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Cruz del Carmen
























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Los Gigantes Puerto Santiago










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Playa de las Teresitas

Museo de la Naturaleza y el Hombre TEA Tenerife Espacio de las Artes Museo de la Ciencia y el Cosmos Museo de Historia Centro Alfarero Casa Miquelas Pueblo Chico Museo Casa de la Miel y el Vino Loro Parque Cueva del Viento Rambla de Castro Museo de Historia: Casa de Carta Paisaje Lunar Barranco del Infierno Siam Park Jungle Park Aqualand Karting Club Casa de la Aduana (Artenerife) Casa Torrehermosa (Artenerife) Playa de las Américas (Artenerife) Puerto de La Cruz (Artenerife) Playa de Las Vistas (Artenerife) Puerto Colón (Artenerife) Santa Cruz. Plaza de España (Artenerife)






Playa Paraíso











La Camella

Costa Adeje


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Las Américas


Los Cristianos




El Médano


Las Chafiras Los Abrigos Costa del Silencio


Las Galletas



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Marina de San Miguel Puerto de los Cristianos Puerto Colón Puerto de los Gigantes

Piscinas Naturales de Bajamar y La Punta Playa de la Arena Playa Socorro Punta Brava Playa Jardín Piscinas Naturales de Garachico Playa del Médano Playa Tejita Piscinas Naturales de Santiago del Teide

Tourist guide of Tenerife

I’ve had the best holidays of my life. Laura Ruiz, 28 from Spain.

Welcome to Tenerife! Congratulations on choosing our very special island! You probably already know about our wonderful climate, fabulous beaches and leisurely lifestyle, but we have so much more to offer! Caressed by tropical trade winds, Tenerife also has the cultural attractions of its traditional villages and the excitement and modernity of its capital city, Santa Cruz. The enjoyment, sunlight, relaxation, traditions and modern lifestyle go hand in hand in Tenerife. 5

Tourist guide of Tenerife Visitors can enjoy exploring the old and the new under clear blue skies, and in year round sunshine. Our average temperature is a very pleasant 22 degrees centigrade. From historic sites of interest to sandy beaches and stunning modern architecture, Tenerife is quick and easy to travel around, and with so much to see and do, it’s no wonder over five million holidaymakers choose Tenerife as their holiday destination every year!

Let’s begin!

Did you know that…? Tenerife is the largest of the Canary Islands at 2,034 square kilometres. It is approximately 300 kilometres from the coast of Africa and 1,300 kilometres from the Spanish mainland.

Tourist guide of Tenerife

I never believed I could feel so good. Anna Nowak, 65, Poland.

An island of Health and Wellbeing There is a saying that the sun gives life and with approximately 3,000 hours of sunlight each year, Tenerife is definitely the place to enjoy a relaxing and pleasurable lifestyle. In fact the therapeutic properties of this sunny island were the reason why so many 19th Century European doctors advised their patients to visit it. Whether strolling along sandy beaches, bathing in the blue waters of the Atlantic or breathing in fresh mountain air, Tenerife is sure to revitalise body and soul. And it’s not just the beauty of the island that inspires a sense of well-being; the warm and friendly hospitality of the people is another reason why so many visitors return year after year. 7

Did you know that‌? Because of the clarity of its night skies, Tenerife has one of the world’s most important observatories.

Walking on the sand of the beaches, bathing in the blue waters of the Atlantic or breathing air which renews your spirits‌ It might be more correct to say, rather than that Tenerife is a fortunate isle, that those who live here are the fortunate ones, together with those who have the good fortune to spend a few days on the island, like you are doing now. There is another reason why this island has the power to make you feel good: the people. Tenerife is the friendly island par excellence and its inhabitants are bursting with joy and hospitality. It is probably their way of saying thank you for having been born in such an exceptional place and the desire to share it with the world.

