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SUMMER 2017 97

We enjoy listening to country music. In the background we heard Vince Gill’s unmistakable smooth voice. He was singing with his buddies, The Notorious Cherry Bombs (NCBs) and the chorus line of this song caught our attention. “It’s hard to kiss the lips at night that chew your ass out all day long.”

If you’ve heard the song and/or watched the NCB’s video, we urge you to drop this catalog and do a quick internet search. Yes, it is entertaining and funny!


Now that you can’t get that tune off your mind the challenge is to convert the NCB’s lyrics to a song for Geno’s Garage.

Did we hear that? We turned up the volume for a closer listen.

Here goes:

She used to call me baby I thought she was such a lady But my how things have changed since times moved on I give her my last dollar Now all she’ll do is holler Oh my life has become a country song

Call the Geno’s Folks



1500 • 2500 • 3500 • 4500 • 5500

I’ve learned I can’t resist it By the way I type in “prime” But Amazon ain’t listening when I call I gave ‘em my last dollar But they don’t answer when I holler Oh, my order has become a country song It’s hard to order from those guys when they don’t pick up the phone.

How do we start this mini-rant? How about a folk song that recounts a story from the Old Testament about the prophet Ezekiel and his divine vision: Ezekiel saw the wheel Way up in the middle of the air. Ezekiel saw the wheel Way up in the middle of the air.

Brakes ........................................................... 30 Brite Box ........................................................ 46 CB Mounts...................................................... 40 Cup Holders..................................................... 41 Dash Kits & Covers................................... 35, 40 Drain Plugs....................................................... 3 Drivetrain Parts ......................................... 32-34 Electrical Accessories ............................ 7, 11, 13 Engine Parts and Accessories.................... 12-23 Exhaust Manifolds & Exhaust Tips .................. 12 Exterior Accessories.................................. 42-45 Filters and Consumables................................ 3-6 Floormats ...................................................... 38 Fuel Caps........................................................ 44 Fuel Pumps, Fuel System Accessories....... 24-26 Gaskets...................................................... 6, 34 Gauges, Gauge Mounts and Accessories ........................................... 7-10 Headlights, Tail Lights, Cab Lights and Turn Signal Lights.............. 46-47 Interior Accessories................................... 35-41 Mirrors............................................................ 49 Rebuild Kits and Replacement Parts .......... 15-23 Seat Covers & Components.................. 36-37, 39 Service Manuals ............................................ 50 Shock Absorbers ............................................ 27 Splash Guards ............................................... 45 Steering, Suspension and Brakes............... 27-31 Steps ............................................................. 44 Cummins Apparel, T-Shirts, Caps, Decals, and Novelties ................................ 55-56 Tonneau Cover................................................ 43 Specialty Tool Bin...................................... 51-54 Towing Accessories........................................ 48 Underhood Accessories ............................. 11-14

Okay! Ezekiel saw the wheel. Did he patent the idea and his newfound product? Perhaps it was the weekend and the Patent Office was closed. I’m betting by the time Monday rolled around there were already competitors with less expensive or different quality knock-offs of Ezekiel’s wheel. Such is life. Like Ezekiel, there are many parts in our catalog that Geno’s Garage or a TDR member has invented and manufactured for us. Since we’re doing a rant/vent of displeasure, we’ll give the year we sourced the item and the year it was knocked off. In the end we’ll feel better for expressing our frustration and, perhaps, you’ll see that we are always trying to build a better mousetrap for you. Item: ‘98-’02 Center Console Cupholder. Sourced by Geno’s Garage in 1997. Copied in 2014. The latest knockoff was done by Dorman. We sell many of their items in our catalog and their copy is less expensive, so we tested it. It is thicker which accentuates the difficulty of closing the lid. The plastic is glossy and has waves in the flat surface. This Dorman product is a no-go. Item: Green Fuel Cap. Sourced by Geno’s Garage in 2013. Copied in 2014. It didn’t take long for our slip-in fuel cap with the magnetic base to be copied. Yep, you can get a cap from Amazon/eBay made in China. Will the gaskets swell over time? Our kit includes an extra buna N gasket, just in case. The latest copy was done by Gillett Diesel. Item: ‘13+ 6.7L Oil Filter Removal Tool. Sourced by Geno’s Garage in 2013. Copied in 2017. Ditto the above write-up. However, the knock-off guys left out the most important part of the tool, the eyebolt that lets you slip your small finger into the eyebolt and wiggle the tool with filter attached through the maze of wires, hoses and cables and out of the engine compartment. The latest copy was done by Gillett Diesel. Item: EcoDiesel Fuel Filter Tool. Sourced by Geno’s Garage in 2014. Copied in 2016. Our tool is cut from billet aluminum. Theirs is a cheap Chinese cast metal item. The folks at IDParts sent this overseas and they now offer the tool at a lower price. Not to be outdone, we also offer a low priced unit. The list can go on. Thanks for reading our rant. Again, we’re always trying to find and evaluate the “good stuff” for you.

JOIN THE TURBO DIESEL REGISTER FOR MILLIONS OF MILES OF KNOWLEDGE A yearly subscription is $35.00 U.S. and $45 Canadian/ International. You can subscribe online, by mail, or by phone.




TURBO DIESEL REGISTER 1150 Samples Industrial Drive, Cumming, GA 30041

800-755-1715 770-886-2500 Monday-Friday: 8:30AM to 5:30PM EST

BY PHONE: Subscription line: (888) 440-8371 Note that the toll free subscription phone number is for subscription processing. Phone operators cannot answer technical questions.

1150 Samples Industrial Drive Cumming, GA 30041 On the Cover: Geno’s Garage Staff (L to R) Lauren Wigley, Rebecca Harrington, Scott Sinkinson, John Doughtie, Brandon Parks, Bob Pinkowski, Danny Parkhurst, Ed Wallace, Robert Patton, Robin Patton, Tina Pardue and Wendy Poole.

Throughout the catalog we’ve added a highlighted “H” and script that references the issue of the TDR magazine where you can find further explanation or a text write-up. Example H is for History; TDRXX for TDR Issue XX of the TDR magazine, p for the page in the magazine. We hope this data helps. I . This symbol indicates that installation instructions for the part are available at our website. V . When you see this, you will find an installation video available on that product’s page on our website.

‘13-‘17, 6.7L

‘07.5-‘12, 6.7L

EGR1 (Filter):  $128.95 EGR2 (No Filter):  $49.00

EGR1-A (Filter):  $126.95 EGR2-A (No Filter):  $47.00

‘13-‘17, 3500/4500/5500 Cab/Chassis EGR3-A (Filter):  $115.95 EGR3-B (No Filter):  $32.95

Using your trusty Owner’s Manual you may have noted that changing-out the crankcase vent filter (CCV) is a required service at the 67,500 mile interval. Further, for those 2007.5-2012, 2500/3500 pickup truck owners [the non-diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) style aftertreatment] there is also a “clean the exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) valve and cooler service” required. The ‘07.5-Current Cab and Chassis trucks and ‘13-Current 2500/3500 use the DEF exhaust aftertreatment. Looking closely at their Owner’s Manuals reveals that a CCV filter change is also required at 67,500 miles, However, the cleaning of the EGR valve and EGR cooler is not a requirement. We asked the folks at Cummins and they responded that you may wish to include the cleaning, but it is typically not needed until the second crankcase vent filter change. They did suggest an inspection of the EGR valve. “Sooty/dusty is good, shellac/crusty needs to be cleaned.” If the valve is shellac/crusty, don’t skimp, go ahead and do the entire EGR system cleaning. If you price the EGR Cleaning Kit parts over-the-counter at Mopar the cost is over $180 plus $40 for the cleaning solution. We would suggest using the Cummins equivalent parts for the gaskets and filter that are needed. We would suggest using Simple Green (it smells just like the Mopar cleaner) or Purple Power as your cleaning solution. Our 6.7L EGR Cleaning Kit contains the following: (1) Large Exhaust Manifold Gasket • (2) EGR Valve Gaskets • (1) EGR Butterfly Gasket • (1) ‘13-‘17 Exhaust Manifold Gasket or (1) ‘07.5-‘12 Exhaust Manifold Gasket (3) EGR Plumbing Gaskets • (1) Airhorn Gasket • (2) Rubber Plugs Freddie knows that if you are going to spend time cleaning the EGR valve and EGR cooler, that you’ll remove and clean the intake air horn that the EGR valve is bolted to. The replacement gasket for air horn-to-intake manifold is 5264566 and it is included in our EGR Cleaning Kit. Additionally our kit has thorough instructions for removal of the parts and tips on best method(s) for cleaning. Finally, Freddie Frugal adds two rubber plugs for the ends of your cooler assembly so you don’t waste cleaning fluid. Fill up the cooler, cap it off, and soak it overnight. Use the caps to shake the cooler with the cleaner inside.

Filter Maintenance Kits ‘13-‘17, 6.7L MK2013: $283.00 (4) LF16035; (2) FS-MOP68157291 (2) PFF54529; No Air Filter

‘10-‘17, 6.7L MK2010N: $177.00 (4) LF16035; (2) FS-MOP68157291; No Frame Filter or Air Filter

‘07.5-‘09, 6.7L MK2007: $129.00 (4) LF16035; (2) FS43258; No Air Filter

“Boonie Box”

‘03-‘07, 5.9L MK2003: $84.00

For your convenience we have assembled a collection of spare parts that can be stored away in case of a problem while traveling in the boonies. Thus the name “Boonie Box.”

(4) LF16035; (2) FS19856; No Air Filter

‘00-‘02, 5.9L MK12626: $103.00 (4) LF16035; (2) FS19855; (1) AF25541

‘97-‘99, 5.9L MK12627: $112.00 (4) LF16035; (2) FS19598; (1) AF25541

All Maintenance Kits use the Fleetguard StrataPore oil filter and either a Fleetguard, Mopar or Racor branded fuel filter (same filter, but we offer you the less expensive item). Also, the kits offer either a Fleetguard or a delete of the air filter element.

‘94-‘96, 5.9L MK12628: $110.00 (4) LF16035; (2) FS1253; (1) AF25541

‘89-‘93, 5.9L MK12625: $80.00 (4) LF16035; (2) FS1232; No Air Filter

We took time to analyze the filter purchasing quantities of our customers. Predictably, in a given maintenance interval (i.e. a 30,000 mile period), the oil filter is changed four times, the fuel filter two times, and the air cleaner is changed once. We’re pleased to offer this common-sense idea in a prepackaged filter maintenance kit for your Ram Cummins Turbo Diesel truck.

Boonie Boxes include: Toolbox (1) FLEETGUARD StrataPore premium oil filter • (1) F LEETGUARD or MOPAR fuel filter • (1) G ATES hose kit • •

(upper & lower hoses)

(1) G ATES belt

(1) G ATES or DAYCO Tensioner Pulley

‘Finger Touch’ Oil Drain Valve

* T he removable hose nipple is a convenience item. Attach a hose and let it drain to a remote location. DORMAN 18MM Oil Drain Plug DRM0970041 Gasket (‘89-‘93 & ‘01-‘17) $1.00

‘10-‘12, 6.7L BOONIEBOX10

(NOTE: Kit includes NanoNet Fuel Filter)

‘07.5-‘09, 6.7L BOONIEBOX0709FS2

(NOTE: Kit includes FS2 Fuel Filter)

$167.00 $146.00

‘03-‘07, 5.9L BOONIEBOX0307


‘00-‘02 BOONIEBOX0002


‘98.5-‘99 BOONIEBOX98599


‘97-‘98 BOONIEBOX9798


‘94-‘96 BOONIEBOX9496


Ram Cummins 2500/3500 ‘EZ Change’ Drain Valve & Tube

Now drain your engine oil with the touch of a finger. No more stripped threads, fractured drain plugs, or leaky gaskets. 18MM ‘02-‘17, 5.9L & 6.7L FTV-104A: $21.95 ‘89-‘93, 12V FTV-104: $21.95 18MM OPTIONAL REMOVABLE 3/8” HOSE NIPPLE ‘02-‘17, 5.9L & 6.7L ‘89-‘93, 12V FTV-H001: $5.00 22MM ‘94-‘01 FTV-7B: $24.95 22MM OPTIONAL REMOVABLE 5/8” HOSE NIPPLE ‘94-‘01 FTV-H002: $6.00 14MM ‘14-‘17, Ram EcoDiesel FTV-106: $21.95 14MM OPTIONAL REMOVABLE 3/8” HOSE NIPPLE ‘14-‘17, Ram EcoDiesel FTV-H001: $5.00


6.7L EGR Cleaning Kit

Heavy-Duty Oil Plug (with magnetic tip)

18mm (‘02-‘17) 5.9L & 6.7L HDOP-KIT-18MM2:  $19.95 22 mm (‘94-‘01) HDOP-KIT-22MM:  $19.95 18 mm (‘89-‘93) HDOP-KIT-18MM:  $19.95

‘02-‘17, 5.9L/6.7L  EZ-DP-18MMPLA-DG:  $37.95 ‘94-‘01  EZ-DP-22MMPL-DG:  $37.95 ‘89-‘93  EZ-DP-18MMPL-DG:  $37.95 ‘89-‘17  EZ Drain Valve Tube (Large) EZ-TUBE-DG:  $14.95 NOTE: Tube sold separately.

Ram 1500 EcoDiesel ‘EZ Change’ Drain Valve & Tube

B&M Drain Plug

14-1.5mm Drain Valve EZ-DP-15-14150-01:  $37.95 EZ Drain Valve Tube (Small) EZ-TUBE-CD-2001:  $14.95

TIP: The B&M drain plug is an easy way to add a 1/8 NPT temperature sensor to a trans pan by replacing the plug with a sensor.

NOTE: Drain valve will not work without the tube. Installation requires 30mm socket or wrench. NOTE: Tube sold separately.

BM-80250:  $10.00

DORMAN 22MM Oil Drain Plug Gasket (‘94-‘01)

Catalog good through October 2017 l Prices subject to change without notice.

DRM0971331 $2.95

• Permanently replaces the drain plug. • Patented drain tube screws into the oil plug. • Drain the oil, remove the drain tube – thus resealing the drain valve – reinstall the O-ring sealed drain cap, and you’re finished.

Order 800-755-1715 or




GATES - EcoDiesel Upper Radiator Hose  (‘14-‘17, 3.0L) Ram 1500



MOPAR - EcoDiesel Upper Radiator Hose  (‘14-‘17, 3.0L) Ram 1500



MOPAR - EcoDiesel Lower Radiator Hose  (‘14-‘17, 3.0L) Ram 1500



GATES - EcoDiesel Engine to Reservoir Hose  (‘14-‘17, 3.0L) Ram 1500



GATES - EcoDiesel Molded Heater Hose - Heater Control Valve to Engine  (‘14-‘17, 3.0L) Ram 1500



MOPAR - EcoDiesel Serpentine Belt (‘14-‘17, 3.0L) Ram 1500



GATES - EcoDiesel Serpentine Belt (‘14-‘17, 3.0L) Ram 1500






GATES - EcoDiesel HD Serpentine Belt (‘14-‘17, 3.0L) Ram 1500

4 l Ram Turbo Diesel Parts & Accessories  #97

Get Ram Cummins technical information at our website:

MOPAR - EcoDiesel V6 Air Filter  (‘14-‘17, 3.0L) Ram 1500








MOPAR - EcoDiesel V6 Replacement Oil Filter Cartridge  (‘14-‘17, 3.0L) Ram 1500


If purchasing fuel filters for your ‘10-‘12 truck, we recommend the NanoNet filters.



Buy 6 oil or fuel filters and save 5% on the purchase price.

MOPAR - EcoDiesel V6 Fuel Filter  (‘14-‘17, 3.0L)  Ram 1500  3 micron V


Catalog good through October 2017 l Prices subject to change without notice.

Order 800-755-1715 or


FILTERS, BELTS, HOSES & CONSUMABLES 6 l Ram Turbo Diesel Parts & Accessories  #97

GASKETS & SEALS Upper engine gasket kits include a standard thickness head gasket.

Please check website for all gasket kit contents.

Get Ram Cummins technical information at our website:

Factory-Match Factory Match (‘10-up) (‘03-‘09)


Phantom II Series

Phantom Series

Ultra-Lite II Series

Ultra-Lite Series

Z Series

* *

H TDR74, p8-10


Available only at Geno’s Garage

*The fuel pressure gauges may require additional hardware depending on application. See page 26 for hardware. Acu Temp Adapter (‘89-‘17)  I ACUTEMP_ADAPTER:  $32.00

The Acu Temp Adapter allows you to install any 1/8 NPT temperature sender on your cooler line. It takes less than five minutes to install over the cooler line. You never have to touch the transmission fluid, so you have no concern over fluid contamination. NOTE: Experience has shown that the temperature readings using this adapter are 30° cooler than temperatures in the pan.




Boost Adapter (‘98.5-‘17)


RLT_ADAPTER:  $7.50  I Works with 5.9L & 6.7L engines.

Access the pressurized intake air system with this adapter for use with a boost gauge. Remove an intake manifold bolt, replace it with our Boost Adapter that has a hole in it, and you now have access to pressurized air.

Try finding these micro fuses at any outlet other than a Ram dealer. Good luck. We heard you loud and clear. Here is our micro fuse kit for newer Ram trucks includes two each of the following micro fuses: 5 amp • 10 amp • 15 amp • 20 amp • 25 amp • 30 amp And M case time delay fuses: 20 amp • 25 amp • 30 amp PPP-70207


3 Circuit Top Tap Connector


Provides easy access to power for all of your truck accessories.

3-Circuit Auxiliary Fuse Block Weatherproof Relay Kit RELAY-KIT:  $14.95

Have you been caught in the middle of an electrical project and found that you need a weatherproof relay kit (specifically the female receptacle with electrical pigtails and molded plastic covering the underside’s leads)? Problem solved. Here is a Hella-branded SPDT, 30 amp, weatherproof relay kit.

PPP-70103:  $67.99

A lower-cost alternative to the 7-Circuit kit. (1) constant-hot; (2) ignition-hot circuits. Uses one 30 amp relay.

3-Circuit Weather-Resistant Fuse Block PPP-70203:  $83.99 (Includes cover for fuses)

Mounts under hood in unprotected areas. Extreme use where moisture/dust resistance is important. (1) constant-hot; (2) ignition-hot circuits. Uses one 30 amp relay.

Catalog good through October 2017 l Prices subject to change without notice.

7-Circuit Auxiliary Fuse Block PPP-70107 Standard:  $80.99 7 Circuits (4 ignition hot/3 constant/max 40 amp) PPP-70117 Standard:  $109.95 7 Circuits (7 ignition hot/max 80 amp) PPP-70207 Weather-Resistant:  $95.99 7 Circuits (4 ignition hot/3 constant/max 40 amp) PPP-70217 Weather-Resistant:  $110.99 7 Circuits (All ignition hot/10 amp)

No doubt, you’re going to add accessories to your truck. As a solution to those unorganized, haphazard accessory wiring situations, add a Painless Performance auxiliary fuse block for a clean installation.

Order 800-755-1715 or



We carry ISSPRO Performax gauges. See our website for a complete list of applications.




White Lettering Blue Illumination Red Indicator



Black Lettering Green Illumination Red Indicator


White Lettering Green Illumination Red Indicator





Colored Lettering White Illumination Red Indicator

White Lettering White Illumination Red Indicator

Black Lettering Green Illumination Red Indicator

Blue Lettering Blue Illumination Lt. Blue Indicator

* *


H TDR74, p8-10 PRE or POST turbo

PRE or POST turbo

PRE or POST turbo

*The fuel pressure gauges may require additional hardware depending on application. See page 22 for hardware.

