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From 15th to 28TH of February


EVENTS ORGANIZED BY THE FESTIVITIES DEPARTMENT OF THE ROTA CITY HALL SATURDAY, FEBRUARY THE 18 TH “GENERAL REHEARSALS” Events organized by The Festivities Department. They will take place at 4pm at the Ntro. Padre Jesus Nazareno Square SATURDAY, FEBRUARY THE 25TH “X POPULAR CAMARONÁ (SHRIMP FREE TASTING)” - At the Mª Auxiliadora Av., organized by the Bar La Moderna, since 1pm, with the performances of local Carnival Groups. “XIX POPULAR CHICHARRONÁ (PORK CRACKLINGS FREE TASTING) -


Organized by the Peña Dosa, since 1pm, at the Mina Square. Local groups performing Carnival music. Cooperates: Rota City Hall

“CARNIVAL PARADE” PARADE” It will start at Mina Street. Since 8pm Performances: Carnival groups and Herald, to attend the event of Carnival Proclamation 2017. “XXX CARNIVAL PROCLAMATION” -


At 9pm in the stage placed at Plaza de España. In honour of the Chirigota Ilegal de Ro Rota, ta, Mr. Bernardo Cala Herrera and Mr. Juan Andrade Capote. Carnival Proclamation by Antonio Herrera Ramírez Performance of the Local Chirigota “ LOS EVENTUALES ” and “AQUELLAS DURAS ANTIGUAS”




At 12pm, costumed children concentration at the Mina Street, from where the parade will depart to the stage situated at the España Square, accompanied by the Child Herald and disguised groups from different school associations and local groups. Coronation of the Mermaid and Neptune of Carnival 2017 3rd Carnival Child Proclamation by LAURA MARTIN ANDRADE. Performance of the Disabled Association. Children Costume Contest.

“VII CARNAVALEICHON FESTIVAL” Organized by IU LV–CA, since 2pm, at the Andalucía Square. Performances of local Groups. “XVIII POPULAR CHORIZÁ (PORK SAUSAGE FREE TASTING) “ -

Organized by the Bar “El Castillo”, since 2pm. Performance of local Groups

“1ST CUPLES’ (A KIND OF CARNIVAL SONG) CONTEST” - Organized by the Club “El Viejo Agujetas”, since 1pm. at the small Square of the Argüelles Street.


At the Auditorium “Alcalde Felipe Benítez” At 9pm


Organized by the Nazareno Brotherhood, since 1pm at Isaac Peral Street. There will be local groups performing Carnival music and flamenco.


At the Auditorium “Alcalde Felipe Benítez” At 9pm

THURSDAY, MARCH THE 2ND “GREAT FINAL 2 ND CARNIVAL CONTEST” At the Auditorium “Alcalde Felipe Benítez” At 9pm All these performances will be hosted by Dª Mª Carmen Santamaría Curtido. The tickets for the Festival Preliminary Rounds and the Great Final can be obtained at the Auditorium box office since February the 20th from Tuesday to Friday from 6pm to 8pm and 2 hours before the performance. FRIDAY, MARCH THE 3RD Since 9:30pm, at de España Square, chirigota’s performance “No Valemos When the un Duro” original by “Antonio Pedro Serrano “El Canijo“. performance finishes, it will be a “COSTUME DANCING“. -

Since 10pm, organized by the storekeepers of the Mina Street, “GREAT GAÑOTÁ POPULAR“, POPULAR“ everybody who comes costumed will have a free beer.

SATURDAY, MARCH THE 4TH YOUTH FESTIVAL On the stage placed at de España Square, since 11pm, youth festival with a DJ.

SUNDAY, MARCH THE 5TH “GREAT HUMOR PARADE” At 12pm. Itinerary: San Juan Bosco Street, Juan S. Elcano Street, Duque de Ahumada Street, Juan de Austria Street, Ntra. Sra. de Guadalupe Av., Casalarreina Street, América Av., Neptuno Street, Maria Auxiliadora Av., Príncipes de España Av., San Fernando Av. (right). The parade will finish at the intersection of the San Fernando Avenue and Sevilla Avenue.

* • •

Best Group Costume - 270 € Best Couple Costume - 150 € Best Single Costume - 100 €

If you want to take part in the Costume Contest, the registration should be done before the 2nd March in the office of the Festivities Department, located in the García Sánchez Building.

MUNICIPAL MU NICIPAL THEATER – “ALCALDE FELIPE BENÍTEZ” AUDITORIUM 1ST TANGUILLOS SHOW Day: February the 17th Time: 7 pm. Price: 5.00 € Organize: Laura Pirri. * Municipal Theater Alcalde Felipe Benítez´s ticket office: from Tuesday to Friday: from 6pm to 8pm and two hours before the performance. Unnumbered, San Fernando Avenue. Tel.956 810022.


EQUESTRIAN PARADE Day: February the 28th Time: since 11am Departure from Renfe Organize: Horsemen Association “La Posada

PRESENTATIONS ARTISTS’ PROJECTS PRESENTATION. ASSOCIATION LINEA DE COSTA Day: February the 25th Time: 12:30pm Place: Central Market Exhibition Hall. Compás del Convento Street.

