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Guide of the 27 participating establishments, menus and location map.

1 Benidorm has commenced for the third year in a row, a process to enhance the value of its gastronomy, from the traditional and autochthonous to also the quantity and quality, that we have received from places all over the world . First we would like to highlight the effort made during 2010 and 2011 by the Tourism Department so that “Benidorm Gastronomy” could take shape as a complementary brand of our destination, offering added value to an extensive gastronomic culture, varied and consistent for all budgets, in which its value or money is difficult to equal elsewhere. Today, this “Benidorm Gastronomy” initiates a new episode with the announcement of the Third “Gastronomic Days” to be held from the 4th to June 10th in a important number of restaurants in town, with this activity having received significant support since the first edition from local businesses and professionals from this sector, that I thank once again. Furthermore, it should also be said that the 2012 Benidorm Gastronomy will reach university status by becoming the central theme for which presentation and works will take place during our International Tourism Forum ideas Competition Pedro Zaragoza, something of great importance to strengthen the tourism product that has always been amongst us. The combination during 2012 of the First Days of Soups and Stews dishes, and the competition of Tapas and Snacks, already celebrated with remarkable success, these Third Gastronomic days, along with “Menjars of Terra” in the month of September and the First Conference of Rice Benidorm, which will take place in October, are already major gastronomic calendar dates for the town, which positions our restaurants and our restaurateurs in the important place they deserve within the tourism sector of Benidorm. Therefore, and as before, I encourage you to participate in these events where we are sure you will enjoy a wide range of delicious menus available to the thousands of customers of the events from our select wide range of restaurants, bars and cafes.

Agustín Navarro Alvado. Alcalde de Benidorm

AITONA Ruzafa St, 2. Telephone: 96 585 30 10

Starters Crawfish sautéed with garlic Lamb´s lettuce salad, fresh cheese, cherry tomatoes with avocado Vinaigrette and balsamic of Modena Small Callosa fish with duck confit and reduction of wholegrain mustard Main course Rice with fresh anchovy, cuttlefish and spinach. Desserts 1 Fried milk flambéed with red Gran Marnier nougat ice cream. 2 Tiramisu cake. Maridaje Aperitif to start, Sherry, Martini, Sangria or beer. Proposed activities Orujo liqueur tasting and Mistela from Teulada. Almond cake and coffee. Price: 35 € Open every day





Ave. Marina Baixa, 5. Telephone: 96 586 63 16

Mayor Square, 27. Telephone: 96 680 63 43

Starters Fresh cheese from La Nucia with medlar fruit quince Foie salad with Jalón mistela Eggs at 65 degrees with spring mushrooms Main course Rice with cod skin, chickpeas and cauliflower. Desserts Nougat flan with vanilla ice cream Maridaje Wine from Alicante.

Starters Mussel Croquettes and Iberian ham Rucula salad with goats cheese and caramelised raspberry vinaigrette Cod & cava risotto with cheese crisps. Main course Young chicken cooked with valencian tiger nut with mushrooms, wild rice and crunchy pine nuts. Desserts Crepe with chocolate mousse and candied fruits. Maridaje Wineries Enrique Mendoza

Price: 35 € Official closing days: Open every day; except from Sunday to Wednesday, closed on dinners.

Proposed activities Saturday: Tasting of coca savoury pastries and sangrias Sunday: Tasting of the region of Navarra products and cider Petritegi Price: 30€ Open every day





Vicente Llorca Alós St, 13. Telephone: 96 680 47 77

Valencia St, 1-2-3 Telephone: 96 585 38 61

Starters Boiled shrimp Crispy smoked sardines and crushed fresh San Antonio cheese. Tudela lettuce hearts with citruses and cod. Squid on a puree Main course Day: Rice with lobster with fresh vegetables. Evenings: Fresh fish from the bay. Desserts to chosse: 1 Marcona Almond flan. 2 “Merengada”milk. Maridaje Wines from Alicante