8 l Ram Turbo Diesel Parts & Accessories  #97

Get Ram Cummins technical information at our website:

•  Slim, Sleek Case Design •  5” Full–Color, High-Resolution, Swipe Screen •  Custom Color Mixer for Gauge Arcs, Needles, and Backgrounds •  Multiple Gauge Screen Layouts •  Fully Customizable Backgrounds •  HDMI Style Plug for Power and Linking EAS Accessories •  One-Touch Easy Menu Navigation •  Notification Center

* The SAE data that can be presented on the touch screen for ‘07.5-newer trucks are:

Barometric Pressure • Battery Voltage • Boost • Calculated Load Corrected Speed • DPF Pressure • Engine Coolant Temp • Engine Speed Fuel Level • Fuel Rail Pressure • Gear with TCL • Intake Air Temp Mileage Coach • MPG Instant • MPG Average • Post DOC EGT Post DPF EGT • Post x EGT • Regeneration Status • Throttle Position Time 0-60 • Time 1/4 mile • Transmission Temperature • Vehicle Speed

Insight CTS2 & CS2 ‘96-‘17, EDGE CTS2 EDGE-84130: $429.95

The “Insight” Color Touch Screen 2 (CTS2) has a high-resolution, 5-inch screen to monitor the performance of your ‘96-‘17 OBD-II equipped truck.

‘96-‘17, EDGE CS2 EDGE-84030: $299.95 The “Insight” CS2 has all of the same capabilities as the CTS2, but has a smaller 2.4-inch screen high-resolution screen with button-control screen.

NOTE: Limited data available on ‘96-‘07, 5.9L trucks.

NOTE: For the conventional EGT at the exhaust manifold, an EGT probe (98601/$99) can be purchased and installed by the customer. This requires drilling and tapping into the exhaust manifold. The electrical side of the sensor plugs into the backside of the monitor.

At Geno’s we have used analog gauges in our Turbo Diesel trucks, but the concept of having multiple gauges that do not require fancy gauge mounts and a lot of underhood tinkering really appeals to us. The voice of experience screams out, “It can’t be any easier than plug-and-play using the OBD-II port.” And, plug-and-play we did. We love the CTS2 (and now the CS2) as it gives you up to eight data items that you can keep track of on the screen.

NOTE: The Insight CS2/CTS2 part number we sell does not work with Edge’s performance tuner known as the “Juice Module.” The Juice kit requires a different CS2/ CTS2. However, the Insight 84130 and 84030 do work with “Smarty” programmers.

**Compatible with ‘14-‘16 Ram 1500 EcoDiesel.** See our website for information about applications.

You can choose up to eight of these data items to be displayed in digital form. Or, you can choose three digital/sweep gauges and two digital-only data items on the display.

For more information about the operation of the Insight CTS2 and CS2 along with a complete listing of vehicle parameters, visit the EDGE Products website at:

CS/CS2/CTS/CTS2 Dash Pod

‘06-‘09 EDGE-38505: $50.97 ‘03-‘05 EDGE-38504: $50.97 ‘98.5-‘02 EDGE-38503: $50.97

Put your EDGE on the dash of your truck in a dash pod that won’t warp or deform over time. Pod is angled for easy viewing. Adapter kit included. NOTE: The pod is molded in a charcoal/agate color. If necessary, it can be painted to match the dash in your truck.

CS/CS2/CTS/CTS2 A-Pillar Mount

If you want a color-matched A-Pillar mount, no competitor matches EDGE. Will not warp or deform. Adapter kit included.

EDGE-98004: $25.49

CS/CS2/CTS/CTS2 Adapter Kit This kit allows you to mount an EDGE CS2/CTS2 in the older style CS2 Dash Pod and A-Pillar Grommet gauge mounts.

CS/CS2/CTS/CTS2 EAS Universal Sensor Input (5 volt) NOTE: Required when installing additional sensors. NOTE: #98602 required for installation.

CTS2 Adaptor

EAS Temperature Probe EDGE-98608: $39.75

The EDGE Insight can display temperature values from sensors purchased using the EDGE Accessory System (EAS). The EAS (#98602) allows you to connect multiple accessories. You can add other temperature sensors (sensor #98608) to the EAS’s daisychain, plug-in connector.

The EAS Universal Sensor Input provides the ability to read any 0-5 volt signal and translate that signal a meaningful value for display on the Edge CS2 or CTS2. This means you can add custom temperature, pressure, Air/Fuel and even Throttle/ Position gauges to your Edge CS2 and CTS2!

EDGE-98202: $234.95

This adapter allows you to mount the CS/CS2/ CTS/CTS2 products in a 2-1/16” Gauge Pillar Pod. The adapter gives you the flexibility to adjust the monitor to your own viewing angle.

EAS Starter Cable EDGE-98602: $39.75

EDGE-98620: $119.95

Back-up Camera for CTS/CTS2

EDGE Universal Mount

CS/CS2/CTS/CTS2 Expandable Accessory System (EAS)

This kit is ideal for the daily diesel driver or if you are towing then it’s a must have! Towing can put a lot of strain on the truck and make it run hot. Don’t be left on the side of the road with an overheated truck because you didn’t watch your EGTs. (Includes EAS Starter Cable and EAS Temperature Probe.)

EDGE-98605: $152.95

‘10-‘17 EDGE-38405: $66.26 ‘03-‘08 EDGE-38406: $79.97 NEW!

EDGE-98005: $15.29


CS/CS2/CTS/CTS2 EAS EGT Kit (Daily Driver/ Tow Kit)

The CTS2 line of products have a built-in video port that allows users to connect the Edge back-up camera. The CTS2’s highresolution, 4.3 inch color screen allows users to see what’s going on behind them with the Edge camera connected. Features: License plate mount • Adjustable Camera Angle • Parking Guide Lines • Night Vision LEDs • Waterproof Quick and Easy Installation to connect to any Attitude CTS, Evolution CTS2 or Insight CTS2 • Extended RCA, Power and Ground Cables to make installation easier


With the EDGE Insight CTS2/CS2 you get these great features:

CS/CS2/CTS/CTS2 EAS Pressure Sensor (0-100 PSIg) EDGE-98607: $132.95

Edge’s EAS Pressure Sensor is a 0-100 PSIg 1/8” NPT sensor that plugs directly into the Universal Sensor Input system (p/n 98605). Use Edge’s Pressure Sensor to monitor data such as Boost PSI, Air Bag Pressure, Lift Pump Pressure, Pre and Post Intercooler Pressure and many more.

CS/CS2 CTS/CTS2 expandable EGT Probe EDGE-98611: $100.95

Monitor critical EGT temperatures by adding multiple EGT sensors in different locations with this expandable EGT probe. NOTE: #98602 required for installation.

**CTS2 monitor not included with purchase of camera.

Catalog good through October 2017 l Prices subject to change without notice.

Order 800-755-1715 or




“Do youse guys offer a gauge kit or package?” Nope, too many custom configurations. So, better than a kit, we let you choose gauges and buy 1, 2 or 3 gauges from us and get the corresponding gauge mount at half the price. Gauge Gizmo  I

Full A-Pillar Triple and Dual Covers

Dual Pod (Black only) ‘98-‘02 GM-DG-15203: $36.95 ‘94-‘97 GM-DG-15200: $39.95 ‘86-‘93 GM-DG-15198: $37.95 Single Pod  (Black only) ‘10-‘17 GM-DG-P81038: $32.95

TRIPLE FULL PILLAR  I ‘10-‘17 (Color-Matched) ‘03-‘09 (Color-Matched) ‘98-‘02, w/tweeter (Black only) ‘98-‘02, w/o tweeter (Black only) ‘94-‘97 (Black only)

GM-DG-17219: $87.95 GM-DG-17213: $87.95 GM-DG-17205: $79.95 GM-DG-17203: $78.95 GM-DG-17201: $75.95

Some trimming of the base required.

‘03-‘09 GM-DG-15212: $29.95 ‘98-‘02 GM-DG-15204: $29.95 ‘94-‘97 GM-DG-15201: $31.95 ‘86-‘93 GM-DG-15199: $29.95

DOUBLE FULL PILLAR  I ‘10-‘17 (Color-Matched) ‘03-‘09 (Color-Matched) ‘98-‘02, w/tweeter (Black only) ‘98-‘02, w/o tweeter (Black only) ‘94-‘97 (Black only)

GM-DG-17218: $84.95 GM-DG-17212: $88.95 GM-DG-17204: $78.95 GM-DG-17202: $76.95 GM-DG-17200: $73.95

Gauge mounts for ‘03-‘09 trucks available in custom-colored molded plastic (not painted) for an exact match. ‘10-‘17 matches very closely, but not 100%. ‘94-‘02 model years come in molded black plastic that can be custom-painted to match the interior.

MOPAR Single A-Pillar Replacement, ‘03-‘09 GM-DG-ZL39TL2:  $66.95

When we found this MOPAR A-pillar with the molded-in single gauge pod (used in the SRT-10 Ram truck), we were impressed. This A-pillar replacement is molded in the correct texture and color. Includes gauge pod, and the grab handle. It works perfectly with any standard 2” gauge. NOTE: Reuse factory A-pillar screw hole covers. Not included with gauge mount.

These single or dual pod mounting brackets are a custom way to mount gauges. The Gauge Gizmo puts your preferred gauge up high on the A-pillar of your truck. Gauge Gizmos come in molded black plastic and can be custom painted to match your truck’s interior.


Available in Black only.


Can be modified to work on ‘10-‘16 trucks. See TDR 81, pg. 39

Dash Pods  I TRIPLE GAUGE PODS ‘03-‘09 GM-DG-15020:  $53.95 ‘98-‘02 GM-DG-15002:  $62.95 DUAL GAUGE POD ‘03-‘09 GM-DG-15019:  $54.95


These gauge pods mount on top of the dash almost flush against the windshield for a nice, non-obtrusive view. The dash pod is molded in black plastic but can be painted to match your truck’s interior color.

Steering Column Mounts  I

You can find additional gauge pods for your Ram truck on our website. VUMAXX Universal A-Pillar Mount

Gauge not included.

Mount Kit - 3 mounts and hardware

DUAL Mount Steering Pod (‘10-‘17) GM-DG-15017:  $41.95 SINGLE Mount Steering Pod (‘10-‘17) GM-DG-15015:  $37.95 DUAL Mount Steering Pod (‘03-‘09) GM-DG-15014:  $42.95 SINGLE Mount Steering Pod (‘03-‘09) GM-DG-15013:  $37.95 SINGLE Mount Steering Pod (‘89-‘02) GM-DG-15012:  $37.95

Available in Black only.

(Dual mount not available for ‘94-‘02.)

(Round-type A-Pillar for small and large footprint & tight locations)

GM-1CD1001-BLK:  $30.00

If you are looking for an A-pillar gauge mount with a small footprint, this VUMAXX mount is for you. Holds a standard 2” gauge and comes with mounting hardware for different applications.

With the addition of the driver’s side grab handle in ‘03-‘09 trucks, gauge mounting options have changed. AutoMeter has both a single and a dual steering column pod. Receives most standard 2” gauges. NOTE: This is a cover; not a replacement. The mount attaches to the existing steering column.

MOPAR Interior Trim Paint



In-Dash Installation Back-Plates

Universal Donut Mount Kit

‘99-‘02 GM-DG-01FACE9902:  $7.50 ‘94-‘97 GM-DG-01FACE9497:  $5.50

GM-1DONUT:  $23.50

For a custom in-dash look, we offer a black Lexan back-plate that fits into the cubby hole in the dash.

Rubber mounting assembly for below the dash installation.

10 l Ram Turbo Diesel Parts & Accessories  #97

2” Gauge Mount Plug

GM-PLUG:  $3.00/each

The gauge mount plug covers the opening of unused holes in gauge mounts.

Light Greystone, BD1 (‘10-‘12) BP-5134798AA:  $10.95 *Matches A-pillar and headliner color only.

Mist Gray, RC1/3/8 (‘97-‘02) BP-4796190:  $10.95

These 5 oz. spray cans provide ample paint to spray your truck’s gauge pod or A-pillar mount.

Get Ram Cummins technical information at our website:

nylon 24” X 24” reen sc mesh bug ith each included w Guard r Condense

NOTE: The front grille must be removed to install the Winter Front on ‘10-‘12 trucks.


CoverCraft Winter Front  I ‘10-‘12 trucks WINTER_FR_10:  $79.95

Shown uncoated for clarity.

‘03-‘09 trucks WINTER_FR_0309:  $79.95

‘94-‘02 trucks WINTER_FR_9402:  $79.95

Improve engine warm-up time in cold weather with a Covercraft winter grille cover for your ‘94-‘12 Ram Cummins truck. In Summer the cover is rolled up and acts as a bug screen to help keep the radiator free-flowing for better cooling.

A/C Condenser Guard  I ‘10-‘16, 6.7L WD_COND_GR_10:  $54.95 ‘03-‘09, 5.9L & 6.7L WD_COND_GR_0307:  $54.95 ‘94-‘02, 5.9L WD_COND_GR_9402:  $54.95


Available in Black only.

The grille cover is made of black vinyl and goes over the front core support. The material rolls up and down so you can adjust the amount of air you want to pass through the radiator.

The air conditioning condenser on the ‘94-‘16 Dodge Ram has no protection coming from the factory and may be subject to costly damage. The condenser guard addresses this by covering the condenser in full with a black powdercoated 16 gauge guard with 1/2” perforated holes for maximum air flow. The condenser guard has a U-shaped lip that covers the top of the condenser’s fins to keep them from being bent. Installation for ‘94-‘09 trucks is straightforward and takes only minutes. The lip of the Condenser Guard is put on top of the air conditioning condenser and secured at the bottom with zip ties. The Condenser Guard will work with our Tool Tray.

p Left side covered up/Winter Front.

On the ‘10-‘16 trucks the grille has to be removed (instructions show you how) to install the guard. Since the grille has to be removed we strongly suggest purchasing our Quick Grille Release Kit (QGKT) so that future need-to-access the area becomes a 5-second proposition.

Ram Cummins/ Ram EcoDiesel Winter Front/ Bug Screen (‘10-‘17) 10+ Ram GG-WFHD10:  $108.95 EcoDiesel GG-WFED14:  $108.95

This winter front/bug screen installs outside the engine compartment and fits over the truck’s grill. Fasten and unfasten the velcro to roll and unroll it.

Quick Grille Release Kit (‘10-‘17) 

Excelsior Block Heater Bumper Plug

QGKT:  $24.95

H TDR71, p141-143   I

Since 1994 and the Second Generation truck, with its grille attached to the hood design, Turbo Diesel owners have come to expect easy access to the radiator as well as access to the engine.

Attention 4G Owner


Best Seller!

No more with your ‘10-‘17 truck? Hold on, we’ve corrected this design flaw/service access problem with the Quick Grille Release kit for Fourth Generation trucks. The Quick Grille Release Kit is a simple collection of hardware store parts, but we’ve made refinements by sourcing tether-type release pins. Use the bumper as a step again with this kit. Installation instructions included.

Installs in front bumper.

‘10-‘17 Trucks WD-BHP10:  $45.95 ‘03-‘09 Trucks WD-BHP:  $45.95 The Block Heater ‘94-‘02 NON-SPORT Trucks Bumper Plug has the heater cable attached WD-BHP-9402:  $45.95 for quick and easy Universal Fit installation. WD-BHPUNI:  $45.95 (This kit fits trucks with aftermarket bumpers.)

‘10-‘17 style shown.

Install an Excelsior Block Heater Bumper Plug on your truck, and you have the heater connection located in a fixed position right up front behind a flip-open, weatherproof cover. To install, remove the old block heater cable from the engine block and plug the new cable in. *NOTE: Will not work on ‘14-‘17 Ram 1500 EcoDiesel trucks.

Engine Block Heater Cables *Will not work on ‘14-‘17 Ram EcoDiesel trucks.

Cab Fresh Filter Kit

2010 Ram shown.

p Right side unrolled/Bug Screen.




Cab Fresh Filter Kit (‘10-‘17) CFF-DG-19009K:  $59.00 Replacement Filters (‘10-‘17) CFF-DG-19009R:  $17.00 Cab Fresh Filter Kit (‘03-‘09) CFF-DG-19003K:  $59.00 Replacement Filters (‘03-‘09) CFF-DG-19003R:  $17.00 Cab Fresh Filter Kit (‘94-‘02)  V CFF-DG-0610K:  $56.00 Replacement Filters (‘94-‘02) CFF-DG-0611R:  $16.00

This easy to install dual-stage filtering system removes dirt and dust. It fits over the factory vents underneath the hood.

Catalog good through October 2017 l Prices subject to change without notice.

‘89-‘17, 2500/3500 5.9L & 6.7L (6ft. cable.) ‘14-‘17, Ram 1500 EcoDiesel (5ft. cable.) HEATER_CABLE_FL:  $16.95 ECO_HEATER_CABLE_FL:  $16.95

Don’t be left out in the cold! Make sure your Ram Turbo Diesel has a block heater cable so you can warm the engine for easy starting in cold weather. The engine has the block heater installed, but many times the dealers did not order the engine block heater cable with the trucks. HEATER CABLE PLUG COVER 360-0012:  $4.75

Help keep the elements out of the heater cable connection.

Order 800-755-1715 or

l 11


Direct Replacement Exhaust Manifolds

We found these aftermarket exhaust manifolds (read: made in China) that we can offer at a great price. The manifold kits even include six engine-to-manifold gaskets, turbo studs, and a turbo gasket (over a $45 value.) The drawback? You might want to use a die grinder to clean up the rough casting around the ports.

OEM Exhaust Manifolds If you look into the engine compartment of your Dodge Cummins Turbo Diesel and find it dirty with soot, it is a good indication that the exhaust manifold is cracked. Replace it with a Cummins OEM manifold. ‘03-‘07  4931223:  $219.00

‘07.5-‘12, 6.7L DRM674895: $399.00

Stainless Steel Exhaust ManifoldS

The Stainless Steel reflective heat properties hold the heat within for increased velocity compared to ductile iron castings. The T3 turbo flange assists in velocity and can be adapted to a T4 mount with a BD Turbine Diverter valve or a simple adapter plate. Manifold gaskets included at no extra charge.

‘98.5-‘02, 24V BD-1045985SS:  $470.00

‘99.5, 24V  3937187:  $760.00 ‘89-‘98, 12V BD-1045980SS:  $470.00

‘03-‘07, 5.9L DRM674910: $279.00 ‘99-‘02, 24V 5254373:  $235.00 ‘98.5-‘02, 24V DRM674602: $171.00

‘89-‘98, 12V  3911349:  $562.00

‘89-‘98, 12V DRM674527: $146.00


‘89-‘98, 12V with aftermarket ATS or BD manifold STUDKIT8905:  $58.00 ‘98.5-‘07, 24V with stock or aftermarket manifold STUDKIT8905_A:  $58.00

‘07.5-‘17, 6.7L (2-Piece Manifold) BD-1045965:  $570.00 ‘07.5-‘17, 6.7L (Gasket Set) BD-1045992:  $65.00 ‘03-‘07, 5.9L (2-Piece Manifold) BD-1045987:  $470.00 ‘98.5-‘02, 24V (3-Piece Manifold) BD-1045985:  $470.00 ‘88-‘98, 12V (3-Piece Manifold) BD-1045980:  $470.00

Save yourself the frustration of trying to line the gaskets up with the manifold and cylinder head using the OEM bolts. Install this stud kit, hang your exhaust manifold gaskets on the studs and then install the manifold. Kit comes with studs and nuts required for a complete installation.

BD’s Pulse exhaust manifolds are cast from high-silicon ductile iron which can withstand extremely high temperatures, as well as the additional weight created by bigger single or twin turbo systems. Expansion joints allow the manifold to expand and contract.

Exhaust Manifold Stud Kits

Works on trucks with or without EGR.



4” HD19A400Z:  $3.95

5” HD19A500Z:  $4.50


NOTE: Stud kits do not have studs for the turbo-to-manifold connections.



