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October 2013

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elcome to the inaugural issue of TBMLiving, your quarterly lifestyle e-magazine. Here you’ll find relevant articles delivered with a fresh perspective and most importantly, it’s tailored just for you, our customer. Take a peek inside and you’ll find a captivating mix of home improvement ideas, travel advice, restaurant picks, interesting people, TBM market information and much more.



In this issue we’ve explored ways the Internet truly can make your life easier; Moving 101 and how to avoid the stress of it all, how to be well travelled and more. Of course, October means that you parents of young children out there are (or should start) preparing for Halloween. TSI Concierge has a great Halloween costume shop and ship service that saves time and money and can help you get the kids in your lives ready to trick or treat. As to the rest of it, it’s October in the year of our Lord 2013 and all is well. Yes, there are weighty issues home and abroad, but in this little corner of the world it’s clear sailing and no pratfalls. All is well. Remember, TSI Concierge can help you get to ‘all is well’ quickly.



—Mabry MacAvoy, EIC

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TSI News


SI is proud to announce a significant milestone in the growth of our company through the addition of Doug Bornstein as Co-Principal of TSI.

What began as a sharing of ideas led to a coming together of TSI founder, Walt Adair, and Doug creating a truly unique footprint for TSI. Our growth strategy is designed to serve our customers worldwide as we solidify our position as genuine innovators in our industry. The expansion and additon of truly value added services brings TSI an even greater depth and breadth of services that is unmatched in the indus-

try. Innovation in products and services with offerings such as TSI Concierge, supported by leading edge technology, exemplify the client centric nature of TSI.

TSI is truly a unique authority on TBM aircraft. Offering training backed with the experience of owing and operating TBM’s, we give our customers a comprehensive set of essential services and experiences designed for seamless transition and recurrent training for all TBM aircraft worldwide, new and used.

Walt Adair | Principal & Chief Pilot Doug Bornstein | Principal


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Internet Era By: Marisa Maldonado

Are you an avid gamer, digital media streamer, or just an occasional “surfer”?


an you remember a time when Internet providers were few and far between? That isn’t true anymore. Nowadays we have more options than we know what to do with. Slow dial-up gave way to lightning fast high speed. The technology has made life easier and more convenient. The Internet continues to increase in speed and versatility which allows for accessibility.


nternet doesn’t just give us access to people but many services. Online banking may be the greatest thing

since sliced bread. We have all indoctrinated Google® as a verb into our lives, and video conferencing has ushered in a new era of staying in touch with face to face conversations even though we are miles apart. Are you an avid gamer, digital media streamer, or just an occasional “surfer”? Regardless of your Internet usage preferences, internet providers have made it possible to accommodate your every need whenever and wherever you need it.


hanks to the extreme advances in technology and the number of providers, TSI customers have access to TSI Concierge virtually anywhere on the planet. Imagine the possibilities. Visit the most remote locations anywhere, and know that you can rely on TSI Concierge to take care of the mundane every day nuts and bolts issues at home. Yea.


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Up Dress

Your Dresser By: Melisa Kopilow


dresser is one of the most functional pieces of furniture one can have in any room. They can be, and often are, used to store a multitude of clothing, old bills, children’s art work and other difficult to assign items as well as a plethora of stuff you just wanted out of the way. Like anything else, we can become tired or bored with furniture, maybe a piece becomes redundant. Rather than getting rid of it completely, you may want to consider re-purposing it to fit another need. Slap on a new coat of paint and new hardware and voila, you’ve revived the piece—and your own interest in it!


ne fresh idea for an old dresser is to move it into the kitchen. It sounds crazy, but I know I often find myself scrambling for counter and storage space. Simply add a towel rack or a paper-towel dispenser to the side and a finishing piece to the top—there are so many to choose from, and surprise, you’ve created a functional, personalized piece of furniture to aid you in your culinary efforts. Add some wheels to the bottom to make your space mobile, or leave it in the center of your kitchen to create a small island.


o before you discard it, give it another look. You may want to consider giving it some TLC and a new life by utilizing it in another space. It’s amazing what a little reupholstering, a splash of new paint or shiny new handles can do to tired, but familiar pieces. You never know, it may become your favorite piece.


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Moving 101

By: Marisa Maldonado

Anyone who has ever moved can tell you, it’s enough to drive you nuts. Moving?

that, but by all means, start packing items you won’t need everyday as soon as you have your moving materials. Waiting until the last minute to start packing? Also no good, gives free reign to the ‘so much to do so little time’ gremlins.


nyone who has ever moved can tell you, it’s enough to drive you nuts. Despite the inevitable stress you’ll encounter, there are ways to make moving easier. Including TSI Concierge in the moving project will help tremendously. You’re the architect on this project, you decide how much. They’re ready to do as much or as little as you require. From seeking out quality movers to getting price estimates to making your final moving arrangements, TSI Concierge will work out the details and weed out the unreliable. This leaves you to focus on the packing and organizing while handily taking care of everyday issues.



ake certain you have the supplies you need such as boxes, storage containers, shipping tape, permanent markers and labels. Having everything readily accessible will help when you actually begin the process. One less thing to worry about. Starting early is always a good idea, if possible. Caveat: packing anything you’ll need to use prior to the move is ill advised—been there don’t like


abel everything, and use a thick tipped marker like a King Size Sharpie®. Every last box and storage container should be properly labeled. This is moving 101. It will help you determine how to handle each box while loading and unloading it. Directing all boxes to the appropriate space will be enormously helpful. To properly illustrate how helpful would require more space than available for this writing. Just imagine.

