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TURNAROUND GROUP DOUBLES DOWN ON TURNAROUND SOLUTIONS Turner Industries Assembles Mega Rocket Demonstration Unit at NASA Facility

HELLO 2017!


WINTER 2016-17



SENIOR EDITOR Tobie Craig EDITORS Jason Broha, Marie Crespo WRITERS Tobie Craig, Jason Broha, Marie Crespo CONTRIBUTORS Chris Bailey, Gary Blacketter, Tami Burtram, Robert Chandler, Dawn Csaszar, Kent Dartez, Ricky Diggs, Lori Garza, Phil M. Gauthreaux, Bryan Gerace, Candace Griffin, Rodney Landry, Matt McCollister, Mary Ellen Montgomery, Raymond Neck, Connie Paxton, Danny Price, Joel Rushing, Roy Taylor, Carla Thompson


“Today is better than tomorrow, right now is better than six hours from now.” This quote from former Google executive Dave Girouard, hangs high over a white board in our department. It’s a good reminder to stay focused on the task at hand and get things done sooner rather than later. While this mantra works for most days, other times the opposite is necessary. Great accomplishments require one to pause, reflect and plan out the intended vision. Articles and stories in this issue are a testament to both these ideas.



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Our turnaround group knows better than anyone the long-term thinking and in-the-moment actions it takes to successfully plan and execute a major event. Our cover story highlights a cross-section of our employees and we get their takes on what they hope to achieve in 2017. We also pay a visit to Paris, Texas, for a tour of our Pipe Fabrication Division’s new administrative building. This modern workspace is a physical manifestation of the company’s commitment to the success of the Paris community.


We hope you and your family had a safe Christmas and New Year holiday. We can’t wait to shine a light on the great things you, and the company, are going to accomplish this year.


Jason Broha & Marie Crespo




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WINTER 2016-17


The Latest and Greatest Safety Updates from Around the Company.

Two Turner Crews Selected as Sasol's "Safe Crew of the Week" Lake Charles, La. – Each week, Sasol's LCCP Project selects a "Safe Crew of the Week." Recently, Turner's water distribution crew was recognized for their dedication, safety and work ethic. Project workers were also recognized for safely setting a canal pipe bridge into place with zero incidents and zero defects, while working over a waterway. The bridge was set into place by crane as one unit, which weighs in at over 600,000 pounds and is 150 feet long.

Turner Industries Receives Diamond STEP Awards from ABC New Orleans, La. –

DOW Recognition For Safe Turnaround Work

Turner received a Diamond STEP (Safety Training and Evaluation Program) Award from ABC at the 2016 Bayou Chapter Awards Gala held in November of 2016. STEP is a proven and valuable resource de-

Plaquemine, La. – DOW recently recog-

signed specifically to

nized Turner Industries’ specialized

support ABC mem-

welding services (SWS) crew for a job

bers in the develop-

well done on the LCH 3 turnaround.

ment and continued

“The work done by the SWS crew was

improvement of safe-

impressive, efficient and carried out

ty and training ef-

safely,” said Darrel Fontaine, senior

forts, with a collective

operator, DOW.

goal of ensuring continued worker wellbeing and health.


Stephen Toups, executive vice president; Rodney Landry, operations manager and Mike Mouch, vice president of construction sales.


3.5 Years and 3.5 Million Workhours OSHA Free


Deer Park, Texas – Turner employees at the Shell Deer Park Texas Refinery recently achieved 3.5 years and 3.5 million workhours OSHA incident-free. This major milestone was achieved by our employees making their daily tasks personal, escalating questions and concerns and putting themselves and their coworkers first in every task they perform. Our team at Shell Deer Park is proof that Goal Zero is not only achievable, but also sustainable.

Decatur, Ala. – The Turner Specialty Services NDE group at Indorama Ventures Xylenes & PTA recently celebrated three years OSHA recordable and incident free, while working routine maintenance and ten unit outages during this timeframe.


Lake Charles, La. – Turner employees, James Perkins and Gilbert Benjamin were recognized at Sasol as having the best JSA of the month of September, 2016.


