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Our lesson from Auschwitz by James Booker, Rebecca Pickering and Charlotte Evans

UK Maths Challenge

Tuesday 11th March 2008 proved to be a turning point in our lives. Our experiences and the things we saw at Auschwitz has had a profound effect on us. The consequences of the Holocaust still cast a shadow over modern civilisation.

120 Year 10 and Year 11 Gifted Mathematicians took part in the UK Maths Challenge. Over 200,000 pupils took part nationally and the highest scoring 40% of pupils gained a certificate, with 6% winning Gold.

Prior to leaving, we attended a conference, to prepare us practically and emotionally for our visit. We met Kitty Hart-Moxon, one of very few Jewish survivors of the anti-Jewish campaign, who spent two horrifying years at the Auschwitz-Birkenau labour camp, and whose inspiring story was both humbling and thought provoking. The visit itself began at half past three in the morning – we had to be at the airport for five o’clock. Wrapped up in multiple layers, from cagoules to thermal vests, in preparation for the vicious Polish climate, we stepped off the plane into glorious sunshine and temperatures of 20 degrees! Eerily, the closer we travelled to Auschwitz, the colder and duller it became, and, by the time we approached the remains of the largest gas chamber, the wind was icy and the rain was coming down in torrents. The Auschwitz main camp is now an exhibition and we were led by our highly knowledgeable guide, who was clearly still moved by the events that had broken his nation sixty years before. We saw the sites on which people were murdered, and some of the possessions, clothing and even hair of those who had perished there. After our time at Auschwitz, we travelled to the nearby AuschwitzBirkenau camp, which had been preserved to allow us to see what conditions were like for those who had been unjustly imprisoned there. After seeing the infamous railway line that led millions of people to their deaths, we stood in the small wooden huts where the prisoners were kept. Up to six hundred prisoners were packed into what had been designed as stables. The day ended with a memorial ceremony, led by one of Britain’s most senior Rabbis who created the

foundations for the nationwide, educational project that exists today. Together and in silence, we, two hundred and fifty young students, two each from secondary schools across the East Midlands, each lit a candle in memory of the one and a half million Jewish people who were murdered at Auschwitz and the four and half million others who suffered because of the Nazis’ twisted ideology. Though several hundred miles and several generations separate us from the events which took place there, we feel, more strongly than ever, that it is essential to remember the horrors of what happened at Auschwitz and elsewhere across Europe, and the unnecessary slaughtering of thousands of innocents which still continues in parts of the world today. People should remember not only through a natural empathy and respect for those who died but to ensure that nothing like this is ever allowed to happen again.

47 of our pupils received certificates: Gold - 7 students Silver - 14 students Bronze - 26 students The top 1% of pupils are invited to take additional papers, and this year four of Tupton’s Year 11 pupils did so. Daniel Fox (pictured) came in the top 500 and took the ‘Olympic’ paper. Tim Rouse, Lawrence Caines & James Flint were close behind and sat the ‘Kangaroo’ paper. Daniel achieved a distinction for his achievements in his paper, reaching the top 100! He has now been invited to a Summer School. This is an outstanding achievement.

U-Neek success Tupton Hall’s Young Enterprise Company “U-Neek” successfully reached the area finals this year. Their keen business acumen and excellent team work ensured that UNeek’s buy-to-sell operation was appealing to customers, profitable and well administered. A healthy profit and loss account and balance sheet were submitted to the judges complemented by a strong company report and an excellent presentation. All these factors enabled the company to secure third place in the area finals, in April at the Winding Wheel, Chesterfield. The sixth form students were pleased that all their hard work had paid off and would like to thank their Business Advisors Ian Greenway

and Julie Taylor from MTM Products, for all their support and guidance throughout the programme. U-Neek are: Stephen Tann (MD), Liam Watters, Sarecia Slack, Adam Bingham, Daniel Walker, Rebekah Hill, Thomas Booth, Nathan Cartwright.

INSIDE: Cosmic Chemistry • Penny Race • Arts • ICT • Ski Trip • Sport • Humanities

Cosmic Chemistry and the jungles of South America Students in Y8 saw just how much fun science can be when they took part in an inspirational science festival and learned about everything from the Big Bang to the science of how food is made. The festival involved over 290 Year 8 students and was co-organised by SciTec, part of Derbyshire Education Business Partnership. Mr Topley, Head of Key Stage 3 Science said, “The Science Festival was a crash-bang mixture of experiments in biology, chemistry and physics, showing just how magical science can be. Students got the chance to take part in unique experiments, learn about and handle exotic animals from snakes and skunks to meercats tarantulas and hands-on demonstrations, which lets them see science in a totally different light.”

