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Sport Relief & National Science and Engineering Week On Friday 19th March over 650 students, staff and parents of Tupton Hall Secondary School and local primary schools came together to not only celebrate the achievements of science, but also raise money for Sport Relief UNICEF and other charities. Science and PE staff have worked tirelessly over the past weeks to ensure that the wonders of science and sport would come together for a fantastic day of learning, physical activity and overall enjoyment. Amanda Neville, Assistant Headteacher at Tupton Hall stated “As a Specialist Sports College it goes without saying that ‘Sport Relief ‘would be embraced and celebrated in full. However, when we learnt that there was an overlap between National Science and Engineering Week and Sport Relief – it was an opportunity we could simply not miss!” In September we opened our newly furbished ‘Spin Lounge’ complete with 21 spin bikes. As an activity this has been a huge success both within lessons and as part of our out of hours programme. As a Sports College we are always looking for ways to help students develop their knowledge and understanding of other subject areas – using physical activity. Craig Bell, a member of the science faculty has been working with ‘Electric Pedals’ for several weeks, looking specifically at how energy can be

produced and used using only pedal power. On Friday 19th March staff, students and parents pedalled bicycles to power up a smoothie maker, charge up dance mats, run a Scalextric circuit or power amplifiers for a concert or simply count up their kilowatts. Prior to this event, pupils have been engaged in Science workshops making kinetic sculptures as part of ‘National Science and Engineering Week’ in conjunction with ‘Ignite’s Come Alive with Science’ programme. Students have been able to work alongside real scientists, artists and engineers to fire their imagination and interest, giving them a base of knowledge in anticipation of Tupton Hall School’s 10 Hour Energy Marathon. Craig Bell, Tupton Hall School Science teacher, stated “It’s fantastic to see young people so engaged and enthused by the whole project. The link between Sport and Science has been incredibly successful “ Junior Sports Leaders kept the bikes moving and the energy accumulating for the full 10-hours, with the help of staff, parents and members of the local community. Alongside pedal power, students have also been selling cakes, taking part in a Beat the Goalie competition and participating in a variety of alternative activities to raise money for Sport Relief, UNICEF and the DEC. During the day, groups

of both primary and secondary school students participated in varying educational workshops and at lunchtime, students were able to attend a pop concert, in aid of Sport Relief. The fun went on until 7pm. After school students came to add their kilometres to the kilowatt total. At 5pm there was another interactive workshop for the students, friends and families of our primary partner schools. Patrick Cook, Headteacher, described the event as ‘a fantastic cross curricular experience that captured the imagination and motivated everyone who took part’. Over £2,500 was raised by the various activities so we are proud to be able to support so many worthy causes.

10 Hour Energy Marathon INSIDE: Battle of the Bands • Clothes Show • Cool Stuff • Cake Competition

Lessons from Auschwitz

In February 2010 Alice Corker, Rachel Ford (both in Year 12) and Andy Russ (a teacher) were given the opportunity to take part in the 'Lessons from Auschwitz' project, run by the Holocaust Edecational Trust and sponsored by central government. The aim of the project is to allow young adults to see how discrimination and prejudice can lead to the most appalling treatment of other human beings and to encourage them to share their experiences with other students in their school. We listened to Kitty Hart-Moxon, a survivor, about how she lived through Auschwitz, the most notorious extermination camp ever devised. She believes we must know that it can happen, to prevent future repetition. Our one-day visit to the concentration camps were in thick snow and with temperatures of minus 15 degrees. Prisoners were issued with one thin outfit: many literally froze to death. Up to two million people died at Aushcwitz - mainly Jews but also hundreds of thousands of minority groups. Why? Because the Nazis perceived them as different and therefore a threat. Millions of ordinary people were 'passive' participants in this genocide. As Simon Wiesenthal said " can happen again, and there is nothing to say it will be the Jews who must perish next-time". We should all stand up for the rights of minorities avoid labels, celebrate diversity. This is my 'lesson' from Auschwitz. Dr Andy Russ

