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WINTER 2015-16

TURNER 2.0 WINTER 2015-16


B SENIOR EDITOR Tobie Craig EDITORS Jason Broha, Marie Crespo WRITERS Tobie Craig, Jason Broha, Marie Crespo CONTRIBUTORS Tami Burtram, Greg Dunn, Judy Harris, James LaFleur, Jerri Long, Rodney Landry, John Lindsey, Patricia Livas, Mindy Mahoney, Max Marx, Mary Ellen Montgomery, Ray Neck, Connie Paxton, Raymond Reamey, Carla Thompson, Wayne Tyson, Ellis Vliet PHOTOGRAPHER Marie Crespo CREATIVE DIRECTOR Jason Broha



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y the time you are reading this letter it will officially be 2016! New Years’ confetti will have been swept up, resolutions made, and (hopefully) your Christmas tree is sitting out on the curb or is packed up and back in the attic. We say “by the time you are reading this” because we are writing this letter just before Thanksgiving, 2015. The weather has finally cooled down and holiday tunes have just hit regular rotation on the radio. We actually began work on this issue in October. You might think this magazine comes together in a couple of days, but you would be wrong. In reality, a small, dedicated group of people work together over a three month period on getting each issue written, laid out, printed and into your hands. Something else you should know is that this publication would not exist without the accomplishments and contributions of our employees—so we thank all who contributed to this issue. If you’re a first time reader - welcome! We hope you enjoy the father-son employee profile of Sherman and Ben Brown, as well as other interesting stories sent in by Turner employees around the country. If you’re a regular reader, you may notice this publication has undergone a series of changes over the past year or so. This issue is the largest ever, with 18 pages. Why the changes? Because the success of Turner Industries depends on the people of Turner Industries and we believe our co-workers are the best in the industry. Their stories are the most interesting—second to none. They need to be told and shared. We hope you enjoy this issue as much as we enjoyed putting it together. If you have a suggestion or a story you would like to see included in a future issue, drop us a line at stories@turner-industries.com.

We wish you a safe, healthy and happy 2016!

Jason Broha & Marie Crespo

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WINTER 2015-16




urner has been awarded the 2015 Douglas Manship, Sr. Torch Award for Ethics in Business by the Better Business Bureau of South Central Louisiana. The Manship Award was established in 2001 to honor those businesses which exhibit the highest ethical stan-

Turner Industries–2015 Gold Constructech Vision Award Winner


urner recently received the Gold Constructech Vision Award for our innovative TRAM® software, a web-based application developed in-house, designed to identify and quantify a number of financial industry risk categories, which can then be mitigated.

Pictured are Peggy Smedley, editorial director of Constructech magazine and Jacques Steward, Turner software developer.

The Constructech Vision Awards honor construction companies for recognizing advantages where construction and technology converge and for using technology in an innovative way to solve a problem and improve competitiveness. “TRAM software provides unparalleled advantages to clients. On average, when TRAM software is used, mitigated risk can often be measured in the millions of dollars,” said Sean Reynolds, operations manager of strategic turnaround services at Turner Industries.


Turner Industries Receives CURT Workforce Development Award for the Third Time


urner is proud to have received the prestigious national Construction Users Roundtable (CURT) Workforce Development Award for the third time at the CURT Awards of Excellence celebration in Houston, Texas on November 10, 2015.

dards of behavior towards customers, suppliers, users, shareholders, employees and the community. An independent panel of judges selected the 2015 winners from a field of outstanding businesses.

catalyst that has allowed us to win this award for the third time since 2008,” said Turner Training Manager, Ray Neck. The CURT Workforce Development Awards are designed to provide significant national and international recognition for extraordinary, exemplary, and innovative training and educational programs which encourage individuals to pursue a career in the construction industry and/or enhance an individual’s construction skills.

“This award validates our belief in the strength of our overall program. We are thankful that senior management has provided us with the resources to prove our worth as a world-class workforce development team. That commitment is the major



urner Industries has been honored with the Louisiana Health and Rehab Center (LHRC) 2015 “Spirit of Excellence” award for its long tradition of corporate responsibility and its steadfast commitment to employment opportunities for rehabilitated individuals who are often considered unemployable by other companies. LHRC strives to develop and successfully implement comprehensive quality residential, community-based and outpatient services to those with substance use disorder and mental illness so they may become productive, self-sufficient and contributing members of society. As a second-chance employer, Turner was recognized for its continuous support of this effort.

