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EDITION 2 | 2016


Assistive technology training: what is the need? LATEST NEWS

New links to Asia Powered by Tunstall: new marketing portal available


Silver Chain: The benefits of a long-term relationship


Healthier Medicare and the future of connected health


Linrose Village loving life with new alarm solution


mymobile app: your health, your way Smart Hub: The VOICE of support in the connected home

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Healthier Medicare and the future of Connected Health


The new ‘Healthier Medicare’ package represents a significant step forward towards wide-scale integration of ICT into healthcare.

Archer - Living Life, Loving Life

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Tunstall’s advanced technology and leading service provided Linrose Village with the upgraded Connected Care solution they required



Our new self-service marketing portal enables local partners to create co-branded, print-ready brochures, supporting your consumer marketing activities.

MedicAlert Foundation


A MedicAlert membership is a comprehensive system of protection that will provide patients with peace of mind in an emergency.

Silver Chain: The benefits of a long-term relationship

mymobile: your health, your way

mymobile is a secure patient communication tool that enables a patient to be supported by their healthcare provider 24/7.



Assitive technology training: what is the need? Given the critical role that assistive technology plays, we should be looking at ways to prepare frontline staff for the valued role they play in our disability and aged care services.

2 | Connected Voice


Silver Chain has been in operation for over a century, and their personal alarm service, backed by Tunstall, is among the very finest in their field.

Welcome... Tunstall’s Connected Voice magazine

It has been a busy few months at Tunstall with lots happening both internally and externally. In this edition, we have a feature article from our friends at LifeTec about the need for assistive technology training, and we’ll fill you in on the latest news from LifeTec’s SmartAT Roadshow and the success of the workshops to date. With the Australian Government recently announcing the ‘Healthier Medicare’ package, I have written a blog on page 6 about what this means for the Connected Health industry and our clients. I had the pleasure of travelling to China recently to attend a conference and present Tunstall’s Connected Care solutions, and Stephen Murray, Asia Pacific Business Development Manager, hosted guests from Singaporean organisations, Omni-Health Technologies and Sunlove. See page 4 to read about our travels and visitors.

Our retirement living section focusses on Archer Group’s Linrose Village in New Zealand, which has recently switched their emergency call system to Tunstall, and Archer General Manager, Graeme Mitchell, discusses the transition and advantages of Tunstall monitoring. You can read about Tunstall’s relationship with Silver Chain, one of our largest Connected Care corporate clients, in our partner profile segment, which also includes Medic Alert’s article about the benefits of a medical ID. In the last edition of Connected Voice, we discussed the details of our alarm upgrade project in response to the nbnTM network rollout. For the latest information about the upgrade program, see the progress report on page 5. We also have new products on the way - our new 3G Smart Hub alarm and the mymobile

telehealth app are set for release mid-2016 and you can see product features on pages 18 and 20. Tunstall staff, Geoff Feakes, William Grant and Lawrence Henzell, attended Australian Healthcare Week in March to showcase our connected health Integrated Care Platform (ICP), including the new mymobile telehealth app and our Find-Me Tunstall watch. See page 13 for details about our attendance at the event. And lastly, see page 5 for information about our new online resource centre which has been developed to provide Tunstall corporate clients with access to create co-branded, print-ready brochures. I hope you all enjoy this edition!

LYN DAVIES Managing Director Life Changing, Life Saving | 3


New links to Asia Tunstall APAC Managing Director, Lyn Davies, and Tunstall Group Chief Customer Officer, Simon Arnold, accepted an invitation to present on Connected Care solutions at a conference in Qingdao, China, in March. The conference was a great success, with over 150 attendees, mentions in three newspapers and on two television stations, and an invitation for Lyn and Simon to join the Deputy Mayor for lunch. The trip also included tours of the Qingdao Academy of Intelligent Industries, a typical government funded nursing home, a residential community and day care centre, a luxury resort aged care complex for VIP military personnel and a major public hospital. Tunstall also welcomed guests from Singaporean organisations, Omni-Health Technologies and Sunlove, in April. Tunstall Asia Pacific Business Development Manager, Stephen Murray, accompanied Omni-Health and Sunlove staff to Sydney Legacy and the Independent Living Centre NSW to view Tunstall technology solutions.

L-R Stephen Murray, Tunstall General Manager NZ & Asia Pacific Business Development Manager, Legacy staff Judy Quintal, Elaine Black, Dianne Thomas, and representatives from Omni-Health and Sunlove.

4 | Connected Voice

Stephen Murray, Tunstall General Manager NZ & Asia Pacific Business Development Manager (centre) with Independent Living Centre NSW, Omni-Health and Sunlove representatives.

