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EDITION 3 | 2016

FEATURE ARTICLE Getting smart with technology

LATEST NEWS Expanding into Asia with Revlis Biotech INDUSTRY CORNER Brexit, Tunstall and global business COMMUNITY SPOTLIGHT Unicare Health expands offerings with Tunstall medical alarms PARTNER PROFILE Ozcare selects Tunstall for connected care PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT ICP portals for mobile patient monitoring

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Unicare Health expands offerings with Tunstall

Ozcare selects Tunstall for connected care


Tunstall and Ozcare are excited to announce a renewed partnership, continuing to provide connected care services across Queensland.

Tunstall have recently partnered with Unicare Health. Nathan Smith, Business Development Manager at Unicare Health, discusses the benefits for Unicare clients. Connected health: Dallas’ story



Our connected health solution has helped Dallas improve her condition management, avoiding unnecessary hospitalisation and maintaining her independence.

Expanding into Asia with Revlis Biotech


Tunstall Australasia and Revlis Biotech are pleased to announce their partnership, providing clients in the Chinese market with the latest in connected healthcare.

Brexit, Tunstall and Global Business

The portmanteau Brexit refers to a ‘British exit’ of the European Union. Tunstall MD Lyn Davies gives an overview of what the Brexit means for Tunstall as a global business.


ICP portals for mobile patient monitoring


Tunstall’s online portals are designed to accompany our ICP connected health system to provide mobile reporting access to carers and additional care services to patients.


Getting smart with technology In this article LifeTec share some of the insights from their recent tour of Queensland, bringing information about smart assistive technologies to communities of people living with disability. The outcomes data from these events indicate a number of key learnings about how people take up technology opportunities.

2 | Connected Voice


Welcome... Tunstall’s Connected Voice magazine

This year has flown by so fast, with our team incredibly busy developing new products and expanding our services. As I take time to reflect on our achievements so far, I am grateful for the hard work and dedication of everyone here at Tunstall, and I’m excited to see what the remainder of the year will bring. This edition of Connected Voice features an exciting array of news and announcements from Tunstall and our partners. After the excellent SMART AT workshops held across Queensland, Lifetec discuss their experience in demonstrating new assistive technology for end users and what they’ve learnt on the road over on page 6. Building on our long and successful relationship with Revlis Biotech, we’ve

recently announced an official partnership to help establish an integrated healthcare service for China, bringing together our collective connected healthcare knowledge and experience. You can read the full announcement on page 4. Our team has been developing new online portals, compatible with our Integrated Care Platform, to give our connected health clients, carers and clinicians tools to better manage their health. We have a full overview of each portal and their capabilities on page 16. Given the results of the ‘Brexit’ vote in the UK, and our position as a global business, I have written a piece on page 10 outlining our place in the global market, and the implications for Tunstall as a whole.

We have some exciting new announcements in this edition as well. We’re renewing our partnership with Ozcare, and all the details on the agreement are on page 8. And over on page 12, we explain how our new partnership has helped Unicare Health expand its assistive technology and service offering, with a range of Tunstall’s newest products now available. And lastly, I would like to extend a very warm welcome to our newest additions to the Tunstall team, with new faces joining many key areas of the business. Page 9 will introduce you to everyone and explain their role within the team. There’s much more within, but I’ll let you discover for yourself. Happy reading!

LYN DAVIES Managing Director Life Changing, Life Saving | 3


Expanding into Asia with Revlis Biotech Tunstall Australasia and Revlis Biotech are pleased to announce their partnership, providing clients in the Chinese market with the latest in connected care and connected health. In June 2016, Tunstall Healthcare entered into an exclusive connected health and care distribution agreement with Chinese health organisation Revlis Biotech, cementing Tunstall’s position in Asia as a leading health technology provider. Tunstall rekindled their long-term business relationship with Revlis while on a trade mission with Trade and Investment Queensland in November of last year, after originally working together back in 2006. Tunstall Australasia Managing Director Lyn Davies was delighted to officially announce the agreement. “This partnership is an exciting opportunity for Tunstall and Revlis to revolutionise healthcare across Asia, and to build on a lasting and rewarding relationship between our two companies,” said Ms Davies. “China’s ageing population requires effective and integrated healthcare, and together we can deliver L-R Lyn Davies, Tunstall Australasia MD, Sylvia Yang, Revlis unique solutions that provide the best possible CEO, Arthur Liu, Revlis Chairman, Martin Chang, Revlis COO care,” she said.