Penny Race In April, Y7 spent the PSD IMPACT day learning about water and the shortages that some third world countries face. The day culminated in a penny race in the afternoon. Y7pupils had been collecting pennies for weeks and had a race between forms to see which one could make the longest line of pennies. 7TA won by collecting over £70 worth of pennies. Mr David Fish from the rotary club came to watch the race and collect the money. He drove off with his car bonnet pointing to the sky and it took him 24 hours to count the proceeds which amounted to £430 – enough to sponsor four wells in Sri Lanka. Well done to Y7 for a fantastic effort. S. Kench

Students from the Y8 took part in a variety of workshops including Cosmic Chemistry, which explains the creation of the universe and how it has evolved over time. Ready Steady Science, where they looked at healthy eating and the science of ingredients and The Really Gross Show where they looked at the science involved in bodily functions and secretions. The day was a great success and was enjoyed by all staff and students who took part.

Read to Succeed The final of the 2008 Read to Succeed Quiz took place during a March evening in the Richard Smith Hall. Now in its fifth year, the book quiz attracted a record number of entries, with eighty four teams from years 7, 8 and 9 taking part. The heats were held during school time with the top twenty student teams competing in the final, where they were joined by three staff teams. A feature of the evening is the inventive fancy dress, based on book

Arts roundup It’s been a busy time for the Expressive Arts Faculty! The Spring Concert featured an eclectic mix of classical and popular music that was well received by parents and students alike (photos below). This term our students have been busily preparing for their exams. The Arts Café held on May 13th showcased the high standards achieved by our Y11 GCSE students in Art, Music and Drama. Y13 Drama students also performed their adaptations of Romeo and Juliet and Hamlet on May 15th. The Y12 Drama students performed Blue Remembered Hills and Oh What a Lovely War on 20th May. We now look forward to the Arts Celebration Evening on July 2nd which will showcase KS3 work.

characters, worn by the teams. The helpers this year dressed as characters from the “Wizard of Oz”

This involves reading the seven books on the shortlist before the winner is announced on Thursday 26th June.

A closely fought contest, with the possibility of a staff team victory at one stage, was won by ‘An Awful Ending’, a team of year 9 students, who will be representing the school in the Derbyshire Literature Challenge.

Shadowers will discuss the books during a review meeting on Wednesday 25th June and vote for Tupton Hall’s winning book.

Carnegie Shadowing Fifteen students from years 7 to 12 and seven staff are taking part in this year’s Carnegie Shadowing.

Our reviews can be read on the shadowing site at shadowingsite by clicking on Reading Groups and finding us in the alphabetical list of participating schools.

Yorkshire Dales Expedition

Rock Challenge Twenty students from Years 8-13 competed in the Rock Challenge dance competition at Derby Assembly rooms in May. After a long day of rehearsing we performed to a packed audience. The Tupton performance was amazing. After the performance the judges commented: ‘Outstanding technique shown in all performers’, ‘Very strong use of choreography’ and ‘...a very innovative and well rehearsed piece’. We also won best choreography, hair and make up, costume, best group by other performers and 2nd overall. We left feeling tired, emotional and determined to get 1st next year!

A Level History Revision Weekend During the April holiday, six Tupton Duke of Edinburgh’s Award students headed north to the windswept heights of the Yorkshire Dales for their Gold Practice expedition. Five Year 13 students - Natasha Ganecki, Charlotte Brown, Sophie Wardlow, Richard Harris & Mark Edwards - plus Abbey-Jo Moores of Year 11, travelled by mini bus to their start point in Settle on Wednesday 16th. From here they navigated eastwards to dramatic Goredale Scar where they camped for the first night. There followed three more days of navigating the rugged limestone Dales, walking with very full and very heavy packs frequently buffeted by very cold winds. Two more nights of camping were also

part of the expedition. In total the group walked over forty miles, showing excellent resolve, determination and a great attitude throughout. Places of interest en-route included Malham Tarn, Kettlewell, Grassington and several areas of Limestone pavement. And all this was but a preparation for their assessed expedition which may well take place nearer to home in the Peak District. Considering the impressive approach and attitude of every member of this group I expect them to be as successful on the actual assessed expedition whenever that takes place. It was a pleasure being with such responsible and well motivated young people. Ian Parfitt