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With changes to the delivery of home care packages, providers are now entering a consumer-driven competitive market. Our new web-to-print Resource Centre supports your consumer marketing activities. Introducing the new Tunstall Resource Centre, providing local partners with access to create co-branded print-ready brochures for the end-user. Available to all Tunstall corporate partners, the Resource Centre is a self-service marketing portal designed to offer a convenient method of automatically creating co-branded marketing material, ready for print at your local print house. Using Tunstall content and imagery, material can be customised with your company logo, contact information, and pricing, helping to build your brand in the consumer market. The straightforward 3-step process is quick and easy to follow, simply:

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Also available is the capability to track the progress of current orders, re-order previously created material, and view all past orders. We have a range of end-user material available, including brochures, forms, and stickers, and will continuously update and add templates to ensure that you and your customers have access to the most up-to-date product and service information. For more information about the Resource Centre, email the marketing team or call us on 1800 603 377.

Access the Resource Centre and begin creating your end-user marketing material

Alarm upgrade program progress report The Tunstall Alarm Upgrade team has been flat out coordinating alarm upgrades in-line with the nbn™ rollout, now despatching over 500 alarms per week. The team has now upgraded a total of 1,674 landline alarms to 3G Liberty300 alarms, including upgrades within a number of retirement villages, and June will see in excess of 2,000 alarm upgrades.

Find out more about Tunstall’s Alarm Upgrade Program

Life Changing, Life Saving | 5


Healthier Medicare and the future of Connected Health At Tunstall Healthcare, we know how important it is for the healthcare sector to continuously evolve to suit the changing needs of Australians.

Lyn Davies Managing Director Tunstall Healthcare

“...the reforms give us the opportunity to greatly expand the scale of our delivery and help more patients.”

- Lyn Davies

View this article on our blog

6 | Connected Voice

With the evolution of technology over the last few decades, we believe that Connected Care and Connected Health represent the most comprehensive approaches to patient care and empowerment. The new ‘Healthier Medicare’ package recently announced by the Australian government represents a significant step forward towards wide-scale integration of ICT into healthcare. The reforms are especially important for Connected Health, which is still relatively young in Australia. What is Connected Health? Tunstall has been providing aged care services worldwide for nearly 60 years, and for over a decade in Australia and New Zealand. We are strongly positioned and well established as a market leader in our field, providing services for over 70,000 clients. This is part of what we describe as Connected Care - providing monitoring and support for people who want to live more independently. They may have a chronic disease, age-related issues or simply need social interaction and support. Connected Health, on the other hand, is a more tailored service. Connected Health is a comprehensive approach to healthcare that incorporates service delivery, information communication technology (ICT) and patient empowerment. It’s usually a service that we’re providing to somebody with a long-term chronic condition. This may be by way of medication management, vital sign monitoring, video conferencing or health coaching. I believe that Connected Health represents the best possible model for healthcare, keeping patients at the centre of the healthcare experience.


Connected Health and Healthier Medicare Despite its many benefits, accessibility to Connected Health has been limited under the existing Medicare package. This is why the new Healthier Medicare initiative is so exciting, as these reforms represent a fantastic opportunity for Australia to take the lead in patient care and healthcare efficiency. For Tunstall, one of the most significant aspects of Healthier Medicare is the creation of ‘Health Care Homes’ to facilitate better support for those living with long-term chronic disease. These trials will involve an estimated 65,000 Australians receiving the help that they need to manage their health at home and stay out of hospital. This is a significant increase, and although the care is something that we at Tunstall are already providing, the reforms give us the opportunity to greatly expand the scale of our service delivery and help more patients. Healthier Medicare is especially timely with Australia’s ageing population, as well as increasing rates of chronic disease. According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, the number of people over the age of 65 has more than tripled in the last 50 years, and is set to continue growing. In addition, roughly one Australian out of every five lives with multiple chronic conditions. Without initiatives like Healthier Medicare, our system is simply not sustainable and will not be able to cope with the needs of Australians across the country. Where to next? The existing models of healthcare are highly valued and trusted, but we will need to adapt and find new systems to continue providing the best possible care. I see this as a consumer-driven change - patients want to be independent and to live at home. In much the same way as the commercial technology market, the change will also be spearheaded by younger patients, who demand new and innovative ICT solutions. The most important aspect of our approach at Tunstall is keeping the client at the heart of our service. Whatever changes may come in the healthcare sector, this will remain a core tenet of our business. Life Changing, Life Saving | 7