A brief history of the island Tenerife is one of the seven Canary Islands mentioned by the naturalist and geographer, Pliny, in the year 40 B.C. Even then they were aptly referred to as the Fortunate Isles. Up until the 16 century the Canary Islands were populated by the Guanches and Tenerife was divided into nine Princedoms, or Menceyates, each under the control of a Guanche prince or “Mencey”. Hardened fighters, these natives defended Tenerife from the Spanish, who finally conquered the island in 1496. In 1797, one of the most important battles in naval history took place against the English. Admiral Horatio Nelson attempted to take control of Santa Cruz but was defeated by General Gutiérrez and lost his arm in the battle. It’s a testament to the cordial nature of the islanders that even in the aftermath of battle, letters and gifts from the opposing troops were shared with Nelson before he finally returned to England.

I have been surprised by the history of Tenerife. Jan Jansen, 43, Belgium.

Tourist guide of Tenerife

Did you know that…? The Guanches are believed to have originated in the north of Africa, because of similarities in their body type and linguistic roots.

An island of traditions It’s a rare month of the year when a fiesta is not held on the island. Tenerife has kept its traditions alive and from January to December the calendar is full of celebrations, either in honour of a patron saint or the Virgin Mary. Traditional costume dancing or “bailes de magos” are commonplace, the name coming from the word “mago” meaning peasant. The most important of these local dances are Tegueste, La Laguna, Garachico, Adeje and Arafo. The romerías are country fiestas, held in the street, and celebrated to continue to keep alive the agricultural and livestock traditions of the boroughs. Processions are the town and street festivals and their celebration keeps the whole flavour of the agricultural and stockbreeding town traditions. 10

I was amazed and enthralled to learn more about the customs and traditions on Tenerife! Alexander Schneider, 32, Germany.

Carnival Extravaganza! Tenerife’s Carnival is celebrated in almost every borough on the island but the Carnival of Santa Cruz is the biggest and most extravagant of all. In February, the streets come alive with thousands of people dressed in spectacular costumes, from superheroes and pirates, to cowboys, princesses and pixies. Every night during Carnival, over 100,000 people take to the streets to dance the night away and the mass of costumes, wigs, feathers and lights turn Santa Cruz into a kaleidoscope of colour.

Do not forget to visit the website of the Tenerife Carnival: www.carnavaltenerife.es

Tourist guide of Tenerife The selection of the Carnival Queen, the great Parade of the Coso, the Burial of the Sardine, the comedy singing groups (murgas) and Brazilianstyle dancers (comparsas) are star attractions of the Carnival. One of the most popular streets during Carnival is Calle de la Noria as many of the Carnival groups have premises here and rehearse before the big event. The Carnival’s appeal has earned it the honour of Fiesta of International Tourist Interest.

In recent years, the Carnival has also been celebrated during the day. On the Saturday of Piñata, thousands of families venture into the streets to dance and enjoy themselves and the city comes alive with the rhythmic drumbeats of the comparsas!

Did you know that…? The Tenerife Carnival includes one of the world’s largest street dances with over 250,000 people.


Tourist guide of Tenerife

If you would like to know more about the island’s fiestas and celebrations please refer to the leaflet on the traditions of Tenerife.

Culture and Heritage In the many villages and towns throughout Tenerife, the unusual design of the wooden balconies stand out as genuine works of art. A magnificent example is The Casa de Los Balcones in Orotava. This also sells all kinds of island handicrafts, such as tablecloths, pottery and basket-making.

Find the closest tourist office at the end of this pamphlet.

Musical festivals abound in Tenerife. In addition to Carnival, there’s the modern Festival Eólica; the perennially popular Aguaviva, the Canary Islands Music Festival, and the many concerts given by visiting artists.

The museums, the culture, the historical buildings… I fell in love with everything. Nathalie Bernard, 28, France.


Tourist guide of Tenerife

Did you know that‌? In 1927, Agatha Christie, the famous mystery novelist, visited Tenerife with her young daughter to recuperate from a personal crisis. The charms of the island helped her recover and continue with her literary career. Coinciding with the 80th anniversary of the arrival of the British writer, Puerto de la Cruz celebrates a festival in her honour during the first fortnight of June with plays, exhibitions, etc.