Starters Artichoke with crayfish from the bay, coriander and extra virgin olive oil. Farmyard eggs with Benedictine liqueur cream Aubergine with honey and beer Hare in herb sauce Main course Day: To choose between: 1 Creamy rice with medlar fruit and red prawns or 2 Hocks of baby goat with local red wine. Evening: Sea bass with Pernod flambéed fennel. Desserts Baked apple with cider and lemon sorbet. Maridaje Bodega Heretat de Cesilia White wine: D.O. Alicante “Azal” Rose wine: D.O. Alicante “Cesilia” Red wine: D.O. Alicante “Lizana”

Proposed activities Wednesday: Orujo liqueur tasting Old Rúa Thursday: Tasting Caney Añejo rum, 7 years old Friday: Tasting Villa Massa limoncello

Price: 42 € Official closing days: Monday night and Tuesday all day. Open daily during the gastronomic week.

Price: 32 € Open every day





Colón Promenade, 2. Telephone: 96 585 54 25

Roldán St, 7. Telephone: 96 585 99 77

Starters Lettuce hearts with anchovies Boiled seafood Baby squid with onions Main course to chosse: 1 The “senyoret” rice 2 Grilled fish Desserts 1 Tiramisu 2 Lemon cake Maridaje Wines of Mendoza (D.O. Alicante)

Starters Fillet of pork in marinade Salmon marinated with tuna fillets Tomato raf and spring onion Mini shrimp omelettes with fresh cheese aioli Crayfish sautéed with green garlic Sorbet of melon with cava Main course 1 Rice with lobster (day) 2 Goat chops with green garlic (night) Desserts House desserts Maridaje Restaurant bodega choice. Water Solán de Cabras

Price: 37 € Open every day

Price: 30 € Open every day





Almería St, 2. Telephone: 96 585 85 75

Gerona St, 1- 6. Telephone: 96 585 85 21

Starters Fresh lobster of the Bay boiled Piquillo pepper stuffed with cod and with cream of carrot Atichoke hearts sautéed with ham Main course Baked turbot with potatoes, red pepper and green pepper. Desserts 1. Cheese cake with vanilla sauce 2. Nougat ice cream Maridaje Wines of Enrique Mendoza, White and red. Wineries Mendoza (D.O. Alicante)

Starters Fake lobster ravioli Artichokes with pancetta Octopus with emulsion of “allioli” gratin Galicia squid with chickpea humus with a boletus aroma Cod fritters Main course Tasting of our house roasts: Suckling pig (D.O. Segovia) Lamb (D.O. Burgos) Desserts Carpaccio of pineapple infused in star anise. Nougat and sweets (Pablo Garrigós Ibáñez) (D.O. Xixona) Maridaje Wines D.O. Alicante Nespreso coffee

Price: 40 € Open every day

Proposed activities Daily tasting of Iberian ham (Manuel Gómez) to the Court Price: 39€ Open every day





Santander St, 16. Telephone: 96 586 69 36

Ricardo Bayona St, 5. Telephone: 96 585 67 00

Starters Walnut salad Piquillo peppers stuffed with cod Scrambled egg camper style Main course Day: Córdoba style oxtail. Evening: Monkfish à la marinière. Desserts Homemade tiramisu Maridaje Marina Alta (Wineries Bocopa) Vega Cuyar Cr. 2006 (Wineries Alejandro)

Starters Hake meatballs with prawns Octopus grilled with potatoes Green garlic with prawns and asparagus Razor clams with a veil of orange and spinach Main course Day: Zarzuela of fish and seafood (Stew) Evening: Sea bass baked in salt Desserts Brownie with vanilla ice cream and cream Maridaje White wine: D.O. Alicante Chardonnay 2011 Red wine: D.O. Alicante Enrique Mendoza Shiraz

Price: 35€ Official closing days: Tuesday (Open daily during the Gastronomy Week)

