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I S S U E 4 J U LY 2 0 0 7

World Challenge 2007 expedition

Online school report Dear Parent, Here is the last edition of Aspire for this school year; I hope that you have enjoyed browsing through the newsletters this year. At the time of writing there are many activities planned for the end of term and we will report on them in our next issue. As I hope you will be aware, you can view the report from our latest OfSTED inspection on the school website. Printed copies are also available from reception on request. There is also a link to the OfSTED website from the school website. During the inspection we held our annual Y7 poetry competition and I have included one of the poems below, which gives one student’s view of the school and the Ofsted visit. I should also like to make parents aware of the unusual holiday arrangement for the spring term in 2008. Please see the table on page 3 for details. A full school calendar will be issued at the start of next term.

Acrostic School Poem The aims are sky high, Understanding the reason for success, P reparing us for the future, Terrifying teachers – no way! Ofsted absolutely love us. N othing can distract us. H idden talent lies within, A ctivities are great lots of sporty ones, L earning different skills, L aughter fills the school. Special needs are always met, Caring about our education, H elping hands are all around, Over the top facilities, Over the moon at our good work, L oving people that we can’t do without.

It’s Christmas? Preparations are under way for the 2007 Christmas show. Auditions are open to anyone and will be held in the tihrd week of next term. So if you can sing, act or dance, check the Expressive Arts corridor for details about the show. Scripts and music will be available before the end of term so you have the summer to prepare for your X factor moment! • More drama news inside

Pictured above are Sixth Form students taking part in our World Challenge 2007 expedition to South Africa. They departed from School on Monday 9th July in our new mini-bus on the first stage of their month long visit. When they arrive in South Africa they will undertake a series of demanding challenges including a long trek and a community service project in a native village. It will be a life changing experience on what we hope is the first of many such expeditions.

A final goodbye Year 11 celebrated the end of five years’ study in school before their exams began. They enjoyed a ‘Celebration of Success’ assembly in which several of them participated to rapturous applause. In May they held a Prom at the Chesterfield Hotel, to which staff were invited. Glamorous Prom goers arrived in limousines, camper vans and lorries then danced the night away. The following week, GCSE’s started. Mrs Stanley, Exams Officer, complimented students on their excellent behaviour. Now we look forward to results day on 23 August. Mrs Kench and Mrs Roberts have enjoyed their company for the last five years. We wish them all success and happiness in the future.

I N S I D E : L a n g u a g e l e a d e r s • Pa s t , p r e s e n t & f u t u r e • F i z z e s & B a n g s • S p o r t s D a y

g n i n ART e v e n celebratio T h e S u m m e r t e rm o ff e re d t h e E x p re s s i v e A r t s F a c u l t y t h e o p p o rt u n i t y t o c e l e b r a t e t h e achievements of students of all ages.

Arts Café We held the inaugural Arts Café event to celebrate our Year 11 students’ achievements in Art, Music and Drama.

The history boys and girls T h i rt y - e i g h t A S a n d A 2 H i s t o ry s t u d e n t s , a n d t h e A L e v e l H i s t o ry team spent a day and a half in May a t t h e H o l l o w f o rd C e n t re i n C a s t l e t o n p re p a r i n g f o r t h e s u m m e r e x a m s .

More Fizzes and Bangs

Deep in the depths of the l a b o r a t o r y, s t u d e n t s c o m e a l o n g t o S c i e n c e C l u b , w h e re t h e y p e r f o rm a m u l t i t u d e o f experiments under the watchful e y e o f M r L a m b e rt a n d M i s s Wi l l i a m s . T h e y o u n g s c i e n t i s t s t ry o u t a r a n g e o f p r a c t i c a l s , f ro m f i r e writing, elephants’ toothpaste to b o u n c i n g c u s t a rd a n d m a n y m o re . Science Club pushes back the f ro n t i e r s o f l e a r n i n g s c i e n c e a n d keeps the minds busy for the budding enthusiasts.

On Saturday there were three intensive revision seminars covering the main syllabus topics: The Age of Peel, USA between the wars, Nazi Germany and Stalin’s Russia. Students took part activities, including presentations, discussions, poster work and exam technique. Meals and copious amounts of tea and coffee were provided.