Island handicrafts can also be purchased at the many Artenerife stores dotted throughout the island. On sale are high quality items made by local craftsmen that help maintain the traditions passed down from fathers to sons and mothers to daughters. Many of the island’s cultural gems can be found in the historical districts. 14

You will be given a complete list of the craftwork shops in the tourist offices.

San Cristóbal de La Laguna is a perfect example of an unwalled city; declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, its unusual layout of roads and buildings gives it a special charm. Additional places and buildings of historical interest include La Orotava; the town of Garachico (awarded the Fine Arts Gold Medal) and Santa Cruz, the island’s capital city.

The museums in Tenerife are the best place to learn about the culture and history of the island. Two of the largest are the Museum of Science in La Laguna, with interactive exhibits ideal for all ages and the Museum of Nature and Mankind in Santa Cruz, home to the ancient Guanche mummies and a wide selection of temporary and permanent displays.

Further information about museums at Infoturismo Tenerife: 00 800 100 101 00

Tourist guide of Tenerife


Tourist guide of Tenerife

Did you know that‌? The Tenerife Rural Foundation, an organisation committed to promoting rural interests, has a wonderful range of interesting places to visit including museums, farms, vineyards and pottery centres. For further information go to: www.centrosruralestenerife.com / 00 800 100 101 00


Traditional Cuisine Canarian cuisine is exciting and varied. Key ingredients include potato, fish, banana, gofio, cheese, mojo sauce and honey. Together with the local wines and scrumptious desserts, they make for the perfect feast! Potatoes accompany most dishes and have strong social, culinary

and historical importance for the islanders. A traditional way of cooking them is in their jackets in heavily salted water.

hotplate; sardines, wreck fish, grouper, black tail comber, common dentex, cuttlefish and tuna.

These are the famous “papas arrugadas”, or wrinkled potatoes, to be enjoyed with red or green mojo sauce.

Rabbit is the key ingredient in one of the island’s most traditional and delicious dishes, conejo en salmorejo, and Tenerife’s soft goat cheese is a perennial favourite.

Fish is also very popular and local varieties include vieja (parrotfish) either boiled or cooked on the

Casa del Vino La Baranda. Autopista Gral. del Norte, km 21. 922 572 535 / 542

Tourist guide of Tenerife

Gofio, ground and toasted cereal, is a food item handed down 17

Tourist guide of Tenerife by the Guanches, the ancient inhabitants of the island. It is to be found in every Canarian home and the most popular types are those made with maize and wheat. The delicious Canarian banana can be found all over the island and for those with a sweet tooth, there’s a range of delectable local desserts, including bienmesabe, frangollo, rosquetes, quesillo, bizcochos, and truchas. All these delightful dishes are complemented by Tenerife’s wonderful wines. The island has many vineyards and the quality of its vintages has achieved international acclaim. The five key wine growing dis18

Did you know that…?

Tourist guide of Tenerife

There are 80 kinds of grapes varieties in the Canary Islands, more than in any other place of the world.

tricts on the island include Abona, Icoden Daute-Ysora, Tacoronte-Acentejo, Valle de Güímar and Valle de La Orotava. Local food items can be purchased at the farmers’ markets and municipal markets such as La Laguna and Nuestra Señora de África market, in Santa Cruz.

For delicious recipes and more information on Canarian cuisine, please refer to our gastronomy leaflet.

Our wines, which are produced on volcanic land, are unique. You cannot leave without tasting them. Further information in www.vinosdetenerife.com. 922 370 885


Did you know that…? The Tajinaste Rojo is one of fifty endemic species that live on Mount Teide. It flowers only once in its lifetime and can grow to three metres in size.

