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These pure cotton Turkish towels perfectly fitted to everyone active lifestyle with its colourful practicality, authentic simplicity and above all by being 100% natural.

Indulge yourself to these exceedingly absorbent and soft Turkish hammam towels. With the naturally silky combination of cotton and bamboo, they are ultra cozy and surprisingly compact. Fantastically lightweight beach towels are superb for travelling, yacht holidays, camping.

Wear it as a beach sarong or a elegant spa wrap or use it as a trouble-free towel for proper drying. Being nicely compact and tidy, it is easy to fit it in any bag. Quick dry. No more of awful smell of damp towels. Nice, dry and softer with each wash. Ideal for active and practical living to ease the demands of buzzing, modern world leaving some extra time for other things. Being a space-saver, it helps reduce the pile of washing drastically and save you money on electricity bills.

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