Partner profile

One piece of advice that could save your clients’ life Do you have a patient with a medical condition, implant or device, allergy or medication that doctors should be made aware of in an emergency? Recommend a MedicAlert medical ID, the custom engraved ID emergency services look for in an emergency. A MedicAlert membership and customised medical identification jewellery will help ensure your patient’s medical information and emergency contact details are available to healthcare professionals 24/7, worldwide in any emergency that may render them unable to communicate. The genuine MedicAlert® emblem has been protecting Australians for 45 years and is instantly recognised and trusted by emergency services and healthcare professionals to relay critical potentially lifesaving - information when needed. MedicAlert is recommended by the World Health Organisation and in 2015 more than 2000 GP’s from across Australia recommended a MedicAlert ID for one or more of their patients. “It is this sort of care that can make the difference between life and death,” said Dr Nanjappa, a Senior Consultant in Anesthetics at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

“It is this sort of care that can make the difference between life and death,” Who needs a MedicAlert membership? People with: • Allergies, including nuts, latex, bees or Penicillin. • Medical conditions, including, but not limited to diabetes, asthma, epilepsy and heart disease. • Regular medications, including anticoagulants, insulin and more. • Implants or devices, including pacemakers, shunts or insulin pumps. • Identification needs, including dementia, autism or organ donor. • Advanced healthcare directives and specific palliative care needs. For more information on who could benefit from a MedicAlert medical ID visit How can I refer patients? Referral forms are now available online through most leading GP software systems. Once you have provided clinical validation of your patient’s need for a MedicAlert medical ID, simply populate the online referral form or alternatively write a referral letter and then print and send it to MedicAlert – we’ll take care of the rest. For more information about making a referral visit

8 | Connected Voice


What will my patients get? MedicAlert clients receive a custom engraved piece of jewellery that emergency services look for in an emergency. A MedicAlert membership is much more than just a piece of jewellery, it’s a comprehensive system of protection that will provide your patients with peace of mind in an emergency, knowing it’s connected to a 24/7 emergency hotline for healthcare professionals and emergency services. MedicAlert membership also provides clients with secure online access to their health records and exclusive member only offers, as well as unlimited wallet and fridge cards listing their details. While a full MedicAlert membership costs just $32 per year, a range of rebates are also available to members of a number of Australia’s leading healthcare providers, as well as Department of Veterans Affairs members. Kara Reek Marketing Manager Austrialia Medic Alert foundation

For more information, please call 1800 88 22 22, email or visit

Life Changing, Life Saving | 9


Silver Chain Personal Alarms Here at Tunstall Healthcare, we’re always on the lookout for innovative new Connected Care solutions and health monitoring ideas. Since Tunstall’s founding almost 60 years ago, we’ve been committed to constantly striving to offer the very latest and greatest in healthcare technology to our clients, and this means seeking out the most creative, leading-edge firms around the world. One of these companies is Silver Chain, a not-forprofit organisation that focusses on delivering community health and care services the length and breadth of Australia. Silver Chain has been in operation for over a century, and their personal alarm service, backed by Tunstall, is among the very finest in their field. Tunstall has been in partnership with Silver Chain since the turn of the millennium, providing clients with their intuitive, easy-to-use alarm technology. It’s safe to say that the partnership has been a roaring success! Therefore, we sat down and had a chat with Kiah Lee, Support Manager of Silver Chain, and William Grant, Senior Business Development Manager at Tunstall, to learn a little more about how this partnership works, the benefits of the alarms themselves, and what is planned for the future. Let’s take a look at what they had to say. A simple, yet advanced system that anyone can use Often, senior citizens are wary of technology. They may distrust it, or find it difficult to use. However, when Silver Chain designed their alarm service, they had a firm idea in mind of what they were looking to achieve - simplicity.

client needs to do when in need is press a button. It’s easy to use for any age group, and the average age for all of our clients is 87 years. Because such people may not necessarily be tech-savvy, it’s made easy for them - help is always just a button press away,” says William. Kiah emphasised William’s point by stating that, should a client have a fall and have to press the button, they’ll be so impressed at its simplicity that they never want to get rid of the device, ever - even if they were initially reluctant. That’s testament to the straightforward manner and intuitiveness of the Silver Chain alarm service.

Cutting-edge technology that belies its simplicity “At Tunstall, we provide an end-to-end solution, from installation to emergency response. Once the Just because the alarm is easy to use does not medical alarm is installed by a professional, all the mean that it isn’t jam-packed with some of most innovative technology available in the field of personal alarms:

When Silver Chain designed their alarm service, they had a firm idea in mind of what they were looking to achieve - simplicity. 10 | Connected Voice

“Another side of our range of technology that Silver Chain offers revolves around sensors movement sensors, fall detectors, smoke sensors and suchlike. These don’t even require the press of a button,” William explains.