Spain’s highest peak Mount Teide, at 3,718 metres, is Spain’s highest peak and occupies a majestic location in the centre of the island. Declared a World Heritage Site in 2007, it has inspired people throughout the ages. The Romans called Tenerife “Nivaria”, as a result of its snow covered peak and today the mountain is visited by over three million visitors a year. The surrounding Mount Teide National Park contains approximately 100 protected species of flora and Tourist center of the Teide National Park. El Portillo and Cañada Blanca: 922 356 000 Every day 9am.-4pm.

fauna including the Tajinaste Rojo, the Teide Violet and Teide Broom. All three, despite their apparently fragile appearance, have managed to adapt themselves to the extreme climatic conditions of this place, where temperatures vary significantly between night and day. Below Mount Teide lies the immense Llano de Ucanca (Ucanca Plain). This extensive piece of land is made up of solidified lava and resembles a lunar landscape.

Cable car station is allowed: 922 010 445. Every day 9am.-4pm. www.teleferico-teide.com The access to Teide Peak: 922 290 129. C/ Emilio Calzadilla, 5-4ª Planta. Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

Tourist guide of Tenerife

A dramatic setting

We never thought that Nature could create something so beautiful.

The dramatic rock formations, Roques de García, are additional attractions in the National Park. At the foot of Mount Teide, they are one of the most popular sites to be photographed. For those who wish to see the actual crater, there is a cable car that goes up as far as 200 metres from the summit. For those wishing to go all the way to the top, a special permit from the offices of the Mount Teide National Park in Santa Cruz de Tenerife needs to be obtained.

Michael and Catherine Owen, 46 and 41, United Kingdom.

The skies over Mount Teide are so clear that it is one of the best places in the world to view the stars in all their glory. The powerful telescopes at The Izaña Observatory make it possible to view vast tracts of the Milky Way and learn new things about the solar system.

Visitors can spend the night on Mount Teide and watch the sun rise the following morning by staying at the Altavista Mountain Refuge, located 3,270 metres above sea level. From here there is a path that leads to the summit and early risers can experience the beauty of dawn on Mount Teide.


Tourist guide of Tenerife

Can you imagine being able to spend the night at Mount Teide and seeing the sunrise the following morning from the summit? Well, it’s possible. In order to do this, you have to spend the night at the Altavista Mountain Refuge, located at 3,270 metres above sea level, from where you can take a path that leads you up to the summit. 22

Bookings in the Altavista Refuge C/ San Francisco, 5-4ª planta. Santa Cruz. 922 010 440 / Mon.-Fri. 9am. - 2pm.

Beaches The beaches of Tenerife are particularly appealing and many have received a quality stamp for the cleanliness of their waters and sand as well as for the quality of their facilities. These range from the fine golden sands of Teresitas in the north and Fañabé in the South to the exotic volcanic black sands of Playa de la Arena, Playa Jardin, and El Socorro. You can also choose to relax and unwind in some of the many secluded coves which are scattered around the island’s coastline.

There are so many different beaches that you don’t know where to begin Igor Ivanov, 57, Russia.

To find the beaches, look at the official map of Tenerife.

Tourist guide of Tenerife

The temperate waters surrounding the island make swimming possible all year round, and the ocean’s rejuvenating mix of salt and volcanic minerals makes it even more beneficial.


Tourist guide of Tenerife

The natural swimming pools of Bajamar, Punta del Hidalgo, La Laguna, Garachico and Santiago del Teide, provide another way to enjoy the sea. Natural pools of water are constantly renewed at high tide and provide a wonderful way to enjoy the beauty and drama of the Atlantic Ocean.

Check out the tourist offices which appear at the end of the guide or make a free call to our Call centre Infoturismo Tenerife: 00 800 100 101 00

Did you know that‌? 24

Tenerife has approximately 400 kilometres of coastline. Much of this is natural beach front from which visitors can enjoy activities ranging from jet skiing, parascending, kayaking, diving, snorkelling and pedal boats.

Tourist guide of Tenerife

Tenerife seems like many islands in one: the landscape changes with every step. Walter Huber, 29, Switzerland.

An Island of contrasts A distinctive feature of Tenerife is the contrast between the green and leafy North and drier regions of the South. As distances are comparatively short, this is even more striking and even reflected in the temperature difference by a few degrees.