Price: 30€ Open every day




San Jaime Square, 1. Telephone: 96 585 54 66

Alcalde Eduardo Zaplana Ave. 7. Telephone: 96 681 50 00

Starters Ingot of foie with apple, reduction of raspberry vinegar and dust of popcorn Octopus roast over cream of potato, tomato, mushrooms and air of cava D.O.Alicante. Foam of Mutxamel tomatoes with creamy goat cheese and asparagus. Cod (pil-pil, bizkaina and club ranero) tasting. Main course Lamb with honey sauce, potato and micro vegetables. Desserts Strawberries, chocolate and yogurt Maridaje Glass of Cristalí Casta Diva Cosecha Dorada Enrique Mendoza Chardonnay Laderas del Sequé

Starters Crispy ravioli of lobster, vegetables, soy and seafood sauce. Tatin of apples and foie grilled with Pedro Ximénez reduction. Main course 1 Fillet of sea bass with baby squid, broad beans with mint aroma and green garlic 2 Iberian prey, caramelised grapes and smoked cheese foam. Desserts Chocolate textures. Maridaje Wines from Alicante

Price: 45€ Open every day

Price: 40€ Open every day





Alcoy Ave, 17. Edificio Miramar. Levante Beach. Telephone: 96 585 00 11

Santo Domingo St. 10. Public telephone: 618 131 873

Starters Snack of tiger mussels Crayfish sautéed Marinated red mullet. Main course Day: Rice with monkfish and skate Night: Monkfish, american style. Desserts Oranges and fried milk lasagne Maridaje Wines from Alicante Proposed activities Tasting: Gin Tonic (Wednesday)

Starters Warm salad of artichokes with Iberian ham Prawns with mushroom sauce and mustard dressing Aspencat (cold roast vegetables) toast with black pudding Main course to chosse: 1 Fillets of red mullet, stuffed with “bresa” of vegetables and diced marinated “musola” Moorish lamb hock sautéed with wheat in its own juices Desserts Almond cake with Grand Marnier with orange and saffron cream Maridaje White wine: Chardonnay Red wine: Tempranillo Proposed activities Tuesday: Night’s humor with Mariano. Free.

Price: 30€ Open every day

Price: 33€ Open every day





Constitución Square, 2elephone: 96 680 12 06/ 96 680 89 77

Santander St, 18. Telephone: 96 586 69 36

Starters Four flavours of salmon brochette. Egg poached with black pudding from Burgos and perfume of truffle oil Quail salad Cream of peas with mint Main course to chosse: Corbina in its juices with green garlic, pine nuts and pistachios with garnish of cuttle fish strips. Shoulder of lamb Castilla style on a bed of potato confit. Desserts Creamy vanilla ice cream with strawberries. Maridaje For starters: Cava Juve Camps. To end: Red wine Petit Verdot Proposed activities previa inscripción.

Monday: Wine tasting. Free admission limited to the capacity of the venue. Prior Registration. Wednesday: Tasting of cheeses. Entry 15€, limited to the capacity of the venue. Prior Registration. Friday: Gin tonic tasting. Entry 10€, limited to the capacity of the venue. Prior Registration.

Price: 35€ Open every day

Starters Tasting of jams, bread and pâtés Tempura of sea and mountain “Salmorejo” of watermelon, mint and crispy bread Main course Red tuna with fruits of summer and “ñora” pepper sauce Desserts Warm chocolate cake Ice cream of violets Pineapple and coconut soup Maridaje Wines D.O. Alicante Price: 32 € Open every day




LA PALMERA. Home Paco Nadal

Mont Benidorm Ave, 11, Coblanca 20- 8 and 9. Telephone: 96 585 31 05

Severo Ochoa Ave, 48 (curva del niño). Telephone: 96 680 42 66

Starters Crayfishes sautéed with green garlic Warm salad of “mollejas” of duck with dried fruits and reduction of Modena vinegar Potatoes with eggs, Iberian ham and Padrón peppers Main course T bone steak on the grill Desserts Apple bag served with custard. Maridaje Our menu will be accompanied with Alicante wines.