4 | Connected Voice


Revlis Biotech’s Chief Operating Officer Martin Chang said this new venture has the potential to improve the lives of thousands of Chinese seniors. “With the support of Tunstall, we aim to reach 32,000 connected health patients and 16,000 connected care clients by 2019,” said Mr Chang. “This is the first people-centred, integrated healthcare service of its kind in China, and one that the aged care market greatly needs,” he said. Released in late July, a report by the World Bank, World Health Organisation, and China’s Ministry of Finance, National Health and Family Planning Commission, and Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, recommended China switch to people-centred, integrated care, reducing hospital admissions and cutting down on health costs.

L-R Lyn Davies, Tunstall Australasia MD, Sylvia Yang, Revlis CEO, Arthur Liu, Revlis Chairman

“With Tunstall’s management software, our centres will be able to support a range of clients, from those who need a little extra reassurance at home via a medical alarm, to those with long-term “With in-home emergency alarm conditions who require daily health management,” said Mr Chang. monitoring and remote chronic Tunstall will also integrate the Revlis Cmate® ECG with the ICP disease management, this new system, providing patients and clinicians with a portable device that service will enable seniors to can continuously record ECG data for up to 24 hours. stay out of hospital or residential Moving forward, Tunstall and Revlis will continue to collaborate care and enjoy a better quality of with local hospitals, community care providers and government to life,” said Mr Chang. support the growth and development of cutting-edge healthcare “We will be launching two technology and services. Smart Care Monitoring Centres based in Shanghai and Qingdao, staffed by qualified nurses, and with the capacity to service clients across China,” he said. Tunstall is currently developing Chinese versions of both their PNC call management software and ICP patient management system.

View the media release online

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Getting smart with technology What do people want from smart assistive technology today? LifeTec Australia recently partnered with Tunstall in delivering nineteen ‘Explore and Interact’ events across Queensland, aimed at increasing the awareness of smart assistive technology (AT) throughout the community sector. These events have also provided valuable insight into the perspectives of people with disabilities, on the use of smart AT. Taking smart assistive technology to Queensland The world of smart AT is rapidly changing, which is just one reason why it is vital to keep people connected with their technology options. The sector is building a great deal of knowledge in this area, and at this time it is critical for consumers to be empowered with the information and options available to them. The Smart AT Workshops aimed to provide a framework for understanding the range of smart technologies and areas of application. Approximately 440 participants attended consumer education events, aimed at people with disabilities, their carers, support staff, and service providers. The huge success and turn-out indicates there is a high degree of interest in the potential of smart AT. Which areas do people need more information about smart technologies? We asked participants what smart devices they wanted to know more about. Common responses included “basic, financially affordable assistive technology” and “alternatives that are less expensive”. Other indicators included a range of smart solutions like GPS devices and safety monitoring devices, home control and security options, medical monitoring devices such as seizure or blood glucose monitors, apps for vision or hearing loss, and general options for “supporting independence in home”. We also asked consumers what kinds of smart phone or tablet they used, as a basis for exploring smart device usage. Although smart phones and tablets are increasingly common, most consumers who attended the events did not currently own a smart phone or tablet. 6 | Connected Voice

Those who did have a smart device tended to use them predominantly for phone calls, text and basic in-device functions. While some consumers are confident in using mobile apps, many are still unfamiliar with the range of functions offered, or the positive opportunities offered by the current range of apps for disability and healthcare needs. Challenges are still evident for many consumers in coping with the changes in technology. As one participant reflected, “my problem is I’m not very techno savvy”.

