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International Children’s Festival Main Organizer

Turkish American Society of Michigan (TASM) is a subsidiary of Turkish American Society, Inc., a nonprofit organization established in 1997. TASM plans and executes cultural, intercultural, educational, religious, charitable, literary, sporting, and social programs and activities. The mission of TASM has two complementary and synergistic components: The first is to serve the Turkish-American Michiganders to better integrate into the society. The second is to introduce the Turkish Culture to Michiganders to cultivate friendship and promote a better understanding of diverse cultures. TASM organizes various events and activities for the Turkish community and for all who have cultural and historical ties with the Turkish people. These events include annual picnics, Ramadan iftar dinners, national and religious festivals,

weekend classes for children and educational seminars on a variety of topics. One of the main goals of TASM is to establish bridges between Turkish and American Cultures by fostering and promoting intercultural dialog, community involvement, contribution, and volunteering. To serve this goal, TASM volunteers frequently visit retirement homes and homeless shelters, make donations to food banks, and distribute food to people in need. Turkish Cuisine is among the most delicious and well known in the world. TASM Women’s Branch organizes Turkish Cooking Classes, Turkish Coffee Nights, Bazaar and Bake Sales, Noah’s Pudding (Ashura) sharing with neighbors and different communities; all of which are highly appreciated by Michiganders.

International Children’s Festival Co-Organizer Balkan American Community Center Michigan, powered by FEBA, is a subsidiary of Great Lake Society of Friendship and Culture, a not-for-profit 501 (c)(3) organization founded in 2003 in the State of Michigan. Mission To preserve and promote the rich and diverse culture of Balkan Community and work with other individuals and/ or organizations that share a common goal. To preserve and promote Balkan

Conferences, Lectures and Seminars, Workshops, Balkan Film Festival, Balkan Food and Culture Festival, Sports Tournaments, Youth Nights, Art Exhibitions, Concerts, Movie Screening, Business Network Receptions, Trips to the Balkans, After School Programs, Learning Center, Language Courses, and informational Programs about the Balkans and Balkan Culture by placing special emphasis on dialogue, and peace.

culture, language and values onto our younger generation. To aid individuals of Balkan origin and/or ancestry to be a good American Citizen, being and acting as a bulwark against radicalism, bigotry, racism and extremism. Vision Balkan American Community Center organizes educational and cultural activities such as International


International Children’s Festival Sponsor differences that drive us apart or against each other. Niagara Foundation envisions a community in which people from all walks of life interact with each other and cooperate to serve their communities, thereby strengthening civil society and promoting the development of human values.

Niagara Foundation (NF) is a non-profit organization dedicated to promote intercultural and interfaith dialog and to encourage cultural exchange through social, art, and educational events. Mission Niagara Foundation serves societal peace, love, and friendship wisely and compassionately in support of human dignity and the common good by striving to bring forth the common values of humanity; values such as understanding, tolerance, respect, and compassion.

Through several programs, NF has brought together hundreds of people from different communities, ethnic backgrounds and faiths. Events that NF has organized include Annual Friendship & Dialog Dinners, Peace & Dialog Awards, Dinner for Abrahamic Traditions, Friendship Trips to Turkey, Noah’s Pudding Days, Talk & Lecture Series and Cook & Share Programs.

Vision In a world where even the farthest point is within an arm’s reach, it is impossible to live anywhere without experiencing diversity. In order for everyone to live peacefully, it is important for individuals to rise above