4” 250S400:  $7.25

5” 250S500:  $7.25 ‘07.5-‘12 ‘04.5-‘07

Will not work on Cab & Chassis trucks.

Does not work on ‘89-‘98, 12-valve engines when the stock manifold is reused because the studs are too short.


An exhaust tip puts the final touch on the exhaust system installed on your ‘94-‘17 Ram Turbo Diesel truck. Exhaust tips come with all mounting hardware. High Quality T304 Mirror Polished Stainless Steel Will Not Rust • No Welding Necessary 4” TO 5” STAINLESS STEEL Rolled Edge ANGLE CUT Tip

4” ID × 5” OD × 12” L DP-405012RSL:  $45.99



Muffler Elimination Kits  I ‘07.5-‘12, 6.7L  ME-KIT-DG07:  $55.95 ‘04.5-‘07, 5.9L  ME-KIT-DG045:  $71.95 *Will not work on Cab & Chassis trucks

‘03-‘04, 5.9L ME-KIT-DG03: $71.95 ‘94-‘02, 5.9L ME-KIT-DG9402: $71.95 NOTE: Does not replace resonator or catalytic converter.

These kits are designed to replace the existing muffler assembly and include a custom bent exhaust pipe and exhaust clamp(s). Exhaust noise increases 5-8 decibels compared to stock muffler equipped truck.

12 l Ram Turbo Diesel Parts & Accessories  #97

Pulse Exhaust Manifolds


4” ID × 5” OD × 12” L DP-405013AC:  $52.99 NOTE: Tailpipe may have to be shortened when installing this exhaust tip.


4” ID × 4” OD × 18” L DP-404018TD:  $52.99


5” ID × 5” OD × 14” L DP-505016TD:  $72.99

Manifold gaskets for ‘88-‘07 included at no extra charge.

NOTE: The BD Pulse 24-Valve manifold assembly DOES NOT require any drilling for studs.

V-BAND CLAMPS DOWNPIPE-TO-CAST ELBOW ‘07.5-‘17, 6.7L 52121859AD:  $54.95 (Gasket not included. Get 68071676AA)

DOWNPIPE-TO-CAST ELBOW ‘04.5-‘07, 5.9L 52121285AA:  $24.95 DOWNPIPE-TO-CAST ELBOW ‘03-‘04, 5.9L 52103596:  $22.95 TURBINE HOUSING-TO-COMPRESSOR HE341/HE351 TURBO ‘03-‘07, 5.9L 3595658:  $36.00 TURBINE HOUSING-TO-CAST ELBOW ‘03-‘07, 5.9L 3535399:  $39.95

V-BAND CLAMPS TURBINE HOUSING-TO-COMPRESSOR HE341/HE351 TURBO ‘03-‘07, 5.9L 3595658:  $36.00 TURBINE HOUSING-TO-CAST ELBOW ‘03-‘07, 5.9L 3535399:  $39.95 DOWNPIPE-TO-CAST ELBOW ‘89-‘98, 12V 4428550:  $31.95

V-BAND CLAMPS DOWNPIPE-TO-CAST ELBOW ‘04.5-‘07, 5.9L DRM904354:  $18.95 (Gasket not included. Get 68071676AA)

DOWNPIPE-TO-CAST ELBOW ‘03-‘04, 5.9L DRM904253:  $17.95

Get Ram Cummins technical information at our website:

“Old School”

Best Seller!

‘89-‘93 or ‘98.5-‘02 - BENT TAB TST-KDP04:  $65.00 ‘94-‘98, 12-valve - STRAIGHT TAB TST-KDP03:  $65.00

The dowel pin used in the Cummins engine can back out of its bore. When it does, it can fall into the camshaft gear and cause all types of expensive engine damage. Clamps included with each hose.

Intercooler Hoses

Replacement intercooler hoses from Gates feature an exclusive Viton inner liner to better withstand high heat and contamination. The hoses are rated for 145 psi and are sold individually. APPLICATION


The folks at TST Products have developed a kit to cover the dowel pin and prevent its movement. The kit is inexpensive protection. Unfortunately the labor involved to access the KDP and cover it with the cover tab is time consuming. However, clear instructions make it a job that the D-I-Yer can handle. LEARN MORE: KILLER DOWEL PIN

Dodge High Idle Kit

‘07-‘17, 5.9L & 6.7L BD-1036622:  $237.00 ‘05-‘06, 5.9L BD-1036621:  $237.00 ‘03-‘04, 24V BD-1036620:  $237.00 (for trucks with bellcrank mounted TPS.)

‘98.5-‘02, 24V

BD-1036620:  $237.00

Warm the engine in your Dodge Cummins truck faster on cold mornings with this High Idle Kit. Quick and easy to install. Rotating switch allows for adjustable high idle speeds 900/1200/1500/1800/2100 RPM.

Throttle Sensitivity Booster


Killer Dowel Pin Kit (‘89-‘02)

‘07-‘17, 5.9L & 6.7L Manual/Automatic Transmission ‘14-‘16, Ram 1500 EcoDiesel Automatic Transmission BD-1057732:  $264.00 ‘05-‘06, 5.9L Manual & Automatic Transmission BD-1057731:  $264.00 ‘98.5-‘02, 24V Manual Transmission only. BD-1057730:  $264.00 Optional Dash Switch for 1057732 and 1057731 BD-1057705:  $59.00

The BD Throttle Sensitivity Booster provides instant throttle response and reduced pedal lag for your Ram Turbo Diesel truck. You get adjustable sensitivity levels of +50% and +100% Modes. An optional dash switch is available that gives you multiple setting options compared to only two with the standard module.

Intercooler Hose Kits ‘10-‘13, 6.7L BD-1045217:  $311.00 ‘07.5-‘09, 6.7L BD-1045216:  $311.00 ‘03-‘07, 5.9L BD-1045215:  $253.00 ‘94-‘02, 5.9L BD-1045210:  $253.00


ROSTRA_250_2950:  $26.95

Blue Nomex Silicone intercooler hoses designed for 75 psi of turbo boost with spring-loaded clamps to hold them in place.

Hi-Torque Hose Clamps

2.75” BD-1405209:  $13.00 3.50” BD-1405212:  $13.00 3.00” BD-1405211:  $13.00 4.00” BD-1405213:  $13.00

These clamps are designed to be used where high boost levels require a hose clamp that can provide extra holding power.

Catalog good through October 2017 l Prices subject to change without notice.

Before the days of your truck having a module-for-this and a module-for-that, an owner would simply tie into an ignition “On” power source and power a relay to add additional circuits. With the Rostra SourcePWR you no longer have to poke and prod for the ignition on signal. The SourcePWR goes directly to the battery and it is triggered on and off (a smart logic circuit) by the voltage drop when you engage the starter. The SourcePWR can then be used to add a 7.5amp circuit to your truck.

Order 800-755-1715 or

l 13


Vibration Damper

The Cummins vibration dampers are OEM replacement and are not designed to be used in hi-performance applications. ‘13-‘17, 6.7L  5333569:  $375.00 ‘07.5-‘12, 6.7L  5285679:  $499.00 ‘03-‘07, 5.9L  3957297:  $385.00 ‘98.5-‘02, 24V  3918999:  $198.00 ‘94-‘98, 12V  3924435:  $215.00 ‘89-‘93, 12V  3916436:  $229.00 LEARN MORE: HARMONIC DAMPER

H TDR73, p44-51

Harmonic Dampers

When was the last time you thought about the crankshaft vibration damper on your Dodge Cummins Turbo Diesel? We will bet you did not know that your Owner’s Manual suggests that you inspect the damper every 30k, 60k, 90k, etc. miles. Get a reduction in noise, better idle quality, less clutch/gearbox chatter (manual trans), and less vibration when accelerating in the 2000rpm to 3000rpm speed zone.

(#960311 Includes Sensor Kit 300003)

‘03-‘09 SS3949769:  $715.00 ‘94-‘02 SS4089093:  $715.00

Pans are constructed out of heavy gauge 304 Stainless and laser cut for precision fit. Comes with gasket, hardware and drain plug. Manufacturer limited lifetime warranty.

‘07.5-‘17, 6.7L FLUID_920321:  $518.00 ‘03-‘07, 5.9L FLUID_920301:  $435.00 ‘98.5-‘02, 24V FLUID_960301:  $435.00 ‘94-‘98, 12V FLUID_960311:  $488.00

Sno Depot Stainless Steel Oil Pans, 5.9L & 6.7L

RAM 2500/3500 Battery CABLE KITS After having many requests for replacement battery cables (typically Mopar cost are over $400 a set), one of our customers suggested we call Vince at We called Vince. The short version of the story, Vince builds a great product. So much so that his custom cables (read one at a time with talk-time that takes away from build time) could takes days before they could be shipped. Ouch, when the batteries and starting system go bad, you need parts pronto. To eliminate the hassle of one at a time, Vince built us a quantity of cable sets. We stock them, he doesn’t have to answer the phone. His quality is unsurpassed. Vince has been making cable for heavy equipment and trucks for over 20 years. These Ram replacement cable kits are built from 2/0 (“two-aught”) cable for the starter and engine block grounds. After he crimps the heavy-duty copper terminals with a 12-ton hydraulic crimper, he seals the connection with adhesive lined heat shrink which helps prevent battery acid and acid fumes from corroding the cables. Cables are shipped with split loom, nuts and bolts with anti-corrosion plating and connectors and heat shrink to complete the splice. Battery terminal covers are also included. Here are the part numbers that you’ll need. ‘07.5-‘09, 6.7L BAT-DDG35KIT:  $275.00

‘98.5-‘02, 24V BAT-DDG25KIT:  $285.00

‘03-‘07, 5.9L BAT-DDG3KIT:  $285.00

‘94-‘98, 12V BAT-DDG2KIT:  $245.00

The battery cable kits include the following cables: • Negative to frame (2) • Positive to Positive crossover • Positive to starter

14 l Ram Turbo Diesel Parts & Accessories  #97




Oil Pan, ‘03-’09 DRM264470:  $215.95

This replacement oil pan is a low cost replacement for your Dodge Cummins truck that fits like OEM. Includes drain plug. • Stamped steel construction ensures long lasting durability • High strength coating prevents rust • Manufactured to strict engineering quality standards

Oil Pans and Gaskets,‘89-‘09 ‘03-‘09

All replacement oil pan drain plugs are 18MM. NOTE: Drain plugs are not included. For drain plug options see page 3.

‘03-‘09, 5.9L & 6.7L Oil Pan 3949769:  $456.00 Pan Gasket 3958165:  $38.95 Pick Up Tube Gasket 3949562:  $3.25

Drill Pin Kit, All Years FLUID_300002:  $45.00 (Adds extra pins between the damper and the crank. Used on high horsepower trucks that exceed 3500 rpm in order to additionally secure the damper to the crankshaft.)


‘94-‘02, 5.9L Oil Pan 4089093:  $118.00 Pan Gasket 4337616:  $18.95 Pick Up Tube Gasket 3938157:  $2.95

‘94-‘02 ‘89-‘93

‘89-‘93, 5.9L Oil Pan 3914403:  $480.00 Pan Gasket 4337616:  $18.95 Pick Up Tube Gasket 3938157:  $2.95


Mopar has discontinued its offering of cooling fans for the 1989 to 2002 Turbo Diesel trucks. Those looking for a replacement end up paying a hefty sum for a used one from a junkyard. This fan is similar to the fans used in the 2003 and newer Ram trucks. They have a metal hub with plastic blades. These have nine blades instead of seven like the original. The original fan was 22” in diameter and this new model is 20” which flows 39% more over the OEM fan. The fan blades are thicker than the original and come back closer to the engine. Therefore, the fan will not work with trucks with aftermarket harmonic dampers and other accessories protruding from the front of the engine without the use of the included spacer. Made in the U.S.A. and comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty.

Steel Fan Blade, ‘90-’02, 5.9L DRM620066: $109.95 NEW!

The fan blade on these trucks typically fails due to a crack at a fan blade. Dorman’s repair solution consolidates two different radiator fan blades into one unique part, for broader vehicle application coverage. The Dorman fan blade features thicker fan blades to reduce flexing. The Dorman fan blade represents a cost-effective solution to the problem.

Get Ram Cummins technical information at our website:

Catalog good through October 2017 l Prices subject to change without notice.


Order 800-755-1715 or



l 15



16 l Ram Turbo Diesel Parts & Accessories  #97


Get Ram Cummins technical information at our website:




* NOTE: A lot of early trucks have had the fuel level sending units replaced or updated in the past. We recommend removing the module and confirming which sending unit is installed before ordering.

Catalog good through October 2017 l Prices subject to change without notice.

Order 800-755-1715 or

l 17



18 l Ram Turbo Diesel Parts & Accessories  #97


Get Ram Cummins technical information at our website:




H TDBG, Vintage ‘94-‘04 Lock/Unlock


Catalog good through October 2017 l Prices subject to change without notice.

Order 800-755-1715 or

l 19







20 l Ram Turbo Diesel Parts & Accessories  #97

Get Ram Cummins technical information at our website:

Catalog good through October 2017 l Prices subject to change without notice.


Order 800-755-1715 or



l 21



22 l Ram Turbo Diesel Parts & Accessories  #97


Get Ram Cummins technical information at our website:




2014-2017 RAM 1500 ECODIESEL

Catalog good through October 2017 l Prices subject to change without notice.

Order 800-755-1715 or

l 23



80 GPH

Dodge Replacement Fuel Lift Pump (‘98.5-‘04.5) ‘98.5-‘02  FASS_DRP_02:  $249.85 ‘03-‘04.5  FASS_DRP_04:  $312.55

Includes: (6) banjo gaskets to make install easier. NOTE: The DRP is designed as a stock replacement pump. It will not meet the needs of hi-performance (over 300hp) applications.

The Dodge Replacement Pump (DRP) gives you the dependability of a FASS product without the cost of a complete system. An additional benefit is that fuel flow is increased by 33%. We’re excited to sell the FASS DRP product. Its availability allows us to offer several fuel transfer pump options to our customers. The DRP provides 80gph of fuel. The DRP-02 mounts in the stock location on the side of the engine. The DRP-04 relocates the pump to the side of the truck’s frame below the fuel cannister. The DRP kits come complete with all of the neccessary hardware for the relocation of the pump and instructions to make the installation straightforward. DRP fuel lift pumps are not compatible with waste vegetable oil (WVO) or biodiesel fuels. DRP pump comes with a 4-YEAR WARRANTY from FASS.

VULCAN DRAW STRAW AND THE DRP If the fuel transfer pump has been relocated to the in-tank design (per the Dodge Technical Service Bulletin recommendations), you will need to purchase the Draw Straw to bypass the in-tank module and provide your truck with a fuel pick up location. See page 20. FASS/VULCAN Relocation Bracket

Inline Fuel Filter Screen


FF5079:  $8.50

If you have relocated the existing fuel transfer pump (see our “Vulcan Relo Kit”) you will need a FASS/ VULCAN Relocation Bracket for use with the DRP.

This filter is required when using the DRP with the Vulcan Relo Kit. 3/8” inlets.

Download the ‘TDR Buyer’s Guide’ in the Technical Information section of our website for more details.  igh-Performance H Adjustable Fuel Pump ‘10-‘14 FASS-FA-D05-095G: $493.05

(1/2” Fuel Line Kit, 1/2” Suction Tube Kit, and Wiring Harness)

‘05-‘09 FASS-FA-D07-095G: $493.05

(1/2” Fuel Line Kit, 1/2” Suction Tube Kit, and Wiring Harness)

95 GPH

‘98.5-‘04.5 FASS-FA-D08-095G: $436.05 (1/2” Fuel Line Kit and Wiring Harness)

FASS High-Performance Fuel Pump for ‘98.5-‘04.5 trucks DOES NOT include a draw straw for the fuel tank.

The FASS High-Pressure fuel pump kit allows you to place the fuel transfer pump underneath the truck bed frame rail. The kit includes: • Fuel pump • Fuel line • Wiring harness • Installation hardware • Built-in fuel pressure regulator The HPFP fuel pump will support stock to 600 horsepower levels. Fuel pump comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY from FASS.

FASS Fuel Heater Kit FASS_HK1001:  $151.05

This kit works with FASS Titanium pumps.

FASS Fuel Systems now offer an optional Fuel Heater Kit for Ram Cummins owners who live in extremely cold climates. While the FASS fuel systems are built to start and operate in cold temperatures well below freezing, the FASS Fuel Heater Kit gives you the ability and peace of mind to heat the FASS System to help aid in starting.

FASS Suction Tube Kit (‘89-‘02 & ‘05-‘17) This suction tube kit is designed to help you bypass the in-tank pump. It also works well on older ‘89-‘02 Ram trucks with broken or rusted out fuel fittings. With the flexible straw design, you will not have issues with running out of fuel at 1/4 of a tank like kits with the hard suction tube. Kit works with 3/8” and 1/2” fuel lines.

FASS_STK_1003:  $94.05

95 GPH

Fuel Transfer Pump (‘94-‘98, 12V)  I PUMP_4988747:  $115.95 Includes gaskets and stud kit.

Lift Pump Primer Button Boot (‘94-‘98, 12V) LPB-1:  $7.99

 itanium Fuel Pump T and Double Filter

‘05-‘17 FASS-T-D07-095G:  $654.55 (1/2” Fittings, Fuel Line Kit, 1/2” Suction Tube Kit, Wiring Harness and Quick-Install Bolt-on Frame Mounting Bracket) ‘98.5-‘04.5 FASS-T-D08-095G:  $597.55 (1/2” Fittings, Fuel Line Kit and Wiring Harness and Quick-Install Bolt-on Mounting Bracket)

Many owners are concerned with fuel filtration and are wanting to add fuel filters that offer protection as fine as 3 microns. Finer filtration requires a higher capacity fuel transfer pump – a task that the factory transfer pump is not designed to do. This forces the concerned owner to source an aftermarket transfer pump and filter system. We’ve had great success with the FASS pump-only units, so it was a natural progression to add their pump and filter systems. The FASS fuel system offers a reliable high volume pump that provides a consistent flow of fuel (95 GPH) to your injection pump. Each kit comes with a 3 micron fuel filter and fuel/water separator. The FASS Fuel Pump and Filter will support horsepower levels from stock to 600 horsepower. Each kit comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY from FASS.

‘05-‘10, Electric In-Tank Fuel Pump For long bed trucks with 35 gallon fuel tank. *Not compatible with Cab/Chassis trucks.

PUMP-P76611M $199.95

‘05-‘09, Electric In-Tank Fuel Pump For short bed trucks with 34 gallon fuel tank. *Not compatible with Cab/Chassis trucks.

PUMP-P76148M $132.95

‘03-‘04, Electric Fuel Pump Mounts on the back of the fuel filter cannister.

PUMP-P76110 $119.95

‘98.5-‘04, Electric In-Tank Fuel Pump For trucks with in-tank fuel pump conversion. 34 or 35 gallon fuel tank.

PUMP-P76473M $170.95

‘89-‘93 12V, Mechanical Fuel Pump Diaphragm type. Includes gasket and stud kit.

PUMP-M73060 $39.95

*See page 5 for FASS replacement fuel filters and fuel/water separators.

24 l Ram Turbo Diesel Parts & Accessories  #97

Get Ram Cummins technical information at our website:

Lack of maintenance and poor fuel filtration can shorten injector life. If you have trouble with one, the other five will fail shortly thereafter. The labor for one is the same as the labor for six. The replacement parts decision involves serious money and repair time.


We offer these new and remanufactured injectors for 19892007 trucks. So now you have the best of both, a manufacturer and vendor you can rely on.


This kit enables owners of ‘98.5-‘02 trucks to relocate the engine’s problematic fuel transfer pump. The kit consists of a bracket; 3/8” diameter B-20 bio-diesel compatible fuel hose rated at 50 psi; electrical extension; and custom fittings. The benefits of relocation: the transfer pump is not subjected to continual engine vibration; the transfer pump is closer to the fuel tank and operates more like a pusher pump; and should the pump fail, the pump is now very easy to access.