Travel and Tourism trip to Paris In the early hours of a very dark and cold Sunday morning in February 17 A Level Travel and Tourism students set off for a four day residential visit to Paris. The aim of the trip was to experience firsthand the sights and sounds of one of the greatest cities of the world whilst gathering information for our coursework on tourist destinations and tourism development. Staying at a hotel in Disney Resort Paris, we were able to visit the theme parks and see how the Marne-la-Vallee region of northern France has been and still is being developed for tourism, bringing employment and income to the area. Whilst in Paris we visited the Eiffel Tower, though disappointingly we were unable to go to the very top because it was snowing – “ ferme a cause la neige” ! We also enjoyed a sightseeing cruise on the River Seine and lunch at the Louvre. A slight change of plan due to the extreme cold (5C) enabled us to have an excellent coach tour of Paris – did you know that you are not insured when you drive around the The Arc de Triomphe – it’s too dangerous!! Afterwards we visited the amazing Sacré-Coeur Basilica in Montmartre – climbing so many steps to get to it...but worth it for the view of the city from the top. Our mixed group of Y12 and Y13 students all got on really well and everyone had a fantastic time and thoroughly enjoyed the experience......even the really cold weather didn’t manage to dampen our spirits! Travel and Tourism students

Spanish KS4 and KS5 Student Conferences In February and March a group of year 10 and year 11 students and a group of Sixth Formers attended 2 student conferences at the University of Birmingham. Years 10 and 11 attended ‘España en Vivo’ and year 12 and 13 students went to ‘Realidades de España’. KS4 Students watched a series of presentations on aspects of Spanish history, culture and geography and a scene set in a police station – hopefully not something they will have to put into practice themselves. They also learnt about fashion and how to describe celebrities. While the focus was on intensive listening and comprehension, students came away with a new-found love of David Bisbal and his cheesy latino style of music. The Sixth Formers also listened to presentations which tied in with topics they are studying for their A Level exams such as the pro’s and con’s of tourism, and they looked at different fiestas around Spain. There was an opportunity to learn some slang and see how to use street language. They also learnt how to describe ‘canis’ (chavs) and other groups of young people in society. Unfortunately we had to leave just before the end to get back to school and sadly missed the chance to perform the Macarena on stage. Maybe next time… J Leach Deputy Head of Sixth Form

The atmosphere was electric as once again the Richard Smith Hall was turned into a rock venue, with seven bands from across the year groups competing for the title of Winner of Battle of the Bands 2010. Thunder Horse, Kerplunk, Oliver and the Rest, Palindrome, All Points West, Emanon, and Firing Blanks gave the excited audience a night to remember with their loud and energetic performances, wild costumes and talented musicianship. Thunder Horse and All Points West took second and third places, but this

years winners were the Year 10 group, Oliver and the Rest (Oliver Hunt, Josh Marsh, Adam Bargh, Nat Marsh) who were great favourites with the audience with their vibrant, modern take on the classic Johnny B Goode. Oliver and the Rest, along with Kerplunk and Palindrome will be representing Tupton Hall School at the Music for Youth Rock and Pop regional festival in Birmingham at the end of March. Mrs H Wrieden, Head of Music

Battle of the Bands 3rd February 2010

Foreign Language Theatre Read to Succeed November 2009 & March 2010

These were plays put on for our Y9s and Y10s, specifically ‘comedies in German/French for teenagers’. They took place in the Richard Smith Hall at 8.45am for an hour and were conducted solely in the foreign language. The first one centred on 2 teenagers’ visit to a camp site. The quiet, peaceful German campsite gets a rude awakening when two teenage friends, Jürgen and Sonja, arrive for a weekend camping trip. Jürgen has all the equipment and knowledge for camping, Sonja, however, takes a while to accept she can't plug her hairdryer in, the toilets are shared and her high heels aren't practical! The second one is a visual comedy set in a teenager's bedroom. The problem with Jean-Paul is he's single and there is one girl at school who is on his mind more than most Angélique. The problem with Jean-Paul is he's Jean-Paul, and to win her heart he'll need help. Bring on the "Make-over Girls"! One by one they arrive with their own style and unique advice. They all have an individual job to do - to change Jean-Paul into their ideal, perfect teenager, but is Jean-Paul ready to change this much? And what if his parents find out he's had strange girls in his room? The students watching thoroughly enjoyed the experiences, felt they got a great deal from it, understood almost all; I was even asked whether I could persuade the actors to come to class! The plays are really interactive, and students are always involved! Every year we book two plays, and rotate the languages. Next year it will be Spanish and German.

