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There is a different Infinity today in the Marche. Another vision.



An Infinity that has reversed the horizon. Because from that ancient obstacle, the border, the desire of those seeking infinite worlds approaches and finds the Infinite Marche.


Marche, a peninsula in the peninsula, An Adriatic region in the Mediterranean. A safe landfall for those who seek the dimensions of other times, but in our time. A modern bridge for creativity and business. A rapid destination and ideal platform for future goals.



Five provinces, unique and singular, differentiate a territory, marking their identities. Five geographical expressions, to each its elements.


Sea and mountains, rivers and valleys that multiply from north to south in balance, enclosing the sense of a journey in every boundary. Five journeys, authentic and parallel.



180 kilometres of beaches form the coast: from velvet sand to rocks plunging to the sea. Climbing, never tired hills that insist on a glance: waves of land and patterns that become memory.


From north to south, regular rivers meet valleys and hug the provinces. Every river an ancient path, every province its river. Then, suddenly, the mountains. Airy and light, telling stories and legends. Narrow and secret, custodian of grottoes and marvels.




Marche, unconscious DNA of every journey. Interpretation of a fascinating and generous tourism. Delayed goal that can no longer wait. Infinite people, infinite culture, infinite appeal. Infinite Marche.


And provinces infinitely matched.



Ancona, history and nature set square to the sea. Capital of the region and institutional centre. Multiple and unexpected land.


The spirituality of Loreto, the roads and palaces in the Jesi of Frederick II and Giovan Battista Pergolesi, the rhythm and elegance of Senigallia and the beach, the depth of the land in the Frasassi Caves, the fascination of the paper of Fabriano of Gentile. 17

Ascoli Piceno, province of travertine and border land, reflection of its history.


San Benedetto del Tronto and Grottammare, exotic and intense, the sea among the people; Offida and Ripatransone, strong and alluring villages.


Pesaro, Gioachino Rossini’s music in the soul and in the world, and Urbino, the ducal profile of a perfect time. Double province that embraces a border of heights and horizons with art.


Fano, Roman and modern, seafaring and elegant. Gabicce Mare, the pearl, Gradara, Mondavio, journeys beyond time, silent fortresses that mark literature.



Fermo, a young but adult province. Steep city on its ancient art and root of large and small townships, from mountains to sea. Amandola, Sant’Elpidio a Mare, Porto San Giorgio. 23

Macerata, history of churches and ancient walls. Genius and authenticity of a province that creates. Civitanova Marche, with its lively port, Camerino and its University, San Severino Marche, Tolentino and Recanati, inspiration of Infinity. 24


Marche, infinite numbers.



More than 70 historical theatres embellish the territory. 500 squares, well-preserved or carefully restored, participate in historical re-enactments.


200 Romanesque churches, 90 abbeys and important sanctuaries trace the paths of faith.


400 museums and art galleries in 239 towns, the greatest density in Italy.


106 castles recall ancient ways, 48 fortifications, 170 towers, 7 archaeological parks, 315 libraries with 4 million books.


26 towns that face the sea, many Blue and Orange Flags, Ancona, seafaring port looking to the East and 9 marinas.


A green territory with a green vocation: 2 national and 4 regional parks, 6 nature reserves, more that 100 protected floral areas, 15 State forests, tens of environmental-educational centres, more than 1000 outstanding monuments. 33

Marche, infinite genius.



Land of ingenuity and culture par excellence. Land of artists and writers: Leopardi, Bramante, Raphael, Gentile da Fabriano. A land that has welcomed the genius of: Piero della Francesca, Lorenzo Lotto, 36

Francesco di Giorgio Martini, Carlo Crivelli, Titian, Rubens. Land of Frederick II, Matteo Ricci and Maria Montessori. Land of musicians and singers: Rossini, Pergolesi, Spontini, Beniamino Gigli. 37

A land touched with respect by its 27 industrial districts.


The same genius handed down to the men of today.



Marche, infinite welcome. Hundreds of accommodation facilities now facing the sea, now the caressing hills. Every village can host visitors.


Paradise of taste where the infinite art of cooking is exalted by leading chefs and the finest products of this blessed land. Marche and the Marchigiani who offer an infinite welcome with infinite reserve, “ from the first moment�, that always turns into infinite profusion.



“ In such immensity my thought is drowned, and it’s pleasant to be shipwrecked in this sea.”