‘04.5-‘07, 5.9L BSH-0986435505: $368.00


‘03-‘04, 5.9L BSH-0986435503: $368.00

NEW ‘98.5-‘02, 24V-RV (275HP) BSH-0432193635: $85.00 NEW

The optional ‘Big Line’ Kit with 1/2” fuel line is a high-performance version of the Standard Kit designed for use in high horsepower trucks. Detailed instructions are included which show you how to move the fuel transfer pump from the engine to the frame rail. NOTE: Fuel transfer pump is not included in Relocation Kit. Airtex brand fuel pumps available at your local parts store will work with these fuel transfer pump relocation kits. The Airtex fuel pump mounts horizontally rather than vertically like the OEM fuel pump. (see photo.) To mount the pump, simply flip the bracket so that the short tab is mounted to the frame.

2003 to 2007 injectors have a core charge of $200 each refundable upon return of the core. No core charge for 1989-2002 injectors.

‘98.5-‘99, 24V GG-FC98599: $172.95  V

Has your ‘98.5-‘99 Dodge Diesel developed a leak at either the top of the fuel filter housing or at the O-ring area of the fuel heater due to years of use and material fatigue?

The Fuel Filter Kit includes: • Replacement Fuel Filter Canister • Fuel Heater Connector • FS19855 Filter Installed • Hose Clamps

Banjo Bolt Gaskets Gates Fuel Hose • WIFS Connector • •

BSH-0432193581: $102.00

‘98.5-‘02, 24V (235HP)


Fuel Filter CANISTER Kit (‘98.5-‘99)

Have you tried to source a replacement kit from Chrysler or Cummins only to find it is no longer available or ridiculously priced?

‘00-‘02, 24V HO (245HP)

Manual Transmission BSH-0432193629: $102.00

‘98.5-‘02, 24V (235HP)


Automatic Transmission BSH-0432193630: $108.00

‘96-‘98 (215HP)


Manual Transmission BSH-0432133844: $104.00


Automatic Transmission BSH-0432133860: $104.00 and California only.


Manual Transmission BSH-0432133860: $104.00


Automatic Transmission BSH-0432133859: $104.00


with Intercooler BSH-0432133877: $104.00


without Intercooler BSH-0432133888: $104.00

‘96-‘98 (180HP) ‘94-‘95 (175HP)

‘94-‘95 (160HP) ‘91.5-‘93


Your old injector cores are required back. Whatever you do, stay with OEM Reman injectors and “get it right” the first time around rather than going with an aftermarket injector and having to do the job twice. Our website has the full story on injectors (See the “Perfect Collection,” pages 19-31), along with the how-to to save you the labor time (about six hours) should you wish to do the job yourself.


New and Remanufactured Fuel Injectors

Fuel Transfer Pump  Relocation Kits (‘98.5-‘02)

Crossover Tubes, Injector Seals & Gaskets




‘10-‘17 LT-67FUELCAP:  $80.95

Is your plastic fuel filter canister cap showing the signs of aging? You know, the rounded-off shoulders of the 28mm hex head. We’ve also seen the caps over-torqued and cracked.


CROSSOVER TUBE & INJECTOR SEALS CROSSOVER TUBES WITH O-RING ‘03-‘17, 5.9L & 6.7L  2872395:  $49.95 ‘98.5-‘02, 24V  3936953:  $39.95 CROSSOVER TUBE O-RING ‘03-‘17, 5.9L & 6.7L  4062328:  $1.95 ‘98.5-‘02, 24V  3867043:  $3.00 INJECTOR COPPER SEAL ‘03-‘17, 5.9L & 6.7L  3937142:  $3.15 ‘98.5-‘02, 24V  3906659:  $3.00 INJECTOR O-RING SEAL ‘03-‘17, 5.9L & 6.7L  4890926:  $13.95 ‘98.5-‘02, 24V  3029820:  $3.00

Here is a stylish and functional solution from the folks at Geno’s Garage. A blue anodized billet aluminum fuel cap that fits the 2010 and newer Ram 6.7-liter Cummins Turbo Diesel engines.

LED Low Fuel Pressure Indicator (‘98.5-‘07, 5.9L) BD-1081130:  $74.00

LED low fuel pressure indicator lights up when fuel pressure decreases to 5 psi. (Tapped Banjo Bolt and gaskets included.)

GASKETS & GROMMETS FUEL RETURN LINE GROMMET ‘98.5-‘02, 24V  3905351:  $9.95 ‘89-‘93, 12V  3905391:  $9.95 FUEL SUPPLY LINE GROMMET ‘89-‘93, 12V  3905391:  $9.95


INJECTOR RETURN BANJO BOLT ‘89-‘98, 12V 4942278:  $3.50 Horseshoe shaped gasket. 1 per injector.

Fuel Injector Install Kits for 5.9L and 6.7L Available Online.

Cummins Fuel Injector Lines (‘89-‘17) ‘89-‘91, 5.9L #1 Injector Line #2 Injector Line #3 Injector Line #4 Injector Line #5 Injector Line #6 Injector Line

‘91.5-‘93, 5.9L NEW!

‘94-‘98, 5.9L 12V

3909438 3903486 3903487 3903488 3903489 3903490

$49.95 $49.95 $49.95 $49.95 $49.95 $49.95

3920233 3920234 3920235 3920236 3920237 3920238

$62.95 $62.95 $62.95 $62.95 $62.95 $62.95

3925805 3925806 3925807 3925808 3925809 3925810

$95.00 $80.00 $95.00 $95.00 $95.00 $95.00

Fuel Injector Return Line 3909696


Fuel Injector Return Line 3909696


Fuel Injector Return Line 3926103


Catalog good through October 2017 l Prices subject to change without notice.

‘98.5-‘02, 5.9L 24V 3943765 3943767 3943769 3943771 3943773 3943775

‘03-‘07, 5.9L

‘07.5-‘17, 6.7L

$89.00 $89.00 $89.00 $89.00 $89.00 $89.00

3957081 4988810 4988809 5289447 4988807 4988806

$24.00 $31.00 $31.00 $34.95 $31.00 $38.95

4935981 4935982 4935982 4935974 4935974 4935976

$36.00 $36.00 $36.00 $36.00 $36.00 $36.00

You can find injector tools on page 52.

Fuel Rail Supply Line 3957079


Fuel Rail Supply Line 4935980


Order 800-755-1715 or

l 25




26 l Ram Turbo Diesel Parts & Accessories  #97

Get Ram Cummins technical information at our website:

B8 5100 Series


(For STOCK RIDE HEIGHT up to 2.25” lift.)

If you’re looking for suspension performance, the B6 4600 Series shock absorber is the best solution to improve your truck’s ride.

BILSTEIN B8 5100 series are designed specifically to help your lifted Dodge Ram truck, supplying the correct tuning and length for your specific lift. • Monotube gas pressure technology • Easy to install; direct bolt-on; no modification required • Multi-layer zinc finish is the most durable in the industry • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Monotube gas pressure construction • Improved ride and handling Added traction and enhanced stability Increased performance when hauling or towing. Limited Lifetime Warranty

‘14-‘17, 2500 2WD: $72.95 each FRONT BIL-24-269421 NEW! REAR  BIL-24-269439 NEW! ‘13-‘17, 3500 4WD: $84.95 each

‘13-‘17, 3500 4WD

(Excludes air leveling suspension - rear only.)

FRONT (2”-2.25” lift) BIL-24-251747: $89.95 each REAR (0-1” lift)  BIL-33-238555: $89.95 each

FRONT BIL-24-238526 REAR  BIL-24-238533

(Excludes air leveling suspension - rear only.)

‘14-‘17, 2500 4WD

‘13-‘17, 2500 4WD

(Excludes air leveling suspension - rear only.)

FRONT BIL-24-240390: $84.95 each REAR  BIL-24-239462: $80.95 each One Piece Aluminum Rod Guide & Seal Keeps dirt out and maintains a nearly friction-free surface for longer life.

(Excludes air leveling suspension - rear only.)

FRONT BIL-24-186070 REAR  BIL-24-186094 FRONT BIL-24-186070 REAR  BIL-24-186094

‘03-‘12, 2500/3500 2WD:  $79.95 each FRONT  BIL-24-186063 REAR  BIL-24-186087

Massive Self-Adjusting Digressive Piston Instantly reacts and adjusts for any condition...smooth road, rough road or no road. Provides maximum vehicle body motion control while maintaining superior comfort.

‘14-‘17, FRONT (2”-2.25” lift) BIL-24-251754: $89.95 each ‘14-‘17, REAR (0-1” lift)  BIL-24-239455: $89.95 each

‘13, 2500 4WD:  $79.95 each ‘03-‘12, 2500/3500 4WD:  $79.95 each

‘94-‘02, 2500/3500 4WD:  $72.95 each FRONT  BIL-24-185172 REAR  BIL-24-188036

‘13, FRONT (0-2.25” lift)  BIL-24-185776: $81.95 each ‘13, REAR (0-2” lift)  BIL-24-191203: $81.95 each Massive Self-Adjusting Digressive Piston Instantly reacts and adjusts for any condition... smooth road, rough road or no road. Provides maximum vehicle body motion control while maintaining superior comfort.

‘94-‘02, 2500/3500 2WD:  $72.95 each FRONT  BIL-24-184847 REAR  BIL-24-184854

‘89-‘93, W250/W350 4WD:  $79.95 each High Pressure Nitrogen Gas & “Floating” Dividing Piston Eliminates the possibility of oil foaming and performance loss.


B6 B8 B6 4600 Series

FRONT  BIL-33-248097 NEW!

‘89-‘93, W250/W350 4WD:  $79.95 each

High Pressure Nitrogen Gas and “Floating” Dividing Piston Eliminates the possibility of oil foaming and performance loss.

REAR  BIL-24-248105 NEW!

‘89-‘93, D250/D350 2WD:  $72.95 each FRONT  BIL-24-185165

‘89-‘93, D250/D350 2WD:  $79.95 each REAR  BIL-24-185158

‘03-‘12, 2500/3500 4WD

FRONT  BIL-24-185776: $81.95 each REAR (0-2” lift)  BIL-24-191203: $81.95 each

‘94-‘02, 2500/3500 4WD

FRONT  BIL-24-185776: $81.95 each REAR (0-1” lift)  BIL-24-185783: $81.95 each REAR (0-2” lift)  BIL-24-191203: $81.95 each

‘89-‘93, 2500/3500 4WD

FRONT  BIL-33-185590: $81.95 each REAR  BIL-33-185569: $81.95 each

RAM 1500 EcoDiesel B8 5100 Series (For STOCK RIDE HEIGHT up to 2.75” lift.)

‘09-‘16, 1500 4WD

RIDE HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE  (Excludes air leveling suspension.)

FRONT (0-2.75” lift)  BIL-24-187367: $105.95 each REAR  (0-1” lift)  BIL-24-187374: $84.95 each

“What is the difference between the 4600 Series and 5100 Series shocks?” The answer: other than the color, the 5100 Series shocks are for trucks that have up to a 2” lifted suspension and feature stiffer valving. Contrary to folklore, they are not designed for a specific Ram application.

B8 5160 Series Remote Reservoir ‘13, 2500 4WD:  $189.00 each ‘94-‘12, 2500/3500 4WD:  $189.00 each

B6 4600 Series RAM 1500 EcoDiesel (For STOCK RIDE HEIGHT.)

Monotube gas pressure technology • Easy to install; direct bolt-on; no modification required • Improved control and stability, precise handling, ultimate performance, and incredible comfort • BILSTEIN’s unique piston design offers greater sensitivity and superior vehicle control • Limited Lifetime Warranty

‘09-‘17, 1500 4WD

(Excludes air leveling suspension.)

FRONT BIL-24-187343: $96.95 each REAR  BIL-24-187350: $73.95 each

‘09-‘17, 1500 2WD

(Excludes air leveling suspension.)

FRONT BIL-24-187480: $84.95 each REAR  BIL-24-187510: $73.95 each

FRONT BIL-25-187595 REAR  BIL-25-187601 BLACK MOUNTING BRACKET BIL-11-176015:  $39.00

Each shock includes a reservoir mounting kit and detailed instructions. Mounting bracket sold separately. Bilstein has designed these Remote Reservoir shocks to easily install in the stock shock mounting location on Dodge Ram pickups—no cutting or welding required. They feature Bilstein’s industry leading monotube design with unique digressive valving system that instantly produces full damping capability. The remote reservoir dramatically increases shock oil capacity for greater heat dissipation and damping sensitivity. The reservoir mounting configuration is designed specifically for each vehicle application. The “floating’ dividing piston is located in the reservoir for increased wheel travel and more shaft movement. They look impressive as well, with Bilstein’s exclusive Triple-C Technology finish providing not only easy care but lasting great looks. Off-road use only. 90-day manufacturer warranty.

Catalog good through October 2017 l Prices subject to change without notice.

Order 800-755-1715 or

l 27


Sway Bar End Links sold as a pair.

Sway Bar END Links

Front Sway Bar End Links (‘00-‘09 2500/3500) BD-1032050: $115.00

Due to the heavy demands put on the ‘00-‘09 Dodge Ram 4WD 2500/3500 pick-ups, the front sway bar end links are prone to wearing or even breaking when the truck is lifted due to the stress of the axle dropping. BD’s Sway Bar End Links have a Dual Pivot Design that allows for greater amount of articulation and less stress. Long life urethane bushing design allows for greater flex without breaking and won’t seize due to the elements. NOTE: Designed for use on trucks with stock or up to a 3” lift.


Steering Box Stabilizer ‘14-‘15, 2500 4WD BD-1032008:  $195.00 ‘03-‘08, 4WD BD-1032005:  $195.00 ‘13-‘15, 3500 4WD BD-1032008:  $195.00 ‘94-‘02, 2WD BD-1032002:  $195.00 ‘09-‘12, 4WD  BD-1032006:  $195.00 ‘94-‘02, 4WD BD-1032004:  $195.00 ‘03-‘08, 4 WD with updated MOPAR 6-bolt steering box  BD-1032007:  $195.00 ‘03-‘08, 4 WD with Borgeson 6-bolt steering box (800123). Will not work with MOPAR steering boxes  BD-1032009:  $195.00

BD’s Steering Box Stabilizer (SBS) eliminates steering wander and wobble caused by excessive shaft play in the steering box of latemodel Dodge trucks. Designed for easy, bolt-in installation (about one hour). The SBS virtually eliminates frame flex at the steering box mounting point, resulting in more positive steering feel. The BD SBS is black powder coated for corrosion resistance and features a greasable, high-quality bearing for reliable operation.

Manufacturer lifetime warranty on the steel axle pin.

Replacement Heavy-Duty Front Sway Bar End Links ‘06-‘12

TWD-2535_06FLI: $92.00

‘94-‘02, 4WD BD-1032011: $565.00

Luke’s Link Trackbar & Tie-Rod End Rebuild Kit (‘94-‘02, 4WD only)



Control Arm Bump Stop, 2WD (‘03-‘13, 2500/3500)

Adjustable Track Bar Kits (‘94-‘12) With the OEM ball joint design on ‘94-‘12 trucks, frequent maintenance is required to prevent side-to-side movement of the front axle which can cause wear, hammering, wandering and the dreaded “Death Wobble.” BD’s Track Bar is a good solution for steering stability and is a great complement to BD’s Steering Box Stabilizer. Plus, it is adjustable to accomodate up to 3”-4” lifts.

REAR ‘07-‘12, 2WD & 4WD

The sway bar end link kit contains: • Two link pin axle studs manufactured from heat treated 4140 alloy steel • Four high-performance urethane bushings • Two vertical bolts sleeves • Sway bar end link bushings • All fasteners

Heim joint design for added strength • Adjustable from stock length to 3” lift • Simplified design for easy adjustment • Made in the USA

52113300AB:  $32.00

Eliminate suspension “crash” by replacing worn out bump stops with a set of OEM bump stops. Sold individually.

Luke’s Link Replacement Trackbar Bushings ‘03-‘07 - RED BUSHINGS



NOTE: Fits 2007 trucks built prior to 3/18/2007.

Use Luke’s Link’s heavy-duty kit to rebuild ‘94-‘02 trackbars and tie-rod ends to better than new. The installation of this kit should last the life of the truck. It is greaseable and adjustable if it ever comes loose. Luke’s Link will also rebuild any of the four tie-rod ends.


Factory hardware is reused to install the bushings.


LUKESLINK_BUSHING_IND:  $18.00 ‘94-‘02

NOTE: Does not work on trucks with MOOG track bars. Will not fit over 2-1/16” diameter bar.

28 l Ram Turbo Diesel Parts & Accessories  #97

‘03-‘05, 4WD

These links are self aligning and constantly preloaded, maintenance free, and impervious to salt and debris. MAXX Links replace the wear-prone stabilizer link completely.

‘03-‘12, 4WD BD-1032013: $385.00


FRONT - TRUCKS WITH LIFT KITS (up to 3” lift) ‘13-‘17, 3500 4WD & ‘14-‘17, 2500 4WD SMX-1315L: $116.57 (Newer style chassis.) ‘06-‘17, 1500 4WD (non-Mega Cab) SMX-1300L: $134.55 ‘11-‘12, 2500/3500 4WD & ‘13, 2500  SMX-1311L: $89.55 ‘06-‘10, 4WD including 1500 Mega Cab SMX-1227L: $85.05 ‘03-‘05, 4WD SMX-1226L: $85.05 ‘00-‘02, 4WD SMX-1225L: $80.55 April ‘95-‘99, 4WD SMX-1224L: $85.05 REAR - STANDARD HEIGHT TRUCKS ‘07-‘12, 2WD & 4WD 4500 SMX-7382: $152.55 ‘94-‘02, 4WD w/Factory Sway Bar  SMX-7371: $134.96



FRONT - STANDARD HEIGHT TRUCKS ‘13-‘17, 3500 4WD & ‘14-‘17, 2500 SMX-1315: $116.23 (Newer style chassis.) ‘06-‘17, 1500 4WD (non-Mega Cab) SMX-1300: $125.55 ‘03-‘12, 2500/3500 2WD w/IFS  SMX-1229: $125.55 ‘11-‘12, 2500/3500 4WD & ‘13, 2500 SMX-1311: $85.05 ‘06-‘10, 4WD including 1500 Mega Cab SMX-1227: $85.05 ‘03-‘05, 4WD SMX-1226: $80.55 ‘00-‘02, 4WD SMX-1225: $85.05 April ‘95-‘99, 4WD SMX-1224: $85.05 ‘94-March ‘95, 4WD SMX-1222: $85.05

(Only 1 bushing required.)

One of the weakest points on the ‘94-‘07 Ram 4WD truck suspension is the trackbar and tie rod ends. Install these polyurethane bushings to tighten up the bar-to-frame connection.

Get Ram Cummins technical information at our website:


Front Manual Locking Hub Conversions

‘13-‘17, Ram 3500, ‘14-‘17, Ram 2500 ‘09-‘17 Ram 1500 BD-1030705:  $148.00

3500 DRW TRUCKS ‘12-‘16 SAST-D1215DRW:  $1750.00 ‘10-‘11 SAST-D1011DRW:  $1750.00 ‘09 SAST-D09DRW:  $1750.00 ‘00-‘08 SAST-D0008DRW:  $1750.00

‘94-‘01, Ram 2500/3500 BD-1030703:  $148.00

This kit is designed to allow the truck owner to manually disable the front wheel drive mechanism by holding the hubs free (2WD) mode with the transfer case in 4WD-Low range. With this BD kit installed, the front wheels will NOT be driven through the transfer case.

