve your goals and aspirations in life. There

love of his life, becoming a parent and

are opportunities for growth within the company. As you continue to seek knowledge and

grandparent and fulfilling his personal

training, promotions are awarded to you based on your competency. Turner’s management

and career goals.

readily recognizes and rewards the success and accomplishments of their employees.



How We Use Technology to Drive Client Success

MISSION TO TRANSITION: JD Edwards EnterpriseOne EnterpriseOne (E1) Testing


tem analysts worked closely with our CSS consultants and

wo of the major concerns in a large-scale

developers to test scenarios,

software transition is whether the program

namely the way they would

will work correctly upon “Go-Live” and as-

be used in each application. If

suring that the update will not interfere with the

an error was encountered, the

day-to-day processes of the company. To accomplish

developers worked to quickly

a smooth transition for the EnterpriseOne (E1) Mis-

fix the issues. During CRP, 256

sion to Transition and allow adequate time for devel-

test scripts were approved.

opment and testing, it was decided that more time

The second phase of test-

would be needed to produce the best result. Therefore,

ing, Integrated Systems Test-

there is a new “Go-Live” date of September 25, 2017

ing (IST), consists of trying out

to meet the specialized needs of Turner Industries.

scenarios that test how data

Business systems analysts, developers, and power

moves from the beginning to

users are constantly testing applications and process-

end of a process. In addition

es to ensure that they fit the needs of each depart-

to the BSAs and developers,

ment. However, as we move towards “Go-Live” three

many power users participate in this testing phase. Because of the vol-

important phases of testing are held to ensure that

ume and importance of each process, we divided IST into two sessions.

E1 is working successfully for users at all levels. These

IST1 occurred in May concentrating on pipe fabrication, time entry, pay-

testing efforts are guided by test scripts, which are a

roll, procurement, and subcontracts. IST2 occurred in June and focused

detailed set of step-by-step instructions for accom-

on all areas. So far, 204 of the scripts tested in IST1 have been approved.

plishing a specific process in the application being

Following IST, development of E1 will be completed and the fully

tested. These scripts not only contain prerequisites,

developed applications will be tested in the final phase, User Acceptance

directions and data for the process but also expected

Testing (UAT). In addition to power users, every day users will participate

outcomes upon executing each step of the test.

in testing the programs. Development is slated to be complete by the end

The first phase of testing is referred to as the Con-

of June and UAT is scheduled for the end of July and beginning of August.

ference Room Pilot (CRP). CRP took place over several

Following UAT, a mock “Go-Live” will take place in August to prepare

weeks in March and consisted of testing individual

for “Go-Live” in September. With all phases of testing complete, we are

applications within E1 to ensure that they work and

planning to implement a very well-functioning program for all areas.

process data correctly. In this phase, business sys18 / SUMMER2017


Blast from the Past

Circa early 90s: A group of Turner employees learn the ins and outs of Non-Destructive Examination with the help of the latest tech teaching aide – VHS recording.


Turner Employees Shed

2,672 POUNDS I

f losing was the game, the 2017 Weight Loss Challenge promoting employee wellness was a win. The determination of the participants was outstanding, losing a grand total of 2,672 pounds! The challenge, part of Turner Industries’ Steps for Healthy Living

program, had a total of 316 participants. To keep personal weight private, employees competed in “percent of body weight lost.” Cash prizes, incentives, and drawings amounting to $2,800 in total were granted to participants who lost three percent or more of their total body weight. Congratulations to all who participated in this year’s weight loss challenge!

1st Place Greg Dorman Project Controls – Cost Analyst Main Office – Lake Charles, Louisiana Weight lost: 25% Time with Turner: 19 years Method: “I decided to go on a low carb diet cutting out all bread. I chose to eat no dairy, very little red meat and absolutely no fast foods for anything. I learned to meal prep for the day, and began meal prepping for the upcoming week.” Greatest Challenge: “Good food has always been my weakness, so I’d have to say my greatest challenge was being able to turn down the amazing food our vendors bring into the kitchen.”