View consumer success stories

FEATURE ARTICLE What are some of the challenges? While the benefits of technology are clear, many of the challenges of smart technology still need to be addressed: • Level of awareness about the possibilities offered by IoT devices is an ongoing need. • Affordability remains a critical concern for many consumers. • Cultural diversity can impact on uptake of technology. More thought is needed on how to explore technology in different cultural contexts, and the meaning that smart devices offer to different social and generational groups. Finding out more about how smart AT works Being introduced to new devices is a positive experience for most consumers. However many people want a clear explanation about devices, and opportunities to try technology out. Being able to ask openly how things work can help people gain confidence in exploring their options. This brings home the realisation that time can be needed to really look at and explore the possibilities of smart devices. People also appreciated the opportunity to try technology under the guidance of others who know or understand the device. This highlights the need to support consumers to be well-informed about their local resources and networks, in seeking information and advice on AT and devices. Future consumer engagement could be aimed at linking people into key networks of technology supports: other AT users, suppliers, and informal supports like peers, friends and family who are technology users. There is immense value in consumer education and information - particularly for people who are new and emerging technology users. We need to identify who is using smart AT, what is and is not working for them, and the strategies they need to get things working. Our own approach aims to provide people with an opportunity to discuss how to implement technologies, identify strategies to minimise abandonment of the technologies, and work through their concerns about the real application of these technologies in their lives.

Whilst the ever increasing choices can offer some challenge, identifying the right smart device can be extremely rewarding. We would like to acknowledge the contributions of Tunstall in delivering these events, and the funding support of the Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services. Zoë du Cann LifeTec Australia

Looking for support with Smart assistive technology? LifeTec can help you explore the possibilities of smart devices, and choose solutions that fit people’s needs.

LifeTec is a leading provider of information, advice, support and consultation in assistive technology. Contact us to explore the possibilities, or view smart devices in our ambient Smart Home display. LifeTec staff members are qualified health professionals with expertise in all areas of assistive technology. 1300 543 383 Life Changing, Life Saving | 7


Ozcare selects Tunstall as connected care service provider Tunstall Healthcare and Ozcare are excited to announce a renewed partnership, continuing to provide connected care services to older people across Queensland. Commenced June 1, 2016, the renewed partnership ensures Ozcare can continue to deliver innovative and superior health and human services to the Queensland community with Tunstall’s emergency medical alarm service. For almost 20 years, Ozcare has been a leading not-for-profit organisation of professional and caring individuals, providing a diverse range of health and community services, including aged care, nursing, allied health, dementia support, and other community support service. Operating globally for almost 60 years, Tunstall Healthcare supports people to live independently with a range of assistive technology solutions that enable clients to have access to help when they need it most. “Tunstall and Ozcare share common values of providing an innovative and high quality service to our clients,” said Tunstall’s Managing Director Lyn Davies. “Our renewed partnership aims to reach more Queensland

seniors in need of alarm monitoring services and support to assist them to remain independent and safe at home,” she said. Damian Foley, State Manager for Ozcare, was proud to announce the renewed partnership for their home care package funded clients. “Working with Tunstall since 2013, we know our clients are pleased with the service and Tunstall care consultants, who are always helpful, welcoming

View the media release online 8 | Connected Voice

and friendly,” said Mr Foley. “It is our long-standing relationship, valuable rapport and positive client feedback that cemented our decision to renew our alarm and monitoring service with Tunstall.” “Their cutting edge assistive technology products enable our clients to stay living at home longer,” he said.

