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assignment, st. xavier’s college, mumbai, india 2011

Cool_surf is the diagramming of the flux of information in contemporary media. The objective of coolsurf is to make ‘sense’ of and catalogue the endless array of information and images that we encounter in surfing the web. Cool Surf is created by the process of making simple “screen captures” and organizing them in a book format that creates a set of logical connections between the websites you visit. Cool Surf is about reclaiming our image-making authorship when we use the web, just as the camera reinforces our authorship in the real world. You are documenting the experience of your research, every outcome is intuitive, improvisational and unique. There is no set outcome that you must arrive at. You will be evaluated on the breadth of your investigation NOT accuracy. To start, pick a prompt below and research it through the Internet. Be rigorous, yet free with your search. Show as many things that could be associated to that subject as possible. As you surf, continue to ask questions, search for the answer, record the images and pertinent text to convey your findings, and repeat. The accumulation of material will reinforce the research and inspire the reader. It is important to leave the context of the website, with the address bar intact so that the reader always has access to your sources. Cool Surf is made into a book format to re-contextualise, catalogue, map and issue this information. Some of the most useful subjects for Cool Surf are those that will be valuable as resources for people without access to the Internet, for example, how do you make paper? or what is electricity? Simple subjects have simple answers at first but follow your creativity and explore your curiosity to find deeper answers to as many tangents as possible. Remember, your cool surf has a history, your cool surf relates to other people and cultures, your cool surf is answered in many ways.

your cool_surf is due this saturday,

19th FEBRUARY 2011, and should be uploaded to the coolsurf library by latest 12pm, NOON.

simple rules to make a cool_surf:

- screen capture enough of the screen to be able to see where the images came from (include the address bar) - assemble the images into a pdf in some logical order - name your pdf, include the number of the prompt you chose to answer as well as your first & surname. how to share it with us:

Utiliize the mass publishing capabilities of the internet and save your Cool Surf as a PDF document at at this library... coolsurfv2 password: stxavier go-to link: username:

we are giving you five prompts because these are things that we want to know more about ourselves:

1 What are the most basic necessities needed to stay alive? 2 What happens to a life-form after death? 3 What is pain what is pleasure? 4 How is energy created? 5 Begin surfing at your favourite website... to view the visual prompts and if you forget how to make screenshots, pdf’s or how to upload your work on go to: or and click on the link for Cool_Surf 2 w/ St. Xavier’s

Cool Surf 2: Assignment  
Cool Surf 2: Assignment