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By David Glenn -

DSLR camera sensor cleaning is a bit of a mystery. A black art if you like. I'm not entirely sure it deserved to be because if you are smart enough to use a DSLR, you're smart enough to remove sensor dust. The only issue is you may not be able to due to time, confidence or being in possession of the right equipment such as the visible dust arctic butterfly. Another thing to point out before you start is make sure you have a memory card in the camera, because you will need to take test shots, and make sure you have a fully charged battery. You do not want it powering off while you're performing your camera cleaning because a mirror shutting down on top of a sensor swab or an arctic butterfly can prove to be an expensive mistake. This goes for whether you're using a professional service or if you are cleaning your own sensor.

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It needs to be tackled carefully though, and with the right equipment for the sensor size which you have. This you need to be aware of as it dictate the type of swab you use. Another mystery worth pointing out with 'sensor cleaning' is that you don't actually clean the camera sensor. You clean a thin piece of glass (for want of a better word) which sits over the sensor. This is called the low-pass filter. Its a delicate little thing but not as delicate as a dslr camera sensor.

So now you have the right equipment to hand and you have you're camera all ready to go you might think about laying your hands on a Sensor loupe. This acts as a scope (lit magnifying glass in other words) for you to clearly see any dirt, sensor dust or smears on your sensor. A complete list of the equipment you should have to hand is. Sensor Loupe, Sensor swab for your sensor size, Visible Dust Arctic Butterfly, Hurricane Blower, lint free cloth, fully charged battery in your camera, memory card (for test shots) and a steady hand (ok, and possibly a lenspen as a general SLR cleaning tool, but not imperative by any stretch of the imagination)

DSLR Camera sensor cleaning, for most of us, has always been something of a mystery. One might often feel it necessary to clean one's sensor, but on the whole, we are all told it isn't sensible. A 'don't-try-thisat-home' act, if you will. Through this article I plan to dispel some myths about sensor cleaning in the hope that you will feel more comfortable about obtaining Visible Dust Arctic Butterfly and swabs and removing sensor dust. Peter Bond at Park Cameras (who taught me to clean sensors) provides an excellent description of this process in his article Digital SLR Camera Sensor Cleaning. Here he outlines the whole process from start to finish including how to determine the need for cleaning. If after this you don't fancy doing your own the simple answer is to refer it to a professional sensor cleaning service who will price separately for either a cropped sensor cleaning service or for a full frame sensor cleaning service.

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