1:00 PM Bake Sale Children’s Entertainment Country Exhibits 3:00 PM Opening Remarks 3:30 PM Welcome Songs by MMSA Choir A Taste of Bavarian Heritage - Germany Rangiye Diye Jao - Bangladesh K-POP Dance Medley - South Korea Dances from the Lublin Region - Poland Hopak - Ukraine Kyrgyz Folk Dance - Kyrgyzstan Macedonian Folk Dance – Macedonia American Folk Songs – USA Bottle Dance, Shepherd's Crook Dance - Hungary Russian Fair - Russia ProdiJee - USA / Urban Hip hop Vesselinovo Horo - Bulgaria Let's Light up the Fire - China Traditional Romanian Folk Dance - Romania Scottish Highland Dance - Scotland Ege/Aydin Zeybek - Turkey The Japanese Spirits with Dream Singers - Japan Dances from Bosnia - Bosnia & Herzegovina Ghumar - India Arriba El Norte, Los Machetes - Mexico Potpuri - Albania 5:45 PM Children’s Festival Song: “We are All in This Together”

e m o c l We hoir C Performance Title: Hello to All the Children of the World, It is a Small World The Michigan Math and Science Academy (MMSA) Elementary Honors Choir is made up of students in grades 1 through 5 who are academically and musically advanced, and have been chosen by members of the faculty to represent their school. MMSA is a college-prep academy offering a broad range of challenging courses in mathematics, social studies, foreign language, computers, music, art, and physical education with a stronger emphasis in math, science, and technology. MMSA offers grades K-12 with a maximum class of 25 (20 in Kindergarten). With small class sizes, the students have more opportunities to participate and teachers can focus on each child as an individual. MMSA students gain advanced skills in Mathematics, Science, Language Arts, Social Studies, and

Technology while learning to work productively with those skills. MMSA is located at 8155 Ritter Street, Center Line, MI 48015. Phone: (586) 920-2163, E-mail:, Web: Instructor: Erika Rito Performers: Gio-Michael Bagtas, AJ Banaylo, Du-Cardi Bake, Brandon Bautista, Alana Bell, Tanijah Brown, Leilani Butler, Keinan Collier, Jordynn Crudup, Matthew David, Jordin Davis, Lucas DeBenedetti, Madison Fortson, Anthony Hamilton, Rizwan Hayder, Roy Henze, Nadiya Hicks, Rylee Hill, Alicia Jackson, Kayla Key, Adam Khanfar, Aniya Lamb, Myles Moore, Lillian Meyers, Madison Nichols, Ashley Patton, Nevaeh Rutledge, Michael St. Andre, Ralph Steinbrenner, Janae Thompson, Alfonso Torcuator, Hannah Torcuator, T’Yon Travis, Ryanne Trice, Lauren Valencia, Janiya Williams, Nariyha Williams, Vincent Wilton, William Yang

Performance Title: Potpuri The children performing in this festival are students of the Albanian Friday School. They all meet every Friday at the Balkan American Community Center from 6pm to 9pm. The children participating in the festival are students of the Albanian Friday School. They all meet every Friday at the Balkan American Community Center from 6pm to 9pm. During this time they attend Albanian language class as well as the folkloric and character building class. Instructors: Jusilda Bita, Marisa Kote Performers: Rexhinaldo Nazarko, Ankie

Nazarko, Endri Nazarko, Taulant Lifo, Ardit Dema, Aners Koka, Armend Topllari, Mikel Capollari, Betira Shahollari, Dinalda Bita, Elma Kaba, Tea Terolli, Barbara Fama, Albana Myftari, Eri Fasho, Mina Topllari, Isabella Iaquinta, Rea Capollari, Derant Kaba, Saidi Doko, Denis Dede, Bashkim Dede, Alex Shkembi, Rozafa Dema, Dhurata Dema, Ardita Dema, Alissa Hashovra, Landa Terolli, Ana Mile, Emma Dume, Ema Sulstarova, Jomina Tite, Monica Kavalli, Sara Ali, Victoria Aliko, Vanessa Alibashi, Jessica Lila, Margarita Koka, Jolin Toromani, Krista Koka, Sara Bregu, Ema Isaku, Griselda Sufaj