Turner Employees Injury Free at Cornerstone Since 1999

Tuscaloosa, Ala. – Turner Specialty Services (TSS) NDE employees at Hunt

Westwego, La. – Turner employees at

Refining have completed twelve years

Cornerstone Chemical have worked

and 250,000 workhours recordable

injury-free for seventeen years. In-

free. TSS railcar employees have

spection Manager, Doug Chruma,

completed three years and 132,650

who has been at Cornerstone since

workhours recordable free and

1994, recently celebrated 25 years of

Turner maintenance employees have

service with Turner. Doug took over

completed one year, three months

as Inspection Manager in 1999, and

and 209,000 safe workhours. “Working

since that time, Doug and his crew

hand-in-hand has paid dividends

have worked injury and recordable-

for all crafts at this site. Leadership

free while putting in place what Berkshire Hathaway called “one of the most mature

and a team effort provide this type

risk based inspection programs we have ever seen at a plant.”

of success,” said Nathon Williams, Turner regional manager. 04

WINTER 2016-17

Turnaround Group Doubles Down on Turnkey Solutions


hutdowns, turnarounds, and outages are a fact of life, and if you work in a plant, mill or refinery, you already knew that. What you may not know is that Turner Industries can provide the wide range of services needed for a successful event. Turner Industries’ turnaround group has recently undergone a


group, is headed by Sr. Vice President Robert Chandler, who is also over Turner’s industrial maintenance division and specialty services. Chandler, along with Operations Managers Web Desselle and Rodney Landry, have consolidated resources, offering complete turnkey turnaround services. The new leadership is seasoned to say the least, having a combined 85 years of heavy industrial experience among them. The group intends to expand their business in 2017, building on last year’s success. “2016 was a great year for our group. We exceeded all production

“ExxonMobil standards for safety, quality, and efficiency in the oil industry are extremely high. Turner employees on the ALKY turnaround have met and exceeded each and every one, in my opinion. The safety record reflects Turner’s commitment by their supervisors, foremen and safety representatives to keep safety at the front of all aspects of work.” – SLADE LEBLANC ALKY West LPS Coordinator, ExxonMobil

marks,” said Chandler. “With more than 50 years of experience in turnaround management and execution, $15 billion worth of turnaround work in the last 15 years and 12 million turnaround hours worked in just five years, you can count on the group for positive results.”

reorganization in order to maxi-

“It was a natural progression for Turner to pull our specialty services, including specialized

mize client satisfaction, offering

welding into the turnaround group. Turner has the workforce, safety record and experience

all necessary turnaround services

to handle any event,” adds Chandler. Recently, all turnaround field managers (pictured below)

under one point of contact. The

underwent extensive training in order to ensure that all events will be executed seamlessly.


Turner Industries Completes Largest Expansion and Turnaround in Dow – Plaquemine History

Plaquemine, La. –The Crack More Ethane (CME) Project at Dow – a landmark capacity expansion coupled with a large maintenance turnaround in the same process area finished in November 2016. Combined, this is the largest, most complex endeavor of its kind in Dow Chemical. Turner was awarded the project in the last quarter of 2015 and worked the construction phase from November of 2015 until the start of the turnaround which began on October 1, 2016 to complete the final tie-ins of the project. The CME project peaked at 800 employees with over 275,000 recordable-free workhours. A total of 6,732 welds with an average size of 6” was completed with an acceptance rate of 99.83%. Turner provided construction, maintenance, specialty services, crane

“Turner was tasked to build a complex expansion of a hydrocarbons unit. Turner met the challenge and with unfailing resolve built for Dow a healthy future in Louisiana and in the global hydrocarbons businesses. Safety first and pounds second! Turner proved the road to pounds can be walked safely and retain excellent first quality. Home Run!”

Stephen Toups, Turner executive vice president; Charles O'Connor, Dow program director; Roland Toups, Turner chairman and CEO and Rodney Landry, Turner operations manager.

– CHARLES O'CONNOR Dow Project Director

and rigging and turnkey turnaround services for the CME project, which was completed on time and on budget. Turner also managed four primary subcontractors along with several smaller ones. The CME project was recognized by an end-of-the-job celebration held at the Dow Plantation grounds with Dow Program Director, Charles O’Connor, as the master of ceremonies. In addition to the turnaround portion in the CME project, Turner’s Specialized Welding Services also played a major role in the LHC3 turnaround activities. The maintenance portion of that event also completed 225,000 workhours recordable free and achieved

Key leadership included: Colby Pennison, Jason Clifton, Donald Grainger, Tommy Blanchard, Greg Blasé, Billy DeLacerda, Scott Falgoust, Ronald Levigne, Phillip Major, Paul Ortego, Jake Savoy, Brian Talbot, Kenneth Tambella, Triston Tassin, David Kleinpeter, James Chapman and Malcolm Dupre.

Dwight Braud, Turner executive vice president; Charles O'Connor, Dow program director; Billy Guitreau, Turner COO and Robert Chandler, Turner Sr. vice president.

a weld acceptance rate of 99.35%. 06

WINTER 2016-17


What it Takes to Get the Job Done Right.

