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PushPrime Review – What is it? PushPrime is a push notification software tool that allows you to put it on any browser or website to receive higher open rates and click rates. Push notifications from PushPrime are very easy to opt into and take action on. This tool will notify your website visitors immediately when you want to send out the content. Once you send the notification out, people will see it in real time, even when they are not on your website. That's where PushPrime comes in. PushPrime is an online service that gives you more subscribers and generates more responses than any email ever can. And the best part is that PushPrime works on Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, iOS and Android. Unlike javascript popups, these notifications are not affected by popup blockers or ad blockers. They see your special sale or limited time coupon code NOW so they can take advantage NOW, rather than being too late when they finally get around to opening that email you sent. You will have a closer look at its features by the following parts on this PushPrime Review.

About the Creator

Richard Madison is a successful online marketer with 6-figure sales every year. He has spent several years during his working time to research and develop the best marketing tools for everyone looking for more traffic and sales. He is also an author or many products such as Lifetime Hosting, Lifetime Studio FX, and Clickopia, etc... And PushPrime is such a tool. It is the newest invention in the attempt of conversion optimization. And in the following parts of this PushPrime Review, we will see how it can help you to make the best use of push notifications.

So What Are Some Of The Things PushPrime Can Do? PushPrime Is Packed With Benefits For You

You get all the tools you really need to dive deep into super-effective push notifications. Geo & lingual targeting for pinpointing the exact people you want to hit… Real-time analytics so you know what is working and what is not… Even segmentation and a/b testing, so you can refine your notifications to get the highest conversions possible. Pro users get the content drip, the autoresponder of push notifications! Keep users engaged in your app & re-engage them when it is closed using the Data Delivery Network & Push Notifications APIs. Drive Engagement Push notifications allow your users to receive important updates from your site/blog even if they aren’t currently on your site, this assists in bringing them back to your site and ultimately results in boosted engagement. Real-Time Analytics View how your users behave to your notifications in real time, our dashboard helps you see how many users received the notifications & how many decided to click on them, you can use that data to further optimize your delivery. Minimal Coding Their smart SDK is very easy to integrate, after you signup you just have to copy & paste 5 lines of code from their dashboard into your homepage and they’ll take care of the rest, you’ll be up & running in 5 minutes, it is that easy!!! Customize Everything Their style editor allows you to Customize styles, colors & text to exactly match the theme of your site. Native Opt-in Native opt-in helps your users subscribe to notifications without going through their servers. Multiple Site Manage multiple sites from the single dashboard, no need to have a separate account for each site. Schedule Notifications Schedule notifications to fire in future, setup recurring notifications to bring users back continuously.

Reminder Notification Reminder notifications are sent if a user does not come back to your site after certain time period. Welcome Notification Welcome notifications are sent automatically as soon as a user subscribes to your site/blog. Reminder Button Reminder button which shows up on your site helps users better engage with your site. Advanced Security Your notifications & data are encrypted using high-quality encryption to prevent unauthorized access & eavesdropping. Custom Notifications Customize styles, colors & text to exactly match the theme of your site. Joomla Support Own a Joomla site? Their native extension will get you up & running quickly in no time. A/B Testing Send different notifications to different chunks of users to see which bring more results. WordPress Support Own a WP site / blog? Our native extension will get you up & running ASAP. For more information about this product, click the button below:

PushPrime Review - How Does It Work? Now, I will show you exactly what you get inside the app PushPrime. This is the member’s area once you log in.

The first thing to do before using PushPrime is to enter your website address. It can be WordPress, can be Clickfunnels, can be Builder all and any website, page builder that supports HTML.

Icon: Icon is optional, but it is highly recommended that you upload an icon which reflects your business or brand. For best result use Square Images with size at least 192px x 192px. Title: The name or title of your website. Google Push API Key: By default, PushPrime uses our default parameters for sending a notification to Google Chrome, but it is recommended that you add your own. You can get yours for free form Google, please check this tutorial for a step by step guide. (This can also be done later by Going to Settings). Apple Safari Configuration: Notification in Safari require notifications to be signed by a certificate. For that certificate, you need an Apple Developer account which costs $99/year. Paid customers on PushPrime are entitled to receive a certificate free of cost from PushPrime. If you have an Apple developer account, you can follow this tutorial for generating your certificate. For this setup, PushPrime will work when visitors visit any post and page of that blog. If you have the index.html webpage, you must enter your code into that specific index page.

Clicking next will bring you to your embed code which you need to add to your webpage. You will have to add this into every page you want to enable PushPrime on (before the closing </body> tag). If you are running a WordPress, Joomla or Magento (our plugin is currently not in

the Magento marketplace, please contact us to get an uploadable copy ) website, you can use our dedicated plugins to add the code automatically. If your website does not support HTTPS, this is all you need to do and you can stop here (click finish button and you are good to go). But if your website supports HTTPS please read further because it is highly recommended that you configure native opt-in for better subscriptions.

PushPrime Review - Why should you buy it? PushPrime is a perfect choice for anyone looking for a simple way to leverage the traffic and conversion rate. Whether you are running a blog, an eCommerce store, or selling any product or service online, PushPrime will bring you endless benefits. This tool is very easy to use, making it usable for most people, regardless of their technical levels. You may not need to have any prior skill or experience in website development. PushPrime will walk you through all the steps and make them truly easy to deploy.

So if you are in search of an innovative way to reach out to more of your potential leads, PushPrime is what I strongly recommend.

Pros        

Cloud-based completely Beginner-friendly and tech-friendly Simple to understand and use No need for other software No prior professional experience or knowledge required No need to download and install anything Work on different niche markets Saving both time and money

Cons 

Always keeping the stable internet connection is the only weakness that I can see

Who Needs PushPrime? If you run a blog, an eCommerce website, or sell any sort of products or services online, you need push notifications... You need PushPrime! Push notifications have become widely accepted, thanks to phone apps using them extensively. PushPrime makes browser-based push notifications easy as pie.

Evaluation and Price For everyone who is concerned about PushPrime at present, the Front-end price of it is $24.95. Is it a reasonable price for you? Personally, based on its practical and breathtaking features, I will not hesitate to buy it now. For that reason, you should buy it now because the price can skyrocket after the launch date. Are you still anxious? Take a look at the benefits that PushPrime offers you, it deserves to be paid at a higher price after launch date if it becomes more and more popular, probably several hundred dollars, several thousand dollars, even million dollars. That is why you need to possess it as fast as possible. Do not let the opportunity slip in your hand! - Front-End (PushPrime – $21.95 – $24.95) - OTO 1 (Professional – $47) - OTO 2 (Agency Unlimited & White Label – $67) - OTO 3 (Reseller 20, 50, 500 – $67,97,&127)

Conclusion To sum up, PushPrime is a comprehensive push notification the software tool that allows you to put real-time pop-ups and drip feeds your content. I hope that all of the information in this PushPrime Review can help you gain more understanding about this product and then be able to make a wise choice. So do not overlook this opportunity by pressing the button below to get a copy of it. Wish you success in the online marketing!

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PushPrime Review - This Powerful, Simple-to-use Revolutionary Technology Helps Struggling Marketers  

PushPrime is The Only Email Marketing Solution You Need to Get More Subscribers, Traffic and Sales. PushPrime Is Already Worth Every Dime An...

PushPrime Review - This Powerful, Simple-to-use Revolutionary Technology Helps Struggling Marketers  

PushPrime is The Only Email Marketing Solution You Need to Get More Subscribers, Traffic and Sales. PushPrime Is Already Worth Every Dime An...