Tourist guide of Tenerife

Acantilado de Los Gigantes


One of the island’s most unusual landscapes is the cliffs of Los Gigantes. These are enormous vertical walls which appear to emerge vertically from the sea and can be best viewed by taking a boat trip from one of the following starting points such as Puerto


Did you know that …? 48% of the land mass of Tenerife is protected and is home to approximately 600 endemic species.

Colón (Adeje), Los Cristianos (Arona) or Los Gigantes (Santiago del Teide). The contrasting Anaga Highlands feature magnificent ancient woodland called Laurisilva. In existence since the Tertiary Period, it is one

of the most important ecological areas in Europe. A unique phenomenon of Tenerife is its sea of clouds which forms at an altitude of some 1,500 metres, providing an almost ethereal quality.

Ask in the tourist offices for the detailed information of the companies that can provide you with these services.

So much to see and do Tenerife offers a wealth of activities and there are so many things to see and do, the hard part is making a choice! From the competitive action of nine golf courses to the fun loving thrills of several theme parks, there are multiple activities for all the family! The popular beaches of Punta Brava and El Socorro are perfect for surfers and the best place on the island for windsurfing and kite surfing is El MÊdano. The warm tranquil waters around Tenerife provide ideal conditions for diving, snorkelling, water skiing and canoeing and there are plenty of sailing facilities at the island’s many marinas.

What I like the most is the tranquillity and the good climate that is always there when you are playing. I don’t know why but here my card is excellent. Joseph Thompson, 46 from Scotland, is one of the thousands of visitors who love to play golf in Tenerife.



For the truly intrepid, there’s the thrill of paragliding with several paragliding schools offering top level instruction. Every spring, Flypa, one of the world’s premier paragliding events, is held in Los Realejos. For walkers there are numerous hiking trails and paths, perfect for those who want to enjoy a leisurely stroll or for hiking enthusiasts who

want to see more of the natural habitat of the island. One of the longest trails is eightyfour kilometres and runs through eleven boroughs. For more information on the footpaths of Tenerife, ask for the footpath leaflet at any tourist information office.

Two large cities joined together and with everything you could imagine. Giovanni Rossi, 26, Italy.

Stylish Towns

Auditorio de Tenerife. Avda. Constituci贸n, 1 922 568 600. www.auditoriodetenerife.com

Tourist guide of Tenerife

The capital city of Santa Cruz de Tenerife and university town of San Crist贸bal de La Laguna have, over time, merged to provide a rich cultural and historical metropolis. Santa Cruz de Tenerife is constantly evolving with modern and avant-garde architecture. Recent buildings include the Tenerife Auditorio, a majestic and trend-setting design by the architect, Santiago Calatrava. 29

Check out the last concerts and exhibitions on: www.webtenerife.com/eventos

There’s the Plaza de España, with its geyser and in the centre of the town, the Tenerife Espacio de las Artes (TEA). Designed by Swiss architects, Herzog & De Meuron, this multi-functional building is a museum, national and international exhibition centre as well as a library, and is open twenty-four hours a day. In the heart of the oldest part of Santa Cruz is the Church of La Concepción. Radiating from here are attractive cobbled streets with their popular tascas and restaurants serving exquisite Canarian cuisine.

Did you know that…? A modern tram system connects Santa Cruz and La Laguna in just 37 minutes, with stops at all of the most important points in the two cities. 30

Santa Cruz is a city for shopping. Whether its fashion, traditional Canarian handicrafts or the latest in electronics, it’s all available at very competitive prices. In 1999 La Laguna was accorded the status of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Once the former Capital of the island, its buildings and streets brim with history and the best way to explore it is by foot. A recommended walk starts at the Plaza del Adelantado winding through to the historical centre.

Find the tourist offices of Santa Cruz and La Laguna at the end of the guide.

An ideal place to enjoy some traditional island wine and a plate of delicious potatoes with mojo sauce, is at one of the terrace cafés along the most famous street in Santa Cruz, the Calle de La Noria. Delicious dishes of the international cuisine and the cuisine from the Canary Islands are served. If you like it you can have tapas together with a glass of the best wines of the Island.