Crane, Rigging and Specialized Transportation Division Hauls and Sets Hundreds of Process Modules Corpus Christi, Texas. – Turner Industries’ Crane, Rigging and Specialized Transportation Division recently completed the transportation and installation of 160 process modules, totaling 3,700,000 pounds, for a client in the Corpus Christi, Texas area. The project required over 300 engineering and design hours, special highway permitting and daily escort services from the local Sheriff’s office. The modules varied in size up to 20’ tall and 22’ wide. Installation cranes were our LTM 1200/1 Liebherr Truck Crane (240 ton capacity) and our LR 1300 SX Liebherr Crawler Crane (330 ton capacity). Transporters were our PST/SL E-10 Goldhofer Platform Trailer (450 metric ton capacity) and our STZ-H 6 & H-9 Goldhofer Semi-trailers with extendable deck sections. Pictured is a 25,240 lbs. modular pipe bridge being loaded for transport then set with the LR 1300 Liebherr crane with 144 feet of main boom and at a 100 foot crane working radius.

“All lifts (approximately 450) were made successfully with no incidents or damages. Our Site Lift Coordinator, James Teel and the Liebherr Crane Operator, Dale Wells, did an outstanding job of providing their heavy lift expertise to make sure all lifts were performed in a safe and professional manner. Special thanks to W.H. Berry, equipment operations manager of the western division for providing cranes, trucking and labor to keep this project on schedule. Blaine McElwee did an excellent job of supervising all the heavy transport equipment operations. Last, but not least, a special thanks to Randy Smith, Turner construction manager, for coordinating all activities and helping us on a daily basis to maintain the work schedule.” – GARY BLACKETTER Turner project manager 07


Port Allen Coating Facility Receives NIICAP Shop Accreditation

the best programs to improve and mitigate the costly—and sometimes catastrophic—effects of corrosion. NIICAP is an essential part of any contractor’s important work and those contractors who earn accreditation set themselves apart from - and above - their competitors.” By earning the NIICAP seal, contractors verify that they are fully qualified to perform reliably and consistently using the latest in coatings preparation, application and inspection techniques and practices. For owners, this translates to better quality, increased savings and

Port Allen, La. – After a rigorous audit, which included an administrative review and on-site audit, Turner Industries has earned accreditation from the NACE International Institute Contractor Accreditation Program (NIICAP).

reduced risks. Source:

Turner's Port Allen coating facility is the first U.S. coating facility




NIICAP is an industry-de-

port the very best people for the jobs we perform

accreditation for shop activities

signed and managed program

throughout our four divisions. Working to achieve

from the NIICAP. Turner achieved

focused on contractors involved

NIICAP accreditation is an important component in

NIICAP accreditation at the

with professional project man-

our efforts to be the best at what we do and has given

AS-1 Shop Level, Accredited

agement and project perfor-

our craft workers something in which they can take


mance in the surface preparation

great pride, as do we.”

demonstrating Turner’s ability

and coating or lining application industry.



The NIICAP Oversight Board is mainly composed

to perform surface preparation

of project owners. However, coatings contractors also

and coatings/lining application

“Turner has been commit-

get a voice through a contractor committee, which


ted to building, maintaining and

enables the accreditation program to be the first to

workmanlike manner.

servicing the nation’s heavy in-

bridge the gap between what asset owners are seek-

dustrial sector for over 50 years,”

ing and what coatings contractors provide.

said Richard Kelly, operations

“The NACE International Institute is known for its

manager. “Our ability to remain

thorough and unparalleled qualification programs,”

successful hinges on us working

said Chris Fowler, president of NACE International In-

hard to find, develop and sup-

stitute. “The Institute is leading the way in developing





Painting the Cross at Istrouma Baptist Church Baton Rouge, La. – Istrouma Baptist Church needed the large cross on top of its sanctuary to be re-painted in time for the holiday season. They reached out to Turner Industries where it was determined that the best option for painting the 18 foot high cross sitting 85 feet above ground would be using a crane and working out of a manbasket. Turner’s newly formed SIPA (scaffolding, insulation, painting and abatement) group, with help from the crane and rigging division completed the task in two days and in time for Christmas.


WINTER 2016-17

Turner Industries Assembles Mega Rocket Demonstration Unit at NASA Facility New Orleans, La. – Turner Indus-

in early 2017 with the first SLS rocket

tries Crane and Rigging Division,

launch slated for late 2018. This mega

recently offloaded and assembled

rocket is intended to send astronauts on

a Dynamic Demonstration Unit

a journey to Mars in the 2030s.

