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ICT for Health and Well-being Empowering individuals – enabling professionals

ICT for Health and Well-being Solutions that empower individuals and enable professionals Turku Science Park Ltd. is committed to creating innovative ideas in the field of health and well-being technologies. We believe that when new technology is harnessed to serve the people working in the field, it can make a crucial difference. Ultimately, technology-based solutions should also empower individuals in each phase of their lives. Turku, the oldest city of Finland, is the innovation capital of Southwest Finland. Our strengths in the field of health and well-being technologies lie in the vertical focus: the cellular level, the individual, and society. These three aspects of health and wellbeing technologies are integrated to create personalized health care, medicine and services that enable individuals to actively take part in their health-related endeavors. With this catalogue, we wish to provide you a look into the companies operating in the field of health and well-being technologies within the region of Southwest Finland. The content covers the core of the most active companies. We keep up a constant dialogue with the companies, from SMEs to large multi-national corporations. No matter how small the company is, if the idea is big enough, we promise to help. We hope that you’ll find a suitable partner among our health and well-being community. When you have a vision of turning possibilities into action together, don’t hesitate to contact us. For the benefit of our companies, we are there to help you, too. Please contact: Turku Science Park Ltd Mr. Janne Lahtiranta Branch Manager, Health and Well-being Technologies Phone +358 400 7899 84;

Aivo Finland Ltd. / Smik Nimik Ltd. Healthcare Technology The company Aivo was founded in 1984 and has since the start been providing nutrition analysis software for institutional kitchens, and is the leading company of the market in the Nordic countries. The company's business concept is 'To be the best IT-support for professional meal service. We deliver our software and services to both small and large municipalities, county councils and companies delivering food and meals for institutional kitchens. Our software is used in more than 700 institutional kitchens all over the Nordic countries, and we have more than 6 000 units ordering their meals and groceries through our software. As of today, we have customers in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Iceland and France. There are 18 people working at Aivo, and our employees are institutional chefs, dieticians, chefs and food technicians.

The solutions Aivo markets two software products, Aivo2000 and AivoDiet. Aivo2000 is suitable for both small and large production kitchens, and can be used all the way from planning what groceries to order to the client/customer getting the ready meal. It can be used for labeling canteens as well as ready-made meals, and while putting recipes in the menu planner, you can get an ingredient check, nutrition analysis, cost control and statistics. Furthermore, the program includes possibility for traceability, special diets and invoicing. AivoDiet is our software used by dieticians and nutritionists to make nutrition analyses and follow-ups for clients. It is possible to set up your own nutrition values and recommendations as well as making your own recipes and products or ingredients. Besides selling our software, we also offer consultant services to institutional kitchens, amongst other things for menu planning and nutrition analysis. The customer has always been the center of our business, which is why our products are flexible to suit all our customers. To make sure we develop the functions our customers want, we involve our customers in all phases of the development process, from demand to test of the software. Another way of showing that the client is the center of our business is that we offer 100% support service every hour of the day, all year around.

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Web page: Address: Tykistรถkatu 4, FI-20520, Turku, FINLAND Phone: +358 2 232 2626 E-mail:

Kim Lindholm Phone: +358 2 410 1714 E-mail:

BCB Medical Ltd. Health Care; Health Care Equipment & Services; Healthcare Technology The company BCB Medical provides information systems for the health care sector. Our systems are designed to assist doctors and nursing staff in their everyday management of clinical pathways for the benefit of their patients. We serve as your guide in the world of information management, applying three strong principles to clinical pathway support: efficiency, monitoring of treatment quality and effectiveness, and comparability of data. The company was established in 2003 and it employs 15 professionals.

The solutions Our treatment chain management solutions for surgery support the management, monitoring and distribution of medical information. They meet stringent quality standards and are quickly deployed, safe and user-friendly. The customer benefits of our solutions:

Monitoring of treatment effectiveness and monitoring indicators · ·

With the help of our systems you can compare different treatment methods and monitor patient rehabilitation cost-efficiently using extensive, standardized scores. You can verify and monitor quality individually or departmentally. You can show how your surgeries have succeeded and how satisfied the patients have been with the end result.

Boost the treatment chain by automating and streamlining routine functions · ·

The basic requirement for our systems is the automation of daily routine entries and getting real-time information when and where you want it. The single entry principle is realized, because our systems can be integrated with the basic hospital systems with respect to single sign-on, queue information and epicrisis texts, for example.

Compare treatments · · · · · ·

You can compare uniform examination and intervention information doctor-specifically, departmentally or nationally. Are you interested in knowing how your surgery results measure up to the national average? simplify clinical research. Our systems support clinical research. You can easily divide patients into research groups and assign detailed additional questions for research patients. You get the research data for analysis in the format of your choice. help the patient to be the expert on his/her own condition. The system enables the patient to independently describe his/her condition, functional capacity, pain and quality of life prior to pre- or postoperative consultancy. This enables you to begin assessing the patient's condition prior to consultation, giving you more time for examination and interaction with the patient. The system also enables the patient to fill in an electronic preliminary information form and provide patient satisfaction feedback, and provides you with an electronic means of patient guidance.