2500/3500 SRW TRUCKS ‘12-‘16 SAST-D1215:  $1550.00 ‘10-‘11 SAST-D1011:  $1550.00 ‘09 SAST-D09:  $1550.00 ‘00-‘08 SAST-D0008:  $1550.00 ‘94-‘99 SAST-D9499:  $1550.00 (no ABS)


NOTE: ‘13-‘16 2500/3500 SRW truck (Bighorn or Longhorn) hub conversion will not work on trucks with OEM aluminum wheels with small Ram center cap without modifying the wheels. They need a minimum clearance of 4.224”.

With greater frequency we have listened as customers would ask for manual locking front hubs. Front End Control Arm Bushing Set, 4WD ‘03-‘09, 2500/3500 ES_53142G:  $106.60

(To check proper fit, see website for dimensions.) *NOTE: ‘99-‘02 model trucks can use either 5.3131G or

5.3120G kits. It depends on the diameter of the bottom mounting bolt. If the bottom mounting bolt is 9/16” you will need 5.3120G. If the bolt is 5/8” you will need the 5.3131G kit.

‘99-‘02, 2500/3500* ES_53131G:  $91.95 ‘99-‘02, 2500/3500* ‘94-‘99, 2500/3500 ES_53120G:  $88.95

In recent Turbo Diesel Register magazines there have been articles on these products (Issue 82 and Issue 62) that discussed the pros and cons of this accessory, the primary benefit being reduced wear on the front drivetrain: the axle shafts and corresponding differential gearing are disengaged. Other benefits: fuel economy thanks to the elimination of 150-pounds of rotating mass, universal joint wear is all but eliminated and a user-serviceable set of wheel bearings.


2-Low Transfer Case Kit

We’re thrilled to offer you the SpynTec designed front manual hubs.

Front Axle Universal Joints

MOPAR ‘10-‘16, Ram 2500/3500 MOP-68065428AC:  $95.95

Leaf Spring Bushing Set, 4WD

NOTE: Does not include frame shackle bushings. NOTE: For 1” eye only.

REAR ‘03-‘09, 2500/3500 ES_52118G:  $92.57 REAR ‘94-‘02, 2500/3500 ES_52119G:  $65.45 FRONT/REAR ‘89-‘93, 2500/3500 ES_52102G:  $27.95

‘94-‘17, 2500/3500 ES_8084G:  $1.50

RAM 2500 (‘13, 4WD) RAM 2500/3500, Cab & Chassis (‘08-‘12, 4WD) BIL-33-170794:  $80.95

NOTE: Measure sway bar diameter before ordering. Bushings not available for all sizes. **NOTE: R  eplacement metal brackets and washers not included with 34mm kit. You must re-use OEM brackets and washers. *NOTE: End link bushings not included with 33mm kit. Sold separately.

NOTE: If the Mopar steering upgrade has been performed, you will need the ‘08-‘13 steering damper.

‘03-‘05, 2WD & 4WD Regular Cab ES_54116G:  $189.59 ‘03-‘05, 2WD & 4WD Quad Cab ES_54115G:  $254.95 ‘94-‘02, 2WD & 4WD Regular Cab ES_54107G:  $88.95 ‘94-‘02, 2WD & 4WD Quad or Extended Cab ES_54109G:  $116.95

NOTE: These are not replacement motor mounts.

RAM 2500/3500, Cab & Chassis (‘03-‘07, 4WD) BIL-24-164870:  $89.95

Help dampen steering vibrations and restore the steering control in your Dodge Ram truck.

Cab Mount Bushing Set

Motor mount inserts sold in Black only.

Steering Dampers

Sold individually.

‘94-‘12 (34MM)  ES_55159G: $20.95** ‘94-‘12 (33MM)  ES_95186G: $20.95* ‘94-‘12 (32MM)  ES_55126G: $22.95 ‘94-‘12 (30MM)  ES_55127G: $22.95

‘98.5-‘02, 24V ES-51116G:  $38.13 ‘94-‘98, 12V ES-51114G:  $49.95

SPICER ‘94-‘02, Ram 2500/3500 SAST-UJSPL55-3X:  $55.90

Sway Bar End Link Bushing

Sway Bar Frame Bushings

Motor Mount Inserts

SPICER ‘03-‘09, Ram 2500/3500 SAST-UJ5006813:  $62.00

HEAVY-DUTY 4WD Steering Dampers (‘00-‘17) REAR ‘13-‘17

FRONT Axle Bump Stops, 4WD ‘03-‘09, 2500/3500 (FRONT) ES-59105G: $25.95 ‘03-‘09, 2500/3500 (REAR) ES-59104G: $66.95



Catalog good through October 2017 l Prices subject to change without notice.

‘14-‘17, RAM 2500 ‘13-‘17, RAM 3500, Cab & Chassis MOP-68232449AC:  $149.95 ‘13, RAM 2500 ‘08-‘12, RAM 2500/3500, Cab & Chassis MOP-5154661AB:  $109.95 ‘03-‘07, RAM 2500/3500, Cab & Chassis MOP-52106909AE:  $85.95 ‘00-‘02, RAM 2500/3500 MOP-52106909AC:  $81.95 NOTE: If the Mopar steering upgrade has been performed, you will need the ‘08-‘13 steering damper.

Order 800-755-1715 or

l 29


Power Brake Bleeder Kits & Accessories

Brake Pads SUPER-DUTY (‘14-‘17) 2500/3500 (‘14-‘17) 2500/3500 (‘09-‘13) 2500/3500 (‘09-‘13) 2500/3500 (‘03-‘08) 2500/3500 (‘03-‘08) 2500/3500 (‘01.5-‘02) 2500/3500 (‘94-‘99) 2500 (‘94-‘99) 3500 (‘94-‘99) 2500/3500 HEAVY-DUTY (‘00-‘02) 2500/3500

FRONT HB-633790P: $119.00 REAR HB-634750P:  $119.00 FRONT HB-633790P: $119.00 REAR HB-634750P:  $119.00 FRONT HB-552722P: $86.00 REAR HB-299650P:  $98.00 REAR HB-299650P:  $98.00 FRONT HB-296670P: $81.00 FRONT HB-298787P: $85.95 REAR Not available.

LEARN MORE: TYPES OF BRAKE PADS downloads/TechPDF/ TDR51_BrakePadSpottersGuide.pdf

Brake Bleeder Kit (Round 3-tab Twist Reservoir Cap)

H TDR43, p14-17

MP-0113:  $67.46

Brake Bleeder Kit (Rectangular/Oblong Reservoir Cap)

Kit includes: 2qt capacity tank and tubing for bleeder valve.

Kit includes: 2qt capacity tank, metal rectangular adapter plate, machined billet aluminum adapter cap and clamping hardware.

MP-0105:  $67.46

EXTRA ADAPTERS Metal Rectangular Adapter Plate

FRONT HB-487.733F: $83.95*

Brake pad compounds are a compromise. If you choose the HAWK Super-Duty pad (suffix “P”) you can expect a higher operating temperature and less fade than stock brake pads. They will also have a higher initial “bite” than the stock pad. The trade-off: moderate dust and moderate noise as compared to the stock pad which is low dust and low noise. Hawk advises that SuperDuty brake pad wear is comparable to the street brake pad. *The HB-487.733F brake pad listed for the ‘00-‘02 trucks is only available in “F” compound which is Hawk’s designation for Street. This compound is much like a stock Mopar pad.

Aluminum Adapter

For older style rectangular reservoir. Includes clamping hardware.

Round aluminum adapter for Chrysler Ram trucks.

MP-1105:  $34.16

MP-1113:  $34.16

ACCESSORIES 16oz. Catch Bottle

Kit includes: 16oz. catch bottle with tubing to attach to bleeder valves.

MP-1810:  $12.56

High-Flow Power Steering Pump (‘94-‘02) BORG-800328:  $185.25

Second Generation truck owners take note: Are you looking for a power steering pump that gives better performance than the OEM unit at a lower price? The Borgeson power steering pump is a direct replacement for ‘94-‘02 Dodge Turbo Diesel 2500 and 3500 trucks. Pump output pressure/flow is increased from 1,450 psi to 1,550 psi and from 3.5 gpm to 4.5 gpm.

Brake Pads H TDR43, p14-17

Our local Dodge dealer introduced the MOPAR brake pads to us, and we believe they are a great value. If you are happy with the OEM brake pads on your truck, you will be happy with these. FRONT DISC BRAKE PADS (‘09-‘17) 2500/3500 BRAKE-2AMV1148AA:  $65.95 (‘09-‘16) 1500 BRAKE-2AMV1350AB:  $65.95 (‘07.5-‘09) 4500/5500 BRAKE-68034093AA:  $206.95 (‘03-‘08) 2500/3500 BRAKE-2AMV1267AA:  $66.95

(‘00-‘02) 2500/3500 BRAKE-2AMV1254AA:  $66.95 (‘94-‘99) 2500 BRAKE-V1012364AB:  $66.95 (‘94-‘99) 3500 BRAKE-V1016279AB:  $66.95 (‘89-‘93) 2500/3500 BRAKE-V1011777AB:  $66.95

When replacing the power steering pump, steering box or hoses, it is mandatory to flush the power steering system and to bleed the system. Failure to do so will result in damage to these parts and void the manufacturer warranty. Instructions on how to bleed the power steering system are included.

Power Steering Hose Kits

REAR DISC BRAKE PADS (‘09-‘16) 2500/3500 BRAKE-2AMV2158AB:  $79.95 (‘01.5-‘08) 2500/3500 BRAKE-2AMV2257AA:  $66.95

(‘09-‘16) 1500 BRAKE-2AMV2563AA:  $65.95

DOT 5.1 Hi-Performance Brake Fluid 

DOT 5.1 fluid provides a high boiling point and relatively stable viscosity over a wide range of temperatures.

An OEM-style rubber hose kit for ‘94-‘02 Dodge ram trucks. If you are installing a new power steering pump it is a good idea to replace the power steering hoses to avoid contamination of the new pump. Kits include pressure and return hoses all clamps.

AP_DOT_5.1 (500 ml/17 oz.):  $12.25

It is also compatible with DOT 3 or 4 fluid and can be mixed without concern. We recommend two bottles to fill your truck’s brake system.

30 l Ram Turbo Diesel Parts & Accessories  #97

1997-2002 Hydro-Boost Brakes BORG-925117:  $99.75

1994-1996 Vacuum Brakes BORG-925116:  $61.75

Get Ram Cummins technical information at our website:

Download the ‘TDR Buyer’s Guide’ in the Technical Information section of our website for more details. DIRECT REPLACEMENT TRACKBAR (‘94-‘02) RP28444:  $379.00

Rare Parts Inc manufactures this direct replacement, adjustable heavy duty track bar for Dodge Ram trucks.

 Steering Box Stabilizer (‘94-‘12) ‘09-‘12, 4WD 2500/3500 PPM-8559-04:  $170.00

‘03-‘08, 4WD 2500/3500 PPM-8558-04:  $170.00

‘94-‘02, 4WD 2500/3500 PPM-8557-04:  $170.00

Ties frame horns together to help eliminate steering box “wander.” Bolt-in.

Pregreased with synthetic lubricant.

Direct bolt-on. No conversion brackets to install.

It features: • 1.25” full ball stud • 5x bigger housing Made in USA. • 47% increased wear surface • 13.36 degrees increased stud swing and twice the strength of OEM. • Adjustable to center the axle.

REPLACEMENT TRACKBAR BUSHING (‘08-‘12) RP22442:  $17.95 each

Fits like OEM. 2 required. Sold individually.

Steering Box (‘94-‘02, 4WD)

Adjustable Track Bar Kit (‘03-‘12)

PSC_SG850: $695.00

4WD 2500/3500  PPM-8550-01:  $300.00 • Bent to clear most aftermarket differential covers • Made from high quality 1-3/8” 1045 solid tubing • Allows centering of front axle when running a suspension lift • FK Bearing heavy duty heat treated 7/8” chromoly rod end at axle end • Synergy Suspension double adjuster sleeve & pinch bolt assembly allows for adjustment of track bar length without removing control arm mounting bolt • 100% bolt-on components assures a trouble free installation with the use of basic hand tools

NOTE: Does not work with aftermarket steering box braces.

The second generation Dodge 2500/3500 4WD truck steering gears have always had failures to the lower sector shaft bearing and seals due to the single bearing design. PSC now offers a brand new extreme duty gear box replacement that offers a 45MM bearing and sector shaft to eliminate any side to side flex. The PSC Dodge XD steering gear features a 13:1 ratio for easier parking and less turns lock to lock along with a modern variable valve for stable highway driving and effortless maneuvering. The factory pitman arm can be reused.



Mounting spacers and steering shaft adapter included.

Track Bar Conversion Kit (‘94-‘02)

4WD 2500/3500  PPM-TBCK-0002:  $475.00

*Pinch bolt on track bar faces up. • Eliminates the weak link in the otherwise stout 4x4 Ram chassis which has been plagued for years due to its poor track-bar design • Converts the stock ball-joint style TB to the newer ‘03-current bushing style track-bar • Compatible on trucks with -1” lift to +3” of lift • Tightens up steering and suspension feel and helps eliminate dreaded “Death Wobble” • Includes all hardware for a bolt-on installation

‘79-‘93 w/U-joints

NEW Steering Box (‘03-‘08, 4WD) ‘03-‘08 (6 BOLT) BORG-800123:  $659.99

NOTE: Does not work with aftermarket steering box braces.

Borgeson has sourced and adapted a brand new Delphi 684 series power steering box for the ‘03-‘08 Ram trucks. The Borgeson/Delphi 684 series “Dodge Box” offers the largest piston diameter for the most available power assist and a modern variable valve for stable highway driving.


3-year manufacturer warranty.

Fits all OEM and dropped pitman arms. Uses OEM pitman arm. APPLICATION

‘95-‘02 ‘79-‘93 w/Rag Joint Flange

Steering Shafts

Depending on usage, the Dodge steering coupler can show signs of wear in as little as 50,000 miles. This wear, which causes play in the truck’s steering, is even more noticeable if your truck is used for plowing, towing or if oversized tires have been installed. Replacing the worn steering shaft with another OEM shaft only gives you a temporary fix. Borgeson has replacement steering shaft assemblies with precision needle bearing u-joints available for ‘79-‘09 Dodge trucks.

Catalog good through October 2017 l Prices subject to change without notice.

Order 800-755-1715 or

l 31


Increased fluid and cooling capacity

We include a transmission filter with your purchase.

Cast of 356T6 Aluminum and black powercoated

Magnetic drain plug

We include a transmission filter with your purchase of a pan.


‘Double Deep’ Transmission Pan (‘89-‘07, 5.9L)


Deep TranSMISSION Pan (‘89-‘07)

‘98-‘07 MH-727DD-9803:  $280.25 ‘89-‘97 MH-727DD-9497:  $280.25

MH-727-9497:  $247.00 MH-727-9803:  $247.00 NOTE: Also fits ‘03-‘07 HD 48RE transmission.

Use the Mag-Hytec Deep Pan to add capacity to your stock 727, 518, 47RE or 48RE automatic transmission. The pan for years ‘94-‘97 will increase the lube capacity by 1.5 quarts. The pan will not increase the capacity of the ‘98 and up model 47RE transmissions as Dodge enlarged the factory pan. The Mag-Hytec Deep Pan has a magnetic drain plug, pre-drilled 1/8 NPT fitting for a temperature sensor, transmission gasket, and mounting hardware.

Fast Coolers-Pair, ‘89-‘05 NV4500 & NV5600 FC-2FC300:  $169.00 Fast Cooler-Single, ‘94-‘05 NV4500 & NV5600 FC-1FC300:  $89.00 G56 Adapter Kit, ‘05-‘17 FC-G56-ADAPTER:  $28.00 G56 Single Side Adapter Kit, ‘05-‘17 FC-1G56:  $15.00 Filter Kit, ‘89-‘17 FC-FILTERKIT:  $39.00 Filter Kit Replacement Filter, ‘89-‘17 FC-REPFILT:  $12.00

Check for possible clearance problems with a larger aftermarket exhaust system before ordering. You will need a minimum of 3 inches of clearance from the base of the PTO mounting surface.

Looking for a way to dissipate heat from your 5-speed or 6-speed manual transmission? The answer is the Fast Cooler! Made from extruded aluminum, the finned coolers also add gearbox fluid capacity by two quarts (one quart per side). The coolers also have a 1/4 NPT fitting to allow the owner to easily add a transmission temperature sending sensor. • Fast Coolers ship with sealant, hardware, and instructions. • Uses stock PTO covers on end of tubes. • For use with stock exhaust systems.

Cover with Sight Glass


Check the fluid level with a quick glance.

32 l Ram Turbo Diesel Parts & Accessories  #97

Fits the stock 727, 518, 47RE or 48RE automatic transmission. The “Double Deep” pan has all the same features as the Deep Pan; magnetic drain plug, pre-drilled 1/8 NPT fitting for a temperature sensor, transmission gasket, and mounting hardware. In addition, with the “Double Deep” pan, the inside depth of the pan is increased from 3” to 5-1/4”, which adds another four quarts of fluid capacity to the system. The kit includes spacer hardware to relocate the transmission filter deep into the sump. The “Double Deep” pan is still tucked 1/2” above the truck’s center frame cross-member.

Xtruded Double-Stack Transmission Oil Cooler 1/2” Lines (‘89-‘17)

BD-1030606-DS-12:  $606.00

Hot transmission fluid temperatures must be kept under control to keep from damaging your transmission. BD double-stacked their proven Xtruded Trans Oil cores to deliver over 40,000 BTU/HR of cooling and over 350% temperature drop versus the factory system.

Transmission Valve Body Electronics Upgrade Kit (‘00-‘07, 5.9L) BD-1060605:  $195.00

A leading cause of faults with the 47RE/48RE transmission is the failed plastic governor pressure transducer. The BD kit replaces this with a durable metal unit, includes an electronic adapter to prevent over pressure codes and has a built-in temperature sensor for reliability.

Get Ram Cummins technical information at our website:

‘89-‘07 9393

‘07.5-‘12 10304   transmission pans STANDARD TRANSMISSION PANS

68RFE TranSMISSION Pan (‘07.5-‘17, 6.7L) MH-68RFE-A:  $294.50

Mag-Hytec’s high-capacity deep sump for the 68RFE transmission provides for an additional 3 qts. of fluid for maximum cooling from its finned aircraft aluminum construction. A 1/8 NPT temperature sender port lets you add a temperature gauge to keep tabs on fluid temperatures during heavy-duty use or long tows. When it is time for a fluid change, a magnetic drain plug makes draining the fluid easy and lets you see if there are any contamininants in the fluid.

‘13-‘17, 6.7L 3500/4500/5500 Aisin AS69RC (+3qt to 4qt. w/4WD & 2WD) PML11142:  $345.00

‘07.5-‘12, 6.7L Chassis Cab only. Aisin AS68RC PML11139:  $395.00

‘07.5-‘17, 6.7L 68RFE (+2.5qt. w/4WD; +3qt. w/2WD)

‘89-‘07, 5.9L (47RE or 48RE) PML9393  $220.00

(Will not work in trucks equipped with Aisin transmission.)

PML10304:  $245.00

EXTRA-DEEP TRANSMISSION PAN ‘07-‘12, 6.7L 68RFE (+4qt. w/4WD; +4.5qt. w/2WD)


Cast of 356T6 Aluminum and black powercoated

(Will not work in ‘13-‘17 trucks equipped with Aisin transmission.)

PML11039:  $244.95 NOTE: PML pans are designed to work with the OEM reusable gasket. Depending upon the number of times you have already changed the fluid, it may require the purchase of a new transmission pan gasket.

Freddie Frugal includes a replacement sump filter with the purchase of the 68RFE pan. The customer is responsible for the Mopar 5179267 spin-on filter (page 5).

The cast aluminum PML pans feature a magnetic drain plug and 1/4” fins for cooling. The pans have a flat area where you can drill and tap for a 1/8 NPT to 1/2 NPT transmission temperature sender.