Collis Temple, III, master of ceremonies; Soundra Temple-Johnson, LHRC founder/ executive director; and Roland Toups, Turner chairman and CEO.

“Turner Industries believes that a company is only as strong as the community in which it operates. Therefore, investing in our communities has always been a priority to us,” said Vice Chairman and President, Thomas Turner.

TURNER TURNER 2.0 Turner 2.0 Turner Industries Industries Company Company Update Update Workforce Development

Meet Turner Industries’



ontinuing our commitment to enhance leadership excellence and to maintain a culture of leadership development, Turner recently graduated another set of Voice of Leadership classes companywide.

Participating in the eleven week in-house training were high potential employees representing all four divisions: maintenance, construction, equipment and pipe fabrication. The objectives of the class are three-fold focusing on effective communication (written and oral), problem solving and leadership skills. The class teaches leadership principles utilizing John C. Maxwell’s “Leadership 101 – What Every Leader Needs to Know.” In addition, participants analyze workplace case study situations developed from actual Turner job experiences and through written reports and oral presentations, they address relevant issues with multiple players including employees, company management and client management. Congratulations to all on your achievement! Top to bottom: Baton Rouge, Houston, Lake Charles, and Decatur VOL classes

Turner Industries Grant Gives Students Access to Collaborating Tech Tool


utchtown Middle School in Geismar, Louisiana, recently implemented the use of a software application called Nearpod®. The Nearpod platform enables teachers to use their electronic tablets to manage content on students’ mobile devices. It combines presentation, collaboration and real-time assessment tools into one integrated solution.

Students at Dutchtown Middle School using the Nearpod application during English class. Nearpod is a registered service mark of Near Marketing, LLC.

Purchase of the application was made possible by a grant from Turner.

WINTER 2015-16


Turner Industries Receives

Established in 1989 by the ABC National Environment, Health & Safety (EH&S) Committee, STEP is an organized approach for analyzing and developing safety and loss prevention programs. The Key Component System forms a 20-point guide to starting, updating or auditing a companywide safety program.



he Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) - Pelican Chapter recognized 33 contractor members with the prestigious Safety Training and Evaluation Process (STEP) award at a recent quarterly Industrial Contractor Council luncheon, with Turner receiving the Platinum STEP Award.

Pictured are Turner Sr. Vice President, Troy Bergeron and ICC Chair, Scott Barringer.


Turner employees at Axiall


he main receiving warehouse on the perimeter of the Axiall, Lake Charles, Louisiana South facility recently celebrated the milestone of working completely accident-free for three years.


what’s coming in a delivery until it arrives. I am proud of each and every one of the men and women who work here every day for their role in helping all of our team members go home safe every day.” The team was honored to have Axiall Purchasing Manager Tom Mervine and Axiall Regional Purchasing Manager Joe Britt in attendance at the celebration.

To make this happen, members of the team worked hard, focusing their efforts on five key areas: housekeeping, risk identification, organization, warehouse and equipment renewal, and development of healthier group work habits.

“I just recently joined this team, but I’m proud of every person here for reaching three years without an accident. The team here has embraced the safety culture and is contributing to our ‘drive to zero.’ Thank you for working safely,” said Mr. Mervine.

The wide variety of products received at RCU #23, some of which are hazardous, present challenges for the warehouse staff. Sara Conrad, warehouse manager, said “most people don’t realize that warehouses have the potential to be very highrisk areas. We don’t always know

This milestone could not have been reached had it not been for the continuous effort of the Warehouse employees which are made up of Axiall and Turner employees, “owning their own safety” as well as their co-workers’ safety.

Turner Employees at Phillips 66 – Belle Chasse, Louisiana Celebrate Safety Milestone


urner employees at Phillips 66 in Belle Chasse, Louisiana recently celebrated 2 years and 1.4 million workhours OSHA recordable free.

Enployees enjoying a well-deserved lunch.

Employees were treated to a well-deserved, celebratory lunch. Thank you to all employees for your hard and safe work!

Huntsman – Port Neches, Texas Celebrates Safety Milestone


urner employees at the Huntsman - Port Neches, Texas facility recently celebrated 5 years and over 2 million workhours without an OSHA recordable.

Executive Vice President of Maintenance, Dwight Braud, thanking the employees at the celebratory luncheon.