2nd Place Jimmy Hinojosa Quality Control Arkema - Clear Lake, Texas Weight lost: 24.59% Time with Turner: 3 years Method: “I chose to exercise daily and commenced a liquid diet that lasted the final two weeks of the weight loss challenge. I would drink at least three liters of water a day and eliminated all sugary drinks and large caloric intakes.” Greatest Challenge: “My greatest challenge was being able to finish the liquid diet and have my goals met. The challenge was at home being around food that could ruin my diet which was



extremely hard.”

3rd Place Raul Cantu Welder Arkema - Clear Lake, Texas Weight lost: 24.06% Time with Turner: 3 years Method: “I cut out all sugars, salt, and flour from my diet. I practiced portion control and exercised daily which included jogging, walking and weight training.” Greatest Challenge: “The biggest challenge was staying away from fatty foods and sugary drinks. This weight loss challenge has changed my lifestyle. It has made me want to encourage others to be healthy. What good is it for you to have everything in this world but not your health?”

20 / SUMMER2017




4th Place Tim Vannoy Crane Operator

5th Place Bruce Shockley

Arkema – Clear Lake, Texas

Site Supervisor

Weight lost: 15.23%

Oxy-Chem – Geismar, Louisiana

Time with Turner: 3 years

Weight lost: 15.06%

Method: “My main method was

Time with Turner: 40 years

watching what I ate. I went

Method: “I chose to implement a

walking and bicycling and did not drink as much alcohol.”

low carb diet into my day to day BEFORE


lifestyle. I also began to exercise



Greatest Challenge: “Not eating junk food or drinking the beer

using the gazelle glider and

that I loved. Exercising was also a challenge. My biggest reason

walking every chance I got.”

for doing this challenge was to have a clean bill of health at

Greatest Challenge: “My greatest challenge was finding the time

my age.”

to fit physical activity into my schedule.”

Honorable Mentions Although employees Jaime Morgan and Julia Dixon did not place within the top five, their dedication along with the lifestyle changes they have made are inspirational.

Julia Dixon Recruiter

Jaime Morgan

HR/Personnel – Lake Charles, Louisiana

Corporate ETP Trainer

Weight lost: 14.10%

Main Office –

Time with Turner: 29 years

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Greatest Lifestyle Change: “The big-

Weight lost: 14.23%

gest lifestyle change I have made is

Time with Turner: 1 year

my eating habits, along with my daily



Greatest lifestyle change:



activities such as exercising. I have

“Simply being more active. My

found that with my lifestyle change I have more ability to move

dogs really appreciate it because they are now getting walked

around and not get tired or out of breath. It has truly changed

every day.”

my life.”

Positive Impact: “My son really enjoys our evening walks to-

Positive Impact: “Losing the weight has made me feel so much

gether. It has given us an opportunity for some quality time just

better about my health and appearance. It has also encouraged

the two of us.”

me to continue to strive to reach another weight loss goal.”

Kudos to these Weight-Loss Motivators Feedback from the challenge revealed that the success of employees who participated in the challenge was in many cases the result of support from co-workers and management. For example: at the Arkema site in Clear

Brandon Reeves Site Manager

Lake, Texas (which boasts three of the top five winners), Site Manager, Brandon Reeves, played an important role in the success of his employees throughout the challenge. “They are a competitive bunch, so seeing others lose weight was a great motivator. We shared weight-loss tools and techniques but mostly we just encouraged each other to become as healthy as we could. The employees themselves deserve all the kudos for their success,” said Brandon.

Antonio Lazo Safety Manager

Additionally, Safety Manager, Antonio Lazo provided support motivation and advice by stressing the importance of eating healthy. Thanks, Guys! 21


Our Employee-Directed Volunteer Organization

Barrels of Love

Baton Rouge, La. – On a beautiful spring day, TEAM Turner™ participated in the 2017 Heart Walk raising $30,000 for the American Heart Association.


Decatur, Ala. – Turner Industries employees, at Indorama Ventures Xylene & PTA facility finished up their “Barrels of Love” campaign benefiting the local food bank. Employees collected can goods and non-perishable items for the campaign and in all, employees donated over 5,600 items to help others in their community. Thank you for your great efforts and accomplishment!