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Web page: Address: Ruukinkatu 2-4, FI-20540, Turku, FINLAND Phone: +358 20 729 9820 Fax: + 358 2 241 0301 E-mail:

Petteri Viljanen, Managing Director Phone: +358 400 72 7366 E-mail:

ED-Design Ltd. Research & Consulting Services, Industrial Design and Product Development; Specialized Consumer Services , Service Design, Work Environment- and Interior Design; Health Care Technology

The company ED-Design is an industrial design studio with offices in Turku and Helsinki, Finland. Our focus areas include designing products and services for the medical and healthcare sectors. Our clients include global and domestic companies such as GE Healthcare, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Mirion, Hidex, Nexstim, and Medisize. We offer a wide range of services, from first ideas to prototyping: · · · · ·

Design strategy and concept development for products and services User and usability studies, contextual research, task analysis, work flow design, ergonomics Product design, mechanical design, and user interface design Service design, environment and work place ergonomics Models and prototypes

The solutions Our products include: · · · · · ·

Product concepts, design strategy Industrial design, product design, service design User Interface design Mechanical design Model and prototype production for R&D and marketing Graphic design, brand development

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Web page: Address: Juhana Herttuan puistokatu 19, P.O. Box 84, FI-20101, Turku, FINLAND Phone: +358 2 6519 6000 Fax: +358 2 469 1701 E-mail:

Sami Pyörre, CEO Phone: +358 41 532 0014 E-mail:

Everon Ltd. Health Care Equipment & Services; Information Technology The company Everon is a privately held Finnish group specialized in the innovation, design and manufacture of wireless and mobile solutions for the health care and security industries. The company is in its international expansion phase and the services are available in Scandinavia, the UK, France, the Benelux and Germany and new countries are being added. Own offices currently exist in Finland (near Turku), in the UK (near London) and in Canada (near QuĂŠbec). Normally the customers consist of private residents or their relatives wanting to have added safety or on the other hand B2B customers like nursing homes, care facilities and home care providers (municipalities, towns). Everon provides a totally different approach and assures the highest safety at an affordable cost. In fact, many customers have found that investing in Everon's solutions means investing to save.

The solutions Everon offers versatile wireless and mobile solutions for several sectors: 1. The Vega Our Vega GPS watch is a useful solution for those suffering from a cognitive state or for those who are or feel vulnerable and need a secured means of calling for aid outdoors. It is the smallest wrist-worn fully fletched system driven solution in the world. With several unique features it gives the user a real change in quality of life. The person will not wander off without the loving ones being alerted and the device is designed for long-term use. The devices all communicate with our world-class global server infrastructure for full redundancy control. 2. The Everon Care system Our Everon Care system is a useful solution for nursing home and care facility operators wanting to have a secured system that allows most monitoring and steering technologies to work over one platform. It is cost efficient, continuously online over individual connections from each base station to the secured and centralized server infrastructure. Devices are installed by "PRESS & PLAY" and in a case of changed needs the local staff can easily add or change devices and settings. The Care system has an array of devices to provide full security, including movement detectors, bed sensors, door magnets, etc. 3. The Urgentys The Urgentys GPS lone worker solution is an altered version of the Vega to provide lone workers with protection. Any Vega can be reprogrammed into a Vega and vice versa "over-the-air". As the Urgentys also is a system driven solution it provides additional features to what is normally the standard in lone worker GPS products, for instance work time activation, messaging on the color screen, automated prealerts, etc.

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Web page: Address: Vakiotie 9, FI-21240, Lieto, FINLAND Phone: +358 20 792 0702

Markus Merne, CEO Phone: +358 40 5200 100 E-mail:

Fujitsu Finland Ltd. Software & Services; Internet Software & Services; IT Services; Software; Technology Hardware & Equipment; Communications Equipment; Computers & Peripherals The company Fujitsu is the leading Japanese information and communication technology (ICT) company offering a full range of technology products, ICT solutions and services. Over 170,000 Fujitsu people support customers in more than 100 countries. Together with our customers, we make the most of our experience and the power of ICT to shape the future of society. Fujitsu Limited reported consolidated revenues of 40 billion euros for the fiscal year that ended March 31, 2011. Fujitsu is the leading ICT services and hardware provider in Finland, where it employs approximately 2,900 people. Fujitsu's goal is to facilitate and ease the day-to-day operations of businesses and other organisations with our cutting-edge ICT service models and technologies. We take care of our customers' ICT, including application support, operations and development. In Finland, the applications business alone employs more than 1,000 people. A number of surveys have found Fujitsu to be one of the best places to work in Finland. Our headquarters is located in Pitäjänmäki, Helsinki. We also have a strong country-wide regional organisation. The range of Fujitsu's product services covers the entire spectrum of computing, from laptops to data centre solutions. Our subsidiaries are Isoworks Oy and Nice-Business Solutions Finland Oy. Nice, which is a joint venture of Fujitsu and Nokia, specialises in applications, from their design to the end of their lifecycle. Isoworks is specialised in the maintenance and servicing of ICT systems.

