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Don Pedro Reservoir Operations |

Update as of 2/18/17 at 1600

Turlock Irrigation District continues to make releases to the Tuolumne River to accommodate water inflow to Don Pedro Reservoir in cooperation with the United States Army Corps of Engineers and Stanislaus County’s Office of Emergency Services. Don Pedro elevation: As of the date and time above, the elevation of Don Pedro Reservoir is 826.3 feet. The maximum physical storage level is 830 feet. Inflow into Don Pedro Reservoir, as of the time and date above, is 10,077 cubic feet per second (cfs). Tuolumne River flows: As of the date and time above, releases to the Tuolumne River total a flow of 10,600 cfs, which are resulting in a flow at 9th Street in Modesto of approximately 10,400 cfs (elevation 54.61 feet). TID was directed Friday by the US Army Corps of Engineers to target flows equating with a River elevation at 9th Street of 55.5 feet. Forecasting through Sunday, Feb. 19: Based on current conditions and the most up-to-date River modeling, the current forecast for the Tuolumne River watershed above Don Pedro Reservoir calls for approximately 0.9 inches of precipitation through Sunday. TID does not anticipate the Reservoir reaching elevation 830 feet through Sunday. Forecasting after Sunday, Feb. 19: The current combined forecast for Monday, Feb. 20, and Tuesday, Feb. 21, continues to call for a sum of 4.9 inches of precipitation in the watershed above Don Pedro Reservoir. If this forecasted precipitation develops into actual inflow to Don Pedro Reservoir, this volume of water would put Don Pedro Reservoir above elevation 830 feet, forcing TID to operate its Controlled Spillway in compliance with the US Army Corps of Engineers Flood Control Manual for the Reservoir. It is important to note the Monday/Tuesday combined forecast continues to fluctuate hourly in duration and magnitude. Nevertheless, prudent planning requires that TID treat these forecasts as actual precipitation numbers and operate accordingly in cooperation with multiple county offices of emergency services. TID continues to monitor storms and take necessary precautions. TID will provide updates daily. Road Closure: In anticipation of utilizing the Controlled Spillway at Don Pedro Reservoir, the California Highway Patrol will be closing Bonds Flat Road at J-59 and SR-132 on Monday prior to 9 a.m. so that concrete road barriers can be placed on the road near the proximity of the Don Pedro Reservoir spillway channel. Once all barriers are in place, CHP will re-open the Bonds Flat Road at its terminal ends, but traffic access will be limited. This road closure is for a yet unknown amount of time. Safety: Those in Stanislaus and Merced counties are encouraged to register for emergency notifications from their respective county; Stanislaus County residents at and Merced County residents at The counties will use this system in event

of an emergency. Emergency preparedness and prudent planning would suggest that landowners, growers and those living along the Tuolumne River, out of an abundance of caution, undertake necessary steps to protect their property and livestock or animals. Additional Information: TID will continue to provide updates as necessary. Please visit for more information. You can also view Don Pedro levels and Tuolumne River releases at For information about River water level and flows at 9th Street in Modesto, visit the National Weather Service page at   

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