Illustrations Jesi, Civic Art Gallery, Lorenzo Lotto, Announcing Angel 2


Monti Sibillini, Monti Azzurri 9

Fermo, Cathedral

San Benedetto del Tronto, Riviera delle Palme


Sirolo, Due Sorelle 11

Marche countryside

Monte San Bartolo Regional Park


Monti Sibillini National Park 12

Monti Sibillini National Park

Monti Sibillini National Park

Pesaro 13

Ascoli Piceno, the Quintana

Marche countryside 14


Monti Sibillini National Park

Riviera del Conero


Historical re-enactment

Marche countryside

Genga, Frasassi Caves

Fabriano, Piazza del Comune

Ancona, San Ciriaco Cathedral


Offida, Santa Maria della Rocca


Ascoli Piceno, Piazza del Popolo

San Benedetto del Tronto, Riviera delle Palme


Loreto, Basilica of the Holy House

Senigallia, the Rotonda

Jesi, G.B. Pergolesi Theatre



Mondavio, the Rocca

Gabicce Mare

Urbino, Ducal Palace

Pesaro, Rossini Opera Festival

Fano, Teatro della Fortuna

Gradara, the Castle

Porto San Giorgio


Civitanova Marche

Macerata, Sferisterio

Camerino, G. A. d'Antonio, Annunciation and PietĂ

Tolentino, Castello della Rancia

San Severino Marche, Feronia Theatre

Recanati, Piazza Giacomo Leopardi


Fermo, Piazza del Popolo


Sant’Elpidio a Mare, L. Cicconi Theatre



Urbino, Oratory of San Giovanni, Lorenzo and Jacopo Salimbeni



Porto San Giorgio, Vittorio Emanuele Theatre

Ascoli Piceno, Ventidio Basso Theatre

Fabriano, Gentile da Fabriano Theatre


Serra Sant’Abbondio, Fonte Avellana Monastery

Ascoli Piceno, Cathedral, Carlo Crivelli, polyptic of Sant’Emidio

Recanati, Civic Museums, Lorenzo Lotto, Annunciation

Jesi, Civic Art Gallery


Corridonia, San Claudio al Chienti Abbey

Montefalcone Appennino


Ascoli Piceno

Marche countryside

Sirolo, Monte Conero Regional Park

Mountain bike trail


San Benedetto del Tronto 34

Monti Sibillini National Park

Genga, San Vittore alle Chiuse Abbey


Pergola, Museum of the Gilded Bronzes

Falerone, Roman amphitheatre

Loreto, Basilica of the Holy House

Civitanova Marche 36


Ancona, Civic Art Gallery, Filippo Boni, View of Ancona

Riviera del Conero


Urbino, National Gallery of the Marche, Ideal City


Footwear of excellence

Precision mechanics

Boat-building industry


Archaeological find from the Piceni civilization

Offida, lace making

Urbania, Casteldurante ceramics

Wood carving 42

Ancona, Portonovo

Marche countryside

Fabriano, Precicchie

Fabriano, artistic watermark work for fine paper 45

Giovanna Garzoni, The Old Man of Artimino

Monte San Bartolo Regional Park


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How to reach the Marche

Department of Internationalization, Culture, Tourism and Trade Project coordinator Sandro Abelardi Director of Tourism and Promotional Activities Assistant to the coordinator Laura Capozucca In collaboration with Silvia Discepoli Stefano Gregori Marta Paraventi Sergio Taccheri The text Infinito Marche is taken from the DVD of the same title produced by Gabrio Marinelli for Regione Marche – Tourism Department. The translation of the verses taken from L’Infinito by G. Leopardi (page 44) is courtesy of Centro Nazionale di Studi Leopardiani, Recanati. Photos Regione Marche Archives Design Printing D'Auria Industrie Grafiche © 2010 Regione Marche Free copy

By car: the A14 motorway runs parallel to the coast, while other fast roads and national roads lead you easily to the inland towns and villages. The exits off the A14 are: Cattolica-San Giovanni-Gabicce Mare, Pesaro-Urbino, Fano, Mondolfo-Marotta, Senigallia, Ancona Nord, Ancona Sud, Loreto-Porto Recanati, Civitanova Marche-Macerata, Fermo-Porto San Giorgio, Pedaso, Grottammare, San Benedetto del Tronto-Ascoli Piceno. Other fast roads: Fano-Urbino-Acqualagna, Falconara Marittima-Fabriano, Civitanova Marche-Muccia, Porto San Giorgio-Fermo, San Benedetto del Tronto-Ascoli Piceno. By bus: connections are available with many European countries and Italian cities. Buses to the Marche’s inland towns and villages leave from the main centres of the region. By train: the main railway lines going across the Marche are Milan-Bologna-AnconaLecce and Rome-Falconara Marittima-Ancona. Regional trains lead you easily to the inland centres. By air: Ancona Airport connects the region with major Italian cities, such as Rome and Milan. Direct international flights to Ancona depart from Brussels, Bucharest, Düsseldorf, London, Munich, Moscow, Sharm-el-Sheik, Timisoara and Tirana. Other seasonal flights are also available. By sea: ferries and catamarans connect Ancona with many ports in Greece, Croatia, Albania, Montenegro, Turkey. Yachts and boats can dock at the region's 9 fully equipped marinas: Gabicce Mare, Pesaro, Fano, Senigallia, Ancona, Numana, Civitanova Marche, Porto San Giorgio and San Benedetto del Tronto.

Marche, land of infinity discover