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3. Clauses game

A large supply of cards is prepared, approximately 60 per six students. Students can share in preparing these. More cards will make the game more fun. a. Sentences are provided or constructed with the help of the students. The sentences should not be connected, but each should include: a subject consisting of one or more words, for example: My grandad a verb: dropped an object (if applicable): a pile of plates a clause: when he was helping Grandma a phrase: in the kitchen interjections/conjunctions: and, or, but etc b. The cards are allocated evenly, and each has the name of a sentence part written at the top. It is a good idea to use a different coloured pen for each sentence part. c. The part of a chosen sentence (each one is done separately) that matches the name of the sentence part is written below. d. Scores are allocated in order of difficulty, for example: Interjection/ Conjunction 1, subject/object 2, verb 3, phrase 4, clause 5 Example of card PHRASE (Adv. Place)

In the kitchen 4 e. When the game is finished, the cards are shuffled into a pack.


Cards are dealt until each student has seven. The remaining pack is laid face down on the table, with one card upturned beside it.

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