For further information about Ozcare, visit


New appointments

With an ageing population comes a growing demand for Tunstall solutions and of course that means expanding our resources. We’ve had a number of new appointments at Tunstall over the last few months and we’d like to introduce you to our newest team members. We’ve recently appointed Trent Gifford as the new Customer Operations Manager. Bringing a wealth of call centre and operational experience, Trent is responsible for leading and managing our Monitoring Centres in both Australia and New Zealand, along with our Customer Service and Clinical Services teams. Connected Health Nursing team Our Connected Health Nursing team is continually growing as we embrace new customer groups and opportunities. Please join us in welcoming our new Nurse Manager (Connected Health), Angela Durham. Angela has over 20 years of experience as a Registered Nurse, and her position will include delivering connected health training and supporting business development staff, in addition to monitoring and supporting our connected health clients. Angela is also joined by Katie Abbot and Renee Ormond, our newest Registered Nurses (Connected Health). They will be working alongside the Connected Health Nursing team to deliver clinical triage services to Tunstall’s connected health clients in Australia and New Zealand. Customer Care We have a number of new Customer Care staff; Damian Bowden, Elizabeth Clark, Adrienne Gravatt, Hope Solomon, Anahhira Ace, Sigrid Mercer, Amanda O’Brien, Gemma Haywood, Marie Kelly and Vicki Birchnall, who have all recently joined Tunstall, increasing our capacity to provide support and assistance accross our customer service and monitoring centres.

Trent Gifford

Angela Durham

Technical Services We would also like to welcome Nick Fedorniak to our Technical services team. Nick will be working alongside our dedicated team providing specialist service and knowledge to our clients and supporting the development of new assistive technology. Logistics And last, but certainly not least, Amanda Bartlett and Rachael Rasmussen have both recently joined the Logistics team. As part of the team, they will be assisting with the management of stock and deliveries for the whole business.

Alarm Upgrade Program progress report The Tunstall Alarm Upgrade team has continued to ensure that our clients are provided with our latest 3G alarms, as the nbn™ rollout continues across the country. We’re proud to say that, as of last month, the team has coordinated over 5000 alarm upgrades for our clients. The program is well on track to meet our targets for the year.

Find out more about Tunstall’s Alarm Upgrade Program Life Changing, Life Saving | 9


Brexit, Tunstall and global business Brexit

Lyn Davies Managing Director Tunstall Healthcare

...the Brexit referendum result will not significantly impact the business, either here or globally. - Lyn Davies

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Unless you’ve been living in a bubble for the last few months, you can’t help but have heard about Brexit. The portmanteau refers to a ‘British exit’ of the European Union, and talk of this has been dominating newspapers, websites and water coolers for many weeks. To quickly recap, June 23, 2016, the British public voted to leave the EU, throwing the world into a furore that seems set to continue for months to come. The future of Brexit is yet to be written, with a substantial amount of uncertainty remaining over when the exit will actually be initiated, and what the future of Britain’s relationship with Europe might look like. What is obvious, though, is that there are going to be a few very interesting months and years ahead, hopefully restoring some of the stability that has been lost in the vote’s wake. Perhaps most dramatic amongst these reactions was the huge drop of the Pound against other key currencies - falling to a whopping 30-year-low against the US Dollar. For some industries, the consequences of the Brexit vote have already been felt. Thankfully we at Tunstall Healthcare remain largely insulated against this, thanks to our position as a global company. Given this, we are less exposed to fluctuations in single economies, and while it may still be an uncertain time (and caution is always a good idea), the Brexit referendum result will not significantly impact the business, either here or globally. Tunstall Healthcare Group To give you an overview of the company structure, Tunstall Healthcare Group operates across more than 50 countries. We’re well-established as a global leader in the connected care and connected health markets, and we’ve continuously been at the forefront of new medical technologies, utilising them to assist a diverse base of clients. In operating terms, Tunstall Healthcare Group is split over six regions: UK, Nordics, Southern Europe, Central Europe, North America and Asia Pacific. The head offices are located in the UK, which functions as the base for much (although not all) of the company’s product strategy, development and manufacturing. From there, product innovations are shared and distributed across the six regions. While each arm of the business operates under the same umbrella and with similar overarching goals, each geographical area presents its own special challenges and opportunities. Healthcare technology is one of the fastest growing industries, and each region is doing their part to strengthen and expand our position within the global market.