Display Table Representative: Ramin Mammadov

Performance Title: Rangiye Diye Jao The Dance Performance, presented by Path Bhaban students, is a Bengali Cultural dance, choreographed on the famous Bengali song "Rangiye Diye Jao" by Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore. Bengali is the seventh largest language in the world spoken by over 200 million people. Path Bhaban, a Bengali Learning Center, is dedicated to helping the next generation of children in Michigan to learn and preserve the Bengali language and culture for over thirty years. The song refers to any celebration that refreshes the body and mind with long

lingering effect, like enjoying the beauty of conglomeration of nature's colors, such that the effects be there forever in every aspect of life. Instructors: Sunanda Sammaddar, Devlina Sur, Rinita Bose Performers: Priya Dutta, Maya Eleanor Ferguson, Alisha D. Gautam, Raiqa Ruby Haq, Zanan Zubee Haq, Urwah Bint Khan, Maitreyee Majumdar, Fareen Momen, Debrini Sarkar, Sarbani Sengupta, Srijani Sengupta, Ankita Sinha Display Table Representatives: Chandrani Sengupta, Zia Haq, Shumi Ferguson

Performance Title: Dances from Bosnia KUD Behar, established in 1999, is a Bosnian folk dance group located in Detroit, Michigan. As a Bosnian dance group, Behar aims to keep the Bosnian tradition and culture alive. Behar travels around the country with the dream of going to the home land, Bosnia someday. Behar practices once a week and has performances at least once a month to showcase their new traditional dances and traditional costumes. Behar has 3 different groups varying on ages (3 to 18 years of age) and talent. The oldest/biggest group has achieved many things and they have done a lot over the past years. The ages range from 12 to 18. The medium group ranges from 8 to 12 years old. The smallest and cutest "ducklings" are 3 to 7 years old. For these three groups,

behar has three different choreographers. All the kids dance from their heart and enjoy the times they have together. Behar has many sponsors and help many causes and donate as much money as they can to people in need. Not only do they dance but they include singing and acting/drama. Instructor: Sejla Jakupovic Performers: Amir Ahmic, Amra Ahmic, Elma Abdic, Hana Bagaric, Lejla Begulic, Adnan Causevic, Emina Causevic, Ajla Cosic, Ajsa Hasanspahic, Alisa Hamzic, Sinan Hamzic, Suraja Islamovic, Meldin Kalaba, Eldina Karasuljic, Ajdina Krivdic, Maid Kurjakovic, Meliha Livadic, Ajdin Mahmutovic, Elma Mehmedovic, Ernada Muminovic, Mediha Rovcanin, Arnela Sorguc

Performance Title: Vesselinovo Horo The children from School "Bulgaria" Bulgarian Cultural Center - Detroit will present Vesselinovo Horo. This is a folk dance from the Bulgarian Northern Region. Children practice on Saturdays during school. The Mission of the Bulgarian Cultural Center is to carry out educational and cultural activities related to preservation and popularization of Bulgarian

culture and traditions. Instructor: Eleonora Barbov Performers: Ana Yordanova, Stephanie Harizanova, Stephanie Tchardakova, Victoria Georgiev, Enes Bouzgiov, Nina Entcheva, Nancy Alexieva, Polinna Maknev, Michael Natchev, Ivan Baydov Display Table Representative: Daniela Natcheva

Performance Title: Let's Light up the Fire A traditional Chinese dance performance by the students of the World of Chinese Dance located in Troy. World of Chinese Dance is motivated to promote Chinese culture through dance, music, and performing arts.