PARTNER PROFILE “For example, if a client were to have a seizure, they potentially won’t even know that they are having one and the body cannot be controlled. A fall detector will automatically know that the client is in trouble, and raise the alert on their behalf.” A personal alarm that offers something different With such a range of personal alarms out there on the market, it can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to choosing one. So, what sets Silver Chain’s offering out from the crowd? Kiah believes it is the fact that clients are guaranteed a response each and every time, which isn’t always the case with other personal alarm services. “Really, it’s the Tunstall monitoring service that separates us from other providers. There are some alarms that will only go through to designated responders, with no guarantee of an answer. That’s something that we wanted to avoid. With Tunstall, a response is guaranteed,” she says. William also believes that a key difference of the Silver Chain service team is that they always have the client’s wellbeing in mind. “The primary focus of Silver Chain’s alarm service is the end user. Their service is designed to offer reassurance and peace of mind for their clients,” he explains.

William also believes that a key difference of the Silver Chain service team is that they always have the client’s wellbeing in mind. “Even though we are two different organisations, our clients are also Tunstall’s clients. We both have the same goals in mind, which is to give peace-of-mind and provide help for clients in need when they press that pendant,” says Kiah. A link to the future So, what do Tunstall and Silver Chain have in mind for the future? William explains that they are constantly having operational meetings with regards to their current alarm service, as well as looking towards expanding their services in times to come. As both firms see the partnership growing due to the great success on the alarm side of things, Tunstall are looking to boost Silver Chain’s growth with other corporate groups.

“The primary focus of Silver Chain’s alarm service is the end user. Their service is designed to offer reassurance and peace of mind for their clients.” Kiah was similarly optimistic about the future. “Over the past 10 years, we’ve really seen some huge growth. We’ve started to evolve as a business, expanding our services from nursing into home support services, home hospital and medical alarms.”

A long and fruitful partnership Tunstall have been in partnership with Silver Chain for around 15 years, and Kiah highlights the valid point that such liaisons don’t last so long unless both parties are totally happy, as well as being mutually productive and beneficial.

“A really big part of what we want to do in the future is consumer-directed care. This is a sizeable portion of Silver Chain’s bigger plans, and we want to make sure that we have enough resources to support the community as much as we can. I think that our alarm service is the perfect way to ease our path into this sector - watch this space!” What do clients think of Silver Chain alarms? We got in touch with Douglas-Bourne Jones, a veteran of the merchant navy and recipient of the Medal of the Order of Australia, who has been using the Silver Chain service since November 2015, to hear what he had to say about it. Life Changing, Life Saving | 11

“I don’t need to worry should I slip or fall out of the shower, or the wellbeing of my wife (who has dementia), as we both wear the pendants - their simplicity and efficiency is what sets them apart.” “I don’t need to worry should I slip or fall out of the shower, or the wellbeing of my wife (who has dementia), as we both wear the pendants - their simplicity and efficiency is what sets them apart.” “Silver Chain are always endeavouring to keep up with the requirements of clients. For example, if you’re liable to have a stroke, or were to fall, the alarm would immediately go off, automatically; so you can rest assured that should the worst

happen and you are unable to press the button, help will soon be at hand.” “I don’t need to worry should I slip or fallout of the shower, or the wellbeing of my wife (who has dementia), as we both wear the pendants - their simplicity and efficiency is what sets them apart.” And what of the service itself? “One of the things that I would say is that I have full confidence in Silver Chain. They are very approachable, and are always happy to listen to you when you come to them with suggestions. They’re innovative and always looking to keep up with modern technology.” “I’ve been involved in the shipping industry for 71 years, so to me, this type of thing - emergencies and whatnot - is very, very important - just to be able to press a button and know that something is going to happen.”

At Tunstall, we’re sure that our partnership with Silver Chain will continue long into the future - it spells great news for each of our clients. If you’d like to know more about their personal alarms, get in touch with our expert team!

12 | Connected Voice

Australian Healthcare Week Each year, healthcare businesses, leading thinkers and thousands of attendees descend upon Sydney for Australian Healthcare Week. It’s a chance for everyone involved in the industry to showcase their very latest and greatest products, share ideas, and discover how the sector is evolving. Indeed, for the 2016 event, held between 15-17 March, some 60 industry-leading speakers took to the stage to share their insight. Over 100 sponsors and exhibitors were present, and Tunstall Healthcare was one of them. A key aim of ours was to communicate the way in which healthcare is becoming more integrated and connected - an innovation that we have long pioneered - and so we took up a stall to get our message across. Read

a consistent mobile interface not only for ICP myclinic users, but also clinicians themselves.

on to find out how it went.