(DDU) fabricated by Futuramic

The DDU will be used to verify that

Tool and Engineering Company

the multi-purpose transportation sys-

at NASA’s Michoud Assembly

tem is working properly before moving

Facility. The DDU is a tool used

the STAs to the Marshall Space Flight

by NASA to simulate the size,

Center in Huntsville, Alabama for test-

weight and center of gravity of

ing. The DDU can be configured to simu-

the Structural Test Articles (STAs)

late any of the three separate tanks, or

that make up the core stage of

the complete unit.

the Space Launch System (SLS),

The DDU was offloaded and assembled in its largest configuration which required twelve

NASA’s new mega rocket. The

individual crane lifts and one tandem lift using two 100 ton hydraulic cranes to set the unit

STAs consist of a liquid oxygen

on top of two large A-frames. The Turner crew consisted of Superintendent, Jamey Aucoin;

tank (LOX), an intertank (IT) and

Riggers, Randall Landry, Melvin Sibley, John Hollis and Paul Meschke; Crane Operators,

a liquid hydrogen tank (LH2). The

Johnny Lemoine and Tyler Callahan and Oilers, Johnathan Delhommer and Josh Chatelain.

STAs are scheduled for testing

Distillation Column Replacement at W.R. Grace – Norco, LA Norco, La. – Turner Industries recently completed a site-wide turnaround at W.R. Grace. The critical path of the outage was a capital project to replace their 160 ft. mixed solvent distillation column. As W.R. Grace’s nested maintenance provider, Turner was approached last year to discuss how we would safely execute this project on schedule. Turner responded by putting together a plan utilizing a number of our divisions and service groups to deliver the project in a comprehensive, seamless format. Site Manager, Mark Cortez, worked hand-in-hand with Project Superintendent, Alex Gueho to make the event a success. Cortez credits the success of the project to the teamwork between W.R. Grace and Turner and among Turner divisions. W.R. Grace Plant Manager, Todd Hancock agreed and said “The teamwork atmosphere and very intense safety focus of W.R. Grace and Turner personnel led to the success of the project.”

TURNER SERVICES UTILIZED INCLUDED: Maintenance Division – mechanical, electrical & instrumentation Capital Projects Group – planning, scheduling, civil, mechanical Crane & Rigging Division – 330 ton LR1300 crawler & 110 ton hydraulic crane SIPA Services Group – scaffolding, insulation, painting Turner Specialty Services Inspection Group - API inspections & NDE Turner Specialty Services Industrial Group - hydro blasting & vacuum truck services


TURNER INDUSTRIES Company Newsletter

Turner Industries Receives Three ‘Excellence in Construction’ Awards from ABC


hree Turner projects received the “Excellence in Construction” (EIC) award. The projects were recognized by both the ABC Pelican Chapter and the Bayou Chapter.

Client: Texas Brine Project Name: 3600 GPM Plant Expansion Location: White Castle, LA


Project Manager: Matt McCollister Project Superintendent: Sandy Gaudet In the category of Industrial: Less than $5 Million, the “3600 GPM Plant Expansion” project has received an award of “Excellence.” As general contractor for the 3600 GPM Plant Expansion Project, Turner overcame numerous obstacles beginning with design challenges, labor congestion within the unit and

Client: CHS

meeting an aggressive sched-

Project Name: Delayed Coker Replacement Project

ule. Turner safely self-performed 85% of the work with zero

Location: McPherson, KS

recordable safety incidents.

Project Manager: Joel Rushing


Project Superintendent: Al Martino Client: Methanex Project Name: G-2 Mechanical Project Location: Geismar, LA


Projects Control Manager: Teddy Deville In the category of Mega-Projects: More than $100 Million, the “Delayed Coker Replacement” project has received an award of “Excellence.”

Project Manager: Bob Eubanks Site Managert: Brett Templet

Turner Industries

Project Superintendent: Casey Hardin

performed more than

In the category of Industrial: $25 Million to $100 Million, the

2.7 million workhours

“Methanex G-2 Mechanical” project has received an award

in 34 months, with zero

of “Excellence.”

lost-time incidents on the CHS Delayed Coker

Performing over 1.2 million

Replacement Project.

workhours in an extremely

Work was performed by

harsh work environment, Turn-

over 3,000 ABC trained craftspeople working at heights of

er was responsible for the in-

300 feet in extreme temperatures.

stallation of all G-2 mechanical works. In terms of safety, innovation and teamwork, Turner's work on the Methanex G-2 project was an outstanding success.


WINTER 2016-17

Employee Profiles

HELLO 2017!


e asked employees from divisions and departments across the company what they planned to accomplish professionally and personally in 2017. Here’s what they had to say:



ABOUT BOBBY: Bobby is a retired musician. He has

“Helping younger employees improve their skills and their safety aware-

played guitar in numerous bands his whole life, including Junior Melancon and the Come Down Playboys.

ness. Maintain a low repair rate, a professional attitude and to be a good company representative.” WHAT ARE YOUR PERSONAL GOAL(S) FOR 2017? “To be the very best I can be in whatever I do and work hard to support my family.”