“This milestone could not have been accomplished without the continuous effort and commitment from all the employees along with the support from both Turner’s and Huntsman’s site leadership and believing that all incidents are truly preventable,” said James LaFleur, Turner corporate health and safety manager.

TURNER 2.0 Turner Industries Company Update Spotlight | DECATUR

Greg Dunn Anticipates


T Greg Dunn

urner Industries Sr. Vice President and the new Southeast Region Manager, Greg Dunn, joined the company in 2005 as Vice President of the Western Region Maintenance and Turnaround Division in Pasadena, Texas. Greg holds a degree from Texas A&M in Engineering Technology specializing in civil construction, and has been a certified maintenance and reliability professional (CMRP) since 2002, serving on the board of the Houston Chapter of the Society for Maintenance and Reliability Professionals (HCSMRP) since 2007. As he settles into his new role, we asked him to share his vision for growth for the southeast region and this is what he said: “Our local leadership team, which represents all of our business units, working closely together provides the foundation for the southeast region’s potential for growth. Key management from our Maintenance, Construction, Shop Fabrication, SIPA (Scaffolding, Insulation,

Painting & Abatement) Services and Turner Specialty Services (TSS) comprise a regional leadership team that interacts with each other very effectively on a daily basis. This group is responsible for developing and implementing the longterm strategy required to ensure robust business growth that will result in long-term satisfying work for our employees, profitability for Turner Industries and sustainable community support. The southeast regional office in Decatur, Alabama is centrally located in the 4 state region of the Tennessee Valley (AL, MS, TN and GA) and we bring our local array of the many Turner services which differentiate us from our competition. We plan to grow our maintenance presence in the region by leveraging the capabilities of our multiple service offerings and developing lasting relationships so critical to long-term success. Our aggressive business development group is identifying a multitude of work opportunities including maintenance, construction, shop fabrication for both structural and pipe, as well as small capital projects which should be our “bread and butter” revenue stream. Consistent and excellent performance by our SIPA and TSS inspection field teams has resulted in significant new awards and impressive growth projections. All our business units will build upon their success as we position the company to take advantage of new maintenance opportunities. Our southeast region facilities provide efficient shop fabrication (structural, modular and pipe) and coating services. We are competitive with an excellent track record of delivering the highest quality. We will continue to be supported by all Turner regions for service expansion beyond the immediate Tennessee Valley region. Key to our success includes overflow and pull-through support from all Turner divisions for our shop fabrication and coatings which allows us to maintain a larger workforce in our facilities. Our business model for success relies on these facility capabilities to provide competitive and differentiating services to both existing and new customers.”

Turner Industries Celebrates One Year at BP Facility in Decatur, Alabama

Turner employees at the BP facility in Decatur, Alabama


urner employees at the BP site in Decatur, Alabama are celebrating their oneyear anniversary since becoming members of the Turner “family.” In December 2014, Turner acquired the in-house maintenance contract for the BP Decatur facility. Averaging 125 employees, Turner employees provide a high level of service in helping the site manufacture the building blocks for thousands of essential daily items, ranging from plastic water bottles to flat-screen televisions. Services include mechanical, piping, scaffolding, insulation, abatement and NDE services. In this short period, the Turner site team has successfully executed two turnarounds and four mini-outages. Feedback from the customer has been positive with confirmation that the move to Turner in 2014 was the best decision, as Turner demonstrates daily its commitment to assist the BP Decatur site in reducing their operating costs. We are proud of the accomplishments and performance of our employees at the site, and not only look forward to finishing the year off successfully, but are confident that this is just the first year of a long-term relationship with the BP Decatur site. 06

WINTER 2015-16

Employee Profile


L 07

ike most kids, Ben Brown, had only a general idea of what his father, Sherman, did for a living. He knew that he worked at the same company as his grandfather and great uncle, but it was not until his late teens that he became aware of exactly the type of work his father did.

Sherman enjoys waking up and going to work just as much today as he did at age twenty-two. “There is a satisfaction of working for a company that recognizes performance and ability. It’s amazing the opportunities I’ve had to learn and grow as an individual while at the same time helping the company grow.”

Flashback to 1975. Maintenance Manager and Ben’s father, Sherman Brown, begins working for Turner Industries when it was still Nichols Construction. He was twenty-two years old and a carpenter’s apprentice where his father and uncle worked—both have since retired from the company after decades of loyal service. Having begun his career, Sherman quickly became a foreman, and over the years has advanced to the position of supervisor, then superintendent, then site manager, and now to his current position of maintenance manager. He recently celebrated his 40th anniversary with the company.

