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Constructing one floor per day, everyday... guaranteed!

Dear Prospective Client Thank you for taking the time to look at our company brochure and I hope that it will provide insight into the scope and range of projects that we have completed at home and worldwide across four continents. Tunnel Form Construction is a group of companies with liaison offices in Canada, Tanzania, India and Turkey and head office based in the UK. We are a tunnel formwork concreting specialist company that also offers conventional formwork concreting as well as turn key construction in some regions of the world where logistics suit. Tunnel Form Construction also offers related procurement services and project management services from conception through to completion utilizing the best of architects, structural designers and MEP planners to ensure your project is a success. With an emphasis on unmatched speed, high quality and economy Tunnel Form Construction is the solution for your concreting and construction needs. Offering qualtiy and experience of a main contractor at a sub contractors price, choosing Tunnel Form Construction means your project completes within budget and ahead of timeline planning. With 7,000 homes, villas and apartments completed since 2003 and projects successfully completed or under construction in 4 continents from Venezuela through to Mongolia we are ready to be your cost effective concrete contractor offering a guaranteed concrete casting daily... or as we say ...one floor per day, every day! regards Simon Edge Director Tunnel Form Construction all brochure images are taken from projects completed by Tunnel Form Construction contractor teams

INTRODUCTION The tunnel form constructon system is exactly that, a systemized building system requiring careful pre-planning to include architectural, structural, logistical, supply chain, MEP project management, skilled contractor and labour crews. When all these components of the system come together then the miracle happens and construction projects are completed quicker than with any other construction system technology available. A important part of the systems success is the experienced, well trained and efficient labour required to place, position the tunnel formwork, tie off the wire mesh and then pour and vibrate concrete all in a long days shift and on a daily basis Only with systemization, synchronicity and teamwork can this be done day in, day out. To ensure the project finishes as planned with upto with 500m2 of concreted wall and slab completed each day and every day,,, guaranteed; the right choice of contracting company is the vital key. This is what we do... Guasimal in Venezuela -2480 apartments with shell concreting completed in 8 months.

SERVICES From the moment we become involved in the project it becomes our project and we act as if it is our investment. In the preparation and planning stages we work with the developer and project team to maximize the efficiency of the construction site and prepare the conditions in term of logistics and layout for the tunnel form system and our contractor teams to be able to achieve maximum speed, quality and efficiency. Here are a few examples of the work we complete with pride and dedication...

With good architectural planning and preparation anything can be achieved. On this project we completed round buildings with quare tunnel form yet still managed to complete a floor of concreting daily.

Round buildings with suare tunnel form - Spradon Quartz Project in Istanbul , Turkey

Closebye we completed what we referred to as mini Empire State Buildings

Spradon Kuleler Project in Istanbul , Turkey

Another prestigious project this time in Ankara. Nev Bahar was completed, then we followed up with Nev Botanik

Nev Bahar & Nev Botanik Projects- Ankara, Turkey

Nev Bahar & Nev Botanik Projects- Ankara, Turkey

Nev Bahar & Nev Botanik Projects- Ankara, Turkey

Villas for Minstry of Defence- Al Lith Saudi Arabia

Apartments for Yanbu Cement Factory- Yanbu, Saudi Arabia

Government social apartments-Guisamal Venezuela

Government social apartments- Guisamal Venezuela

Istanbul Veliefendi Project Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul Veliefendi Project Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul Veliefendi Project Istanbul, Turkey

Dege Village Project Dar Es Salaam Tanzania

Dege Village Project Dar Es Salaam Tanzania


Mantri Serenity- a Tata projectsLtd/Brookfields Multiplex JV -Bangalore India

Mantri Serenity- a Tata Projects Ltd/Brookfields Multiplex JV- Bangalore India

HOW WE WORK If the project is in the masterplanning stages we are on hand to assist in the planning stages where we liase with the project management team and the architectural, structural and MEP planning departments. Once the project is finalized we then assist in the site logistical planning and preparation for the construction task ahead. When the construction starts all we require is a crane/s and concrete and wire mesh daily until project completion Upto 500m2 of concrete wall and slab completed daily...Fast track, economical, high quality. construction. If your company has a construction project planned or in the pipeline please contact us for a no obligation quote.


Simply put, your success is our success...

Customer service is paramount and even in the most testing environments Tunnel Form Constuction works with diligence and dedication. Our day does not finish to we complete a daily concrete pour. Please contact us for a full reference list. OPEN LETTER OF REFERENCE To whom it may concern, This is an open letter of reference for the professional construction services of the Tunnel Form Construction company the company director Mr. Simon Edge and the sub contractor on this project, Mr. Ali Abakay In 2008, Belzarubezhstroy (BZS) a leading Belarussian construction company were contracted to complete seventy blocks of five story residential units totalling 2520 apartments in Maracay, Venezuela for the Venezuelan government. Toward the end of 2010 the company realized that with local workers and a conventional DOKA wall and table system that was being used the construction would never be completed in time and to the quality required. As Project Director I recommended tunnel form construction method to BZS and subsequently worked with the Tunnel Formwork Construction company to adapt our existing project to the tunnel form system. We then took the recommendation to work with their professional tunnel form contracting teams to guarantee project success and speed of completion. In March 2011 when our tunnel form arrived on site we initially utilized the Tunnel Form Construction company on a 3 month agreement with 1 team of workers to operate 1 set of tunnel form and 5 supervisors to lead the construction on the other 5 tunnel form sets and construction recommenced. After three months and with the visible progress and quality of construction we increased the scope of work offered to the Tunnel Form Construction company and we duly renewed existing contracts this time for 6 months and took two more teams of workers from the company for a total of 93 staff. The teams included all personel necessary to complete the daily tunnel form cycle:- formwork operators, electrical and plumbing workers, crane drivers, wire mesh/rebar workers, foremen and management. In addition the sub contractors teams integrated very well into the community and had good relations with other local workers and the Russian and Belarussian engineers and management. In 8 months and one month ahead of the actual contract term with the Tunnel Form Construction company, the shell construction of 2520 apartments were duly completed and the finishing works were well under way. In May 2011 BZS were successfully able to deliver the 2520 units to the Venezuelan government. In terms of project management the tunnel form system was essential for the successful completion of this particular project and being a specialized modern method of construction it was equally vital that we employed a qualified and experienced contractor to lead the construction and to teach our workforce this industrialized construction method to ensure success and project completion. From start to finish, whenever the required rebar and concrete was available, the Tunnel Form Construction company where able to complete a floor per day of quality concrete wall and slab construction. I have no hesitation in recommending the Tunnel Form Construction company. Giedrius Ivaska Project Director Belzarubezhstroy











Pouring concrete somewhere in the world right now...

Telephone: Turkey :+90- (0)-539-5815850 Telephone: UK :+44- (0)-743-5306425 E-mail: info@tunnelformconstruction.com Web: www.tunnelformconstruction.com Web: www.1floor1day.com








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Tunnel Form Construction 2016 Brochure  

Brochure showcasing selected completed works of the specialist concrete contractors Tunnel Form Construction. (www.tunnelformconstruction.co...

Tunnel Form Construction 2016 Brochure  

Brochure showcasing selected completed works of the specialist concrete contractors Tunnel Form Construction. (www.tunnelformconstruction.co...