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Moving Tips • Start early • Have plenty of supplies (boxes, tape, etc.) • Label everything • Confirm date & time with your moving company • Be ready, before the movers arrive • Designate a “traffic controller”


t’s important to confirm with TSI Concierge that all is at the ready prior to moving day. If you’re going it alone, make all the necessary phone calls to confirm your moving date and time with every company and service provider you will be using during your move. Be certain you have each of those itineraries in writing. If friends and family have volunteered to help, confirm with them as well. The efforts made to avoid miscommunication and

confusion now will pay dividends on moving day.


ou should have everything packed, organized, and ready to go on the day of the move. It won’t be pleasant if your movers show up on time and you’re still packing; especially if your movers charge by the hour, ouch! You’ve made every effort to protect the furniture i.e. foam wrap and blankets. You’re ready to go.


ou might want to designate a “traffic controller” at your destination; someone that is familiar with what should get moved first and where things are going to be placed in your new home. It’s good advice to have as much help as possible for this process. You still have the task of unpacking and organizing everything in your new home, and for this part—well, help in this respect is a contradiction in terms. You’re probably going it alone from here.


appy trails and may your crockery remain intact. Contact TSI Concierge for all your moving needs.


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Travel Perfect: Winter in America By: Melisa Kopilow


inter is approaching, and it’s a great time to travel anywhere. Why not take the time to explore

the riches of the USA? Not only are many great deals available for popular tourist destinations during the winter, they also tend to be less crowded. Whether you’re looking for a winter wonderland or a tropical escape, winter is an ideal season to travel the country!


cool and unique travel destination this winter might be a stay in an ice hotel! There’s one such establishment located near the hot springs, sixty miles north of Fairbanks, Alaska. Guests stay in rooms carved from ice, with the furnishings (yes, even the beds) are made from ice. The resort does offer parkas, snow pants and boots to patrons. Bathrooms and showers are located inside the brick-and-mortar hotel, and guests of the ice hotel are also offered a non-ice room inside, just in case. The hotel even includes a bar and lounge carved into the ice, and items as large as chairs and sofas to smaller ones such as glasses made of ice. Because of the organic nature of the hotel, it is built in the late fall and is allowed to melt with the rest of the winter frost. This variability helps to create a different atmosphere and experience for each visit. Stunning views of the Aurora Borealis i.e. Northern Lights are available to guests during their stay. Whether you stay overnight or just take a tour, visiting an ice hotel is certainly a trip to remember!

the furnishings (yes, even the beds) are made from ice

If cold weather keeps you down, consider a trip closer to the equator.



ooking for a more traditional winter vacation, a mountain ski resort is classic. There are many options up and down the California Sierra Nevada range, such as those in Lake Tahoe and Mammoth Mountain. However, if you’re looking for something off the beaten path, a national park may be a unique but traditional option this winter. Many national parks feature beautiful landscapes year round, such as Yosemite and Yellowstone. With skiing, hiking, and ice skating all nearby, Yosemite and Yellowstone are picture-perfect vacation options this winter. Smaller crowds and cooler temperatures make lodging easier to come by and the parks are easier to navigate.

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f the cold weather keeps you down, consider a trip closer to the equator. Phoenix, Arizona is a fabulous destination for winter. With warm temperatures and vibrant desert landscape, winter is the perfect time to explore the desert. Golfing, tennis, hiking, and many other outdoor activities usually reserved for warmer and sunnier springtime is the norm for Arizona in the winter. While you’re there, take a trip to the Grand Canyon or take in some of the local Native American culture. If you’d rather spend your time relaxing or you want to unwind after a long day of excellent shopping, visit one of their world-renowned spas for some well-deserved pampering.


hoenix sounds great, but maybe you’re in the mood for something a little more...exotic? Miami, Florida is the perfect destination to warm up your winter. With palm-tree lined boulevards and beaches for as far as the eye can see, Miami is sure to spice up your winter plans. Whether you’re looking to spend some quality family time in kid-friendly Miami Beach, or maybe a young, hip, edgy party atmosphere such as South Beach, Miami has everything you’re looking for and then some. Whether you’re catching some rays by the pool or the beach, visiting museums or enjoying the shopping, Miami will make you forget that summer ever left in the first place. Winter may be the best time to visit Miami. The temperature is enjoyable and there’s always so much happening.


o matter what kind of vacation you’re looking for this winter, America holds a treasure trove of options for you to choose from. Staying in the US won’t break the bank and bypasses the potential hang-ups of international travel. Plus, with options such as the hot sandy beaches of Miami, breathtaking desert landscapes of Phoenix, icy wonders of historic national parks or chilly ice hotels of Alaska, why would you want to go anywhere else? Contact TSI Concierge for all your travel planning needs.



TBM TALK By: Doug Bornstein

Greetings, The TBM Owners and Pilot’s convention was a huge success. 104 airplanes were parked on the ramp at the Coeur D’Alene International Airport and Tire Center ( I jest). The seminars were insightful and extremely educational. The accident review presentation by Terry Winson of Avex, is always enlightening and scary at the same time. Probably the highlight was the flyby, over the party boat we were all on in the middle of the lake, by Nicolas Chabbert and Mike Sarsfield of Socata. Caught everyone by surprise. If any of you missed it, email me and I will send you a link to a great video shot by one of our TSI check Airman, Chris Cannon. TSI got to meet and spend time with a lot of our current and new clients. Walt Adair, myself, Jack Hogan, Nick Cofman, and Chris Cannon of TSI were all present at the convention. Hopefully got a chance to say hi! We hope that if you did not make it this year that we will see you in New Orleans in 2014. The TBM market continues to be robust, even with a small amount of inventory. As of this writing only about 6% of the total used fleet is available for sale. This definitely makes it a sellers market. Keep flying safe. Doug

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