Ben never imagined himself following his father into the heavy industrial maintenance and construction field. He always knew he wanted to do something math-related. “I love math. It is predictable, linear, measurable and absolute. You are right or wrong. Everything else is a negotiation,” said Ben.

TURNER 2.0 Turner Industries Company Update

With his interest in math, Ben decided to attend Louisiana State University (LSU) and pursue a degree in accounting. Working in the field for Turner as a laborer/carpenter/electrician helper during school breaks made it possible for Ben to finish college debt free. After graduation Ben held several different positions with large corporations like Hertz and Wal-Mart, but the real possibility of having to relocate was not part of his, or his wife’s, future family plans. Ben wanted a job with an established, local company, with room for career advancement and that is exactly what he found at Turner nine years ago. Today, Ben holds the title of Corporate Treasury Manager. However, making the decision to work at the same company as his dad was not an easy decision. “In the beginning I did not want to be associated with my dad because I needed to choose my own path and make my own way. It was and is important to me that I not ride on my dad’s coattails,” said Ben.

Ben has been on the board since its inception and is currently serving as chairperson. Sherman can always be counted on to head up a volunteer project somewhere. However, first and foremost comes family. Sherman is married to his high school sweetheart, MaryJayne, and together they have two children: Ben and his older brother Christopher, an electrical engineer working in Houston, Texas. Sherman credits his wife, who he describes as a very strong woman, with the excellent upbringing of their children. Ben also married the love of his life, Stacey, and together they have three children: Ella 9, Ally 7 and Jackson 4.

“I understand Ben’s position completely,” said Sherman. “It was exactly how I felt when I started out working for the same company as my dad forty years ago.”

What would be the title of your autobiography?

As it turns out, riding on their father’s coattails has never been an issue for either one of them as they are both very driven, independent people. While father and son are both independent individuals, there are commonalities between them. An overlapping interest they share is community involvement. Sherman and Ben are both members and active supporters of TEAM Turner™.

“There is a satisfaction of working for a company that recognizes performance and ability. It’s amazing the opportunities I’ve had to learn and grow as an individual while at the same time helping the company grow.” –Sherman Brown

What is the best advice you have ever received? Sherman: Roland Toups told me early-on that ROI stands for “Return on Integrity.” I could not agree more and I have based my career on this. Ben: You have got to stand for something or you’ll fall for anything.

What is your personal mantra? Sherman: Be fair and consistent. This was instilled in me by one of my early mentors, Larry Thyre. Ben: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” – Unknown

Sherman: There is No Elevator to Success, You Have to Take the Stairs. Ben: Anonymous Excellence; You Are the Man Behind the Curtain.

Thank you Sherman and Ben for taking the time to meet with us and share your multigenerational Turner story as second and third generation Turner employees.

Ben Brown, Sherman Brown and Sherman's father Alvin J. Brown

Sherman Brown back in his field days.


WINTER 2015-16

Turner Industries Takes Part in Genesis Energy Project


he recent “Genesis Energy Project” at the Port of Baton Rouge in Louisiana involved the placement and installation of seven bridge sections fabricated by Dolphin Services, LLC. Turner’s equipment division, which has worked with Dolphin Services before, completed the lifts in the fall of 2015. The bridges will be used to transport oil and vacuum gas oil (VGO) from the river to storage tanks. On November 9th, Turner’s Liebherr 500 ton LMT hydraulic crane was assembled, and the first two bridge sections, weighing 75,419 lbs., were lifted into place as one lift. Sections three and four, weighing 86,199 lbs., were also put into place using one lift. To complete the final lift of the last three sections, which weighed a combined 125,030 lbs., we used our DEMAG

TC 4000 with a 256’ main boom and the Liebherr 500 ton hydraulic crane working together. This lift required the boom of the DEMAG crane to reach out to a 192’ radius in order to set its part of the bridge. All of the lifts were completed without incident.

Workforce Development



ecognizing the continuing need for qualified coating inspectors, Turner recently hosted its third National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE) CIP Level 1 Coating Inspector class at the Highlandia Office in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and at the Port Allen, Louisiana painting facility. Richard Kelly, manager of the Port Allen painting facility, served as one of the instructors.

