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we saw some kids sits under a neglected hut. There, they gather and chat.


Wisnu,23 scholars, surveyor

cute additional

Tunjung,22 scholars, surveyor

There’s no safe and kid-friendly public space

A creative playground is only half a creative space; it’s also a creative attitude. And we’re changing

attitudes as much as we’re changing spaces. -Jay Beckwith, 1973

“Whatever space and time mean, place

and occasion means more.” Aldo van Eyck

“Because a playground doesn't have to cost a million bucks and come in a box. In fact, it's better if it doesn't.�

we came up with an idea of building a


why playground?

it lasts.

kids need it.

we’d like to build a playground.

so, what’s next?

There’re some idle spaces found. From here, we took a deeper research.

wide, flat, no permissions.

will be built in short time

accessible, permission OK, full support from locals


Material Restrictions :

easy to find, cheap, repairable

Material Restrictions :

easy to find, cheap, repairable so that locals could easily fix it in the future with least cost

used tyres bamboo plastic rope concrete wood sheets

Entyrely Fun Playground

playground feature

Material Restrictions :

easy to find, cheap, repairable

cradles, whatever but they love it!

climb it as you like it, kid!

whatever but they love it!

swinging like a tarzan

Jump on it, sit on it!

We’re all the first champion!

and since kids love role playing..

everyone can be the captain! our park has name and 2 golden rules! main yang rukun 路 pakai sandal

before 路 after



on progress

on progress

on progress

on progress

on progress

game on

game on

game on

game on

locals feedback

“Kami berterimakasih, anak-anak sini dikasih tempat main.” – Bu RT “Nanti kami bantu jaga dan awasi tamannya.” – Bu Bendahara RT “Saya senang kalau lahan saya dapat dimanfaatkan.” – Pemilik Lahan “Wah sekarang cucu saya punya tempat main – Kakek, Warga Setempat

Thank you LPDP,


playground socio-creativity



a presented presentation for a Socio-creativity-competition held by LPDP Enrichment Program Comittee. This presentation and project won the...