Instructors: Ivy Xu, Cissi Lin Performers: Catherine Hu, Dawn Li, Audrey Guo, Elaina Sheu, Lilian Sheu, Odelia Huang, Megan Gao, Patricia Lee, Jasmin Wu, Jessie Yang, Tracy Li Display Table Representative: Jingli Yang

Performance Title: A Taste of Bavarian Heritage The Oehrlein Dancers have appeared throughout Michigan and as far away as Germany. In recent years, they have appeared at the Statue of Liberty New York, Mount Rushmore South Dakota, and Boston's Faneuil Hall Massachusetts. The Bavarian dancers annually perform the Maypole at

Frankenmuth's Bavarian Festival. Instructor: Linda Oehrlein Performers:  Aubre Cashman-Brown, Josie Tallman, Katie Tallman, Cassandra Trigger, Justin Trigger, Leah Trigger, Travis Trigger, Alexis Vance, Sierra Williams, Ana Michelle Ayala, Franky Ayala, Lexi Barrett, Katie Steih, Rachel Steih 

Performance Title: Girl's: Bottle Dance, Boy's: Shepherd's Crook Dance Many folk dances find their origin in simple everyday events and "tools of the trade". The boys will perform a dance using a shepherd's staff. They are wearing the typical summer outfit, called gatya, a wide legged pantaloon that was cool during their long stays out on the hot and dusty open fields. The bottle dance is a salute to the cooks that spent many days prior to weddings preparing food for the guests. Sometimes, they just had to "take a break" and have a sip of wine and relax a little. Kis Szivek is a Children's Dance Ensemble that performs Hungarian folk dances in

the authentic village style. The ensemble practices every Friday evening at the Hungarian-American Culture Center in Taylor, MI. Kis Szivek’s purpose and goal is to teach the youth, through song and dance, about their Hungarian heritage and to share this knowledge with other nations and cultures through performances and demonstrations. Instructors: Linda Enyedy, Liz Krajcz, Zsuzsi McDonald Performers: Alek Lukacs, Aron Greene,Tyler Greene, Matthew Greene, Peter Fazekas, Sandor Kulcsar, Eva Fazekas, Kristina Garcia, Viktoria Garcia, Sonja Vlcko, Kira Lukacs, Rachel Woods

Performance Title: Ghumar Nritya Sudha's Hindu Temple Rhythms (HTR) is based in Oak Park, Michigan. Currently, group and private classes are held at Amma Center of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Bharathiya Temple in Troy, Hindu Temple of Canton, Kalakshetra Temple of Arts in Farmington and as gurukulam (study in the Guru's home) in Oak Park. At HTR, students are instructed not only in the technique and performances of dance and music, but also the history, language, philosophy, religion, psychology, mythology,

rituals, and traditions of India. Students are instilled with the deepest sense of discipline, devotion, and respect for the ancient arts. While structure and technique are emphasized, a deeper understanding of the theory and development of the dance style is also a part of their study. On the web at: Instructor: Sudha Chandrasekhar Performers: Gayathri Kanmantha Reddy, Sumanjali Kanmantha Reddy, Anjana Pisupati, Shivapriya Chandu, Nisha Krishnan, Anisha Sharma

Display Table Representative: Hisham Turk

Display Table Representative: Hava Ylyaguev

Performance Title: The Japanese Spirits with Dream Singers Miyukids Dream Singers will perform two songs: Omatsuri Mambo (Festival Mambo) is about a person that was born and raised in Tokyo that loves to enjoy festivals. It is a cheerful song that is in the rhythm of the Mambo, which has been very popular in the 1950’s. At the festival, Japanese carry the portable shrine with cries of “Wasshoi, wasshoi!” through the streets to bring God's blessing to each home. Soran-bushi is a traditional dance/song sung by fishermen all over Japan. This Nanchu version was arranged by a middle school in Hokkaido (Japan's northern island). "SORAN" is called out to provide encouragement to the fishermen who are dragging nets, pulling

ropes, and lifting heavy luggage over their shoulders. Dream Singers has started in 2007 by Miyuki Mori, who is a professional singer for thirty years. The Dream Singers learn Japanese songs, culture and manners. Their philosophy is not only for children to improve their singing and dancing ability, but also to increase their motivation for their whole lives through lessons and performances. Instructors: Miyuki Mori, Mitsuyo Delphia, Rieko Furuyama Performers: Tatianna Gore, Hannah Sherrod, Asuka Osaki, Sayaka Ono, Ruka Kajihara, Seina Ferguson, Misuzu Itoh, Riko Kamihachi, Ibuki Kajihara, Zara Lin, Haruna Delphia, Miwa Akira, Kano Yoneyama, Ayano Itoh, Elisa Hiranuma

