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ď‚– TunerDomes has been dedicated to providing direct-fit replacement interior LED lights for serious car enthusiasts since 2002. Founder and CEO David Delaney became a pioneer in the automotive LED industry when he began soldering LED replacement kits by hand. Realizing that there was a lack of quality replacement dome lights on the market, TunerDomes was launched. Now, TunerDomes partners with some of the most talented LED manufacturers around the globe to bring you the best and brightest automotive LED replacements available anywhere.

Advantages of LED lighting In addition to automotive lighting, LEDs are replacing traditional filament bulbs in new applications such as televisions, home lighting, and cell phones. Some of the many advantages of LED lighting include: 

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Extended service life - The life of an LED light averages over 10,000 hours, making LED lights extremely reliable and practical (lasts approximately five times longer than a halogen light or incandescent light bulb). Cleaner - LED lights emit a cleaner look due to their difference in color output. Reduced Power Consumption - While emitting the same amount of usable light, LED lights consume 50-80% LESS power than stock bulbs. An LED replacement will not drain your car battery if you leave the interior lights on overnight. Unaffected by vibration - Unlike traditional bulbs, LED lights do not have filaments or tiny parts that can come loose during vibrations; this makes LED lights more durable and dependable. Multiple Color Options - Our interior LED lights are available in hyper-white, red, blue, pink, or ultra-violet purple colors for an amazing new look for your car's interior! Produces Virtually no Heat - An LED light uses so little power that much of the time the bulb will not even feel warm to the touch, even after hours of use; this makes LED lights ideal for small spaces.

Why LEDs? LED Car Lights Burn Brighter, Cleaner & Longer! Choose Top LED Interior Lights, LED Dome Light, LED Car Lights, LED License Plate Lights, Car Interior Lights & More at TunerDomes.

Premium LED Car Lights – Perfect to Replace Your Current Interior Lighting to Create a Brighter & Cleaner Appearance. At TunerDomes, our focus is on serving LED car light enthusiasts and delivering high quality LED interior lights, direct-fit LED replacement bulbs and premium interior LED kits to fit any lighting budget. This dedication is responsible for our continuing success since 2002, when TunerDomes pioneered innovation in the LED car lights industry by inventively hand-soldering their LED light replacement kits. TunerDomes was created to answer the demands of of Audi, BMW and other high-end car owners for superior quality dome light replacements. TunerDomes has achieved that goal over the last 10 years through strategic partnership with LED manufacturers worldwide.

LED Car Lights - A Smart Investment. Using LED car lights is a smart investment in the future. Currently, the average operating life of an LED bulb is 50,000 hours – comparable to continuous operation of about 5 years - while the life of an OEM traditional standard light bulb is only about 1,000 hours. In addition to increased lifespan, LED lights can reduce or nearly eliminate the hassle of changing bulbs in hard- to-reach areas. Installing LED license plate lights or interior LED lights in your VW, BMW or other model car will prevent a constant cycle of buying bulbs, prying off parts and struggling with replacements.

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TunerDomes Premium Automotive Interior LEDs  

TunerDomes has been dedicated to providing direct-fit replacement interior LED lights for serious car enthusiasts since 2002.