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Giving people the power to do great work.

Portfolio, November 2019

Giving people the power to do great work.

Turn gives people the power to get into great work. This includes programs that are specifically designed for people who are looking for work and who want to build skills and networks. Turn programs and projects are highly effective and enjoyable group exercises that enable participants to develop a meaningful work and learning plan, build employability skills and create great outcomes for local communities. Our programs are delivered under license, by local staff and/or contractors. We supply the custom-designed materials, train the local trainer(s) and monitor the program quality. We also assist the program through online, phone and face-to-face support.

Our products and services

Training Program

Community Projects

Online Community Network

We empower jobseekers to stand out in the competitive job market.

We offer opportunities to build skills and deliver outcomes for communities.

We connect local employers and local jobseekers to do great work.

Turn (Australia), Phone: 1300 315 559,,

The Story Turn (Australia) has been operating since 2014 and is formally trading as Matchbox Works Pty Ltd. Founded by Donovan John Szypura, Turn immediately started to deliver exceptional results with the innovative Matchbox program. Turn has evolved into a successful ‘outside-the-box’ enterprise with the mission to give people the power to do great work. Turn has secured major projects in Southern Tasmania and delivers programs for diverse groups of all ages, including high school students, youth programs, apprenticeship centres, parenting programs, arts organisations, employment service providers, and vocational training organisations.

Engagement with impact Turn currently offers two innovative training programs, Matchbox and Backswing. Each program offers a set of methods which focus on the existing potential within individuals and communities and encourages both to become active agents in their own development. This way they are enabled to gain secure employment and build resilience in a challenging society. Turn’s work is based on five principles:


The aims, purposes and goals for each program and project are clearly communicated in such a way that participants and their local communities can readily access them.


Turn‘s expertise in program design and experience in delivering against funding requirements helps organisations and community groups to achieve great outcomes and attain KPI’s.


Participants are actively involved in program design and project delivery. Local employers are involved by guiding and linking with participants.


Turn’s relationship with participants, communities and organisations usually develop into long-lasting collaborations. Participants experience a sense of teamwork and build long lasting networks which becomes ‘contagious’ and self-sustaining.


Turn provides skills, tools, practices and techniques that give people the power to do great work in diverse areas of their lives. Our philosophy is to be agile and use challenges as driving energy.

Facts & Figures

Operating since 2014 High tender success rate Measurable individual outcomes 700 individual engagements  * Participants who successfully completed Turn’s program

60 % paid job outcomes * 100% participant satisfaction National media coverage Online and F2F delivery

Igniting the possibilities.

Matchbox empowers jobseekers and micro-businesses to secure employment in the competitive job market through designing smart and creative campaigns. Participants leave Matchbox equipped with a powerful plan and a customised personal marketing campaign. The Matchbox three pillar model transforms lives and enables job creation and job placement, not only through traditional methods but by reigniting people‘s confidence to self-promote and reactivate personal and business networks.

THE MATCHBOX MODEL Inspiration Matchbox shares a creative and inspiring environment that creates a casual yet professional and collaborative atmosphere. Each program and workshop is based on a proven method that leads participants to reaching their goals. Knowledge Matchbox is using the principle that seeking employment or building a business is about implementing a unique advertising and marketing campaign. Participants who undertake the Matchbox program learn how to develop a creative and authentic campaign gaining access to graphic design, social media and strategic insights from industry professionals. Technology Matchbox offers free accessible online tools for participants that enable them to create and update campaigns across many platforms and mediums. Participants learn how to use modern technology in order to access the advertised and the hidden job market. Whether you are looking for a new job or building a business, Matchbox will help you stand out from the crowd.

Turn (Australia), Phone: 1300 315 559,,

THE Matchbox Training Program

A series of essential workshops to get job-ready and stand out in the competitive job market.


The participants identify their personal objectives by using a set of tools in order to give their career a direction.

4 My Cloud Support

2 Point of Difference 3 Get on My Cloud

The participants apply advertising and marketing principles to define their unique qualities, identify their target audiences and use the right tools to communicate their message to employers in a way that will stand out from the crowd.

The participants set up a free and functional cloud based environment (Email, file storage, calendar, address book) for managing their career, including the documentation that comprises their Work and Learning Plan.

5 Employability Skills 6 LANDING IT Workshops

An online service for supporting

An online service for supporting participants and providers with participants and providers initial implementation of theirwith initial of their cloudimplementation based information cloud based information environment. environment.

A set of workshops covering the key employability skills required by employers, including: • Introduction to the new World of Work • Problem Solving • Communication • Digital Literacy • Teamwork • Presentation Skills • Critical Thinking • Creativity • Financial Literacy

A series of workshops in the key skills required to land a job including: • Job Search • Social Media • Applications and Interviews

Igniting the possibilities.

Matchbox empowers job-seekers and micro-businesses to secure employment in the competitive job market through creating smart and creative campaigns and by building employability skills. Phone: 0405 996 908

Network Administrator Phone: 0400 875 507 │ │

Innovative technologies and online tools to promote health & well-being within communities.