Mr. J. Ford (Head of MFL)

On Thursday 4th March the Richard Smith Hall was filled with students and staff, many in fancy dress, for the final of this year’s Read to Succeed book quiz. Sixty five teams entered this year’s event and battled their way through the heats held in early February. The twenty two student teams who made it through to the final were joined by five staff teams and a post-16 team. The highest scoring team on the night was the ‘Unseen Academicals’, the post 16 team, who were impressively disguised as librarians from the Discworld series. The closely contested staff event was won by the ‘History Girls’, with the ‘Order of the Physics’ in second place. Four year nines, Sam Wilby, Eleanor Middleton, Helena Du-Roe and Lauren Binns, under the team name of the ‘Fiery Demons from Another Place’, won the student team event and will be asked to represent the school in the final of the Derbyshire Lit. Quiz on 19th May. ‘The Cherubs’, a team of year nine boys, were runners up and four year seven boys, the ‘Monstrous Nightmares’, were in third place. Mrs. J Pickering - Librarian

Young Enterprise - Trade Fair This year Tupton has 2 Young Enterprise companies, ‘Caution Comedy!’ and ‘Stencil UK’. They have both been working really hard making and selling their products over the last few months but the culmination of all their efforts was at the trade fair in Chesterfield market, which was held on Thursday 4th March. Caution Comedy! were selling their laminated signs that are a comedy take on the information signs seen around buildings or on the roads such as fire exits or warning signs. Stencil UK were selling spraypainted canvasses in a variety of sizes that had the images of well-known celebrities on them. Both companies did an excellent job of encouraging the people of Chesterfield to purchase their wares and they all presented both the school and themselves in a really positive light, I believe Liam Stevenson even posed for photo’s with the Mayor! Well done to all those students involved. Mrs K Allen, Head of Business and Enterprise

Clothes Show Live Visit

Students from Year 10 and 11 recently paid a visit to ‘The Clothes Show Live’ staged at the NEC Birmingham, in preparation for starting their coursework for the new GCSE Textiles syllabus. The event promised a performance by boy band ‘Stand’, guest appearances from cast members from the Television show ‘Hollyoaks’, and a fashion show extravaganza hosted by TV presenter, George Lamb. While there, they also had the opportunity visit college stands, see more hair and beauty shows, keep up to date with current trends and of course, do some shopping. Some even had time to meet celebrities. Mrs P Huckle

Cakes During the last part of the Autumn Term there was a buzz in Food Technology and the corridors beyond. Were you putting gold on yours? Are you piping around the edge? Have you seen my ribbon? Staff and students alike were talking about their Christmas Cake! In total 26 staff cakes and 15 student cakes were made and decorated. They were put on display for all to see and there was an amazing display of talent and ingenuity! These are just a small selection of the results. Watch this space for next years ‘Cake Collection!’ Mrs M Pratt

Food Tech goes Hi-Tech

Careers in Health and Social Care workshop

The Food Technology department are proud owners of a Blast Chiller – but what does it do? Whilst we are still exploring its potential, we have used it to chill food rapidly between lessons, reducing the risk of food poisoning bacteria growing. Cakes and biscuits can be chilled quickly so that they can be decorated with the lesson. Jellies , cheesecakes and trifles can be set more easily especially for GCSE coursework. Last but not least, food prepared P5 can be cooled to make it safer to transport home. We have much to learn about its use, but have been impressed with it so far.

Years 10, 12 and 13 health and social care students took part in a careers workshop which was run by health care professionals, the session provided a great insight into many health and social care careers. This provided an opportunity for the students to work with equipment and learn techniques used in this profession. The students used an ECG to monitor the heart; they measured blood pressure and lung capacity as well as lung age. A false arm gave the students the opportunity to use a syringe to take blood, special glasses illustrated what it would be like to be sight impaired and an ageing camera illustrated the negative effects of smoking and many students saw themselves as 75 year olds. The session was great fun and was inspiring for many students. Donna Slater

District Champions In January the Year 7 and 8 Sports Hall Athletics teams travelled to Eckington to complete in the North East Derbyshire Championships. The Year 8 boys left the event as district champions, as did the Year 7 boys sharing the top spot with the Eckington team. The year 7 and 8 girls teams were both narrowly beaten finishing in second place. The championships saw some very impressive individual performances with a number of Tupton Students winning individual events. Russ Mackey finishing 1st the Shot Putt with a distance of 7½ meters, Luke Downing Year 8 boys team captain also winning the standing long jump. On the track Tupton teams had mixed fortunes however the Year 7 boys and girls teams both dominated the hurdles, with the Year 8 Boys experiencing success in the 2 lap, 4 lap, 6 lap and relay races. The PE staff would like to thank all the competitors and their families.