Relay for Life Port Allen, La. – May 26th – National Wig-Out Day, the Port Allen Pipe Fab office participated in raising money and awareness for Cancer Services to help provide wigs for children with cancer. During the day, employees voted for their favorite wig and Clovie Strickland took home first prize. There was also a prize drawing held among all the participants. Thank you to CouYons BBQ, McDonalds-Valluzzo Companies and Turner Industries for providing the prizes.

TEAM Turner™ NEEDS YOU If you would like to join TEAM Turner, please send an email to: teamturner@turner-industries.com

Paris, Texas – TEAM Turner members from the pipe fabrication facility participated in Relay for Life on June 9th. The theme this year was board games so Turner chose the game Sorry and wore t-shirts with the phrase “Sorry Cancer, We Will Find a Cure.” With various fundraising efforts, Turner was able to raise a total of $4,659 to be donated to the American Cancer Society.

22 / SUMMER2017


Record-Breaking Food Bank Efforts Winners of the Baton Rouge Area Food Bank Challenge SMALL CATEGORY (less than 100 employees) 1st Place: Oxy Convent 2nd Place: Westlake Vinyls, Geismar 3rd Place: Highlandia Personnel Office MEDIUM CATEGORY (100-300 employees) 1st Place: Exxon Mobil Plastics 2nd Place: TIG Crane & Rigging, Mason Yard 3rd Place: Rubicon, Geismar LARGE CATEGORY (more than 300 employees)

Baton Rouge, La. – The 2017 Race to

ly benefiting from your generosity.

Re-Stock the Food Bank yielded a

The food donated will be distributed

2nd Place: Axiall/Westlake, Plaquemine

record-breaking 65,206 lbs. of food

throughout a 34 parish area,” said Sher-

3rd Place: Shell A04 Tiger Project

for the Greater Baton Rouge Food

man Brown, Race to Re-Stock the Food

Bank and the Second Harvest Food

Bank project co-chair.

Bank in New Orleans.

“A heartfelt thank you to each and

1st Place: Exxon Mobil Complex

ESSEN RESULTS 1st Place: 4th Floor 2nd Place: 2nd Floor

“The 2017 food drive is a testa-

every person who participated in the

ment to how hardworking, commit-

5th Annual Race to Re-Stock the Food

ted and passionate our fellow Turner

Bank. This year was a resounding suc-


employees are to helping those less

cess, surpassing last year’s total by

2013 16,596 lbs.

2016 33,064 lbs.

fortunate in our communities. The

31,142 pounds of food,” added Kristy

2014 13,601 lbs

2017 64,206 lbs.

Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank and

Elias, Race to Re-Stock the Food Bank

Second Harvest (NOLA), are great-

project co-chair.

3rd Place: 3rd Floor

2015 10,588 lbs.


Pasadena, Texas – The 4th annual

20,687 lbs.

food drive in the Houston area also yielded record-breaking results. 20,687 lbs. of food were delivered to Pasadena Community Ministries (PCM). The PCM food bank supports

RESULTS Shell – 9,185 lbs. Enterprise – 3,375 lbs. Baker Hughes – 2,578 lbs. GB Biosciences – 1,468 lbs.

for low income families living in the

Admin Building A – 1,076 lbs.

Pasadena and Deer Park areas. The

Hexion – 456 lbs.

Pasadena Community Ministry is

Scaffold Yard – 408 lbs.

a non-denominational, non-profit organization having all volunteer workers. “A sincere thank you to everyone

Kuraray (all sites) – 266 lbs. Solvay – 215 lbs. TPC Group – 221 lbs. Arkema – Clear Lake – 138 lbs. BP Texas City – 100 lbs.

who took the time to help with our

Kaneka – 69 lbs.

food drive which will help many

Shell Lubricants – 35 lbs.

families in our community. A special thanks to the volunteers who assisted in the loading and unloading of the trailers, to the warehouse staff that each year takes on the responsibility of receiving and weighing all the

Equipment – 16. Lbs. An additional 400 lbs. was donated by Texas Temp Controls and 681 lbs. by Turnaround Logistics.

food that is brought in and last, but not least, to all those who assisted in the

4 YEAR PROJECT OVERVIEW 2016 16,842 lbs. 2014 700 lbs.

behind-the-scenes coordination of the project,” said Connie Paxton, Turner’s

2015 1,800 lbs

2017 20,687 lbs.