ABOUT CHRISTINE: Christine holds an interior design

“I plan to continue to educate myself in my craft to increase

degree from Louisiana State University, an MBA from

performance, productivity and effectiveness. My goal is to earn a

the University of Phoenix and an accounting degree

management position.”

from Jackson State University. It was while working as


an accountant, doing the taxes for her nephew, who

“To build a home and begin a healthier lifestyle.”

worked in heavy industry, that she realized the earning potential, changed her career and joined Turner.

FARRAH ZEPPUHAR Director of Corporate Procurement YEARS WITH TURNER INDUSTRIES: 18 ABOUT FARRAH: Farrah has a management degree from Southeastern Louisiana University. She is currently rebuilding her home, which was flooded during the historic 2016 flood that affected southeast Louisiana. Outside of work, she is a spin and bootcamp instructor. WHAT ARE YOUR PROFESSIONAL GOAL(S) FOR 2017? “I want to be an excellent team

leader. I plan on working closely with our buyers, operations and key suppliers to continue to find ways to provide significant cost savings for our company and our clients. My team and I are also looking forward to making a seamless transition to EnterpriseOne® this summer.” WHAT ARE YOUR PERSONAL GOAL(S) FOR 2017? “I will be working hard transitioning my family back to normalcy after the flood, completing the rebuild of our home and my parent’s home, returning back to a normal school schedule and resume a healthy diet and exercise routine.”



ABOUT MAJOR: Before joining Turner, Major had a

“To restructure my priorities and spend more time with my fam-

long career in law enforcement working as a sheriff’s

ily and friends, old and new. I also plan to volunteer my time to

deputy, federal drug agent, burglary detective and

enhance the quality of others’ lives, as well as my own. And to stay

prison guard.

away from negative situations and focus on the positive.”

WHAT ARE YOUR PROFESSIONAL GOAL(S) FOR 2017? “To always be a positive extension of Turner, keeping a positive attitude and learning new skills. Also to manage my time better and to appreciate others' work.”



ABOUT TRAE: Trae is a former Marine and holds a

“Continue to identify growth opportunities for Turner and position my

chemical engineering degree from Louisiana State

team to be ready and willing to take on new challenges and promo-

University. Outside of work he coaches tournament

tional opportunities when they arise.”

fast-pitch softball. He and his wife, Jennifer have three


daughters: Hallie (13), Harper (10) and Mattie (6).

“Balance work and family life. Family is, and will always be, my number one priority. I am blessed to have a great job to provide for my family and to work for a company that believes in family first.” 12

WINTER 2016-17

Turner Industries Makes New Co Paris, Texas – Completed in October, 2016, Turner’s new administrative building further solidifies the company’s commitment to the Paris community. With its contemporary design and an environment promoting collaboration, the new building has taken the Paris team to the next level. Complete with the latest office accommodations such as high-definition teleconference screens in the conference rooms, a self-service snack bar,and glass writing


boards in each office. Employees, as well as clients, are sure to enjoy this new environment. The building was engineered and built by Harrison, Walker and Harper, a firm with roots in Paris reaching back to the 1880s. On December 6, 2016, Chris Bailey, vice president of Turner, invited local civic and business officials for a guided tour. An official grand opening will be held in the spring of 2017. “We are pleased to have completed the move into our new office building. It enables us to create a work environment that promotes unity and teamwork that raises the bar of the overall product we deliver to our customers. We are thankful for the commitment and investment made by our senior management and the Turner family. This building represents Turner’s commitment to our employees and the City of Paris. We are excited about the future and the possibilities that this investment creates.” —CHRIS BAILEY Vice President, Turner Industries



1 Chris Bailey, Turner vice president, welcomes local civic and business officials. 2 Left to right: Michael Paris, executive director of Paris Economic Development Corporation; Prentis Martin, Turner operations manager; Ken Higdon, president/CEO of Lamar County Chamber of Commerce; Chris Bailey, Turner vice president; Holland Harper, president of Harrison, Walker and Harper; Stephen Gerrald, immediate past chair of the Lamar County Chamber; John Godwin, Paris city manager and M.C. Superville Jr., Lamar County Judge. 3 New administration building. 13


ommitment to Paris Community FACILITY QUICK FACTS ˜˜ 26,000 square feet ˜˜ 27 offices ˜˜ 72 cubicles ˜˜ 5 conference rooms ˜˜ 1 medical room ˜˜ Employee lounge with self-service snack bar ˜ ˜ ENGINEER AND BUILDER: Harrison, Walker and Harper








4 Receptionist, Aqua Lee, in main reception area. 5 Self-service snack area. 6 Office layout designed for collaboration. 7 HR and medical waiting room. 8 Employee lounge. 9 Large conference room. 10 Small conference room.