10 | Connected Voice

INDUSTRY CORNER Even without knowing the precise nature of the Britain’s future economic relationship with Europe, should there be any significant effect on trade and investment, our global structure will allow us to adapt and limit any impacts to the business. Tunstall Australasia Tunstall has long been established in Australasia, with a strong presence in both Australia and New Zealand. Over the years, we’ve established a great working relationship with local and national governments, as well as communities and other care providers. That’s only one part of the Asia Pacific region, though, and in recent years we’ve turned our focus to new and emerging markets where Tunstall’s services can help to increase quality of life. Thanks to exciting new ventures in Thailand, Singapore, Taiwan and China, Tunstall’s role in the region is set to expand even further, and we’re incredibly excited about the opportunities for growth within Asia. This expansion, working alongside local partners, will help to further improve Tunstall’s capacity to deliver healthcare solutions across the globe, beyond any single market or region.

While we here at Tunstall Australasia do look after a very separate region to the rest of the company, we still enjoy a close relationship with other branches of the business, and value that connection. This is practical in many ways, as it means that we can share information, research & development innovations, and resources. It’s also important in terms of working together towards a common goal of everybody having access to the assistive technologies that they need. Both within Australasia and throughout the world, the staff at Tunstall value their role in helping to bring assistive technologies to people all over the world. While upheavals like Brexit may occur every now and then, our global networks keep us flexible and adaptable, and our teams will always remain focused on our clients, ensuring they get the best service we can provide.

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Community spotlight

Unicare Health expands offerings with Tunstall medical alarms At Tunstall Healthcare, we’re forever on the lookout for like-minded assistive technology and connected care firms that we can form a business relationship with, and one of these is Unicare Health. Our respective staff met and discussed a range of topics at ACSA IAHSA Joint International Conference in September 2015, striking up an official partnership in February of this year. To give you a little bit more of an understanding of what Unicare Health does and what the relationship with Tunstall will bring, we sat down with Nathan Smith, Business Development Manager at Unicare Health, to ask him a few questions about the new partnership - here’s what he had to say. A first for both parties

A winning partnership

Unicare Health offer a broad range of products and services within the disability and aged care sector, and one of their big focuses is ensuring that their healthcare equipment is at the innovative, cutting-edge end of the scale, whilst remaining friendly to the environment. That’s commendable in itself, but what else are Unicare Health all about?

Because Tunstall are always looking for fruitful new partnerships, working with Unicare Health seemed a perfect fit with their dedication to providing top-notch equipment across a range of medical sectors. However, a relationship works both ways, so why did Unicare Health choose to stock Tunstall’s connected care range?

“We’re a family-owned business that is involved in the supply of both medical and rehabilitation equipment, from walkers right through to hospital beds, to mattresses and wheelchairs. Predominantly, we supply to retail, nursing homes, hospitals and service providers. We’re the conduit between the profession and the end-user, if you like!” As it happens, Unicare Health are the first disability and aged care equipment provider in Western Australia to retail Tunstall assistive technology solutions - so what kind of services do they provide? “We offer sales, service rental and hygiene, so we cover every aspect. We’ve got aged care, post-op and rehabilitation care, amongst others, which are available for sale or rental. We also carry out repairs to personal equipment as well,” said Nathan.

12 | Connected Voice

“We decided to stock the Tunstall range because we like to have trusted and renowned brands as our suppliers. When we’ve tried other alarms in different fields (separate to Tunstall) we just didn’t get the backing from the companies, and we had to discontinue these relationships,” said Nathan. “Look at it this way - Tunstall has a product that has been on the market for a long time, and the way that they offer support to their corporate clients, like Silver Chain, I was hoping that they would offer Unicare Health the same support - which they have. It’s a pleasant partnership with Tunstall, and they’ve made it easy with their willingness to offer any additional help and assistance we may need.”

“The Unicare Health staff provide exceptional customer service and are professional and knowledgeable.”