Starters Espencat (cold roast vegetables) with salted fish. Squid with mushrooms, raisins and pine nuts. Crayfish sautéed with green garlic. Main course Soupy seafood rice. Desserts Cake of nougat with ice cream of mojito. Maridaje White wine: Marina Alta Red wine: Enrique Mendoza Merlot

Proposed activities Thursday from 4.30 p.m. to 6.00p.m. presentation of different combinations of Gin Tonic in the Falúa Pub. Price: 45 € Open every day

Price: 35€ Official closing day: Monday Open daily during the gastronomic week.





Santo Domingo St. Telephone: 618 131 873

C/ Esperanto, 3. Tlf: 96 586 13 30

Starters Salad of fresh tuna with mushrooms, toasted oil and mustard greens. Tartare of wild sea bass with plum sauce. Red prawn from Denia with tarragon and almonds Main course to chosse: Stone-grilled beef fillet “Fideuà” (pasta) of hake and lobster. Dessertss Symphony of Villajoyosa Valor chocolates. Maridaje White wine: Chardonnay Red wine: Tempranillo Proposed activities Wednesday: Night’s humor with Mariano. Free. Price: 37 € Open every day

Starters Camembert cheese fried with strawberry and peach sauce. Piquillo pepper stuffed with black onion pudding (León) and au gratin in the oven. Sautéed of baby broad beans with “lecherillas” of Segovia and egg. Main course a elegir 1 Grilled cod, coated in sauce of vegetables and crispy almond, with date sauce garnish. 2 Segovia lamb chops, classic style, accompanied by provençal sauce. Dessertss Canary Islands banana cake accompanied by gelatin of vermouth over citrus sauce. Maridaje White wine: MO Sierra Salinas moscatel y Chardonnay Red wine: MO Sierra Salinas Monastrell crianza Price: 30€ Official closing day: Monday and Tuesday evening. Open daily during the gastronomic week.





Santo Domingo St. Telephone: 618 131 873

Torrejó Square, 3. Telephone: 96 585 50 22

Starters Capellanes salad. Grilled asparagus Benissa with romesco sauce. Sautéed red prawns from Denia with medlar fruit from Callosa d´en Sarrià Main course Almadraba tuna fillet grilled with slices of Kohlrabi and cured and smoked tuna stock. Desserts Fresh cheesecake from La Nucia Maridaje White wine: Chardonnay Red wine: Tempranillo Proposed activities Thursday: Night’s humor with Mariano . Free. Price: 33 € Official closing days: Wednesday


Partridge pate with aroma of picuaz Fresh cheese of La Nucia with cream of figs Mixed salted fish and pickles in water and salt, sprinkled with oil harvest house “La Masana” of Relleu 2011. Tuna from the bay in brine on a bed of roasted peppers. Squid grilled and crisp of Iberian ham with spinach and tender broad beans.

Main course to chosse:

1 Fillet of monkfish with lobster and potatoes in sauce “all i pebre” 2 Soupy rice with turbot, squid, red shrimp and pumpkin.


Benidorm cake with cream caramel of medlar fruit from Callosa and berries. Coffee Jurado.


Wines of Enrique Mendoza, Young Chardonnay and Merlot crianza

Proposed activities

Tuesday: Tasting of traditional homemade vermouth “Miro” Thursday: Tasting wineries “La Casa de las Vides” Price: 35 €. Open every day





Alcoy Ave, 5. Telephone: 96 586 77 92

Montbenidorm Ave, 11. Telephone: 96 680 70 23

Aperitivo y Starters Anchovy stuffed with ham and poached onion Goat cheese salad, carpaccio of octopus with potatoes, artichoke gratin with parmesan Main course Day: Grilled steak Night: Turbot cooked over a wood fire with bacon oil and pistachio Desserts Fried milk with nougat ice cream marinated with sweet wine of Enrique Mendoza Coffee Jurado extra Maridaje Enrique Mendoza Chardonnay Joven Enrique Mendoza Merlot-Monastrell San Miguel 1516 Proposed activities

Starters Warm salad of prawns and eels Crispy shrimp with their tempura. Carpaccio of octopus on a bed of mashed potatoes. Main course Souchet lobster with their potatoes and prawns Desserts Creams of homemade yogurt with natural fruit. Maridaje Wines D.O. Alicante

Monday: Tasting Larios 12 (Geneva) Tuesday: Tasting Methuselah (ron) Wednesday: Tasting Geneva Beefeater 24 Thursday: Tasting Ron Ritual Friday and Saturday: tasting appetizer Aperol Sunday Tasting Bacardi Mojito.