Stops along the way include the Town Hall, the Convento de Santa Catalina de Siena, the Cathedral, Casa Lercaro and the Church of La Concepción. 31

La Laguna Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Because La Laguna is a university city, it’s always buzzing with activity. The Cuadrilátero area, very close to the old Central Building of the University, is particularly popular with plenty of cafes and pubs to choose from.

There are plenty of terrace bars and cafeterias at its centre and the delightful streets of Carrera and Herradores are wonderful places to browse and shop.


A short drive away is the Anaga Rural Park with its laurel woodlands, one of Europe’s most important ecological treasures. A little further along is the coast of La Laguna with its natural saltwater pools.

The island’s sea breezes contain important trace elements that are very good for the skin.

Relax and Rejuvenate Tenerife is the perfect place to relax and rejuvenate with its selection of spas and wellness centres. Visitors can choose from a range of treatments including a local massage that involves placing warm volcanic stones on the back, hands and feet, while enjoying a massage with essential oils. Other ‘feel good’ activities include walking barefoot on the sand, watching the sun set over the ocean and gazing at the star filled skies above the island.

Spa Aqua Club Termal. C/ Galicia, s/n. Torviscas Alto. 922 716 555 The Oriental Spa Garden C/ Richard Yeoward, 1. Hotel Botánico. 922 389 505 Club Spa La Quinta Park. Urb. La Quinta. Santa Úrsula. 922 300 951

Tourist guide of Tenerife

Ask in the tourist offices for whatever you want to know about the SPA centers.

Did you know that…?


Loro Parque. Avda. Loro Parque, s/n. 922 373 841. Every day 8.30-18.45 (Last entrance is at 4 pm.). www.loroparque.com

Tourist guide of Tenerife

Did you know that…? Loro Parque is one of the world’s most-visited theme parks and since it opened in 1972, more than 20 million people have passed through its gates. It has the world’s largest and most diverse collection of parrots.

Fun for all the family Tenerife has several high quality theme parks, ideal for fun days out with the family. Loro Parque and Siam Park are particularly popular and are visited by thousands of visitors each year.


Siam Park. San Eugenio. Costa Adeje 902 060 000 Every day 10am. - 5pm. www.siampark.net

Siam Park features adrenaline racing rides and the Wave Palace, guaranteed to delight all ages; Loro Parque is renowned for its amazing collection of exotic birds, parrots and penguins.

Pueblo Chico Aqualand Sian Park Jungle Park

It is also home to a range of other animals and features daily shows with killer whales and dolphins. Neither the killer whales and dolphins show, we recommend that you don’t miss the new top attraction, Katandra Treetops. You will be amazed at the most exotic birds through a suspension bridge.

karting Club

Other attractions include Pueblo Chico with its scale models of famous buildings throughout the Canary Islands; the Karting Club with its action packed go-carts, the water attractions of Aqualand and the Jungle Park Zoo which has over 500 species of animals.

Whales and dolphins Permanent colonies of whales and dolphins reside in the warm waters around Tenerife, less than three miles off the south coast of the island. About two hundred and fifty pilot whales, and twenty or so bottlenose dolphins, have made Tenerife their home and this unique spectacle is a constant source of joy and delight for visitors and locals.


Did you know that…? Whales and Dolphins choose the temperate water around Tenerife because of its depth, clarity and abundant food supply.

The temperate climate and calm seas mean that regular boat trips can be made practically every day of the year from various points off the island including Los Cristianos, Puerto Colón and Los Gigantes.

Tourist information offices Arico C/ Benítez de Lugo, 1. Villa de Arico

922 161 133 Mon. - Fri. 9am. - 2.30pm.

Arona - Playa de las Américas Plza. del “City Center” Avda. Rafael Puig, 19. Arona

922 797 668


Jul. - Sept.: Mon. - Fri. 9am. - 8.30pm. Sat. and Sun. 9am. - 3pm. Oct. - Jun.: Mon. - Fri. 9am. - 9pm. Sat. and Sun. 9am. - 3.30pm.