Display Table Representative: Zhanat Koshenov

Performance Title: Kyrgyz Folk Dance Kyrgyz Folk Dance team is coming all the way from Chicago to attend the 4th International Children’s Festival. A group of little girls, wearing traditional Kyrgyz clothes, will perform a Kyrgyz folk dance.

Instructor: Nurzat Syrgabaeva Performers: Asanova Aigul, Kanybek kyzy Zhanyl, Keneshbekova Perizat, Sherali kyzy Dilnaz, Alymkulova Zhyldyz, Dinara Uruzalieva

Performance Title: Macedonian Folk Dances Tanec Macedonian Folk Dance Ensemble, also known as K.U.D. Tanec is Detroit, Michigan’s only Macedonian folklore group, keeping the rich Macedonian folklore traditions alive through dance and music. Founded in 1978, and associated with Saint Mary Macedonian Orthodox Cathedral of Sterling Heights, Michigan, Tanec consists of children ranging from 5 to 15 years of age. Tanec children are proud of their Macedonian heritage, descending from cities such as Tetovo, Skopje,

Bitola, and Ohrid. Tanec children attend weekly practices, which include one hour of dancing, one hour of Macedonian language study, and a half hour of Orthodox religious study. The dances performed by Tanec represent every day stories of Macedonian folkloric traditions and legend. Through these dances, Tanec performers keep Macedonian history and rich Macedonian heritage alive. Instructors: Trpana Denkovska, Sonja Todorovska

Performance Title: Arriba El Norte, Los Machetes Joyas De Mexico Mexican Folkloric Ballet ‘s mission is to research, preserve and represent the Mexican roots and traditions through dance. Instructors: Luly Del Real, Javier Del Real

Performers: Emiliana Perez , Magaly Rodas, Ana Escamilla, Karla Trejo, Dianne Avila, Juliana Flores, Lizeth Castro, Andrea Rodas, Angelica Perez, Edwin Prado, Esperanza Hicks, Isabella Martinez, America Del Real, Alexa Avila, Janet Nino, Alondra Munoz, Amaral Oreg, Johana Lopez, Maria Sanchez, Lucero Rodriguez, Nicolas Aviles, Eusebio Aviles, Jennifer Camacho

ISAY - Inspiring South Asian Youth, is a platform organization that aim to create dialogue in the community through the means of academic, athletic, and cultural activities.

Display Table Representative: Faizan Alam

Display Table Representative: Mehmet Demirkan

Performance Title: Dances from the Lublin Region For the past 45 years, the Polish Roman Catholic Union of America (P.R.C.U.A. ) Halka Dance School has instilled the pride of the rich heritage of Poland in its youngsters through the beauty of music and dance. Halka Dancers practice in Detroit at Our Lady Queen of Heaven Church every Saturday during the school years. The entire ensemble ranges between ages 3-18. The students for today's performance are ages 10-14.

Instructor: Tom Lisiecki Performers: Jared Shick, Allison Knuckey, Michael Federico, Maria Kasperek, Evelyn Kasperek, Deirdre Eusebi, Katie Sigler, Zachary Palencek

Performance Title: Traditional Romanian Folk Dance The traditional Romanian folk dances are popular during weddings or other celebrations and they represent an essential part of social entertainment in rural areas. The dances, as well as the accompanying music and the traditional hand-made costumes are specific to the different regions of Romania and contribute to the identity of each and every region.

