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My Dad’s work is fishing in the sea.


noun phrase as complement

25.1 Activities: phrases 1. Students complete sentences by matching each part to a fitting noun phrase. They underline each noun phrase and note whether it is a subject or object. a. lifting weights

how to ride a skateboard

b. retired sailors like

not to go alone

c. David will show you

grandma taught me

d. a state of emergency

living by the sea

e. is prohibited

can be very messy

f. to tell the truth

strengthens your muscles

g. eating spaghetti

the president declared

h. what to wear

laughing at his jokes

i. made our stomachs ache

please let us know

j. I told you

spitting in the bus

2. Students write sentences using each of the following phrases in two ways, as a noun, an adjective or an adverb. They underline the phrase and indicate its kind, for example: teasing dogs – Teasing dogs is very dangerous Noun – subject a. with a sharp knife b. wearing a mask c. over the fence d. in the street e. to save money 3. A simple sentence is written on the board. Students either take turns to add an adjectival phrase orally, or write one in their books to be read out. Remember – no finite verbs! For example:

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