Mobile: 0409 070 094

Seeds for thought Elise creates concepts designed to allow clients‘ potential to grow.

Turn (Australia), Phone: 1300 315 559,,

Matchbox members learn how to apply marketing and advertising principles and define their personal uniqueness, identify their potential audience and create the right tools to bring the message across.

Naomi Edwards

Amber Chong Green

BSc (Hons) FIA FIAA FNZSA MAICD Mobile: 0408 878 089




See what she sees Naomi Edwards is a professional non-executive director. She has chaired listed ASX companies, industry super funds and not-for-profits.


An actuary by training, with an executive background in the financial services industry, her perspective in interpreting complex financial interactions and seeing the long term implications is unique. Naomi has a first class honours degree in mathematics from the University of Canterbury. She is a Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries (London) as well as a Fellow of the Australian and New Zealand Institutes of Actuaries. She is well respected in both the financial services and the environmental communities, where she has a personal interest in conservation and socially responsible investment.


REFEREE Naomi Edwards. See what she sees.

December 2014

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Pete Waterson 26 Brisbane Street, Hobart TAS 7000 Phone: 0411 34 12 46 Email: Date of Birth: 21 January 1978

Education and Qualifications • High School Education: Graduated from Rosny College (Year 12) in 2001 • Post-School Qualifications: Certificate III in Civil Construction; White Card • Licences: Forklift Work Experience • Ten years as trades assistant for Tasmania’s largest civil construction company • Three years as overseas volunteer in Africa working on infrastructure projects • Ten years in Army Reserve Skills • Extensive experience working safely on domestic and commercial sites • Strong customer liaison skills • Ability to read and apply plans • Mature, self-starter; minimal supervision required • Capacity to mentor others in the workplace

Can‘t wait to get my hands dirty ! Just call 0423 12 13 14 or | | Phone: +61 62 66 Princes Street, Sandy Bay 7005, Tasmania, Australian


London, England

1974 > 1976 The high school of Art and Design – Juilliard school of Mus

1977 > 1980 PRATT university/ Brooklyn, NY – M.F.A in photography, ph illustration, graphic design, corporate communication and p humanities – Master class workshop at The Society of Illu

1977 > 1980 Freelance photographer – 1st meeting with 3 prominent con photographers, Ernst Haas, Pete Turner and Jay Maisel

Swing hard, in case you hit it.

Backswing is about groups of people working together to face a set of challenges, identify their strengths, aim at a sweet-spot and follow through with impact. Backswing projects have three parallel goals. First, to deliver a great outcome of lasting benefit to local communities. Second, to develop the employability skills of each of the participants in the project group. And thirdly, to establish self-functioning networks of people who help each other to do great work after the Backswing project has been completed.

THREE BACKSWING FOCUS AREAS & OBJECTIVES COMMUNITIES A group of dedicated people develop a marketing campaign on an important local community issue. It is developed from conception to delivery by the group, in consultation with community partners and supported by project coordination from the hosts. PARTICIPANTS The participants develop and improve employability skills and identify work opportunities while working on the project. NETWORK The group builds a network of working relationships with employers, local organisations and supporters. The group memebers supports each other in the search for great work.

Powered by

Turn (Australia), Phone: 1300 315 559,,


A project for your community to gain work experience, develop skills and link up with employers.

1 Introduction

• • • •

Induction Backswing Induction Workplace Getting to know each other Workplace Health and Safety


• • • • • •

Project Risk Assessment Preparing Presentation Finalising Presentation Presenting Presentation Analysing Feedback Defining Next Steps

9 Reflection

• Review Personal Workbook • Identify Personal Employability Skills • Identify Opportunities

2 Understanding

• • • • • • • • •

Core Skills for Work Workplace Behaviours Teamwork Marketing and Advertising Personal Skills Backswing Online Systems Creative Software Photography Social Media and Networks

6 Adjustment

• • • • •

Content Corrections Layout Adjustments Project Plan Adjustments, Testing Concept Organising Resources

10 Utilisation

• • • •

Developing Personal Marketing Plan Job Search (opportunities) Transition to Work Career Network Addressbook


• Client Panel Meeting • Project Briefing • Briefing Analysing

4 Ideas Development

• Team Building • Project Management and Planning • Ideas Development Process • Research Process • Budget • Layout and Content Development • Project Plan Development

7 Pre-Implementation 8 Implementation

• Finalising Project Plan • Organising Resources

11 Network

• Inviting Local Employers • Developing Personal Network • Activate Personal Network

• Implementing Campaign • Organising Resources

12 Evaluation

• • • • •

Personal Assessment Backswing Assessment Evaluation Public Evaluation Client Panel Celebration

Swing hard, in case you hit it.

Commuknitty. An interactive knitting event to connect generations in our community. A group of young people in Hobart, Tasmania developed the concept and the event itself.

