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The Founding Fathers and the succeeding Patriarchs of Aquinas College, Akure It all Started with a Visionary‌

Bishop Thomas Hughes (No wonder our College is name St THOMAS Aquinas!)

Then Followed another ……

Bishop William Fields (Both are pioneer Bishops of today’s Catholic Diocese of Ondo)

And our very first Principal (Jan 1951- Dec 1953)..

Rev Fr John J Keaveney (St JOHN’s / Green house?)

And the Next Principal (Jan 1954- Dec 1956)

Rev Fr. Francis MacGovern (St FRANCIS’s house/Blue)

Followed by.

Rev Fr. (Dr) Peter Kelly (Jan 1957- Dec 1959) (Heard his middle name was Eugene, for the red house)

And then..

Rev Fr Micheal O’shea.(Jan 1960- April 1967) (for your St Micheal’s/Yellow house)


Rev Fr Micheal M. Evans (19671976) (A backup for St Micheal’s house?)

And the first Nigerian Principal..

Chief Ade Iluyemi (1976 – 1977)

And finally, our own Papa..

Elder Enoch O. Dare (1977 – 1986)

These fine gentlemen have been succeeded by a series of very capable principals till today, no wonder, the tradition of excellence continues till today.

Patriarchs of ACA  
Patriarchs of ACA  

Patriarchs of ACA