Supporting excellence Any relationship, whether business or personal, are built on a mutual support of one another. The partnership between Tunstall and Unicare Health is no different, and Nathan used the following anecdote to illustrate this point in perfect fashion: “When I did my first Tunstall install, we didn’t quite follow their standard procedure and I needed a little extra support, but as far as the support team goes at Tunstall, they were superb and sorted everything out for me. They also work very closely with the end-user client after doing the initial set-up with them, explaining it, and giving both the client and their family incredible peace of mind.” So, now that Unicare Health can offer Tunstall’s assistive technologies to potential clients, how has this added value to their overall pitch? “We didn’t have any call or safety alarms to offer originally, and most of our clients either needed alarms, or already had the option with someone else, so collaborating with Tunstall was the completion of our package offering,” said Nathan.

to worry about. Additionally, we’re really looking forward to seeing Tunstall’s new GPS watch!” What do Tunstall have to say about this exciting new partnership? “As CDC and the NDIS continue to take shape across Australia, the Tunstall and Unicare Health partnership can provide greater consumer choice in assistive technology offerings,” said Business Development Manager, Lawrence Henzell. We at Tunstall are certain that our partnership with Unicare Health will continue to bear fruit long into the future - and that can only mean good things for our clients. Please get in touch with us if you’d like to know more about our services - we look forward to hearing from you.

For more information about Unicare Health visit

“Our partnership eliminates the number of suppliers needed, so because a client is already dealing with us, it’s one less account for them Life Changing, Life Saving | 13


Connected health: Dallas’ story Since 2010, Dallas has been a Tunstall connected health client, and as a result has improved her condition management, helping to avoid unnecessary hospitalisation and maintain her independence. Dallas is 85 years old and has diabetes and heart failure, with hypertension, dyspnoea and fatigue. Dallas also has high blood pressure. Initially, living with multiple conditions, Dallas was finding it difficult to manage and frequently had to visit her GP. Her specialist had told her at their last consultation that if her sugar levels did not reduce before her next visit, she would have to increase her insulin dosage to four times a day instead of three. An in-home connected health solution was installed in Dallas’ home, including a connected health hub, blood pressure monitor, pulse oximeter, thermometer, weight scales and blood glucometer. Dallas was shown how to measure her vital signs using the connected health hub and to answer a series of clinical questions to determine her current condition.

14 | Connected Voice

After being on the program for a month, Dallas’ diabetes was still regularly out of control. Through their regular contact with Dallas, her Registered Nurse (RN) discovered that although she was steering away from sugar in her diet, it was overloaded with carbohydrates which included wheat cereal, toast, biscuits, sandwiches and potatoes.

The RN showed Dallas and her family a report of the blood glucose levels and explained that it showed readings well over the normal limits, highlighted in green (Graph 1) . The RN suggested cutting down on the amount of carbohydrates in Dallas’ diet and recommended she take up a little more exercise to help reduce weight.


Within a week of following this diet, Dallas’ weight had started to gradually reduce, and there was a steady downward trend in her blood sugar levels (Graph 2). The connected health solution allows Dallas to manage her conditions from home, reducing her need for frequent unplanned GP visits. The program requires Dallas to take her vital signs and answer a series of health related questions four days per week. These details are then automatically transmitted to Tunstall’s connected health nursing team where RNs compare the data to Dallas’ ‘normal’ readings. Abnormal readings are flagged for follow up with the patient and her GP. Connected health provides the patient’s doctor with ongoing information so that a decline in health can be identified and managed well before it reaches crisis point. The preventative benefits of the connected health solution were further demonstrated when during a routine follow up, Dallas advised one of the RNs responsible for monitoring her vital signs that she was having difficulty swallowing. In addition, through monitoring Dallas’ readings regularly, the RN identified a trend of increasing blood pressure and blood sugar levels, as well as weight, which was flagged as a possible result of renal and heart failure. The RN contacted Dallas to recommend she visit her GP to further investigate these results, and sent Dallas’ readings to her GP for reference.

Upon visiting her GP, undergoing a blood test and further testing, the GP identified that Dallas had anaemia, a corkscrew oesophagus and renal function deterioration. The GP advised Dallas to take iron tablets for her anaemia, put her on medication for her corkscrew oesophagus, and changed her blood pressure medication to counteract her rising blood pressure. The GP also referred Dallas to a specialist for treatment for her renal function deterioration. Fortunately, Dallas’ renal deterioration was identified before renal failure and was therefore treatable, avoiding dialysis. The connected health RN’s ongoing relationship with Dallas meant that she could work alongside her, and her care team, to identify trends in Dallas’ conditions and intercept issues before they progressed. Connected health offers a complete healthcare solution that supports people’s independence and ability to successfully manage a range of chronic conditions.