WINTER 2016-17

Turner Industries Human Resource Summit Provides Valuable Employee Management Tools

Michael Schoen, internal audit director; Steve Font, corporate treasurer and Ben Bourgeois, business development and human resource director.

Dawn Ramoin, benefits manager; Julie Rabun, employee relations specialist and Renee Griffin, HR manager.

Baton Rouge, La. — Turner hosted human resource (HR) and employee relations managers and specialists from every region where the company conducts business. At their annual fall conference, more than fifty employees attended the event which was held at the Renaissance Hotel. Highlighted by a keynote presentation from Louisiana 6th District Congressman, Garret Graves, the Summit allowed employees to discuss and strategize on a vast array of employment issues, and is part of an ongoing effort to provide our HR managers with ways to facilitate employee relations, and to further assist operations managers’ involvement in employment matters. Employees with expertise in a wide array of employment issues served as presenters and facilitated interactive solution modeling. Topics covered included workforce development updates, emerging wage and hour issues, regulatory matters involving OSHA, the National Labor Relations Board, and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission


Congressman Garret Graves addresses the summit attendees.

and key legal developments which impact not just Turner, but employers throughout the country. Turner also brought in Julia Kramer, executive vice president and chief organizational performance officer at BancorpSouth, who made a presentation on emotional stress management and professionalism in the workplace. Congressman Graves provided eye-opening insights into the nuances of federal government involvement in workplace practices. Attendees were apprised about what the company has done in support of employees impacted by the devastating flood of August, 2016 — and especially flood relief efforts involving the Baton Rouge Area Foundation in providing materials and supplies to assist our employees in re-building their homes. The Summit provided an update on the Enterprise One™ transition of the employee database administration which will vastly enhance management of employee data. Cybersecurity was also addressed, and Turner’s Information Technology Department is at the forefront to ensure that Turner systems are not impacted as a result of the types of cyber threats that have affected — and devastated — other companies and industries.

Blast from the Past

In it for the long haul. Pictured is a thirty-five foot tall and 135 ton vapor body crossing the Mississippi River Levee in Geismar, La back in the early 1970s.

WINTER 2016-17

Workforce Development

Recruiting, Training and Retaining our Most Important Asset – People.

Turner Industries Honored for Continuing Education Efforts

Pictured Left to Right: Ray Neck, training director, Turner; Lisa Verma, program director, LSU Continuing Education; Kevin Joyce, director, Incumbent Worker Training Program - LWC and Kristy Anthony, program director, LSU Continuing Education.

Baton Rouge, La. – Turner Indus-

to offer our employees training in several

tries has been recognized for

areas throughout the years including: craft

its workforce development and

training, leadership training, safety train-

continuing education efforts by

ing, accounting, computer training and

the University Professional &

various courses in people skills. It has given

Continuing Education Associa-

us the ability to create unique offerings

tion (UPCEA).

like workplace investigations, a class now

Turner has been working with

offered by LSU to the general public and

Louisiana State University (LSU)

given our employees additional leadership

Continuing Education and the

training opportunities, like fundamentals

Louisiana Workforce Commis-

of supervision, a program in which we have

sion since 2002. The relation-

enrolled over 700 of our employees. It has

ship arose from a Louisiana State

also created opportunities for preparation

grant offering that began in 2000.

classes to get our craftspeople certified in the areas needed most by job sites and offered

The Incumbent Worker Training

our managers advanced leadership training through the "Rising Stars" class offered by

Program (IWTP) was created to

LSU Executive Education.

– KEVIN JOYCE Director of the IWTP for the Louisiana Workforce Commission

give incentive to Louisiana em-

These classes are only a small portion of the offerings made available through the

ployers to train and keep their

six grants we have received and completed. No other company in the state has been

existing employees.

awarded as many grants or dollars as has Turner.


this program we have been able


“More than 14,000 people have received training through grants awarded to LSU Continuing Education under the state's Incumbent Worker Training program, or IWTP, giving Louisiana a stronger workforce that has more value for our state's employers."


TURNER DONATES WELDING SUPPLIES Lake Charles, La. – In conjunction with Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC), Turner Industries sponsors local high schools and their welding programs. Pictured are students receiving welding supplies such as hoods, rods and safety equipment. Turner



make visits to the schools to track the students' progress and to encourage them to not only learn the skilled craft, but to remember that soft skills like being on time to work with a good attitude is just as important. Recently, Kent Dartez, Turner corporate safety manager, visited four high schools,

TOP LEFT: College street vocational center; TOP RIGHT: DeQuincy High School; BOTTOM LEFT: Singer High School; BOTTOM RIGHT: Iota High School

bringing supplies for the students.