Price: 40 € Open every day

Proposed activities Every day after lunch or dinner will be a tasting Price: 45€ Official closing day: Monday





Primavera St, 8. Telephone: 96 585 21 48

Avenue. Vicente Llorca Alós, 15. Telephones: 96 585 68 28, 96 680 40 59

Starters Vegetables in Samorra Coca pastries Eggplant with goat cheese and honey Main course Rice with beans and turnips Dessertss Nougat ice cream Maridaje Wines of Salvador Poveda D.O. Alicante: Toscar Sirah Toscar Chardonnay Fondillon Price: 35 € Official closing day: Sunday evening

Starters Tomato with musola and avocado Prawns sautéed with garlic Hearts of artichokes with clams Main course to chosse: 1 Rice with monkfish and clams 2 Hake of Marina Alta with grapes Dessertss Fried milk with suzette and liqueur. Loquat with ice cream cake. Maridaje Red wine: D.O. Alicante, Santa Bárbara White wine: D.O. Alicante, Chardonnay of Enrique Mendoza Price: 40 € Official closing days: Sunday evening and Monday all day

1 AITONA Ruzafa St, 2. 96 585 30 10 2 ART A LA CUINA Ave. Marina Baixa, 5. 965 866 316 3 ASADOR TAMBORIL Mayor Square, 27. 966 806 343 4 BARRANCO PLAYA Vicente Llorca Alós St, 13. 966 804 777 5 CASA CARMEN Valencia St, 1. 965 853 861 6 CLUB NÁUTICO Colón Promenade, 2. 965 855 425 7 CONDAL Roldán St, 7. 965 859 977 8 DUCADO Almería St. 965 858 575 9 EL MESÓN Gerona St, 1- 6. 965 858 521 10 EOLO Santander St, 16. 965 866 936 11 ESTURIÓN Ricardo Bayona St, 5 965 866 700 12 HOTEL BOUTIQUE GOURMET VILLA VENECIA,

REST. LLUM DE MAR San Jaime Square, 1. 965 855 466

13 ÍNDIGO. MELIÀ VILLAITANA Ave. Eduardo Zaplana, 7. 966 815 000

14 JARDÍN MEDITERRÁNEO Alcoy Ave, 17. Levante Beach. 965 850 011 15 LA BRASERÍA AURRERA Santo Domingo St, 10 618 131 873 16 LA CAVA ARAGONESA Constitución Square, 2. 966 801 206 17 LA CUINA DE PONENT Santander St, 18. 966 807 063 18 LA FALÚA Mont Benidorm Ave, 11, Coblanca 20. 965 853 105 19 LA PALMERA. Casa Paco Nadal Severo Ochoa Ave, 48. 966 804 266 20 LA SIDRERÍA AURRERA C/ Santo Domingo St. 618 131 873 21 LA TABERNA DEL ABUELO Esperanto St, 3. 965 861 330 22 LA TAPERÍA AURRERA Santo Domingo St 6, 618 131 873 23 RIAS BAIXAS Torrejó Square, 3. 965855022 24 TABERNA CERVECERÍA MANILA Alcoy Ave, 5. 965 867 792 25 TABERNA ULÍA 1910 Montbenidorm Ave, 11. 966 807 023 26 TAÍTA Primavera St, 8. 965 852 148 27 ULÍA Ave. Vicente Llorca Alós, 15. 966 804 059

Free dinner for two people as award for funniest photo upload to Benidorm Tourism Facebook.

Win a weekend holiday stay and visit to the Elciego bodega in La Rioja. Fill in your incription at the establishment.

Information: Benidorm Tourist Office 96 681 30 03



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III Gastronomic Week  
III Gastronomic Week  

The 27 menus from the 27 restaurants participating in the III Gastronomy Week.