Each division of Turner sent representatives, who ranged from foremen to managers. With such a diverse group in attendance, it allowed for sharing of information and some interesting conversations about past experiences. The class was six days long and totaled 60 hours of instruction, which


included a lab day at the Turner Port Allen coatings facility. The lab day allowed each student to abrasiveblast and paint a panel. Then they used their panels to conduct their inspections using all the different industry gauges and tools as they learned to verify specification requirements.

TURNER 2.0 Turner Industries Company Update Workforce Development

Turner Honored for



ecently, Turner Industries and Turner Specialty Services each received a Greater Baton Rouge Industry Alliance (GBRIA) 2015 Contractor Craft Workforce Development Excellence Award.

The awards are given to recognize contractors which promote best practices to develop the skills and retention of craft personnel in the Baton Rouge, Louisiana region and who devote time and effort to quality workforce development programs that include recruitment, assessment, training, career paths and retention.

Pictured left to right are: Ray Neck, Wayne Tyson, Rick Stewart, Elizabeth Beckham and Bryan Gerace of Turner with John Pacillo from Mexichem Fluor.

Turner Industries has received the Award of Excellence every year since 2007. We have also received the Award of Excellence for Turner Specialty Services for the past three years.

High School Culinary Class Cooks Thanksgiving Lunch For Turner Office


his year’s Thanksgiving lunch at our Pasadena, Texas office complex was prepared and served by a group of culinary students from Deer Park High School who take classes led by Chef Reginald (Reggie) Vincent. The delicious Texas BBQ style lunch was very much appreciated by all, including Deer Park Mayor, Jerry Mouton, who stopped by for a bite to eat and to visit with employees.



ssociated Builders and Contractors (ABC) – Pelican Chapter’s annual “Build Your Future” week was recently held in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and once again, Turner Industries was a big part of the event. Each year, ABCPelican invites high school students from surrounding parishes to visit their training facility and talk about career opportunities in heavy industry. Rodney Landry, Turner manager, was this year’s speaker. In addition to sharing his personal story of how he has developed a successful career in this industry, he taught the students a little about teamwork by having them participate in a friendly competition. Students were separated into pairs, with each student only able to use one hand. They were then asked to tie a shoe as a team. It sounds easier than it is, and they all learned a little something about working together and depending on others. They also toured the ABC training facility and watched teachers demonstrate, and talk about, the different craft training classes available. The day ended with a jambalaya lunch prepared and served by Turner volunteers.


WINTER 2015-16

My Tool Kit

ISLAND TIME(KEEPERS) Our “My Tool Kit” series explores the tools it takes to do different kinds of jobs at Turner Industries.

Kindness & a great attitude...



omething that is mission critical—to both Turner and to our employees—is time. And that makes timekeeping very important. Meet best friends, timekeepers and your co-workers, Sharon Samuel and Edna Richardson, lovingly referred to as “Shedna” by our field accounting services support group. Sharon and Edna have both been with Turner for thirteen years. They spent the first eleven years of their employment working at the Hovensa Refinery in St. Croix, Virgin Islands, their home. When the plant closed in 2012, FASS Manager, Paige Braud, knew they were too good to lose, so she offered them a job on the mainland. Sharon and Edna both enjoyed working for Turner, and relocating was not a big issue for them since Edna’s three children and one of Sharon’s four children were already working stateside. Sharon’s other three children came with her when she moved. However, the women had one request prior to final agreement—they wanted to keep working together. “We love the family environment here at Turner and take great pride in telling others where we work, because of how much Turner does for our communities and employees,” they said. These hardworking ladies bring joy with them everywhere they go, and it is not uncommon for them to break out in a Caribbean song and dance in the middle of the day. But don’t let their playful spirit fool you. When it comes down to it, they are all business and are well respected by everyone. “Sharon and Edna are some of the best timekeepers I have ever worked with,” said Turnaround Manager Jeremy Swarts.


TURNER 2.0 Turner Industries Company Update

1 9

3 4

6 5




Let’s take a look at their timekeeper “toolkits” and see what they use to perform their job. 1 Computer “It’s an essential part of our job. We have to input all employees’ time and run payroll.” 2 C alculator “Obviously it’s very important to make sure all hours add up correctly—for Turner, the client and, of course, the employees.” 3 Scanner “To scan documents for JD Edwards input.” 4 Telephone “Who doesn’t need a phone?” 5 I sland Trinkets “Now we’re getting to the important things. These make us feel at home. Doesn’t everyone have a beach chair to hold their cellphone?”