THE CULTURAL ASSOCIATION "HUERTO DE LOS OLIVOS" ORGANIZES CARNIVAL COEXISTENCE Date: February the 18th Place: Barriada San Antonio Time: At 2.00 pm next to Santa Cecilia Park Special collaboration of the group “Los majaras de Cái” The organization will offer a tasting. You can collaborate with a kilo of food.


II TRAINING DAY Date: February the 19th Place: Elba Costa Ballena Hotel, Urb. Costa Ballena, 12, Carla de Orleáns Av. Time: From 10 am to 2.00 pm. PROGRAM - The importance of the Ham Marketing - Prevention and self-treatment of musculoskeletal injuries in daily practice: ergonomics and therapeutic exercise. - What is exclusive about the Iberian pork of “Bellota”? Free entrance until the venue is full. Information: Tel.: 684453448 –

TRIP TO CADIZ – “CARRUSEL DE COROS” Date: February, the 27th Time: 12.00 am Price.: 7.00 € Registration: From Februay the 9th in the Department of Elder Affairs


Date: February, the 27th Time: From 11:30 am in front of Micaela Return at 6.30 pm Rates.: 8.00 € Members – 10.00 € No Members Registration: Oficina Habitante: Velásquez Street, 2 –local 2 –Tel: 622088218


IX MARATHON BTT “VILLA DE ROTA” REGISTRATION Day: March the 12th Departure time: 10.00 am Registration period: Until the 20th February at 12 pm Registration: Web of Gescon-chip Circuit of 60 km Price: 24.00 € /federated and 34/non federated Organized by: Rota Cycling Association Collaborates :Municipal Sport Delegation and Cádiz Council Sponsor: Generali Seguros and BIKES RM Company

“EN RUTA” CULTURAL ASSOCIATION ACTIVITIES PARK OF ADVENTURES SELWO ESTEPONA Day: February, the 18th Departure time: 7:00am from the Mayeto Park Price: 30 € for members and 37 € for non-members. Only Bus and entrance included.

More information and registration : Sport Area “La Forestal”. Association’ seat. From Monday to Thursday from 6:30pm to 7:30pm. Tel. : 651020628 – Rafael Lucero - Lunes / Tel.: 665607191 Mª José Garcia – Martes / Tel.: 685536648 – Josefa Pacheco – Miércoles /Tel.: 664494770 – Eugenia Descalzo - Jueves E-mail :

RED CROSS CAN HELP YOU WITH NEW TECHNOLOGIES ¿Do you want to learn about computers and Internet? Learn about the Office Package and Internet programs. Are you looking for a job? Create yourself an email account, your CV or a cover letter. Sign up in the main job portals. Do you know the social Networks? WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin… We can help you with the online administrative procedure.: SAE, SEPE, etc. Day: Wednesday , at 9.30 am and Friday at 12 am Place: Spanish Red Cross Assembly - Virgen de la Oliva Street Phone.: 687930816 Email.:

CIRCUS WORKSHOP BY “Mc BONARO” ASSOCIATION Date: Every Friday Organizes: The association of circus Arts “Mc Bonaro" Place: School Center - Luis Ponce de León Time: From 5pm to 6.30pm. Age: From 3-4 to 12 years old Contact: Luis Ponce de Leon School Center or Tel. 676508512.

ART WORKSHOPS FOR CHILDREN “PÁGINACERO” ACTIVE LEISURE Leisure culture Bilingual Workshops Art Workshops: Drawing & Painting, Engraving, Illustration, Modelling. Handmade Paper... “Pagina Cero” Drum Lessons Ask for information: Timetable and prices. Facebook: paginacero-Tel.: 603 630 122

ASSOCIATION “LA BASE NATURAL Y CULTURAL DE ROTA”‘WORKSHOPS Oil painting workshop: Timetable: Wednesdays from 6pm to 8pm and Fridays from 11am to 1pm. Marieta Kirwan. Oil painting workshop’s Manager Handicrafts workshop: Timetable: Tuesdays from 10:30am to 12:30pm and Thursdays from 5:30pm a 7:30pm. Rosa Morales. Handicrafts workshop’s Manager. Contact – Tel 601185225 - Handicrafts workshop. Contact - Tel.: 658840689 - Oil painting workshop.