There were numerous on-floor demonstrations and presentations created by leading minds in the field, as well as the chance for businesses to network with potential partners and build a strong rapport with companies that Tunstall could work with in the future - all for the greater good of our clients.

What did Tunstall do at the Australian Healthcare Week Expo? For the event, Tunstall’s very own Group Chief Information Officer, Geoff Feakes, Senior Business Development Manager, Will Grant, and Business Development Manager, Lawrence Henzell set up shop at the Australian Technology Park. Our people were there to demonstrate a broad range of Tunstall’s Connected Care and Connected Health solutions, as well as to take a look at other leading healthcare providers’ innovations and evaluate how the sector is progressing.

A broader view of healthcare in 2016 The Australian Healthcare Week Expo 2016 was more than just about showcasing our own products - we also took a long look at those of other healthcare providers. Over the three days for which the event ran, a multitude of companies exhibited new hospital designs and construction ideas, medical equipment and technology, amongst others. Though IT and technology services played a big part in proceedings at the Australian Healthcare Week Expo 2016, there was also a range of clinical medical equipment on display, including beds, imaging and diagnostics and surgical products. These appeared alongside non-medical, yet still essential equipment with regards to the welfare of patients, such as lighting, sanitation, catering solutions and furniture.

Geoff, Will and Lawrence were particularly proud to show off our Integrated Care Platform (ICP) which includes the soon-to-be-released mymobile telehealth app. Available in mid-2016, this app could feasibly revolutionise Connected Care, and as such, generated plenty of interest during the expo. You can read all about the Tunstall mymobile app in our extended feature article, but in short, the app was designed to provide Life Changing, Life Saving | 13


Assistive technology training: what is the need? We all know that staff training is a key factor in the growth and capacity of any organisation. Have you considered your assistive technology (AT) training needs? We all know that staff training is a key factor in the growth and capacity of any organisation. Have you considered your assistive technology (AT) training needs?

providers, and most importantly, to a wide range of social returns for consumers: staying safer for longer in homes, fulfilling meaningful roles and staying connected to communities of choice.

Assistive technology options range from devices for everyday living, to integrated home sensors and call systems, smart technologies and remote telehealth monitoring. There is an enormous range and diversity of technology and equipment options. While AT presents value to consumers, it also poses a challenge: how do we help consumers to make active and informed choices about these diverse technologies? And how do we enable the workforce to keep up with technology changes and connect people with the right supports?

Given the critical role that assistive technology plays, we should be looking at ways to prepare frontline staff for the valued role they play in our disability and aged care services. At this point in time, how well-equipped is our workforce to support, refer, and facilitate good technology outcomes for clients?

The potential benefits of getting the right training solution are huge. In all, we would be looking at a workforce of frontline care staff who are able to recognise when people have AT needs, and act quickly to refer people for the right level of support. Linking people with the right technology solutions leads to benefits for staff, service 14 | Connected Voice

Much of our own data suggests that community care workers rate their level of knowledge regarding assistive technology as ‘below average’, and express low levels of confidence in understanding AT needs and referral pathways. This is concerning, considering support staff are most frequently in direct contact with clients and assist these clients in using AT. Using the wrong device, using devices incorrectly, or not having access to the right devices and environmental design, places consumers at potential risk of injury, harm or loss of function. If frontline staff are not well-equipped to flag device concerns or trigger the right referral, we could be putting clients at risk and missing vital opportunities to connect clients with the right supports.

What are the needs of frontline staff when it comes to assistive technology? Here are three concepts that we recommend to equip the workforce to meet consumer needs: Client-centred practice We already know that we need to involve consumers in goal-setting and identifying the right AT for their needs. Staff on the ground

FEATURE ARTICLE may need some guidance in how to support this choice and respond to the technology needs and goals of individuals. This can be guided by models of AT service delivery that are evidence based, consumer-centred, and provide a supportive technology journey for clients and their families. Early intervention and prompt referral Good referral systems depend on a clear understanding of available AT supports and services. It’s also important that we connect consumers with reliable sources of information and advice about AT. Many people will be able to address their own non-complex technology needs well, given the right information and support.

Managing risk and preventing harm Different levels of AT carry varying risk and are best met by people with the right experience and qualification. Having a clear understanding of this complexity empowers staff to deliver the right support at the right time.

Assistive technology training: where to from here?