TC48REAC: $98.95

‘05-‘17, G56 TRANSCOOL_2:  $239.95 ‘94-‘05, NV4500/NV5600 TRANSCOOL_3:  $239.95 ‘89-‘93, Getrag 360 TRANSCOOL_1:  $239.95

4WD transfer case housings on trucks with 48RE transmissions often crack and this is typically due to the lack of support of the heavy transfer case. This kit has been designed to solve this problem and is easy to install. A specially designed steel bracket installs in place of the lower two bolts (longer bolts supplied), and includes the common universal mount.


‘05-‘17, G56 TRANSCOOL_SGL_2:  $126.95 ‘94-‘05, NV4500/NV5600 TRANSCOOL_SGL_3:  $126.95 ‘89-‘93, Getrag 360 TRANSCOOL_SGL_1:  $126.95

NOTE: Must have factory skid plate installed to work.

Specify truck year and transmission when ordering.

Automatic Transmission  Pressure SENSOR Transducer (‘00-‘07)

This sensor provides feedback to your truck’s PCM/TCM used in shifting. For trucks with the 47RE and 48RE transmissions. 47RE & 48RE DRM601016: $54.00

Automatic Transmission  OUTPUT SPEED SENSOR (‘94-‘07)

Restores peak transmission function. Plus, your speedometer, cruise control, power steering and other systems that rely on the TSS return to maximum performance levels.

The TRANS-COOL cooling system is designed to transmit heat from the inner surfaces to the air-cooled outer fins which helps dissipate heat from the transmission. The coolers add an additional quart of trans fluid to the gearbox. Depending on the TRANS-COOL kit, it includes: aluminum cooler(s); PTO gasket(s); twelve or six PTO bolts and washers; and 1/8 NPT temperature gauge ports with plugs. Check for possible clearance problems with a larger aftermarket exhaust system before ordering. You will need a minimum of 4 inches of clearance from the base of the PTO mounting surface.

DRM917602: $12.95

Catalog good through October 2017 l Prices subject to change without notice.

Order 800-755-1715 or

l 33


Geno’s Garage


American Axle 14-11.5 Gear Cover with Sight Glass (‘03-‘13) ‘03-‘12, 2500/3500 ‘13, 2500 MH-AAGC:  $279.00

NOTE: This cover will not work with newer 11.8” rear end.

The obvious feature of the American Axle Gear Cover (AAGC) differential cover is the sight glass to check the fluid level and fluid condition at a glance. Since it is a Mag-Hytec unit it H TDR71, p114 has magnets at the fill and drain plugs as well as a 1/8 NPT fitting on top of the cover next to the magnetic fill plug for you to install a temperature sensor. And, just like the other Mag-Hytec differential covers, it uses a rubber o-ring seal that is cast into the mating surface of the cover. The fluid capacity is increased from the stock cover’s 7.6 pints to almost double at 16 pints. DIFFERENTIAL COVER APPLICATIONS Dana 60


Stock Capacity

Mag-Hytec Capacity

Front Diff Covers

9.25 (‘14-‘17, 2500 & 13-‘17, 3500) MH-AA12-925:  $295.00 Increases capacity from 2.5 quarts to 4.5 quarts. 9.25 (‘03-‘09) MH-AA14-925: $280.25 Increases capacity from 2.5 quarts to 4.5 quarts. NOTE: Effective July 2012, Mag-Hytec redesigned the cover to alleviate interference with the trackbar and steering damper. However, it is possible that modifications will have to be made to the U-bolt bracket or to the cover itself for clearance issues. It is important to pay very close attention to detail during installation. Once the cover has been installed or modified to work it cannot be returned.

Dana 70

Dana 80

Dana 60 (‘94-‘02) MH-DA60: $270.75 Increases capacity from 3.5 to 4.5 quarts. Dana 60 w/Vented Cover (‘94-‘02)  MH-DA60-VENT:  $270.75 (Only Fits ‘02 Trucks with Vented Cover)

AA10.5 AA11.5

CAUTION: Installation of cover is just a bit more involved than for Mag-Hytec rear differential covers. You need to pop the driver’s side tie-rod end loose from the steering knuckle to give clearance between the ring gear and the steering rod.


Mag-Hytec front differential covers increase the fluid capacity over the stock cover. They are a perfect match in appearance and function to the rear differential covers. Perhaps the most important feature for off-road use of your four wheel drive Dodge Ram is the angled ramp on the bottom half of the cover instead of a flat mounting flange. The purpose for this ramp is that if you hit a rock or other obstruction on the trail, the differential will tend to ride up and over it instead of smashing the cover into the gears.

‘13-‘16, Ram 1500 9518

‘03-‘12, 9.25 11118

‘14-‘17, 14 bolt 11147

DIFFERENTIAL COVERS ‘13-‘17, 3500 & ‘14+, 2500 AAM 12-9.25 -12 Bolt Front Diff Cover (+.50qt.) PML11136:  $195.00 ‘03-‘12, 3500 & ‘03-‘13, 2500 AAM 14-9.25 Low Profile -14 Bolt Front Diff Cover (+.50qt.) PML11118:  $195.00 ‘03-‘13, 2500 & ‘03-‘16 3500 AAM 11.5 - 14 Bolt Rear Diff Cover (+.75qt.) PML10361:  $195.00 AAM 10.5 - 14 Bolt Rear Diff Cover (+.80qt.) PML10302:  $195.00

‘14-‘17, 2500 AAM 11.5 -14 Bolt Front Diff Cover (+.50qt.) PML11147:  $195.00 ‘94-‘02 Dana 80 - 10 Bolt Rear Diff Cover (+.75qt.) PML9520:  $195.00

1/8 NPT temperature sending unit fitting Increased lubricant and cooling capacity

‘94-‘02 Dana 70 - 10 Bolt Rear Diff Cover (+.80qt.) PML9426:  $195.00 ‘09-‘16 Ram 1500 - 12 Bolt Rear Diff Cover (+.80qt.) PML9518:  $195.00

NOTE: PML pans are designed to work with the OEM reusable gasket. Depending upon the number of times you have already changed the fluid, it may require the purchase of a new differential cover gasket.

The PML differential covers feature a low profile for clearance and oil fill/level check and drain holes to make it easy to follow the 15K oil change interval. Extra capacity, fins, and aluminum construction aid in heat dissipation to keep fluid cool. DIFFERENTIAL COVER AND TRANSMISSION GASKETS

Rear Differential Covers

Lubricant reference plug

‘94-‘02 Dana 70 (6 qt.) MH-DA70: $247.00 ‘94-‘02 Dana 80 (8 qt.) MH-DA80: $251.75 ‘03, 10.5 American Axle (6 qt.) MH-AA10-5: $280.25 ‘14-‘17, 2500 11.5 American Axle (8 qt.)  MH-AA11-5CS:  $280.25 For trucks with coil springs.

‘03-‘12, 2500/3500 ‘13-‘17, 3500 without rear sway bar ‘13 2500, 11.5 American Axle (8 qt.)  MH-AA11-5:  $280.25 NOTE: DANA 80/2WD APPLICATIONS When ordering, please let us know if you have a two-wheel drive truck with a Dana 80 and a factory-installed sway bar or Hellwig sway bar so that a sway bar relocation kit can be included with your rear differential cover.

Universal Replacement Drain Plug

EcoDiesel Transmission Pan, Gasket, Filter and Drain Plug Kit  (‘14-‘17, 3.0L) For the 8HP70 8-speed transmission only.



EcoDiesel Transmission Pan Gasket  (‘14-‘17, 3.0L)  For 8HP70 8-speed transmission only.



EcoDiesel Transmission Fill Plug  (‘14-‘17, 3.0L)  For 8HP70 8-speed transmission only.



Find engine gaskets on page 6.

34 l Ram Turbo Diesel Parts & Accessories  #97

MH-DRPLUG:  $15.00

If the original drain plug that came with the Mag-Hytec pan or cover gets damaged, we carry this universal replacement. Includes Allen tool.

Get Ram Cummins technical information at our website:

TEMPERATURE Control Knob ASSORTMENT (‘94-‘97) DRM76829:  $9.95

Rattlestop Dashboard Reinforcement Tabs (‘94-‘02)

‘98-‘02 DASH-9803:  $21.95 ‘94-‘97 DASH-9397:  $21.95

Modern dashboards are made from plastic which becomes brittle and fatigued over time. Decrease dash rattles and increase structural rigidity with these reinforcement tabs. Reinforcement tabs only work with OEM dash.

Replacement Dash Panel Plastic Snap-in Nut (‘94-‘09) 5 required per dash.

Dash texture is not an exact match of the OEM dash. All dashes available in Black only. Can be custom-painted to match truck interior color.

Replacement Dashboard (‘94-‘05, 3500/2500/1500) ‘03-‘05, 3500/2500 & ‘02-‘05, 1500 DRD2-5:  $599.00 NEW! ‘98-‘02, 3500/2500 & ‘98-‘01, 1500 DRD8-2:  $259.95 ($40 flat shipping fee to continental U.S.)

‘94-‘97, 3500/2500/1500 DRD4-7-MOP:  $299.00

NOTE: We recommend replacing the old heater core and A/C evaporator at the same time as dash replacement. See page 18.

This is a full replacement dashboard. This is not a cover. It is made with a heavy-duty ABS plastic that is designed to help keep the sun from making it crack like the original dashboard. This Dodge Ram dash is more durable than the original OEM part. The dash cover is only available in black and we recommended that you paint it to match the interior color in your truck. The ‘98-‘02 dashboard is made for us to our specifications and are typically in stock here at our warehouse. The ‘03-‘05 is a custom made-to-order item from an independent vendor. Please allow 21 days for delivery. The ‘94-‘97 dash is an OEM replacement molded in gray color only and can be painted to match the rest of the interior. These are the last batch of OEM dashes available from Mopar. The dashboards may require some light trimming to fit. It is not a job for a novice, but is one that goes hand-in-hand with a heater core replacement. Please call before ordering this replacement dash if you have installation questions.

6504485:  $5.95 each

OEM Replacement A-Pillars (‘03-‘09)


Replace a broken A-pillar with this Mopar OEM replacement. It is color-matched and does not require painting.

‘94-‘97 ‘98-‘02

 P lease allow for a minimum of 21 business days delivery time on replacement dashboards and dashtop covers. Additional shipping charges apply to dashtop systems shipping to Alaska and Hawaii.

Rigid Plastic Dashtop Cover (‘94-‘05, 3500/2500/1500) A-Pillar Grab Handle Repair Kit, (‘03-‘09) DRIVER AND PASSENGER SIDE IMCO_RPR_KIT:  $46.00 DRIVER SIDE ONLY IMCO_RPR_SINGLE:  $25.00

‘03-‘05, 2500/3500 ‘02-‘05, 1500 DASHTOP-999:  $179.00 NOTE: This repair kit will only work if the mounting base is split. It will not work if the base is completely broken off of the A-pillar.

The A-pillar grab handle in ‘03-‘09 Ram trucks is a known weak spot in the interior. Put too much weight on it and the mounting points will break. This Grab Handle Repair Kit has aluminum bushings that reinforce the mounting points to help prevent the grab handle from breaking or to repair one that is already broken.

Instrument Cluster Air Outlets, ‘98-‘02

‘98-‘02, 2500/3500 ‘98-‘01, 1500 DASHTOP-998:  $179.00

NOTE: This is a rigid plastic dash top cover, not a stock dash replacement. ‘94-‘97, 3500/2500/1500 DASHTOP-997:  $179.00

Available in Black only. Can be custom-painted to match truck interior color.

From time to time, we get calls from truck owners looking for an affordable, high-quality dash replacement or cover to hide those unsightly cracks that inevitably occur in extreme weather conditions. When Palco Industries, Inc. approached us with their new line of DashTop dash covers for ‘94-‘05 Dodge Ram trucks, we ordered one and installed it on one of our trucks. We were pleased to find that the installation was easy, the fit was good, and the cost was reasonable. Silicone adhesive is included.

  Instrument Cluster Bezel

Instrument Cluster Bezel Mounting Clip (‘98-‘02) 13 clips required.

‘99-‘02, 2500/3500 ‘99-‘01, 1500 68042746AC : $192.95

This OEM instrument cluster bezel replaces your broken cover perfectly.


H TDR82, p14-19: Replacing Your Cracked Dash, ‘98.5-‘02

06504067:  $2.50 each

NOTE: New mounting clips should be used to install this bezel. Order #06504067 or re-use original clips.

Dash Instrument Bezel Cover Overlay LEFT 5014842:  $51.95

CENTER LEFT 5014841: $59.95

‘99-‘02, 2500/3500 ‘99-‘01, 1500 PALCO_BEZ1 : $139.95 ‘94-‘97, 2500/3500 PALCO_BEZ2: $139.95

If the dash bezel in your ‘94-‘02 Ram truck is damaged, you can now affordably repair it with this plastic overlay from Palco. Simply place this bezel cover over the existing one and you are ready to go. Installs in minutes. Silicone adhesive is included. CENTER RIGHT 5014840: $59.95

NOTE: These bevel covers will require trimming to fit. They will not be as nice as the original cover, but it’s less than half the price of an OEM replacement from your local Dodge dealer. This is a cover and not a replacement bezel.

Catalog good through October 2017 l Prices subject to change without notice.

Order 800-755-1715 or

l 35


Other front seat covers are available for 2014 and up trucks. Please call us or check our website for applications.




Custom Fit Seat Covers

Keep the seats in your Ram 1500/2500/3500 truck looking new or cover up damaged seats with the addition of custom fit slip-on Covercraft SeatSaver seat protectors. They protect against dirt and outdoor sun to help keep the seats looking like new. The seat covers are made with a breathable heavy-duty polycotton fabric so they are comfortable and you won’t stick to them like other kinds of seat covers. We find the fabric to be slightly lighter than blue jeans, but heavier than polyester/wool. The fabric is protected with a durable water repellent finish that prevents most spills from reaching the seats. You’ll like the washable fabric that has proven to be durable, yet not too bulky.



36 l Ram Turbo Diesel Parts & Accessories  #97


Get Ram Cummins technical information at our website:







Carhartt famous rugged durability is now available in SeatSaver™ seat protectors. Don’t let the good looks fool you. These seat protectors are tough as nails with heavy duty, firm-hand Carhartt® breathable duck weave fabric and triple stitched main seams. Your butt might wear out before these seat protectors. Available in Carhartt Brown and Gravel colors they feature storage pockets with signature Carhartt rivets and a Durable, Water-Repellent (DWR) finish. They’ll always look good no matter how bad you treat ‘em.


Other front seat covers are available for 2014 and up trucks. Please call us or check our website for applications.


• Carhartt® brand logo and styling • Custom patterned for a perfect fit • Easy to install / easy to remove • Protect seats from sun, dirt, workweek abuse • Durable Water Repellency (DWR) finish for spills • Strong overlapped, double & triple-stitched seams • Easily removed for cleaning and washing in home washer/dryer • Headrest & center console covers




* May be available for other years and seat configurations. Call us for more information. Catalog good through October 2017 l Prices subject to change without notice.

Order 800-755-1715 or

l 37


Floor Liners Husky Liners are custom fitting floor mats with a raised lip designed to fit the complex contours of your Dodge Ram truck’s carpeted floor areas. The mats have a 3/4” lip on the outside to catch liquid, dirt and trash. 2-piece Front Liners  (Includes Driver and Passenger mats.)

1-piece Rear Liner  (Covers entire rear floor area.)

Cummins “C” Logo Floor Mats

Custom floor mats are typically in the $75-$95 range, but we’re pleased to offer you Avery’s custom floor mats with the “C” logo at very competitive prices. These mats are 24-ounce nylon, and the “C” logo really stands out. The carpet colors match the MOPAR factory mats. Black mats have White logos. Gray and Neutral mats have Black logos.

1-piece Center Hump Liner (Automatic transmission trucks only.)

 eatherBeater W Floor Mats

Heavy-Duty Floor Mats These Husky Liners heavy-duty floor mats offer year round protection for the carpeting in your truck. They feature 3/8” high ridges, an extra thick driver’s heel pad for longer life and guaranteed by the manufacturer not to crack or break. Theses custom fit floor mats feature “SPIN” – Stay-Put-Nibs on the back to limit slipping.

Lifetime Guarantee against cracking and breaking.

Husky Liners brand WeatherBeater™ Floor Liners offer superior carpet protection against mud, spills and mess with a fresh appealing design that complements your truck’s interior.

2-PC. FRONT FLOOR MATS:  $64.95 ‘13-‘17, All Cab Styles AV-4289F (Black or Gray)

‘03-‘09, All Cab Styles AV-1646 (Black or Gray)

‘10-‘12, All Cab Styles AV-3067F (Black or Gray)

‘94-‘02, All Cab Styles AV-1188 (Black, Gray or Neutral)

Available in Black, Gray, or Tan. #8371 not available in Tan.

2-piece Front Mats

(Includes Driver and Passenger mats.)

Available in Black, Gray, or Tan.

2-pc. Front Mats ‘14-‘17, Ram 1500 Quad Cab


2-pc. Front & 1-pc. Rear Kit (Rear mat only sold with these kits.)

2-pc. Rear Mats 1-PC. REAR FLOOR MAT:  $53.95

‘09-‘17, Ram 1500 Quad Cab

‘10-‘17, CREW Cab only.  AV-3069G (Black or Gray) ‘06-‘07, MEGA Cab only.  AV-2566 (Black or Gray)


1-piece Center Hump Liner (Automatic transmission trucks only.)

Center Hump Liner

All Cab Styles ‘03-‘09 AV-1649 (Black, Gray or Mocha) ‘98-‘02 AV-1158 (Black, Gray or Neutral) ‘94-‘97 AV-586 (Black, Gray or Neutral)


38 l Ram Turbo Diesel Parts & Accessories  #97

Get Ram Cummins technical information at our website:



CLOTH SEATS ‘10-‘17 MOP-68050461: $161.00

CLOTH SEATS ‘10-‘17 MOP-68050462: $172.00 ‘06-‘09 MOP-5180020: $195.95 ‘04-‘05 MOP-5127750: $189.95 ‘03 MOP-5093780:  $121.00

LEATHER SEATS ‘10-‘17 MOP-68064271: $279.00 ‘06-‘09 Not available. ‘04-‘05 MOP-5140697: $185.00

LEATHER SEATS ‘10-‘17 MOP-68064270: $279.00 ‘06-‘09 Not available. ‘04-‘05 Not available. ‘03 MOP-5093780:  $121.00

If you’re looking to replace a worn seat cushion in a quest for a return to comfortable seating, we’ve got the Mopar replacement foam you’ll need. Installation is easy. Instructions included.


REPLACEMENT Seat Cushions (‘94-‘17) I

‘94-‘97 ‘06-‘09


‘10-‘17 GG-SC1017:  $125.00 NEW! Cloth & Leather Non-ventilated

‘98-‘02 Regular Cab GG-SCRC9801:  $125.00 NEW! Cloth, Vinyl & Leather

‘10-‘14 GG-SCV1014:  $125.00 NEW! Leather & Ventilated

‘98-‘02 Quad Cab GG-SC9801:  $125.00 Cloth, Vinyl & Leather

‘06-‘09 GG-SC0609CL:  $125.00 Cloth, Vinyl & Leather

(Will not work on Regular Cab trucks.)

‘94-‘97 Regular & Extended Cab V GG-SC9497:  $125.00 Cloth, Vinyl & Leather

‘03-‘05 GG-SC0305:  $125.00 ‘03-‘05 Cloth, Vinyl & ‘03 Leather PASSENGER SIDE SEAT CUSHIONS

‘98-‘02 Quad Cab GG-SCP9801:  $125.00 NEW! Cloth, Vinyl & Leather

Bottom Seat Cushion Cover, (‘98-‘02 Quad & Extended Cab) CHARCOAL SHG001PC-CH:  $45.00 TAUPE/TAN SHG001PC-TP:  $45.00

Did you also wearout the OEM fabric on your ‘98-‘02 seat? Here is a costeffective replacement seat cover made from Khaki material. After all, you can’t sit on uncovered foam.