Arona - Playa de las Vistas

Arona - Playa de las Galletas

Paseo las Vistas, s/n Los Cristianos. Arona

Paseo Marítimo Dionisio González Delgado. Arona

922 730 133 Jul. - Sep.: 9am. - 3pm.

Sat. 9am. - 1pm. Oct. - Jun.: Mon. - Sun. 9am. - 1.30pm.

922 787 011 Jul. - Sep.: 9am. - 8.30pm. Sat. and Sun. 9am. - 3pm. Oct. - Jun.: 9am. - 9pm.

Sat. and Sun. 9am. - 3.30pm.

Buenavista del Norte C/ El Puerto, 27 Buenavista del Norte

922 129 030 ext.142 Jul. - Sep.: Mon. - Fri. 9am. - 2pm. Oct. - Jun.: Mon. - Fri. 9am. - 3pm.

For further information make a free call to the Call center Infoturism Tenerife Infoturismo Tenerife: 00 800 100 101 00

Tourist guide of Tenerife C.I.T. Candelaria-Caletillas

C.I.T. Puerto de la Cruz

Cabildo Aeropuerto Tenerife Sur

Plaza del CIT, s/n. Las Caletillas

C/ Puerto Viejo, 13 Puerto de la Cruz

Aeropuerto Tenerife Sur Reina Sofía. Granadilla de Abona

Mon. - Fri. 2.30pm - 8.30pm.

922 370 243

922 392 037

C.I.T. Garachico

Jul. - Sep.: Mon. - Fri. 9am. - 2pm. Oct. - Jun.: Mon. - Fri. 9am. - 1pm. 4.30pm. - 7pm.

Oct. - Jun.: Mon. - Fri. 9am. - 9pm.. Sat. and Sun. 9am. - 5pm. Jul. - Sep.: Mon. - Fri. 9am. - 7pm. Sat. and Sun. 9am. - 5pm.

922 500 415

Avda. República de Venezuela, s/n. Garachico

922 133 461

C.I.T. Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Mon. - Fri. 10am. - 5pm.

Avda. Anaga (In from of Plaza de España). Santa Cruz de Tenerife

C.I.T. Güímar

922 248 461

Avda. Obispo Pérez Caceres, 18 Güímar

Mon. - Fri. 9am. - 4pm. Sat. 9am. - 1pm.

922 511 590 Winter: Mon. - Fri. 9am. - 3pm. Summer: Mon. - Fri. 8am. - 2pm.

C.I.T. Icod de los Vinos C/ San Sebastián, 6 Icod de los Vinos

922 812 123 9am. - 1pm./3pm. - 7pm. Sat. 10am.-1pm.

Cabildo Puerto de la Cruz

922 633 576 Oct. - Jun.: Mon. - Sun. 09.30 - 4pm. Jul. - Sep.: Mon. - Sun. 09.30 - 3pm.

Centro de Visitantes Parque Rural de Teno Finca los Pedregales. El Palmar Buenavista del Norte

922 386 000

922 128 032

Mon. - Fri. 9am. - 8pm. Sat. and Sun. 9am. - 5pm.

Mon. - Fri. 9 am. - 2.30 pm.

Avda. Rafael Puig, 17. Costa Adeje

Cabildo Santa Cruz

Avda. Litoral, s/n. Costa Adeje

922 793 312

Plaza de España, s/n Santa Cruz de Tenerife

922 716 539

C.I.T. Sur

Mon. - Fri. 9am. - 1pm. On holidays closed from 29 jun. to 15 jul.

Cabildo Aeropuerto Tenerife Norte Aeropuerto Tenerife Norte Los Rodeos. Los Rodeos, s/n

Costa Adeje - Playa Fañabé

Oct. - Jun.: Mon. - Fri. 10am. - 5pm. Jul. - Sep.: Mon. - Fri. 10am. - 4pm.

922 239 592 Oct. - Jun.: Mon. - Fri. 8am. - 6pm. Sat. 9am. - 1pm. Jul. - Sep.: Mon. - Fri. 8am. - 5pm. Sat. 9am. - 12am.