Providing relevant training opportunities is vital to strengthen the capacity of our workforce. Often this process starts with building awareness about assistive technology, what it can enable people to do, and where to find the right supports to achieve good outcomes. It’s also important to keep employees connected with opportunities for ongoing learning and support. A well-rounded approach will cover core understanding of assistive technology, as well as focused areas for further training. This can help ensure that staff feel confident in supporting clients with diverse equipment needs. There are many tools available to enable and upskill staff. Look for opportunities that incorporate digital platforms and online learning, along with faceto-face training and mentoring in the workplace, to create a well-skilled and technology-ready workforce. Zoe du Cann Learning and Development Coordinator LifeTec

LifeTec is a leading provider of professional education and training on assistive technology aimed at health professionals, service providers and community care workers. Contact LifeTec to discuss your training needs, and find out more about a range of training packages, face-to-face workshops, and online learning resources. 1300 543 383 | w: | e: Life Changing, Life Saving | 15

Linrose Village switches to Tunstall emergency monitoring General Manager of Archer, Graeme Mitchell selected Tunstall to upgrade Linrose Village’s connected care and 24/7 monitoring service, in order to provide more advanced and reliable technology for village residents. About Archer and Linrose Village Archer offers a range of boutique lifestyle villages and homes in Christchurch. It is locally owned, with charitable status, and has served the community for over 60 years. The Archer Care Homes support the Eden Alternative model of care – a resident-centred approach to care support – with residents contributing to the daily running of their home. Archer’s Linrose Village is an independent-living, lifestyle retirement village located in Linwood, Christchurch. The village boasts 30 licenced residences, each complete with two bedrooms

“The new emergency call system is simple for our residents to manage and the incident and emergency reports from the monitoring centre keep our village staff informed.” 16 | Connected Voice

and an adjoining garage. The village also includes a Community Centre for resident events. Switching to Tunstall Graeme Mitchell, General Manager of Archer, said it was an easy decision to make the switch to Tunstall from their previous alarm service provider. “We were looking to upgrade our emergency monitoring service in the village without increasing costs for residents,” said Mr Mitchell. Mr Mitchell advised that the decision to switch to Tunstall was influenced by three key factors. Archer was particularly impressed with Tunstall’s customer service and the personalised attention received during the negotiation stage and implementation. Tunstall’s technology is much more advanced than Linrose Village’s previous alarm and monitoring service. And thirdly, Tunstall’s competitive pricing was extremely attractive.

RETIREMENT LIVING The Tunstall difference Tunstall’s advanced technology and leading service provided Linrose Village with the upgraded Connected Care solution they required, with Mr Mitchell expressing his pleasure in switching to Tunstall. “Our new medical alarms have greater coverage than our previous equipment, which is reassuring for our residents to know that help will be accessible, even out in the garden,” said Mr Mitchell. “The new emergency call system is simple for our residents to manage and the incident and emergency reports from the monitoring centre keep our village staff informed. “Another key benefit of the Tunstall system is that it’s monitored 24/7 locally in Tauranga, with a call continuity procedure for disaster recovery to Australia, reassuring our residents that help will always be available at the press of a button.” General Manager at Tunstall New Zealand, Stephen Murray, said he was pleased to provide residents with an upgraded emergency alarm solution they could rely on. “We worked closely with Archer to provide a dependable solution and ensure a smooth transition for residents,” said Mr Murray.

“Residents have told me that they enjoy the engagement of the Tunstall support team, who are always helpful, welcoming and friendly,” he said. Tunstall’s commitment to client safety The week after Linrose Village switched their Connected Care service to Tunstall there was a severe magnitude 5.3 earthquake that hit Christchurch. Village residents and staff were thankful that Tunstall care consultants contacted village residents to check on their safety. Mr Mitchell was most grateful for Tunstall’s commitment to ensuring clients’ safety. “Residents really appreciated that Tunstall contacted everyone at Linrose to make sure they were okay.

“Residents have told me that they enjoy the engagement of the Tunstall support team, who are always helpful, welcoming and friendly,” “Both residents and staff were impressed with Tunstall’s pro-activeness in making sure that the wellbeing of our residents was cared for,” he said. What’s in store for the future? Having successfully implemented the Tunstall service at Linrose Village, Mr Mitchell stated that Archer’s engagement with Tunstall had been extremely positive. “We are already underway with implementing the Tunstall service in another one of our villages because of the positive experience we have received from the Linrose rollout,” said Mr Mitchell.

Mr Mitchell also expressed his appreciation for Tunstall’s customer service, particularly throughout the transition period to minimise the impact on residents. “I was very impressed with Tunstall’s commitment to customer service,” said Mr Mitchell. “The team went above and beyond, attending resident meetings to answer questions and ensure that they felt confident in the Tunstall service.

Archer will now implement Tunstall alarms and emergency monitoring service at their Thorrington Village site.

