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==== ==== Zeek members we at empathize with you and know that you all know and love the network marketing industry; that's why as a courtesy we are offering Zeek members a free membership with Vitel Wireless. ==== ==== Vi-Tel Waives Fees For Zeek Affiliates The bills continue to roll in and will continue to do so with total disregard for your situation. I believe thats why we call our plan The Zeek Rescue Plan because life has put you a lot of you all in a position of uncertainty; I do realize that some of you all had back up programs and thankful if you did. But, there are those who had believed that they had found the one company that could live to all the hype and promise; do get me wrong I not saying that you didn't find that one company, but at this moment none of us knows what the future holds for Zeek. That's why Vi-Tel CEO, Scott Rogers, went on record to announce, Vi-Tel will give safe harbor to any and all Zeek representatives and affiliates who have been wronged and left abandoned, and have no control over the situation. Dealing with the loss of a business is very difficult and Vi-Tel understands this through its compassion for others and the network marketing industry. Free sign ups will be available to all Zeekler Affiliates for the next thirty days and each person that joins will have an opportunity to earn commissions before ever investing or spending any money. Vi-Tel is devoted to offering each entrepreneur who strives for success, a quality home and with strong leadership and many years of experience in the industry. It saddens us all to hear so many people could lose their incomes, futures, and most importantly their inspiration. The company wants to ensure that this does not happen to the many Zeek affiliates as well as any others in the same situation. If you are left with a business and need a solution, Vi-Tel is waiving enrollment fees and providing refuge for distributors. You have the opportunity to start within the next 30 days with Vi-Tel at no cost to you and you can begin earning residuals immediately. Vi-Tel represents products and services from all the leading providers in telecom and home services industry and has recently expanded their offerings to offer energy and bill payments services. We have been referred to as the Wal-Mart of name brands as all of our products are recognizable and well known by consumers. As a Vi-Tel business owner, you can earn commissions from products and services people already use on a daily basis. You can earn the same fees banks do every time someone swipes a debit card that was distibuted by you. My name is Byron Speaks and I am a survivor of Hurricane Katrina, and I fully understand what you are feeling right now, but I also know that you have get up right now brush yourself off and continue to strive to build a better life you and your family. Join us and continue to build on the success that you have already had in this industry. Zeek Rescue Plan

Vi-Tel Waives Fees For Zeek Affiliates  

Needed Info For Zeek Affiliates On A Way To Continue Their Network Marketing Success!!!

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