Commuknitty An interactive knitting event

Try our giant knitting nancy


Turn (Australia), Phone: 1300 315 559,,

Up in Smoke. A local health awareness campaign developed by a group of young local people from the Huon Valley in Tasmania. The campaign compared the prices of cigarettes to everyday items and even to mortgage payments.












* based on $23 per pack A community project developed by youth powered by:


Swing hard, in case you hit it.

DNT RUN. An campaign that tackles the issue of police evasion in the Sorell community in Tasmania. The key message is to focus on the most important things to do when the police request a car to stop.

What to do when you get pulled over by the police 1. Carefully choose where you stop 2. Prepare and make yourself visible 3. Roll down your window as they come to the car 4. Keep your hands on the steering wheel 5. Be polite

Win a hoodie and free driving lessons DON‘T RUN is an awareness campaign developed by a group of young people from Sorell. Powered by

Turn (Australia), Phone: 1300 315 559,,

Spark Plug. A pilot that took on the challenge to tackle the issue of isolation and immobility. ‘Spark Plug’ wants to make a difference in the Glenorchy area in Tasmania by helping low-income earners overcome the barriers in getting a drivers or a motorbike licence.

We‘ll get you started

Do you need support on the journey from L to P ? Simple step-by-step guidance to get you on the road. Available to eligible community members from the Glenorchy area. • Preparation for L1 Tests • NILS Loans for Driving Lessons & Assessment • Driving Mentors


FIll out the paperwork


Get approved


Start your engine

Spark Plug is a pilot project run by a young group of local people to help others obtain their driver‘s licence.

Visit and let‘s get started. Powered by

Swing hard, in case you hit it.

Riverside. A campaign to improve the environmental condition of Huon Valley waterways. A familiy activity day promoted the importance of frogs and how they are a warning indicator of the health of waterways.

Free Family Activity Day Learn from a wildlife educator why frogs are so important to our environment and have heaps of fun by helping us to promote healthy waterways.

Sunday, 18 November 2018, 1–4 pm, Judbury, Calvert Park Fun Activities - Free BBQ - Epic Giveaways and Awesome Prizes to Win

Main prize: Cradle Mountain family wildlife experience, overnight in a hide watching Tasmanian wildlife.

More information: A community campaign developed by youth powered by:

Turn (Australia), Phone: 1300 315 559,,

Havago. A group of young people from Hobart and the surrounding suburbs developed an online platform to improve people’s mental and physical resilience. The Havago website promotes different paths to improve health and well-being.

Alarmingly bored?

Good news! There are many ways to get some action in your life, build new friendships, and even improve your wellbeing. Give it a go! A community health promotion campaign developed by youth powered by:

Swing hard, in case you hit it.

Eat Good. A campaign to improve young people’s health through better food choices. The awareness campaign included posters, flyers, human billboards and participation at the RSPCA Million Paws Walk.

Would you feed this to your dog ?

Feed your body like it’s your best friend. Lettuce serve you at


Powered by

Turn (Australia), Phone: 1300 315 559,,

Kings of the Road. A group for young people in Sorell team had the task of finding a way to support young people into employment. The campaign encouraged community members to become driver mentors to provide driving practice for learner drivers to address.

WE NEED KINGS OF THE ROAD ! Our community needs Driver Mentors. As a Driver Mentor, you provide driving practice for learner drivers, allowing them to gain the required 50 hours of supervised on road experience.


• Full Australian License

with no serious offences in the last 2–5 years.

• National Police Check * • Working with Vulnerable People Check * • Mentor assessment and induction with

Driver Mentoring Tasmania (DMT) and Ready Set Go *

* Driver Mentoring Tasmania and Ready Set Go will cover the cost

Register online and win a $50 fuel voucher

www. kings of the road or give us a call 0409 832 764 (Garry) or 0439 131 203 (Blackie)

Powered by

Where opportunities happen.

Meshwork is designed for organisations that want to efficiently connect employers and jobseekers and achieve job outcomes in a specific geographic region or specific industry. Every region has specific needs, priorities and ways of presenting itself. Meshwork can adapt to meet these requirements and will be uniquely configured and implemented. Meshwork connects local jobseekers with employers, employment services, targeted training providers and ancillary service providers but can also provides community recources. A key element of any online solution is that the initial configuration is designed and tested to ensure it will meet expectations. It is also essential that engagement with users can achieve a ‘critical mass’ to ensure full functionality and results.

Uniquely configurated Meshwork is not just a software product. Our implementation team works in a ‘hands on’ way to ensure a Meshwork community is a success. In relation to initial implementation this includes: 1. Establishing agreed metrics for success in the implementation phase (including number of

jobseeker users, number of employer users, number of job outcomes)

2. Reaching agreement on how and when these metrics will be measured and reported 3. Actively marketing to new users through a range of channels, including social media, community

organisations and direct approaches to meet the agreed metrics and achieve ‘critical mass’.

Powered by

Turn (Australia), Phone: 1300 315 559,,

Turn (Australia), Phone: 1300 315 559,,

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