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By Kevin - With the rising cost of oil which everyone is complaining about, more people are turning to a cheaper mode of transport to get them from A to B. This can take the form of a motorbike, but some people would prefer to use another kind of bike. Insurance for motor scooters, which are more favored for those short trips to the local mall etc, is available for those who are already driving or who hold a car driving license. Scooter insurance is much cheaper if the driver has a good reputation so this should be taken into account when considering purchasing one. Of course, any kind of deviation from the perfect record will incur costs. Tickets or charges for driving violations will mean less of a discount so it may be a good idea to keep driving safe without getting tickets for speeding etc. The risk for injury is obviously higher on any kind of bike, so making sure that all is done to reduce the risk will allow companies to offer a better price on their own particular cover. Learn More About Cool Scooters

Most companies will require that the machine is kept under lock and key at night. If it can be proven that the machine is kept in a locked garage overnight, then the rates will come down. Also, if the driver has made no claims for several years on his car cover, he will attract a 'no claims' bonus which could amount to a very high percentage of the overall cost of cover. Indeed, many people guard these bonuses quite well since they know that it will save them money in the long run.

The use of cheap imported machines also brings a lot of problems for some people. Because they tend to come from countries which do not have the same standards as ours, they are often not road worthy when they enter the country. This then makes it practically impossible to get covered. It may be better to go for a machine which adheres to the regulations stipulated in that particular country where it is to be driven rather than to save a few dollars. After all, this machine is very open and no one will consider this until they actually get hurt while driving it.

If the would-be driver is already covered for a car, it may be a good idea to use the same company for the bike too. They will already have experience with this driver so are far more likely to look upon him as a good risk. Approaching other companies may bring a reluctance to cover since they have no idea who he is or how he drives anyway. The good thing which happens these days is that these companies have a unified database which lists all the claims that anyone has made regardless of which company they were covered by. In this way, they can check to see if the driver is telling the truth and set the premiums accordingly. Likewise, this 'pool' will also cover drivers who are not covered and will pay out damages to those who have been hit by those irresponsible enough to drive without cover.

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With the rising cost of oil which everyone is complaining about, more people are turning to a cheaper mode of transport to get them from A t...

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