Instructors: Dorina Caluser, Andreea Puiu, Simona Ghilezan Performers: Andrew Bajeu, Nicholas Bajeu, Anastasia Barbolovici, Alexandru Barbolovici, Andrei Barbolovici, Andrew Dogariu, Sara Dogariu, Andra Fritea, Denisa Fritea, Marie Ghilezan, Luca Ghilezan, Sabrina Glavan, Caius Glavan, Julia Halmaghi, Alexandra Mititelu, Andrea Moldovan, Sebastian Moldovan, Isabella Motoc, Bogdan Peres, Maria Peti Bota, Michael Puiu, Nicholas Puiu, Isabella Rugina, Paul Silaghi, Robert Silaghi, Tipurita Andrei

Performance Title: Russian Fair Michigan Russian Cultural Center (MRCC) is a non-profit organization uniting Russianspeaking people of all ages through language and culture. Of the children’s programs provided by MRCC, the weekend school offers the largest variety of classes and activities. Among them: Russian Language, Reading, Mathematics, Art and Crafts, Basic Science, Slavic History, Music, Chorus, Dance and Drama, all taught in Russian. Furthermore MRCC hosts annual traditional Russian festivals like the Fall Celebration, New Years, Maslenitsa, and Mothers Day for both children and adults. These programs aim to preserve and expand Russian language and tradition, among Russian speaking children and parents, and all others interested in

Russian culture. This year MRCC presents “Russian Fair”, a historically common and widely practiced tradition of celebrating holidays in Russia. A massive open-air festival accompanied by craft sales, games, dances, songs, costumes, playing the balalaika and accordion, and lighting the fire. Instructors: Valentina Kundalevich, Elena Menshchikova Performers: Liliana Wess, Amilia Wess, Maria Batinic, Michael Mullin, Anna Mullin, Anastasiya Seliazniova, Maxim Seliazniov, Miranda Ludwick, Yury Menshchikov, Sofia Menshchikova, Ellen Latysh, Uliana Antonovich, Victoria Goren, Diana Koval, Emy Galustyan, Anna Chikhalenko, Victoria Selektor, Valerie Selektor

Performance Title: Scottish Highland Dance The Auburn Glen School of Highland Dance is a Scottish Dance school located in the Saginaw/ Bay City/Midland area of Michigan. Dancers are taught the basic highland dances, such as the Highland Fling and Sword Dance, as well as the national dances of Scotland. Dancers are also taught some traditional Ceilidh (party) dances and choreography. Dancers are encouraged to compete in the many competitions to be found around the area during the summer, as well as perform with the

school in parades and shows. The mission of the Auburn Glen School of Highland Dance is to promote the art of Scottish Dance in a healthy, supportive, family environment. We strive for each student to achieve to the best of their own personal ability. Instructor: Jennifer Brown-Tallman Performers: Scarlett Arnold, Katelyn Steih, Rachel Steih, Josie Tallman, Katie Tallman, AnnaRose Wetters, Kathleen Wetters

Performance Title: K-POP Dance Medley The students of the Asian Student Association of International Academy High School will perform a Korean Pop (K-POP) Dance routine. Instructor: MeeHyang Ailsworth

Performers: Nina Cedro, Maegan Cedro, Kristen Ailsworth, Gudde Xiong, Mansoor Mubeen, Tristan Covacha, Zack Jordan, Andy Oh, Brian Hwang, and Jeremy Marcelo Display Table Representatives: Seung Jun Kim, Seung Yeon Kim, In Seong Hwang, Jae Won Heo

Display Table Representative: Nora Alata

Performance Title: Ege/Aydin Zeybek The Zeybek is a form of Turkish folk dance particular to Western, Central and Southern Anatolia in Turkey. The rhythm is accompanied by unique figures of walking, turning, rising, kneeling and holding up the arms (the walking with or without ricochets) and turnings in the Zeybek dance. All Zeybek dances have a common characteristic form, but the positioning of the arms and body differ according to the different regions. According to some researchers, 'Zeybek"Dances are inspired from eagles. As such, it has strong

traditions and social rules and the dance displays self-assurance, honesty, braveness, and challenging nature. Instructors: Muyesser Korkmaz, Nazli Taysever Performers: Bera Uslu, Sadi Keskes, Samil Guzeldere, Arif Soydan, Esat Duman, Ehat Duman, Ali Sami Mihci, Veli Serbet, Galip Karatas, Ibrahim Arifi, Ayse Cavus, Layan Dhaher, Kaylee Guzeldere, Selma Ucan, Bilge Ozulas, Neslihan Kahraman, Neslisah Kahraman, Esra Taysever, Kubra Taysever