Teaching Teachers in Texas Pasadena, Texas – Regional Safety Manager Chris Loosemore and

East Harris County Manufacturers Association (EHCMA) Recognition

Houston Workforce

Houston, Texas - Carla

Development Man-

Thompson, Turner In-

ager Carla Thompson

dustries’ workforce de-

offered an opportu-

velopment coordinator

nity to local career

in Houston, was recog-

and technical edu-

nized for her outstand-

cation high school instructors

lunch to help answer instructor

ing contribution to the

to attend a training session on

questions. The criteria to attend

EHCMA/ABC workforce

industry safety standards. The

was to offer the training to school

training subcommittee

objective was to give local high

districts that teach NCCER Core

at the EHCMA annual dinner on December 15, 2016.

school instructors real industry

curriculum under the sponsor-

Carla is the first contractor company employee ever

safety training that they can then

ship of ABC/CMEF’s Construction

to receive an EHCMA award.

take back to their classrooms

Career Youth Committee. Two

EHCMA Executive Director, Craig Beskid, shared

and share with their students.

ABC/CMEF representatives, Dr.

the following excerpt from Carla’s award presentation:

Eleven high school districts sent

Steven Horton and Donna Sand-

forty representatives to the ses-

lin were also in attendance.

sion. Chris Loosemore arranged

The sessions were met with

an agenda that included house-

great enthusiasm, and feedback

keeping safety, ladder safety, eye

from the high school instructors

safety, hand safety and fall pro-

was tremendous. Turner Indus-

tection. Industry representatives

tries is one of the first contrac-

present included Magid Safety

tors to offer this type of training

and The Lawless Group. Safety

session in this region. Plans are

professionals Jay Roberson from

underway for a summer semes-

Enterprise and Tim Johnson from

ter to meet professional develop-

“Carla Thompson of Turner Industries is new to working with EHCMA. That newness has not decreased her drive, enthusiasm and leadership backed by deep knowledge and passion for workforce development. Carla leads the EHCMA/ABC Training Subcommittee. Through her leadership she has built an excellent team of manufacturing and construction members to map job content and define common training content. Carla is an excellent example of the synergistic value of the EHCMA/ABC Construction/Manufacturing partnership.”

Houston Fabrication came for

ment requirements.

–C  RAIG BESKID EHCMA Executive Director 18

WINTER 2016-17


How We Use Technology to Drive Client Success.


An Update from Mission Control



he EnterpriseOne® (E1) “Mission to Transition” has ventured into new territory in the last few months, and great strides are being made learning and designing the system to meet the needs of our company at all levels.

the design phase where E1

The E1 mission control room and training lab are

is to complete the building

now home to the CSS consultants who have joined us

phase by the end of March,

over the course of the transition. CSS is a consulting

2017 and move into valida-

service that works with businesses to help facilitate

tion and testing.

modules and modifications are being built. In early November, 2016, Turner’s developers received training and are beginning to write code for the build. The goal

large-scale upgrades of Oracle products such as E1.

In addition to develop-

The CSS team is on-site four days a week and works

ment of the system, Turner

directly with the Turner transition team in both cor-

is well into the training stages

important tasks in each depart-

porate systems and pipe fabrication for all five phases

of the E1 “Mission to Transition.”


of implementation. Mark Wilson, who is the project

Each week, at least one JDETips

manager for the CSS consultants, stated that "CSS

consultant has joined Turner to

consisting of business system

takes pride in building personal relationships with

lead in-depth training for busi-

analysts, trainers, power-users

their business partners to achieve successful out-

ness systems analysts, power-

and consultants from CSS and

comes" and that their goal is "to be one transition

users and managers in both

JDETips, has worked diligently

team—not a CSS team and a Turner Team—simply

corporate systems and pipe fabri-

to make decisions and learn

one upgrade team."

cation. Each training session con-

about the program and its

CSS consultants transition team




The five phases of implementation that the team

centrates on the processes and

possibilities. The coming months

will work through are described as define, design,

applications available in the soft-

will be a very busy time as Turner

build, validate and deploy. Currently Turner has

ware, so decisions can be made

moves towards its end goal

reached the end of the define phase and is entering

on how Turner will use them for

of deployment.


