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Domingo Guerra P r e s i d e n t a n d c o f o u n d e r, A p p t h o r i t y

H O B N O B “I find it difficult to stay connected when on the road, as even KO D A B L E Gretta Monahan Style guru on The Rachael Ray Show

J E W E L RY F O R A C A U S E “This New Jersey–based business tackles the important mission of getting illegal guns off the streets by melting the metals down into superchic bracelets and cuff links. I’m always inspired by fashion brands that incorporate pressing social issues into their plan. It’s a modern approach to business and style.”

“My kids and I spend lots of time on this coding app, and even though it’s fun, I feel like I am working on a life skill with them.  I use it on the plane and fly guilt-free. What parent is going to feel that bad that their 6-year-old is coding all the way to California?”

with 4G LTE hotspots, connections are often spotty. Hobnob helps me stay connected at very fast speeds by combining local Wi-Fi spots with 4G connections over various networks. At $20 a month, it’s a steal.”

—Christiane Lemieux Founder and creative director, DwellStudio

ROOMHINTS “You literally just take a picture of your space and upload it to get interior-designer advice and recommendations. I love the idea of easy design help, crowdsourcing, and product in a couple of hassle-free clicks.”

Paul James Global brand l e a d e r, W H o t e l s



What color pillows would go with this couch? Hi, I’m Alex, your designer. Here are a few hints!

Credible edible: Learn to make kimchi and impress your on-trend friends.


Toby Joe Boudreaux C T O a n d m a n a g in g p a r t n e r, p r o d u c t d e v e l o p m e n t, Control Group

ABLETON PUSH “I love synths and maintain a decently large eurorack modular synthesizer. The Push is a hardware controller that lets me control my modular quite well, in addition to being a controller for composition within the sound editor on my laptop.”


Willie Degel H o s t of F o o d Net wor k’s Re staurant S t a k e o u t

NOMIKU “You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on fancy sous vide appliances. This portable device lets you turn any pot of water into a slow-cooking water bath. It controls the temperature and the movement of the water, so it removes all the guesswork for you.”


“Security and privacy are huge concerns of mine. Gliph allows you to create disposable email, online, and phone identities so you don’t have to share your real email or phone number when you are selling something on Craigslist, say. It even has a bitcoin wallet.” —Guerra

SOUNDTRACKING “A bit like Instagram meets Shazam, it also helps me build a sonic diary of my travels when I flip back and see what songs I was listening to and where.” —James

MAANGCHI.COM Lena Kwak C o f o u n d e r, C u p 4 C u p

“Korean flavors have been trending high in both the restaurant and consumerproducts industries. I like how approachable the formats of these recipes are. There are step-by-step photos, and even helpful tips and videos for further support.” P R E P PA D

“This digital kitchen scale has a built-in Bluetooth system that connects to your iPad. Using the app combo, you can track your eating habits, or scan a bar code and pull up a visual breakdown of the item placed on the scale.”

This page: TheMotley.com (kit); Food Network (Degel); Greg Rannells/StockFood (kimchi). Next page: Ocean/Corbis (tennis balls)


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