6 S t. Croix National Dolls “They were a gift to us from Sharon’s daughter. Dressed in cultural dresses, we keep these with us on our travels. They are not VooDoo dolls as some people think.” 7 I sland Snacks “We stock up on these whenever we find them in a store over here. We don’t do well without our snacks.” 8 Office Supplies “A ‘blinged-out’ office is a must.” 9 Ocean Screen Savers “So we can dream ourselves back home.” 10 C ] roton “Another reminder of home. Pretty much everyone on St. Croix has one of these plants in their yard.”


WINTER 2015-16

TEAM Turner™



wo-year-old Brantly Williams returned to his Walker-area home after spending three months in care at Children’s Hospital in New Orleans. He was met by cheers from family members and a group of TEAM Turner volunteers who had spent several days working in heat and humidity building a ramp to make his family’s home wheelchair-accessible.

A devastating four-wheeler accident on Mother’s Day left Brantly with a traumatic brain injury, greatly diminished eyesight and months, if not years, of recovery ahead of him.

Team Turner™ Decatur Cooks For Conservation Group

‘Geaux Blue Game Day’ Title Given To Turner Industries Employees


EAM Turner – Decatur, Alabama recently participated in the Morgan County Chapter of the Alabama Wildlife Federation Wild Game Nathon Williams and Donna Williams Cook-Off. Our team “Roux-ga-roux” was sponsored by Turner Specialty Services and led by Nathon Williams. “Roux-ga-roux” snagged 2nd place in the wild game category and was runner-up when it came to presentation. Forty-five teams competed. All proceeds for the cook-off and related fundraising went to benefit the Alabama Wildlife Federation.


If you would like to read more, please visit The Advocate at: http://theadvocate.com/news/13240378-123/2-year-old-miracle-babyreturns-to


mployees of Turner Industries - Lake Charles Operations, led by Greg Thibodeaux, prepared and served chili to McNeese State University (MSU) Sonny Maricle, Greg Dorman, Woody Woods, football fans who are members Mary Ellen Montgomery, Darrell Penny, Greg Thibodeaux and Kenny Bartoszek. of the PetroChem Club. Despite rainy weather, approximately 300 people were served for the McNeese Homecoming Game held Saturday, October 24, 2015. MSU prevailed in the game against Northwestern State University. After the event, Turner employees were chosen as the “Geaux Blue Game Day” winners. The “Geaux Blue Game Day” contest encourages business people to dress in blue and show their support and spirit for the McNeese State Cowboys.

TURNER 2.0 Turner Industries Company Update



embers of TEAM Turner gathered at Highland Park in Baton Rouge, Louisiana to participate in the annual St. Jude fundraising walk/run.

TEAM Turner raised $5,470 for the event which benefitted St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee. The mission of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is to advance cures and means of prevention, for pediatric catastrophic diseases through research and treatment. No child is denied treatment, regardless of a family's ability to pay.

Pipe Fab Group Gives Blood, Sets Record


or the past four years, the Port Allen, Louisiana pipe fab shop has received the Achievement Award for the “Most Outstanding Industrial Group” from Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center (OLOLRMC).

Jammin’ Out With Jambalaya For United Way

The Port Allen office holds three yearly blood drives for OLOLRMC. A record fifty-six employees gave blood at the most recent drive. Thank you to all employees who donated.

Employees Raise Funds For Co-worker


he 28th Annual Capital Area United Way Jambalaya Jam was held in downtown Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Forty-seven different cooking teams competed for the title of Best Jambalaya and helped raise money for Capital Area United Way®. Turner employees who work at the PCS Nitrogen job site in Geismar, Louisiana, cooked on their team, making enough jambalaya for over 300 people.


Although our team didn’t take the top prize competition, we still think they had the most “jammin’” jambalaya!

ast year, a member of our Turner family at the Celanese project in La Porte, Texas, was the victim of a terrible hit and run. The accident left Liliana Cisnerors in a coma and her family in financial distress. In true Turner spirit, co-workers at the Celanese job site stepped up to the plate and, to date, have raised $13,800 by organizing various fundraisers including selling nearly 400 BBQ plates, collecting donations and holding an offsite benefit event. We are happy to report that Liliana has made great improvements and is in the final stage of recovery. Thank you to all employees at the Celanese project for your compassion and generosity. 14

WINTER 2015-16

TEAM Turner™

CORPUS CHRISTI MAKING STRIDES AGAINST BREAST CANCER EAM Turner™ - Corpus Christi, Texas, recently participated in the “Making Strides Against Breast Cancer” walk and raised over $2,000 for the event. During the month leading up to the walk, related fundraising events were held at the office and the morale was high among all participants.

raised a lot of money that day! Also, the walk on Saturday was really fun. Meeting others from Turner who enjoyed giving back to the community was very gratifying. I feel this is the start of some great relationships and a lot of fun,” said Joshua Barnett, Turner logistics foreman.