Costa Adeje - Plaza del Duque

922 716 377

922 635 192


Avda. Universidad, 9 (Camino Largo). San Cristóbal de La Laguna

Mon. - Fri. 10am. - 2pm./3pm. - 6pm. bankholidays open, except Christmas, 1st and 6th January

Avda. de la Constitución, 7 Candelaria

Mon. - Fri. 9am. - 1pm./4pm. - 8pm.

Ctra. Las Mercedes, Km. 6 San Cristóbal de La Laguna

La Casa de la Aduana C/ Las Lonjas, s/n. Puerto de la Cruz

C.I.T. Nordeste

922 632 718

Centro de Visitantes Cruz del Carmen

Ctro. Com. Plaza del Duque Costa Adeje Oct. - Jun.: Mon. - Fri. 10am. - 5pm. Jul. - Sep.: Mon. - Fri. 10am. - 4pm.

922 032 230 Winter: Mon. - Sun. 9am. - 5pm. Summer: Mon. - Sun. 10am. - 6pm.

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Tourist information offices Costa Adeje - Troya

La Laguna - Punto de Información Aeropuerto Tenerife Norte

San Miguel de Abona Oficina de turismo “El Caracol”

Oct. - Jun.: Sat. - Sun. 10am. - 5pm. Jul. - Sep.: Sat. - Sun. 10am. - 4pm.

Aeropuerto de Tenerife Norte Los Rodeos San Cristóbal de La Laguna

Avda. Galván Bello, s/n Golf del Sur. San Miguel de Abona

El Médano

922 825 046

Mon. - Fri. 08.30am. - 2.30pm.

Plza. de los Príncipes de España Granadilla de Abona

Every day 9am. - 5pm.

Avda. Rafael Puig, 1. Costa Adeje

922 750 633

922 176 002

La Orotava

Oct. - Jun.: Mon. - Fri. 9am. - 3pm. Sab. 9am. - 1pm. Jul. - Sep.: Mon. - Fri. 9am. - 2pm. Sat. 9am. - 12am.

C/ Calvario, 4. Villa de La Orotava

Intercambiador Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Plaza de La Unión, s/n. Los Realejos

Santa Cruz bus ternimal

922 299 749 Every day 10am. - 3pm.

La Laguna - Casa AlvaradoBracamonte (Capitanes Generales) C/ La Carrera, 7. Bajo San Cristóbal de La Laguna

922 631 194 Every day 9am. - 5pm.



922 323 041

922 738 664 Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Sociedad de desarrollo C/ Castillo esq. C/ Cruz Verde Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Mon. - Fri. 8.30am. - 6pm.

922 299 749

Los Realejos

Mon. - Sat. 10am. - 6pm. Sun. 10am. - 2pm. Cruisedays: open from 9am.

922 346 181

Santiago del Teide

San Juan de la Rambla

Avda. Marítima Ctro. Com. Seguro de Sol. Local 34 Playa de la Arena. Puerto Santiago

Plza. de los Canarios, s/n Ctra. TF-351 San Juan de la Rambla

Jul. - Ago.: Mon. - Fri. 8am. - 2pm. Sep. - Jun.: Mon. - Fri. 8am. - 2.30pm.

Mon. - Fri. 9am. - 2pm.

922 360 003 Ext. 3 Mon. - Fri. 9am. - 2pm.

922 860 348

Tacoronte Ctra. General Tacoronte-Tejina (La Estación). Tacoronte

922 570 015

Mon. - Fri. 9am. - 1pm.

For further information make a free call to the Call center Infoturism Tenerife Infoturismo Tenerife: 00 800 100 101 00

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ING-Guia de Tenerife  

Enjoy it all www.webtenerife.com Fun for the family 34 Carnival, Carnival! 11 Nature of contrasts 25 Whales and dolphins 35 In Tenerife at l...

ING-Guia de Tenerife  

Enjoy it all www.webtenerife.com Fun for the family 34 Carnival, Carnival! 11 Nature of contrasts 25 Whales and dolphins 35 In Tenerife at l...