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Can a school change who you are, who you will become and where you will go in life?


For generations Ridley has shaped the lives and futures

of graduates living around the globe.

A British-style school in Canada just across the U.S. border, drawing students from countries all over the world and teaching an international curriculum — we’re

not just a college prep school. We’re a world prep school.

tradition timeless

What’s true? What’s worth keeping? These are questions life at Ridley helps you answer. Because they are questions we as a school think a lot about. We don’t carry on traditions here just because they’ve always been done that way. As one of the original schools established in Canada, we keep certain traditions and start new ones because they have meaning and add value to our community.

Beginning the week with Chapel

centers our souls and our community.

Our classical architecture — elegant and substantive — stands for the strength of our school community, the bonds we share while we are here and the care we all take to sustain this remarkable place.

Our motto — Terar dum prosim

(May I Be Consumed In Service) — is perhaps more relevant today than ever as your generation is ignited by the fire of social responsibility and service more than any in decades.

What is true for you? What do you value enough to sustain? Where better than a school of timeless tradition to figure that out?

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Ridley is a school of the world that prepares students for the world. We have forged a global identity among independent schools by bringing together influences from Great Britain, the United States, our own prestigious Canadian heritage and a multinational student body and faculty.

Modeled after the oldest independent schools yet born of the new world we have built on our classical

roots to offer students a forwardlooking and rigorous university preparatory education. Ridley’s

world prep education and experience begin in the Lower School with our youngest students and build through Upper School, which includes a post-graduate year program.

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We offer the Ontario Secondary School curriculum, Advanced Placement courses, five languages, art, drama, music and a best-practice, cross-disciplinary pedagogy in the Lower School. Many of our

faculty members have taught in schools around the world so they understand what it means to prepare students for a seamless transition to life and learning anywhere in the world.

Indeed, our graduates attend some of

the most selective colleges and universities around the globe, including the Art Institute of Chicago, Cornell University, McGill University, Princeton University, University of Edinburgh, University of Hong Kong, University of Pennsylvania, University of St. Andrews, University of Toronto and Yale University, and go on to build global professional and personal lives.

engaged As one of our day students has said, “I sleep at home, but I live here.” What she means is that whether you’re coming to Ridley from the other side of the globe as a boarding student or from Toronto as a day student, this school will do more than teach you Latin or calculus. Ridley will engage you in a world of friends and ideas and in your own personal adventure.

That adventure includes dozens of ways to

involve yourself in the arts, athletics, service and leadership. It includes the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, which gives you international accreditation for extracurricular activities in community service, personal development, athletics and outdoor expeditions.

Developing your creativity, your

skills, your character and relationships with other students, teachers, coaches and mentors that sustain you here and far beyond is all part of the adventure. In the process you learn to contribute your talents first to the Ridley community and then to the world.

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houses the

Many students don’t imagine that such a campus as Ridley’s actually exists anywhere but in literature and movies.

Others have known about Ridley all their lives, anticipating and dreaming of life on the Ridley campus. Part of that dream is our unique House system.


In addition to a castle of a campus we have a

classic British-style House system — microcosms of friends from all over who become like family. More than mere dormitories, the Houses of Ridley are the fabric of our premier student life program, setting Ridley apart from other schools. Ridley Houses are not just for boarding students. All our students are affiliated with a House from the moment they arrive, throughout their time at Ridley and as Old Ridleians.

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The ten Houses — Arthur Bishop House East and West, Burgoyne House, Dean’s House, Gooderham House East and West, Leonard House, Mandeville House and Merritt House North and South — have their own histories, traditions, school ties, teams and resident faculty including a Housemaster, Assistant Housemaster and Residence Don.

Our truly cosmopolitan community — over 30 nations represented — means that students learn about world understanding, friendship, cooperation and respect firsthand with their Housemates. These are lessons and friends Ridleians take into the world.

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that’s yours

To graduate from Ridley is to have the keys to knowledge in your pocket, true friends by your side, a ticket to the world in your hand and the resources of a legacy at your back as you move forward in life.

As the world grows “flatter� and more complex, global connections are ever more essential.

You can count on your fellow Old Ridleians to be there for you in friendship and in life wherever it takes you.

Ridleians feel a pride of connection that begins in our history and traditions. They feel a sense of community, having shared life and learning together on this extraordinary campus. But more than the traditions and the place, the legacy that’s yours when you come to Ridley is a kinship with remarkable people — a worldwide Ridley family of students, alumni, faculty and parents. Make Ridley’s legacy yours.

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