To find out more about our retirement village packages visit our website Life Changing, Life Saving | 17


mymobile app: your health, your way

The Tunstall mymobile telehealth app is an advanced platform extension of our myclinic telehealth suite. The mymobile app, available on the Android platform, is designed to give both the patient and clinician a consistent mobile interface that can be used anywhere, any time. Fully supported by Tunstall’s flagship Integrated Care Platform (ICP), the application enables patient’s to complete their health interviews, view their monitoring plan, and review their vital sign and activity trends. Patients can be reassured that if their vital sign readings or health interview results are outside the clinically established limits, their care team will be informed. mymobile also supports the integration of Fitbit activity monitors to enable patients, carers and care teams to identify changes that may indicate early signs of a declining health condition. ¬ How does it work?

Triage Manager patient management software, mymobile enables individuals to monitor their for review and processing by one of Tunstall’s own health condition from any place of their Registered Nurses (RNs) or the patient’s care choosing, with an individual secure login. team. Tunstall’s RNs check-in regularly with In consultation with patients and their care teams, patients either via phone or video conference. Any deviations outside of the pre-set health condition specific monitoring plans are tailored parameters alert the triage nurse to further to individuals. The Tunstall health interview investigate and contact the patient or their care guides the patients through a series of vital sign team. Vital sign readings that are outside the measurements and pre-set health questions, and provides notifications when scheduled interviews patient’s limits can also be configured to generate an SMS or email alert to the care team. are due to be completed. Patients can use a range of medical-grade peripheral devices (such Who is it for? as a thermometer, pulse oximeter, weight scale mymobile has been created specifically for those or glucometer) to complete their individualised who have a health condition where regular health interviews. collection of health data is essential, or at least The patient’s readings and responses are then automatically transmitted to Tunstall’s ICP

18 | Connected Voice

beneficial to their ailment, but the app can be used by anyone. The app is designed to work with

PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT patients’ existing phone or tablet (providing the device meets the minimum requirements), but can alternatively be supplied with an Android tablet. Why is it needed? The mymobile app can be used practically anywhere, especially in non-clinical settings such as the home or aged care accommodation. Its intended use is as a secure patient communication tool that enables a patient to be supported by their healthcare provider 24/7. The healthcare provider could be a disease management centre, a dedicated caregiver or a general medical practice depending on the patient’s health condition. One of the most useful features of the mymobile app is its ability to collect a great deal of specific medical information about the patient over time and enable trend analysis by clinicians or the patient themselves. Even basic vitals such as weight, blood pressure and blood glucose levels can be monitored with mymobile and

helpful information can be provided by patients answering the questions in their health interview. Features and benefits • Supported by Tunstall’s ICP, including vital sign management, clinical triaging, monitoring plan management and health interviews. • Secure SSL communication to ICP ensuring secure patient information management. • Supports remote monitoring plan management and development. • Displays the patient’s clinically defined monitoring plan and latest results in a userfriendly format, including trend graphs. • Automatic synchronisation, including monitoring plan and health interview updates from ICP Triage Manager. • Video conferencing with patient and their care team, including virtual waiting room. • Access to Tunstall’s mycare Patient Portal and video education library. • Supports activity management using Fitbit, including trending and activity alerting. • Bluetooth connectivity to automatically transmit results from peripheral devices.

To find out more about mymobile or to arrange a purchase, please contact your account manager or our friendly customer service team at or on 1800 603 377.

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The VOICE of support in the connected home Introducing the Smart Hub, Tunstall’s latest and most advanced personal emergency medical alarm to-date. The Smart Hub is Tunstall’s first 3G GSM medical alarm with expandable technology, making it the most flexible medical alarm in our collection and the centre piece of Connected Care services both now and in the future. The Smart Hub alarm is also equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity and a range of connection options, and has the capability to integrate with up to 35 wireless sensors on the 915MHz frequencies. The Smart Hub also has the capacity to program up to 10 response destinations, allowing a different destination to be contacted depending on what generates the alarm. Who is it for? The Tunstall Smart Hub alarm is designed to assist people to maintain their independence in the home. The high degree of flexibility offered by the Smart Hub alarm means a wide variety of users can benefit from the state of the art technology, including: • older people or those living with a disability • individuals who have been discharged from hospital and require additional support • those with long-term conditions

To find out more about the Smart Hub, or to arrange a purchase, please contact your Business Development Manager or our friendly customer service team at or on 1800 603 377.

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Tunstall at SMART AT workshops

For the second year in a row, we attended SMART AT workshops across Queensland to help raise awareness among consumers and carers as to how new assistive technologies can make everyday tasks easier.


carers or wheelchair users, to “provide them with peace of mind that there are solutions available to assist them.”