Pasadena food drive coordinator. 23

Jesse Morain


esse Morain, Baton Rouge branch manager of Turner Industries’ Equipment Division has been named a winner of the 2017

“Under 40 in Construction Equipment” by

constructionequipment.com Jesse started with Turner as an equipment oiler in 1999 and has since advanced to his current position. Jesse manages the day-to-day operations of Turner’s Baton Rouge Equipment Division, and coordinates the movement of equipment among Turner’s five branches. He was instrumental in helping expand the Turner Crane & Rigging presence in Baton Rouge, resulting in a 108-percent increase in revenue over the past 7 years. He also led the Equipment Division in designing and implementing new ELC software, which has increased efficiency in operations and accounting. Jesse plays a critical role in the management of Turner’s 350 cranes, which resulted in a company record for revenue in equipment rental in 2015. “Jesse has pioneered many of the initiatives that have yielded success for our Equipment Operation,” says Stephen Toups, executive vice president. “He is recognized for his excellence by not only our customers and fellow employees, but the vendors and suppliers we work with every day.” “I am honored to have been chosen for this award. My career accomplishments would not have been possible without the support of my company and the people around me. My colleagues are an integral part of my success and I look forward to working with all of them for many years to come. Besides my managerial commitments, I see part of my duties as making sure others will succeed in their careers at Turner as well.” Jesse is married to his wife of 16 years, Amber and together they have 3 Children: Carson (16), Lindsay (10) and Beck (9). Outside of work, Jesse likes to fish and spend time with his family.

24 / SUMMER2017

2017 ‘Under 40 in Construction Equipment’ Award Winner


Workforce Development Hiring Our Heroes

Recruiting, Training and Retaining our Most Important Asset – People.

Turner Industries Donates Welding Supplies Bunkie, La. – Louisiana School for the Agricultural Sciences (LaSas) high school is one of twelve Turner Partner Schools in Baton Rouge and surrounding areas. Recently, Turner was able to make a large contribution of welding rods and supplies. Special thanks to Turner employees Barry LeBlanc, regional QC manager David

Lake Charles, La. – Hiring Our Heroes is a program of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation, launched in March 2011 as a nationwide initiative to help veterans, transitioning service members and military spouses find meaningful employment opportunities. Recently Turner representatives attended a job fair in support of this effort. Ernie Lombardi, pictured right alongside Kent Dartez, Turner workforce development manager, is a military vet who was once homeless after serving our country and who is now on a new mission to help veterans obtain employment.

Dufour, purchasing manager, and Brett Templet, site manager at Shell Chemical in Geismar, Louisiana. Lake Charles, La. – Turner Industries, along with Associated Builders and Contractors’ (ABC) Lake Charles chapter, sponsors five local schools. Once a year, a welding competition is held locally and if the students qualify, they can advance to the state competition. This year, Iota High School took 3rd place in Area III. To reward these students, Turner donated new welding gloves and other craft related items to help them in their future careers.

Turner Industries Partners with Local High School Welding

2017 CMEF Graduation Paris, Texas – Turner’s pipe fabrication facility just finished their eighth consecutive year working with local high schools and their welding certification programs. Turner’s Welding Instructor, David Vanderburg, assisted 6 different high schools this year with their welding programs, having grown from our charter school Prairiland ISD. At the beginning of the school year assistance is given to vocational instructors in form of instruction and supplies. At this time the training is primarily focused on GTAW (TIG) welding and SMAW (Shielded Metal Arc Welding). During the eight years Turner has been assisting the local school system, Turner has hired 34 students as tackers. Once on board, Turner continues the welder training two days a week. Employees can come in two hours prior to shift start or stay over two hours for qualification training in GMAW, FCAW, and SAW processes for future welder positions.




Juan Duenas

Upgrade Weld


Filder Miramontes



Trentavius Brooks



Eslam Abbas

Industrial Maint Mec


Angel Benevides

Industrial Maint Mec


Alex Castillo

Industrial Maint Mec


Carlos Martinez



Carlos Mendoza



Albert Allen



Professionals at the Sylvan Beach

Zachary Grayson



Pavilion. For the second year, Turner

Joseph Martinez



Roger Perez



John Hernandez



Robert Hisler

Industrial Maintenance Enterprise

Jesse York



Jose Cerda


GB Bioscience

craft training program. Congratulations

Eleazar Hinojosa

Upgrade Weld


to our graduates.