The Richard Smith Hall was transformed into our café and guests enjoyed an evening punctuated by drama and music performances and enjoyed the opportunity to view the very high standard of artwork on display.

Expressive Arts Celebration The fourth Expressive Arts Celebration Evening provided the Faculty with an opportunity to reward and celebrate the achievements and efforts of students from Year 7 to Year 11 in Art, Music and Drama. Expressive Arts. Gold, Silver, Bronze and effort awards were presented in each year group. The standard of work was very high.

The day ended with the traditional football match where the Year 13 lads took on everybody else. Mr. Crunkhorn’s side lost yet again.

Year 7 Music students put the new set of drums to good use with an African Drumming performance which they had learnt at a workshop.

The Sunday session focused on exam technique with students sitting a mock examination to put their knowledge into practice.

Year 7 Drama students entertained the audience with three short plays inspired by African storytelling. The Art department had exhibitions of work from a range of students and included year 7 prints, Aboriginal work by Year 8, artwork from the Year 9 after school club, examples of GCSE work and the A-level exhibition.

Feedback from students after the weekend was extremely positive with many commenting on how much the sessions had helped them and, while the days were hard work, how much they had enjoyed the entire weekend. A round of applause resonated around the bus bringing the students back to the school to show this gratitude. I would also like to take the opportunity to thank Miss Bingham, Mr. Stafford, Mrs. Gallagher and Miss Evans for their hard work and being willing to staff this unpaid. In addition to this I would also like to thank Mr. Coates for his help preparing all the paperwork for the trip.

Mr Crunkhorn

Homework After the summer holiday we will be raising the profile of homework, which is an important part of learning. It gives students the chance to extend what they learn in school, and it helps to improve their results. Parents should check that students bring their homework diaries to school every day. Please check that diaries are filled in and that the homework has been completed. You can raise homework issues at parents’ evenings.

Language Leaders Three groups of Year 10 Modern Foreign Language students were invited, and elected to take up the opportunity, to start a new course, called the F o r e i g n L a n g u a g e L e a d e r Aw a r d ( F L L A ). As the only school in Derbyshire running this new and innovative award for young leaders in MFL, we have been fortunate enough to be able to send in 10 students per language (French, German and Spanish) to three of the local primary schools. The students have enthused about the coaching opportunity and the feedback from the primary schools has been very positive. Holmgate (Spanish), Hunloke Park (German) and North Wingfield Primary & Nursery (French) were visited. The work and resources from Tupton Hall students have been impressive, and appreciated by the younger students.

Can you help a young person? Could you help a young person to make the most of themselves and their future? If the answer is yes, why not become a mentor? The Derbyshire Education Business Partnership (DEBP) works with local businesses, some of which allow their staff to take time from work to provide a mentoring service for young people aged 14-16. Tupton Hall School has jointly run the mentoring scheme with DEBP for the last five years providing some pupils in KS4 with an adult mentor to offer help and support, and generally ‘be there’ during their GCSE years. Students are referred by their Head of Year who feels that the students would benefit from this type of support. Such students often lack confidence and with a little bit of help could raise their selfesteem. Students find this support invaluable. Mentors and students generally meet for an hour, once a fortnight, during school time. School co-ordinator Sandra Wood organises Mentor Support Meetings two or three times a year. Mentors join in a celebration event at the end of Y11. This has involved a day trip to London, an activity centre and a session of ten-pin bowling. If you would like to be a mentor, contact Sandra Wood on 01246 863127.

Drama Club The summer term is usually the time when Drama club puts on its annual performance. This year however it has had to be postponed until September. Students have been working hard on several performances all based around a school theme. The performances are all abridged versions of some popular plays that you might know: ‘Sparkleshark’, ‘Adrian Mole’, ‘Teechers’ and ‘Billy Smiff’. Make sure you keep a lookout for the posters advertising the performance at the start of Autumn term and come along!

Gifted and Talented Summer school The Drama department are running a gifted and talented summer school for Year 8 students. Last years summer school was a huge success and we know this years will be too. We have a fantastic actor coming into school for two days to work with students on devising skills. At the end of the two days they will have produced their own devised performance. We are looking forward to a fantastic two days.