“I had an awesome time with TEAM Turner. It was my first event, and it was a blast. I enjoyed being part of the fundraising team making the hot dog plates for the fab shop and construction groups’ lunches. We

“My involvement with TEAM Turner and being able to be a part of the walk this weekend was a BLAST! It was the first of many experiences to come, and I’m proud to be able to give back to the community as well


Joshua Barnett

Martin Mata

Advocating for Children in Decatur, Alabama


urner employees in Decatur, Alabama are proud to announce their involvement in the Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) for Children of North Alabama. Senior Vice President, Dave Ellerbe, has been invited to join the CASA Board of Directors.

Greg Dunn, Sr. VP/Regional Manager, Ahbra Northcutt, Executive Director CASA, Dave Amos, Accounting Manager and Dave Ellerbe Sr. Vice President. 15

as those in need. I strongly believe in giving back, and I’m so blessed to have been able to do so in this way. I look forward to many more events, and thank you for allowing me to be a part of our AWESOME TEAM,” said Martin Mata, Turner fabrication division.

Every day in this country, 1,900 children become victims of abuse or neglect, and four of them will die. CASA

for Children is a network of 949 community-based programs that recruit, train and support citizen-volunteers to advocate for the best interests of abused and neglected children in courtrooms and communities. Volunteer advocates—empowered directly by the courts—offer judges the critical information they need to ensure that each child’s rights and needs are being attended to while in foster care. Volunteers stay with children until they are placed in loving permanent

homes. For many abused children, a CASA volunteer is the only constant adult presence in their lives. Nationally, CASA volunteers contributed 5.7 million advocacy hours last year. Children with a CASA volunteer spend less time in the court system thus saving millions in tax payer dollars. The North Alabama division now covers 3 local counties where the majority of the Turner Decatur employees reside. Thank you to all employees in the Decatur region for becoming involved with CASA.

A dust twister touched down directly behind Turner’s crane and rigging shop at the Pasadena, Texas equipment yard on August 10, 2015. No damage or injuries were reported.


WINTER 2015-16



ayne Tyson, Turner workforce development manager and long-time active member of the organization Volunteers in Public Schools (VIPS), recently traded places for a day with Mer-

Merrydale Elementary School children show Wayne Tyson their classroom work.

rydale Elementary School Principal Tana Boudreaux. The event was part of a VIPS exchange program where professionals are invited to act as principal and in turn, the principal spends a day with a professional at his or her place of work. During his brief tenure at Merrydale, Wayne got to experience first-hand the everyday hard work that goes into being an elementary school principal. Tana also had a very busy day and was impressed with her experiences at Turner.

Turner Employees Participate in Workforce Outreach Event


urner Industries – Houston Region recently participated in the 2015 Construction & Maintenance Education Foundation (CMEF) Career Expo at the Pasadena Municipal Fairgrounds. This event supports local high schools involved with the CMEF Construction Careers Youth Program and is organized by the CMEF Committee. Twenty-nine high schools in the Houston region sent students who are enrolled in career and technical programs. Four hundred twenty high school students and fifty chaperones attended the event which had career information booths and hands-on activities for the students, like welding and crane simulators, along with a mini-excavator and man-lifts. Turner had both a career information booth and a hands-on event this year. Turner’s Ronald Barber, Jesse DeLeon, Jill Hill, Chris Loosemore and David Jones assisted in helping students familiarize themselves with real safety gear. Drago Supply


Merrydale Elementary Principal, Tana Boudreaux, and Turner Workforce Development Manager, Wayne Tyson

Turner Industries Delivers Welding Supplies to High School Partners


orkforce Development Manager, Wayne Tyson and Turner employee Reagan Phelps, visited Pearl River High School in Pearl River, Louisiana and Independence High School in Independence, Louisiana, bringing safety supplies, welding rods, coveralls and welding gloves. Students were very excited to get their Turner gear. Pearl River High School and Independence High School are just two of our partner high schools from the ABC Bayou Chapter.