The annual A Level History revision weekend took place on in May. This year 48 Key Stage 5 students and 6 History staff spent the weekend at the Hollowford Centre in Castleton preparing for the forthcoming examinations. The Saturday consisted of three revision sessions lasting for 2 hours each, in addition to the regular football match to finish the day. The topics covered ranged from the role of Martin Luther King and Malcolm X in gaining civil rights for black Americans to Hitler’s Germany and Stalin’s Russia. Sunday involved a 11/2 hour session looking at exam technique before we all packed up and came home. The feedback from the students was again immensely positive with all rating the weekend as very good to excellent both for exam preparation and for enjoyment. Typical comments by students were:

“It was valuable revision that I wouldn’t have forced myself to do at home, but it was fun as well’ The days ‘reminded me of what I knew and, more importantly, what I didn’t” “There was a good balance between getting work done and enjoying yourself” “It was a more interactive environment and longer sessions so we learnt more” I would like to take this opportunity to thank the History staff for giving up their weekend unpaid and the students for their excellent attitude and hard work.

Mr Crunkhorn Head of Humanities

Ski Trip: Bormio 2008 Sports Relief Tupton Hall supported the work of Sport Relief, by raising £525. In a joint venture between Chesterfield FC and Tupton Hall School, money was raised by PE staff offering reduced priced tickets to a televised game against MK Dons. With a £1/ticket donation being made to Comic Relief staff, students and friends of Tupton Hall were able to experience an evening of frantic football in the knowledge that they were also supporting a worthy cause.

After the success of the ski trip in 2006 the staff and students could not wait to get going on this year’s trip to Bormio, Italy. Over 70 pupils from years 8-12 visited the purpose built ski resort, which offers multiple ski runs for beginners to the advanced skiers, all of which have benefited from the fantastic snow fall that the region have received since the New Year. The start of the week saw many of the students as complete beginners.

ICT update Award of the ICT Mark Tupton Hall has now been permanently awarded the prestigious ICT Mark by Becta, the British Education Communications and Technology Agency. We are one of only three secondary schools in Derbyshire to have the ICT Mark, which is awarded for a period of three years following an extensive external assessment. The Mark recognises the school’s success in developing the strategic use of ICT in both administration and across the curriculum. Parents will now have proof that their children are attending a school that uses the very best information and communications technology to enhance their learning. ICT has been our second specialism since 2005 and the award by Becta recognises our continued commitment and positive approach to ICT. We believe that ICT can be used in every aspect of learning and that it is essential our children are equipped for the modern world.

However, after a full week of tuition, many falls and scrapes the students were flying down the red and blue routes like complete professionals! The evenings in the resort were not wasted either with a number of activities on offer including swimming. shopping, quiz night, and presentation night where ski instructors presented each skier with a certificate. To add to the fun the staff came up with the idea to offer awards for the days’ antics! Neil McLean, Executive Director for Educational Practice at Becta said;”Tupton Hall School thoroughly deserve the accolade of the ICT mark. They clearly demonstrate how important it is to take a holistic approach to using ICT in schools. Their investment in new technology has contributed to substantial improvements in learning.” One of the key stages in further development is increasing parental communication and involvement in their students’ learning. The “Parents” section has developed greatly over the last month containing generic and year specific documents, information, letters home, and links to our student database. Watch out for invitations to experience ICT in the classroom over the coming months.

IT Diploma From September 2009, Tupton Hall will be offering, as Lead School, the IT Diploma to students from the 10 school Chesterfield Learning Community. The new Diplomas are a

Chesterfield FC praised the efforts of both the staff and students at the school – and was most thankful of the time put in by Thomas Jenkins (PE Technician) to make the project work.

Winners proudly wore a high visibility vest for the following day’s skiing. All students were delivered home safely, with only minor knocks and bruises. A great week was had by all!

major part of the new 14-19 education Vision, and we are delighted that our bid to deliver the IT diploma was accepted.