Those who could benefit from Connected Health or Connected Care don’t always know about all of the options available, so this opportunity has been a great chance to spread the word and help people across the state live to their potential. SMART AT workshops Organised by LifeTec, and supported by the Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services, these workshops provide a fun and interesting environment for people to interact with assistive technologies. Attendees also have the chance to learn how they or their loved ones can benefit through the use of new and emerging devices and apps that they may not have been aware of. In addition to consumers and their families, there are a range of service providers attending the workshops, interacting face to face and explaining the uses and applications of various devices. Even for those who are already very familiar with assistive technology, this means that there’s an opportunity to interact directly with providers to learn more about the future of the field, and what exciting innovations are just around the corner. The workshops also provide a chance for consumers to get together with their peers to discuss their own individual methods for dealing with certain conditions, and how they have utilised assistive technology to do so. The workshops so far Events have been running during May and will continue through June. The workshops so far have been a resounding success, with a high turnout and many providers on board to demonstrate their connected healthcare products. Tunstall’s representative at the workshops is Warren Duce, who has been interacting with people and discussing topics as diverse as GPS tracking, smart home control and medication management. In addition, Warren has been chatting to different consumers to help them identify what apps might best suit their individual needs, whether they be

View Tunstall client Celia’s story on how connected health has improved her independence

What’s next for SMART AT? With more workshops coming up throughout June, there are still plenty of opportunities to come along and meet consumers, carers and providers from across Queensland. Event locations range from Warwick in the state’s south all the way up to Thursday Island at the northern tip. This means that no matter where you are, there should be a workshop close by. In addition, if you register to go to a workshop, you’ll receive lunch at the event and go into the draw to win a Samsung tablet that comes loaded with assistive applications. Workshops run from 10:30 am to 2:30 pm, and are split into two parts. Firstly, there’ll be an information session where the devices and technologies that are currently available are discussed and presented. This will be followed by a chance for attendees to actually try out the different options and determine what will allow them the greatest independence. It’s important to get these devices into the hands of the people that will be using them as that really is the best way to demonstrate how much of a difference they can make. As an opportunity to meet with consumers from all sorts of diverse backgrounds and with unique needs, the SMART AT workshops are a series of events that we at Tunstall are very proud to be involved in. Helping people with disabilities and long-term health needs live life to the fullest is what we do, and any opportunity to spread product knowledge and help provide solutions is one that we are very excited about. Life Changing, Life Saving | 21

askWarren TECH TALK

Warren, our Telehealthcare Consultant, is one of Tunstall’s longest serving employees. He shares his connected care wisdom by providing training and support to our customers and installers. How to use the ECG (electrocardiogram) reader

The ECG reader measures heart rate and rhythm to detect abnormalities.

To use the ECG reader, start by placing it on your chest, ensuring that all silver touch points maintain skin contact. Press the record button to start recording, then await the musical tone to signal that the reading is complete. Finally, press the send button to transmit the reading to your Connected Health device.

You can also view the video tutorial for a visual demonstration on how to use the ECG reader.

For more information about Tunstall Connected Health solutions, view our solutions page or contact our friendly customer service team at or on 1800 603 377.

View more how-to films on our YouTube channel. Have a question for Warren?


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Calendar of events


We invite you to visit us at the following events to learn more about our products and services.

JUNE 7 Blue Care Smart AT Workshop


LifeTec SmartAT Workshop

8 Blue Care Smart AT Workshop


Occupational Therapy Australia Perth Conference


LifeTec SmartAT Workshop


LifeTec SmartAT Workshop

Toowoomba QLD

Dalby QLD

Warwick QLD

9 Blue Care Smart AT Workshop LifeTec Smart AT Workshop Caboolture QLD


27-29 Australian Assistive Technology Conference Gold Coast QLD

Ipswich QLD

Perth WA


Townsville QLD Cairns QLD

Multicultural Communities Council Gold Coast International Café

Robina QLD

What makes you SMILE? Strive for excellence Make a difference Innovative and agile Listen and understand Everybody matters Our brand values and goals are critical to the success of both the products and services we provide, and need to be embraced and communicated positively by everyone who is a part of Tunstall. This edition, Sigrid Mercer, Customer Care Consultant shares with us what makes her SMILE about working for Tunstall.

“I feel very humbled and privileged to be part of a team that not only offers exceptional services and independence to clients, but also develops and encourages staff in the process.

I love getting to know our clients and enjoy having a laugh with them. It feels wonderful to have the opportunity to brighten someone’s day.” Life Changing, Life Saving | 23

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