Past, present and future ‘ C l a y C r o s s : Pa s t , P r e s e n t a n d F u t u r e ’ was the focus for 16 Gifted and Ta l e n t e d Ye a r 8 H u m a n i t i e s s t u d e n t s s p e n d i n g a d a y a t C l a y C r o s s l i b r a r y.

Skills and knowledge from History, Geography and Religious Education were tested. The day began with a walk around Clay Cross to see some of the landmarks which have been crucial to the history and development of the town. The students then worked in groups at the library using a range of high level research skills. These included the use of censuses on microfiche, studying maps showing growth and change over time, and analyzing council plans for the regeneration of Clay Cross. Students were also given the opportunity to question several experts. Councilors John Holmes and Peter Riggott talked about the plans for the future of Clay Cross, and Mark, the Curate from St. Bartholomew’s Church explained the changing role of religion in the town. Staff from Clay Cross library and Derbyshire’s local studies department

were also a big help to the students. The students finally delivered excellent PowerPoint presentations, which greatly impressed Councilor Riggott. The students themselves found the day a valuable and enjoyable experience. Miss Coddington and Mrs. Gallagher

Term times Te rm o n e Tuesday September 4 – Friday October 19 INSET day – Friday September 28 Te rm t w o Monday 29 October – Friday December 21 INSET days – Friday November 23 and Monday November 26 Te rm t h r e e Monday January 7 – Friday February 15 Te rm f o u r Monday February 25 – Friday April 4 Good Friday 21 March, Easter Monday 24 March Te rm f i v e Monday 21 April – Friday May 23 May day Monday May 5 Te rm s i x Monday 2 June – Wednesday July 23 INSET day Friday 27 June

Sports Day

S p o r t s D a y, t h e s p o r t i n g c l i m a x o f t h e y e a r, h a s p ro v e d t o b e a g r e a t s u c c e s s a g a i n a t Tu p t o n . All House teams were very strong and every event was closely contested. Over 400 students of all abilities competed in events ranging from Discus and High Jump to 1500m and 100m sprint. Marshalling was carried out by staff and JSLA, CSLA and HSLA students from the Year 11 and 6th form. The final results were some of the closest to date, with one or two points deciding the overall standings in some cases: Y e a r 7: First Hunloke, Second Cavendish, Third Gladwin and Fourth Turbutt.

SAM Learning – 10 hour challenge Students in Year 11 and Year 9 faced the SAM learning challenge – 10 hours of focussed online revision to improve GCSE grades and SAT results. We do not know the outcome in terms of actual results, but the students responded fantastically to the challenge. Look at these statistics: Tupton Hall

National Average

SAM Revision hours



Year 9 % of students



Y e a r 8: First Hunloke, Second Cavendish, Third Gladwin and Fourth Turbutt.

Year 9 average hours per student


Y e a r 9: First Hunloke, Second Cavendish, Third Gladwin and Fourth Turbutt.

Year 11 average hours per student


Y e a r 1 0: First Turbutt, Second Cavendish, Third Gladwin and Fourth Hunloke.

A fantastic effort! Let’s try to beat these figures next year. Remember students can log on at home at, or follow the link from the school web site

The Overall School Winning House: H u n l o k e

Login details: Centre ID: S42 TH User ID: date of birth and initials, e.g.; 120190np Password: date of birth and initials, e.g.; 120190np (same as user id)

Well done to everyone who participated.

Tu p t o n H a l l S c h o o l , O l d Tu p t o n , C h e s t e r f i e l d , D e r b y s h i re S 4 2 6 L G Te l : 0 1 2 4 6 8 6 3 1 2 7 e m a i l : i n f o @ t u p t o n h a l l . d e r b y s h i re . s c h . u k w w w. t u p t o n h a l l . d e r b y s h i re . s c h . u k design & print •

Aspire Jul 2007  

O O n n l l i i n n e e s s c c h h o o o o l l r r e e p p o o r r t t HH idden talent lies within, AA ctivities are great lots of sporty o...

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