News&Notes Turner Industries Ranked One of 2016 LSU 100


Baton Rouge, La. – Turner Industries is ranked one of the 2016 LSU 100: Fastest Growing Tiger Businesses. The LSU 100 is a highly competitive program that identifies, recognizes and celebrates the 100 fastest growing Tiger-owned or Tiger-led businesses in the world. In addition to celebrating the success of the honorees, the LSU 100 provides a forum to pass lessons on to the next generation of LSU entrepreneurs.

Pasadena's Chili Cook-Off

Baton Rouge, La. – The benefits department held its semi-annual “Walk at Lunch” event in October, 2016. The event promotes employee health and offers an opportunity to visit with local insurance partners and health care providers.


Pasadena, Texas – Turner employees went head-to-head in a chili cook-off at the office complex's most recent quarterly employee event. The six competing teams represented the 1st floor admin building, the 2nd floor admin building, safety, equipment, pipe fab shop and the warehouse. The first place winner

Lake Charles, La. – 2016 marked the 15th

was the Equipment division.

year Turner Industries has cooked at the

McNeese homecoming game. This year our

Judging the cook-off were Turner employees Mack Hayes, Connie Paxton

and David Amos along with Jerry Mouton, Mayor of Deer Park.

crew served over 600 bowls of chili.

Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Corpus Christi, Texas – TEAM Turner members recently volunteered in this year's Making Strides against Breast Cancer. Team Turner was responsible for handing out water and fruit to all the walkers and runners. The event had 17,000 participants and raised over $500,000.


WINTER SUMMER2016-17 2016

News&Notes Rodney Landry ABC Bayou Chapter Member of the Year

Turner Employees Compete in Craft Competition

Dale LeBlanc, chairman, ABC Board of Directors; Rodney Landry, Turner operations manager and David Dupre, vice chairman, ABC Board of Directors.

Baton Rouge, La. – Rodney Landry, operations manager at Turner Industries has been

Baton Rouge, La. – ABC Pelican

named ABC member of the year by the Bayou Chapter. “His dedication and volunteer

recently hosted their annual

leadership over the past twelve plus years has made a difference in the advance-

Craft Competition on December

ment of our safety and craft training, in securing the workhour-funding support

1, 2016. Turner employees com-

needed to propel our construction training center to the forefront of construction

peted in the areas of Millwright,

education throughout the Gulf South, and in developing initiatives and maintaining

Pipefitting, and Welding and

engagement from our membership and their clients in the Chapter’s programs. This

placed in all three events:

gentleman is a visionary, and more importantly if there is such a word, an “actionary” for ABC, high schools, and technical colleges all across Louisiana. Because of him,


we’ve hosted campus visits for school board officials from multiple Parishes, state

1st place / CAMERON CAMPBELL Westlake Vinyls

department leaders, elected government officials, and the local television, radio, and newsprint media—all with the mission of providing the highest-quality education for the construction industry," said Angela M. Latino-Geier, President/CEO of ABC Bayou Chapter.


2nd place / NICHOLAS MORRISON PCS Nitrogen 3rd place / AUSTIN ROUCHER Olin Blue Cube

PIPEFITTING 2nd place / SAUL RAMIREZ Shell Geismar

WELDING 1st place / DARRYL JORDAN ExxonMobil

Stephen Toups, Turner executive vice president speaking to students.


Turner employees serving Jambalaya.

Student getting hands-on experience.

2nd place / ASHTON RICHARDSON Shell Geismar

Baton Rouge, La. – Each year, Turner Industries participates in the ABC Pelican Chapter

Cameron Campbell, Darryl

“Build Your Future” event, where high school students are offered the opportunity

Jordan, and Ashton Richardson

to spend the day learning about our industry. The day is filled with information

will go on to compete at the Na-

about different skilled crafts, testimonials from current heavy industry workers and

tional Craft Championships in Ft.

hands-on experiences. Stephen Toups, executive vice president of Turner, gave an

Lauderdale, Fl. in February, 2017.

inspirational talk to start the day off.


About Us T

urner Industries provides a single solution in heavy industrial construction, maintenance, turnaround, pipe and module fabrication, equipment, rigging and specialized transportation, and associated specialty services. With $2.6B in 2016 revenue, Engineering News-Record Sourcebook ranks Turner the number one industrial maintenance contractor in the United States, and the number one contractor in Texas and Louisiana. The company, headquartered in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, employs 18,000+ and works across the United States.



REGIONAL OFFICES TEXAS Houston Point Comfort Beaumont

Corpus Christi Paris Freeport

LOUISIANA Baton Rouge Lake Charles Monroe Port Allen Corporate Office


Division/Regional Office


New Orleans Hodge LaPlace


FLORIDA Pensacola





Chairman & CEO

Vice Chairman & President

Chief Operating Officer

(800) 288-6503

P.O. Box 2750 Baton Rouge, LA  70821




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