Learn how connected health can improve quality of life for your clients

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ICP patient and carer portals Tunstall’s patient and carer online portals are designed to accompany our Integrated Care Platform (ICP) connected health system to provide mobile reporting access to carers and additional care services to patients.

myCare provides patients, and carers, with a real-time dashboard of their health information, including key vital sign records and health results. Accessible from any internet enabled device via the secure web portal, the health readings appear in near real-time, providing feedback to both the patient and carer on their progress.

Tunstall’s myServices portal is a new component of our ICP, enabling clinicians and carers to coordinate secure video conferencing and concierge services for their patients. myServices has been designed with the clinician and extended care team in mind, offering a user-friendly platform and seamless integration of functions and services, including:

The myCare portal has been designed around the needs of the patient and their care team, with a • Schedule, perform, and manage secure patient-friendly platform and multi-user access to: point-to-point and multi-party video • myReadings – key patient information and conferences (HD/SD). most recent vital sign readings. • Schedule and manage multi-party video • myHealth – graphical display of vital sign results, segmented by date range and vital sign.

• myPlan – a calendar of the patient’s care plan as defined in ICP Triage Manager, including scheduled health interviews and video conferences, medication reminders, and more. • myLimits – the patients vital sign limits and targets as defined in ICP Triage Manager. • myHistory – pie chart display of the patient’s overall vital sign and interview results, segmented by date range and reading severity, as recorded in ICP Triage Manager. • myServices – patient booking facility for concierge services from care and home maintenance providers.

16 | Connected Voice

conferences with third-party clinical specialists.

• Schedule, perform, and manage secure one-to-many educational video conferencing webinars. • Customise and send individual and group notifications, direct to patient connected health myClinic hubs. • Schedule and manage booked concierge services.


ICP Reporting portal is a secure web platform for clinicians and care providers. Integrated with ICP Triage Manager and myServices, the new ICP Reporting portal has been developed to assist clinicians with providing secure reports on patient vital sign data and clinical alerts, triage notes, GP visits, video conference appointments, and more. The reports enable clinicians and care teams to review overall patient results in one consolidated view, providing a snapshot of disease management performance. The ICP reporting portal offers the following secure patient data reports:

• Patient report – display of individual and multiple patient data, specified by date range. Individual patient care plan details.

• Treatment team report – display of patient overall data, specified by date range and treatment team.

• Consolidated team report – consolidated display of patient overall data for all treatment teams, specified by date range. • Acknowledgement report – simple display of acknowledged clinical alerts by severity, specified by treatment team and data range.

• Patient status report – display of patient current location or health status based on ICP incident notes.

• Video conferencing reports – graphical display of video conferencing activity including duration and compliance data, specified by patient, treatment team, or provider (requires myServices module). Available in both tabular and graphical form, all reports can be securely downloaded to CSV files.

View the ICP portals solution sheet Life Changing, Life Saving | 17


Industry events: Tunstall’s involvement Events and conferences are always a great chance to share knowledge and ideas, meet with industry stakeholders, and engage clients directly. Tunstall has been invited to present our products, services and ideas at many different events during the year. From local community events through to some of the largest conferences around, each opportunity helps to improve our understanding of key issues and develop solutions that best meet our clients’ needs. Recently, we were in attendance at the Australian Assistive Technology Conference (AATC) on the Gold Coast, a showcase of the latest assistive technology and services, and featuring some of our latest innovations. We were also invited to Lifetec’s Smart AT Workshops, a demonstration roadshow held across QLD and chance to engage directly with prospective clients to help address their needs. We’re excited by what the rest of the year still has in store. Coming up, we will be presenting at several key events in both Australia and New Zealand. Steve Sadler, Tunstall Group CTO will be presenting via video link at the Medical Technology Association of Australia (MTAA) Annual Conference. MTAA is the peak industry body for healthcare technology in Australia, and the Annual Conference will bring together leaders in the industry to discuss the future of healthcare technology. The 2016 Health Informatics New Zealand (HiNZ) Conference will be a week-long forum for digital health. At the conference, Tunstall’s Corporate Development Manager Lisa Capamagian, and Nurse Manager (Connected Health) Angela Durham will demonstrate our range of connected healthcare solutions. Additionally, Lisa will be presenting on ‘Using technology to