Bottom Seat Cushion Cover $35 with the purchase of seat cushion. Save $10.

Seat Heater Kit by Rostra ROSTRA-250-1870: $58.00 (each)

What do you do if you did not order the factory-installed, heated seats in your Dodge truck? The answer is a Rostra Controls seat heater kit. The heat elements warm up quickly, and the two-position switch allows for either a High or a Low operation. Position of the heater elements requires removal of the Dodge seat covers. Install the heaters in the conventional manner (bottom and back) or stack the heating elements for a back-only heat.

‘94-‘97 Regular & Extended Cab GG-SCP9497:  $125.00 NEW! Cloth, Vinyl & Leather

Two years ago we introduced a driver’s side seat cushion for the ‘98-‘02 Dodge Ram trucks. Because of the Quad Cab/suicide rear door design of the truck,this cushion was infamous for its “left side lean.” Mopar had discontinued their expensive cushion ($200) and the only option we had to develop a seat mould and sell seats. We are pleased that our ‘98-‘02 cushion is priced at $125, a big savings to you over the Mopar part. With the availability of the ‘98-‘02 cushion, we had an outcry from other Turbo Diesel owners that discovered the Mopar cushion for their truck(s) had also been discontinued. First it was the ‘94-‘97 guys, then the ‘03-’05 customer, then the ‘06-‘09 customer with the cloth interior. We developed cushions for these applications and they’re in stock and also priced at $125. Most recently the ‘06-‘09 owners with leather trimmed seats asked for a Geno’s cushion. So, we upgraded our ‘06-‘09 cushion to work with leather, cloth and vinyl. Now we are into the newer Ram trucks. All of our seat cushions have upgraded foam which lasts longer than OEM. They are reinforced on the left side and underneath on the set base where the foam meets the spring. Instructions included.

REPLACEMENT SEAT MOTORS AND GEARS SEAT MOTORS ‘03-‘08, 2500/3500 & ‘02-‘05, 1500



  Seat Cushions (‘94-‘17) I

MOTOR GEAR KITS ‘03-‘08, 2500/3500 & ‘02-‘05, 1500


‘98-‘02, 2500/3500 & ‘98-‘01, 1500 ‘94-‘97, 1500/2500/3500 ‘94-‘97, 1500/2500/3500

Catalog good through October 2017 l Prices subject to change without notice.

Order 800-755-1715 or

l 39


INTERIOR Cabin Filter Kit (‘10-‘17)


Are you getting poor airflow from the HVAC system or are you simply wanting to keep the interior dustfree in your truck? Add this cabin air filter with charcoal filter prior to the HVAC blower motor box to keep the honeycomb grill that covers it free of blockage caused by excess dust. Installing this filter is an easy project. To install the filter into the interior air box requires the use of a either a hot butter knife; box cutter heated with a torch; a Dremel tool with a cut-off wheel; or a small saw blade to cut the opening shown in the included instructions. Our installation instructions describe the steps in detail. You’ll cut out an opening in the dash, slip the filter into the slot, and close it off with a Mopar filter door. NOTE: Some ‘16-‘17 trucks may already have the filter kit installed. You may only need a replacement filter. Check your truck before ordering.

Cab Fresh Filter Kit Cab Fresh Filter Kit (‘10-‘17) CFF-DG-19009K:  $59.00 Replacement Filters (‘10-‘17) CFF-DG-19009R:  $17.00 Cab Fresh Filter Kit (‘03-‘09) CFF-DG-19003K:  $59.00 Replacement Filters (‘03-‘09) CFF-DG-19003R:  $17.00 Cab Fresh Filter Kit (‘94-‘02)  V CFF-DG-0610K:  $56.00 Replacement Filters (‘94-‘02) CFF-DG-0611R:  $16.00

This easy to install dual-stage filtering system removes dirt and dust. It fits over the factory vents underneath the hood.

2010 Ram shown.

Your choice of colors:





The ULTIMAT DASH COVER is a semi-rigid carpet cover molded to the exact shape of the dashboard, resulting in a perfect fitting cover with no stitching. ULTIMAT Dash Covers:  $52.00 Specify Black, Mocha, Beige or Gray when ordering.

Accessory/ CB Mount (‘94-‘09)  I ‘03-‘09 WD_CB_0309: $49.00 ‘94-‘02 WD_CB1: $49.00

ULTIMAT Dash Cover

The mounting bracket uses the existing center seat bolts to hold it in place. The mounting surface for an accessory is 13” wide by 4.5” tall. To attach your accessories/CB, you drill holes through the bracket to correspond with the attachment points of your accessory/CB. This bracket allows the use of the dash mounted cup holder. It also has clearance for the 4WD lever.


NOTE: In ‘03-‘09 trucks, the mount may interfere with the lower seat compartment handle.

The CB face, in most cases, will be flush with the vinyl/cloth line at the seat front. The bracket is painted satin black for rust protection. NOTE: May not work with large CBs in trucks equipped with a manual transmission. Check for clearance. NOTE: Fits ‘06-‘09 with 40/20/40 seats only.

Wheelskins Applications


Looking for a dash cover to protect your dashboard from the summer heat? Whether it is an ULTIMAT Dash Mat or a DASHMAT Carpet Dash Mat, this is the answer to the hot sun. The texture of the dash cover allows you to store items on top of the dash and not worry about them rolling around.



All Colors/Years:  $43.95

Wheelskins Genuine Leather Steering Wheel Covers are some of the finest wheel covers you’ll find anywhere. They are hand-crafted in California from choice domestic cowhide and their exclusive patented lacing hole reinforcement design ensures a tight custom fit on any steering wheel. They are easy to install and are a perfect fit on your Turbo Diesel steering wheel.

40 l Ram Turbo Diesel Parts & Accessories  #97

We tried all four colors of the UltiMat and DashMat. We strongly suggest the black dash cover as it does not glare into the windshield.

The DASHMAT DASH COVER is a flexible polycarpet, stitched cover that is cut to follow the contour of the dash. DASHMAT Dash Cover:  $32.00 Specify Black, Mocha, Beige or Gray when ordering.

DASHMAT Dash Cover

NOTE: ‘10-’17 dashmat does not have speaker cutouts for Alpine stereo system.

Get Ram Cummins technical information at our website:

‘13-‘17 CUP-HOLDER-DBL: $49.00 ‘13-‘17 CUP-HOLDER-13M: $49.00 NEW!

For trucks with G56 manual transmission only.

‘03-‘12 CUP-HOLDER-03:  $49.00

(Does not fit trucks with Captain’s chairs and the big factory center console.)




‘98-‘02 CUP-HOLDER-9802:  $49.00 ‘94-‘97 CUP-HOLDER-9497:  $49.00


Increase the storage capacity of the center console and help avoid messy liquid spills in the interior of your truck with our handy cup holder. It is installed in minutes to the existing console. This cupholder will only work with the console pictured!

The Cupholder is form fitted to the inside diameters of the console and is designed so that it does not interfere with shifting in manual transmission trucks. Cup wells are 4” deep. Upper diameter: 3-3/4”. Lower diameter: 2-3/4”. The cup wells have a slot for a coffee mug handle.


Use a single self-tapping screw or velcro (included with the cup holder) to install the cup holder. The Cupholder attaches to the inside of the console. Some minor adjustments might be necessary to the console to get the lid to close properly.

Installation instructions are included.



The cover is removable and hand washable.


Center Console Cupholders  I

‘13-‘17 ‘Double Cup’ Cupholder


Console Vault – Combination Lock ‘10-‘17 Trucks

with Bucket full floor console.

CONSOLE_1028C:  $269.00 ‘06-‘17 Trucks  (40/00/40) CONSOLE_1010C:  $269.00 ‘03-‘05 Trucks  (40/00/40) CONSOLE_1004C:  $269.00

Available in Black color only.

Elbow Friend


STANDARD SIZE (8.5”L x 3W”) ELBOWFRIEND-STD: $19.99/pair JUMB0 SIZE (10”L x 3W”) ELBOWFRIEND-JMB: $29.99/pair

Here is the problem: you have a truck with the same ole hard plastic door panel and it’s uncomfortable as an arm rest. Here is the quick, easy and affordable answer: Elbow Friend. It is a comfortable pillow covered with durable fabric. We found the standard size to work well for most people, but a jumbo size is available too. They are sold in pairs, so your passenger can also ride in comfort.


Console Vault – KEYED Lock ‘10-‘17 Trucks

with Bucket full floor console.

CONSOLE_1028K:  $269.00 ‘06-‘17 Trucks  (40/20/40) CONSOLE_1010K:  $269.00 ‘03-‘05 Trucks  (40/20/40) CONSOLE_1004K:  $269.00


with Bucket full floor console.

Geno’s Garage offers this sturdy 12-gauge cold rolled plate steel Steel Security Drawer (mounts in console lower compartment) for the ‘03-‘17 trucks. The Console Vault offers the best in center console property protection.

Custom ‘CUMMINS’ Shift Knobs (‘89-‘17)

Cup Holder (‘98-‘02) GRAY 5FR421C8AE:  $168.00 AGATE 5FR421AZAE:  $168.00 TAN 5FR421K9AE:  $168.00

Replacement cup holder for Ram 2500/3500 trucks with an automatic transmission.

CENTER CONSOLE LID (‘03-‘05) GRAY  DRM924876:  $212.95 TAUPE  DRM924877:  $212.95

Restore functionality of your Dodge Ram’s center console lid with a Center Console Kit. Includes all the materials and hardware needed to complete the repair.

Any of these custom CUMMINS shift knobs will do an outstanding job of dressing up your truck’s interior. They fit both the transmission and/or the transfer case shifter. The shift knobs measure 2” round (the approximate size of a cue ball), a comfortable size for your hand. Threaded insert is M10 x 1.5mm.



Door Pocket Drink Holder (‘10-‘17) DRIVER SIDE 1LD23XXX-AA:  $42.95

SHIFT_C_RED:  $49.95 SHIFT_C_BLACK:  $49.95 SHIFT_C_SILVER:  $49.95


Does your truck have this spiffy foam rubber insert in the truck’s side door pocket? If it doesn’t, get this one by Mopar to hold your things.

Billet Aluminum Door Locks (‘03-‘09)

BILLET_LOCK:  $13.95

This pair of billet aluminum door locks are a neat and rugged interior upgrade.

Catalog good through October 2017 l Prices subject to change without notice.

‘Cummins C Power’ SHIFT_KN_R (RED):  $49.95 SHIFT_KN_S (SILVER):  $49.95 SHIFT_KN_B (BLACK):  $49.95

Order 800-755-1715 or

l 41


Aluminum Fuel Doors

Manufactured by All-Sales and made in the USA. Brushed Aluminum  V

‘13-‘17  AS-6047BL - LOCKING Fuel Door:  $75.95** ‘10-‘12  AS-6042B - Fuel Door:  $70.95* ‘10-‘12  AS-6042BL - LOCKING Fuel Door:  $74.95* ‘03-‘09  AS-6041B - Fuel Door:  $79.95 ‘03-‘09  AS-6041BL - LOCKING Fuel Door:  $89.95 ‘94-‘02  AS-6040B - Fuel Door:  $74.95 ‘94-‘02  AS-6040BL - LOCKING Fuel Door:  $79.95


‘10-‘17, 2500/3500 ‘09-‘17, Ram 1500 CI-11150: $49.43 ‘03-‘09, 2500/3500 CI-10804: $49.43 ‘94-‘02, 2500/3500 CI-10558: $49.43 Heat Shield Storage Bag Universal Kit ZUBAGV6: $6.95

Polished Aluminum  V

‘13-‘17  AS-6047P - Fuel Door:  $84.95** ‘13-‘17  AS-6047PL - LOCKING Fuel Door:  $88.95** ‘10-‘12  AS-6042P - Fuel Door:  $89.95* ‘10-‘12  AS-6042PL - LOCKING Fuel Door:  $95.95* ‘03-‘09  AS-6041P - Fuel Door:  $89.95 ‘03-‘09  AS-6041PL - LOCKING Fuel Door:  $89.95 ‘94-‘02  AS-6040P - Fuel Door:  $85.95 ‘94-‘02  AS-6040PL - LOCKING Fuel Door:  $94.95

Keep the interior of your truck cooler and protect the dash from harsh UV rays with a UVS heat shield by Covercraft. The outward-facing surface is high-quality silver reflective fabric; the inside is soft pellon felt. Both fabrics are laminated to a stiff foam board which acts as an insulator to reduce heat build-up. The laminated stiff board is what makes this item perfect for longer term, RV-type parking. For short trips, the board’s accordion-like folds make removal/installation easy.


Flat Black

‘94-‘12  AS-6950K - Fuel Door:  $98.95** ‘94-‘12  AS-6950KL - LOCKING Fuel Door:  $98.95** Gloss Black

‘94-‘12  AS-6950GK - Fuel Door:  $98.95** ‘94-‘12  AS-6950GKL - LOCKING Fuel Door:  $98.95**


** NOTE: Installation on ‘13-‘17 trucks is more complicated than previous models. Instructions can be found on our website. Will not work on Mega Cab dually trucks, but will work on Regular and Crew Cab dually trucks. *NOTE: ‘10-‘12 fuel doors will not work on dual rear wheel trucks.



‘13-‘17, Ram 2500/3500 ‘14-‘17 Ram 1500 EcoDiesel BD-1050073:  $36.95

This billet aluminum fuel plug has a unique gun cylinder design where you can insert spent 9mm casings (not included) for a custom revolver look. The o-ring ensures a tight fit that prevents contaminates entering your fuel tank.




EZ Down, ‘03-‘09 EZ_DOWN:  $39.95

A sudden and uncontrolled drop of a truck tailgate is unsettling – WHAM! Free yourself from the frustration of juggling overflowing loads and properly bracing a dropping tailgate with the EZ Down tailgate damper. V

The EZ Down installs in minutes. All parts are included in the kit and there are no holes to drill. NOTE: The EZ Down does not help in bringing the tailgate upright to the closed position. Please see the GateGlide if you need up and down tailgate control.


Add light to your truck bed or vehicle cargo area with Dorman’s Truck Bed Lighting Kit. This kit utilizes bright 5050SMD LEDs to cover your truck bed or vehicle cargo area in a brilliant white light. Everything needed to perform the installation is included.

42 l Ram Turbo Diesel Parts & Accessories  #97

Get Ram Cummins technical information at our website:

Locking Tailgate Handle Kit

‘03-‘09 BULLY_LH_007:  $29.95 ‘94-‘02 BULLY_LH_006:  $29.95

This patented locking tailgate handle kit has been designed to give your truck an original equipment look while securing the tailgate to help prevent theft. This tailgate lock is a perfect add-on for trucks with truck caps and tonneau covers.


NOTE: Does not work on 2009 1500 trucks.






LiteRiders for trucks equipped with toolboxes and Ram boxes are available. Call for specific part numbers and pricing.

LiteRider Roll-Up  V Tonneau Cover, 2500/3500 ‘10-‘17, Long Box LITE-LR34189: $405.45 ‘10-‘17, Short Box LITE-LR34179: $396.95

‘03-‘09, Long Box LITE-LR4121DL: $405.45 ‘03-‘09, Short Box LITE-LR4131DS: $396.95 ‘94-‘02, Long Box LITE-LR4101DL: $405.45 ‘94-‘02, Short Box LITE-LR4111DS: $396.95 Call for Ram 1500 applications.

Our experience with the Agri-Cover roll up tonneau cover has been outstanding and we’re confident this is an affordable product that you should consider as you look for a bed cover. The Agri-Cover fastens on the side rail with a 1” strip of heavy-duty Velcro instead of snaps that can be aggravating to use. Just run your finger down the side rail to fasten the cover on the sides and in less than five seconds, you can open or close the cover. Rubber seals on all three sides of the box helps keep the rain, snow and dirt out, but we don’t claim it to be completely waterproof. Experience has seen the occasional small leak, but for the most part, the cover keeps the entire bed contents well protected from the elements. The Agri-Cover “bows” are sturdy lightweight aluminum round stock that roll up with the cover and self-store at the front of the box. Inside mounted frame rail. The aluminum (no rust) side frames are mounted inside the truck’s side rail or grab rails. With garage door, roll-up type covers, you effectively lose 12 inches at the front of the box with the cover’s storage bin. While the Agri-Cover does have a 2” header bar that the roll rests on, you effectively have full use of the truck bed.

Catalog good through October 2017 l Prices subject to change without notice.

Order 800-755-1715 or

l 43







‘16-‘17, 2500/3500 - Plug-n-Play Model

AMP-76139-01A:  $1,399.00

‘10-‘15, 2500/3500 and ‘09-‘15, 1500

AMP-75138-01A:  $1,299.00

‘03-‘09, 2500/3500 and ‘02-‘08, 1500

AMP-75101-01:  $1,299.00

‘06-‘09, 2500/3500 and ‘06-‘08, 1500

AMP-75118-01:  $1,299.00

Plug-n-Play Conversion Kit (‘13-‘15) Factory Air Ride Air Tank Relocation Kit

AMP-76402-01A:  $165.00 AMP-10-79101-01A:  $33.00

Factory Air Ride Air Tank Relocation Kit

AMP-10-79102-01A:  $62.00

Plug-n-Play Pass Through Harness Kit

AMP-76404-01A:  $79.00

All Cabs - Regular, Quad, Crew, Mega Quad Cab

Mega Cab

‘13-‘17, 6.7L LT-DIESEL-CAP: $23.95 ‘14-‘17 Ram 1500 EcoDiesel LT-DIESEL-CAP1: $23.95

This billet dust cap has an external O-ring that slides into the fuel fill neck. There is a magnet recessed into the base so that you can put the fuel cap on the back side of the door when filling the tank.

All PowerSteps ship with light kit.

All Cabs - Regular, Quad, Crew, Mega

Aluminum Fuel Fill Green ‘DIESEL’ Cap

Aluminum ‘DEF’ Filler Cap ‘13-‘17, Ram 2500/3500 LT-DEF-CAP:  $35.00 ‘14-‘17 Ram 1500 EcoDiesel LT-DEF-CAP1:  $35.00

This blue anodized aluminum dust cap has DEF engraved into it and has two external O-rings that slide into the Diesel Exhaust Fluid fill neck. The cap can be attached to the original DEF cap tether.

2500/3500 Crew Cab (Compatible only with 76139-01A and 75138-01A)

2500/3500 Mega Cab (Compatible only with 76139-01A and 75138-01A)


Allows you to have an open OBDII port when AMP PowerStep is installed with the Plug-n-Play Kit

Dodge Quad Cab and Mega Cab owners have to look no further than the AMP Research PowerStep for a great accessory. Two Turbo Diesel Register writers installed and reviewed these steps. Based on their favorable comments, we ordered and installed the AMP PowerStep Kit, and we agree. These steps are outstanding. There are no holes to drill as the kit utilizes existing holes in the body. The factory instructions are thorough, and the installation was not difficult. We even have a video at our website that shows you how to install the steps. The fit and finish are flawless. 600 lbs. capacity. Form: The AMP Research design tucks up and under the truck’s side pinch rail. In the up position, they are out of sight, leaving your truck with a clean, uncluttered look. Function: In the down position (eight-inch drop), you can’t beat the full-length step board for ease-of-entry/exit access to your truck. NOTE: Additional shipping charges apply to steps shipping to Alaska and Hawaii.