Display Table Representative: Tahir Atamemmedov

Performance Title: Hopak Kolomeyka Dance Ensemble is a Ukrainian youth group that will be performing "Hopak". "Hopak" known universally as the dance which best represents Ukraine’s National Dance. It is a crowd favorite highlighting all of the difficult and intricate movements as a way to "show off" whenever Ukrainians gather for any festive celebration.

Director: John Zaryckyj Instructors: Tassia Zaryckyj, Denys Slyusar

Performance Title: American Folk Songs Much like the population of the United States, these group of students come from a mixture of cultural backgrounds and will be playing a series of folk songs on the classical guitar together. This particular group of students study classical guitar, a traditional instrument of Spain, in the Suzuki method. This method was developed in Japan by Dr. Shinichi Suzuki in the mid-20th century to teach young children to play the violin and has been recently adapted to the guitar. They will be performing two American folk songs, “Aura

Lee”, which is an American Civil War song about a maiden and “Go Tell Aunt Rhody”, which is a song that originated in New England about an aunt using a goose to stuff her bed. The group will also be performing two premier songs from the Suzuki method, “Lightly Row” and “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star”. Instructor: Anthony DiMambro Performers: Christian Antaran, Javier Antaran, Carola Bogliani, Uriah Deslippe, Nicholas Garcia, Santiago Garcia, Luca Ghilezan, Ahana Singh, Jai Singh

Performance Title: ProdiJee Combo Mix ProdiJee has been performing together for approximately 5 years under the direction of Ms. Rita Mosley of RML Entertainment. They have had the privilege to compete and receive high ranks at national dance competitions. Collectively, they have begun to create and choreograph performance concepts such as the one presented today.

Instructors: Pat "Dukes" Jordan, Rita Mosley Performers: Marquis Calhoun, Preston "Priince" Dukes, Martez Calhoun, Darius “BJ” Boatner, Christian Johnson

Special Thanks To

Display Table Representative: Farrukh Shamsutdinov

Andreea Puiu Anthony DiMambro Baba Shomari Chandrani Sengupta Cissi Lin Devlina Sur Denys Slyusar Dorina Caluser Elena Menshchikova Eleonora Barbov Erika Rito Faizan Alam Farrukh Shamsutdinov Hava Ylyaguev Hisham Turk In Seong Hwang Ivy Xu Jae Won Heo Javier Del Real Jennifer Brown-Tallman Jingli Yang Jusilda Bita John Zaryckyj Linda Enyedy Linda Oehrlein Liz Krajcz Luly Del Real Mama Malika Marisa Kote MeeHyang Ailsworth Mehmet Demirkan Mitsuyo Delphia


Miyuki Mori Muyesser Korkmaz Nazli Taysever Tassia Zaryckyj Nora Alata Nurzat Syrgabaeva Olga Ludwick Pat "Dukes" Jordan Ramin Mammadov Rieko Furuyama Rinita Bose Rita Mosley Sejla Jakupovic Seung Jun Kim Seung Yeon Kim Shumi Ferguson Simona Ghilezan Sonja Todorovska Sudha Chandrasekhar Sunanda Sammaddar Tahir Atamemmedov Tassia Zaryckyj Tom Lisiecki Trpana Denkovska Valentina Kundalevich Vasanthi Rengarajan Zhanat Koshenov Zia Haq Zsuzsi McDonald



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