Mr.Tinsley Y7 Joint Champions

Y8 District Champions

Y Sportshall

Y Sportshall

Cool Stuff for Kids programme delivers to even more children

The Holiday Activity Programme at Tupton Hall, known as Cool Stuff for Kids, exceeded all expectations during February Half-Term. The programme has gained the funding required in order to provide activities for FREE to all local children and this has proved a huge success, in comparison to a year ago, where 75 children joined the programme in 2009. This time around, over 190 children visited Tupton Hall during February Half-Term to take part in a range of activities ranging from Archery and Drama to Cookery and Dance, all of the children living within the local community. This means that over 1,000 hours of activities were delivered in just 4 days, which is a huge achievement. This programme was also supported by over 20 Young Leaders who are part of the Chesterfield And North East Derbyshire Leadership Academy, these Young Leaders contributed over 200 voluntary hours and developed a number of leadership skills along the way, as well as having as much fun as the children that they were coaching. The next Cool Stuff for Kids programme will take place during the Easter Holidays from Monday 12th to Thursday 15th April 2010, please look out for a booking form or visit the school website in order to download a booking form closer to the time. Darren Norwood, Community Development Manager

Barcelona Trip Fundraising Year 9 Students who are visiting Barcelona at Easter have been undertaking various fundraising events in order to raise money toward the cost of the trip and for their kit. 24 students and 4 staff will be travelling to Spain in order to take part in an international sports tournament and will be competing in Football and Netball. The students have been working hard to raise money for much needed equipment. They helped weary shoppers pack their groceries at Tesco’s in Chesterfield. They and their families have also been busy baking, as the students held a recent bake sale in school at lunchtime. In total the pupils have raised £427 towards the cost of kit. Pupils wish to thank Tesco for their support, and the staff would like to thank all the families of students who have supported the fundraising events. Nick Rosling and Louise Hawker

Shooting STARS visit English Institute of Sport Sheffield A group of 30 Year 5, 6 and 7 students from Tupton Hall and its primary feeder schools, who have been identified as Gifted and Talented within PE and Sport visited the English Institute of Sport in Sheffield. This group is known as the Shooting STARS, which is part of the overall Gifted and Talented in PE and Sport programme called STARS (Supporting Talented Athletes to Reach Success) which has been designed by the Sports College. The group were selected from over 100 children who were identified by their school as being Gifted and Talented, after taking part in a series of tests. The group visited the high performance centre to see the facilities that are on offer to elite athletes and to also take part in several sports sessions led by high performance coaches. The group were put through their paces by former Light Middle-Weight Boxer Herol ‘Bomber’ Graham, and also had the chance to try Table Tennis and Ice Skating. The group will attend several workshops during this academic year and will also be part of a 4 day MultiSkills Academy during the Easter Holidays. Hoepfully, we are supporting the Elite Athletes of the future to realise their potential!!!

Year 9 - Making the link! Daniel Haynes & Lucy Harris 9TA got the opportunity to attend a very special day at The Friary School in Lichfield. The day was centred around working with Roald Bradstock who is a former Olympic athlete and a practising artist, who's work tries to link sport and art together. The pupils gained a great deal of information on this & had lots of fun creating fantastic artwork using unusual techniques. Lucy & Daniel are now going to feedback to other year 9 classes and working together with Miss Cope and 9TA to produce artwork based on Tupton hall students to go on display in the sport area and around the school.

Gym and Dance Display The Gym and Dance Display produced another set of fantastic performances from both boys and girls. This year a boy’s break-dance duo made its debut and went down a storm, along with gymnastic routines, vaulting and a selection of pieces from GCSE and A Level Dance groups. It was also good to see a large proportation of the display having performances by both Key Stage 3 and 4 PE groups, from High School Musical by Year 8, to Thriller by the Year 11’s. The performers all worked extremely hard to produce their pieces and the evening was thoroughly enjoyed by all that came to watch.

Under 16 Netball Team Qualify for National Final Tupton Hall Under 16 Netball team (pictured right) have qualified for the National Netball Final to be held in Brighton on 20th March, this means that the girls are one of the top 14 teams in the Country! After winning the County Competition, the team travelled to Leicester to take part in the Regional Competition to represent Derbyshire. In this competition the girls played teams from Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire and Northamptonshire. The team won all but one of their games in the group stages in the tournament, and won their semifinal to reach the final against Nottingham Girls High School. In a tight match against a strong Nottinghamshire team, they missed out on victory by one goal in the last minute of play, but have qualified along with Nottingham Girls High School to play in the National Final. Everyone at school wishes the girls luck in this tournament! Squad members are: Bethany Clarke, Paige Goucher, Sally Jones, Melissa Hobson, Samantha Ward, Megan Willis, Jenna Wallance, Shannon Cooper, Poppy Marriot and Lily Hammond

Tupton Hall School, Old Tupton, Chesterfield, Derbyshire S42 6LG Tel: 01246 863127 email: edited, designed & printed by

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INSIDE: Battle of the Bands• Clothes Show • Cool Stuff• Cake Competition PRINTED ON RECYCLED PAPER ISSUE 12 APRIL2010 Spanish KS4 and KS5 St...

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