RAM 1500/2500/3500  NEW! GG-EZLC1:  $65.00  $54.95


In 2013 the folks at Ram introduced a new fuel fill neck. The top of the neck is non-threaded and this design made the traditional screw-in and locking fill cap obsolete. The new design is simply a flapper-on-a-spring. Ram responded to the market’s need for a fill cap by adding an 89¢ plastic plug. Outside vendors responded by making tethered and magnetic billet fuel caps. However, folks still wanted a locking fuel cap. Finally, TDR member Bob Woodward (hey, an ex-Cummins engineer) invented a locking fuel cap and we’re excited to help him bring this product to Turbo Diesel owners. This locking fuel cap is a simple design, a twist of the key lets you move the locking collar up to remove the fuel cap. Thanks Bob; Customers asked for it and you made it.

‘00-‘12 LOCKING  V

GATES_31836D: $16.95

‘00-‘12 STANDARD

‘89-‘99 LOCKING

GATES_31734D: $16.95

GATES_31838D: $9.95

‘89-‘99 STANDARD

GATES_31615D: $9.95

Green Fuel Caps (‘89-‘12)

Made in USA.

The locking fuel caps are plastic with a stainless steel lock and key, the designs feature sturdy construction to meet Federal Fuel Safety Standards for fuel leakage. Locking gas caps include a quick on/off, quarter-turn, green locking gas cap and two keys.

Bed Step™

‘10-‘17, 2500/3500 AMP-75306-01: $224.00 ‘09-‘17, 1500 Standard Exhaust AMP-75306-01: $224.00 ‘09-‘17, 1500 Dual Exhaust AMP-75310-01: $224.00 ‘03-‘09, 2500/3500 AMP-75304-01: $224.00 ‘02-‘08, 1500 AMP-75304-01: $224.00

A standard fuel cap can be used with your truck’s plastic tether by drilling a 7/32” hole – then enlarging by hand to a 1/4” hole – in the top of the cap.

The AMP Research Bed Step gives easy access to pickup beds even with the tailgate down. It is made from high-strength aluminum alloy with a durable powdercoat finish to provide long-term durability. Rugged stepping platform supports up to 300 pounds of weight. Designed with a spring-loaded cam, the Bedstep stows away and deploys with the flip of the foot. Easy five-minute bolt-on installation.

Fuel Guard Protective Flap FG-45533:  $14.95

A fill-up with diesel fuel can be a messy experience. As you endeavor to get the last bit of fuel into the tank, you are usually greeted with a diesel fuel burp. What a mess! Beat the burp with the rubber Fuel Guard protective flap.

NOTE: Bed Step attaches to stock bumper only. Will not work with aftermarket bumpers.

44 l Ram Turbo Diesel Parts & Accessories  #97

Get Ram Cummins technical information at our website:

55295314AC: $53.95

MOPAR OEM emblem for ‘98.5-‘02 24-valve trucks.

‘15-‘17, “Cummins C” Black Emblem 68276962: $33.95

MOPAR OEM emblem.

“RAM 2500” 24V Emblem 55295313AC: $52.95

MOPAR OEM emblem for ‘98.5-‘02 24-valve trucks.

“RAM 3500” 12V Emblem

Wheel Simulators

‘13-‘17, “Cummins C” Chrome Emblem 68149701: $22.95

‘94-‘98, 3500 DRW DOT Liner 16”, Front & Rear ‘Over-The-Lug’ Mounting WHEEL-GD-816:  $224.00

MOPAR OEM emblem.

55295314AB: $54.95

MOPAR OEM emblem for ‘94-‘98 12-valve trucks.

“RAM 2500” 12V Emblem 55295313AB: $54.95

MOPAR OEM emblem for ‘94-‘98 12-valve trucks.

‘99-‘02, 3500 DRW DOT Liner 16”, Front & Rear ‘Over-The-Lug’ Mounting WHEEL-ND-20:  $275.00

‘03-‘14, 3500 DRW UniLiner 17”, Front & Rear ‘Under-The-Lug’ Mounting WHEEL-SLD-1703:  $275.00

These polished stainless steel center hubcovers complete the look of expensive aluminum wheels at a fraction of the cost. A protective rolled edge gives them strength and safety. Secure bolt-on installation means you won’t lose them because of a bump in the road.

Ram 1500 EcoDiesel Emblem 68164914AA: $32.95


“RAM 3500” 24V Emblem

MOPAR OEM replacement emblem.


PART# FRONT & REAR Mud Guards (‘94-‘17) 2500/3500

NOTE: These Husky Liner mud guards (Front and Rear) are custom-molded to fit the contour of the truck’s wheel well. They are pre-drilled and the holes line up with existing factory screw/trim hole locations. However, they do not extend as far below the bodywork as the Mopar splash guards.


FRONT Heavy-Duty Rubber (‘10-‘17) 2500/3500


EZ Install FRONT Deluxe Molded Plastic (‘94-‘02) 2500/3500

Catalog good through October 2017 l Prices subject to change without notice.

Order 800-755-1715 or

l 45



Brite Box  The Brite Box module plugs right into your Dodge Ram’s existing wiring harness and allows simultaneous operation of the high and low beams without placing any additional loads on the vehicle’s stock headlight switches or wiring. The Brite Box goes in-series to your existing wiring harness. Unplug the harness from the light (passenger side light is easiest to access) and plug it into the Brite Box. Take the pigtail plug from Brite Box and plug into the light. For those truck owners who want the high beams, low beams AND fog lights to be illuminated, you will need to purchase the Brite Box model for your truck that has Fog Light Control (FLC). Fogster  As you know, the lighting system will turn the fog lights off when the high beams are activated. The FOGSTER will keep the fog lights illuminated with the high beams on. Fogster-SD8 works with ‘06-‘09 trucks with factory fog lights; Fogster-SD7 works with ‘03-‘05 trucks. NOTE: This is a single unit.


Bulbzilla  Allows you to upgrade to a 9005 light bulb (1700 lumens each) in the fog lamp socket that is sized for a 9006 (1000 lumens each) bulb and increase light output by 70%.

‘94-‘02 “Sport” Headlight Conversion  H TDR77, p106-107 Second Generation truck owners have read about converting the stock single bulb (high and low filament) to a dual bulb “Sport” arrangement that Dodge offered in Sport models from ‘99-‘02. TDR 77, pages 106-107 has the details on the conversion. For wiring purposes you need a Brite Box “Sport” Headlight Conversion and the headlights from DEPO (‘99-‘02 with Sport Package). The Brite Box Headlight Conversion converts the stock ‘94-‘02 single bulb headlight to the ‘99-‘02 Sport two bulb headlight. APPLICATION


Read about the headlight conversion in our ‘Tech Information’:

* Modifications require purchase of Brite Box ‘Sport’ Headlight Conversion for either ‘94-‘98 or ‘99-‘02 truck.

46 l Ram Turbo Diesel Parts & Accessories  #97

Get Ram Cummins technical information at our website:


See page 21 for ‘03-‘06 replacement tail light circuit strip.






Catalog good through October 2017 l Prices subject to change without notice.

Order 800-755-1715 or

l 47


‘Rapid Hitch’ Towing Hitch Air Bag Kits RAM 2500/3500

(up to 6” drop) COMPLETE HITCHES

Ram 2500/3500 Air Bag Kit

‘14-‘17, 2500 (2WD/4WD) HP10206:  $315.00 ‘14-‘17, 3500 (2WD) ‘03-‘13, 2500/3500 (2WD) HP10089:  $305.00 ‘14-‘17, 3500 (4WD) ‘03-‘13, 2500/3500 (4WD) HP10002:  $315.00 ‘89-‘02, 2500/3500 (2WD/4WD) HP10019:  $315.00 AXLE BREATHER RELOCATION KIT ‘07-‘09, 3500 (Cab/Chassis) HP10136:  $13.50

2-1/2” Receiver Hitch with Greaseless Alumiball Combo Ball (10,000/12,500 lb. GTWR; 1,500 lb. tongue) RAPIDHITCH-3405-25: $229.99 2-1/2” Receiver Hitch with Plated Steel Combo Ball (10,000/12,500 lb. GTWR; 1,500 lb. tongue) RAPIDHITCH-3410-25: $209.99 Ram 3500 Cab/Chassis Breather Relocation Kit

Pacbrake’s air springs allow you to level out your truck’s stance for any towing/ hauling situation. The product’s design gives you the ability to adjust the amount of air in each spring. The standard manual fill kit gives you easily accessible fill valves located near the rear license plate on your truck. It is important to note that by installing an air suspension kit, the max load capacity (GVWR) does not increase. NOTE: Even though we have rarely seen this, some vehicles equipped with 5th wheel hitches require brackets to be mounted to the frame in the same locations as the air spring brackets (if this is the case, modifications of the 5th wheel hitch brackets may be required to mount this kit).

2” Receiver Hitch with Greaseless Alumiball Combo Ball (6,000/8,000 lb. GTWR; 1,500 lb. tongue) RAPIDHITCH-3405: $199.99

2” Receiver Hitch with Plated Steel Combo Ball (8,000/10,000 lb. GTWR; 1,500 lb. tongue) RAPIDHITCH-3410: $199.99

The Rapid Hitch tow bar system is the perfect hitch for anyone who tows multiple trailers. You can flip the double ball over, change the drop to a rise, or adjust the height of the drop all by simply removing the hitch pin and putting it back in place. With the easy height adjustment you can make sure you are keeping your trailer level. With the 2” and 2-5/16” ball combo, you cover most trailers on the road today. The 1-7/8” ball is available individually if desired. The various balls are easily changed by removing a hidden pin which attaches the ball to the ball housing. The Rapid Hitch is made of an aluminum super alloy that will NEVER RUST! The aluminum Alumiball Combo Ball option is light and surprisingly strong. It only weighs 15 lbs. with the greaseless ball option making it easy to handle and adjust. If you choose the Plated Steel Combo Ball, it is V5 certified with a strength rating of 10,000 lbs. and 1,500 tongue weight with the 2-5/16” steel ball. BALL ASSEMBLY ONLY 1-7/8” Greaseless Single AlumiBall (3,500 lbs. towing capacity) RAPIDHITCH-3452:  $36.99

Trailer-Aid® PLUS TRAILER-AID:  $49.00

Trailer-Aid PLUS allows you to change a tandem axle trailer flat without the inconvenience of jacking up the trailer. Simply drive the good tire/wheel onto the Trailer-Aid and the height of the axle will be sufficient to change the bad tire.

1-7/8” Single Ball (Plated) (7,500 lbs. towing capacity) RAPIDHITCH-3426:  $36.99 2” × 2-5/16” Combo Ball (Plated) (8,000- 10,500 lbs. towing capacity) RAPIDHITCH-3424:  $49.99

Rostra Backup Camera System ROSTRA_CAMERAKIT: $280.00 ADDITIONAL CAMERA KIT ROSTRA_250_8082A: $105.00 NOTE: Two cameras can be wired to the rear view mirror monitor.

Over the years we have tried several different rear view camera arrangements. In the early 2000s it was a dedicated display unit with a hard-wired camera unit. The cost was about $300. These units were too cumbersome. Recently we tried the $85-$100 wireless units from the auto stores. These units were too unreliable. Even with the product exceptions, we grew fond of being able to back the truck up to the trailer hitch without assistance. With the Rostra camera system, and its mirror monitor, we think we have found a unit worthy of your consideration.


4.3” TFT LCD Rear View Mirror Monitor

1/4” Color Camera 1/4-inch CMOS Color Camera .5 Lux High Resolution Display 160-degree Peripheral View Waterproof Case with Anti-Fog Lens Waterproof Connectors Includes 30’ Extension Harness 3 year/36,000 Mile Manufacturer Warranty

The Rostra is hardwired from the camera to the mirror and it is switched on with 12-volt power from your back-up lights. The kit includes the camera, mirror and to-the-rear bumper wiring kit.

48 l Ram Turbo Diesel Parts & Accessories  #97

Locking Ball Pin Kit (1 for adjuster; 1 for receiver) RAPIDHITCH-3492:  $37.99

7-Spade RV Connector Maintenance Kit IPA-8028:  $36.95

The IPA-8028 kit cleans both the male and female sides of the 7-spade harness. The kit’s circuit tester has LED lights that show that the connection at the pin is good, giving you confidence to troubleshoot wiring or light bulbs on the trailer.

Get Ram Cummins technical information at our website:

Stock Replacement Mirror Glass Assemblies



*Check the back of the mirror for mount type before ordering. Glass fits OEM mirrors only.* Not all styles of mirrors are available. APPLICATION


Catalog good through October 2017 l Prices subject to change without notice.

Order 800-755-1715 or



l 49


RAM TRUCK Factory Service Manuals

Owner’s Manuals (‘89-‘04) If the Owner’s Manual for your Dodge Ram Turbo Diesel truck is missing or has seen better days, you can affordably replace it. YEAR & APPLICATION


One of our best selling items is the Haynes Repair Manual for the Dodge Ram pickups. The staff likens this manual to the “Cliff Notes” used by students in lieu of reading the entire book. However, there are times when you need the detail of the Dodge Factory Service Manual (yes, the same one you can order out of the back of your Owner’s Manual). The factory service manual CD is the authoritative source for specifications, reuse, wiring, and diagnostics. Every Dodge Turbo Diesel owner who does their own maintenance should have the factory manual. YEAR / PN



Haynes Repair Manuals These manuals cover the 5.9L and 6.7L engines.

Written for the Do-It-Yourselfer, good enough for the pros! These Haynes manuals cover Dodge pickups (2WD, 4WD, 1500, 2500, 3500) from ‘94-‘16 including the Turbo Diesel. The books are soft bound and available at one-fifth the cost of the factory manual. Everyone should own one for quick and easy reference.

*For service manuals for trucks newer than the ‘02 year model, there is only one source:

50 l Ram Turbo Diesel Parts & Accessories  #97

‘09-‘16, 2500 & 3500 ‘09-‘16, 1500 BOOK-30043:  $24.95

‘03-‘08, 2500 & 3500 ‘02-‘08, 1500 BOOK-30042:  $24.95

‘94-‘02, 2500 & 3500 ‘94-‘01, 1500 BOOK-30041:  $24.95

Get Ram Cummins technical information at our website:

SPECIALTY TOOL BIN Catalog good through October 2017 l Prices subject to change without notice.

Order 800-755-1715 or

l 51

SPECIALTY TOOL BIN 52 l Ram Turbo Diesel Parts & Accessories  #97

Get Ram Cummins technical information at our website:

SPECIALTY TOOL BIN Catalog good through October 2017 l Prices subject to change without notice.

Order 800-755-1715 or

l 53

SPECIALTY TOOL BIN 54 l Ram Turbo Diesel Parts & Accessories  #97

Get Ram Cummins technical information at our website:

MUG-1422466:  $14.95

Authentic “Reserved” Parking Signs


This 16 oz. white ceramic mug sits atop a unique rubberized base with molded tire tread.

The DIESEL ODYSSEY of Clessie Cummins

Clessie Cummins was the father of the American truck diesel and founded the company bearing his name. This book tells of his successes and adversities. SOFTCOVER BOOK-885000:  $25.00

Cummins JUMBO JOE CERAMIC MUG MUG-1429641:  $10.95

Grab a big cup of get-your-daystarted with this mega ceramic mug. Two-tone interiorexterior and comfortable C-handle. Holds 14 oz. Laserengraved Cummins “C” logo center on one side.

Cummins Koozie KOOZIE-1244310:  $2.95

Get a Cummins koozie to keep your drinks cool.

Billet Aluminum Engine Oil Dipstick Handle, ‘07.5-‘17, 6.7l

Billet Aluminum Transmission FLUID Dipstick Handle, ‘94-‘17, 5.9L & 6.7L

LT-DIPSTICK:  $19.95

Dress up the engine compartment with this red anodized transmission fluid dipstick handle.

LT-TRANS-DS:  $19.95

Dress up the engine compartment with this blue anodized oil dipstick handle.


Cummins Tire Tread Mug

Billet Aluminum OIL CAP COVERS (‘98.5-’17)

Cummins Stainless Vacuum Tumbler

MUG-1426695:  $17.95

16 oz. double wall 18/8 stainless steel thermal tumbler vacuum insulated with threaded 360 drink-thru easy clean lid. Hand wash recommended.


BAOC:  $36.95


BAOC2:  $37.95

We know you like dress-up items. Here’s another one that you can add to your engine with immediate results. Just snap it over the existing oil fill cap and you’re good to go. NOTE: Will not fit early model ‘89-‘98 12-valve trucks.

CUMMINS CHROME-PLATED License Plate FRAME 1429677:  $21.95

This die-cast chrome-plated zinc license plate frame has an epoxy-filled Cummins text at top; Cummins “C” logo at the bottom.

Cummins Carabiner Key Fob KEYCHAIN-C191200:  $4.50

“Cummins C” Cowboy Belt Buckle BELT-400110:  $14.95

Heavy-duty oval belt buckle with the Cummins C logo. Measures: 3-1/4”× 2-5/8”

Carabiner key holder with a split ring on strap. Black strap and white Cummins logo. NOTE: Not for climbing.

“CUMMINS Logo” License Plate DIAMOND PATTERN LP-CI3741:  $7.95

EcoDiesel Decal DECAL_ECO:  $6.00

Available: White only.

Measures: 8-3/4”× 1-3/4”.

Catalog good through October 2017 l Prices subject to change without notice.

‘Cummins C’ Decal

10” × 10” DECAL DECAL_CUMM:  $9.00 6” × 6” DECAL DECAL_SM_C:  $6.00 Available: Black or White

Order 800-755-1715 or

l 55


NEW! ‘CUMMINS Oil Engine’ T-Shirt MED, LRG, XLRG TS-1153101:  $15.95 2XLRG TS-1153101:  $17.95

Geno’s Garage Vintage Logo long SLEEVE Shirt MED, LRG, XLRG, 2XLRG TS-GS14C:  $14.95

Cummins ‘DEPENDABLE DIESEL POWER’ T-Shirt MED, LRG, XLRG TS-1502006:  $17.95 2XLRG TS-1502006:  $19.95 Specify SIZE when ordering.

Specify SIZE when ordering.

Cummins ‘1919’ T-Shirt

Geno’s GARAGE ‘great again’ t-shirt

MED, LRG, XLRG TS-400114:  $14.95 2XLRG TS-400114:  $16.95

MED, LRG, XLRG, 2XLRG, 3XLRG TS-GREAT:  $8.95 Specify SIZE when ordering.

Specify SIZE when ordering.

Specify SIZE when ordering.

Geno’s GARAGE Mesh Cap


One size fits alls. CAP-GS14: $12.00

CAP-1429697: $12.50

NEW! CUMMINS Washed Camo Mesh Cap

CUMMINS MICROFIBER Cap CAP-1501990:  $14.95

CAP-1343002:  $12.95



MED - 3XLRG TS-COOL:  $12.95 Specify SIZE when ordering.

MED, LRG, XLRG, 2XLRG, 3XLRG CUMMINS TS-LBDT:  $8.95 Mossy Oak® Cap CAP-181185:  $11.95

Specify SIZE when ordering.

NEW! CUMMINS Diesel Cross Mesh Cap CAP-1042043:  $10.95

‘CUMMINS Denim/Mesh Cap


CAP-400325: $11.95

CUMMINS ‘1919’ Cap

CAP-1429729:  $11.95

CUMMINS Trucker Cap

CUMMINS Red Ball Trucker Cap

CAP-400195:  $9.95

CAP-CI0057:  $9.95

CUMMINS Historical Oil Engine Mesh Cap

CAP-1244166:  $11.95

2” TDR Grille Badge

Logo Items


Identify your TDR affiliation with this grille badge.


HIGH PROFILE CAP-TDR (Gray):  $13.95 CAP-TDR (Red):  $13.95



$0 – $19.99 $7.95

$20 – $24.99 $8.95

$25 – $49.99 $9.95

$50 – $74.99 $10.95

$75 – $99.99 $12.95

$100 – $149.99 $14.95

$150 – $194.99 $16.95

$195+ 6% of order total


Geno's Garage Catalog #97 - Summer 2017  

Shop for Ram Cummins Diesel and Ram 1500 EcoDiesel Parts & Accessories.

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