The solutions


Consulting Services


· · ·

· · · ·

Business Transformation/ Lean Service Benefits Realization Other

Enterprise Applications Services · · · ·

Programs/ Project Management Systems Integration Systems Implementation Other

Some examples · · ·

Infrastructure Services · · · ·

Data Center Services Managed Services Call Center Services Other

Servers & Storage Mobility Scanners Other


Modern hospital concept eServices Service provider of KanTa-services: The National Archive of Health Information and the National Pharmaceutical Database (ePrescription) Operator of the National PHR-service

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Web page: Address: P.O. Box 100, FI-00012, Helsinki, FINLAND Phone: +358 45 788 00 Fax: + 358 45 7880 8950

Pekka Manninen, Sales Director Phone: +358 45 7880 1705 E-mail:

Honkasalo Systems Ltd. Healthcare Technology; IT consulting & other services The company Honkasalo Systems was founded in 1995 to provide professional services to health care providers and ICT companies operating in the health care sector. The company has a wide network of partners, which gives us an opportunity to provide various services from software development to quality system audits.

The solutions Honkasalo Systems assists health care vendors in product realization, commercialization, quality management system development and meeting regulatory requirements. We are specialized in building ISO 13485 compliant quality management systems and obtaining CE-marking and other regulatory approvals for the health care informatics products. This includes risk analysis services following the ISO 14971 guideline.

Contact details Web page: Address: Lietsalantie 91, FI-21250, Masku, FINLAND E-mail:

Medbit Ltd. Data Processing & Outsourced Services; IT Consulting & Other Services The company Medbit provides IT services and consultation to organizations within healthcare and social services sector in Southwest Finland. Medbit was founded in 2008, but its history goes way back to the IT department of the Turku University Hospital. Today Medbit provides IT services for the Hospital District of Southwest Finland and the Satakunta Hospital District as well as Municipal Health Centers and private organizations. Medbit employs over 160 professionals and has a turnover of 34 M€.

The solutions Medbit offers a wide range of IT services related to health care, human resource, finance, materials and logistics as well as office systems. Our Service Portfolio includes: · · · · · · · · ·

Service Desk Training Services System Administration Services Data Communication Control Services Reporting and Statistics Services Development Services Testing Services Supplier Relationship Management Consulting Services

Medbit follows ITIL best practices.

Contact details Web page: Address: P.O. Box 130, FI-20521 Turku, FINLAND Phone: +358 2 313 1300 Fax: +358 2 313 3044 E-mail:

Multirec Ltd. Data Processing Services The company Multirec Oy is a Finnish independent company. It was founded in 2000 and it produces, develops and distributes up-to-date medical databases for our customers. Multirec collects databases from the best possible sources, and adjusts them to our customers' needs. The databases are delivered in the agreed format and guarantee their maintenance and regular updates. The target groupd to our products are health care professionals at hospitals, health centers and pharmacies.

The solutions The MR-DLE (Drug Laboratory Effects) database is a collection of published drug effects on laboratory test. It can be used to avoid unnecessary laboratory tests or to find explanations for unexpected test results, to name just two examples. The MR-DLE contains data in English on the effects of drugs on laboratory results. Drugs can have various effects on laboratory results. Some are the desired effects, i.e. those typical for the mechanism of action of the drug. However, many drugs may increase or decrease also other laboratory values. This may lead to errors in clinical decision making. An automatic alerting system can be built based on the MR-DLE database. The knowledge base is maintained by Multirec Oy in cooperation with experts at Turku University Hospital. This database is unique in Europe and available on our Internet server under personal IDs. For software vendors and publishers the database is delivered also in XML-files.

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Web page: Address: Kalevantie 25, FI-20520, Turku, FINLAND

Pentti Hannula, CEO Phone: +358 400 874 525 E-mail:

Saralab Ltd. IT Consulting & Other Services; Application Software; Systems Software The company Saralab Oy is a privately owned software design company specialized in the design, development, and testing of customer-specific information systems and embedded software. The company is based in Paimio, Finland, conveniently between the economic regions of Turku and Salo. The company has been in operation since September 2002.