Revision Material As the major examinations are now under way, it is worth reminding all students of the wealth of resources in many subjects available on the school VLE (Virtual Learning Environment). Once logged in, students have access to podcasts, revision tasks, past papers, mark schemes and links to specific online revision sites, most notably SAM Learning, to which the school subscribes. SAM claim that 10 hours revision on their site will increase GCSE grades! SAM login details: Centre ID: S42TH User ID: date of birth, initials, e.g.: 020293jb, may be john bull Password: date of birth, initials, e.g.: 020293jb, may be john bull (same as user id) For all ICT issues, please email:

Fantastic sporting year... Here are some highlights of of the year: Boys’ Football NED Tournament – Year 7 Boys: A Team won, B Team second. Year 8 Boys: A Team second, B Team second. Year 9 Boys: A Team won, B Team second. Year 10 Boys: Unbeaten throughout. Round 3 of the Under 15’s National Cup. Jordan Burrow, Tom Mitchell and Aaron Jones represented Chesterfield F.C.’s Centre of Excellence programme. Under 18: last 16 in National Cup. Girls’ Football Year 7: 6-a-side competition. A, B and C Teams all achieved second place. Year 8: Quarter final of the County Cup. Represented Chesterfield in the Regional Finals, coming third. Year 10: Last 32 of the National Cup. Year 11: County Finals and last 16 of the National cup. Netball Year 9: Winners of U14 County Netball Championship. U14 Regional Netball Championship. Winners U14 East and Central Sports College Championship. Winners of National School U14 Tournament. Exceptional performances from Paige Goucher and Jenna Wallis. Year 10: North East Derbyshire Tournament, 2nd place. Cricket U13 Girls’ Cricket team were beaten in the county final of the indoor event. U15 Girls’ Cricket team beat Frederick Gents in the county indoor final. They are playing in the regional tournament. U13 Boys’ Indoor Cricket currently through to finals of County Cup

Badminton NED Tournament: Year 7 Boys Second. Year 8 Boys First. Year 9 Boys Second. Year 7 Girls Fourth. Year 8 Girls Second. Year 9 Girls First. Cross Country NED Event: Year 7 Boys 1st Place. Year 7 Girls 1st Place. Junior Boys 1st Place. Junior Girls 2nd Place. Inter Boys 3rd Place Inter Girls 1st Place. Senior Boys 1st Place. Senior Girls 1st Place. Many represented Derbyshire. Gymnastics Gymnastics Festival hosted by Tupton Hall, with 5 schools and 80 gymnasts. Year 7 won the team competition – star performance from Sophie Holt. Year 8 came second. Tupton also came 1st in pairs – Carly Parfitt & Emily Partridge. Sports Hall Athletics Year 7 won the Sports Hall Athletics competition held against NED schools. Swimming Year 10 and 11 Girls became Division 4 Champions in Freestyle and reached National Finals for Freestyle and Medley. Team: Ruby Brunt, Millie Golding, Alex Hartshorne, Laura White & Ainsley Cross. Trampolining NED Competition: In the Advance Group Tupton came 1st thanks to Emily Partridge. In the Level Group Tupton came 1st thanks to Gemma Page. +++ National recognition for our work with the Science department. We raised over £400 for British Heart Foundation in a year 7 charity skip. A link with Loughborough University for students to check out career paths in sport.

Over the past 12 months the U14 netball team has gone from strength to strength. Following a series of convincing wins at the regional tournament, beating teams from Lincoln, Nottinghamshire, Northants, and Leicestershire, they qualified for the national finals in Bournemouth. After a lengthy trip to the south coast and a paddle on the beach, the girls took on the best U14 netball teams in the country. The standard of play was exceptionally high and thoughts of winning the national title disappeared. However, all was not lost as the girls were presented with the ‘National Award for Endeavour’ in recognition of their sustained effort through the competition. A most deserving accolade, for some outstanding individual performances.

vaulting club was started for boys by popular demand.

Gym & Dance display 150 Students enjoyed taking part in the 12th annual gym and dance display held in mid February. They did two performances, one for parents in the evening and one for primary schools the following morning. This

Netball stars

was also watched by many of our KS3 students and as a result, a new

Highlights were the quality of work produced by GCSE and ‘A’ level Dance students and the enthusiastic and fearless qualities of our vaulting teams who like nothing better than to be upside down, rotating and preferably three metres off the ground. It was also the last display for many of our Year 13 students who have been involved every year as performers, choreographers and young leaders. They will be missed.

Tupton Hall School, Old Tupton, Chesterfield, Derbyshire S42 6LG Tel: 01246 863127 email: design & print •

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PRINTEDONRECYCLEDPAPER ISSUE 7 JUNE2008 INSIDE: Cosmic Chemistry•Penny Race •Arts •ICT •SkiTrip •Sport •Humanities by James Booker, Rebecca...

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