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April 2017


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Save time and enroll in Auto Bill Pay Chances are you’re overloaded with work,

Changes in store for delinquent bill notification TID is continuously looking for ways to improve the quality of our customer service and communication. We will be making some changes to our delinquent bill notification process. This change is only applicable to accounts with delinquent balances. Currently, if a balance remains unpaid at

process will remain the same: a Final

the time the following month’s statement is

Disconnect Notice will be issued separately

issued, a Delinquency Charge is assessed

and contact will be attempted by phone.

and a separate Delinquent Notice is issued

We understand that customers may be

the following day. This practice of issuing

experiencing difficult financial times and

two TID statements with two different

disconnection of service is an action that

amounts one day apart often creates

TID does not take lightly. It is a last resort

confusion. In an effort to add clarity to

taken only after all other alternatives have

this process, TID will begin adding the

been explored.

Delinquency Charge and Notice information to the following month’s statement. This will

If you are having difficulty paying your bill

eliminate the need for a separate Delinquent

and wish to discuss what arrangements

Notice for most customers.

or sources of financial assistance may be available, or if you have any questions

If the account remains past due and subject

about this change, please contact Customer

to disconnection, the rest of the notification

Service at (209) 883-8222.

family, friends, sports and many other




commitments. The last thing you have time to do is write a check every month to pay your electric bill, right? Well, TID has you covered with an easier way to pay. TID’s Automated Bill Pay (ABP) lets you authorize TID to deduct funds from your account (bank, savings and loan or credit union) to pay your TID bill directly each month. Don’t worry about not knowing how much you’ll be paying or how much energy you’re using because you will receive a monthly statement and have 15 calendar days from the statement date on your bill to review it before the payment is deducted. Visit tid.org/autobillpay to download an enrollment application.

TID has modified the way it represents Delinquency Notices on its electric service bills. As such, Delinquency Notices will appear similar to the bill pictured at right. Notice the highlighted portion calling attention to ‘past due’ and ‘pay by’ information.

Electric Service

Customer Service (209)

883-8222 or (209) 892-4 953 Payments by Phone 1-866 -742-8991 Power Outages (209) 883-8301 www.tid.com

Account Number: 0000 00-000000-0001


Past Due Balance Delinquency Charge $245.83 Past Due Balance -$6.69 Subject to Disconne ct Past Due Balance mus t be paid by 03/14/2017 $252.52 Current Charges Due 03/22/2017 This date does not extend the due date for the past due balance $100.10 Total Amount Due $352.62 Usage History

Issue Date: 02/26/2017 Month: Service:

Location: Schedule:

Meter Number E123456


Current-Prior Read Dates 02/26/2017-01/26/2017


Current Meter Reading

ELECTRIC SERVICE CHARGES/CREDITS Customer Charge Primary Energy Charg e 0-700 kWh Power Supply Adjustment Environmental Charge Public Benefits Charg e State of CA Surcharge Total Amount Billed ACCOUNT ACTIVITY



E L P 01/26/2016-02/26/2016 01/26/2017-02/26/2017 12/26/2016-01/26/2017

31 31 31

kWh / Day

27.2 20.9 57.9

$ / Day

4.08 3.23 8.30

Prior Meter Reading







Usage Type


kWh-Primary Reading

USAGE 649 649 649

M A S 649


T 01/26/2017 Beginning balance as of last statem ent 02/17/2017 Payment Made 02/26/2017 Penalty Subtotal Total Amount Due


Last Year Current Last Month

Western 02/16/17 PD 245.83


Winter Winter kWh Winter kWh Winter kWh

Winter kWh

RATE Fixed Charge .1016 -.005 .0269 .00029

TOTAL $17.00 $65.94 -$3.25 $17.46 $2.76 $0.19 $100.10 $445.83 -$200.00 $6.69 $252.52 $352.62

TID has not received your payment for Elec tric Service. Our reco the past due amount rds indicate that your of $252.52 by 4:00 p.m. TID account is past on March 14, 2017 to due. Please pay avoid disconnection of your Electric Serv PAST DUE: $252.52 ice.

PAY BY: 4:00 PM on


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The Wire | April 2017

PO Box 949 Turlock, CA 95381 @TurlockID 209.883.8300


Don Pedro’s Controlled Spillway releases water from the Reservoir in February. The Spillway channel drains into the Tuolumne River about a mile downstream of Don Pedro Dam.

Water safety TID’s 2017 Irrigation Season is in full swing and canals are delivering water to growers. Additionally, the Tuolumne and other local rivers are running high and fast from a large amount of spring snowmelt. TID reminds the public that while water is a vital resource it also carries with it some dangers. TID wants to ensure that community members are aware of these dangers and take the necessary steps to be safe, such as:

Don Pedro spillway used for only second time ever On Feb. 20, TID utilized the Controlled

helped to minimize flooding impacts

Spillway facility at Don Pedro Reservoir for

downstream of Don Pedro.

• Learn to swim. Never swim alone.

only the second time since the Reservoir

• Children should always swim with an

was constructed in 1971. Unlike the floods

TID coordinated in real-time with multiple

of 1997, TID only needed to use a single

jurisdictional agencies to ensure they had

Controlled Spillway Gate to evacuate water

the most current information possible

from Don Pedro.

regarding TID operations. TID actively

adult. • Adults and children should stay away from canals. • Always wear a life vest while boating on lakes or rivers.

coordinated with Stanislaus County’s Office Using the spillway was necessary

of Emergency Services and Sheriff’s Office,

because it allowed TID to make additional

Modesto Irrigation District, the National

Additional tips and educational videos

Reservoir releases to the Tuolumne River to

Weather Service, U.S. Army Corps of

are available online at tid.org/safety.

accommodate water inflow to the Reservoir.

Engineers, and the state’s Department of

Additionally, making these releases early

Water Resources.

Electrical substations are dangerous. NEVER let children play near them.

Profile for Turlock Irrigation District

The wire  

Turlock Irrigation District's quarterly customer newsletter.

The wire  

Turlock Irrigation District's quarterly customer newsletter.