Students “getting their gear on” in the Turner booth.

donated the safety gear needed for the Turner ”Get Your Gear On” booth. Turner employees Eric Stephenson and Sarah Milum spent the day as student escorts, and Tommy White, Jr. and Carla Thompson worked the career information booth. Turner-sponsored schools attending were: Turner High School from Pearland; Pasadena Career and Technical High School; Deer Park North and South High Schools; and Goose Creek ISD Career and Technical Center. The NCCER curricula taught by our sponsored schools are CORE, HVAC, Electrical and Welding.

Pictured above are Independence High School Students along with teacher Dwayne Wascom, Wayne Tyson and Reagan Phelps.

Pictured above are Pearl River High School Students along with their instructor Billy Mayfield and Reagan Phelps.

TURNER 2.0 Turner Industries Company Update Announcements


MobilOps summit


urner’s Integrated Solutions Group (ISG) held their 3rd Annual MobilOps™ Users Group Summit at the South Shore Harbour Resort and Conference Center. Several guest speakers from our various clients delivered presentations on how MobilOps and our ISG team has improved their respective operations and maintenance processes, as well as reliability at each of their sites. In addition, we had the opportunity to get great feedback on how our progressive technology and service solutions have made their sites better. Several presentations highlighted how using Turner's MobilOps system speeds up formerly paper-based processes, reduces duplicated efforts and provides much clearer visibility into daily equipment operation since they can finally put their data and analytics to use. The Summit also presented a great opportunity to hear suggestions regarding how the MobilOps platform can be expanded to continue to serve our Turner family of users, while delivering cutting edge technology solutions that differentiate Turner from our competitors. At the conclusion of the Summit, there was a clear message that Turner and MobilOps are a winning combination. Our clients are telling us that using it makes them better, and that’s exactly the result we set out to achieve.

Executive Education Development Program Raises $12,100 for Make a Wish Foundation


andy Rebowe, senior vice president of corporate estimating and proposals, recently participated in the Executive Education Development program at LSU. The program also sponsored a “Legacy Project,” raising $12,100 for the Make a Wish Foundation. The Legacy Project is a big-picture research, learning and social innovation group. Drawing on the natural and social sciences, it is Zach Boudreaux, Ashley about connecting generations to each other to create a new way of Bares, Randy Rebowe and thinking and acting. The program is about bringing together past, Skip Bertman present, and future or, in other words, memories, opportunities and dreams. LSU Baseball Coach Paul Mainieri and former LSU Baseball Coach and Athletic Director Skip Bertman provided the main prizes for this effort.

Baton Rouge a Bit Greener with Help of Turner Industries


ice Chairman and President, Thomas H. Turner, on behalf of Turner Industries, spearheaded Baton Rouge Green’s installation of the newest Living Roadway site at the intersection of College Drive and Interstate 10 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Phase One of the project has been completed with the planting of 277 shrubs and 47 trees—all native to the area—including Swamp Red Maples, Sweetbay Magnolias, Dahoons, Hollies, Hackberries, Yaupons, Spruce Pines, Bald Cypresses, White Oaks and Titis. Phase Two will be planted this winter when Baton Rouge Green plans to add 324 more trees and shrubs.

International Visitors Tour Pasadena, Texas Fabrication Facility


Chinese delegation from the Cultural Education Association for International Exchange Trading recently visited Houston, Texas as part of a Global Corporate College Initiative with San Jacinto College. Turner Industries was asked to facilitate a tour of our fabrication shop. The group visited several welding facilities in the Houston area with the purpose of seeing fabrication units in action, as well as welding procedures used. After that, they traveled on to San Antonio for a two-week stay that included a visit to a Toyota factory.

Turner Industries Awarded Two Training Grants


urner was recently awarded its sixth Incumbent Worker Training Grant (IWTP) through the Louisiana Workforce Commission. This grant will provide training in various NDT (non-destructive testing) and welding inspection topics. It will provide a pilot class for up to 190 hours of weekend welding training and up to 50 hours of seat time training for a limited number of aspiring crane operators. Various safety training courses will be fully paid for and three precision maintenance millwright classes will be included. Finally, we will again offer the LSU Department of Continuing Education’s leadership, administrative, computer and basic accounting courses. We are excited to offer this training to our employees and wish good luck to this year’s participants. 18

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