18 | Connected Voice

Tunstall Australasia MD, Lyn Davies, presenting our ‘Prescribing the right AT’ poster presentation at AATC

LATEST NEWS address connected health needs for CALD patients’ and Angela will be presenting ‘Benefits of in-home telehealth monitoring: Dallas’ story’. And towards the end of the year, the 49th Australian Association of Gerontology (AAG) Conference will take place in Canberra. The conference will invite leading academics, policy makers and members of the Aged Care sector to examine the social and economic potential of an ageing society. Again Lyn Davies will contribute to the conversation, with a presentation on Tunstall’s client-driven approach to assistive technology. Australia is facing unique challenges related to healthcare, disability and aged care. These discussions will help to shape our approach and management of these challenges, and ensure a strong and sustainable future for Australia.

Telehealthcare Consultant, Warren Duce, at LifeTec’s Smart AT workshops

Tunstall Healthcare’s stand at the Australian Assistive Technology Conference (AATC) Life Changing, Life Saving | 19


Warren, our Telehealthcare Consultant, is one of Tunstall’s longest serving employees. He shares his connected care wisdom by providing training and support to our customers and installers. How to return equipment to Tunstall

If you ever need to return our equipment for repairs or replacement, you can follow this simple process: 1. Phone Firstly, you can contact our Customer Service team, who’ll be able to organise the return, and if need be the replacement alarm. Please ensure you have your Client ID number handy to help make the returns process as easy as possible.

3. Post

2. Pack You can then place any equipment to be returned into a secure package of appropriate size, often a shoebox is perfect!

Should you need to organise any bulk returns, or have any other special requirements, please contact our friendly customer service team on 1800 603 377 or at

Please address the package to: Tunstall Healthcare Reply Paid 74773 Eagle Farm QLD 4009 This will ensure you are not charged for the postage. You can then drop off the package at your local post office. Once we receive the returned equipment we can then either conduct repairs, or safely recycle the parts.

View how-to films on our YouTube channel. Have a question for Warren?


20 | Connected Voice

Calendar of events


We invite you to visit us at the following events to learn more about our products and services.



21 World Alzheimer’s Day Toowoomba QLD


27-28 Medtech Conference Sydney NSW

HiNZ Auckland, New Zealand

NOVEMBER 1-3 HiNZ Auckland, New Zealand 2-4 AAG Conference Canberra ACT 29-30 ITAC Melbourne VIC

What makes you SMILE? Strive for excellence Make a difference Innovative and agile Listen and understand Everybody matters Our brand values and goals are critical to the success of both the products and services we provide, and need to be embraced and communicated positively by everyone who is a part of Tunstall. This edition, Trent Gifford, Customer Operations Manager shares with us what makes him SMILE about working for Tunstall. “Tunstall is committed to providing customers with the best service possible. I know we’re all proud of the service we deliver, and it’s always a pleasure to be directly involved with helping people. One of Tunstall’s real strengths is our team. There’s incredible diversity, and a good mix of practical skills and knowledge from across all sorts of fields. I’m really excited to see us continue to grow and develop the service.” Life Changing, Life Saving | 21

Life Changing, Life Saving

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Connected Voice Edition 3 2016  

In this issue of our new Connected Voice magazine: getting smart with technology feature article from LifeTec, what the Brexit means for Tun...

Connected Voice Edition 3 2016  

In this issue of our new Connected Voice magazine: getting smart with technology feature article from LifeTec, what the Brexit means for Tun...