Days: Every Saturday Time: From 10am to 11.30am. Place: Atlántico Park Registration: “Los 3 Tesoros”‘Association or

YOGA COURSE Timetable: Every Tuesday and Thursday From 10.45 am to 12.15 am From 7.15 pm to 8.45 pm. Place: Sport Complex “Pepin” near the Fairground More Information – Elma – Telfn: 956814857

CHESS SCHOOL Groups: Advanced classes: From Monday to Thursday from 6 pm. to 7:30 pm. Beginners: From Tuesday to Thursday from 4:30 pm to 6 pm. More information: Tel. 637763044 Place: Rafael Alberti Library

ACTIVITIES OFFERED BY “El CHORRILLO” ASSOCIATION Flamenco Guitar, cardio box, Pilates workshop, children workshops, Photoshop and photograph course. More information: Tel.: 650105118. Municipal Center “El Molino” placed next to the Sport Center “Manuel Villalba”

EXCHANGE PROGRAM: SPANISH AND ENGLISH Days: Thursdays Timetable: from 7pm to 8pm Place: Seat of the Neighborhood Association “El Chorrillo” 3, Sargento Céspedes Street. “El Molino” Cultural Center Tel.: 650 105 118 /

ENGLISH CLASSES Date:: Every Wednesday Time: From 6.30 pm to 8.00 pm Place: El Mayeto Park Intermediate level of English required

LATIN AND BALLROOM DANCING Latin and ballroom dancing Teacher: Cristian Avila Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Pasodoble Starting course: January the 10th For more information, please call: 671859481

CLASSES BY. LAURA PIRRI 2016 201616-2017 -Flamenco Classes for of 3 year old children and older and adults. -Zumba Course -Ballet Classes: Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm Dance Academy managed by the local artist Laura Pirri. Navalcan Street, Icaro Building, Local 5 - Tel.: 625 21 46 47

FLAMENCO CLASSES BY OFELIA MARQUEZ Sevillanas, Rumbas, Bulerias, Castanets... Flamenco Classes for adults Information: Tel. 671859481

FLAMENCO AND BALLROOM DANCE Place: La Costilla Bar - San Fernando Avenue. Date:: Every Friday, from 9.00 pm to 23.00 pm.

MUNICIPAL MUSIC SCHOOL Course 2016/2017 Place: Santa Cecilia Square Initiation and advanced classes offered

MUSIC CLASSES BY “ANDANTE MUSIC SCHOOL” -Home Studio course: music creation, recording and production by computer. With Javi Robledo, musician, composer and producer -Introduction to Logic Apple X course -Workshop "Learn to compose songs" for young people and adults between 13 and 60 years old. It is for children and adults. More information:, http: / Tel. 956813147 / 655543856

WORKSHOPS PATCHWORK WORKSHOP Contact: Casita de Tela. 21, Mina Street or by telephone 628578978

FLEA MARKET PICOBARRO SECOND HAND MARKET Second hand market of the“El Chorrillo” Association Sundays from 10am to 2pm Sargento Céspedes Street.


LUNA CASTLE Guided tours through the Luna Castle. Saturdays and Sundays, at 1.00 pm and at 5.00 pm Price: 2€/adult – 1€/Child from 6 to 12 years old. Registration in advance in the Tourist Office situated at 2, Cuna Street. Through phone reservations (956 846 345) or by mail: Groups and associations on request.

PARISH CHURCH OF OUR OU R LADY OF THE O It is opened to the public daily from 9 am to 1pm and from 6:30pm to 8:30pm.. Address: Bartolomé Pérez Square.

SAN JUAN BAUTISTA CHAPEL OR CARIDAD CHAPEL Timetable: from Monday to Friday from 10:30am to 1:00pm / 6:30pm to 8:30pm Saturdays from 10am to 1pm. Sundays at 10:30am (mass time) Address: de Andalucía Square.


BOTANICAL GARDEN “CELESTINO MUTIS” From Tuesday to Sunday from 10am to 2pm and from 4pm to 6:30pm It is closed on Mondays.

SAINT ROQUE CHAPEL Timetable: from Monday to Saturday from 10am to 1pm and from 6:30pm to 8:30pm. (Saturday afternoon is closed) On Sundays, during the mass time at 11:15am. Address: San Roque Square.

OTHER TOURS TOUR TO THE CHEESE FACTORY FACTORY “EL BUCARITO” Guided tour to the facilities of the cheese farm “El Bucarito” including a buffet breakfast, a cheese tasting and a flying bird show. For more information: Telephone number: 956 101 264/ 600 084 342 or by e-mail:

360SAIL NAUTICAL SCHOOL All the titles: *Sailing license- without exam *PER Yacht skipper - Yacht captain - Authorized school - Our own fleet -Limited groups -Skippers’ Club Information: By telephone or whatsapp 669369771 SAILING TRIPS FROM ROTA AROUND THE BAY OF CÁDIZ HAPPY MOMENTS ON THE SEE, ACCESIBLE TO ALL THE POCKETS *Unique sunset*A funny time with friends*Adventure with family *Romantic getaways*Beginners and advanced classes*Business events Information and booking: Tel.: 669369771 – 638 935 802. E-mail: - Website:

TRAILRIDES ROUTES AND HORSEBACK RIDING – TRAILRIDES Routes and horseback riding – Rural path and Cañada Real Minimum duration: Routes of one hour. Age: From 8 years old For more information: Tel.: 636169544 – Contact: Vicente.

Note: Rota Tourism is not responsible for any last minute changes of activities organized by private companies.

Activities in Rita from 15th. to 28th February  
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