James Hollandsworth



On May 25th, CMEF (Construction Maintenance Education Foundation) proudly



families, and contractors to celebrate the accomplishments of the 2017 Graduating Class of Construction

Industries had the largest number of graduates. Eighteen Turner Industries employees completed their NCCER

ITI Career Fair Baton Rouge, La. – Brian Williams, service desk supervisor, attended the 2017 ITI Technical College career fair, specifically looking for candidates to fill an open position on Turner’s help desk team. “Being a graduate from the ITI Technical College myself, I felt it would only make sense that Turner tap into the talent they prepare for the workforce each year,” said Brian. 25

News&Notes Turner Industries Presents Check to United Way of Southwest Louisiana

Turner Industries Expands its DECIDE WITH DATA® Software and Services


urner has developed additional software assets

Ainsworth, director of resource devel-

This integrated approach to reliability and mainte-

opment at United Way of Southwest

nance data management enables clients to monitor the

Louisiana, in the amount of $247,947,

health and lifecycle of critical equipment, prevent and

the result of pledges from Turner’s most

control equipment failure, and simplify and accelerate

“Turner’s software suite changes the dynamic of reliability and maintenance reporting and enables data driven decision making that can result in substantial cost savings.”

recent campaign.

critical safety and administrative processes. “Our clients


to complement its industrial reliability and maintenance enablement software suite. The

Integrated Solutions Group (ISG) software suite expands Turner’s MobilOps™ software, and enables clients to monitor, identify potential upsets, and take corrective action on equipment reliability; electronically process

Lake Charles, La. – Pictured are Turner

tool tracking, work permitting, JSAs, lock out/tag out,

Vice President, David Franks and Turner

and change management; and maintain electronic pro-

Workforce Development Manager Ben

cedures, audits, inspections, incident management, and

Bourgeois presenting a check to Becky

OSHA 300 logs.

Teacher Appreciation Week

understand they can’t ‘trend their file cabinets’,” said

General Manager of ISG

John Lindsay, General Manager of ISG. “Turner’s software suite changes the dynamic of reliability and maintenance reporting and enables data driven decision-making that can result in substantial cost savings.”

Sue Turner Awarded Honorary Doctorate by Louisiana State University Baton Rouge, La. – Sue Turner, Turner IndusPictured are Turner employees Charles Courtney, David McAllister, Mike Surrency, Tony Ditta, Gerry Meyers and Darrel King with Belle Chasse High School Principal, Jemi Carlone.

tries’ matriarch and wife of founder, the late Bert Turner, has

Belle Chasse, La. – To honor teachers

been awarded an hon-

during teacher appreciation week,

orary doctorate by the

Turner employees cooked jambalaya

Louisiana State Univer-

for the staff at Belle Chasse High School.

sity (LSU) College of Art

“Teacher appreciation week is a

and Design.

time when we should all stop and take

Mrs. Turner graduated from LSU with a Bachelor of Arts in English in 1947, and

a look in the mirror. All those little skills

has dedicated much of her life since then to the arts, education, and cultural pres-

we take for granted daily in our career,

ervation. She has served on numerous boards at the local, state, and national level

that seem to flow as second nature

including several affiliated with LSU. Her generous financial support has contributed

were once taught to us by a teacher,”

to beautification and preservation efforts in Baton Rouge and throughout the state.

said Charles Courtney, Turner site man-

Mrs. Turner’s lifetime commitment to the arts including cultural and historical

ager at Alliance Refinery P66.

preservation through her activities and philanthropy make her a treasure to the State of Louisiana, Baton Rouge, LSU and to Turner Industries.

26 / SUMMER2017


About Us T

urner Industries provides a single solution in heavy industrial construction, maintenance, turnaround, pipe and module fabrication, equipment, rigging and specialized transportation, and associated specialty services. With $2.6B in 2016 revenue, Engineering News-Record Sourcebook ranks Turner the number one industrial maintenance contractor in the United States, and the number one contractor in Texas and Louisiana. The company, headquartered in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, employs 18,000+ and works across the United States. SERVICE OFFERINGS


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