The solutions Saralab Oy can provide flexible software development services to public and private organizations. We have accumulated a broad range of skills and experience on a wide variety of technologies during the company's operation as well as in their earlier occupations, and we are quick and keen to learn the tricks of new application areas. We are comfortable working on almost any kind of platform, ranging from the bare hardware of the tiniest embedded microcontrollers to client/server information systems running on Windows and Linux operating systems. Here are some examples of projects that we have worked with. 路

Data communications and protocol integration is a central area of our expertise. For example, we have worked with Ascom Miratel, the leading Finnish manufacturer of nurse call systems, to develop protocol software to integrate their nurse call system to major patient information systems used in hospitals and healthcare centers. We have also developed protocol software to integrate various external alarm and communications systems to the nurse call system. Protocol software developed by Saralab Oy is in 24x7 operation around the Finnish healthcare sector, providing reliable and trouble-free delivery of patient management information. Our data communications expertise has found good use outside of the healthcare sector too. Embedded software developed by Saralab Oy is a critical piece of the two largest conference & voting systems in Finland: the Plenary Hall information system of the Parliament of Finland, and the City Council of Helsinki, the capital of Finland. Our software manages the microphones and voting buttons of each member in real time using specifically tuned IP protocol communications. Saralab Oy has also developed the embedded software driving some of the most advanced fitness equipment (top of the line Tunturi bike ergometers and crosstrainers) currently on the consumer market. In addition we have developed customer-specific PC software to control these fitness equipment for special purposes and applications.

In short, Saralab Oy knows how to make things communicate. Our business starts where most software developers take a step backwards. We take craftsman's pride in doing our job properly the first time around, so that our customers can simply enjoy the trouble-free service of the custom crafted software.

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Web page: Esa Heinonen, Managing Director Address: Juntolantie 355, FI-21530, Paimio, FINLAND Phone: +358 50 517 8187 E-mail: E-mail:

Tietoniksi Ltd. Healthcare Technology The company Tietoniksi Oy is a tiny computer software company in the center of Turku. We have manufactured several software packets and components since 1980. We concentrate on healthcare and administrative applications. We participate Microsoft's partner programs and we typically use Microsoft's ASP.NET environment and SQL Server database in our development tasks. Our staff members have Microsoft Certified Professional certificates.

The solutions Our main product is subcontracting but we have several off-shelf-solutions. Below some examples: We have implemented add-on solutions where HL7 R2 documents are created from existing application's production database with minimal alterations to the production database. Data can be transferred in and out from the production database in HL7 format. TnContextServer by Tietoniksi Oy is a low-cost, easy to implement solution to connect separate applications to a single seamless application without revealing discreet information to third parties when data is transferred in open internet environment. TnContextServer is based on HL7 minimum context technology. Example: ECGs stored in hospital district's MUSE are directly available via internet in member community's doctor's workstation without transferring patient's ID from the workstation to hospital district over open internet. LabTerm by Tietoniksi Oy is a middleware solution between laboratory equipment and hospital information systems. LabTerm controls the operative process in the lab and transfers answers evaluated by lab staff to the HIS from requests made from doctor's workstations. We have connected over 40 different analyzers and LabTerm is in use in over 70 communal health centers and in several private health providers for human and veterinary care.

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Web page: Jussi Reima, CEO Address: Linnankatu 17 A 3, FI-20100, Turku, FINLAND Phone: +358 50 612 66 Phone: +358 2 275 6900 E-mail:

Trivore Corporation Internet Software & Services; IT Consulting & Other Services; Application Software The company Trivore Corporation has over 20 years of experience in health care IT. Currently we architect, develop, integrate, maintain, and support web-based solutions for health care with emphasis on mobility. We do both white label for vendors, and our own brand. Our own team is little over 10 professionals, but as we have always networked well, the full network is in the 100s of professionals. Managing the network and technologically complex projects is our core strengths. We are known for long term partnerships and excellent agility.

The solutions Trivore Corporation’s products are usually mostly hidden below the surface. Only on the most modern webbased applications a mobile app or website is visible. The real complexity is not shown. On systems integration solutions out products are usually completely hidden. We are agnostic to the tools, languages, and platforms. We let the business and budget to decide. On mobile, the platform decides. We do prefer virtualization, distribution, open source, open protocols, standards, and best practises. Most of our products are custom solutions, and as such we do not currently have visible globally known brand.

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Web page: Address: Ruukinkatu 2-4, FI-20540, Turku, FINLAND Phone: +358 41 536 9000 E-mail:

Kari Mattsson, Chairman Phone: +358 50 690 00 E-mail: Turku Science Park is the hub of the innovation environment in Southwest Finland, connecting the strengths of businesses, two universities, the university of applied sciences and research institutes. Turku Science Park Ltd promotes the utilisation of academic expertise and competitivity of enterprises, as well as creating new business activity in biotechnology (BioTurku速 - Life Science and materials technology) and in information and communications technology (ICT Turku).